Foot and mouth disease and vaccination
Vaccine disease

"Norway suspended vaccination because of hoof and mouth disease being spread by the practice. In this country our Department of Agriculture traced the epidemics of foot and mouth disease in 1902, 1908 and 1914 to smallpox vaccine."--Herbert Shelton DC

"Evidence that vaccines may do more harm than good is supported by experiences with animals. Between 1968 and 1988 there were considerably more outbreaks of foot and mouth disease in countries where vaccination against foot and mouth disease was compulsory than in countries where there were no such regulations. Epidemics always started in countries where vaccination was compulsory. This experience clearly shows that the alleged advantage to the community of vaccinating individuals simply does not exist."---Dr Vernon Coleman MB 

Foot and Mouth Disease of Cattle. This disease is a form of "cowpox" and has been frequently transmitted by vaccination to both man and beast, and, most horrible to say, it is notorious that the great epidemics of this terrible cow disease in 1902 and 1908 were caused by the manufacture of vaccine virus, and the last or greatest of these epidemics, of 1914 and 1915, is believed also to be due to vaccination, although not yet clearly proved. See Year Book of U. S. Department of Agriculture for 1914, page 20. See also reports of U. S. Bureau of Animal Indus­try for 1902 and 1908. These several epidemics have caused the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of cattle and other domestic animals, at a loss of many millions of dollars to the Govern­ment and people of the United States. [1920 USA] HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED AND ILLUSTRATED BY CHAS. M. HIGGINS

To suppress the epidemic of 1902, as already shown, 4,316 animals were slaughtered by the U. S. Government at a cost of $130,000; and in the epidemic of 1908 the Government slaughtered 3,636 animals at a cost of $300,000. The last or recent epidemic, which has been the worst of all, extended from 1914 to 1916, invaded twenty-three States and involved the destruction of 172,222 animals, chiefly swine, cattle and sheep, in the order stated. The cost of this destruction amounted to a loss of over nine millions of dollars, half of which was paid by the National Government and half by the States! See the report of the Chief of the U. S. Bureau of Animal Industry for 1916. This is surely a big price to pay for vaccination, which was most probably the cause of this last and greatest epidemic, as it was proved to be the cause of the previous epidemics of 1908 and 1902! And at this point it should be remembered that this last epidemic of 1914 to 1916 originated in the same State of Michigan where one of the largest vaccine factories in the country is located and from which factory the epidemic of 1908 was proved to have originated! [1920 USA] HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED AND ILLUSTRATED BY CHAS. M. HIGGINS

 It is clearly shown in these reports that vaccine infection was the direct cause of these epidemics in 1902 and 1908; but the cause of the epidemic of 1914 and 1915 is not so clearly proven, although there is a strong suspicion that it was caused by vaccine infection, like the two others, and, as a matter of fact, it originated in the same State—Michigan—where the epidemic of 1908 originated and where one of the largest vaccine factories in the country is located. [1920 USA] HORRORS OF VACCINATION EXPOSED AND ILLUSTRATED BY CHAS. M. HIGGINS

UK 2001
From: Patricia Doyle

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