[Beware of Tarot readings, one suggested getting rid of baby as it would 'break up your relationship'.  That baby is 17 years old now, and it certainly would have broken up the relationship if he was aborted.  Truly satanic suggestion.  It is not a good sign it was/is beloved by Satanists such as Aleister Crowley, the fact 'tarot' is in the middle of Astaroth, and Torah/Talmud (Judaism) came from it according to Michael Tsarion, plus all the Satanic symbols on the cards.  That is 4 red flags.]

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Super Bowl 2012  Winged-Sun-Disk   Pharaonic 'The presence of two Sphinxes in front of Madonna greatly resembles the tarot card The Chariot. According to Manly P. Hall: "This card signifies the Exalted One who rides in the chariot of creation. The sphinxes drawing the chariot resent the secret and unknown power by which the victorious ruler is moved continuously through the various parts of his universe." Madonna’s Superbowl Halftime Show: A Celebration of the Grand Priestess of the Music Industry

Cross of Lorraine (2 bars) Druid  Triple tiara   Keys An examination of the Major Arcana's 5th card - The Hierophant - reveals that the central figure, a pope-like initiator, holds in his hand a wand with three horizontal bars. This strange non-Christian motif is of Druidic origins. It represents the three divisions of the Druidic Order. http://allseeingeye.nireblog.com/post/2008/08/22/druid-influence-on-politics-freemansonry-religions

The Hierophant is Arcanum Five of the Tarot. Despite the garb, the image connotes the Druidic priesthood that was subdivided into three schools. Note the staff in the hand of the figure. It has three horizontal bars. The figure wears a garment with three crosses. There are three tiers to his headdress. All trinities and triple pantheons derive from the observation and veneration of the constellation Orion. http://www.irishoriginsofcivilization.com/appendices/druidicsymbolism.html

Dove 19th Century Tarot card

Twin towers  911 symbology  Notice that this is the very aspect of imagery from “The Tower” card of the Tarot: Note: The Lightning bolt (or Sig rune) striking the tower.

911 Symbology  http://z6.invisionfree.com/Reality_Shack/index.php?showtopic=472