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[Located by Andrew Hennessey http://drink.to/alienmine.  This was gifted and shut down with Orgonite: 27 Earth pipes, 4 Peacemakers, along with the 4 Death Towers in the town.  Took about 3-4 hours, about 1/2 hour after it was finished a huge blue hole appeared overhead, that spread far enough to allow 40 minutes sunny driving.   Says it all doesn't it?  Isn't it a strange coincidence Rosslyn chapel (the HQ of the Knights Templars) is only about 5 miles away? About 5 miles out of town was the TV tower, and further still was a Police Tetra mast, both far from habitation, while the 4 death towers were next to houses.]

Masts among houses. http://www.sitefinder.ofcom.org.uk While the TV and Police Tetra were miles out of town.

[Petition] Stop Military Industrial Exercises Over Gorebridge Now

[2015 Dec] The Gorebridge Story by Andrew Hennessey



"holographic farms, people, aircraft, cars and creature displays there plus shaping clouds into pretty obvious shapes - ships of all sizes and shapes take off and come and go - and they can make themselves very obvious if they want to"

Gorebridge is a small ex-coalmining town 15 miles south of Edinburgh that appears to be over run with alien activity at this time. There are low flying ships at rooftop height, and one filmed buzzing a car on the nearby road the A7 whilst strange beings are being seen around the old mine workings at Blinkbonny. Stories reported about the old mine workings above Gorebridge  include; 1. a man on a walk sees a tall grey being with grey wrinkled grey skin like an elephant walk towards him. He has a tattoo of sorts on his shoulder and his almond shaped eyes are shining bright blue. 2. Another man sees a big tall mad max type bare chested skinhead  suddenly appear and walk past him. 3. two men in a car witness two shape-shifting men in black in a 4x4 car near the pit workings. 4. a lady and others report seeing lights descend from the sky there. [30TH MARCH 2008] TRICE SHERIDAN INTERVIEWING Andrew Hennessey

[vid] Gorebridge Alien Starbase Like any human airport, aircraft/starships are sitting about..
17 miles south of Edinburgh, the Scottish capital is Gorebridge and at the foot of the hive hills where the base is is a stretch of fields between gorebridge and carrington 2 miles to the west. Like any human airport - if you go there with a camera you are going to see all sorts of aircraft and personnel hanging about.
    The greys use conical stealth tents some to camouflage themselves with but others can throw 30 or 100 foot stealth camouflage conical forcefields big enough to cover the airtraffic that appears to come out of the ground around here.
    In this footage you see lots of small stuff parked up - probably typical infrastructure vehicles. Jackie Gillies also has footage of big gantry mingling with the trees.
This photo session took place very rapidly over half an hour - one wonders what would have been on the images after 5 hours there.
The aliens use holograms of; people, cars, vehicles and buildings so its often a good idea to question not if there is an alien presence there but exactly What it comprises of.
the photos were taken by andrew hennessey on april 18th 2011 between gorebridge, dalhousie and carrington.
    This wasn't the best conditions for photography overcast with haze and many of the events were lurking in only a few pixels in the corners of photos - and the other problem is that I tend to be photographing forcefields that are designed to blur and bend light. No doubt there will be more to follow.
    Thanks though for comments such as 'questionable' from anonymous under used new accounts etc I would tend to view these ideas as false, untruthful and trollish because it is beyond question that these are records of paranormal events - albiet blurred. The fine detail is questionable absolutely true - but not the obvious alien presence at this locality.
    I know don't feed the trolls because thats how they get your lifeforce !!!
There are Plenty photographs and camcorder footage of this locality that illustrate an alien or paranormal presence from myself and others.

[vid] alien base in scotland photos by andrew hennessey of Gorebridge - also see the footage of gorebridge based jackie gillies at http://www.youtube.com/skywatcherscotland - he is one of several mature, balanced credible people filming and reporting close encounters in Gorebridge.
Although there are a few locals coming forward saying nothing happens at the old roman camp/blinkbonny open cast mine - I personally now know of at least 10 local people reporting their experiences there.
    all I have are some variously blurry or clearer photgraphs of that hilltop and a point at which there could well be some sort of holographic display by aliens.
you can't and couldn't state from that that the alien base entrance is X - just that there is a point near that mine that appears to display a lot of wierdness of a paranormal nature.
    flash earth satellite photographs are also around 10 years old and do not actually represent current landuse at the site.
    there are permitted and not permitted walkways around there and walkers should be aware of their rights and the rights of the landowners in that respect.
A local who accidently strayed off the path burned his shin on an electric fence for example.
    I have hundreds of photographs of the hilltop - many not on display and many of these seem to dovetail with local reports of that hilltop area and the local area in general.
In my opinion only I have a photograph of a dark blue mini metro emerging out of a flap in the ground there - but at the very least it could have merely been a diversionary hologram.
If there are so many locals reporting landings there and near there one can infer that perhaps there is an alien base of some sort there and further suggest that it is underground as opposed to being on the surface but made invisible. In the 100+ square miles between gorebridge, gifford, crichton and temple where filming is taking place by witnesses - one can suggest that there is a base of operations given the persistent nature of the sightings and reports.
finding exactly where the entrance to that base is though - surely cannot be an easy task given the alien use of 3D holograms etc
    A whole federation of aliens, their hardware has been hanging out at Gorebridge from the earliest of times in my opinion.
Shapeshifting personnel and vehicles, droids, gun platforms, UFO's - whatever - the alleged cavern system under that mining area probably extends all the way to Goblin Halls at Gifford.
    All the photos have their originals if someone wants to talk science etc -
    or better still just go there yourself - keeping your access legal and without trespass - but make sure you tell someone where you went
recent confirmation nov 13 2010
Any serious enquiries though are welcome through all the usual channels - e.g. http://www.scottishpilgrims.com or http://www.stargateedinburghtour.com
also presentation of empirical digital evidence for this activity can be made for research purposes
    Just to state the finer points of the semantics for people inclined to debate the reality of these photographs - even crystal clear photographs at their very best can only produce a clear indication of alien activity and are not sufficient in terms of logical realism for proof - ie. touch verificationism [wittgenstein] that is being there and yourself touching the evidence might be deemed best .. though not recommended ... but the blurry photographs - and I have hundreds of others in various states of clarity etc the blurry photographs also represent sufficient indication of alien activity and reality for miles at that locality - that is beyond dispute. I can rent a 100 optical zoom ... but then life wouldn't be anymore fun after I did that .. as we all know its only a matter of time before someone proclaims its all fake etc - and I'm not wasting 20 quid to stop that from happening as clearly whats up is already too good for the usual suspects in the ufo community - who are currently out to lunch when you call. - what a surprise there.
    in 2010 another 4 or 5 people have openly made reports and wierd activity still continues - probably as it has done for centuries - the only difference is that the vehicle holograms in those days were probably horse carriages.
    I was followed up the road one night by two cars with blazing headlights that suddenly made a fast right turn.
    Thats odd I thought - so i stopped and turned and went back to their exit point because I was sure there was no junction I had recently passed. I was right - they went straight through the hedgrerow flying across the ploughed fields !!
    music by the early wild geese of 1996 with myself on fiddle, marv on guitar and guy on bodhran.
the final hornpipe is the rights of man

[vid] alien brainprobe in gorebridge  jackie gillies goes to the shops - 2 ufos above the mall again ... folks shuffle about unconsciously as usual ... then goes home to gorebridge and sees this wierd looking thing floating above the Christmas rooftops - maybe about 10 feet across - its about quarter of a mile from the camp area where the alien activity is at its highest ... looks like a scanner unit of some sort - not exactly a practical ship - but whats it scanning ? who is it scanning and what sort of information is it gathering from the houses below ... this is just a sample of everyday Gorebridge - plenty witnesses coming forward - but not one 'big name' UK ufologist willing to talk about this stuff. there are quite a few excellent images alongside the less distinct ones - plenty meat for a conference - not one invitation to present on this. jackie gillies youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com/skywatcherscotland - filming every day and night

[vid] alien space craft gorebridge 14th dec 2009