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[2017 Aug] New study: Vaccine Manufacturers and FDA Regulators Used Statistical Gimmicks to Hide Risks of HPV Vaccines  A new study published in Clinical Rheumatology exposes how vaccine manufacturers used phony placebos in clinical trials to conceal a wide range of devastating risks associated with HPV vaccines. Instead of using genuine inert placebos and comparing health impacts over a number of years, as is required for most new drug approvals, Merck and GlaxoSmithKline spiked their placebos with a neurotoxic aluminum adjuvant and cut observation periods to a matter of months....Of the 16 HPV vaccine randomized trials, only two used an inert saline placebo. Ten of the sixteen compared the HPV vaccine against a neurotoxic aluminum adjuvant, and four trials used an already-approved aluminum-containing vaccine as the comparison....
    When it came time for Merck to report on the occurrence of more serious reactions, “Systemic Adverse Reactions” and “Systemic Autoimmune Disorders,” for example, the company scientists switched to a very different format. In these tables, the third column that reported results for the saline placebo recipients disappears. Instead, Merck combined the groups receiving the spiked aluminum placebo into a single column with the group receiving the genuine saline placebo (see example below). The merger of the two control groups makes it impossible to compare results for Gardasil versus the saline placebo or the aluminum placebo versus the saline placebo. In this way, Merck’s researchers obliterated any hope of creating a meaningful safety comparison....
    Based on the numerical outcomes of that study, the Mexican researchers calculated the likelihood of being actually “helped or harmed by the 9-valent HPV vaccine.” Their “worrisome” finding is that the “number needed to harm” is just 140, whereas 1757 women would need to receive the vaccine for a single one of them to enjoy its projected benefits.

[2017 June] Aluminum Should Now Be Considered a Primary Etiological Factor in Alzheimer’s Disease  In this paper, I have summarized the experimental and largely clinical evidence that implicates aluminum as a primary etiological factor in Alzheimer’s disease. The unequivocal neurotoxicity of aluminum must mean that when brain burdens of aluminum exceed toxic thresholds that it is inevitable that aluminum contributes toward disease. Aluminum acts as a catalyst for an earlier onset of Alzheimer’s disease in individuals with or without concomitant predispositions, genetic or otherwise. Alzheimer’s disease is not an inevitable consequence of aging in the absence of a brain burden of aluminum.

[2017 April] Aluminium adjuvants in vaccines by Professor Chris Exley    ''The aluminium adjuvant used in the Gardasil HPV vaccine is a sulphated version of aluminium hydroxyphosphate and is likely, based upon what we know about aluminium chemistry, to be even more toxic....Unfortunately, Merck, the manufacturers of this adjuvant have not made it available for any independent analyses, never mind safety testing.''

– All 16 vaccines tested contain mercury in small amounts.
– Eight of the 16 vaccines contain nickel in small amounts.
– Six of the 16 vaccines contain small amounts of arsenic.
– 15 of the 16 vaccines contain uranium in small traces.
– All 16 vaccines contain minor traces of aluminum, even if not declared.
– Gardasil, Gardasil 9 and Synflorix contain twice as much aluminum as indicated.
– The aluminum content in the so-called attenuated vaccines lies around one thousand to six thousand times above
the safety limit for drinking water!

[JAN 23, 2017] Al Adjuvant Causes Brain Inflammation and Behavioral Abnormalities; Low Dose Is More Harmful  A new paper (Crepeaux et al.) by the Gherardi research group in France reports important results on the toxicity and transport of aluminum (Al) adjuvant in mice. This single study is especially valuable because it looked at many outcomes: behavioral effects, immune (microglial) activation in the brain, and Al transport into the brain. The study tested dosages of 200 , 400 and 800 mcg/Kg,  injected intramuscularly (IM). The Al adjuvant used was AlOH (brand name Alhydrogel), the most common vaccine adjuvant in use today. It is used in the tetanus, Hep A, Hep B, HiB, pneumococcal, meningococcal, and anthrax vaccines.  Remarkably, the study  found that the lowest dose (200 mcg/Kg) was the most toxic! For many outcomes, the 400 and 800 mcg/Kg dosages had no observable adverse effects, but the 200 mcg/Kg dose did.  In summary, the study found that the 200 mcg/Kg dosage caused behavioral abnormalities, a large increase in brain Al content, and immune activation in the brain. Most of these effects were not observed at the higher dosages of 400 and 800 mcg/Kg. The high dosages caused no increase in brain aluminum, for example.

[pdf 2016 Dec] Aluminum in Childhood Vaccines Is Unsafe by Neil Z. Miller  Neil Miller

[2016 June] How Aluminum in Vaccines Affects Your Health by Joseph Mercola, DO   For starters, when you orally ingest aluminum, your body will absorb between 0.2 to 1.5 percent of it. When aluminum is injected into muscle, your body absorbs 100 percent, which is why aluminum-containing vaccines are likely far more dangerous than eating aluminum.
    In all, American children end up getting about 6,150 mcg of aluminum if they get all of the recommended vaccines on the childhood vaccine schedule.
    Pro-vaccine advocates will tell you that aluminum is rapidly excreted. But research shows a different reality. Rabbit studies show almost all of the aluminum (78 to 94 percent) is retained 28 days after intramuscular injection. Autopsy examinations revealed the aluminum accumulated in the kidneys, spleen, liver, heart, lymph nodes, and brain — in that order. Long-term, aluminum also collects in your bones.
    Studies on human infants show that no aluminum is excreted short term at all. Here, 2-month old infants were given a total of 1,200 mcg of aluminum in the form of three intramuscular vaccines, as per the standard vaccination schedule. Blood and urine levels of aluminum were measured over the following 12 hours. The authors were "reassured" to find there was no rise in blood levels of aluminum following vaccination. But no aluminum came out through the urine either. So where did it all go?
    When Humphries wrote to one of the authors to get an answer to that question, the author, Dr. Tammy Movsas, wrote back saying: "So... we don't really know what happens to the aluminum at this point in time. As you said, more research is needed in this area." Yet this study is one of the studies used to assuage fears that aluminum may be harmful.
    In another study, one healthy adult male given a tiny amount of aluminum (a mere 0.7 mcg) intravenously, not intramuscularly, still had 4 percent of the aluminum in his body more than three years later. Most of the aluminum was excreted by the kidneys, and therein lies a major part of the problem, as infant kidney function is not equivalent to an adult.
    Excretion of aluminum is not as efficient in infants and young children, yet this fact is almost never taken into consideration. That which is not excreted ends up accumulating in various organs, including the child's brain, kidneys, and bones.

[2016 March] Is Shaken Baby Syndrome Often Misdiagnosed and Caused by Vaccine-Induced Rickets?

[pdf] Child Abuse or Rickets? A Special Interview with Dr. David Ayoub By Dr. Joseph Mercola   One of the classic diseases that aluminum is linked to is rickets. It’s also plausible that aluminum is anticoagulant. In other words, it can induce bleeding conditions. What comes to mind is fractures and bleeding (what do you think of) in infants – shaken baby syndrome (SBS).

[2015 July] Dr. Suzanne Humphries Neonatal Immunity The First 3 Years Parts 1-6

[2015 March] Aluminum is Toxic to All Life Forms: So Why is it Used in Vaccines?

[2014] Village of the damned: Mysterious suicides. Agonising illness. And now, 25 years after UK's worst case of mass poisoning, the first evidence that dirty water has KILLED people  Victim 1: Richard Gibbons died at the age of 60 as a result of rapid onset dementia and was later found to have had abnormally high levels of aluminium in his brain...Joan King, 83...had toxic levels of aluminium in her blood for a year after the accident, and now suffers from Alzheimer's....Cancer: Angela Franks from Exmouth, in Devon, was on holiday near the village in July 1988 and was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph glands in her leg as few months later

[2014 Oct] Pure Poison: Aluminum Adjuvant Linked to Breast Cancer, Autoimmune Disorders, and More

Dr. Paul Offit’s Aluminum Deceptions and Academic Misconduct

Study Reveals Children are Being Vaccinated With Toxic Levels of Aluminium Causing Neurological Damage & Autism

[2014 May] Fluoride combined with even trace amounts of aluminum in water can cause major brain damage  “One study shows that adding fluoride to water in the presence of even small amounts of aluminum caused severe destruction of brain cells in the part of the brain controlling learning and memory,” explains Dr. Blaylock in his new report.

A New Autoimmunity Syndrome Linked to Aluminum In Vaccines  Autoimmune Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants (ASIA)

[2013 April] Vaccines’ Alum Adjuvant Path to Brain Found: Study by Heidi Stevenson  Newly published research by Keele Conference scientists shows that aluminum adjuvant in vaccines transfers to the brain. They have documented the path from injection site to the brain, and that once in the brain, it persists. Newborns, the elderly, and people with a certain genetic variation are particularly at risk.

[2012 Jan] Aluminum Adjuvant in Vaccines Causes Risk to Children According to New Journal Report

 [2012 Jan] Children's medicines coated with brain-damaging aluminum

[2012 Jan] Aluminum Adjuvant in Vaccines Causes Risk to Children According to New Journal Report

[2012 pdf] Risk Assessment of Using Aluminum Foil in Food Preparation

[2011 Jan] News @Northeastern Presents Dr. Richard Deth on Chilling Research into Vaccine-autism Link

[2010 pdf] Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary, Part 2 Excipients Included in U.S. Vaccines, by Vaccine

[2010 Oct] Aluminium Scare, is it Poisoning Vaccines?  Prof Romain Gherardi of INSERM, Paris heads a team with concerns over possible adverse neurological effects of aluminium adjuvants -- used to enhance vaccine effectiveness since 1926

[2008 Nov] Vaccine-related chronic fatigue syndrome in an individual demonstrating aluminium overload  A team of scientists have investigated a case of vaccine-associated chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and macrophagic myofasciitis in an individual demonstrating aluminium overload. .....a possible mechanism whereby vaccination involving aluminium-containing adjuvants could trigger the cascade of immunological events that are associated with autoimmune conditions, including chronic fatigue syndrome and macrophagic myofasciitis.

Taste modifier for artificial sweeteners - Patent 3934047 Taste modifier for artificial sweeteners. Document Type and Number: ... The composition of claim 1 wherein the taste modifier is aluminum potassium sulfate.  

Do Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants Contribute to Rising Prevalence of Autism?  Chris Shaw

[2011 May] UK Government Documents on Aluminium in Vaccines by John Heptonstall

[2009 sept] Aluminum in vaccination-associated cognitive decline, motor neuron disease, autism---Teresa Binstock

[2009 Dec] Are researchers ignorant to the fact that aluminum causes hemochromatosis?

[2009 Sept] Study clearly demonstrates that aluminum found in vaccines can cause neurologic damage by Roman Bystrianyk

[2009 Oct] Aluminum in vaccines increases thimerosal's toxicity by Teresa Binstock

Aluminum in vaccination-associated cognitive decline, motor neuron disease, autism
Teresa Binstock, Sep 28, 2009

[2009 March] Aluminum in Water, Bad. In Syringe, OK. By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

[pdf] Aluminum in Vaccines by Neil Miller  Neil Miller

[Sept 2008] Stunning New Link Between Vaccines and Autism Rates

[2008] Doubts raised over vaccine boost theory

[March 2008] Vaccines, Neurodevelopment and Autism Spectrum Disorders by Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.


[1998] Research Links Low Levels of Fluoride and Aluminum to Alzheimer's and Kidney Damage

Aluminum and Vaccine Ingredients: What Do We Know? What Don’t We Know? by Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD, FAAP

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[Media 3/2006 Aluminium adjuvant] Vaccines show sinister side

Safety of Aluminum Added to Vaccines as a Vaccine Adjuvant

[pdf 2007] Michael S. Petrik, et al. Aluminum Adjuvant Linked to Gulf War Illness Induces Motor Neuron Death in Mice. NeuroMolecular Medicine 2007.
[pdf 2006/7] ALUMINUM ADJUVANT LINKED TO GULF WAR SYNDROME INDUCES MOTOR NEURON DEATH IN MICE M.S. Petrik1,2, M.C. Wong1,2, R.C. Tabata1, R.F. Garry5 and C.A. Shaw1,3,4

[pdf 1997] Sandra V. Verstraeten. Myelin Is a Preferential Target of Aluminum-Mediated Oxidative Damage ARCHIVES OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND BIOPHYSICS Vol. 344, No. 2, August 15, pp. 289–294, 1997 Article No. BB970146

[pdf 2006] David A. Aremua,, Shunsuke Meshitsuka Review Some aspects of astroglial functions and aluminum implications for neurodegeneration.

[pdf 2004] Jignesh D. et al. Effect of long-term aluminum feeding on lipid/phospholipid profiles of rat brain myelin. Lipids in Health and Disease 2004, 3:13 doi:10.1186/1476-511X-3-13

[pdf 2004] J.R. Walton A longitudinal study of rats chronically exposed to aluminum at human dietary levels. Australian Institute for Biomedical Research, Sydney, NSW 2204, Australia

Mercury on the Mind by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD



ALUMINIUM UTENSILS AND DISEASE The Dangers Inherent In the Widespread Use of the Metal by H. Tomlinson, M.B., Ch.B., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.