Vaccine victim testimonies (by name)
Victim testimonies  Media vaccine victim stories (by name)

Children with adverse effects from Hepatitis B vaccine
Sharon, Val, Margaret, Lorraine, Gloria, Andrea, Colin [Hepatitis B--CFS/ME, arthritis, neurological problems, bladder problems]

Anna [MMR--paralysis, post vaccination encephalopathy]
Angie ADAMS [Vaccination--autism]
Lyla Rose BELKIN [Hepatitis B--death/SIDS]
Sharyn BOYNTON [Hepatitis B--fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, possible MS]
Anthony [DPT--PDD/NOS]
Andrew [DPT---brain damage]
Allison [Lyme vaccine--lyme, radiculitisnarcolepsy, irritable bladder syndrome, hypothyroidism, gynecological problems requiring a D&C and a historoscopy and now the use of hormones, (endometrial hyperplasia)severe depression, anxiety, palpatations]

Bryan [DPT--seizures]
Becca [DPT--- seizures, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome]
Martha BECKER 12 [Hepatitis B--Fatigue, body aches, depression, stomach aches, headaches]
Barbara BECKER 16 [Hepatitis B--Fatigue, body aches, depression, stomach aches, headaches]

Elizabeth B [DPT/OPV--seizure disorder, autistic like characteristics, including many behavior problems]

CLAYTON (Tourette's Syndrome, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Or Criminality)
Susan Cruz [Hep B--MS  
Ray Chidester
[Flu vaccine--Guillaine Barre Syndrome]
Connor [Vaccines--autism]  
Sarah CORZINE [6 vaccines--death]
Ben CONVERSE [Hepatitis B--autism, seizure disorder]
Jonathan CARRINGTON [Hepatitis B---spastic quadriparetic cerebral palsy with microcephaly, cortical blindness, marked dysphasia, severe developmental delay, has a mixture of hypotonia and does have some spasticity]

Matthew DOREY [MMR, DPT--encephalitis, growth and immune system problems] Meryl Dorey, The Australian Vaccination Network, Inc.
Sara DIGNAZIO [DPT,polio, HIB---post-vaccinal encephalitis (brain swelling) and demyelination ]
Tim DITTMAN [Hepatitis B vaccine--Crohn's disease & arthritis] (hepb7)

Daniel [Hep B--ill]

Elizabeth [DPT,HIB, MMR--seizure encephalopathy]

Chris FISHER [DPT--multiple learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder] Testimony of Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-Founder & President  National Vaccine Information Center U.S. House Government Reform Committee - August 3, 1999
Richard FISHER [DPT--autism] (dpt9)
Betty FLUCK [Hepatitis B-- Chronic inflammatory Demylenating Polyneuropathy (CIDP), Immune disorders, MS]
[Hepatitis B--ME/CFS]

Eric GALLUP [MMR--autism]
Katie GLAESER [Hepatitis B vaccine--kidney failure, seizures, vision loss,exhaustion, diag. serum sickness]
Kathryn GRUEBER 7 [Hepatitis B--rare arthritis]

Alexander HORWIN [Vaccine induced brain tumour]
Kassie HORN [Hepatitis B
--Severe stomach pain, body ache,exhaustion]
Heather HOECHNIK 16 [Hepatitis B--exhaustion, asthma, cardiac problems, joint & muscle pain, memory loss, depression]

Jimmy [DPT--brain damage]

Lindsay KIRSCHNER [Hepatitis B--headaches, seizures, hair loss, extreme fatigue, dysautonomia]

Matthew LOPEZ [MMR--autism]
Kaisha [DPT--severe allergies, celiac disease]
Katie [7 vaccines--3 bouts of pneumonia, seizures.  She lost most of her ability to talk and her development all but stopped]

Lynn [Hepatitis B--ill]

Abigail NELSON [Hepatitis B--death/SIDS]
Nicholas [Hepatitis B--death/SIDS]

Hayden RULE [DPT--brain damage] (dpt20)
Liam REYNOLDS [MMR & HIB--autism]
Magnus REES [Vaccines--autism]
Rocky [DPaT, oral polio, Hib---seizures]
Richard [DPT--
Pervasive Development Delay NOS]

Stephani [HIB vaccine--death]
Taylor SIMMONS [DPT---seizures, developmental delays, and autism]
Jacob SMITH [Hepatitis B,polio,DPT--autism]
John SMYTHE [DPT/MMR--autism]

Shad [Vaccine--seizures] (mmr47)

Robert TOPP [Hepatitis B--Bell’s palsy, body paralysis, seizures, memory loss, severe neurological damage]
Oliver THROWER [MMR--autism]
Terry [OPV--polio, death]
Tyler [MMR---vascular cerebral artefact, pileptic aphasia, central deafness] (mmr46)

David WIED 11 [Hepatitis B---Pain, exhaustion, head & stomache ache,light & sound sensitivity, cardiac irregularities, short term memory loss, central nervous system demylination (hepb)

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