[Another Moon hoax, Hoagland being the main hoaxer along with Exopolitics.]

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    'Sincle the faked moon landings in 1969 NASA has moved onto faking Mars landings with the 1976 Viking, 1997 Pathfinder, and 2007 Phoenix.  Right after 'landing' they got straight to work photo shopping the famous 'Face on Mars,' Martian pyramids, and the supposed Martian city of Cydonia.  NASA shills like Richard Hoagland and Steven Greer have ever since been propagating the idea that this and other 'evidence' proves the existence of extra-terrestrial aliens.  Just like the faked Moon landings, however, their science fiction 'Mars' landings are utter bold faced lies.'  The Flat Earth Conspiracy by Eric Dubay

    One of the uses of the Phoenix Project, in the use of Time Tunnels, was to provide backup to the Martian Colonies.  The Martian Colonies have been there since the early 1970’s.  We went publicly to the moon in 1969.  Actually the Germans were there in 1947.  And we were there in 1962 with a joint U.S.-Russian expedition.  They went to Mars, May 22, 1962.  The movie, Altenative 3, done by Anglia Television, April 1, 1977, which is available in the underground, outlines it completely.  It shows the actual transmission.  The color shots by TV back from Mars, as this Explorer moved and landed.  We have colonies there in Mars from the late 1960’s or maybe early 1970’s onward.  They found many artifacts there.  There is more than one wrecked city.  And of course there is the famous face on Mars, the Pyramids and that whole complex that Dr. Richard Hoagland has talked about and gone public on.  There are two videos on this plus his book.
        What they found on the surface indicated there was much more there that they could not find that was buried.  And they had not brought with them, and did not have the capabilities of heavy earth-moving equipment on Mars at that time.  They didn’t have any Cats.  Big tractors and that sort of stuff.  They were too heavy to bring up.
        So, a request went by radio back to Earth, “We believe there are underground installations here. We’ve seen openings that are sealed.  Can you guys down there tell us what to do?”  Well, the information went to Montauk, to the Phoenix Project.  And they sent back information, “Well, give us some coordinates on the surface of Mars where you think these locations are.”  And they did.  And they said, “We’ll investigate it.”  And they did.  Because they could go any place with the tunnel, they went to Mars to the coordinates.
        And first they didn’t send anybody.  They ran a tunnel into what they thought might be an underground area and rather than risk killing anybody by burying them in solid rock, they sent a camera, a remote-view camera.  We found out there was an actual cavern and it was safe.  Then Montauk sent people.  Duncan and I were in that crew.  The first crew that went was directed by Montauk to explore the underground of Mars.  It's not mentioned in the book who went, but we went.  And there were probably others.  We went several times.  We found all kinds of artifacts.  We found a still functional underground lighting system, a power system.  We found it and turned it on and it still worked.  No evidence of life.  A lot of artifacts, files, records, religious artifacts, statuary, all stored like it was a storeroom -- a huge storeroom.  ALIENS, TIME TRAVEL, AND WORMHOLES: An Interview of Al Bielek Conducted by Susanne Konicov

    ancient ruins on Mars !...