by Andrew Hennessey



 This book is intended to illustrate some very important truths:


1. There are non-humans amongst Humanity and have been for some considerable time.

2. The planet’s surface is, historically, some kind of artificial learning zone for Humans.

3. Good and Evil beings vie either for our eternal salvation or, to acquire our soul for their dark purposes.

       4. Big changes and big plans for Mankind are unfolding now.

5. Wherever we came from to be human here, we take with us our glorious baggage when we leave.


Amongst the themes presented here of this epoch-making human pageant on planet Earth, can be found the story of my life as it interacts with alien agendas and intrusion.


Story 1, SPOOKY EDINBURGH AND THE LOTHIANS, sets the historic context of my story. It is compiled from anecdotal folklore accounts, and other printed works that illustrate that there is something very strange going on in Scotland for various reasons that I give. I’m certain though that almost every place on the planets surface has a similar mythology and provenance, from Tokyo to Los Angeles. This, though, is pretty much the script for Scotland.


Story 2, THE GREEN THING IN THE CASTLE ROCK, is an illustration of that globally found idea that strange things live underground somewhere near you. If you’re really unlucky though, they can be staying next door.


Story 3, NORMAN DAYSHIFT MANAGER, is an anecdote that looks at the alien hybrid and starchild programme and reveals that there are some unusually gifted people hanging out in the most boring of places.

There have been several authors who wrote extensively on this idea too, such as; Dr Jacobs, Professor J E Mack, Dr Greer.


Story 4, MEDIUM RARE, is the story of me and my Guardian Angel and how through thick and thin here on Earth we have managed to come through the toughest of challenges. Everybody has a Guardian Angel.

Here are a few of ‘the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ that we survived.

Many books have been written on this subject by people quoting definitive medical research e.g. Dr Helen Wambach and, Dr Raymond Moody.


Story 5, THE GAUNTLET AND THE FORGE, is the story of my first interactions with the Reptilian beings called the EL’s, the shining ones.

Many Sumerian clay tablets illustrated by Z Sitchen, and a global culture of Reptilian folklore and artefacts from; China, Africa, India, Mesopotamia, the Atlantic seaboard and the Celts, illustrate the possibility of this enigmatic race of Beings and their legendary powers.

The EL’s have been around a very long time on Earth.

In this story I attempt to put my interaction with them into some sort of epic context  that gave my brief encounter with the Knights Templar and their strange inner circles some meaning.


Story 6, THE BOTANY GHOST, is the story of a haunting in a house in Edinburgh. It introduces the idea that Edinburgh is a very ideologically diverse place to be. A veritable chaos of ideologies.


Story 7, THE LOST NINTH , is the story of what happened to the missing Roman Legion and where it is now alleged to be. This story also illustrates the provenance of some huge underground in the local area of Edinburgh and its region, the Lothians.


Story 8, THE FAERIE TRADITION, Drawing on ancient, medieval and early modern literature mostly pertaining to the Scottish tradition of the little folk it is possible to see how these beings operated centuries ago and to draw the conclusion that there is no difference between their abductions and agendas either then, or today.

Other folklore sources not quoted e.g. Grimm’s Teutonic Mythology, Grimm, 1901.


Story 9, BEING THERE, is an anecdote which in my view illustrates exposure of a sensitive human mind to severe hacking. It also introduces the idea that non-human social processes and facilities operate under our very noses. This from the 1970’s.

Alternative source is Alan De Walton or, Branton.


Story 10, GETTING OUT,  is a story from the 1980’s that illustrates that predation on humans by non-humans can take place in the most unlikely of places. The picture starts to emerge here that this predation appears to be officially endorsed. Officially, the hospital notes, the official record, which all went totally missing said: ‘had two visitors, was settled ..’


Story 11, THE  HOSPITAL HYPOTHESIS,  some would say that planet Earth is hell or purgatory, or a desolate war zone filled with evil and cynicism. It has though made very little spiritual or technological progress for some very strange reasons. The planet’s surface is also a place where souls come to test themselves and work on their issues in relatively short time periods. Is this place a nursery ?


Story 12, THE HIDDEN HAND, Archaeology is supposed to be rational, but the history of technology as it applies to mankind over the millennia has some outrageous flaws. Three such are illustrated here. Is this planets development being engineered to keep humanity primitive ?

This article lends support to the Hospital Hypothesis.

See also Michael Cremo’s ‘Forbidden Archaeology’, 2001,


Story 13, BLACK DOGS OF ROSSLYN, Local to my hometown is a whole world of very strange stuff, some of it connected to the famous Bluebloodline Chapel at Rosslyn. Whatever goes on in the woods around there seems to illustrate that what passes for normality in downtown Scotland has got a lot to answer for.

See also Laurence Gardner’s book ‘Bloodline of the Grail’, plus the information on ‘Skinwalkers’ currently emerging in the USA.


Story 14, NIGHT FLIGHT plc, The 1990’s were my more formal introduction to strange intelligence agencies, strange government programmes and some of the strange people that administered them.

The book by Ambrose and Watkin’s called ‘Alternative 3’ although alleged a hoax does provide an ideological framework for spooks full of nonsense.


Story 15, HIGHLANDER, The amazing swordsman I met whose father was in airforce intelligence seemed to be suggesting that there was a whole world of turbo charged X-men who can operate beyond the time and space of human martial artists. He may have mentioned that his weapon of choice for hand to hand sword duels was a pickup truck ..


Story 16, GOBLIN HALLS, The massive cavern system has regular overfly’s of UFO’s. The name Goblin Halls, though, is not marked on any map. That however, didn’t stop the goblins from selling me a second hand map of the area with the name and village marked on it as if it were just another village name and village on a quite ordinary map.

After that incredible trick, I started thinking about ways they could turn my old science fiction paperbacks into fifty pound notes …

It meant that no paperwork whatsoever on this planet was beyond mutation. 2000AD


Story 17, DANGEROUS DAN, There are other people I know who do amazing things to get to the truth. Long before I had ever heard of David Icke, Dangerous Dan had supplied me with historic photographs of reptilian shapeshifters actually shifting. The real Cottinglea Faeries conspiracy wasn’t two little girls painting faeries on photos in the 19th Century.

The archives of the Brotherton Collection in Leeds used to show Elsie Wright way too big and bulky for a slightly built twelve year old. Oddly enough actor Mel Gibson was alleged to have bought the entire collection at auction shortly after Dangerous Dan started showing off the really meaty photos.

Ordinary non-human people with extraordinary powers and the capacity to become enormous staying amongst us and drinking Tea.


Story 18, ELMWOOD FEY, the geographical location of this Edinburgh golf club has been altered for legal reasons … but strange stuff goes on not far from where folks have their beers. Our human environment is therefore seen to be interpenetrated by beings seen and unseen with unhuman powers.

‘Another pint of lager please, and, oh, the ghost has just moved that big dining table again ..!’


Story 19, IMPERIAL PRINCESS, why am I here and what am I doing ? these are questions that from time to time we must ask ourselves. Indeed have we made any prior arrangements to meet with people we know before we are born and have we a bigger picture in mind for our own soul’s progress after we cease to be human and leave here ?

So too those same questions arose for me as I discover that agencies of darkness are not the only people that have important things to say and do. I am promised an introduction to an Interstellar Imperium and its Empress. 2001AD


Story 20, MULL OF KINTYRE, So on our great rock and roll journey as one of life’s musicians we sometimes end up in strange places and meet strange new people and sometimes for some strange reason that we cannot explain … we then want, against all good reasons not to .. to stay there with them. Was there some sinister reason that Sir Paul McCartney wrote about this place ? probably not. 1997AD


Story 21, THE NEW STAR PARTY, Based on what we now know about contacting interstellar races and their alleged technologies and their overt displays of solar system mining and free energy engines in their ships its obvious to me and probably to many others that Mankind is not seeing any real benefits from this Interstellar commerce.

The New Star Party m36. anifesto, here presented, opens the discussion as to what should now be possible for mankind based on freely available ideas and speculations. There is a marked absence of these ideas in any version of Exopolitics now practised. Why is an interesting question ..

Our best hopes to date the Exopolitics of Dr Michael Salla.


Story 22, TAKE ME TO KIRKCALDY, Somewhere in downtown Scotland, or indeed is it everywhere in downtown Scotland .. aliens have taken over. Our dearest and best Spiritual hopes and religious doctrines seem to be open to re-interpretation. People next door of enormous powers are flying through the air, some are materialising, some with alien friends who have got ray guns whilst enormous space ships offload the starship troopers of the armies of heaven (on film). Can the region of Fife cope with this influx of space kadets ?

All of this seems to fit in with the geopolitical idea that Edinburgh and Scotland are some sort of illuminati superstate.  2000AD


Story 23, INTERSTELLAR CONTRACT HIT, It’s nice to be wanted. Some of us are always anxious to get what’s coming to us and to be taken care of. In fact some people go out of their way to give us that warm glowing feeling. If ever there was some sort of interstellar secret agent the question is would they be driving an Aston Martin and drinking Vodka Martini and what sort of capacities would they have that made the difference. I take it that whatever the motives, they go far beyond this life time. Do check out the photos chapter to see some of the pets she brought with her.  2002AD


Story 24, PHASERS ON STUN, The greys or Zeta’s deploy amazing lift and capture time stops, and their best abduction grabs to try to get past my Angelic defences. It’s like white light everywhere unless you are protected. Despite this my soul is going elsewhere and somewhere better.  No peace shopping at Walmart though. 2002AD


Story 25, THE ICE CREAM VAN, With diplomacy out of the question, and having been totally abandoned by any Government agency, things start to get ridiculous as all kinds of holographic technology and stuff posing as human infrastructure is deployed to give me a hard time. The aliens use shapeshifting technology and personnel to get up close and personal. 2003AD


Story 26, ALIEN PIZZA, If you ever get the feeling that aliens are watching you, then this is the story for you. They don’t really have a healthy sense of humour though. See what happens when you order Pizza .. excuses, excuses …   2003AD


Story 27, [doc] PARANORMAL FLASH, If you ever had any sceptical leanings about things paranormal, then you will know that all you need to rationally dispel your doubts is evidence of one, just one, clear measurable contradiction. Once you have that then arguably the eternal universe and total respect can be theoretically yours.


Story 28, ALIEN STRIPPERS, There is sense embedded in this subjective and seemingly irrational alien madness. Our problem is that we underestimate just how important our soul is both to ourselves and to them. They have a farmers interest in our lifestyle choices.

I explore this farming mechanism and expose how it can be compromised. If you feel that this isn’t relevant to you then you must not be regularly staying on this planet for any length of time.

See the Psychology of Transference.


Story 29, THE TAROT READER, This is a story about how to deal with unhuman party entertainment. It covers time travelling too .. so if they don’t like what you do that night .. they can come back and give you a going over in the afternoon before you even set off.


Story 30, THE CHOICE,  It’s my personal belief that we become clothed as human to test our spirit and soul in this hard and desolate environment. We really only have two choices in whatever social role we come here to assume.

Do we choose love and eternal life and eternal society, eternal free energy and massive power, i.e. Christ, or, do we choose the way of death, becoming the isolated overlord, and wall ourselves into a self filled and self-fulfilled tower, hoping that we can survive the hungry times of siege before we can again set out to impose our vampiric energy taxes on those we come across.

The choice of Christian life on a Cosmic scale will mean that potentially trillions of new Brothers and Sisters will travel, love and entertain us on the road.

Source: The New Testament.


Story 31, THE COMING EMPIRE,  The universe that we think we can explain is more than likely the smallest part of something unimaginably huge and endless. It will be full of lives though, and many of these lives will have banded together and successfully organised long before our solar system or even cosmic bubble ever became physical.

What could really old civilisations have gotten up to ?

If they ever met with us what would they want to do ?

These themes have been explored in science fiction and science fantasy in the writings of Michael Moorcock; ‘Dancers at the end of time’ trilogy, and also by Herman Hesse in ‘the Glass Bead Game’.


Story 32, A TV DINNER IN GOREBRIDGE, There comes a time in every extra terrestrial’s life when they have to make the choice. Do they endlessly spin away between fractal holes in fractal atoms to turbulent universes and foamy bubbles at other scales of magnitude .. or do they swarm somewhere else in this cosmos.

Living it up in the hive with the Legion though, if you’re that kind of being may be a costly bed and breakfast. Scottish hives never seem to get a mention in those ‘Rough Guides to the Universe’. Put that down to the lack of fixtures, fittings, software and soft furnishings in those alien realities.


Story 33, A GALAXY OF TARTAN, Our glorious baggage we take with us on our journey from these shores to other places of repose. Those many mansions in the Cosmos may well need the colours and the flavours of life that we have to offer. If Scotland one day goes under the waves of the Atlantic, I am certain that it will live in me forever, no matter where I next fly my banner.


Story 34, INTERSTELLAR GOLF, Potentially in a universe where everybody could get a hole in one any and every time they want one, golf could have been consigned to the dustbin of human history.

However with a couple of adaptations and a suitable handicapping system, every being in the Cosmos could enjoy this and every other human ball game. The secret is in the little droid inside each ball.

Golf, invented in Scotland, as was its Interstellar version in 1993AD.


Story 35, TRANSFORMATION STUDIES GROUP, This is the story of a dedicated bunch of enquirers who with childlike disposition looked into certain matters of interstellar provenance, discovered strange new worlds, met strange new people and gave them various ideas about what it means to be Scottish. One big happy family.

Featuring a huge big underground bases, a UFO hotspot and some important exchanges between the Scots and some of their non-human neighbours.


Story 36,  SCOTTISH ANDREW, Nobody is allegedly a credible contactee without their being able to produce something really advanced out of the hat. Therefore, here is notification of some undeniable and very obvious real scientific advances from Scottish Andrew some of which have market potential very far from planet Earth. Should I be talking to my Agent ?

Let’s not and say we did !