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May, Teresa

Theresa May at the CST dinner with Gerald Ronson and Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis. CST provides 'security' to Jewish institutions.  "In 2016, the UK government is committed to provide £13.4 million for security measures in the Jewish community in the coming year, Theresa May announced." THE REAL THERESA MAY

OUTED AS A JEW  Pickles, Eric   May, Teresa

Photo taken at the ultra Zionist Board of Deputies meeting  a week after the attack on the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket in Paris.  [2016 July] Theresa May — Friend of Israel and the Organized Jewish Community


What Does it Mean to be a Friend of Israel?  Lawson, Anthony

Gove, Michael

Benn, Hilary

[2010] GILAD ATZMON: THE LOWEST OF THE LOW  David Miliband was, until recently, listd on an Israeli Propaganda site as an ‘Israeli Hasbara (Propaganda) Author’ (what ever that means).

Olmert, Ehud  
9/11 Masterminds

[2016 March] The Weekly Sabbos Goy Award Goes to Michael Gove (must watch)  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should watch this video and learn from this spineless British gentleman so they can improve their act before the next AIPAC gathering.

[2014] ‘I am a passionate Zionist,’ declares Boris Johnson  Johnson, Boris

Johnson, Boris

Hague, William 

Yarmulk/kippah  Blair, Tony


Prince Charles

Miliband, David

Olmert, Ehud   David Miliband with the "Likudnik" Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert. Olmert is a Betar boy and the son of the Irgun terrorist, Mordechai Olmert. The current Israeli prime minister was in New York City on a secret mission on 9-11. The fact that this Israeli politician with long ties to Zionist terrorism was secretly in New York City on the day of the worst terror disaster in modern times is evidently of no interest to the controlled media. It is, however, of great interest to me and I will be discussing the specific Israelis who Olmert met with in New York on September 10, 2001 and their ties to the Florida-based "hijackers" and fake art students. Christopher Bollyn