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"Carol and I bought a sea boat when we got to Florida in the fall of 2005 and what mainly got rid of the HAARPicane infrastructure was most likely the distribution (by dolphins) of hundreds of the TBs we [Carol, Jeff McKinley and I]  tossed in the water for several hundred miles around Florida's coast and the Keys. We tossed thousands of them, also did a trip into the Bahamas to ruin a very large,  storm-generating underground facility east of Palm Beach in the shallows of Little Bahama Bank. It was on our way home that the Coast Guard arrested us in international waters.  I posted detailed reports for the entire year we were there and they're no doubt archived on the web even though the NSA destroyed them on EW.  ***************  abruptly stopped posting my reports on his site after I announced our intention to move to Florida to stop the hurricane agenda.
    We also disabled all the HAARP transmitters, weatherballs and all of the countryside death towers in the southern half of the state.  The death towers in Miami and Ft Lauderdale (the metro area) remain unflipped, mostly.
         They threw a hurricane right at us a few weeks after we arrived.  The manufactured storm came in a straight line across the entire state ot reach us.  It wasn't a hurricane when it reached shore but was built up into a minimal hurricane by the time it reached us.  The cloudbusters in the area prevented it from doing any significant damage, even though we were ground zero but Miami and Ft Lauderdale, where the death towers were still operating, got a lot of damage from that storm, even though they're 50 and 70 miles to the south. Also, 'ground zero' was announced in the newspaper a day or two before the storm arrived and the straight path was shown on a graph.
    Carol and some of the other psychics can track where orgonite is taken by dolphins and whales in the ocean and that often provides us with intel.   The US Navy, probably also the Brit one, has a global agenda to destroy all the dolphins and whales, mostly with sonar weaponry and a lot of that is on the seabed in vortices.  We found death towers on the seabed with our sonar and the fancy sideview sonar on commercial boats can actually see them in 3D.
      The psychics  see orgonite in the sea  as pinpoints of light when they go out of body over the planet. They do it to track where the whales and dolphins have taken it.    A whole lot of our Florida orgonite was evidently taken as far as the sea that's just west of equatorial Africa, which is where Atlantic hurricanes originate.  I hope to drop a bunch in the sea west of Southern Mexico next spring since that's where Pacific hurricanes originate.  Cloudbusters work on the upper atmosphere, mainly, and for stopping violent weather they're only useful in a rather small radius--5-10  miles sometimes.  To stop weather warfare an 'infantry' approach is needed." ---Don Croft (June 2012)

Spymaster: "Much of the technology used in the tsunami was trialled by the New Zealand Army off Whangaparoa Peninsula during WWII. In those days it was destined for use against low-lying ground in Japan."  MICK P: "HAARP was used to create the main earthquake. The six minor earthquakes around Diego Garcia, the US military base in the upper-middle of the Indian Ocean were caused by NZ-styled bombs placed well before the Tsunami hit. Consequently, Diego Garcia suffered no damage, despite the base being 0.6 m (2 ft) above sea level. US ships were also given two-weeks notice to leave the Indian Ocean. Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

In 1970, former National Security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in  Between Two Ages, that:
"Technology will make available to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised.....techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm."  

"Naturally, HAARP is concentrated on the eastern slopes of the cordillera because this is how water in the atmosphere can  be most efficiently blocked.  I doubt any deserts are 'naturally formed,' and Dr Reich seemed to be sure  of this. Photos of the Sinai Peninsula, taken in the 1920s, show a lot of vegetation, similar to  what one sees in rural Southern California now.  Photos taken in the present show complete desolation, rather, which indicates an ongoing process of desertification.
    The success that Georg is achieving, now, in Southern Africa and which  you three have started to achieve in Patagonia clearly indicates that deserts can be reversed with  orgonite.  This healing process is happening in the American Southwest and perhaps the Mexican  deserts but it's most evident from Georg's exgtensive, impressive efforts in the Kalahari and Namib Deserts.  That's something the rest of us can measure ourselves against, I think, though orgonite gets a lot more bang for the buck in Africa than in some other areas, of course  Cool
    When  Carol and I first started gifting in the American deserts it looked pretty hopeless becuse entire regions were literally dead, then. It was some years and after many other people's gifting efforts, that we finally saw some solid results from our  collective efforts, including the re-greening of Death Valley.
..............Georg got his first big rain results in the Kalahari right  after he disabled the coastal arrays along the Indian Ocean  coast, four years ago, then got even longer-lasting rainfall after he gifted the Zambezi to the north, which helped prove that water gifting produces the most dramatic results, assuming that the HAARP arrays are finished.  For that matter, nobody has yet  tried extensively gifting the sea before busting the coastal HAARP fortifications so it's actually an open question for now."--Don Croft [Feb 2008] Vortex Gifting And Towerbusting In Atacama & Patagonia

Of course if you want to entirely clear the skies of molestations you're going to need to gift all of the death towers and  HaARP weaponry in your entire region. There are no shortcuts, unfortunately.
    In Toronto they distributed ten thousand towerbusters and there was still constant HAARP whiteout.  That continued until someone finally busted the regional HAARP arrays and also the  coastal HAARP arrays in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, along with apparently concurrent HaARP busting on Maine's coast.  Toronto is hundreds of miles from the sea..
    The mere presence of Sylphs, even occasionally, is a solid indicator that the atmosphere is decisively positive, no mattter whether you see HAARP whiteouts  or the occasional chemtrail-seeded clouds.
    The reason I badger people about being systematic and very observant with their gifting is so that they can empower themselves and achieve certainty, which is extremely rare these days, due to overwhelming CIA disinformation campaigns and lifelong, disempowering programmign by the educational, religious and media cartels. ~Don

When Carol and I started gifting Death Valley in 2001 that region was completely and literally dead, except for right around the spring in the southern part where a small band of the Shoshone people have traditionally lived.  
    Many or most (?) of the world's deserts are quite young, apparently generated by the world odor in the past five hundred years.  I think the only one that's actually old is in Saudi Arabia, though the Gobi, under which the psychics say the malevolent beating heart of the world order lies, might also be ancient.
     When Carol and I were doing some gifting around the base of Mt Rainier (an active volcano near Seattle) in November, 2002, we found a 'weatherball' at the bottom of a ravine. She looked at the energy signature and told me that the energy was being aimed underground in an attempt to cause Mt Rainier to erupt.  In those days, there was still a lot of freaky seismic activity on that mountain.  We disabled that facility with a few towerbusters. The 'weatherballs' are particularly easy to disable for some reason. [EW Aug 2008] 'You [Don] Gotta Grow Up, Buddy'

In the north of Argentina, exactly on the other side of the Andes from where the Atacama dessert is, there was a huge amount of HAARP arrays. These consisted of about 15-30 skinny HAARP antennas and usually a few nasty big ones too. They were placed about 5-10 km apart from each other along a 700 km stretch of highway. Javi and Kelly were mostly sleeping through all this, but I must of seen more than 100 arrays. I gifted what I could while driving, throwing TBs out the window, but I only managed to disable a handful of these things. Keep in mind that this was only through one of the 3 highways that run along the Andes on the Argentinian side. Iím sure there are more facilities on the other highways and in between.  All in all there must be around 200 or 300 HAARP facilities in about 1000 km from the north of Argentina to the center.  In case youíre not familiar with these monstrosities, that is a HUGE amount of HAARP arrays, in Chile, over 3000 km of travel, we only found about 14 HAARP arrays and gifted them all. All these arrays on the Argentinean side must contribute greatly to drought conditions on the other side of the Andes. Rain from the Amazonian regions make this area of the north of Argentina quite wet, but all the moisture doesnít get much beyond the Andes on the Chilean side where the Atacama is. The Amazon rains must have a lot of power to require that many arrays to stop it, Iím sure that once these things are gifted rains will be plentiful in the Atacama, at least during the summer months. (If we gift everthing to the south of Santiago, the winter rains may reach the Atacama as well)  We will most definitely make another trip to the north of Argentina to get this done, since we feel it is very important.  BTW, Iíve never seen such an oppressive, dense HAARP cloud cover as in this area of Argentina, especially when we started leaving the more wet areas and entered the Pampa.  Also there was an absurdly massive HAARP array next to the Cordoba airport, I didnít count but it had hundreds of towers and covered a few hectares.  If there are any gifters out there near the Cordoba region, please gift this monstrosity. Iím sorry we donít have photos, I didnít feel like taking pictures of anything we didnít gift. [Feb 2008] Vortex Gifting And Towerbusting In Atacama & Patagonia

A typical bombshell: He says Hurricaine Katrina was a regional test for Illuminati takeover. "Following scalar promoted Hurricane Katrina, a large number of pre-prepared orders Executive Orders were implemented, providing for the seizure of power supplies, personal vehicles, food supplies, ...and even the Amtrak station which was converted into a prison.  A US Navy ship sat outside New Orleans jamming communications....Some weeks after this catastrophe-atrocity Vice-President Richard Cheney paid a visit to New Orleans [uttering] the following Freudian slip: "We are on top of this exercise." Senator Mary Landrieu ..criticized the Federal Government for its criminal behavior."  (485) The Jews' "Worst Enemy" is Now Ours (June 9, 2007)--Henry Makow

HAARP, which is being researched by a nun, Dr Rosalie Bertell, who is concerned about what it represents along with other scientists knows that HAARP is capable of bouncing low level continuous microwave radiation pulsed off the ionosphere to any community in the world and may cause cataracts, leukaemia, changes in blood brain chemistry, changes in blood sugar levels, blood pressure and heart rates. Confidential Report on TETRA for the Police of England and Wales by B Trower

HAARP is worth a mention, of course. When we started out with the cloudbusters there had been long-term, HAARP-induced droughts throughout the world which institutionalized academics were required to blame on Ďglobal warming.í With the defeat of the chemtrail program also came the end of most of the droughts in North America and as more and more gifters pay attention and take out the HAARP arrays along with the more obvious death towers, weíre seeing more and more normal rainfall throughout the continent now. I can tell you that our drive across the Desert Southwest in June, 2001 was heartbreaking; entire desert regions were literally dead from lack of rain. Now, theyíve all come back at least to normal desert life conditions and, as Galaero is reporting, itís been raining a LOT in the Southern Arizona region, finally, largely through his own persistent and intelligent efforts but also in conjunction with a lot of cloudbusters and a lot of other gifting in Arizona, Californiaís desert region and Western Mexico.
    In January, Georg and Trevor prevented a predicted famine in Southern Africa by busting the Indian Ocean coastal HAARP arrays along South Africaís East Coast and into Mozambique and thus generating rainfall, with the help of scores of desert cloudbusters, throughout the Kalahari and Namib Deserts and also throughout the less arid agricultural areas of that part of the continent. Georg has www.orgonise-africa.net and just returned from a coordinated gifting effort in Namibia with some of the orgonauts in that country and a fellow warrior from Australia. This all has shown a lot of promise for orgoniteís potential to reverse deserts.
[Nov 09, 2004] Two Warrior Exemplars, and Cliff Notes (long article)--Don Croft

The secrecy involved in the development of the electromagnetic mind-altering technology reflects the tremendous power that is inherent in it. To put it bluntly, whoever controls this technology can control the minds of men-all men. There is evidence that the US Government has plans to extend the range of this technology to envelop all peoples, all countries. This can be accomplished, is being accomplished, by utilising the nearly completed HAARP Project for overseas areas and the GWEN network now in place in the US. The US Government denies all this. MIND CONTROL WITH SILENT SOUNDS AND SUPER COMPUTERS By Judy Wall