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[2009 April] FARNINGHAM: Mum attends autistic rally Mrs Butler’s 19-year-old son, Matthew, was diagnosed with the condition when he was just 18 months old.  Matthew developed autism after having an MMR jab.

[2008 Oct MMR autism] Fighting for Cole’s future  “After he turned 1 and got his measles, mumps and rubella vaccinations he started running in circles and didn’t interact much.”....The diagnosis was autism.

Parents Threaten to Quit Vaccine Inquiry

[March 2008] MMR campaigner to protest at GMC

[Media April 2005.  MMR-autism] Gut reaction

[Media USA Jan 2003 DPT/MMR--autism] Family blames vaccine additive for son's autism (Jevyn Bernier)

[Media UK, 2002, DPT---cerebral palsy and Asperger's] Family sues drug giant over jab (Radunovic Karl )
[Media NZ Dec 2002 MMR---autism] `We've got our son back' (Daniel Everard)
[Media Nov 2002] Parents of autistic boy in fight for MMR damages (Michael Goodall)
[Media letter, Sept 1, 2002] Measles vacc & autism, bowel problems
[Media, July 2002] 'My child changed after jab' (Joshua Sutcliffe)
[Media May 2002] Why mother is immune to MMR claim (Shannen Turnbul)
[Media April 2002] Couple's MMR jab anguish (Abbie Mae Howell)

[Media Aug 2001 DPT--autism] Injection of fear (Jamie Sinnott )
[Media 2001  MMR--autism] Human rights appeal over MMR jabs (McLellans)

[Media March 2001] MMR: DOUBLE TROUBLE? (Oliver Loch)
[Media May 27 2001] Autism 'linked to mercury vaccine' (Melissa Wickens)
[Media UK, April 2001] Letter: A life ruined by a jab
[Media Jan 2001, MMR--autism] Little boy lost inside his own prison (Stephan Storey)
[Media UK, Jan 2001, MMR--autism] Each of Mary Robinson's six babies were perfect when they were born (Robinson)
[Media Jan 2001] MMR debate (Alec McKelvey)
[Media UK, Jan 2001, MMR--autism] Mother Rejects official claim MMR is safe--campaigner draws analogy with BSE (Toby Henderson)
[Media UK, Jan 2001, MMR--autism] Family sue firm over triple jab (Lucy Launchbury)
[Media UK Jan 2001. MMR--autism] Mother 's fears over vaccine (Jessica Fussell)
[Media, UK. 2001, MMR--autism] Mum’s fears over jabs (Joseph Anglesea-Barden)
[Media UK, Jan 2001 MMR--autism] ‘Chicken pox' agony of Alex (Haydock)
[Media UK,  Jan 2001.  MMR & meningitis C--autism, learning disabilities] ‘Perfect’ baby’s autism (Holly Lewis)
[Media UK, Jan 2001. MMR--bowel disease & autism] Fruity diet blamed for boy’s illness (Rory Adams)

[Media UK, March 2000, MMR--autism] A father's search for the truth (Oliver THROWER)
[Media UK, Jan 2000, MMR--autism] Vaccine made my son autistic (Sam Parry)
[Media-India, 2000. DPT, MMR--autism] Under-reporting of adverse vaccine reactions could jeopardise infants' safety
[Media UK, March 2000, MMR--autism] Boy's parents sue drugs giant (Robert Damon)
[Media UK, Feb 2000, MMR--autism, leukemia] Phoenix risen from the ashes (Ollie Venables)
[Media UK, June 2000, MMR--autism] NO CASH TO HELP UNLOCK HAYDEN'S SECRET WORLD (Hayden Depass)
[Media UK, July 2000, MMR--autism] I SAW MY SON'S HEALTH SLUMP (Luke Pitts)
[Media UK, Aug 2000, MMR--autism] DAD TO SUE OVER JAB TRAGEDY OF SON (Shane Nokes)
[Media UK, Dec 2000, MMR--autism] Parents sue over son's vaccine (Oliver Krisson)
[Media UK, June 2000, MMR & DPT--Autism & bowel disorder] Girl disabled by jabs is refused compensation (Jodie Marchant)
[Media USA, 2000] MMR & autism (Eric Gallop)
[Media UK, Oct 2000--MMR & autism] Suing the drug companies: Isabella Thomas with Terry, six, and Michael, eight
[Media UK, 2000 MMR-autism] What happened to my son? (Mark Enright)
[Media UK,  2000 MMR--autism] Island's autism cases prove link say parents (Lewis Jamieson, Craig McDonald )

[Media UK, Sept 1999, MMR--autism] Parents' worry over jab (Matthew Heal)
[Media UK, Oct 1999, MMR--autism, epilepsy] Mother sues for MMR jab (Matthew Turner)
[Media UK, Nov 1999, MMR--autism] Autism boy's legal battle (Steven Denning)
[Media UK, Aug 1999 MMR-autism] How MMR changed my boys, by triplets’ mother (Steell)

[Media UK, Nov 1998 MMR-autism, deafness] Families begin legal fight over MMR vaccine By Rajeev Syal (Adam Wilsher, Paul Sayers)
[Media UK, Jan 1998 MMR-Autism] AUTISM from MMR (Matthew Poulter)

[Media UK,  Aug 1997 MMR-autism &crohn's disease] Crying shame of the vaccination victims (William Kessick).