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1: The results of the latest study about vaccines and autism are in, and they're not surprising.

2.   ''As part of this mission, the company recently announced that it is launching a global health and poverty section funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.''

3. [2014] 16 years ago, a doctor published a study. It was completely made up, and it made us all sicker by Adam Mordecai (I curate stuff for Upworthy. I want my gay friends to be able to get married. I want my undocumented friends to gain citizenship. I want my non-white friends to be treated equally. I want everyone to have healthcare. I want the media to do their job. And I want politicians to learn shame. Also, side note, I think Jon Stewart is some sort of oracle. You can find me on Twitter, like my stuff on Facebook, and read my long winded ranting on Quora.)


This wins the prize for most lies in a vaccine banner meme, even defeating the arch liars Refutations to Anti-Vax Memes

Lies: Dr. Andy Wakefield  [2016 April. Film] Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe  [2016 March] The Lies About Andrew Wakefield By John Stone
Book: Callous Disregard by Dr. Andrew Wakefield, MD


Lie: Vaccine autism  Key realities about autism  [2013] 84 papers  [2013 Aug] 68 Studies Citations re Toxicity of Thimerosal

Lies: Fraudulent studies The "14" Studies  Danish studies

Lies: Whooping Cough


1.  It implies Thimerosal is a toxic chemical, yet this 'toxic chemical' (metal) is in Flu vaccines!!  So by this logic Flu vaccine is a toxic Vaccine!  In fact it (2016) is still in Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, Tetanus Toxoid, & one Meningococcal vaccine (Menomune‐A/C/Y/W‐135) 1 , and they can still have Mercury in them at the dosage they don't have to declare.

Anyone making out vaccine Ingredients aren't toxic chemicals is either a sociopath or a 'useful idiot'. There is a shed load of evidence proving these chemicals are dangerous to inject into kids from studies on each ingredient, and the vast amount of studies proving vaccines induce Diseases, such as autism; and Aluminium has been touted as more toxic than Mercury.  Polysorbate 80 is in for Sterilisation.

2.  'Small % of people whose vaccines didn't take'? Most victims, such as over 90% of Smallpox victims, had been vaccinated (Vaccine failure), the vaccine was the main cause of Smallpox, huge epidemics followed high vaccination rates which was why they abandoned the Compulsory vaccination laws!  Most, if not all, of the vaccine diseases, are not 'infectious' through the air, Polio (Poliovirus Isolation:  No Evidence by Jim West), Smallpox (Infectiousness of smallpox quotes), Meningitis, Hepatitis, HIV... so that destroys most of that argument, for more see Virology banners & Virus hunters.

'Compromised immune systems'?  They know you shouldn't vaccinate anyone with a compromised immune system, which is why they use only Healthy babies in vaccine trials, then they inject them into all and sundry, including premature babies and malnourished/compromised third world children, along with pregnant women (Vaccination during pregnancy). 

3. 'They can also handle the vaccines'?  If kids are so 'strong enough to defend against day to day viruses and bacteria' why do they need vaccines?!!  1 in 45 kids given  autism proves it is a monumental lie, along with the VICP  awards of  $1,8 Billion by 2008, where only 27% get compensated, and a small fraction get reported, only1% to VAERS.

If ''vaccines use deactivated viruses' (bearing in mind they haven't isolated Polio, Hepatitis, HIV... 'viruses') how come they cau

4.  Here it is inferred they don't do it for the money as it is 'just' 2-3% of the market!  They do it for the reasons outlined in Why Vax Continues.  Essentially Vaccination is the Foundation stone of Allopathy Inc, it's their only real (false) success story, and it brings in the real money in treating vaccine Disease (Money incentive, bribery).

'Helped eradicate smallpox'?  'Helped is not what they usually say, they like to take all the credit.  It was the biggest hindrance to smallpox eradication, they even campaigned against it's cause, Sanitation (Biggs)!!!   It's the greatest lie in medicine, for the brief expose: Smallpox vax.  Recently caused 50,000 cases of OPV caused Provocation polio they called Acute flaccid paralysis (Hiding Polio) (Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Eradicates Children, Not Polio).  Going back a bit they introduced Leprosy into Hawaii.  As for 'reducing disease' people are sicker now than ever: Disease incidence

http://www.healthcare-management-degree.net seems the main source of this tripe, or it's an ad.

Sources (of lies) [see: Medical lies]
http://bit.ly/vaccine_fraud Wakefield’s article linking MMR vaccine and autism was fraudulent http://www.bmj.com/content/342/bmj.c7452
[British Medical Journal , the main organ of the UK Vaccinators/Allopaths, along with the Lancet, both selling a vaccine Whistleblower (Dr. Andy Wakefield) down the river, as you would expect them to do.  They failed with Dr Jayne Donegan, MB, succeeded, again, with Dr Waney Squier.]

2. bit.ly/vaccine_outbreak Pertussis Outbreak Trends http://www.cdc.gov/pertussis/outbreaks/trends.html
[Whooping Cough. CDC, the main USA government/industry vaccine promoter/propagandist, just been exposed for suppressing the vaccine autism link, 8 or so years now )Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe).  White collar criminals, the medical CIA.]

3. bit.ly/vaccine_preventable  Pertussis. Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/pert.html
[Whooping Cough]

4. bit.ly/vaccine_facts 11 Facts About Vaccines https://www.dosomething.org/facts/11-facts-about-vaccines  Welcome to DoSomething.org, one of the largest orgs for young people and social change! 
[11 lies, sourced from the WHO, CDC, UNICEF, UN, go figure.]

5. bit.ly/vaccine_lancet  Page Not Found http://www.npr.org/sections/health/2010/02/lancet_wakefield_autism_mmr_au.html
[So impressed were they with this one they removed it from their site and even off Archive.]

6. bit.ly/vaccine_profit  Global Vaccine Market Experiencing Substantial Growth  http://investingnews.com/daily/life-science-investing/global-vaccine-market-experiencing-substantial-growth/
[Should be free of lies.]

7. bit.ly/vaccine_deniers Vaccine deniers: inside the dumb, dangerous new fad http://www.theverge.com/2013/10/21/4767530/vaccine-deniers-inside-the-dumb-dangerous-new-fad
[Magazine article using another magazine article as a source, go figure.  It's not new, it goes back almost 200 years, with many MDs of stature exposing it, such as Creighton, who explains who 'anti-vaccinators' are.]

8. bit.ly/vaccine_parents  1 in 4 parents think vaccines case autism http://www.nbcnews.com/id/35638229/ns/health-childrens_health/t/parents-thinks-shots-cause-autism
[Media article.  Shows how brainwashed they are.]

9. bit.ly/vaccine_controversy Got 3 Minutes? Here's Everything You Need To Know About Vaccines And Their Controversy. http://www.upworthy.com/got-3-minutes-heres-everything-you-need-to-know-about-vaccines-and-their-controversy
[A reference to another article from the same bunch of liars, selling the same bunch of bollocks, but don't worry it was 'fact checked'!!]

10. bit.ly/vaccine_measles  Anti-Vaccine Megachurch Linked to Texas Measles Outbreak http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2013/08/26/antivax_communities_get_measles_outbreaks_linked_to_denial_of_vaccines.html
[Firstly, Measles vaccination has been taken apart and disposed of.  Blaming the non-vaxxed is standard propaganda.]

11. bit.ly/vaccine_immunizations  Global Vaccination Week: Are You Up to Date?  http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2014/04/24/global_vaccination_week_2014_worldwide_effort_to_increase_immunizations.html
[Propaganda article]

12. bit.ly/vaccine_anti  Endangering the Herd. The case for suing parents who don’t vaccinate their kids—or criminally charging them. http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/jurisprudence/2013/08/anti_vaxxers_why_parents_who_don_t_vaccinate_their_kids_should_be_sued_or.html
[Herd Immunity (Banners), is a well proven load of bollocks they redefined to sell high vaccine uptakes.  The only people who should be criminally charged are the vaccine pushers, for murder and attempted murder, and serious bodily harm (GBH).  As Shaw said in 1911, after 100 years of smallpox vax:  ''vaccination is nothing short of attempted murder. A skilled bacteriologist would just as soon think of cutting his child's arm and rubbing the contents of the dustpan into the wound, as vaccinating it in the same."]