Autism & vaccination testimonies
Testimonies  Autism & vaccination

[a handful of the thousands.]

[2012 MMR autism] Our story--Erin Barker

[2010 MMR autism] Too Little Too Late

Eric GALLUP [MMR--autism]

Matthew LOPEZ [MMR--autism]

Liam REYNOLDS [MMR & HIB--autism]

John SMYTHE [DPT/MMR--autism]

Oliver THROWER [MMR--autism]
Tyler [MMR---vascular cerebral artefact, pileptic aphasia, central deafness] (mmr46)

[Testimonial 2007] MMR - AUTISM

Committee of Government Reform

Chairman Dan Burton

Testimony, Research on Vaccines and Mercury Fr: Teresa Binstock **

Statement of Dr Bernard Rimland, Ph.D.**

Statement of Dr. Mary Megson,

Statement of Mrs. Shelly Reynolds,

Statement of Mrs. Jeana Smith,

Fouad Yazbak's speech at the "Hear Their Silence Rally" (April 2000)

Autism MMR Link---Allergy Induced Autism organisation press release

Statement of Rick Rollens: Autism and Vaccine Connection Press Conference (April 2000)