Autism books
Therapies for vaccine damage (eg autism)  Vaccines & autism

[September 1, 2014]  I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE: Winning Our War Against Autism by Marcia Hinds

[2010] The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Manmade Epidemic by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill

(Book 2000 Australian) Behavioural Problems in Childhood: The Link to Vaccination--Viera Scheibner, Ph.D. ISBN 0957800703
                Available UK: Informed Parent

Unraveling The Mystery Of Autism And PDD

(1990) Vaccination, Social Violence & Criminality ISBN 1556430841---Harris Coulter

[2011] Donna Pessin: Healing the Gut in Autism By Donna Pessin
Special Needs Kids Go Pharm-Free, by Judy
Converse, MPH, RD, LD.
[2009] A Child's Journey out of Autism: One Family's Story of Living in Hope and Finding a Cure by Leeann Whiffen

He’s Not Autistic But…by Tenna Merchent
Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy by Amy L. Lansky
Children With Starving Brains by Jaquelyn McCandless M.D.
[2002] When Your Doctor is Wrong Hepatitis B Vaccine, Autism, & One Child's Rescue
Recovering Autistic Children by Edelson PhD Stephen M (Editor), Rimland PhD Bernard (Editor)

The AIA Gluten and Dairy Free Cookbook by Marilyn Le Breton, Rosemary Kessick
Autism and Diet: What You Need to Know by Rosemary Kessick
Autism and Gastrointestinal Complaints : What You Need to Know by Rosemary Kessick
Diet Intervention and Autism : Implementing a Gluten Free and Casein Free Diet for Autistic Children and Adults: A Guide for Parents by Marilyne Le Breton, Rosemary Kessick