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[2016] UK Statistics Authority Bins Controversial 2009 Adult Autism Survey

[2017] Stanford Scientist Claims Human Fetal DNA Fragments In Vaccines Cause Autism

[pdf] Vaccines and Autism, What do Epidemiological Studies Really Tell Us? ~ Coalition for SAFE MINDS

[2016 April] Rearranging the Deck Chairs at the CDC By K Paul Stoller, MD   15 years ago the CDC, knowing there was a link between vaccines and autism (the government’s worst kept secret), set out to bury the truth by having published six vaccine safety studies that would proclaim vaccines don’t cause autism. You can listen to mainstream media people today repeat the lie, “study after study has shown there is no link.”

[2015 Sept] Autism spike linked to these vaccines made with aborted human fetal cells

[2015 June] Response to Rubella Vaccine in Somali and Black Children Suggests MMR Vaccine and Autism Connection

[2015 April] Vaccines cause autism, says confidential document from corrupt drug company  Autism is listed in this chart as a nervous system and mental impairment disorder associated with receiving GSK's Infanrix hexa vaccine.

[2015 Feb] Doctor invited to Oregon Senate says he prevents autism by not vaccinating his patients

 Our Story So Far: Both MMR & Mercury-Laced Vaccines Cause Autism - AGE OF AUTISM

Vaccines Caused My Son’s Autism

[2014 April] Weekly Wrap: Yes, Vaccines Drive the Autism Epidemic By Dan Olmsted

Can Influenza Vaccines Cause Maternal Immune Activation Linked To Autism?

[2013 Jan] Vaccine Court Awards Millions to Two Children With Autism by David Kirby  Meanwhile, as HHS says it "has never concluded in any case that autism was caused by vaccination," it is still underwriting autism treatments such as ABA for children in its vaccine-injury program.

Tell Congress that Vaccine Court Has Ruled CA Boy has Autism from MMR   This isn't supposed to happen.    It happened again. The federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has awarded Ryan Mojabi and his family a multi-million dollar settlement for autism as the result of an injury from the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) vaccine.  Ryan’s family joins Hannah Poling and at least 85 others who have received judgments for vaccine-induced autism from the VICP. These people aren’t supposed to exist. We are told again and again that vaccines cannot cause autism, vaccines have never caused autism, and vaccines never will cause autism.  Except when they do.

[2012 Aug] Dad Pushing Autism Link Can Get More From CDC A federal judge found that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention excessively redacted information sought by a father trying to establish a link between mercury-based vaccines and autism. Brian Hooker says there is "a mounting body of compelling scientific literature" that shows a relationship between the mercury-based compound and autism, but that the CDC and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services have consistently denied the link.

[2012 Aug] Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism By Marcella Piper-Terry, M.S., Founder of VaxTruth.Org

[2012 June] Brains Used to Study Autism are severely Damaged in Fridge Disaster by Christina England  before researchers and scientists even begin to study the brain tissue of autistic children they should all read the aforementioned papers and research. I am sure that they would learn far more reading these valuable studies and papers then they ever would studying the brain tissue of autistic children who have passed away. Perhaps they should spend less time in laboratories and more time working with autistic children who suffer from the condition on a day-to-day basis and listening to the parents who have to care for them.

[2012 June] Why Autism is Like Watergate By Dan Olmsted

[2012 April] Monkeys Get Autism-like Reactions to MMR & Other Vaccines In University of Pittsburgh Vaccine Study

[2012 Feb] Scientists with Starving Brains By J.B. Handley

Do Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants Contribute to Rising Prevalence of Autism?  Chris Shaw

[2011 Nov] Exposed: CDC deliberately manipulated, covered up scientific data showing link between vaccines containing mercury and autism

[2011 Oct] Astounding Wakefield Lecture to Association of American Physicians & Surgeons Implicates BMJ Editor in Research Fraud  This lecture [see full video below] tells you exactly how the British Medical Journal Editor Dr Fiona Godlee is responsible for the most extraordinary research fraud in recent medical history in trying to cover up the association between vaccines and autistic conditions in children. 

[2011 Aug] Mercury link backs autism cause theory  A FAMILY history of mercury poisoning has emerged as a significant risk factor for developing autism, researchers say.

[2011 Aug] UK Guardian Newspaper Caught Falsifying the Historical Record of Vaccine-Caused-Autism  Whilst some other media outlets have adopted the approach of ignoring the evidence and writing and broadcasting one-sided reports, this time The Guardian newspaper has been caught changing it.  The Guardian removed the evidence – gone without a trace – from their online newspaper....British journalism at its finest and no Rupert Murdoch to blame it on.

[2011 May] Paul Offit Agrees that Vaccines Cause Autistic Spectrum Conditions By John Stone

[2011 May] Anti-Vaccine Proponents Claim Court Paid for Autism Cases  roughly 3% of vaccine injuries compensated by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) involve acknowledged brain damage that included autism. This rate of association is roughly triple that of the prevalence of autism among children, the authors write.

[2010] Big Pharma Admits that Vaccines Cause Autism (Autism symptoms are identical to encephalomyopathy, listed on vaccine package inserts)

[vid] Autism, Vaccines, Mercury and the Culpability of the American Academy of Pediatrics  Dr. Kenneth Stoller, MD was trained as a pediatrician at UCLA and was a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics for two decades. In 2008 he resigned from the AAP after realizing that the AAP has known that mercury in vaccines can cause Autism and other neurological damage, yet the organization has refused to make a determined effort to have mercury (in thimerosal) removed from all vaccines. And in fact, has instead engaged in a cover-up to protect the interests of the vaccine makers and pharmaceutical empires.

[vid] Vaccines Cause Autism, ADD/ADHD & Brain Damage - Dr. Kenneth P. Stoller, MD


[2011 May] High Rates of Autism Found in Federal Vaccine Injury Program: Study Says More Answers Needed by David Kirby

[2011 May] Investigators and Families of Vaccine-Injured Children to Unveil Report Detailing Clear Vaccine-Autism Link  The investigation found that a substantial number of children compensated for vaccine injury also have autism.  The government has asserted that it “does not track” autism among the vaccine-injured.  Based on this preliminary investigation, the evidence suggests that autism is at least three times more prevalent among vaccine-injured children than among children in the general population.

[2011 March] Vaccines and autism: a new scientific review  She discusses the increase in autism incidences corresponding with the introduction of human DNA to MMR vaccine, and suggests the two could be linked. Ratajczak also says an additional increased spike in autism occurred in 1995 when chicken pox vaccine was grown in human fetal tissue.

[2011 Jan] 2004 and the Birth of the Hungry Lie, “Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism" By J.B. Handley

[2011 Jan] News @Northeastern Presents Dr. Richard Deth on Chilling Research into Vaccine-autism Link

[2011 Jan] Autism, Vaccination and Immigrants - Yet Another Clear Correlation by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP  Autism and Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) seem more common among young Somalis in Minnesota and among immigrant communities in several western countries. At least as late as 2003, Ethiopian-born immigrants to Israel had no recorded cases of autism. [That is correct: Not a single one!]

[2010] Vaccines made with fetal cells causing autism?

[2010 Oct] Do vaccines cause autism? By Christina England

[2010 Sept] MMR Causes Autism – Another Win In US Federal Court

[2010 March] Autism, Vaccines, Thimerosal: Further Study Needed By Julie Obradovic

[2010 March] The Fallacy of Thimerosal Removal & Autism Increase: A Failure of Science, A Bigger Failure to Children Worldwide By Jake Crosby  What is truly sad is that this big hungry lie continues to be repeated in order to justify the population-wide poisoning of countless infants and fetuses.

[2010 Feb] The Lancet Retraction Changes Nothing by David Kirby there are now at least six published legal or scientific cases of children regressing into ASD following vaccination - and many more will be revealed in due time......Another fact that gets little attention in this never-ending debate is that more than 1,300 cases of vaccine injuries have been paid out in vaccine court, in which the court ruled that childhood immunizations caused encephalopathy (brain disease), encephalitis (brain swelling) and/or seizure disorders. Encephalopathy/encephalitis is found in most if not all ASD cases, and seizure disorders in about a third of them.

[2009 sept] Aluminum in vaccination-associated cognitive decline, motor neuron disease, autism---Teresa Binstock

[2009 Sept] David Kirby: New Study: Hepatitis B Vaccine Triples the Risk of Autism in Infant Boys

[2009 April] Fourteen Studies? Only if you never read them by  J.B. Handley  Of all the remarkable frauds that will one day surround the autism epidemic, perhaps one of the most galling is the simple statement that the “science has spoken” and “vaccines don’t cause autism.” Anytime a public health official or other talking head states this, you can be assured that one of two things is true: they have never read the studies they are talking about, or they are lying through their teeth.

[2009 Sept] David Kirby: New Study: Hepatitis B Vaccine Triples the Risk of Autism in Infant Boys

[2009 june] MMR Causes Autism – Another Win In US Federal Court

[2009 July] Minister Misled Parliament Over MMR Autism Link Dawn Primarolo as UK Government Health Minister misled Parliament in a written answer to Conservative MP Mark Pritchard that Bailey Banks’ successful damages claim in the US Federal Court for an autistic condition caused by the MMR vaccine was “non autistic”, stating Bailey had a “non-autistic development delay”.  Now, health minister Mike O’Brien has agreed in a letter to an MP that the ruling referred to a diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.  “Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified” is a category of Autistic Spectrum Disorders which does not fall into any other autism category”.

[2009 April] Fourteen Studies? Only if you never read them by  J.B. Handley  Of all the remarkable frauds that will one day surround the autism epidemic, perhaps one of the most galling is the simple statement that the “science has spoken” and “vaccines don’t cause autism.” Anytime a public health official or other talking head states this, you can be assured that one of two things is true: they have never read the studies they are talking about, or they are lying through their teeth.

[2009 April] British Minister Misled Parliament Over US MMR Autism Case - [EK]

[2008] Julie Gerberding Admits on CNN that Vaccines can Trigger Autism

[2008] Key realities about autism, vaccines, vaccine-injury compensation, Thimerosal, and autism-related research----Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D & P.G. King PhD.

Conference Presentations: Bryan Jepson, MD

Conference Presentations: Elizabeth Mumper, M.D.

[May 2008] Japan Data Proves Vaccines Cause Autism in Japanese Children

[2008] Unprovoked Seizures in First Year of Life May Signal Autism Spectrum Disorder

Mercury, Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda by David Ayoub, M.D.

[Feb 2003] MMR and Acquired Autism (Autistic Enterocolitis) - A Briefing Note by David Thrower

Secret CDC study: Thimerosal an autism risk

Autism Research Institute's Mercury Detoxification Consensus Conference February 9-11, 2001, Dallas, Texas

AUTISM by Dr Viera Scheibner and Bronwyn Hancock BSc.

[June 2005] Deadly Immunity By ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR.

Dr. Salisbury: You Are Wrong On Every Point!------- F. E. Yazbak, MD, FAAP

[Wakefield] Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccine: Through a Glass, Darkly.

Rebuttal to Wakefield Called 'Weak' with 'Distortions': Shattock

NY Times' Sins Of Omission In Autism Article: Commentary by Binstock

Autism:  A Unique Type of Mercury Poisoning Sallie Bernard*, Albert Enayati, B.S., Ch.E., M.S.M.E., Heidi Roger, Teresa Binstock, Lyn Redwood, R.N., M.S.N., C.R.N.P., Woody McGinnis, M.D.--FEAT Report


New Developments In Autism, Aids, And Alternative Paradigm Medicine"
 A Daniel Redwood Interview With Candace Pert, Ph.D.

So What's Not to Like About Dr. Andy Wakefield?

Autism, MMR and 60 Minutes Another Pediatrician's Perspective

Dr. Salisbury: You Are Wrong On Every Point!------- F. E. Yazbak, MD, FAAP

An Unconvincing Finnish Study F. E. Yazbak, MD, F.A.A.P.; K. Yazbak, B.A., M.A.

MMR or Single Antigen Vaccines: A Better Choice F.E. Yazbak, M.D., F.A.A.P.;  K. Yazbak, BA, MA

Fouad Yazbak's speech at the "Hear Their Silence Rally" (April 2000)

Autism: Is there a vaccine connection? Part 1.  Vaccination after delivery---F. Edward Yazbak, M.D., FAAP

Autism : Is There a Vaccine Connection? Part II. Vaccination around Pregnancy--F.E. Yazbak, M.D., F.A.A.P

Autism : Is There a Vaccine Connection?: Part 3.  Vaccination Around Pregnancy, The Sequel-----F.E. Yazbak, M.D., F.A.A.P

Autism, 2000: A Tragedy by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

Significant Levels of Mercury in Autistic Kids

New Study Vitamin A & Autism: "Toxin in DPT Vaccine [may] Cause Autism"

Vaccination and Social Violence by Harris Coulter, Ph.D

Vaccination and Violent Crime by Harris Coulter, Ph.D

Ted Koren vaccine articles

Does tetanus play a role in autism?

Why Does The MMR Vaccine Need To Be Suspended?

Autism 99: A National Emergency by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

Autism 2000: A Tragedy by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP



IMMUNE RESPONSE TO BRAIN MYELIN IN AUTISTIC CHILDREN by Vijendra K. Singh, Reed P. Warren, Dennis Odell Utah State University, July 1992

Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) Vaccine as a Potential Cause of Encephalitis (Brain Inflammation) in Children-----Harold E. Buttram, MD

The Autism Explosion by Dr Rimland (with graph showing rise in autism since MMR vaccine)

AUTISM RESEARCH REVIEW INTERNATIONAL Vol. 12, No.1, 1998 EDITOR'S NOTEBOOK  Bernard Rimland. Ph.D.  ----Vaccinations: The Overlooked Factors

The Role of Vaccines in the Causation of Autism and Related Disorders---Paul Shattock and Dawn Savery,  Autism Research Unit, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, UK.1997



Dawbarns solicitors vaccine fact sheet

MMR Vaccinations and Interferon-Gamma possible sequelae: neurologic and/or gastrointestinal by Teresa Binstock

VACCINATION-INDUCED NEUROPATHIES Infection, Autoimmunity, and Autism by Teresa Binstock

Teresa Binstock, T. Hypothesis: Infection, antibiotics, vaccination-induced neuropathies: Mechanisms of pathogenesis in some cases of autism, ADHD, Tourette's, OCD, and other neurological disorders. Bit.listserv.autism January 3 1997.

.....ABSTRACT..... Cytokines are released in response to vaccination (i) as part of the processes by which vaccinations induce antibody formation, and (ii) as indicated by the occurrence of fever and, in many children, lethargic behavior. The cytokines so released are causally associated with two other processes: (i) edema within the cns, and (ii) clonal expansions of T-cell and B-cell subsets already activated by specific antigens from recent processes within the central nervous system (cns). Of significance to autism, OCD, Tourette's, ADHD, etc, is that some T-cells and B-cells in peripheral circulation may be encoded with neuron-derived epitopes (NdEs) subsequent to various infections and/or various treatments with antibiotics. In children having such NdE-encoded T-cells, B-cells, and antibodies, vaccination-induced clonal expansions of those T-cells and B-cells may, in some cases, initiate further neuronal damage. In other words, brain regions whose pre-vaccination neuronal damage had been relatively insignificant may, via vaccination-induced clonal expansions, suffer additional damage. The sequence is as follows: individuals primed with NdE-encoded immunological cells may, given cytokines-release induced by one or more vaccinations, experience clonal expansions of those T-cells and B-cells, which can re-cross the bbb into the brain and then induce additional damage, ie, resulting in vaccination-enhanced neuropathy presenting clinically as autism, tics, Tourette's syndrome, OCD, ADHD,


1. In his book VACCINATION, SOCIAL VIOLENCE, AND CRIMINALITY, Harris Coulter makes an important observation: in many children, post-vaccination traits appear to be similar to those described as sequelae to various CNS infections (15). This paper's hypothesis presents molecular mechanisms that may account for the similarities in sequelae to various CNS infections and, in some children, to vaccinations.

2. Based upon the facts (i) that fever is a vaccination reaction experienced by many individuals (9), and (ii) that fever and edema are stimulated by similar cytokines (34, 43, 57), a subset of vaccinated children -- as a direct result of vaccination-induced cytokines release -- may be likely to experience both encephalitis and subsequent encephalopathy.

3. For instance, recent research findings are instructive regarding autistic children for whom -- as neonates, infants or toddlers -- medical records show a history of infections, antibiotic treatments, vaccinations, and temporally associated onset of autistic traits (eg, 3, 15).

4. As suggested by Coulter (15) a range of mild but significant post-vaccination neuropathies may occur, and the following rationale applies not only to autism but also to traits such as tics, ADHD, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), etc. A. Fever is strongly associated with interleukin-1, interleukin-6, and tumor necrosis factor alpha (IL-1, IL-2, TNF-alpha; ref 34). B. Brain inflammation is strongly associated with those same cytokines (6, 12).....

Eggers, C, "Autistic Syndrome (Kanner) And Vaccinations against Smallpox", Klin Paediatr, Mar 1976, 188(2):172- 180.

Kiln MR, "Autism, inflammatory bowel disease, and MMR vaccine." Lancet 1998 May 2;351(9112):1358.

Selway, "MMR vaccination and autism 1998. Medical practitioners need to give more than reassurance." BMJ 1998 Jun 13;316(7147):1824.

Nicoll A, Elliman D, Ross E, "MMR vaccination and autism 1998," MJ 1998 Mar 7;316(7133):715-716.

Lindley K J, Milla PJ, "Autism, inflammatory bowel disease, and MMR vaccine."Lancet 1998 Mar 21;351 (9106):907-908.

Bedford H, et al, "Autism, inflammatory bowel disease, and MMR vaccine." Lancet 1998 Mar 21;351(9106):907.

Vijendra K. Singh, Sheren X. Lin, and Victor C. Yang, "Serological Association of Measles Virus and Human Herpesvirus-6 with Brain Autoantibodies in Autism," Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology, Oct 1998, Vol. 89, No. 1, p 105-108. ["None of the autistic children in the study had measles in the past, but all had the MMR" stated David Whalgren.

T Zecca, D Graffino, M Lania-Howarth, M Passante, J Oleske. NJMS, Children's Hospital of NJ, Newark, NJ Elevated Rubeola Titers in Autistic Children
The syndrome of autism is a clinical entity affecting 20 out of 10,000 children. We have evaluated the possible role of MMR in the pathogenesis of autism by comparing rubeola titers in autistic and normal children. Among 16 children diagnosed with autism followed in our clinical practice, we noted these children to have a 3 fold increase in their rubeola titers over expected normal range. A Wilcoxon Kruskal Wallis test comparing 13 rubeola titers from normal children reveals a statistically significant P-value of 0.0050. Subjectively, parents have stated that their children's developmental milestones deteriorated following MMR vaccination. Neurological sequelae following MMR are widely reported. MMR therefore may play a role in the pathogenesis of autism. The elevated titers of anti-measles antibodies in autistic children may signify a chronic activation of the immune system against this neurotropic virus.

Wakefield AJ.      MMR vaccination and autism. Lancet. 1999 Sep 11;354(9182):949-50. No abstract available.PMID: 10489978; UI: 99418510.

Bolte ER.     Autism and Clostridium tetani. Med Hypotheses. 1998 Aug;51(2):133-44. Review. PMID: 9881820; UI: 99096147.