Viral Fear Racket

[It's nothing to do with disease prevention as vaccination is a Racket, it's nothing to do with 'viruses' as that's the Viral Fear Racket (viruses are harmless cell fragments) the foundation stone of vaccination.  They picked the most polluted city on earth where they rolled out 5g, their latest Death tower upgrade, and 'conveniently' it was in a totalitarian state where they can control the narrative easily as there is no free press and they can kill as many with air pollution and 5g as desired and also have a viral lab so they can distract with weaponised viral bollocks ('Missing' Vial) which was the HIV story distraction too.  Those who don't study medical cartel history are easily fooled and put into fear which is what the Masks are all about, and they actually believe SAGE (the driving force of the racket in the UK) is independent!  The fact Nutritional Medicine Vit C (Articles) cured all viral disease almost a century ago (e.g.1936) destroys their narrative also.  Of course, it distracts from the REAL epidemic which is vaccine Death & Disease such as the millions of Vaccine induced autistics, and now the millions of Covid vaccine victims.]

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[2021] Dr. Stefan Lanka: “All claims about viruses as pathogens are false”

Just in from France (family lose insurance claim over covid vaccine death)

How the Pharmaceutical Companies Suborn State Medical Boards to Suppress Safe and Effective Drugs and Push Their Unsafe and Ineffective Drugs and Vaccines

The Media Is Suppressing Autopsy Studies Showing COVID-19 Vaccines as the Cause of Death

The Federal Government Paid Mainstream Media to Push COVID-19 Vaccines

UK Government Reports That 9 out of 10 Who Are Now Dying from COVID-19 Are Vaccinated

German Health Insurance Company Reports Massive Deaths from COVID-19 Vaccines Concealed from the Public

July 2022  Move along now nothing to do with Covid vaccination.  1 in 250, that's probably the level of covid vaccine heart damage.

Why Chiropractic Improves One's Immune System Function | The Wellness Path
Viral Fear Racket

Viral Fear Racket



Contagion Myth -Session 1 Tom Cowan  Viral Fear Racket

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 Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,  Disease

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