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Death by Flu Shot. 7 Year-Old Receives Flu Vaccine; Dies 4 Days Later

Kaylynne Matten: Cause of Death “Undetermined.” Parents Believe Flu Vaccine Killed Their 7 Year-Old Daughter.


[2009 Oct] Autism One: A Conversation of Hope with Teri Arranga: GBS Post Vaccination She received a flu and a tetanus vaccine in July.  In addition to still developing a flu-like illness, little did Melissa know that she would soon land in an internationally renowned neurological center for brain and spine diseases, expected to die.  Melissa now believes that her severe symptoms and the treatment she received following the two vaccines in July fit a case of Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

[2009 june] Letter: Can Flu Vaccine Trigger ALS?  About two weeks after receiving the flu shot, I was walking home from a meeting and was so short of breath that I didn't think I would make it home. I had to stop several times as I had a pain in my chest and breathing was so difficult......Shortly after that, things started to fall apart with numbness in my left knee, the inability to climb stairs and tripping on the lawn......after another visit to the neurologist, the bottom fell out of my world. I was told I have ALS. There is no cure. It is fatal. My time here would now be short.......In my heart of hearts I am convinced it was the flu vaccine that started me on this journey. Recently I have been made aware of two women—one with ALS and one with MS—who strongly maintain that within about ten days following a flu vaccine, their symptoms started.

[2009 June] In Memory of Marina McQuaig  Marina passed away at the age of eight on November 26, 2008. Marina suffered from a severe seizure disorder precipitated by vaccination and re-vaccination.... "I was given a flu shot with thimerosal [a mercury-containing preservative] when I was eleven weeks pregnant with Marina.....I avoided using asthma medication because I didn't want to harm my developing baby, but then I had to use it because the flu shot gave me oculo-respiratory syndrome and I couldn't breathe.....Marina was born with cutis applaisia [improper skin development] on her hands and feet, which to me is an obvious result of the vaccine because the last layer of skin forms at around the eleventh week of pregnancy.
    At two months she was diagnosed with epilepsy but she usually would never have more than one or two seizures a day. Because health authorities do not withhold vaccination for something they consider such a minor health problem [ie an evolving neurological condition], Marina was injected with all the usual infant vaccines on schedule at 2, 4, 6 and 12 months. Looking back, she did have reactions to most of the vaccines but we never linked it the way we should have.
     At 18 months, Marina was due for the seven vaccines given then: diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, Haemophilus Infiuenzae B, chickenpox and meningococcus. She had been free of seizures for a year except for one possible seizure we didn't see but suspected two weeks be­fore the 18 month vaccines.
      We told our paediatrician and the health nurse about this but the nurse told me they changed the vaccine and it no longer affected seizures. At the time of the vaccines Marina had a cold. I kept asking the nurse if it was all right to go ahead. She said yes - just give Marina Tylenol for the next twenty four hours."
      The result was: a two week stay at Children's Hospital with one week in the ICU; unremitting seizures followed by seizures almost daily, up to more than fifteen per day; Marina came close to death 60 hrs after the seven doses. Unbelievably, public health carried on as if nothing had happened."
.......because public health denies any connection, what's happened to Marina will not go to 'statistics' to help prevent the same thing happening again. I hope one day. if enough parents continue to tell their stories, our children will be protected."

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Ana Maria Abba  I believe my son's issues stem from the two flu vaccines I was strongly advised to take during pregnancy. I did an alternative vaccine schedule. He developed normally until 9 months when he started to get sick a lot. I looked and it seemed to be around when he got the polio shot. I believe he had mild autism at 2 yrs (I didn't know that then but was starting to be suspicious) then I gave him the Hep B shot since I had just moved to Malaysia and was freaked out about the 3rd world country thing. Anyway after that shot he developed a bad fever. He also lost his strength which was visual learning. He stopped reading his books. He really went downhill after that. He was diagnosed about that same time. Polio and others in Littleton, CO Hep B Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Laura Adams  My son got his 18 month shots plus a flu shot when he was 15 months old per the schedule followed at his doctors office. Within 15 minutes after the shots when we were in the car, he passed out which may have been a seizure looking back now. Within 30 days he had lost all language, stopped responding to his name, and started to withdraw. Six months after the shots, he was diagnosed with autism and hyperkinesis. He is still non verbal because its only been a matter of months. He is going through therapies but no real improvement yet.  My son had a few early signs as far as having to have routine or he would cry non stop. But he was on schedule for language and everything else up till the shots at 15 months.  The shots were given in Brookville, Ohio.

Christina Braun  My daughter, now almost 9, received a flu shot from Kaiser Permanante in Manteca, CA.  She was just a year old. Within 12 hours she began to seize, having a total of 5 Seizures within 24 hours time. She was a completely normal baby until that shot. After this she began acting very strangely. I have 6 other normal children who never received a flu shot, ever. She is the only one with Autism.  Lathrop, CA


Hannah Brightwell  My cousin, MMR now has autism, lost speech, eye contact etc within few weeks of vaccine. That was given in Rugby, Warwickshire 1992. My partner now 28 was perfectly healthy until he had the whooping cough vaccine as a baby, now has epilepsy. That was London, 1983