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"Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believe it."--Adolph Hitler
"Who controls the past controls the future.  Who controls the present controls the past."----George Orwell'

[This props up vaccination which is the main pillar of Allopathy, so a very important lie for the Medical Mafia.  The oft mentioned 'smallpox vaccination saved millions and eliminated smallpox' is a very important lie that justifies all sorts of vaccine and drug horrors along with the general failure of Allopathy to cure anything other than bacterial infections.  One of the greatest benefits outweigh the risks Rationalizations.  A triumph of Authority and Repetition propaganda ploys, helped by the million or so medical industry workers who need to believe in it.  For a quick summary see the Smallpox vaccination banners.]

For a quick summary in pictures see the Smallpox Banners

As usual the truth is the exact opposite to what they say.  Smallpox vaccination can easily be dissected in  8 ways, each of which in itself will shred vaccination:

1. Lymph reality and the spread of infections.
2. STATS: Smallpox incidence stats.  Epidemics followed vaccination.
3. STATS: Case mortality: Allopathy Vs non-allopathic medicine
4. STATS: Only 10% of the world was vaccinated and little vaccinated countries like Australia expose vaccination.
5. STATS: Most victims had been vaccinated.
6. STATS: Infant death rate huge under vaccination.
7. DISEASE THEORY.  Pasteurian vs Bechamp.
8. DISEASE THEORY: Sanitation vs Vaccination.
9. Leicester: Vaccination completely exposed by sanitation.
10. Medical heretics: the true smallpox vaccination Authority
Propaganda Ploys (how they do it)

See: 2002 Smallpox Heist

[Telling quote] "In 1926, 130 members of the Dallas (Tex.) Chamber of Commerce cancelled their trip to Mexico because vaccination was required as a precedent to entrance. Nearly a 100 medical men, at a conference in Dallas, went to Mexico, after they obtained permission to enter without being vaccinated. Think this over before you submit your child to this evil and superstitious rite."--Dr Shelton DC Vaccines and Serum Evils by Herbert Shelton (c1940's)

1. Vaccine 'lymph' and spread of infections.  If anyone came to you and wanted to cut your child's arm with an unsterile knife and then use unsterile ivory needles (that may have been used on hundreds of people already) to put an unsterile septic mixture of germs, mixed with glycerine, taken from a vaccinifer (see: Arm to arm vaccination) or calf's belly, you could easily get them arrested, yet this is the reality of over 100 years of smallpox vaccination. A new needle every time is now considered the only safe way on injecting drugs. And this was in the day when diseases like syphilis and leprosy were rife.  In 2001 the WHO estimated Over One Million Die Every Year World Wide By Injections.

[Infection knowledge nil c. 1847] In 1847, Semmelweis introduced hand washing with chlorinated lime solutions for interns who had performed autopsies. Semmelweis was outraged by the indifference of the medical profession and began writing open and increasingly angry letters to prominent European obstetricians, at times denouncing them as irresponsible murderers. His contemporaries, including his wife, believed he was losing his mind and he was in 1865 committed to an asylum (mental institution). Semmelweis died there only 14 days later, possibly after being severely beaten by guards. (ref)

See: Vaccine "Lymph"  Vaccine 'Lymph' quotes  and Genocide & vaccination quotes  about the mass re-use of dirty needles as a covert genocide ploy.

"It would seem to be impossible for a rational mind to conceive that a filthy virus derived from a smallpox corpse, the ulcerated udder of a cow, or the running sores of a sick horse's heels, and cultivated in scabbed festers on a calf's abdomen could fail to have disastrous effects when inoculated into the human body. As Professor Mclntosh remarked in the Lancet in 1926, "Scientifically it cannot be disputed that from every point of view the injection of virus capable of multiplying in the body of the individual is bad." --M. Beddow Bayly M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.

"You cannot immunize sick children, malnourished children, and expect to get away with it. You'll kill far more children than would have died from natural infection."--Dr Kalokerinos (International Vaccine Newsletter June 1995)

"Dr Lindlahr further states that: "The pus-like mass exuding from the Small-pox pustule contains the virus not only of Small-pox but also of scrofula, psora, tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhoea, anthrax, lumpy jaw and poisons in the animal or human being from which the virus was secured.""-----H Valentine Knaggs

"LYMPH, a colourless nutritive fluid in animal bodies" (Chambers’ Dictionary). How misleading to apply this term to a product of disease, used to produce another disease, and now admitted to be capable of transmitting some of the most horrible diseases which afflict mankind—syphilis and leprosy!"--Alfred Wallace

Vaccine disease. Who would risk syphilis or Leprosy for a disease that had a 99% cure rate, or better?  And the deaths, like infectious disease deaths now, are only in the malnourished and/or the sick.  Leprosy was introduced into Hawaii by vaccination. [See: Smallpox vaccine damage]

"He remarks that in Antioquia (Colombia) not a single case of leprosy was known thirty years ago. Since then, the disease has spread in all directions, and the number in this town is now said to be over 800. I may add that, during the interval, vaccination has been introduced in all the Republics of South America with the usual sinister results."--William Tebb  (1893 Book: LEPROSY AND VACCINATIONp48)

"We also hear of the noble work of Father Damien among the lepers of Hawaii, but we are not told that there was not one leper in the whole of the Hawaiian Islands before the noble work of Jenner reached them.  By the nineties, 10 per cent of the natives were lepers."---Lionel Dole

2. STATS: Smallpox incidence. The government statistics alone show easily that vaccination was the main cause of smallpox, and completely ineffective as a preventive. [See: Vaccine failure Smallpox vaccine failure quotes].  Smallpox epidemics followed high vaccination levels, which was the reason they abolished the compulsory vaccination law.  [See: Vaccine failure]

And have a look at the slaughter in the Philippines 1905-1920, more like biowarfare, but great way to get rid of vaccine stocks courtesy of the taxpayer.

3. STATS: Case mortality: Allopathy vs Natural Healing and Homeopathy. [Case mortality/Dangers of Smallpox]

Mortality was highest during vaccination years. Vaccinated 1902-4 London's case mortality 3 times unvaccinated Leicester, and 9 times higher in 1904. [See: Case mortality/Dangers of Smallpox  Smallpox vaccine failure quotes]

The main Allopathic reason for a preventive was the lie that smallpox was a great killer, but Sydenham in the 17th century had a case mortality of 1-2%.  So the Allopaths kept a case mortality of 18% (and as high as 26% in revaccinated Japan) going by refusing to use effective medicine, and continuing to use their ineffective medicines. [See: Dangers of smallpoxAllopathic medicine.

The Homeopaths were achieving 0% fatality rates, and Naturopaths 1-2%. [See: Case mortality/Dangers of Smallpox. Naturopathy Homeopathy] 

It would be hard to sell vaccination if it could be easily cured. [See: The Vitamin C Conspiracy  Suppress alternatives]

Another great myth spread by the Allopaths was that smallpox was highly infectious.  In fact, one MD,
Campbell, was convinced it could only be spread by bedbugs [See: Infectiousness of smallpox   Bedbugs  Overcrowding]. True or not, hardly an example of a highly infectious disease, and not a belief to encourage people to vaccinate.  [See: The Virus hunters]

"Dr Rodermund, a physician in the state of Wisconscin, created a sensation by smearing his body with the exudate of smallpox sores in order to demonstrate to his medical colleagues that a healthy body could not be infected with the disease.  He was arrested and quarantined in jail, but not before he had come into contact with many people.  Not a single case of smallpox developed through this "exposure"....I have ...handled intimately thousands of cases of contagious diseases, and I do not remember a single instance where any of us was the least affected by such contact."---Henry Lindlahr MD (Philosophy of Natural Therapeutics p 39).

Nowadays the Allopaths great effort to vaccinate everyone, compulsory vaccination being the pinnacle of that, is mostly to hide embarrassing places like Leicester that would show up vaccination as ineffective and dangerous. [See: Main reason for high (and compulsory) vaccination drive  Dan Olmsted.]

4. STATS: Most victims had been vaccinated. [See: Smallpox vaccine failure quotes]

In the epidemic of 1871-72, there died 14,808 persons of Smallpox in London, of whom 11,174 were Vaccinated. [1884] SIR LYON PLAYFAIR  taken to Pieces and Disposed of:  LIKEWISE  SIR CHARLES W. DILKE, BART by William White

5. STATS:  Little vaccinated countries such as Australia and Russia had less smallpox and smallpox deaths, while smallpox declined without vaccination.

"Sanitation did for Prussia what 35 years of compulsory vaccination was unable to accomplish. At the present time in Prussia small-pox is almost extinct. (Cheers.) It is not that people ‘are being vaccinated more; they are vaccinated less."----Dr Hadwen MD  (The Case Against Vaccination ---an address at Gloucester on  Saturday, January 25th, 1896, during the Gloucester Smallpox Epidemic)

 "It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we ever vanquished smallpox with vaccines, when only 10% of the population was ever vaccinated."--Glen Dettman

"Compare these well vaccinated countries with Australia, the least vaccinated country in the world. In 134 years, not one-fifth of the children born have been vaccinated. Yet only three Australian children under five have died of that disease. In the last 50 years, no child under five has died of smallpox, and in the whole of her history, less than one person per annum has died of it, although allowing five years protective period, only 2 per cent, of her population have ever been "protected." [1936 Pamphlet] The Case AGAINST Vaccination By M.  BEDDOW BAYLY M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.

6. STATS: Infant deaths. Child deaths increased dramatically which was why the The National Anti-Vaccination League in 1880 said  that '25,000 babies are yearly sacrificed by diseases excited by Vaccination'.

[1880] That since Vaccination has been rendered obligatory, infantile syphilis (under one year old) has been increased in England, according to a Parliamentary return, dated February 25th, 1880, from 472 per million of births in 1847, to 1,736 per million in 1877, or fourfold; and that other inoculable diseases, such as pyaemia, scrofula, erysipelas, and bronchitis, were also augmented in infants. In England, the increase of inoculable diseases was 20 per cent., notwithstanding an expenditure of 200 millions sterling since 1850 in sanitary works. Another Parliamentary return (No. 443, Session 1877) demonstrates that 25,000 babies are yearly sacrificed by diseases excited by Vaccination.  International Anti-Vaccination League points against vaccination 1880

also easily seen in Leicester's stats:

The saving of children's lives under five years of age is on the same lines of progress. Whereas in the high vaccination period of 1866-72 there were 107 deaths per thousand living at that age, now there are only 34 per thousand, being a decrease of 73 per thousand, or a saving of 68 per cent. This represents a saving of over 2,200 lives each year of children living under five. LEICESTER: SANITATION versus VACCINATION BY J.T. BIGGS J.P.

that only fell after they repealed the compulsory vaccination law.

[1921] There are no adequate statistics showing these fatalities, but it may be estimated that in England and Wales no fewer than 6,000 Infants are Killed every Year by Vaccination.    This is perhaps the least part of the damage. The Great Damage is that caused to Teeth, Eyesight and Constitution, by the illness of vaccinia forced upon the infant at the most critical and delicate period of its life. [1921] Vaccination and the State By Arnold Lupton MP.

See: Deaths and smallpox vaccination

7. Disease theory.  Pasteurian vs Bechamp.

The Pasteurian monomorphic disease theory is absurd but perfect to propagate vaccination and viral fear mongering.  Pasteur was a chemist, Bechamp a 4 times Professor and more.  No surprise he was erased from the history books.



See: Homeopathy & Natural Healing. that expose the fallacy of the Allopathic disease theory.  Also the vaccinia virus was shown to be killed by Vitamin C---Kliger and Bernkopf.  See: Vitamin C which also exposes the less you have in your diet the more likely you will suffer from smallpox and the more likely it will be fatal or cause Pock-marked faces

8. Disease theory: Sanitation vs Vaccination.

See: Poverty and the main cause of smallpox: Sanitation with important co-factors:  Dirty water  Malnutrition (smallpox era)  Overcrowding & Bedbugs

NB: in 1847, Semmelweis introduced hand washing with chlorinated lime solutions for interns who had performed autopsies. Semmelweis was outraged by the indifference of the medical profession and began writing open and increasingly angry letters to prominent European obstetricians, at times denouncing them as irresponsible murderers. His contemporaries, including his wife, believed he was losing his mind and he was in 1865 committed to an asylum (mental institution). Semmelweis died there only 14 days later, possibly after being severely beaten by guards. (ref)

"Sewers introduced into Leicester, 1851. Sewer  ventilation introduced,1881." LEICESTER: SANITATION versus VACCINATION BY J.T. BIGGS J.P.

"Dr. Louis Parkes, Chairman of the Council of the Royal Sanitary Institute, declared in 1922: " Our freedom from smallpox, therefore, could not be attributed to vaccination. It was largely due to the preventive measures taken at the ports,  to the isolation of cases in hospitals, and to the steps taken to control persons who had been exposed to infection." The Case AGAINST Vaccination By M.  BEDDOW BAYLY M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.

9. Leicester. Leicester by itself killed vaccination stone dead by showing conclusively that sanitation was not only the main cause of smallpox and its dangers, but that it was more effective compared to vaccination, by a long street, and that vaccination was dangerous: 2,000 less babies died under 5 in their non-vaccinating years compared to their high vaccinating years.  [See: Leicester  Sanitation.]

You can see a graph here, that reveals the true reality--high vaccination rates = high smallpox deaths.

"The town of Leicester rejected vaccination in favour of sanitation. Her experience during the past fifty years makes nonsense of the claims of the pro-vaccinists. When her population was thoroughly vaccinated she suffered severely from smallpox. As vaccination declined to one per cent of the infants born, smallpox disappeared altogether."---- Lilly Loat [Book 1951] The Truth About Vaccination and Immunization

10. Medical heretics: the true smallpox Authority.  Why, and this is one vaccinators can't answer, did a notable scientist of his day, Wallace, and many notable medical doctors Pearce, Collins, Creighton, Crookshank,   Hadwen, Beddow Bayly, turn against their profession's holy creed, and become anti-vaccine?   Perhaps they liked being persecuted, they tried to silence Hadwen by charging him with manslaughter. [See: Rex versus Hadwen manslaughter charge].  Their motive can only be truth and concern for peoples welfare.

(Today you can see what happens to Whistleblowers and witness the smearing of Dr Wakefield, also The Dr Jane Donegan, "Witch Hunt" and in the field of cancer the last 100 years is littered with the persecution of Allopaths who went against orthodoxy and used non-Allopathic medicine.)  [See: The Cancer Conspiracy]

They are the real Authorities on smallpox vaccination, not the false-authority taken covertly by Allopathy with its medical monopoly

Propaganda Ploys (how they do it):

1. Covertly seize power. Become the State sanctioned medical Authority.  [See: The Allopathic medical monopoly.]

2. Propagate Atheism as you don't want Truth/God becoming the true authority.  So you can make Allopathy a covert God.

"They must find it difficult...those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority."---Gerald Massey

3. You can then use the power of the State to keep out any competition and force your medicine on the people through compulsory vaccination and/or enforced ignorance.

[See: Suppress alternatives  Persecuted doctors]

4. Then use medical propaganda spread by the Allopathic Inc controlled Media.

Mostly hype Dangers of smallpox by suppressing the correct method of treatment for 300 years : Homeopathy Natural Healing

[2002] "But smallpox was, or is, a terrible, virulent disease. It kills one out of every three of its victims. There is no cure."--CBS Media

See: Smallpox vaccination lies

5.  Control the past (history).

"Who controls the past controls the future.  Who controls the present controls the past." ---George Orwell

Easy when you control all education, libraries and book outlets. [See: Education  Book banning  Wikipedia]

6. Stop people Thinking mostly through education, and the worse your covert tyranny becomes the less anyone wants to see it

“Two percent of the people think; three percent of the people think they think; and ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think.”--Shaw

and with millions of medical workers invested in Allopathy and most folk too scared to look at the Beast, the gravy train trundles on

You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to be unplugged and many are so hopelessly dependent on the system, they will fight to protect it. --Matrix

"In the entire history of man, no one has ever been brainwashed and realized, or believed, that he had been brainwashed. Those who have been brainwashed will usually passionately defend their manipulators." ---- Dick Sutphen

'What good fortune for those in power that people do not think.'  —Adolph Hitler

"If humanity is to pass safely through its present crisis on earth, it will be because a majority of individuals are now doing their own thinking". Buckminster Fuller







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