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[Strange that Icke promotes Monatomoic Gold (see),  yet you would be daft to use it with these warnings: Monoatomic Gold.  Also he was given a cloudbuster (designed to bust chemtrails) yet in his June 2007 newsletter devoted to chemtrails and electrosmog he doesn't even mention orgoniteSee: Revelation of the Method]


David Icke Promotes The Zionist Agenda

[2012 Feb] David Icke Forgot Who He Is

 Icke and other conspiracy theorists who propose alien intervention are unfamiliar with the Mysteries, I suspect, for two reasons: first, they do not have direct experience of egodeath and instruction by the Light comparable to the experience in the Mysteries, and second, they cannot distinguish the methods and motives of the Illuminati from the genuine Gnostics. The Illuminati were deranged initiates, who had deep knowledge of Mystery practices but misused it to acquire social and political power. The Mystery Schools were not training camps for Illuminati, as Icke believes. This is a grave error on his part. Due to lack of direct experience, Icke and the others are unable to realize that adepts of the Serpent Power (Kundalini) were directly opposed to the Illuminati who made a pact with the reptilian powers. As I have explained in my articles, we are given Kundalini as the force to repel alien intrusion. The benign, healing Serpent is not a reptilian entity but an innate component of our divine biological inheritence. Speculation and research (even research as good as Icke´s) cannot teach us to make such distinctions. Only direct experience can.
    Illuminati were strictly forbidden to participate in the Mysteries, once they had been detected. In other words, the Illuminati were practitioners of occult sciences (mainly, imprinting and mind control) who had to be expelled from the Mysteries… but this is a story (an extremely important story, I might add) of which Icke and the others seem to be totally ignorant. Karmapolis Interview with John Lash

[1999] The Biggest Secret by David Icke


Flat Earth

he was given a cloudbuster (designed to bust chemtrails) yet in his June 2007 newsletter devoted to chemtrails and electrosmog he doesn't even mention orgonite

Icke, David   Branson  CHIARINI, ED

[vid] Reptilians in The Matrix Movie by FrequencyFence  

Look alikes  Rockefeller (JD)   Icke, David   http://youtu.be/6-03v_m7534


A conspiracy of Silence By Don Bradley

FREE downland David Icke's book The Biggest Secret

[2009] David Icke is a Neo-Nazi (Part Three): My Shadow, or the "Turd in the Punch Bowl"

See:  Godlike Productions Jeff Rense Art Bell NESARA ZetaTalk  Alex Jones 

I just found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbEgvx1qelw  "Debunking David Icke" great video and conclusive evidence that Icke is a theosophist, hurray! Very nice to see this guy finally outed in such a comprehensive way.  Its kind of long, but I think 30 min is enough to get the idea clearly.  If you ever wondered what was wrong with this guy , now you know, Icke is a closet newager, Alice Bailey devotee extraordinaire.  As Don expressed, this theosophy garbage is the nucleus of the enviro-nazis dogma. --cheers, Alejandro








David Icke Debunked (Full Movie) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbEgvx1qelw  http://davidickedebunked.com/



666 hand sign 
Pamela Leigh Richards - (David Icke's second ex-wife)

Pamela Leigh Richards website is headed by a quote from the infamous Pagan Satanist Aleisteir Crowley
It reads:
"Magic is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will"
See it for yourselves on her website blog here: http://flywithmeproductions.com/blog/  source

Neil Hague - David Icke's book cover/s designer Neil Hague also like to hide one eye. Snap shot taken from Neil Hague's Facebook Profile page source


1. Top there is a SUN/Halios

2. "I AM" is the name of God Almighty
    (as in "I AM God & I Am Free of God)

3. Sun rays from David Icke's head (Just Like Halios/Apollyon)

4. Both David Icke's hands make exactly the same signals as Zeus
    (Zeus is the Devil himself)

5. Left & right: 3 swirls look like 666
   (666 The cryptic name of Halios in Roman numerals DCLXVI)

6. Two Greco/Roman style figures stand behind David Icke

7. Right an Indian spirit "guide" A Demon
   (Demons are the souls of dead Nephilim - Book of Enoch Chapter 15:8)

8. Left a figure of Osiris, also depicted as a spirit
   (Osiris was a Nephilim therefore his spirit is a Demon)

9. CENSORED is an anagram of "Encoders" and also "Second Re"
"RE" & "RA" mean EVIL. Both are also names of the sun god Halios
     Second RE means:
2nd " Sun god"

10. The flames behind David Icke seem to form wings of fire
      ("Angel" wings)

11. A serpent on the Earth
     (Mr Icke and the one on the ground between his legs)

12. Icke featured as a Giant standing both on the Earth and in the sea
      This is clearly a depiction from The Holy Bible


Researcher said (March 1, 2012):

A friend of mine who is no longer with us, had worked with David Icke over many years. She promoted truth seminars in Toronto with her company Sumari Seminars in the early 2000s, bringing in some of the biggest names including Icke, Watt, Duncan Cameron, Eustace Mullins etc.

She was known in the truth movement as "Viktoria". Sumari Seminars was attacked from within and dismantled, leaving her with little.

In our conversations discussing the various "truth movement" leaders she regularly noted the change she seen in Icke after his marriage to the wife named Pam. This aparently was when the methods Icke were using switched from getting the word out to becoming a money oriented quest. This was the same time when Icke suddenly became accepted by the likes of Jones, Rense and others. When Viktoria referred to Pam she called her "his handler".

Viktoria had insight to many of todays biggest "stars" in the trooth/pay-triot movement, which we openly discussed over the short period I knew her before her death on January 20th 2011.

She didn't discuss Rense much because she had no dealings with him directly, but I can tell you she did not frequent his website, or ever direct me to articles placed there.

Others she did have direct contact with were Alex Jones & his wife/handler and Alan Watt. I can say she was disappointed in Alex Jones and his wife/handler, Alan Watt, and David Icke and the circle of money that they are involved in. She classified them as "tagged". http://www.henrymakow.com/david_icke_forgets_who_his_is.html