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[vid 2016] How Bailey Healed Stage 4 Melanoma in 6 weeks!

[2013] Kay is healing pancreatic cancer naturally after treatment failed

[2016 July] Theresa May — Friend of Israel and the Organized Jewish Community

[vid 2014] Teen heals brain cancer w/ raw vegan diet! Megan Sherow and Chris Wark (Chris Beat Cancer)  (happened just after she had her Meningitis vaccination)

[vid 2014] Stage 4 Breast Cancer Cured

[vid 2009] Zimbabwe's Blood Diamond Killing Fields

[vid 2015] How Shannon healed stage 4 breast cancer with alternative therapies

[vid 2016 july] How Carla Healed Stage 4 Breast Cancer in 1 Year

“The fact is at least 32 school shootings and/or school-related acts of violence have been committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs…resulting in 164 wounded and 76 killed.”~ Kelly Patricia O’Meara, April 2014

[2016 July] Top Secret Khazarian Mafia Human Disposal Operations (Part II) By Preston James, Ph.D

[2016 July] CIA supplies ISIS with an airforce with help from Khazarian Mafia, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey and Israel

[2016 July] Teenager is hospitalised and sedated EVERY time she has her period after HPV jab 'made her vomit up to 10 times a day'

[2014] After 54 Infant Deaths, Gov’t Finally Admits Pentavalent Involved

''Stupid vaccines, ugh. So I board dogs in my home. I don't require shots as I know better now (if I knew then what I know now my old dog would probably still be here with me but I followed the schedule like an ass, thinking I was protecting him) most of my clients fully vaxx their dogs. Only a smart few don't. And some only do a few like rabies. Mind you the unvaxxed ones are way healthier from what I've noticed. 
    Ok so I'm boarding a cute pug for 2 weeks. The mom emailed me a few days ago before drop off that she just got all her shots including bordetella (kennel cough) well wouldn't you know it? The parents are in Europe and the dog is here with, wait for it, F**cking Kennel cough!!!!! The dog has been coughing 2 nights straight and well, yes thank you vaccine for giving this animal exactly what you are supposed to "protect" it from. What a joke. I wonder how people can be so asleep in their lives and then I have to gently remind myself I was exactly the same way.''


[2016 July] New IDF Chief Rabbi Says Soldiers Can Rape Arab Women To Boost Morale

[2014 vid] Study: Acetaminophen linked to ADHD in children

[2016 July] Chilcot, Israel and the Lobby By Gilad Atzmon 

[2015] The Kelly Hauf Story: How she Beat Brain Cancer Naturally with Cannabis Oil 

[vid 2014] Cannabis Oil Cures Lung & Brain Cancer: The Stan Rutner Story (MORE at  Published on 7 Jun 2014.  Stan and Barb Rutner are no strangers to cancer. The married couple, both in their 70s, have run into it before. Barb battled bouts with breast cancer—twice. And about 20 years ago, Stan, a retired dentist with a thriving mini storage business, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. "I just thought I had a cold, flu, type thing. That was it . . . I wasn't thinking cancer at all," Stan recalls.   Fortunately, after treating the lymphoma for about six months, it—like Barb's successful battles with breast cancer—became a thing of the past. By 1989, it was a closed chapter. But in 2011, it came back.  Like before, it struck Stan in the lungs first. Manifesting as a persistent cough, a doctor later revealed cancerous nodes in the lungs that were the real culprits. "Yeah, [my doctor] was really diplomatic. He says, 'You're in deep shit.' Or words to that effect," Stan recalls. "Yeah, he didn't sugar coat it at all," Barb adds. As if that wasn't enough, doctors later discovered that the cancer had metastasized to his brain.  Like before, the Rutners were able to successfully battle—and beat—Stan's cancer. But this time, after going through chemotherapy and radiation, they wanted to find a natural medicine that would improve Stan's quality of life and maybe even prolong it. Medical cannabis did all that and more, surpassing anything they could have hoped for. CULTURE spoke with Stan, Barb, their daughter Corinne and her husband John about this intense and life changing experience with cannabis.

May, Teresa

[2012] The “Skeptics” Are An Organized “Hate Group”

[2016 July] Orlando shooting: How we know it’s all a lie

Pittsburgh Mom Describes Serious Gardasil Vaccine Injury

The Joseph Hirt Story

[2010] Sex offenders including paedophiles should be allowed to adopt, Theresa May told

[2016 July] Joshua Coleman Speaks Out on Son's Vaccine-Induced Paralysis (Transverse Myelitis) and SB277  "We asked why this had happened, and the doctor said it was most likely a reaction to either a vaccination or an airborne virus, the latter being rejected since he'd had no signs of illness.  The doctor then slammed the door shut on further discussion of how our healthy son went from walking to being paralyzed.  There was no investigation to specifically determine what had caused our child to go from walking and running into a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  At a later date, we took our son to Johns Hopkins for further testing.  There, doctors investigated every possible reason why our son might have become paralyzed from Transverse Myelitis, every possible reason except for vaccines.  This made no sense then, and it makes no sense now, as every doctor that Otto saw at four different hospitals mentioned that the vaccines he received in close proximity to his paralysis were the most likely culprit."

[pdf 2011] The Creating of an HPV Industry  In short a vaccine called Gardasil has been created to address a cancer – when it is known that vaccines are for viruses and have never been proven to work in the case of cancer. Gardasil’s widespread distribution has been made possible by virtue of research that uses outdated and insensitive technology – with the regulator (FDA) and NCI in effect ‘in bed” with both the vaccine manufacturer and the organization that undertakes research testing.
So called independent researchers and experts are conflicted and worse actively seek to deflect better testing options – despite considerable evidence that what is presently used does not work. 
    Now we have irrefutable evidence that the vaccine contains harmful contaminants (recombinant HPV DNA) that is tightly bound to the adjuvant Aluminium Hydroxyphosphate (itself widely regarded as dangerous to humans) and where the combination of the two is understood to be particularly dangerous and impactful on the immune system. Explaining the extraordinary numbers of reported adverse events post Gardasil vaccination. Meanwhile over 40 million doses (perhaps more than 50 million)) of Gardasil have been distributed globally at a cost of USD$120 per dose and following this, tens of thousands of young women have faced extreme adverse reactions due to Gardasil with over 90 associated deaths (this from a reporting system widely regarded as perhaps reporting between 1 and 10% of actual adverse events). Is anyone seeing the links? Gardasil serves no good purpose, in fact quite the opposite. It needs to be withdrawn from the market immediately and those impacted by it, need to have proper follow up and assistance provided to them. An independent and transparent inquiry needs to understand how this occurred, why, who was responsible and ensure that appropriate redress is sought and penalties imposed.
    Finally, the many and manifest conflicts of interest that exist between pharmaceutical companies, regulators and so called independent experts needs to be revealed and repaired so that never again can monetary or ego driven greed outweigh the health of so many young women and men worldwide. 


[2016 July] Iraq and the Rupert Murdoch connection: The media mogul's network of pro-war campaigners

[2015] Vaginal examinations: a symptom of a cervical-centric birth culture  Routine vaginal examinations during physiological birth are a symptom of a cervical-centric birth culture. There is enough evidence to support a shift away from this common intervention towards a more woman-centred approach to labour progress assessment. We need to value the ‘other ways of knowing’ that are already established, and reinforce the woman as the expert in her own birth experience.

[2016 April]  'I'm alive four years after they told me there was no hope thanks to taking vitamin C - now my goal is to live until I hit 100'  "Within three days, the pain had entirely gone. I could walk almost a mile. Three months later, I walked 10 miles on Hadrian's Wall with my daughter - I was the slowest there but I did it."

[2014] Ketogenic diet beats chemotherapy for almost all cancers says Thomas Seyfried  It's a simple economic issue. There's no money in it for the hospitals, doctors, and drug companies to prescribe a ketogenic diet when they can make hundreds of millions of dollars from the standard of care.  Radiation therapy is a huge revenue generator for hospitals."

Archetypes of the Soul by Varda Hasselman and Frank Schmolke (Book)

[2016 July] ''My brother in law has been diagnosed with psoriasis. My neice is competing at the Rio olympics and Dad is her coach. He had to have Hep A, Hep b, and yellow fever vaccinations to go to Rio. My brother in law had his shots in April, a couple of days later his hands blistered and peeled. He then progressively started getting more and more red patches of hard skin in all different positions of his body. He was very healthy before vaccines, and now it looks like another customer to the pharmaceutical industry has been created out of thin air.''

[2016 June] Video Transcript: How Fluoride in Water Actually Destroys Teeth & Bones  ''Fluoride toxicity causes the bones to dissolve. It actually causes the teeth to dissolve, believe it or not.  If you get enough fluoride into your teeth, your teeth will rot and fall out...oes the same thing with your bones. It rots your bones. It causes the bones to become soft and brittle...bone cancer. It weakens the bone. You know it weakens the teeth, weakens the jaw, weakens the bones. You know long bones, femurs… look at all the hip replacements that have to happen. We have weakened bones and they become harder and less flexible as we get older. They shouldn’t get more brittle.  If we have a decent diet, we’re getting plenty of minerals and we mineralize our bones, they should become stiffer, not more brittle.''

Jackson, General Sir Mike

Book (Child snatching)

The Human Injury of Lost Objectivity: An Insider’s Look into the Corruption of Clinical Trials

Former Ghostwriter Speaks Out about Fraud in Medical Journals

[2016 June] Was Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch a Mind-Control Programming Site?

[vid 2015] GALACTIC FARMING of HUMANS - Tobias Lars

[2016 June] LA Patsy Confirms Orlando Was CIA False Flag  Two police officers who wish to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation say that James Wesley Howell, an Indiana man who was found with a car full of explosives and weapons on Sunday morning, told police he was part of a team that planned shooting attacks on gay communities in Florida and California.   Howell told police he was turning himself in because he wanted protection. His story was that he had been assured by his recruiters that he would not be harmed in the shooting but, when he heard on the news that Omar Mateen, the lead gunman in the Orlando group, had been killed by sniper fire, he realized he was being set up as a patsy and would be killed.   Soon after that, the FBI took over the investigation, and information to the public was filtered to remove any facts that might show the Orlando shooting as a planned event involving others. 

[2016 June] Haaretz Confirms: Britain Has Been Operating As An Israeli Puppet Within The EU by  Gilad Atzmon

[2016 June] Israel is happy with Brexit Results by  Gilad Atzmon

[vid 2016 June] The BREXIT Conspiracy

[2016 June] ‘I was wrong in my presumption that Israel desired peace’ –Chas Freeman

[vid 2016 June] BOMBSHELL!!! Orlando Pulse Nightclub No Event Scheduled on Night of Shooting

[2016 June] Faurisson risks jail for 60-word summary of his research during Tehran conference By Alison Chabloz

[2016 June] Brexit- What is the Hidden Globalist Game? the Brexit movement is overwhelmingly dominated not just by common or garden variety Zionists, but by hard-core Zionist ultras of a particularly toxic variety. For example, Boris Johnson, the part-Jewish de facto frontman for Brexit, describes himself as "a passionate Zionist" and supports with an equal passion both the corrupt City of London and mass migration to Europe.  But compared to Michael Gove, the other leading Tory Brexit spokesman and senior British cabinet member, Boris is a veritable peacenik. Gove has never seen a Zio-war he didn't like. A former journalist with the Zionist London Times newspaper, he once penned the following excruciating line about war criminal Blair: "I can't help myself! I love Tony!"...When it comes to individual journalists, the roll call of pro-Brexiters in general corresponded to the leading names in "Zio-presstitution": Julie Burchill, Douglas Murray, Charles Moore, Julia Hartley Brewer, Matthew Parris, Toby Young, Janet Daley, and even Peter Hitchens - who in spite of his stated reservations about western invasions around the world, always can be relied upon to stoutly defend the Israeli state.

[2016 June] 8-10 million Iranians died over Great Famine caused by the British in late 1910s, documents reveal

[2016 June] Ex-CIA officer to FBI Director: Please investigate, prosecute Orlando false flag!

[2016 June] Japanese Government Continues to Ban the MMR Vaccine

"They have bought every type of person including Ministers of health in some countries. There is a huge amount of corruption. In my country for example, Denmark, we are regarded as having very little corruption but yet we have thousands of doctors on industry payroll, although we are just 20,000 doctors, so this is effective kind of corruption. The drug industry buys the Professors first, then chiefs of departments, then chief physicians, and so on. They don't buy junior doctors, so when several thousand are on industry payroll, it's really really bad." [vid] Dr Peter Gøtzsche exposes big pharma as organized crime [Gotzsche]

[2016 June] Measles Vaccine Scandal: World Governments Have Known It Can Cause Neurological Disorders Since 1970’s  We are reporting these facts because we believe that the public has a right to know what has been going on for years regarding the measles vaccine. We want to alert the people of the world that the CDC is not the only government organization that has known for many years that the MMR combo vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) and even separate measles vaccinations can cause lifelong neurological disorders.  The facts that we expose today are for informational and educational purposes only. All papers were gained under the Freedom of Information Act.  [Christina England]

 [2016 June] What Happened to Reinhold Hanning? By Roberto Hernandez The more you get to know how German and other European courts can behave in such cases, the more you start thinking that this is just like one those absurd Kafkaesque worlds that should only exist in literature but yet they are actually real. Very real.  And according to the records of the last trials these courts, together, of course, with the entire set of laws and procedures that allow them to get away with what they do, get more and more absurd. It almost feels like these courts don’t belong in such developed democracies as the European ones. It feels like you enter a door to the star chambers of the Inquisition.

[2016 June] Breast cancer patients' lives 'being ruined by side effects of chemo' that leaves them exhausted

Parasites from vaccinations

Conflicts of Interest

[2016 May] Betrayal, The Climate Engineering Cover-Up By The Media, The US Military, And Academia  But are we really witnessing "contrails" in our skies? Can "contrails" be turned on and off? No. ALL commercial jet aircraft and ALL military tankers are fitted with "high bypass turbofan jet engines", does this type of prolusion system typically produce any "condensation" trails? No again. The grand deception is this, all available data proves beyond reasonable doubt that the trails being used to blot out the sun and alter the weather around the globe are intentionally sprayed (and highly toxic) particulate trails that are the direct result of ongoing covert climate engineering programs. The closest the climate science community has come to telling the truth is to admit that "contrails" may be causing "accidental" geoengineering. How is it possible that we live in a "civilized world" in which such massive, obvious, and unimaginably destructive programs can be carried out in plain sight while the climate science community (and academia as whole) adamantly and criminally denies this verifiable reality?

[2016 June] UN OFFICIAL FOUND DEAD WAS SET TO TESTIFY AGAINST HILLARY CLINTON SAME DAY. “BARBELL FELL ON HIS NECK” “During the trial, the prosecutors would have linked Ashe to the Clinton bagman Ng. It would have been very embarrassing. His death was conveniently timed.”

[2016 June] Is John Todd Still Alive?  "The Illuminati knows the people are going to find out about them ...the best thing they can do is call your attention towards something else & say that's that. So they have reflected the attention on Zionism ...The only problem is that most of the people in the Illuminati aren't Jews. Their founders were Jews by birth, but not by religion. But most of its leaders, except for the Rothschilds, are Gaelic: Scotch or French Gaelic. It's got nothing to do with Jews. My family & most of the people serving on the Grand Druid, their family trees go back to the pagan temples in Rome & Greece & England, to the original priesthood. Some go back as far as Egypt & Babylon. It's got nothing to do with the Jews." 

[2010] Death From Circumcision By Danelle Frisbie studies have found approximately 230 baby boys die each year in the U.S. as a result of circumcision surgery.  Another study published last week found at least 117 boys die annually from circumcision surgery as it is reported by hospitals.  We're not alone in our estimation that there are likely at least twice as many deaths due to circumcision, because of our non-structured and easy-to-cover-up means of infant mortality reporting. But if we are only looking at research-based documentation, we find an average 174 boys die each year with the documented cause being circumcision surgery.  Especially disturbing in these statistics is that the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) continues to issue widespread warnings about choking as one of the highest causes of death among children, despite the fact that a greater number of infants die from circumcision than from choking. 


[2016] Nursing School: OB Clinicals and My Experience With Infant Circumcision  Instantly, Landon began to let out a horrifying cry. It was a sound that is not normally ever heard in nature because this trauma is so far outside of the normal range of experiences and expectations for a newborn.  The doctor, perhaps sensing how horrified I was, tried to assure me that the baby was crying because he didn't like being strapped onto the board. He began the circumcision procedure right away, barely giving the anesthetic any time to take effect.  Landon's cries became even more intense, something I hadn't imagined was possible. It seemed as if his lungs were unable to keep up with his screams, and desperate attempts to maintain his respirations....Most horrifically, I learned that over 100 infant deaths occur yearly from circumcision related complications, such as hemorrhage.

[2016 June] VaXxed Becomes a Cautionary Tale Of Vaccine Injury for All Americans to Hear By Anne Dachel “The amount of dead babies… We’re speaking to parents, they tell us, mainly from DTaP, that they were told by the doctor, if they didn’t get the DTaP, then they were the worst parents in the world, and their children would die—And these children did die, from the DTaP. And the parents have no voice because their child died. There’s no society for them to have a voice. Children that have died later on, adults that  have died, flu vaccine, horrific stories coming in from the Gardasil, and babies that that have died because they were given far too many flu vaccines at a young age."

Here is Julie Gerberding at the time of the Hannah Poling decision when she was still director of the CDC (before she took the revolving door to Merck's vaccine division) on CNN:  “Now, we all know that vaccines can occasionally cause fevers in kids. So if a child was immunized, got a fever, had other complications from the vaccines. And if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism."

And here are HHS HRSA officials talking to journalists Sharyl Attkisson and David Kirby on different occasions:  "The government has never compensated, nor has it ever been ordered to compensate, any case based on a determination that autism was actually caused by vaccines. We have compensated cases in which children exhibited an encephalopathy, or general brain disease. Encephalopathy may be accompanied by a medical progression of an array of symptoms including autistic behavior, autism, or seizures."">">

[vid] RFKjr says sue me

[2016 June]  ER Doc and MedWife on VaXxed after Seattle Showing By Anne Dachel  He was required to wear a mask if he refused. “I just refused to wear the mask.”  He said he told his superiors, “Why isn’t it that the family members that come in here aren’t all required to wear a mask as well because we don’t know which ones of those have gotten the flu vaccine.”   The doctor noted, “I work in emergency medicine. I’m around the flu all the time. Do I ever get the flu? No.” He attributed his good health to “a healthy gut. I take care of it. I take probiotics.”

[vid] The Real History of the evil Roman Catholic Church

[2016 June] How Aluminum in Vaccines Affects Your Health by Joseph Mercola, DO  The toxicity of aluminum may even exceed the toxicity of mercury in the human body.

[FB] Doctors & Scientists With Concerns About Vaccines

[2016 June] The Kehillah (From Chapter Seven in Ben Klassen’s book ’Nature Eternal Religion’)  The Kehilla, or Kehillah takes precedence over all other Jewish organisations and is controlled by a board of 300 directors who meet every few years to determine the policies to be carried out in their program of world dictatorship. These orders are then relayed to the Jewish leaders in control of this myriad of organisations, including the governments in the world.


MacKenzie, Debora

New Scientist

[2016 June] A yellow fever epidemic has hit central Africa. Is Asia next?  Threatwatch is your early warning system for global dangers, from nuclear peril to deadly viral outbreaks. Debora MacKenzie highlights the threats to civilisation – and suggests solutions


[2016 June] What Media Hid in De Niro Autism Film Affair

"I took my two-year-old Rottweiler for rabies vaccination and the vanguard DHLPP now all of her organs are shutting down. They want me to put her to sleep. I should've never took her. I didn't know. Her temp is 105 she's paralyzed in her two front legs.  I wanted to update this post because around 1:05 PM they called me and told me that she went into cardiac arrest and died. They wanted me to put her to sleep and I refused. So I paid $200 for them to put an IV to give her anabiotic's but she didn't even last one hour. They said it's a coincidence that she happened to get sick after the shots and said my neighbors probably poisoned her.  She was fine before her vaccinations! Those shots killed her. I'm so broken hearted I love her soooo much." (June 2016)

[vid 2016 June] Nurse at Vaxxed Reports Frequent Guillain-Barré Syndrome from Flu Shots

[2013 vid] Doctors Cut Black Baby Penis Off During Circumcision

[2015 Dec] Govt Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data From Website

"Whenever I meet a pediatrician I ask them a simple question: what percentage of your revenue come from vaccine administration? The number always astounds me.  The answers I get are that anywhere from 60–80% of their revenue comes from giving vaccines. Imagine that."  ~  J. B. Handley

''In the unusual vaccine court, the government acts on behalf of pharmaceutical companies rather than the public, defending vaccine makers against alleged victims. Money damages are not paid by vaccine companies, but through fees collected from patients on every dose of vaccine.''  [2015 Dec] Govt Wipes Recent Vaccine Injury Data From Website

[2016 June] Antibiotics given to babies may change their gut microbes for years

[June 23, 2016] Print This Post Print This Post Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism, Pediatricians Do BY J.B. HANDLEY  If a doctor sticks six vaccines into a child while the child is taking antibiotics for an ear infection and Tylenol for a cold, he’s not a doctor, he’s a criminal, and should be hauled into jail on the spot for assault and battery. If the child also happens to have eczema, long-term diarrhea, and has missed a milestone or two, perhaps the charge should be attempted murder.
    ...Blue Cross will give your pediatrician $400 per child that has received 100% of the 25 vaccines they recommend by the age of 2. Incredible!!!  Pediatric practices, according to this study, average 1,546 patients per doctor.  This means that a 5-doctor pediatric practice, if they reach 100% compliance on vaccinations, will receive a bonus of just over $3,000,000 (that’s not a typo, my math is right, that’s $3 million bucks!!). Does your pediatrician have a conflict in considering the benefits and risks of vaccines? Answer: You’re damn right they do!!! More isn’t better?

[2016 June] "Following Vaccinations" -- 900 Voices Telling the Truth  A final point -- these voices, without saying so, point up the obscenity of the current hand-wringing over measles. Good lord. Let's talk about measles, if we must, AFTER we stop destroying children's lives every single day. 

[2016 June] On September the 18th 2010 I started an inquiry amongst parents of Autistic children.  “I am compiling a list of children who were adversely affected by any vaccine. Please if you could say in about 4-6 sentences what that vaccine was, how they reacted, how they are today and what city the vaccine was administered.”  The list that follows is the response. To date there are over 1400 comments here.

[2016 June] Federal Jury Clears Leading Homeopathic Flu Remedy Manufacturer in Class Action Trial  On June 16, in a class action of importance to producers, marketers, and sellers of homeopathic products, a federal jury in the false advertising trial of Lewert v. Boiron, Inc., et al., Case No. 2:11-cv-10803 (Boiron) rejected claims that Boiron Inc.’s homeopathic flu treatment was nothing more than a sugar pill, and ruled that Boiron did not mislead consumers into buying a remedy that did not provide relief as advertised.

[2016 June] Date for Execution of Man on Death Row for Shaken Baby Syndrome is Halted as Conviction is Blamed on “Junk Science”  

[2016] Trotsky's White Negroes: The Censored Holocaust by Mike Walsh (Book)  The 1917 coup that led to 73 years of terrifying Communism was an American inspired coup d’état. The seizure is better known as the Russian Revolution because those responsible control media. We have been conditioned to think want the guilty want us to think.

[2016 April] Two People Involved In Flint Water Investigation Found Dead

[2016 June] Selma Blair Removed from Plane and Rushed to Hospital After Bizarre MKULTRA-Style Breakdown  The phrase “He burns my private parts” is especially telling and disturbing. It most likely refers to sexual abuse combined with probable torture around the genitals.  The wording is child-like, as if a young girl had said it. Victims of mind control and satanic ritual abuse (SRA) suffer extreme trauma until reaching a state state of dissociation which sometimes generate alter-personas that could be triggered. These alternate personalities can have different name, age and story and can even foster their own memories. The sentences “He won’t me eat or drink. He beats me. He’s going to kill me” further describe torture typical to trauma-based mind control.

[2016 June] Did Anyone Die in Orlando?

[vid] Thandie Newton describes sexual abuse on casting couch

[2014] An Open Secret (DocFilm)  The 2014 documentary about pedophilia in Hollywood.

[2012] Freemasonry's Best Kept Secret: Ritual Sodomy

[2012] The Hollywood Kabbalah Cult Unmasked  By Timothy Fitzpatrick


[2016 June] Orlando Incident: Another Alibi for the Gun-Grabbers–Interview with Michael A. Hoffman

[2011] Wrongly injected toddler fights leukaemia  A Hamilton toddler who was mistakenly injected with a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer when he was just six weeks old has developed a rare form of leukaemia.

Court Says Law Allows Secrecy of Hazardous Pesticide Product Ingredients  (Beyond Pesticides June 13, 2016) A federal judge in California handed down a decision last week agreeing with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) that it has no responsibility under federal pesticide law to complete rulemaking on the disclosure of hazardous ingredients in pesticide products. That means that if the decision stands EPA will be allowed to keep the public in the dark on the full list of toxic ingredients in pesticides registered by the agency. A lawsuit filed by the Center for Environmental Health, Beyond Pesticides, and Physicians for Social Responsibility argues that EPA fails to protect consumers from “inert” ingredients found in pesticides.

[2007] Stop the Shots! - Are Vaccinations Killing Our Pets? Pet Vaccination Dangers by John Clifton (book)

Jo Cox

CENSORSHIP. 1947 - EPILEPSY STUDY.  HARRY ANSLINGER’S CONCERN   Today [for all practical purposes] it is against the law to do any medical research on Medical Cannabis in this country.   And has been so probably since the days of Harry Anslinger.   HOW? --- To quote another section of this book (on why Medical Cannabis will never be legalized) : 
. . . The narc's have a very long history of repressing / ignoring the truth. . . . There are numerous other ways the narc's have of assuring that Cannabis NEVER gets FDA approval. HOW? 
You want to do medical research [6] on Cannabis, you FIRST have to get a permit from the Drug Police. Of which, they simply don't give out.   In fact, since the passage of the control substances act (1970), all the way up until California passed Prop-215 legalizing Medical Cannabis under their state laws, NONE were issued. According to Chemical Heritage Magazine:
    "Today, American researchers who wish to obtain legal cannabis for scientific study must apply to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), which maintains a government-funded, 1.5-acre marijuana farm in Oxford, Mississippi.   Compared with street marijuana, however, the government's plants are low in cannabinoid content, and some researchers have also complained of the institute's slow and seemingly arbitrary decisions.   In 1994 Donald Abrams, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, proposed to study the effects of smoking cannabis on HIV-related weight loss, but his application was rejected by NIDA, even though it had been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.   When he then resubmitted his proposal, this time emphasizing the drug's potential negative effects, NIDA not only approved the study but also provided him with nearly a million dollars in funding.   Another researcher, Lyle Craker of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, applied to the Drug Enforcement Administration in 2001 for the right to grow cannabis for research purposes as a way of sidestepping these potency and access issues.   For three years he heard nothing, until a federal court ordered the Drug Enforcement Administration to respond.   They said no, so he sued them. That case is still under way. " 
. . . . . The chill affected researchers as well as clinicians. Medical journals published dozens of studies before the tax act but few after its enactment.   As researcher Lester Grinspoon noted, " virtually no medical investigation of cannabis was conducted for many years " as a string of additional laws, including the 1951 Boggs Act and the 1970 Controlled Substances Act, further deterred research." --- T. Geller - Chemical Heritage Magazine.   Which is a nice way of [saying] -- NO WAY IS IT EVER GOING TO BE RE-LEGALIZED. 

Male Homosexual Behavior

[2016 March] Holistic Doctor Death Series: Nearly 50 Dead on 1 Year Anniversary, but what’s being done?

''Just nine weeks ago, on April 14, I presented a lengthy video deconstruction of the 2013 Boston Marathon incident through the Caravan to Midnight radio show/podcast. About a week later (on April 20, of all days), the nearly four-hour video presentation was uploaded to YouTube. Not long after that, someone using the username Phoenix Archangel posted an interesting comment: “John [Wells, the host of the show] always signs off with some of the best advice ever. Speaking of advice: this David McGowan fella really ought to quit smoking. With all the elitist feathers he’s ruffling, he’s likely to come down with a spontaneous case of hitherto undiagnosed stage 4 inoperable Pancreatic cancer.”
    If you haven’t watched the video yet, by the way, you really need to do so: And have all your friends and family members watch it as well. It’s a little on the long side and could use some serious editing, but it does succeed in completely laying waste to the official story of what happened in Boston on April 15, 2013. As for Mr./Ms Archangel, he/she wasn’t too far off, though I’ve been told that it’s actually incurable small-cell lung cancer that has already spread to my liver and bones."  ~  Dave McGowan   Update: After a courageous and painful six-month battle, Dave passed away on November 22, 2015, at his home in Eagle Rock.  

“In 1942, antibiotics were released. In 1943 was the onset of the polio epidemic. There’s a panic about polio. People have still held on to that panic. Nine-hundred and ninety-nine out of a thousand people that had polio thought they had the flu. It looked like the flu. There was a very tiny percentage of patients that actually developed paralytic polio. The amount of people that had polio, at its epidemic, was two weeks of patients that have died from cancer.
    So things started to get strange when they started to use antibiotics on viruses, and they knew they had to make a choice… restrict antibiotics or develop a vaccine. Polio was going up, [then] the trend [went] down. If you look at history, diseases have been cyclic throughout history. What actually stopped most of the diseases, what the doctors like to credit for, was sanitation, sewage control, refrigeration, central heat. When you watch Gunsmoke days, and you look at the nice little town, they had open sewers in that town. This was absolutely a disgusting place to live.
    Those involved with the [polio] vaccine, Dr. Salk, Bernice Eddy, Sarah Stewart… these were brilliant women whose place in history has absolutely been neglected. [The] Salk polio vaccine was rushed into production. We had a president that had polio, the public was being… you know, it’s like terrorism, it’s like drugs, it’s like the swine flu… We’ve also seen these panics before, and we’re kind of getting tired of the panics.
    Dr. Salk had strains, these polio strains, that would be inactivated with formaldehyde and injected in the children. Just before they did release this, Dr. Bernice Eddy, a brilliant bacteriologist at the National Institutes of Health, she was told, you’d better safety test this new Salk vaccine. She discovered faulty batches of the vaccine. What she found was the virus wasn’t dead, was still alive and able to breathe. When she tried it on her monkeys, they were paralyzed in the cages. She tried to delay the release of the vaccine. A handful of prominent doctors stepped in to throw their weight on the reputations on the side of the vaccine.
    Dr. Alton Ochsner was a major stockholder and the past president of the American Cancer Society. He was so convinced of the vaccine that he pulled the entire medical staff together at Tulane University, he vaccinated his grandchildren, he killed his grandson in 48 hours, and his daughter got polio and was paralyzed. Forty-eight hours. By the way, the kid went on to sue Cutter Labs where [the vaccine] was made, and that was thrown out.
    Despite that, the mass inoculation proceeded on schedule, and within days children fell sick from the polio—some crippled and some died. It was the biggest fiasco in medical history. There were lawsuits everywhere. The director of the NIH resigned. The Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare stepped down. Old tricky Dick, Richard Nixon, was given the job of restoring the reputation of the National Institutes of Health back in 1955.
    Bernice Eddy was taken off polio research and transferred to the influenza department, where she meets Sarah Stewart. These become lunch partners. Sarah Stewart proved that some cancers are caused by viruses, as well as discovery of DNA recombination, which is still used today. In 1957, they named it polyoma… a virus-causing cancer was called polyoma. Sarah Stewart and Bernice Eddy discovered this virus was causing multiple cancer tumors in a small variety of mammals. It was the first time one virus caused cancer in several different species. She then took suspensions of the materials from these kidney cell cultures and injected them into hamsters, and the cancers grew in the hamsters.
    Now, the problem was the vaccine manufacturers had grown their polio viruses on the kidneys of monkeys, and when they removed the polio virus, an unknown number of other monkey viruses came with it. The more they looked, the more they found… Medical science knew little about the behavior of these monkey viruses. This was a watershed event in cancer research in 1959. Now, to this day, when you go into the doctor and ask how did I get this cancer, viruses have been a major player and they can’t talk about it because of something that happened to you.
    In 1959, Bernice Eddy, confronted with overwhelming evidence, came to the conclusion they had just inoculated an entire generation with cancer-causing monkey viruses. She was the first one to predict an epidemic of cancer in the future. Soon, the research identified an Asian monkey as the natural host of the cancer-causing polyoma virus, and gave the virus a less hysterical name: SV-40. You know why they called it SV-40? Cause they found 39 viruses before this one.”   — R.E Tent, DC, ND, PhD

[vid 1991] Amschel Says Rothschilds Meet with the Devil  Published on 8 Apr 2016.  Amcshel Mayor James Rothschild (1955 - 1996) explained in an interview with a Magazine called Progress For All that he had personally met with the Devil or Lucifer in Colorado, and that the eye on the American $1 Bill is the eye of Lucifer and that the Seal was taken to America by Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton before 1776. Amschel who was the acting successor of Evelyn de Rothschild was regarded as not having the killer instinct required by a Rothschild paid the ultimate price with his own life.
    The following is from the magazine Progress for all January 1991, an interview regarding the clarification of the Pyramid and the shining eye on the back of the US One Dollar Bill: "The seal of the pyramid was created by the Rothschild family and brought to North America by Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton before 1776. The Rothschild family is the head of the organization in which I entered in Colorado. All the Occult Brotherhoods are part of it. It is a Lucifer Organization to install his reign in the whole world. The eye on the pyramid is the eye of Lucifer. Supposedly the Rothschilds have personal dealings with the Devil. I have personally been in his villa and have experienced it. And I know it is true". Source - John Todd - ("ex Masonic Council of Thirteen")

Healing Low Back Pain with Magnesium

[2016] 2-Month Old Infant Suffered Apnea and Died Following 8 Vaccines   Another family is mourning the loss of their two-month old baby following routine vaccinations. Cash Dewayne Thomas was having apnea episodes following the vitamin K injection and hepatitis B vaccine given to him at birth.

Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own (Part 1)

The Gulf War Syndrome Plot, Part 2: The US Government’s Conspiracy of Silence and Obstruction Against Gulf War Veterans


The Age of Polio: Explosion. Part 7.

[2016 June] Anne Dachel Interviews Sheila Ealey on VaXxed The Movie   “I’ve used the word ‘holocaust’ to explain what is going on because one of the meanings of that word is ‘mass slaughter and reckless disregard of life.’ When you consider 340 percent causation rate of autism in African American boys if given [the MMR vaccine] before the age of three, when you consider a 700 percent causation rate of isolated autism in any typically developing, healthy child with no other co-morbid factors, you have to look at that and see it for what it is. It is reckless destruction of life, you are destroying these children before they even have a chance. The Nuremberg Code is based upon the fact that the Nazis did medical procedures without consent—informed consent. We don’t have informed consent. They took the right of our informed consent away when they lied and they hid the fact that they knew these things, they knew that that triple dose could do these things to our children. “So when you consider that, that’s a holocaust.

[2016 June] Rabbi Lerner – Master of Compassion or Master of Deceit?   “American Jews played an important role with African-American struggles,” the Rabbi insisted. This is certainly the case but, of course, Jews also played an important role in the African slave trade. The Rabbi missed a great opportunity to express sincere regret about that unfortunate fact.  And when the Rabbi said: “we today stand in solidarity with the Islamic community in the country and all around the world,” he was simply insincere. The truth is to the contrary. Leading Jewish American institutions and lobbies have been at the forefront of advocacy of the war against Arabs, Muslims and Islam.    Rabbi Lerner claims that he and his Tikun organisation “have called upon the United States Government to stand up for the Palestinian Government.”  In fact, the Rabbi and his Tikun organisation do not support the most elementary of Palestinian rights such as the Right Of Return.
    The Rabbi claims that as a Jew he realises that “God has created everyone in God’s image and that everyone is equally precious.” Seemingly the Rabbi is confused. The religion Lerner describes is not Judaism that is tribal, exclusive and exceptionalist but Christianity that is universal and inclusive. In Judaism, Jews are chosen (what ever that means). The followers of the Judaic religion have invented a God who chooses them over all other people. This fact may explain why Rabbi Lerner doesn’t support a universal right of return in Palestine. His offering to the Palestinians is very limited. He effectively denies the Palestinian cause.

[2016 June 14] Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts Opens the Legal Door to Retry All Shaken Baby Syndrome Convictions

[pdf 2016 Summer] Combining Childhood Vaccines at One Visit Is Not Safe Neil Z. Miller  One vaccine to eight vaccines. The more given, the more VAERS reports.  "Of the 38,801 VAERS reports that we analyzed, 969 infants received two vaccine doses prior to the adverse event and 107 of those infants were hospitalized: a hospitalization rate of 11%. Of 1,959 infants who received three vaccine doses prior to the adverse event, 243 of them required hospitalization: 12.4%. For four doses, 561 of 3,909 infants were hospitalized: 14.4%. Notice the emerging pattern: Infants who had an adverse event reported to VAERS were more likely to require hospitalization when they received three vaccine doses instead of two, or four vaccine doses instead of three.   The pattern continues: Of 10,114 infants who received five vaccine doses prior to the adverse event, 1,463 of them required hospitalization: 14.5%. For six doses, 1,365 of 8,454 infants were hospitalized: 16.1%. For seven doses, 1,051 of 5,489 infants were hospitalized: 19.1%. And for eight doses, 661 of 2,817 infants were hospitalized: 23.5%. The hospitalization rate increased linearly from 11.0% for two doses to 23.5% for eight doses." 

[2016 June] Orlando Shooting HOAX - The psyop RIBBON

[2016 June] MK-Ultra Triple Play in Orlando (Updated) Thus, it is reasonable to view this Orlando shooting as a possible joint Mossad/CIA Gladio-style, inside-job, false-flag “triple-play” op designed to help motivate the American masses to collect the guns, accept political correctness and homosexuality as the preferred norm, and to further motivate Americans to support deploying our war machine to fight more wars for Israel and the KM (Rothschild Zionist Banksters).

[2016 March] A Comparison of Jewish Behavior…2,000 Years Ago and Today



[2016] The Occupation of the American Mind (Film)

Orlando (Omar Mateen. June 2016)

[2016 June] How Israel Created the Fiend for the War on Terror  In reality, the War on Terror is an Israeli propaganda construct designed to deceive the West into destroying Israel’s enemies on behalf of the Zionist state.  The War on Terror is essentially an Israeli war strategy. It was first promoted on the world stage by Benjamin Netanyahu and Menachem Begin (of the terrorist Likud party) at the Jerusalem Conference hosted by the Netanyahu Institute in July 1979.

Ebert, Lily

''In reality, the War on Terror is an Israeli propaganda construct designed to deceive the West into destroying Israel’s enemies on behalf of the Zionist state.''  Christopher Bollyn

[2016] RhoGam Shot: Big Pharma Profit Ploy  Routine RhoGam during pregnancy to all Rh negative mothers is simply a Big Pharma ploy to increase profits, not to protect babies from Rh Disease.

[2016 June] The Monster Behind Ontario's Child Sexualization Program

[vid 2015] Did the Holocaust Really Happen?

[vid 2016-05] Eve Lorgen Aug Tellez Jim Nichols Yvonne Palermo

"Beware of whom you trust.  In response to the circulating picture of the little boy suffering a severe, complicated case of chickenpox, and the mother's plea for everyone to vaccinate:
    This little boy's suffering is heart breaking, but chickenpox in the vast majority of kids who have it is a benign disease. In the UK the vaccine's not even on the schedule, because the illness isn't considered a threat. Because this one child's suffering a severe case isn't a reason to ask thousands of other parents to consent to a procedure that can literally and unpredictably permanently disable, brain damage or kill their kids, which is the reality of vaccination.
    Among the varicella vaccine injuries that have been compensated by the national vaccine court is Kleine-Levin Syndrome, characterized by "recurring periods of excessive amounts of sleep, altered behavior, and a reduced understanding of the world." That specific injury was awarded $450,000. Included in the post-marketing reaction reports - which cannot be discounted unless each instance has been proved to be otherwise caused - are anaphylactic shock, necrotizing retinitis, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), Varicella: vaccine strain (that's chickenpox), encephalitis, cerebrovascular accident, transverse myelitis, Guillain-Barré, Bell's palsy, seizures, aseptic meningitis, pneumonia, secondary bacterial infections of skin and soft tissue, including impetigo and cellulitis, and herpes zoster.
    Herpes zoster is shingles. You can only get shingles, which is more painful and longer lived than chickenpox, if you've already had chickenpox. It used to be reserved almost exclusively for adults in mid-life or older - until the chickenpox vaccine was introduced in '95. Every year since, toddlers are reported with shingles, some of them less than a year old - obviously in cases where for some reason the child was vaccinated before the recommended 12 months.
    The blanket statement that vaccines are safe is an egregious misrepresentation, and when you ask others to vaccinate you're literally asking them to be willing to sacrifice the health, if not the life, of their kids, in exchange for an empty promise of prevention of diseases they may or may not get - many kids develop diseases they were vaccinated for anyway - and from which the vast majority of kids have little or no trouble recovering - indeed, which strengthen their immune systems and prepare them for successful adolescence and adulthood.
    Gary Goldman and other scientists subcontracted to the CDC in the 90s, working specifically on projections of the effect of the chickenpox vaccine. When Gary and several others projected a resultant rise in the incidence of shingles, the CDC wouldn't allow their findings to be published. What the group foresaw was a rise in shingles in adults, which has happened. What they didn't foresee was toddlers and little kids getting shingles. The vaccine's skewed the natural occurrence of shingles by decades.  Beware of whom you trust."  ~  Shawn Siegel

[2016] SECRET INGREDIENTS (Film)  Secret Ingredients highlights the dramatic story of Kathleen and her family as they regain their health after eliminating GMOs and pesticides from their diet. The film also includes scientists and experts who can explain why and how GMOs may be making us sick. In addition to Kathleen's family, this film shares testimonials from other families that have gotten better, as well as physicians who have seen their patients heal after eliminating GMOs. 


[2015 June] Burning of Christian churches in Israel justified, far-Right Jewish leader says

[2016 June] Japanese Doctor Discovers Link Between HPV Vaccine and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  At the time of her application, ME/CFS was being portrayed as a psychiatric disorder and Jones wished to dispel this myth, proving that ME/CFS was in fact a physical disorder caused by vaccinations, in particular the tetanus vaccination and/or antibiotics.

[vid] Dr Anthony Morris (VAERS)

[2016 June] Holocaust Lies: Horror Fiction Presented as Fact (Part 1)   Between 1938 and 1945,  the Austrian Jew and left-wing socialist Benedikt Krautsky lived in Dachau, Buchenwald and Auschwitz. He survived them all. After the war, he wrote a book called Teufel und Verdammte (‘Devil and Damned’) in which he claimed that 3.5 million Jews were exterminated at Auschwitz. We now know this to be untrue, since in 1989 the Soviet Union released official figures stating definitively that only 1.5 million people, not all Jews, had died at Auschwitz—a revision on the previously inflated 4 million figure of 1948.  However, when pressed for details by Rassinier, Krautsky admitted that “never at any time had he seen a gas chamber and that he had based his information on what others had ‘told him’.”

[2016 June] Kenyan Doctors Who Exposed Vaccine Eugenics Program Wrongly Accused of Misleading the General Public


[2016 April] Man Made Epidemic (Film)

[vid 2016 May]VAXXED Documentary Explored with Filmmakers on Antidote

[2016 May] Australian Paediatric Chiropractor Hits Back!

[2010] The sign of sodomy or the KEY of illuminati

Vision Quest


[2016 May] Many operations are no better than placebo, says a top surgeon In his new book, Surgery, The Ultimate Placebo, Harris lists a range of operations as “today’s placebo surgeries”, saying their effectiveness is “under question”. They include spinal fusion for back pain, knee arthroscopy, ­coronary stenting, some shoulder surgery and appendix removal, laparoscopy for bowel adhesions and repairs of ruptured tendons and some fractures.  Procedures that are useful in certain cases are overused in others – he puts ­hysterectomy and caesarean sections in this category, pointing out wide variations in rates of the operations between hospitals, states and countries.

[2016 May] Pope Francis: Secret Agent of the Jews?   Thomas Brennan explains why Argentina is so important to the Jews, and how it was inevitable that the Catholic Archbishop, now installed in Rome, should become their chore goy.

Beware Sexually Transmitted Demons (Quotes)


[vid 2013] How Porn Creates the John: Porn, Trafficking and the Social Construction of Masculinity  Over the years I purchased all these books and medical papers. Than it took a long time to put the pieces of that fraudulent puzzle together that Rivers and his band of criminals made over the years. When enough people know this the vaccine racket is over for-ever. I spent a lifetime figuring out their con-game. Now you can learn it in a few weeks. Than teach your center of influence. Time is of the essence. Everyday more children are damaged or dead from vaccines. What they don’t want you to know. Germs don’t cause illness, you do. What virus really is. And it isn’t living.  Everyone on my friends list is getting this notice.

Jim O’Kelly, Founder of the new, Anti-Vaccination League of America

Windows On The World

[pdf 2007] Fake science and bogus bioethics: medical research frauds against premature babies by H. Peter Aleff

[2016 May]Light therapy used to fight jaundice in newborn babies 'is a leukaemia and kidney cancer risk' 

[2010] Nurse experience at call center for pharmaceutical companies

[vid 2016 May] Game of Thrones Decoded

[2016 May] Big Pharma Exposed for Knowingly Causing Opioid Epidemic, Ushering in a Heroin Nightmare

[2015] GlaxoSmithKline faces hundreds of lawsuits after pushing birth defect-causing drug on pregnant women

“The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful.” ~Dr. Arnold Seymour Relman, Harvard Professor emeritus of Medicine, Former Editor in Chief of the NEJM

[vid 2016 May] Satanism and Mind Control in the Medical System 4-25-16 -- Jeanice Barcelo interviewed on Truth Hertz Radio with Charles Giuilani speaking about satanism and mind control in the medical system -- and especially during hospital birth. Hospitals are Luciferian temples of the occult and the drugs they are giving women, along with every single hospital birth ritual, should be considered sorcery. The evil entities in control of the medical system (Luciferian Jews) are DELIBERATELY inflicting brain-damaging trauma on infants and the repressed memories of this trauma drive human behavior.

 [2016 May] Magic mushrooms make you a fun guy: Tests show shrooms help fight depression


“JOURNALS have devolved into information-laundering operations for the pharmaceutical industry,” ~Dr. Richard Horton, Editor in Chief of The Lancet

“The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness."...."Scientists too often sculpt data to fit their preferred theory of the world. Or they retrofit hypotheses to fit their data. Journal editors deserve their fair share of criticism too. We aid and abet the worst behaviours. Our acquiescence to the impact factor fuels an unhealthy competition to win a place in a select few journals. Our love of “significance” pollutes the literature with many a statistical fairy-tale. We reject important confirmations. Journals are not the only miscreants. Universities are in a perpetual struggle for money and talent, endpoints that foster reductive metrics, such as high-impact publication."  ~Dr. Richard Horton, Editor in Chief of The Lancet

[vid 2014] Joseph P Farrell at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 San Mateo (presentation 1)

Zionism's Master Plan for World Power. Documented and Dated

[2014] Elevated brain aluminium and early onset Alzheimer’s disease in an individual occupationally exposed to aluminium: a case report  That the individual developed an early onset aggressive form of Alzheimer’s disease suggests a role for aluminium in disease aetiology. That the exposure to aluminium was through occupational exposure to aluminium dust suggests a prominent role for the olfactory system and lungs in the accumulation of aluminium in the brain.

[vid 2016 May] Nurse Warns of "Biologics" & Forced Flu Shots Happening in US Hospitals  Listen to a whistleblower nurse as she describes her experience inside a hospital taking orders to unknowingly force vaccinate patients with the flu shot. Later she describes how The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has redefined the term "Biologics" being used in hospital consent forms to include vaccines.

[2013] The Age of Aluminum  (Film)

[2016 May] Are Jews Responsible for Anti Semitism?

“Dirty Japs,” Part 2   Marching south, men of the 4th Marines passed a group of some 10 American soldiers bunched together in a tight circle next to the road. They were “quite animated,” noted a corporal who assumed they were playing a game of craps. “Then as we passed them,” said the shocked marine, “I could see they were taking turns raping an oriental woman. I was furious, but our outfit kept marching by as though nothing unusual was going on.”......In the Spring of 1946, American GI’s cut the phone lines in Nagoya and raped every women they could get their hands on, including children as young as ten. At another city, US soldiers broke into a hospital and spent their time raping over 70 women, including one who had just given birth. The mother’s infant was flung to the floor and killed.


[2007] How MI5 raided a bank to get pictures of Princess Margaret

NASA Confesses to Dosing Americans with Air-borne Lithium & Other Chemicals

NIMH » Ketamine - National Institute of Mental Health

and treatment of mental illnesses. Search the NIMH Website: Home. ... several studies demonstrate that ketamine reduces depression within six hours, ...

New Claims and Findings for Ketamine in Severe Depression

New Claims and Findings for Ketamine in ... in patients admitted to a psychiatric hospital with ... in patients with treatment-resistant depression ...

Ketamine in the Treatment of Depression - Full Text View ...

Ketamine in the Treatment of Depression. ... Major Behavioral Symptoms Mental Disorders Mood Disorders Ketamine Analgesics Anesthetics Anesthetics, ...

Ketamine: The Future of Depression Treatment? - WebMD

Talk to health experts and other people like you in WebMD ... WebMD Home Mental Health Center Depression ... Ketamine: The Future of Depression Treatment?

Ketamine May Be a Depression Treatment Over ... - ... researchers led by Carlos Zarate from the National Institute of Mental Health ... prime time treatment for depression ... ketamine for depression ...

[2016 May] Teenage girl dies five days after receiving HPV vaccine jab

[2016] This Popular Breast Cancer Drug is a Known Carcinogen (video)

Quote of the day from Donna Voetee: "PARENTS, think about this ~~ Ultrasound is used to open the Blood Brain Barrier in brain cancer treatment. Now listen up, PREGNANT women often get ultrasounds AND are encouraged to get vaccines during pregnancy. This means that Baby's BBB is being put at serious risk, even before birth. Solution: Ultrasound is not as safe as we are led to believe, and vaccines during pregnancy are never safe. Avoid both."


‘’A medicine man or medicine woman is a traditional healer and spiritual leader who serves a community of Indigenous people. .. In the ceremonial context of Indigenous North American communities, "medicine" usually refers to spiritual healing.’’


[vid 2016 May] Whooping Cough Vaccine A Scandolous Policy - Meryl Dorey

[2015] 8-10 million Iranians died over Great Famine caused by the British in late 1910s, documents reveal

[2016 May] Fostering children is big business CHRISTOPHER BOOKER

[2012] Jews more than twice as likely to be gay, as likely to be lesbian  Well, who knows what the source of the difference is, but there it is -- 1 out of 10 Jewish urban-dwellers with at least some college education are gay. Among their Christian counterparts, it's 1 in 25. 

‘I would watch supermodels getting screwed, well-known supermodels getting screwed, on a bench in the middle of the room, there were seven of them and each one was getting screwed by a different guy.’ ~  Donald Trump


Greenpeace Betrays and Condemns the Polar Bears.

[vid] The Dresden Inferno - An Allied War Crime

[2016 May] Prince, Jimi Hendrix & The Simpsons By Sandra Barr

[2014 Book, Film] Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 by Thomas Goodrich

Allied Use of Delay-Action Bombs (aka Long-Term Chemical Detonator Bombs) and their Effects Contrary to the claims of the “Court Historians”, the Allied Terror-Bombing Campaign was not intended for the destruction military targets, as my previous post demonstrate, but rather, to “de-house” and to kill as many German civilians as possible….. Many of the bombs which were dropped upon German cities contained a perfidious mechanism which, rather than exploding immediately upon contact with the ground or with buildings, were designed to explode hours or days later, thereby causing harm to survivors when they had emerged from their bomb shelters and cellars. They also caused serious danger to the Fire Fighters and Rescue personnel, sometimes killing them or making their duties virtually impossible to carry out. Both the British and Americans had these types of ordinances in their arsenals and also and frequently deployed them. Yes, this is how the so-called “good guys” and “liberators” waged war.

Churchill’s Policy of Deliberately Bombing German Civilians – A British War Crime  Video: Excerpts from a presentation by historian David Irving from the late 1980s / early 90s in Germany in which he explains how it was the British who started the aerial bombing and the targeting of civilians, and how it was Churchill, from the beginning, who made it British policy, knowing full well that it was a war crime. The intent was to eventually force Hitler to retaliate in kind. Hitler, himself, had always opposed the targeting of civilian populations, even long before the war. Moreover, this was a deliberate policy of subverting Hitler’s attempts to make peace by instigating hatred of the Germans in England. Irving provides some details of Hitler’s peace initiatives and terms. It is well documented that Hitler and had always sought friendship with England. It was the British war mongers in Parliament, however, who long before 1939 had been instigating for war. Statistics are also provided here which demonstrate how little damage was actually done to German industry and military production as compared to the monstrous destruction of German cities and towns, resulting in heavy civilian casualties.

Who Started the Bombing of Cities and Targeting of Civilians in World War II?  Regarding England, the fact is, that Germany endured a solid 5 months of bombing of its cities and civilians before responding in kind. The city of Coventry endured a mere 380 dead. While regrettable, that was absolutely minuscule in comparison to the bombing of hundreds of German cities and towns, and the casualties which the German side endured by this unprovoked, criminal British policy of targeting civilians.

[pdf 2007] GENOCIDE of the Ethnic Germans in Yugoslavia 1944-1948   Over 60,000 names are recorded. This represents about 70% of the 86,000 calculated victims.


[1944 pdf] What Massacre Really Means by Bombing by Vera Brittain (1944)

[vid 2016] Bases 63 3 Marley Dawkins on Don Marshall




Iboga has been found to be extremely helpful in 2 major areas:

people with addiction, depression, ptsd, or anxiety problems

people who are seeking to grow spiritually.

For opiate addicts, Iboga can eliminate the need for more drugs and significantly reduce the effects of withdrawal. For people with other addictions, Iboga can be used to eliminate the need for alcohol, weed, tobacco, or other substances. For depression and anxiety, Iboga is very effective at revealing the underlying causes. For spiritual seekers, Iboga can reconnect you with your soul/spirit and allow you to experience spiritual discovery.

[2016 May] Apple Stole My Music. No, Seriously.

[vid 2016 May] Report: Ireland Fights HPV Vaccine Injury & Pharma Control   The world is watching as Irish communities have gained public, political and mainstream media traction. Irish families have faced an uphill battle against a pharmaceutical invasion of their healthcare system. Loss of informed consent and medical ethics at the hands of the school system has come between parental rights. HPV vaccine injury from Gardasil & Cervarix is mounting as the country's medical system plays catch-up to help its injured daughters. Yet acknowledgment within Irish healthcare and politics is still slowed by the crippling pharmaceutical control and conflicts of interest that remains.

[2010] Peer Reviewed Papers Support Findings. The following peer-reviewed papers support the findings of the original work by Wakefield and colleagues at the Royal Free Hospital in the UK:

[vid 2016] George & Amal Clooney: ILLUMINATI ARAB SATANISTS

"...While waiting around, jaded porn performers usually end up in the rest rooms with bottles of alcohol and lines of speed or outside in their cars for a heroin fix or gathered in the back yard with other actors to smoke marijuana.

To add to the mind-numbing process, women are never able to experience sexual pleasure because of the continuous cutting during sex scenes. In the background the director constantly yells, “cut” and the flow of action is interrupted in order to get a better shot, adjust lighting or to wipe up bodily fluids. Repeatedly pornographers stop scenes and ask actors to “freeze” in position during very hardcore sex acts, which causes great physical and emotional pain for porn actresses.

I speak from personal experience when I say to be in the middle of a hardcore sex act with several actors at the same time and told to “freeze” in position for several minutes while lighting or cameras are adjusted is extremely painful and degrading. It’s also very humiliating when scenes are stopped in order to wipe up bodily fluids such as semen, feces and blood.

Despite the fact women do not enjoy making porn movies, they continue to lie to their fans and proudly insist they enjoy making porn movies. Of course they do. They get paid hundreds and thousands of dollars to lie because this is their occupation. Porn stars are paid professional liars who know how to “act” and they do it well. In fact, because porn stars spend a great deal time in front of the camera and never step out of character, they usually have greater acting abilities than mainstream Hollywood actors.

I used to brag endlessly to fans and pornographers about my extreme “Italian” sex drive and how I loved making porn movies. I would go on and on about how I needed more and more to fulfill my insatiable appetite. I lied 100% of the time to 100% of the people. Lying is the native language of porn stars because they can’t afford to tell you the truth. Not only would it ruin the fantasy for their fans but more importantly, it would ruin the amount of their paychecks. Don’t believe porn actresses when they proudly proclaim they enjoy making porn movies. They’re ACTING."

Ancient Celtic Egyptian Mithra Cults in Oklahoma – America Unearthed S1, Ep 5.


[2016 April 16] How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis

Haavara Agreement

Wannsee Conference

[2016 April] The Death of a Prince By Sandra Barr Part 1, The Old Queen & the Young Prince


[2016 April] WHO Caught Recommending Vaccinations Known To Render Primates Infertile  What I have discovered, I am sure that many would agree, is absolutely horrific. Vaccinations known to cause infertility have been used intentionally for many years. It is obvious that the World Health Organization, who have stated on their website that they are “articulating ethical and evidence-based policy options,” do not practice what they preach.

Consensus science


[vid 2016 April 22] 'Simpsons' boss unearths script pages from the Prince episode that never got made

[vid 2016 April 22] The Illuminati Murdered Prince in an Illuminati Blood Sacrifice for Fighting Them!

[2016] “I Wouldn’t Feed This Stuff To A Dying Animal” – Terminal Hospice Patient Exposes Ensure Drink  BREAKING: CDC WHISTLEBLOWER "DR. THOMPSON HAS BEEN HANDLED" SAYS DR. HOOKER AT MANHATTAN VAXXED Q&A  “One of the things I asked Dr. Thompson to do in September 2014 was to leave the CDC and bring this all to light so he could come forward, go public, talk to congress, talk to the press directly — he choose not to. Dr. Thompson has been handled and will most likely submit a revised version of his analysis and try to absolve the MMR vaccine in early May 2016. This is typical of what we’ve seen at the CDC. The CDC analyzes data and when they see an effect they don’t like, they reanalyze data and the effect goes away. The CDC has done this historically from Agent Orange to Thimerosal and now to MMR vaccine. I did not want this to come but certainly anticipated that while he was in the CDC it would come. In exchange for what Dr. Thompson is doing — and believe this [info] is a little bit shaky — I believe he will get his own autism research foundation. And so there has been some very, very dubious activities that went on because he stayed in the CDC. He also got a major cash reward from the CDC for maintaining his employment he said, until he qualifies for retirement. But there are a lot of things that happened since the last conversation I had with Dr. Thompson which was in September 2014. And I do want to warn you and I do want to anticipate this. But again, it’s the same thing we’ve heard and we’ve seen from an agency that’s been completely captured but the pharmaceutical industry. And it’s [CDC] there not to tell the truth but in order to manipulate the public. In order to do what they think the best thing to do is for society.”

"Right now there is a lot of concern in the field of neurology and neuroscience of the observation that women who develop the flu during the second trimester of their pregnancy, there’s a very high incidence of their child growing up to develop schizophrenia or autism… and so that led to this idea, well, we should vaccinate all pregnant women against the flu.
    Well, what I discovered in the research was that, in fact, the virus does not transfer from the mother into the baby’s brain, so it’s not the virus that’s causing the brain to change and produce schizophrenia and autism. What it is is when the mother’s immune system reacts to the virus, the immune chemicals, called cytokines, transfer through her placenta into the baby, and it’s the cytokines—the immune reaction—of her body that causes the destruction of the baby’s brain and the altered development of the baby’s brain.
    So now you’re saying, a small percentage of women are going to get the flu during the flu season, during that second trimester of pregnancy, but what we’re going to do, we’re going to stimulate the immunity of every woman. So what we’re probably going to see in 20 years from now is a tremendous increase in schizophrenia and in autism."  — Russell L. Blaylock, M.D. retired neurosurgeon


[2016 April] CDC likely fabricating link between Zika virus and microcephaly cases; admits people self-immunize against Zika and that 'no single piece of evidence provides conclusive proof'


[2016 April] Former FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg named in massive conspiracy and racketeering lawsuit involving Johnson & Johnson, a Wall Street hedge fund, and the Levaquin drug 

The Archie Tapes | Vaccination News

[2016 April] The Wilkomirski Affair: How a Holocaust Hoaxer was Rewarded for his Lies

[2006] Ernest Hemingway shot 122 German POWs "You're wrong, brother, I said to him and shot him three times quickly in the stomach, and then when he went to his knees, I shot him in the skull so that the brain came out of his mouth - or from the nose, I believe."

[2001 Book] Voyagers: v. 1: The Sleeping Abductees: Voyagers - The Sleeping Abductees v. 1 (Emerald Covenant CDT Plate Translations) by Ashayana Deane (Author, Editor), Anna Hayes (Author)

[2013] Rhine meadow camps in summer 1945 (part 1)

[2013] The Rhine meadow camps in Germany in summer 1945 (part 3) German bodies from the Rhine meadow camps presented as Jewish bodies

[vid 2016 April] Bombshell: Top CDC Whistle Blower: We Were Ordered to Cover Up Vaccine-Autism Link

The ten primary shareholders in the Federal Reserve banking system.

1) The Rothschild Family - London

2) The Rothschild Family - Berlin

3) The Lazard Brothers - Paris

4) Israel Seiff - Italy

5) Kuhn-Loeb Company - Germany

6) The Warburgs - Amsterdam

7) The Warburgs - Hamburg

8) Lehman Brothers - New York

9) Goldman & Sachs - New York

10) The Rockefeller Family - New York. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which undeniably controls the other eleven Federal Reserve branches, is essentially controlled by two financial institutions: 1) Chase-Manhattan (controlled by the Rockefellers) - 6,389,445 shares - 32.3% 2) Citbank - 4,051,851 shares - 20.5%

these two entities control nearly 53% of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. seven of the top ten stockholders are located in FOREIGN countries. That's 70%!


[2015 vid] BOUGHT MOVIE

Vaxxed review by Tim O'Shea  this movie could possibly be the prybar that opens the whole Pandora's box of secrets by which the medical hegemony has enslaved the US, for the past century.  It's possible.  So do whatever you have to do to see this film at your earliest inconvenience! You'll learn that this review is underselling it.

Wilson, Graham MD  [1967 pdf] The Hazards of Immunization by Sir Graham S. Wilson  Ref

Parents Voice:  Children’s Adverse Outcomes Following Vaccination The list that follows (below, via links to the right or pdf to the left) is the response. To date there are over 1350 comments here. There are additional comments found elsewhere at the bottom of this page (linked, and relating to autism), reports on a Vaccine damage reports database (mixed) and some reports regarding the HPV, Gardasil vaccine, totaling to more than 2500.  This is a list of children, briefly described in their parents’ own words, some short, some extended yet, still summarised. Each report/statement has been contributed via the internet. Parent’s accounts are worldwide with the majority of children listed subsequently diagnosed as falling within the Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Vaccinations are in the main, stated as being a contributory factor. MMR is the most frequently mentioned, although Flu, HepB, Dtp, and others get a mention as are, some deaths (RIP), and a variety of lifelong illnesses. Compiled with minimal editing by Joan Campbell. Special thanks to David Thrower for giving me the idea.  (latest update 02/25/2016)

[2016] Want to Keep Your Baby Healthy?  Stay Away From Pediatricians…Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen  I’ll be blunt.  Pediatricians, these days, are con-men – only here to push more-and-more dangerous, useless(?), vaccines on an unsuspecting public.  They have absolutely no other function.

Bolen, Tim

[April 22, 2016]  Producer of VAXXED Speaks Out: “This is Bigger than Watergate”

Paul Offit quotes and lies

''Offit states that "Subsequent studies of hundreds of thousands of children showed that the risk of permanent brain damage was the same in children who had not received the vaccine as in those who had."  FACT: Of all the vaccines which have been routinely used by children in the past century, the brain damaging effects of the pertussis (whooping cough) portion of DPT vaccine is among the most well documented in the scientific literature. [2007 NVIC] Myths and Facts

''A June 3, Boston Globe OpEd authored by Paul Offit, M.D. is littered with factual errors that perpetuate pharmaceutical industry-created myths, which have been used for two decades to persuade Congress to pass laws shielding vaccine makers from liability for vaccine injuries and deaths, while giving drug companies huge financial incentives to develop vaccines and lobby for vaccine mandates. Offit blames parents of DPT vaccine injured children seeking financial support for their children for driving drug companies out of the vaccine business. He does this even though he knows perfectly well there are more drug companies producing childhood vaccines today than in 1982.
    Offit also blames parents of vaccine injured children for vaccine shortages even though he knows the main causes for vaccine shortages rest with the vaccine manufacturers themselves: production problems affecting distribution, incomplete compliance with FDA standards, and inaccurate predictions for public demand for a vaccine.

Offit further attempts to rewrite medical history by alleging that DPT vaccine does not cause brain damage. He does this even though he knows (1) the largest case controlled study ever conducted to investigate causes of brain damage in children, the 1981 British National Childhood Encephalopathy Study, concluded that the pertussis (whooping cough) portion of DPT vaccine causes acute brain inflammation and permanent brain damage; and (2) the Institute of Medicine agreed with that conclusion in 1994.''  [2007 NVIC] Myths and Facts

[2016 April] Dr. David Gorski named in medical conspiracy allegations complaint filed with Karmanos Cancer Center and Michigan Attorney General

[2015] REVEALED: The 14 ingredients in McDonald's FRIES - including a petrol-based chemical and form of silicone found in Silly Putty

The word "earth" is an anagram for the word "heart"

[1981] British National Childhood Encephalopathy Study

[1982] DPT : vaccine roulette (TV Documentary)

[vid 2016] Are Doctors Experts On Vaccines?  Published on 14 Mar 2016. One common argument made on the vaccine debate is, "I do whatever my doctor tells me to do". Watch and find out what doctors really know about vaccination!  Suzanne Humphries, MD Palevsky, Lawrence  Bark, MD, Dr. Toni  Obukhanych, Dr Tetyana  Tenpenny, Sherri DO


[2015] McDonald's french fries found to contain Silly Putty ingredient and petroleum chemical   Imahara went directly to the fast food chain's processing plant in the potato-loving state, where he thankfully learned that the fries' first ingredient are indeed spuds. However, the ingredients that followed are disturbing to say the least. Included on the list of 19 items are dimethylpolysiloxane, a form of silicone found in Silly Putty, tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), a petrol-based chemical, and hydrogenated soybean oil, which is a manufactured form of trans fat....According to Vani Hari, more commonly known as the "Food Babe" who helped bring Subway's bread ingredients into the spotlight in 2014 for their use of a substance that's also used in yoga mats, dimethylpolysiloxane should be avoided. The McDonald's french fry ingredient is the same as what's found in aquarium tank sealants, mold release agents and hair conditioners. In some cases, she explains that it even contains formaldehyde, a highly toxic chemical associated with brain damage, cancer, allergies and auto-immune disorders

[2016 April vid] PLEASE SHARE!!! This COURAGEOUS Woman Needs Our Support  Amanda Mary Jewell is under fire from the MHRA for allegedly selling vitamin B17 in the form of apple seeds or apricot kernels. She is being charged with several offences and the MHRA is trying to make an example of her holistic methods and knowledge. *** Let it be known that there is NO payment options on the website so there are technically NO products for sale. She is being assaulted for claiming that B17 fights cancer. It does, and she is merely stating a fact. They (The MHRA) have to understand that the truth about an important vitamin must become public knowledge and the charges against her are unfounded and only in place in order to make an example of her to other holistic practitioners. A court proceeding will take place in the United Kingdom, and Mary will be unable to attend as she is not in the country. A judge will make a decision and we have predicted that the proverbial book will be thrown at her. The MHRA needs to back off and they need to back off now. If they do not, they are admitting to backing up an evil empire of conglomerate medicine and supporting an industry KILLING MILLIONS IN PLAIN SIGHT. They are supporting the wrong people. PERIOD. Laetrile

[vid] Trace Amounts

[2016 April] In the Market for Fetal Body Parts, a Baby’s Brain Sells for $3,340

[2016 April] Wildfire… Anti-Vaccination Movement Burning United States by Tim Bolen   But public sense of reality is turning. Activist groups are making sure that happens.  If we do this right we should be able to shut down the entire US Childhood Vaccine Program within five (5) years.

[2016 April] BEWARE of “Standard of Care” By Laura Hayes

[2009] Newborn Procedures: Eye Ointment May Not Be Necessary  The indiscriminate use of antibiotics in newborns has the potential to increase the rates of diaper rash, thrush, digestive problems and antibiotic resistance in some. Anecdotally, some mothers claim that their babies who received eye ointment didn't gaze at them or their surroundings as soon as their babies who did not receive eye ointment did.

Exposing the Libyan Agenda: A Closer Look at Hillary’s Emails

Standard of Care


''The CDC has large numbers of vaccine scandals buried in their files. One of them involves a vast over-exaggeration of flu deaths in the US every year. As researcher Peter Doshi noted, years ago, the old canned figure for annual flu deaths, 36,000, was a gross exaggeration. One year, the actual number of confirmed flu deaths in America—where the flu virus was positively identified—was, wait for it: 18. Of course, the CDC uses those flu-death stats to convince Americans they must take the flu vaccine.''  [2016 April] Former NBC boss asserts his grandson damaged by vaccines by Jon Rappoport

[2016 April] 'Oops... It Wasn't Cancer After All,' Admits The National Cancer Institute/JAMA  When the NCI report was released, it was a sort of vindication for those who had been advocating the position that a commonly diagnosed form of so-called “early breast cancer” known as ductal carcinoma in situ was in fact not inherently malignant and should not have warranted the conventional treatments of lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy....On April 14th, in an article titled “Its Not Cancer: Doctors Reclassify a Thyroid Tumor,” theNew York Times reported on a new study published in JAMA Oncology which should forever change the way we classify, diagnosis and treat a common form of “thyroid cancer”:  An international panel of doctors has decided that a type of tumor that was classified as a cancer is not a cancer at all.  As a result, they have officially downgraded the condition, and thousands of patients will be spared removal of their thyroid, treatment with radioactive iodine and regular checkups for the rest of their lives, all to protect against a tumor that was never a threat.

[2016 vid] Airforce Jet Training Proves Flat Earth

''I don't have compiled information on Rhogam......I do know that they started using Rhogam during pregnancy in the late 1980s. Before that, it was give IMMEDIATELY after birth. Many women get multiple Rhogam shots now DURING pregnancy, without a second thought from their OB. Until about 2001, each Rhogam shot had 25mgm of mercury in it.....horrid for the rapidly growing nervous system of the fetus!! Stephanie Cave, MD  told me that she did a survey of patients in her office....62% of autistic kids had Rh- moms....only 3% had Rh+ moms.....and she said that those kids were more difficult to treat (probably more true neurological damage that occurred during embryological development--that would be my "guess") Dr Sherri

[2016 April] Common medicines including cold and flu tablets, heartburn drugs and sleeping pills 'SHRINK the brain and slow down thinking'   Common over-the-counter medicines should be avoided by older people as they have been linked to memory loss and problems in thinking, scientists have discovered.  Treatments for colds and flu, hay fever, allergy and heartburn tablets containing anti-cholinergic drugs had the effect for one month after treatment, a study found.  Effects associated with taking the drugs included having slower brain processing times and smaller brains overall.  Well known treatments including the heartburn medicine Zantac, Night Nurse Liquid containing Promethazine and the sleeping tablet Nytol, containing diphenhydramine, are included among drugs that may result in the effects, the research said.  Over the counter treatments for cold, flu, heartburn and sleeping tablets were found to block the chemical acetylcholine, which is involved in the transmission of electrical impulses between nerve cells.  The drugs block the chemical acetylcholine, which is involved in the transmission of electrical impulses between nerve cells.   The treatments are prescribed for a wide range of conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, overactive bladder, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, nausea and vomiting, sleeping problems, high blood pressure, depression and psychosis.

[2016 April] The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest.  Episode 7: Heal Cancer with Clean Electricity, Unique Water, Natural Sunlight & Combining Superfoods  

[2016] The Syndrome (Film)
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If you're outside N. America, please buy it here:

[2016 April] Huffington Post Pulls Veteran Columnist’s VAXXED Movie Review  It turns out that they pulled down the original piece, and when I tried to rewrite it, I was alerted that permission was denied to my account. I have made at least a half dozen attempts to reach someone at The Huffington Post to alert them that there was a malfunction, and over the course of the last two days, have not received one response. I even went so far as to e-mail Arianna herself.  It never crossed my mind that this might be some sort of censorship because it has never happened to me and the article, while provocative, is not beyond any bounds of journalistic or political propriety.

[March 20, 2016] The British Mad Dog: Debunking the Myth of Winston Churchill by M S King  (Author), David Dees (Cover Design)

Dr Peter Fletcher

CDC documents released by Dr. William Thompson

“If you want to understand a society, take a good look at the drugs it uses. And what can this tell you about American culture? Well, look at the drugs we use. Except for pharmaceutical poison, there are essentially only two drugs that Western civilization tolerates: Caffeine from Monday to Friday to energize you enough to make you a productive member of society, and alcohol from Friday to Monday to keep you too stupid to figure out the prison that you are living in.”  ― Bill Hicks

[2016 April] Rwanda Genocide - The Israeli Connection   the Israeli Supreme Court decided to uphold the denial of a Freedom of Information request to make public documents about Israeli ‘defense' exports to Rwanda at the time of the 1994 genocide in that country…. The message is unmistakable. The Jewish State, that made the Holocaust into its state religion, is actively concealing its involvement in the genocide of another people. This is the true meaning of the Holocaust Religion — it is concerned with the primacy of the suffering of one people alone and these people aren’t Tutsi.

Sajady, Mas

[2017 Book] Vaccine Villains: What the American Public Should Know about the Industry by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Anne Dachel


[pdf] 'That Paper' by Andrew Wakefield


"Who created orthodox medicine? Where did that come from? Well, it actually came from the Rockefeller Foundation back in 1901. Because of the Standard Oil scandals, no one wanted to be called a Rockefeller. Everybody hated all the Rockefellers. And so . . . Reverend Gates went to John D. Rockefeller, Sr. and told him, he said, "Here's a way we can repair your reputation. And he gave him a good example. He said, "There was this man who everybody hated . . . and he started giving money out for all sorts of philanthropic enterprises, and soon people forgot all of the bad things. . . ." Because Gates' father was a physician, and John D. Rockefeller's father was a quack snake-oil salesman, he said, "Let's form the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research." And so they created this in 1901. . . . Rockefeller owned what was called the drug trust: that's the major drug manufacturing firms all over the world: Merck Pharmaceuticals, Lederle, all of these . . . pharmaceutical companies . . . And of course, the aim was to remove all nutrition, references to nutritional type treatments, from the medical schools.

"They closed down half the medical schools in the United States. There were 165 medical schools at the time. . . . Then [Rockefeller] had his anointed medical schools, which he poured his money into, appointed the professors from his own stock of professors. And so they created an educational system that taught the things that he wanted taught. And therefore every professor that came out of those programs taught the same thing."

- "Dr.Russell Blaylock on Alex Jones Tv"The Rockefellers & Social engineering"1/5"

[April 14, 2016] Who should parents trust, Robert DeNiro or Dr. Ari Brown? (Because one of them has to be lying) BY JB HANDLEY  One of the most prominent studies ever cited to prove “vaccines do not cause autism,” and we have a sitting senior scientist turned whistleblower at the CDC who managed this very study referring to it as “the worst study ever”, “criminal”, and this same CDC whistleblower goes on to imply that the lead author of the study, Ian Lipkin — the same guy who Jane Rosenthal consulted before removing Vaxxed from the Tribeca film festival — mismanaged the funding of the study and made threats in order to get more funding. Incredible!

[2016]  Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC by James Ottar Grundvig (Book)

[2016 April 13] What’s with DeNiro’s Tribeca co-founder, Jane Rosenthal? BY JB HANDLEY  “I want to pause here and talk about this notion of consensus, and the rise of what has been called consensus science. I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks. Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you’re being had.
    “Let’s be clear: the work of science has nothing whatever to do with consensus. Consensus is the business of politics. Science, on the contrary, requires only one investigator who happens to be right, which means that he or she has results that are verifiable by reference to the real world. In science consensus is irrelevant. What is relevant is reproducible results. The greatest scientists in history are great precisely because they broke with the consensus.
    There is no such thing as consensus science. If it’s consensus, it isn’t science. If it’s science, it isn’t consensus. Period.”
“… Finally, I would remind you to notice where the claim of consensus is invoked. Consensus is invoked only in situations where the science is not solid enough. Nobody says the consensus of scientists agrees that E = mc². Nobody says the consensus is that the sun is 93 million miles away. It would never occur to anyone to speak that way.””

[2015] Trace Amounts (Film)

[vid April, 13, 2016 Robert De Niro speak candidly about "VAXXED" vaccine documentary, his son, autism - NBC 13-04-2016

[vid 2010] "BIG SUGAR" SWEET, WHITE & DEADLY BY: BRIAN MCKENNA  Documentary about Big Sugar, from it's early days with ties to slavery to modern times with it's detrimental effects on the everglades and political ties.

[vid 2016] Ralph Nader Exposes Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders... Corporate Puppets and War Mongers...


COMPASS vaccine trial program (Argentina. 2007 and 2008)

[2016 April] Victims of HPV Vaccine in Japan Will Sue State and Vaccine Makers  "The fact that vaccine victims in Japan (and other countries) have the legal right to hold pharmaceutical companies liable for the safety of their products in civil court and vaccine victims in the U.S. do not, is adding more fuel to the debate about vaccine safety and choice''

Russia and America and Communism and Capitalism, are two wings on the same one bird. ~ Paul Michael Bales

Raising Cane – A History of Big Sugar in South Florida

[2012] Big Sugar's Sweet Little Lies. How the industry kept scientists from asking: Does sugar kill? By Gary Taubes and Cristin Kearns Couzens   On federal panels, industry-funded scientists cited industry-funded studies to dismiss sugar as a culprit…. Big Sugar found a reliable advocate in Frederick Stare, whose department at Harvard was bankrolled by the likes of Kellogg, Kraft, and Coca-Cola…. Leading the panel that evaluated sugar for the FDA: George Irving, a former chair of the scientific advisory board for the International Sugar Research Foundation, an industry group….. The sugar review panel cited five reports to contradict the notion that sugar consumption leads to diabetes—all had industry ties…. By 1999, the average American would be eating more than double the amount of sugar the FDA had deemed safe in 1986…. "The science is in," Lustig says. But the industry is going to fight tooth and nail to prevent that science from translating into public policy."

[2015] Sugar Coated (film)

Peebles MD, J. M.

[2016 April] Do Vaccines Cause Cancer?


Misty Blue Kinda off topic but on the whole Trump and vaccines thing: Apparently some of you are planning to vote for Trump based on his "stance" on vaccines. So I'm guessing that some of you don't understand how the US GOVERNMENT works. If any of you have noticed it is the STATES that are pushing for mandates. Vaccines are a STATE level issue. Your state rep votes based on whatever his or her stance is on vaccines in the Senate. Trump knows this and is playing on the emotions of those of you who do not. The POTUS does not make laws. Your state reps vote in the senate..the bill goes to congress. Congress takes a vote and the POTUS signs the bill and it then becomes law.

[pdf] Canadian Vaccine Research, Production and International Regulation: Connaught Laboratories and Smallpox Vaccines, 1962–1980 by Christopher J. Rutty 

[2016 April] Boom: Another Vaccine Whistleblower Steps Out Of The Shadows  More whistleblowers are going to come out of the closet. The strange notion of having an actual conscience is making a comeback.  Even media androids, whose job it is to spread disinformation, are going to realize they’re nothing more than dupes for the vaccine cartel. And some of them aren’t going to like the realization, especially when it interrupts their sleep at night.  Especially as they come to understand they’re aiding and abetting the lifelong infliction of brain damage on innocent children.  Not everyone can blithely go on their way, doing their dirty work, in the face of that knowledge.  I’ve been working as an independent reporter for 30 years, and I can tell you that at this point, the whole vaccine propaganda apparatus is like a porcelain vase sitting on a table. And an earthquake is commencing.

[1901] Pure Vaccine, Where It Is Made

[2016 April] Horrific pictures show why you should NEVER give a child with chickenpox ibuprofen: Boy left fighting for his life after developing blood poisoning

[2016 April] The sugar conspiracy  “If only a small fraction of what we know about the effects of sugar were to be revealed in relation to any other material used as a food additive,” wrote Yudkin, “that material would promptly be banned.” The book did well, but Yudkin paid a high price for it. Prominent nutritionists combined with the food industry to destroy his reputation, and his career never recovered. He died, in 1995, a disappointed, largely forgotten man.

Offit, Paul banners

[2016 April] Why Vaxxed was shot down at Tribeca—up close and personal by Jon Rappoport  A film that claims to show a link between the MMR vaccine and autism would be a hideous affront to the NYU Child Study Center, where Craig Hatkoff, co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival, sits on the Board.  Jane Rosenthal and her husband, Hatkoff, are definitely part of that mix. There was no way Rosenthal was going to let that film on the screen at Tribeca. It would have mangled many of her social relationships.  Then there is this: The NYU Child Study Center depends on a great deal of funding from the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH).  Have a look at this recent FOX 5 NY interview, where De Niro and Rosenthal sit side by side. She looks for all the world like a “minder,” as the British would say. A gatekeeper. A worried monitor, keeping tabs on De Niro. He mentions that he still thinks the film should be shown, but not at Tribeca. She makes sure to emphasize that the film is not going to be shown at Tribeca, in case anyone has misinterpreted De Niro’s remarks.  She looks exhausted, as if she’s had some sleepless nights, as if she’s thinking: “How many of my New York friends do I have to apologize to before this is over? I can’t blame Bob, he’s my friend and partner, so I just shrug and say, ‘Thank goodness we’re moving on.’ But will they look at me the same way after this disaster? Will things be the same? I never wanted to accept that goddamn film in the first place. I told Bob it was a mistake. And the people at the NYU Center. What am I supposed to do about them?”

[2016 April 7] Backfire: how a pharma-funded “Listserv” and censorship are turning the movie Vaxxed into a worldwide phenomenon BY JB HANDLEY  When the Immunization Action Coalition reaches out to journalists to protest the showing of Vaxxed at the Tribeca Film Festival, they aren’t doing so because they share values with the CDC and vaccine makers, they are just the CDC and vaccine makers wearing a mask.
    ...If the “listserve” hadn’t jumped into action and turned Vaxxed into an international controversy in the media, it likely would have had it’s single showing at Tribeca and moved on into obscurity. But that’s not how it happened. Attempts to silence the film do nothing but reveal the corrupt underbelly of paid propagandists who use pressure to silence the truths the movie reveals. Our children have been deeply harmed, including my own son, and something needs to change. Americans don’t like corruption. Americans don’t like fraud. And Americans certainly don’t like being told they can’t see a movie.

[vid 2015]Vitamin C Basics by Suzanne Humphries, MD. Internist

[vid] Dr Thomas Levy: Vitamin C & The Great Supression

[2015] 'Selling off NHS for profit': Full list of MPs with links to private healthcare firms

[2016 March] Louisiana Mother Knows 8 Vaccine Doses Killed Her 2 Month-Old Son   Two month-old Reid Thomas Englehart was vaccinated on May 20, 2015. He was given eight vaccine doses, which included the DTaP, Hib, polio, pneumococcal, hepatitis B and the oral rotavirus vaccines. These are the routine vaccines given to two month-old babies, even premature babies, in the United States and elsewhere.  At the time of his appointment, Reid was still wheezing from a previous infection and still had a residual cough, but his doctor insisted it was fine to vaccinate him, after a test came back that Reid was negative for pertussis.   Nine days later, without a struggle and without any obstruction of his airways, he stopped breathing while his dad was holding him. Reid passed away in his sleep on May 29, 2015.

[vid 2015] Infant Immunity Part I: Pregnancy, with Dr. Suzanne Humphries

[vid] Infant Immunity Part III: Birth, placenta, breastmilk with Hilary Butler    "We are told it's just what you would produce yourself.  Actually it's made of mammal brains, and the manufacturers are allowed 16% impurities, and it doesn't tell us what those impurities are."  ~  Hilary Butler Oxytocin (synthetic)

[1984] Dpt documentary

[2016 April] Rearranging the Deck Chairs at the CDC By K Paul Stoller, MD   15 years ago the CDC, knowing there was a link between vaccines and autism (the government’s worst kept secret), set out to bury the truth by having published six vaccine safety studies that would proclaim vaccines don’t cause autism. You can listen to mainstream media people today repeat the lie, “study after study has shown there is no link.”

[2005] Government tested AIDS drugs on foster kids

[2016 April] Swiss to recognise homeopathy as legitimate medicine

[2016 April] Vaxxed! The Movie I Couldn’t and Didn’t Watch . . . Until I Did   ''By mid-film you have a very accurate picture of what is happening on a daily basis with the CDC and its partners — quite literally — in crime, the pharmaceutical industry, in particular Merck Vaccines Division. You are transported back in time with Polly and Jonathan Tommey as they attempt to comfort a rigid and shaking Billy, praying right alongside them as his eyes roll back in his head and his body convulses. You are very much in the room when hospital officials are assuring them this is all perfectly normal, he will be just fine, and everyone just needs to go home and relax — as I and countless friends and colleagues were reassured: “It’s fine.”It’s normal. It happens all the time.''  ....''You think sub-prime loans were bad news and devastated our country? How about sub-prime (no placebo-based, completely unresearched, ZERO accountability for the manufacturer, 100% risk to the child/taxpayer) preventative medicine that steals the brains and central nervous systems of our children, but sells itself as the pinnacle of wellness to the world? What happened in the world of banking during the housing bubble is happening at the CDC at this very moment, and nobody is paying attention.  ''Let it be known, when you go see VaxXed, you are not just passively watching a movie, you are actively becoming a part of history.

[2015] Chilcot Inquiry: a very British farce

[2011] The Men who Stole the World: An interview with Nicholas Shaxson  NICHOLAS SHAXSON   Essentially, then, tax havens are about wealthy individuals and corporations taking their money elsewhere to do things that they wouldn’t be allowed to do at home....People have always thought of tax havens as sideshows to the main event, whereas in fact they are central to the global economy....Essentially, then, tax havens are about wealthy individuals and corporations taking their money elsewhere to do things that they wouldn’t be allowed to do at 2008 $1.2 trillion – that’s trillion, not billion – leaked as illicit flows out of developing countries. If you compare that to the $100+ billion of foreign aid going to developing countries, you’re looking at one dollar going in as aid and ten dollars going out under the table. So there is a huge problem there. There has been a massive focus on foreign aid, which in general terms is not a bad thing, but one of the problems has been, and this is very much true under New Labour, the ignoring of the bigger issue of huge illicit outflows, which are associated with tax havens, crime, and so on.
    The drug trade makes heavy use of the offshore system. ... we are now talking about tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. In terms of the overall scale of what is happening offshore there are various different estimates. One is by Raymond Baker who wrote a book called Capitalism’s Achilles Heel and who now works for Global Financial Integrity in Washington. According to his analysis criminal money – which includes money from the drug trade, as well as various other sources – accounts for roughly a third of the overall picture. Corruption money, the focus of so much attention, amounts to only three percent of the picture. The remaining two-thirds is commercial money – transfer mispricing, tax avoidance and evasion by corporations, and so on. All of these different components use the same facilities and the same corporate and secrecy structures. They are all in it together. So there is a very unhealthy proximity of the criminal and the commercial being incubated offshore.

The City

Jane Silbert In 1979 I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia. This is a condition where your body kills off platelets and you become a "bleeder". I was bruising badly, getting daily nose bleeds, bleeding for 3 weeks with my period and generally in a weak state. I was put on steroids and took them for 18 months. Horrible experience! I was told I would have to have my spleen removed. If the platelet count goes down past a certain level your internal organs can hemorrhage and you die.Mine was very low.. To complicate things, I was pregnant. My baby was 7 weeks premature due to the placenta packing up and I was told the steroids might be a danger to the foetus, causing a cleft palate or hair lip but that there was no alternative. Luckily neither of these things happened. A friend pointed me in the direction of a homeopath and in desperation I thought I'd give it a go. I saw him about once a month for 18 months. What he did was a miracle. He said he couldn't cure the condition but would get my body to include it. This is exactly what happened and now, 37 years later, I still have the condition but the effect is minimal. I have a blood test every few months and things are normally stable. Homeopathy doesn't work for everything but in this particular case, it saved my life.

Rajaram Roy I have every belief in Homeopathic treatment. My daughter (20 Yrs.) was diagnosed with large cyst in right ovary in 2014 and Gynecologist advised immediate laparoscopic removal. We were all tensed & frustrated and consulted with our Dr. Prabir Chakraborty for Homeopathic treatment. Only under his able treatment & guidance the recent ultrasonography report shows that the size of cyst has decreased. It’s a miracle results. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Prabir Chakraborty and to also the Homeopathy

March of Dimes

[2016 April] Health services CEO ruthlessly took advantage of the terminally ill and elderly, killing patients for profit  A Texas based healthcare company has been accused of expediting the deaths of hospice patients via drug overdoses in order to increase profits, according to a report by NBC 5. Brad Harris, 34, founded Novus Health Care Services, Inc. in July 2012, state records show. The company is based in Frisco.  Individuals employed with Novus accuse Harris of making heartless comments about hospice patients living too long. He allegedly instructed nurses to speed up their death by doubling, tripling and quadrupling their medication.


''A snippet from my microbiology textbook states "Formaldehyde's extreme toxicity (it is classified as a carcinogen) and irritating effects on the skin and mucous membranes greatly limit its clinical usefulness" ... So then WHY is it useful in vaccines?''


[2016 April] How Aluminum in Vaccines Affects Your Health   For starters, when you orally ingest aluminum, your body will absorb between 0.2 to 1.5 percent of it. When aluminum is injected into muscle, your body absorbs 100 percent, which is why aluminum-containing vaccines are likely far more dangerous than eating aluminum.
    In all, American children end up getting about 6,150 mcg of aluminum if they get all of the recommended vaccines on the childhood vaccine schedule.
    Pro-vaccine advocates will tell you that aluminum is rapidly excreted. But research shows a different reality. Rabbit studies show almost all of the aluminum (78 to 94 percent) is retained 28 days after intramuscular injection. Autopsy examinations revealed the aluminum accumulated in the kidneys, spleen, liver, heart, lymph nodes, and brain — in that order. Long-term, aluminum also collects in your bones.
    Studies on human infants show that no aluminum is excreted short term at all. Here, 2-month old infants were given a total of 1,200 mcg of aluminum in the form of three intramuscular vaccines, as per the standard vaccination schedule. Blood and urine levels of aluminum were measured over the following 12 hours. The authors were "reassured" to find there was no rise in blood levels of aluminum following vaccination. But no aluminum came out through the urine either. So where did it all go?
    When Humphries wrote to one of the authors to get an answer to that question, the author, Dr. Tammy Movsas, wrote back saying: "So... we don't really know what happens to the aluminum at this point in time. As you said, more research is needed in this area." Yet this study is one of the studies used to assuage fears that aluminum may be harmful.
    In another study, one healthy adult male given a tiny amount of aluminum (a mere 0.7 mcg) intravenously, not intramuscularly, still had 4 percent of the aluminum in his body more than three years later. Most of the aluminum was excreted by the kidneys, and therein lies a major part of the problem, as infant kidney function is not equivalent to an adult.
    Excretion of aluminum is not as efficient in infants and young children, yet this fact is almost never taken into consideration. That which is not excreted ends up accumulating in various organs, including the child's brain, kidneys, and bones.


[2016 March] When Spouses Don’t Agree on Vaccines, And What Made One Husband Change His Mind About Vaccines by Dawn Lorenz   …As my husband sat there, I saw how he took all of the information  (Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe) in. To say it cracked him is an understatement. He finally understands how it all works. He understands just how BIG big pharma is, he learned that there really is a ‘pharma maffia,’ that we are talking about trillions of dollars being made at the expense of the health and well-being of others (mainly children) and he sees that there is corruption from the highest levels. He finally understands how it is that doctors are recommending products that are harming kids. This is huge for him – to break the mold of the dogmatic thinking. He saw and heard about how doctors can be innocent, blindly playing a role in vaccine corruption.
    The very first thing that my husband said to me as soon as the film ended was, “thank you for not vaccinating Kassidy.” He then gave me a kiss. I knew right then and there that something clicked in him. He changed. We have been able to have real conversations since seeing this movie last night. He’s able to see why I am so passionate about not vaccinating. He now has new opinions on the subject with intelligent comments to discuss. And while that in itself is enough for me, he has taken it a step further. He went to his mother’s house today and one of his sisters was there. This sister happens to be a pharmaceutical sales representative and he was able to have a real conversation with her and his parents about it, armed with factual information of why vaccines are so dangerous. He was able to inform them!




The easiest way to cure any disease is never to get it."

(Anton W. Oelgoetz, MD, Physical Culture, September 1928, p37)


[vid 2014] Dr. Andreas Kalcker at AutismOne 2014 - Successful Treatment of Autism

Does Rocketry Work in the Vacuum?

[2016 Jan] High-dose vitamin C injections shown to annihilate cancer

[2016 Jan] Paramedics called to secondary school as pupils fall ill and collapse after being given their vaccinations

[2016 April] Adolf Hitler's most decorated assassin 'later worked for ISRAELI secret service as a hitman killing Nazi rocket scientists'

[2016 March] Megan Media (SocialMoms) | CDC Vaccination Awareness Paid Blogging Opportunity

Guevara, Ernesto “Che”

1941 In the April, 1941, issue of the Naval Medical Bulletin, reporting on the results of tests on 20,000 recruits at the Naval Training Station at San Diego, California, between July, 1939, and January, 1941, Captain G. E. Thomas of the Medical Corps of the Navy tells the story. He describes an experiment on these men. “All had been checked by all known means and found free of syphilis, and were then confined. These men were vaccinated against smallpox. Those who did not show ‘successful’ vaccination were re-vaccinated. The experiment showed that more of these developed syphilis from the smallpox vaccination than the percentage who developed syphilis from all causes in the civilian population in the United States.


1948 The Vaccination Inquirer reports that the English and Scottish Health Ministers acknowledged more than 25,000 cases of diphtheria in immunized children from 1941 to 1945, with nearly 200 deaths in immunized children. The clinical picture of diphtheria immunization is brought up-to-date by the Journal of the American Medical Association for June 5, 1948, in an article entitled, “Danger of Vaccination and Inoculation.”



[2016 March] VAXXED Director Andrew Wakefield Breaks Silence on Vaccine Violence Against Children and CDC Coverup

[2012] Waging War on the Autistic Child by Andrew Wakefield (Book)

[NEUROSCIENCE NEWS MARCH 30, 2016] Brain Cancer Risk May Be Reduced in Those With History of Chicken Pox


[March 30, 2016]  Cuba: Communism Part of Illuminati Charade   Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba because of the covert help of New World orderlies in the US State Dept. and mass media. They cut off arm sales to Batista while at the same time supplying Castro, partly by Russian submarines. This told the Cuban military which way the wind was blowing and they quietly defected. ...Weyl says that both Ernesto Guevera and Fidel Castro were trained as Soviet agents as teenagers. Guevara, an Argentine, was liaison between the Soviet espionage network and the Castro forces who masqueraded as an indigenous force. In fact, they were largely bankrolled and supplied by the Soviet Union.... According to Humberto Fantova's "Che! Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant", Guevara was complicit in the execution of 10,000 Cubans after the revolution: He was "a bloodthirsty executioner, a military bumbler, a coward, and a's no exaggeration to state that Che... was the godfather of modern terrorism. And yet Che's followers naively swallow Castro's historical revisionism. They are classic "useful idiots." the name Stalin gave to foolish Westerners who parroted his lies..."
[March 29, 2016]  Illuminati Neck-Deep in Drug Trafficking  Two years before his assassination in 1986, Barry Seal (left) was indicted for possession of 462 pounds of cocaine worth $168 million. Prosecutors blamed the Medellin Cartel for the killing. But what Seal had on the Clintons, G.H.W. Bush and his sons alone was a death sentence. 


[2016 March] Israel Becoming a ‘Refuge for Pedophiles,’ Warns Advocate for Child Sex Abuse Victims


Quite apart from medically manipulated “non-measles”, in 1963, if a vaccinated person was infected and clinically symptomatic with measles, they would not be counted as having measles because they were vaccinated.

It is no different today. In California 2015, a child was counted as a measles case[5] until she got home to Alaska, whereupon, she was diagnosed as having vaccine-strain measles because of enhanced surveillance testing in the new outbreak. Because she had vaccine-strain measles, her case was then retracted from the measles count. A Canadian baby has also recently been struck from the record after her “measles” was found to be a vaccine-strain[6]. The number of “retracted” measles cases, world-wide is astonishing, and these are cases where children were diagnosed, often in a hospital, with “clinical” measles and the play centers or schools they attended were “sanitized” and all children and contacts revaccinated. Then we find out a few weeks later, that the case was “caused” by the MMR vaccine, and therefore removed from the statistics. Fortunately with the Internet, these cases often play out in the news and particularly on Facebook. - See more at:


[2016 March] The Weekly Sabbos Goy Award Goes to Michael Gove (must watch)  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should watch this video and learn from this spineless British gentleman so they can improve their act before the next AIPAC gathering.

[2016 March] Former science chief: 'MMR fears coming true'  "Yet there has been a tenfold increase in autism and related forms of brain damage over the past 15 years, roughly coinciding with MMR's introduction, and an extremely worrying increase in childhood inflammatory bowel diseases and immune disorders such as diabetes, and no one in authority will even admit it's happening, let alone try to investigate the causes."  He said there was "no way" the tenfold leap in autistic children could be the result of better recognition and definitional changes, as claimed by health authorities.   "It is highly likely that at least part of this increase is a vaccine related problem." he said. "But whatever it is, why isn't the Government taking this massive public health problem more seriously?"
    He said he had decided to speak out because of his deep concern at the lack of treatment for autistic children with bowel disease, as revealed in The Mail on Sunday two weeks ago.  He called the sudden termination of legal aid to parents of allegedly vaccine-damaged children in late 2003 "a monstrous injustice". After agreeing to be a witness for the parents, he received thousands of documents relating to the case.  "Now, it seems, unless the parents force the Government to restore legal aid, much of this revealing evidence may never come out," he said.

Anti-Breastfeeding promotion that praises breastfeeding as the ‘natural’ way to feed infants


What has happened to Dr Waney Squier is appalling, and fits with a well-established theme here in the US of attempting to silence critics of shaken baby syndrome through prosecutions, censures, professional ridicule and threats. I am a career investigative reporter with a documentary film (to be released 15 April) all about this. It is called The Syndrome and it is the culmination of eight years of my research. I also happen to be a career reporter who has gotten laws passed in the US to help abused and neglected children (see my bio on website). The attempt to eliminate the opposition in shaken baby syndrome cases is sickening and undemocratic. Dr Squier is a world-renowned neuropathologist whose work and courage should be celebrated. In fact, she is being celebrated, at the very same time that she is being stripped of her medical licence. In early April, Dr Squier will receive a Champion of Justice Award at the National Innocence Network conference in Texas. What the GMC has done is clear. It has sent a message to all who dare question this dogma: speak up and we will ruin your career. The world is watching.  Susan Goldsmith, Writer/producer, The Syndrome  Why the shaken baby syndrome tribunal led to Dr Waney Squier being struck off. Letters from Niall Dickson of the GMC; barrister Dr Michael J Powers QC; documentary writer/producer Susan Goldsmith; and David Pearl of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service


''To be a thinker is to lift every be courageous enough to do it and to look under''- Gilad Atzmon

[2016 March] VAXXED: Evidence Reveals CDC Censored Vaccine Documentary With Co-ordinated Attack

[2012] Controversy continues in rickets vs. child abuse cases in England by John Cannell, MD

Vitamin D Wiki

[2011] Met accused of 'campaign' against shaken baby witnesses

Chemo Kills 
Oncologists routinely tell two lies:
1. "You'll be dead in x months if you don't take chemotherapy"
2. "Chemotherapy is the only option" - when there are a dozen options, the worst of which is chemotherapy.
With these lies they murder an estimated one million a year for profit.

[2016] The Syndrome (Film)

NSA Chief Visited Israel Secretly to Coordinate Cyber Warfare

Co-Author of Lancet MMR-Autism Study Exonerated on All Charges of Professional Misconduct   Dr. John Walker-Smith, considered the father of pediatric gastroenterology, has today been restored to his much-deserved reputation of high esteem. His appeal of the U.K. General Medical Council’s 2010 decision to remove his license for serious professional misconduct has been quashed in its entirety. This decision raises questions about the validity of the 2010 GMC proceeding in general. 
Dr. Walker-Smith’s professional insurance coverage paid for his appeal; Dr. Wakefield’s insurance carrier would not.

According to Dr. Lewis, "There was no fraud committed by Dr. Wakefield.  The crux of the matter in Wakefield's case, so far as research fraud is concerned, is whether Wakefield fabricated the diagnosis of non-specific colitis for 11 of the 12 Lancet children as claimed in Table 1. Drs. Paul Dhillon's and Andrew Anthony's grading sheets clearly show that Wakefield did not fabricate the diagnoses of non-specific colitis reported in the Lancet article." In addition to his work as a scientist, Dr. Lewis directs the Research Misconduct Project of the National Whistleblower Center inWashington, D.C.

[2011] Re: How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed  "As a research microbiologist involved with the collection and examination of colonic biopsy samples, I do not believe that Dr. Wakefield intentionally misinterpreted the grading sheets as evidence of "non-specific colitis." Dhillon indicated "non-specific" in a box associated, in some cases, with other forms of colitis. In addition, if Anthony's grading sheets are similar to ones he completed for the Lancet article, they suggest that he diagnosed "colitis" in a number of the children."

[2016] President Trump? US War Machine Rolls On

[2016] There's No Denying the Autism Epidemic By Jonathan Rose  (a history professor at Drew University, took on epidemic denial in this recent article published on the History News Network).

[Attorneys at Maglio Christopher & Toale, P.A] Client Compensation for Vaccine Injuries


[2011 pdf] Unanswered Questions from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program: A Review of Compensated Cases of Vaccine-Induced Brain Injury

[2016 April. Film] Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe

[2016 March] The Lies About Andrew Wakefield By John Stone

[2015] The Mythical ‘Debunking’ of Andrew Wakefield

Brussels Belguim Hoax Crisis Actors Starring (Free)mason Wells

[2015 Jan] The Washington Post Whips Up Fear And Blames Andrew Wakefield By John Stone we know that the VICP (Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) has actually compensated cases where vaccines have caused autism while keeping the cases sealed so they cannot become legal precedents. HHS HRSA official admitted to both Sharyl Attkisson (at the time reporting for CBS) and David Kirby on Huffington Post:

Measles diagnosis (hiding Measles)

[2010 Letter BMJ] The unexplained puzzle of the GMC verdict (and reponses to Peter Flegg)

You may have a good doctor, but obviously you don't have any experience with an autism child. Otherwise you would not be as positive about your opinion.

I got the Rubella vaccine when I was pregnant in 1969 before doctors knew that it should not be given to pregnant women. It took 40 years to get over the experience of having that child be damaged. He had an IQ of 20. He did not talk. He walked, but he could not take care of himself, ever. He died in 2010.

Trust me, there are things you don't know about vaccines that I know, and those details are pretty horrific and frankly somewhat disgusting if you really want to get into how even the Salk vaccine was developed. It would be in everybody's best interest to have an open mind. Vaccines have been determined to be "unavoidably unsafe".

It is a shame that the pharmaceutical industry has to resort to its tactics in order to satisfy their bottom line. I am not against vaccines. I am against unsatisfactory adjuvants, and I am against forcing multi-valent vaccines on anybody. Read up on today's drugs and find out what really is being done in the name of medical science. The lack thereof is sometimes frightening. The dark ages are not all history, yet.

Posted by: Birgit Calhoun | January 26, 2015


Seneff, Stephanie

Britain’s dirty organ scandal

Breaking News: Gerry McCann is Missing

[2015 vid] BOUGHT MOVIE - Full Movie Part I

Bombshell revelation! Original draft of Trump’s speech to AIPAC

Brussels (March 2016)

Debating a reptilian on international TV

[vid] Princess Diana’s Secret Daughter Sarah Meets With Prince Charles

[2016] US Kills ISIS Second-In-Command For 3rd Time In 2 Years

USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)

[2015] Is the USDA Silencing Scientists?

The Occult Universe of David Bowie and the Meaning of “Blackstar”   
“I’m closer to the Golden Dawn
Immersed in Crowley’s uniform
I’m not a prophet or a stoneage man
Just a mortal with potential of a superman”
– Quicksand

Wrong Side of the Industry: The Bizarre Breakdown of Katt Williams

Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/16

Symbolic Pics of the Month 02/16

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/16

Symbolic Pics of the Month 12/15

Former Israeli Intel Operatives Run Security at Brussels Airport  But ICTS' security faux pas' don't end there. In December 2001, they somehow managed to let deranged shoe bomber Richard Reid, onto his Miami-bound flight in Paris, and this was after ICTS had cleared Reid through security at Amsterdam airport on a flight to Tel Aviv in July 2001 for what was apparently an all-expenses paid week-long trip to the Israeli city. What precisely he did there remains a mystery. Reid later said that ICTS/El Al had failed to detect that he had explosives in his shoes on the flight to Tel Aviv, an amazing revelation considering the Israeli airline's tight security and the fact that, six months later, they were responsible for letting him board the Miami-bound flight with the very same type of 'shoe bomb'. Israel had not informed British, American, or any other security agency of their concerns about Reid. Reid's aunt, Claudette Lewis who raised Reid in south London, was quoted as saying she believed her nephew had been "brainwashed". 
    ICTS also somehow missed several of the alleged 9/11 hijackers who allegedly flew out of Boston's Logan airport on September 11th 2001. ICTS also handled security for London's bus network during the July 7, 2005, 'suicide' bomb attacks. In fact, two of its subsidiaries, ICTS UK and ICTS Europe Systems, are based at Tavistock House, Tavistock Square in London, scene of the London Stagecoach bus bombing that day. 


[2013] Why You Never Need A Tetanus Vaccine, Regardless of Your Age or Location by DAVE MIHALOVIC

[vid] Flat Earth Australia Globe Earth Flight Routes dest-ro-yed

[vid] Mike Adams "The Health Ranger" Against The Flat Earth Reality And Wears The Shirt As To Why

[2016 March] London Terror Drill – Bombs in Brussels

[2016 March] Shaken Baby Syndrome Expert and World Renowned Neuropathologist Banned from Practicing Medicine

[2016 March] Weeks after being put on Prozac, Jake, 14, took his own life - so why aren’t parents being warned about the suicide risk for children on anti-depressants?

[2016 March] Prof Pollard Again: Oxford University Hosts British Government Vaccine Committee By John Stone

[vid 2016 march] HOME BIRTH OR HOSPITAL BIRTH - You Make the Call - Part 1

[2014]  Dr. Vernon Coleman Talks about Vaccination and Safe Immunization

"It is better for all the world if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime or let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes." - Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1927.

Fiona Barnett

Obstetrics and Gynaecology (OB/GYN)

[2016 Jan] New Concerns about the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

[2016 March] Why Nick Cohen is A Jew, Always Been A Jew. And You Will Never Be a Jew


Dr Bernardo

Sids and Kids

[2016 March] The Lies About The Vitamin K Shot   Beyond the lie that it is necessary is the lie that it is just a safe and harmless vitamin

[2016 March] BOMBSHELL! Larry Silverstein designed NEW WTC-7 in April of 2000


Louise writes:

"I have recently began the vitamins for alcoholism protocol of Dr. Hoffer. I jumped into the program wholeheartedly but with I must admit a was a large dose of skepticism.

I was shocked to realize that after only 3 days the cravings for alcohol had almost fully dissipated, not only do I no longer have to drink but I can also have a glass of wine on occasion with friends without compulsively having to see the bottom of two bottles by myself.

This is truly an incredible find and I am overjoyed but saddened that other alcoholics do not have access to this information."

Kitty Campion

[vid] Stop Giving Fluoride Toothpaste to Children

Interviewer: If there’s a way to tell that you know X amount of fluoride causes x amount of x amount of cancer and it’s linear would it be safe to assume that there’s no safe level then of water for fluoridation?

Dr. David Kennedy: I think that’s correct. As Dr. Marcus explains in the movie that as a scientist how do you develop a safe level of exposure? And he said he doesn’t know how he would attack it but he thinks it would probably end up like lead. Where zero is the amount that you should be exposed to. Because the reason he brings up lead is, one, Dr Marcus was the guy that got lead out of the water in the first place and, two, Fluoride is more toxic than lead. So if everybody’s worried about lead today, well, why don’t we have our children brush with something that’s worse than lead? That’s insane! It’s a hairless toxic and arsenic if I invented an arsenic toothpaste we’d say “You’re protected because you’ll spit it out.” Well, you can’t spit stuff out of your mouth. If you measure blood level of fluoride and give a child a dab of toothpaste or do a topical treatment in a dental office, their blood level of fluoride goes up. Even if you supervise them and make them spit out, their blood level of fluoride goes up because your mouth absorbs whatever goes in. So the moral of that story is you should not put anything in the child’s mouth that you also couldn’t put in the dinner. So if it’s not a food, if it’s not a nutrient, it doesn’t belong in the child’s mouth.


[pdf] Child Abuse or Rickets? A Special Interview with Dr. David Ayoub By Dr. Joseph Mercola   One of the classic diseases that aluminum is linked to is rickets. It’s also plausible that aluminum is anticoagulant. In other words, it can induce bleeding conditions. What comes to mind is fractures and bleeding (what do you think of) in infants – shaken baby syndrome (SBS).

[2016 March. Burma] At least 3 newborns dead after vaccination in Bago 

[2016 March] This shaken baby syndrome case is a dark day for science – and for justice

[2016 March] Is Shaken Baby Syndrome Often Misdiagnosed and Caused by Vaccine-Induced Rickets?

[2016 March] World Renowned Neuropathologist has Career Destroyed for Disproving Shaken Baby Syndrome

[vid] A slip of the tongue by a former mossad agent about the london bombings

[2016 March] Can gaunt Gazza finally kick his booze addiction with a 'Marmite vitamin' drip? Footballer hopes radical niacin treatment will stop alcohol craving  Since the start of the year, the former Newcastle United and Spurs star, 48, has been receiving fortnightly 500ml 'infusions' of a compound derived from niacin, the vitamin found in Marmite - and he is convinced that the treatment is helping him to stay dry.   Alcohol

WATCH: Computer Programmer Testifies Under Oath He Coded Computers to Rig Elections

[vid] Miraculous Orgonite. Shows Orgonite reducing electronic radiation

An application called "Wikiscanner" proves that Wikipedia is edited by the FBI and CIA.

[2015] Flawed Convictions: "Shaken Baby Syndrome" and the Inertia of Injustice by Deborah Tuerkheimer

THE SPYMASTER on David Irving

Williams, Gerrard

Folic acid

[2016 pdf] Vaccine Injury Table


Bob Dylan's real link to the Rolling Stones

''An orgonite flinger I used to correspond with was married to Frank Zappa's brother.  She told me that Zappa's widow had recently brought the family together for a ritual to reinsert Frank Zappa's soul in an infant born into the family.  My acquaintance was alarmed and creeped out--refused to participate. I'd already learned about this practice from someone credible who was brought up within the ancient oligarchy.  I don't know if it's real but I think some of the more disgusting Tibetan (nominally Buddhist but I bet Buddha would disown them) orders practice that regularly.'  Don Croft

''First, I don’t believe that Jews are a race or an ethnicity.  I always doubted that, but reading Shlomo Sand really convinced me.  Jews are not defined by religion either (most/many are  secular).  Truly, Jews are a tribe.  A group one can chose to join (Elizabeth Taylor) or leave (Gilad Atzmon).  In other words, I see “Jewishness” as a culture, or ideology, or education or any other number of things, but not something rooted in biology.  I fully agree with Atzmon when he says that Jews are racist, but not a race.  Second, I don’t even believe that the concept of  “race” has been properly defined and, hence, that it has any objective meaning.  I therefore don’t differentiate between human beings on the basis of an undefined criterion.  Third, since being Jew (or not) is a choice, one to belong, adhere and endorse a tribe (secular Jews) or a religion (Judaics).''  [2014] AngloZionist: Short primer for the newcomers

Hoffman, Dustin

[2015 Controlled opposition] ''Greenpeace have not seen sufficient evidence to justify further investigation into whether this is a real problem. As far as we are concerned, chemtrails are an urban myth - a conspiracy theory with no conspiracy.''

He signed a law into effect that stripped a parents right to sue a pharmaceutical company when their child got injured or died from a vaccine.  Immediately after Reagan signed this abominable law into effect, the vaccine scheduled practically doubled overnight with absolutely no liability for vaccine makers.  So they kept producing more an more and adding more and more to the already overpacked schedule.  Why not…right?  There were huge profits, no oversight and precisely no negative impact if they didn’t work or maimed and killed innocent children.  Sounds like the best business model anyone could ever conceive

[2016] On The Passing of Nancy Reagan

[2016 March pdf] The Monica Lewinsky Scandal WAS FAKED by Miles Mathis

[2013] NEW MKULTRA DISCOVERY: Terence McKenna admitted that he was a “deep background” and “PR” agent (CIA or FBI).  ''And certainly when I reached La Chorerra in 1971 I had a price on my head by the FBI, I was running out of money, I was at the end of my rope. And then they recruited me and said, “you know, with a mouth like yours there’s a place for you in our organization”. And I’ve worked in deep background positions about which the less said the better. And then about 15 years ago they shifted me into public relations and I’ve been there to the present''


looks like DAVID IRVING is JEWISH by Miles Mathis  I think he is a cloaked Zionist playing the controlled opposition in another one of their games. His job is to make anyone who questions mainstream history look like a disgusting sadistic sexist pig.

 Steve Jobs: Bold, Brilliant, Brutal. . . Fake.

Custer's Last Stand was a False Flag.

[2015 pdf] Elvis Aron Presley Intelligence Project by Miles Mathis

The Salem Witch Trials are not what we have been told

[2014 pdf] Reading the Signs today's lesson: Karl Marx by Miles Mathis


[2016 pdf] The Nuclear Hoax by Miles Mathis

[2015 pdf] Noam Chomsky is and always has been A SPOOK by Miles Mathis

Robert Anton Wilson: Spook-Baby

[2015 Nov] Merck’s Peanut Oil Adjuvant by Marco Cáceres

[2015] Milena Rampoldi Interviews Gilad Atzmon  I have not been a Jew for quite a while. I define Jewishness as a template that facilitates choseness.

The Good Thinking Society

[pdf] THE O. J. SIMPSON TRIAL was Faked as were the murders by Miles Mathis

[2016 vid] Port Arthur Massacre - GUNMEN named!

[2016 March] Holistic clinic used by the Royals is probed over 'dangerous' ads which claim its natural therapies can cure MS and Parkinson's 

[2016] Hillary Clinton is a Satanist - Illuminati Defector

[2016  March] US Army Forced Me to Take Deadly Vaccine$  "It wasn't until eight months later that I read the toxicology reports. Then I learned that something like 1.5 percent of people die from that shot. Something like 2.8 percent have severe problems"    "They would give us a big shot every month. I asked them one time, what it was, and I was told it was penicillin. Every time we got it, the entire platoon was jacked. I never thought about it at the time. I requested my medical records via FOIA and most of it was blacked out." -Anon

Shaken Baby Resources – Children in Law, Family Law in the UK

Banners, flat earth

Callous Disregard by Wakefield pdf

Hagood, E. Allison

[2016 vid] The International FAKE Station (take 2 MORE DETAIL) #Flat Earth

[2016 vid] International FAKE Station Green Screen Scott Kelly FRAUD #Flat Earth

[2016 vid] Zero G CUTS on the ISS NASA = LIES # Flat Earth

[2016 vid] The Equator is IMPOSSIBLE on the Globe - Flat Earth

[2013 vid] Psychiatry is a Fraud & is all about Control

[2016 Feb] Murdered Holistic Doctors Update

[vid] Reptilian Shapeshifting Girls in Porn?! Part 5 - Jenna Jameson

[vid] Reptilian Shapeshifting Girls in Porn?! Part 2

[vid] Reptilian Shapeshifting Girls in Porn?! Part 4 - Webcam Girl

"Breast milk is an organ. It's basically the immune system of a baby. It's how the intestines grow properly, it's how the baby's immune system grows properly, and it's an overlying blanket of protection for that baby against all the microbes that we're told we need to vaccinate for... The reason being because a baby's immune system is programmed to be anti-inflammatory. So what do vaccines do?

Vaccinologists say, well, we have a problem... that baby's immune system is dormant, it's not doing what it should do, we need to rev it up with aluminum and with vaccination. And that goes completely against the blueprint.

... They have to [put aluminum in] because if you were to put a vaccine into a baby without aluminum that baby's immune wouldn't respond at all because the program of the infant immune system is to be anti-inflammatory... Everything about that infant immune system is programmed from the time of birth or slightly after birth to stay anti-inflammatory for the first two years. So anything you do to rev up that baby's immune system is going against the natural God-given blueprint in that baby.

... [Breast milk] is beyond good, and they are still discovering... you know, National Institutes of Health scientists in 2013 are still saying they have a lot to learn about breast milk. They're finding molecules in breast milk that nuke cancer on the spot, and oncology is now taking advantage of that. There are molecules in break milk that kill certain kinds of bacteria that have capsules on the outside like pneumococcus, which is another thing that we vaccinate for.

But what's miraculous about it is that normally when there's killing of a microbe there's massive inflammation, but in the presence of break milk there's almost no inflammation, because you have all those anti-inflammatory molecules...

So you have this miraculous organ that's transferring over hundreds of thousands of T-cells, stem cells in breast milk to help that baby grow, re-grow anything that went wrong. You have genetic material that can go in and intersperse in that baby's own genetic material and cure genetic diseases. There's medical literature showing that wet nurses can cure genetic certain instances.

... What they found, I believe this study was done in the Middle East, is that, with certain genetic disorders, that if a woman who doesn't have that disorder, breastfeeds a baby, her genetic material, called microRNA, can go in there and cure that problem. Now, I'm not saying that it cures all genetic diseases. But I'm saying that there are programs in breast milk that we're only starting to really understand."

— Suzanne Humphries, MD


[vid] Donald Marshall Interview 2016 : { Cloning Centres, Vril, Queen Elizabeth, B.o.B, Reptilians }


[2014 vid] Outfoxed • Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism • FULL DOCUMENTARY FILM exposes Fox News





Prince Philips’ secret affairs

Nigel Lawson and the paedophiles

Greville Janner is not dead

Stephen Fry’s on the run

"Royalty.  In earlier times, certain evolved souls incarnated into positions of power to act as an example and lead with wisdom. They had titles such as King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Duke, Duchess, Earl, Lord or Lady, each of which indicated the spiritual level they had attained. They were revered and admired, for they dedicated their lives and wisdom to help everyone.  In time, as the consciousness diminished, high-frequency souls withdrew from those roles. Their places were taken by those of lower understanding who wanted an opportunity to experience a life of royalty with all the glamour it offered. There were also many lessons involved about handling power, money, prestige, influence and hard work or indulgence."  ~  Diana Cooper

Thornton, Sara

[2016 Feb] Mastectomies Are Really Dangerous

[2016 vid] Illuminati Clones - Human Cloning Exposed! PART 3

[2016 vid] Illuminati Clones - Human Cloning Exposed! PART 2
[vid] Illuminati Clones - Human Cloning EXPOSED!


[2016 Vid Kesha] Illuminati Hollywood: RITUAL SEASON II



Kind of Orientation













Mother and father




[2014 vid] Magda Havas shows the effects of living near Cell Phone Towers   Dr. Havas reveals the results from numerous international studies, which conclusively prove that exposure to the radiation from cell phone towers and masts cause dangerous health problems in humans, including cancer and death.

Masters of Porn: The Systematic Promotion of Sexual Deviance

[vid] Megan Fox Has DIED, Was CLONED & IMPOSTOR-REPLACED! (Teaser)

Ringo Starr DIED In 1964, Was CLONED & IMPOSTOR-REPLACED! (Teaser)



[2016 feb] Kesha Forced to Work With Dr. Luke Despite Allegations of Sexual Abuse

[2016 feb] Treason: Illuminati British Collaborated With Nazis Sir Claude Dansey, Deputy Director of MI-6, a Freemason, sent hundreds of British and French Resistance agents to their deaths.

[2016 Feb] Urgent Questions: Men B Vaccine and the United Kingdom Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation by John Stone  The JCVI now comes under the aegis of Public Health England which often works with the pharmaceutical industry and with Oxford Vaccine Group [10] (which also works with the pharmaceutical industry) and both are no doubt agencies of National Health Service. But the result is that JCVI is not fit to represent the public interest.

“An examination of the 62 random cases shows that our success rate has been 82 percent. Considering the patients we called inconclusive but for whom we were able to be of some help, it is over 90 percent.  Now compare our figures with the official (as of early 1983) American Cancer Society figure of 15 percent of patients who are helped by radiation or chemotherapy.
            ….Early in this century, Dr. Peyton Rous demonstrated that 90 percent of the chickens for sale in New York City were cancerous. He defined the poultry infection as caused by an unknown microbial agent that passed through a special filter designed to hold back bacteria but not viruses. The filterability of this ‘cancer agent’ led to the erroneous belief that a virus was responsible for cancer, but my research has confirmed that this is not true……The microbe I discovered to be acid-fast and classified as Progenitor Cryptocides is a bacillus that is a first cousin to the bacilli that cause tuberculosis and leprosy. I believed then, and have proven repeatedly, that this P. Cryptocides bacillus is the causative agent of cancer—all cancers. This microbe is present in all of our cells, and it is only our immune systems that keep it suppressed. When our immune systems are weakened, either by poor diet, infected foods, or old age, this microbe gains a foothold and starts cancer cells growing into tumors. …. The microbe is an obligate symbiant, meaning that it is contained within the normal cell in symbiosis, emerges after injury during the healing process, but when not immunologically and nutritionally controlled it produces neoplastic cells. It is a function of the normal cell but reverts to a pathogenic state, a bacterial revertant, when uncontrolled.
…I believe an alarmingly high percentage of commercial chickens, in the range of nine out of ten, have the pathogenic form of the cancer microbe, and it is transmissible from the hen to the egg to the chick.” ~  Virginia Livingston Wheeler M.D

The Oliver Stone George Bush Connection

 “Jeb! and the Bush Crime Family: The Inside Story of an American Dynasty.”   Jeb and the Bush Crime Family is the book that smashes through the layers of lies and secrecy that has surrounded and protected our country's very own political dynasty.
    New York Times bestselling author and legendary political insider, Roger Stone lashes out with a blistering indictment that exposes the true history and monumental hypocrisy of the Bushes. In his usual “go for the jugular” style, Stone collaborates with Saint John Hunt—author, musician, and son of legendary CIA operative E. Howard Hunt—to make this a “no-holds-barred” history of the Bush family.
    The authors reveal Jeb to be a smug, entitled autocrat who both uses and hides behind his famous name as he mingles with international drug peddlers. They show how Jeb:
Received a $4 million taxpayer bailout when his daddy was Vice President
Used his insider status to make millions from Obamacare
Avoided criminal prosecution on a fraudulent Federal loan
Hypocritically supports the War on Drugs, despite his own shocking drug history
    After detailing the vast litany of Jeb’s misdeeds, Stone travels back to Samuel, Prescott, George H. W., and George W. Bush to weave an epic story of privilege, greed, corruption, drug profiteering, assassination, and lies. Jeb and the Bush Crime Family will have you asking, “Why aren't these people in prison?”

Heliotherapy/Light for Health

Ex-Prostitute Natalie Rowe Blows the Whistle on Chancellor Osborne

[2016 Feb] Elite Satanists Prepared for Doomsday

Cities Under the Plain: The true story of one mans journey, through science, magic, and the CIA to understand the world in the 21st century by Steven D Kelley (Book)

Why ET3?

[2009] Vaccines and the Myth of “Herd Immunity” By Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D.
[2016 Feb] Peter Gotzsche, founder of the Cochrane Collaboration, visits Australia to talk about dangers of prescription drugs

[2013] Vaccine Whistleblower Site Blacklisted by Facebook and Web of Trust (WOT)

"I've always liked Hilary, she and Bill are members of my club and they're wonderful people." ~ Donald Trump (to Piers Morgan.  Sunday Mail. Feb. 14 2016)

[2016] The Greatest Lie on Earth: Proof That Our World Is Not a Moving Globe by Edward Hendrie (Book)

[2016 Feb] Flu Shot Paralyzes 9-year-old Girl – Goes from Speaking 2 Languages to Now Only 10 Words

[pdf 2016] REPORT from Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Villages regarding Dengue-Zika, microcephaly, and mass-spraying with chemical poisons the lives of one American every 2.5 minutes. Other victims of sepsis are "saved" through amputation....Every day high-dose vitamin C could be saving the lives of sepsis victims. Every day countless fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms, and legs, could remain attached and healthy if the medical community would simply hear and respond to the facts with scientific integrity.

[2016 Feb] Six out of Britain's 10 biggest firms pay ZERO corporation tax despite ringing up global profits of £30billion  Shell paid no corporation tax in 2014 despite global profits of almost £20 billion....Lloyds Banking Group said it paid no corporation tax in 2014 after offsetting losses in previous years against a profit of £1.76billion.  Vodafone said it paid no corporation tax in 2014/15, despite making profits of £1.97bn in the year to the end of March 2015.  Also on the zero corporation tax list was British American Tobacco (BAT) - the firm paid corporation taxes in other countries after profiting by £4.55billion in 2014 but none of it was paid in Britain. ....Pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca said it paid no corporation tax in 2014, telling the Sunday Times it made no taxable profits.

[2016 Feb] Bernie Sanders is a Freemason & Communist

Sanitation in Victorian London

"There was an interesting study done in Australia. They had four groups – breastfed and vaccinated, breast-fed and unvaccinated, bottle fed and vaccinated and bottle fed and unvaccinated… They looked at respiratory illness… The lowest instance of respiratory illness was in breastfed and unvaccinated. What was interesting was what was the second lowest; bottle fed and unvaccinated. That was shocking. This said that breast feeding wasn’t as important as not vaccinating your child."

Mayer Eisentein MD, Homefront Medical Director, Chicago



[2013 pdf] 131 ways for an Infant to Die, Vaccines and Sudden Death by Neil Miller

[2016 Feb] Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS): The Cover Ups & The Truth

Dinosaur DECEPTION! Dinosaurs Never Existed! Dinosaur Fossils Are A Hoax - Dinosaurs: Science Or Science Fiction by David Wozney

Zika virus

[2016 May] The Crypto Jew Behind the NIST Cover-up of 9-11: William Jeffrey (Jaffe)

"The CDC is the medical CIA." ~ Jon Rappoport 

[1994] Shulze Biser Heal Your Life videos (transcripts)

All Power to You by Dr Bitzer

"Cathar priests and priestesses were both called parfaits, meaning 'perfects,' rising to their office through good works, austerities, spiritual initiations, and the practice of meditation. They believed in reincarnation, the immortality of the soul, asceticism, and nonviolence. Like Jesus, they practiced the healing arts in rites known as 'the laying on of hands.' They rejected the notion of the Eucharist and were opposed to the normal institution of marriage.
    Cathars, American Perfectionists, and transcendentalists shared many common beliefs. Most were dualists, believing that the forces of good and evil have existed since the beginning of the universe and will continue to exist until the end. They did not follow the orthodox Christian view that evil was created by original sin, which supposedly entered the soul of humankind following Adam and Eve's expulsion from the Garden of Eden. Because Christian dualists did not subscribe to the doctrine of original sin, they viewed sex as a spiritual act.
    Cathars practiced spiritual sex in the esoteric early Christian and Tantric tradition, using breath control, visualization, and other Yogic techniques. They practiced a form of coitus reservus, sometimes referred to as Karezza ("little caress"), concerning which more detail shall follow shortly.  Cathars became rich and powerful, building their own churches and castles. They were eventually perceived as a threat to the orthodox Catholic church. The Pope ordered all Christian heretics 'cleansed' and, beginning in 1209, organized massacres of Cathars followed, together with the confiscation of their property. By the fourteenth century, Catharism had been virtually exterminated. However, esoteric Cathar spiritual sex teachings survived among the Knights Templars, the Troubadours, and in the teachings of some secret societies and occult organizations that emerged in Europe between the late thirteenth and mid-seventeenth centuries."  ~  Nik Douglas (Spiritual Sex p. 170, 171)

"Both the Cathars and the Bogomils rejected the Church and all its sacraments completely, regarding it as the Church of Satan....Cathars alike rejected most of the Old Testament--and it's belligerent deity-- as satanic.  Both movements (Cathars & Bogomils) regarded the entity of the Church -- Catholic in the west, Orthodoxy in the east--as the Church of Satan, and rejected it utterly.....the Cross was seen as the instrument of Christ's torture, and Bogomils and Cathars alike refused to venerate it." ~ Sean Martin (The Cathars p. 53)

[2011] Increasing Your Life Expectancy: Modern Medicine’s Impact on the Extension of Life


[vid] Satanic Logo for Pope Francis "Year of Mercy"

Leadership & Longevity 2015 - Dr. Andrew Wakefield  "There will be over 100,000 children diagnosed with autism in this year alone in this country and the average cost estimated to raise one of those children, to look after them for their natural life, is $3.2 million [from a conservative figure by Harvard researcher Michael Ganz a decade ago.] By 2025, autism will cost this country a trillion dollars a year.  This is going to bankrupt the country. ...Most of the country is still asleep. They don't know and they don't care.  Autism is everyone's problem."...During the Q and A Wakefield was asked about the schedule, and he talked about delaying and spacing out vaccines.  He also made the personal admission that if he had young children today, "I would not vaccinate them.  And that's the only honest answer I can give you.  That is not advice to anyone else, it's simply from my own experience and the more I look into this, the more concerned I become. ..."

[2015 Dec] Sacha Baron Cohen donates £670,000 for Syria

"Abdel Gawad Ellabbad knows exactly how he was infected with hepatitis C. As a schoolboy in this Nile Delta rice-farming village, his class marched to the local clinic every month for injections against schistosomiasis, a parasitic disease spread by water snails. A nurse would boil the syringes, fill each with five doses and then jab five boys in a row with a single needle... Six million Egyptians were infected with hepatitis C by unsterile needles during the country's decades-long fight against schistosomiasis. The virus spread insidiously. Today, at least 10% of Egyptians --nearly 9 million people-- are chronically infected; the highest rate in the world." - NYT News Service, Shabas El Shuhada, Egypt

''No one personifies the “evils of the Nazis” more than Dr. Josef Mengele. I have collected a number of materials about Mengele over the years including one of his published essays and his SS personnel records which show that he himself contracted typhus while at Auschwitz. He was a thoroughly decent and admirable man in every respect whose principal shortcoming was his choice of a name. I never came across even the vaguest shred of documentation that he ever conducted any atrocious procedures or experiments anywhere, ever. The case against him is all blah-blah from the likes of Ada Bimko and Eva Kor and Irene Zisblatt! It is incredible how Mengele has been vilified entirely on the basis of such blah-blah. Shame on the press and “scholars” for being so vile and stupid.  If anyone has ever seen a shred of documentation of any atrocious procedures or experiments by Mengele, please post it here.''  – Friedrich Paul Berg

[2015 dec] Donald Drumpf - Illuminati Jew


Murder From Within: U.S. Secret Service Limo Driver, Bill Greer, Shot Both JFK & Connally on Nov. 22, 1963 (Feb. 5, 2013)


Carlo Mattogno debunks the gruesome nonsense about Dr. Mengele
(Dr. Mengele’s alleged “Medical Experiments” on Twins in the Birkenau Gypsy Camp)

Dr. Mengele denied performing ghastly experiments on anybody

Josef Mengele: A New Look By Michael Murphy

Mengele: The Complete Story A Review By Thomas Kues

Lessons of the Mengele Affair

Fake Mengele photo on H.E.A.R.T.’s website


Holocaust tattoos


[vid] Ken OKeefe Press TV Commentary - Paris False Flag - Nov 14, 2015

 [vid] NASA Insider "We Lied About Everything"

[2015 Chris Hadfield drops a bollock on live tv

The Karezza Method by J. William Lloyd

Dr. Paul Offit’s Aluminum Deceptions and Academic Misconduct

[2015 Dec vid] Hillary Clinton Vs. the GOP: Can You Tell the Difference?

The Catalyst Of Power by Jon Whale

[film] Unlawful Killing

[2014] Comparing Neo-Daoism with Karezza by Marnia Robinson and Gary Wilson  Sadly, Chia’s own experience led to this same outcome. Two visitors to his center in Thailand (one an insider) independently informed me that he left his wife of many years, in pursuit of a young girl from the local village. This behavior is very consistent with the Coolidge Effect. It’s quite inconsistent with the experience of merging deeply with a lover in the “valley orgasm.” That experience, which has been alluded to in various traditions, is a spiritual experience, which enhances vision so we don't feel compelled to follow biology's dictates in our mating choices.   Recently, I’ve had the gift of input from two men who have used Chia’s system for years. One reports that he has no desire for a monogamous relationship, and resents his partners’ desire for one.

[2015 Dec] Vaccine Aluminum Travels Into The Brain

[2015 Dec] The Huge Secret That Princess Diana Knew

[2015 Dec  viv] Sandy Hook 'Dad' CAUGHT Playing FBI (NEWTOWN HOAX Proof)

[2015 Dec] Mother Teresa: Sadistic Religious Fanatic

[2015 Dec] GSK Document Appears to Show Vaccine Committee Chair Used Position to Favour Own Product

[2015] Incredible TV3 documentary on the effects of Gardasil on 150 teenagers in Ireland.

[2015] "De vaccinerede piger" (with English Subs) for international viewing

Teflon’s Toxic Legacy

Dead People in Paris Concert Are Dummies, Not Real Humans

[2015 Dec] Norway: Force-vaccinated with Gardasil  No doctor will listen. They say that Caroline needs mental therapy for her sorrow after my mother’s death. She has had no more tests or treatment because no one believes us. Now she feels pain in her whole body and just wants to sleep. She feels ill all the time. She hardly manages to do anything, has poor memory, heart palpitations, stabbing pain in her chest, and sometimes has breathing difficulties. She often has headaches and now has a poor appetite. She gets tired just by going to the toilet. She can’t walk or cycle any particular distance – her legs go weak and lose feeling. She is bedridden most of the time......The nurse who administered Gardasil against my daughter’s will came to our home and contacted us several times. She told us they were extremely afraid that we could scare other children about taking the vaccine and that we MUST NOT mention the vaccine in connection with our daughter being ill.

[2015 Dec. Norway] Gardasil: Hanging on to Hope  Maria (18) has been seriously ill for five years after receiving the HPV vaccine.  When she was 12 years old the Norwegian girl, Maria Lysaker Wennersberg, received the HPV vaccine at school. In April 2015 she was diagnosed with POTS which is suspected to be a serious side effect from the vaccine.   Most of the time the 18-year-old from Mysen, Norway is bedridden. Sometimes she faints daily. She has lost five important years of her adolescent life and has not been able to attend school for the past four and a half years.  Maria, who was formerly active in sports and played baseball, soccer and practiced skiing in winter, now has to be pushed in a wheelchair from her bed into the living room.  On the table is a delicious spread of sandwiches her mom, Rita Lysaker, has made. Maria eats nothing. Most types of food, including sweet and fatty food make her nauseous.  She struggles enormously with her concentration.   ‘But the worst are the fainting spells. I can’t get up from sitting to a standing position without fainting. My pulse accelerates from 50 to 150 in a snap. I can often feel it coming in advance. It begins with blurred vision and then suddenly everything goes black.’ says the 18-year-old.

[2015 Dec] 'Craft Intl mercenaries carried out San Bernardino shooting'

[2014] The C-Section Risk No One Is Talking About

"The mind control capabilities of ULF waves were discovered during a rash of suicides in Medford, Oregon in the early 1970s. University of North Carolina’s head of toxicology Dr. David Fraser assembled a team who detected ULF waves emanating from a US Air Force Base near Medford (now closed), altering biochemistry to induce severe depression and psychological volatility in the population at large, thereby increasing regional suicide rates. The researchers questioned the base commander who implicated the Russians, then the following day the signals ceased, and later still Fraser and his team were forced into silence by death threats from several CIA agents.   Permanent ultra low- frequency mind control installations have been built beneath Colorado’s new Denver International Airport, while Masonic dedications and symbolism adorn the entire airport with runways laid out in the pattern of a Nazi swastika clearly visible from the air (above, left). The subterranean facility below the airport has been constructed using giant wave-contoured steel beams designed specifically for the purpose of manipulating human consciousness via infrasound. On June 18, 2002 the ULF output of standing waves from the Denver Int’l Airport was of sufficient amplitude to be recorded by Doppler radar as concentric circles (at 16:33 UTC, presented above, right).13 On February 16, 2007, infrasound resonance at the DIA shattered 13 airplane windshields.14 Crucial facts rule out cold, wind and flying debris as possible causes - no debris was seen by any of the pilots, and the various airplanes were damaged in the air, on the DIA runway and at the terminal gates –all during a narrow timeframe."   Alexander Putney, "Veil of Invisibility"   [Veil of Invisibility]

Veil of Invisibility  Exposed are the details of the 'Bush family' fortune having been illegally generated by George Scherf Sr. using the alias Prescott Bush, spying for Hitler and profiting by his Silesian Steel Company's use of Nazi slave labor in addition to the alleged $1.5m sale of UBC shares. However, despite the decision of chief investigator of the Office of Alien Property Custodian to seize the assets of UBC, Nazi war-profits were silently returned to the shareholders after public attention had been diverted. Diversion techniques have since become a hallmark of counter-intelligence practices. The cover-up activities of the FBI have also been documented by the Treasury Department, who cooperated fully in the obstruction of justice:

    In 1943, six months after the seizure of UBC and its related companies, a government investigator noted in a Treasury Department memo dated April 8, 1943 that the FBI had inquired about the status of any investigation into Bush and the Harrimans.

    How could it be that 'Prescott Bush's' Nazi war profits were silently returned to him? How could 'Bush' escape his treason charges and later win the political office of Senator of Connecticut in 1954? How could his son and his grandson both become US Presidents despite such massive treason on public record?

    Documents buried in the US National Archives include a portion of the 1934 report of the Congressional Committee Report revealing a fascist plot to assassinate FDR in a paramilitary coup that had been coordinated through a Nazi front organization called the American Liberty League. Retired US General Smedley Butler testified before the Committee that he was asked by JP Morgan's agent, Gerald C. Maguire, to lead "500,000 super-soldiers... [to become] an Assistant President." Butler quoted Maguire: "You know the American people will swallow that. We have got the newspapers. We will start a campaign that the President's health is failing [before assassinating him]..."12 While Butler was surprised to find that the Committee's Report had omitted the names of the plot's financiers, JP Morgan and Dupont among others, the Committee's successful cover-up had been orchestrated by Nazi agent George Scherf, Sr. - as a key component of a much larger set of Nazi operations involving the manipulation of the elite sector of fascist industrial tycoons and international bankers.

    General Butler's exposure of the details of the fascist coup was buried by the newspapers


[vid] Flat Earth: New Proof!!! Impossible Radio Transmissions

[pdf  2015 Nov] PARIS ‘BOMB’ CODES for Friday the 13th of November 2015 . . . 11-13-15 by Greg Hallett

[vid 2015 Dec] The Hidden King of England - Paris Bomb Codes Part 1 - Greg Hallett with Dr Jim Fetzer, 5 Dec 2015

[vid 2015 Dec] The Hidden King of England - Paris Bomb Codes Part 2 - Greg Hallett with Dr Jim Fetzer, 5 Dec 2015

[2015 Dec] Is the Gardasil Vaccine Killing 1 out of every 733 Healthy Adolescents?   40 deaths out of 29,323 study participants is 1 death for every 733 subjects.  Merck wants you to believe this is normal and “consistent” with what is “expected in healthy adolescent and adult populations.”  In what universe does 1 out of every 733 healthy adolescents and young adults suddenly drop dead?  (So much for that “1 in a Million” has a serious adverse reaction crap.)


[2015 Dec. Book] Vaccination Policy and the U.K. Government: The Untold Truth by Christina A. England & Lucija Tomljenovic PhD

[2015 Dec] Angus Files and John Stone Speak at Public Petitions Committee - Scottish Parliament

Shocking 1944 British government letter

[FDA] Complete List of Vaccines Licensed for Immunization and Distribution in the US

Bark, MD, Dr. Toni

How Baking Soda Can Reverse Gray Hair and End Erectile Dysfunction.

Rare Look At Iran in the 1960s and 1970s (35 Pics)

Churchill foresaw and condoned massacres of Sudeten Germans

FRANKIE BOYLE commenting on parliament's gleeful decision to bomb Syria. Concerning Hilary Benn's speech he says ' I think it's worth remembering that if you say something and Tories start cheering, then you have said something awful.'


[2014] ZIONISM and WAHHABISM: The Twin Cancers Destroying the Middle East (And Their Veiled Origins)…

[vid] Monsanto Lobbyist Claims Roundup Is Safe To Drink – Refuses To Drink

[2015 Dec] Donald Trump wants to ban the internet, will ask Bill Gates to ‘close it up’

[2015 Dec] Face The Truth: Saudi Arabia – Muslims Biggest Enemy

"I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I was educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public. But seeing right now within the last months how the German and American media tries to bring war to the people in Europe, to bring war to Russia — this is a point of no return and I’m going to stand up and say it is not right what I have done in the past, to manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia, and it is not right what my colleagues do and have done in the past because they are bribed to betray the people, not only in Germany, all over Europe."  World Class Journalist Spills The Beans & Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake

[2015 Dec] The Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary ‘Told Destroy Vaccine Files’

[2015 Nov] Scientist Who Discovered GMOs Cause Tumors in Rats Wins Landmark Defamation Lawsuit in Paris

[2015] India Permits Free Energy Technology Despite Threats From UK, US, Saudi Arabia

[2015 Nov] Hilary Benn calls for cooperation and engagement with Israel

MSF or Doctors Without Borders

Tim Anderson author of The Dirty War on Syria explains western imperialist venture in Syria is NOT a civil war

[2015 Dec] Busted! BBC and CIA Caught Staging Phony Syrian Gas Attack in 2013, use “crisis actors”     Video report should lead to treason and war crimes prosecutions for BBC personnel and their backers in Whitehall and Washington.  In 2013, Veterans Today, working closely with RT in Russia and our staff in the Republic of Georgia led by Jeffrey Silverman former US Army chemical weapons expert, caught the US, Ukraine and Turkey smuggling sarin gas into Syria to be used on civilians.   In a concurrent Press TV investigation, their correspondent Serena Shim was murdered by Turkish intelligence officers after she actually caught them transiting the Syrian border from Turkey with the WMDs.  Now Russia Today brings us conclusive proof that Britain and the United States tried to push for a war with Syria and Russia by staging chemical attacks inside ISIS controlled Syria using altered video and paid crisis actors. 
    There is now also conclusive evidence that real sarin gas attacks were staged in Syria as well with full American complicity and knowledge at the CIA and Pentagon but not the White House.
    Sources in Washington tell us that when President Obama learned of the American ploy which killed hundreds of Syrian civilians, he ordered the US to “cleanse” the chemical and bio-weapons facility, the “Lugar Lab” in Tbilisi, Georgia.  During this “cleansing process,” VT gained access to the facility and witnessed transit of WMD equipment to US planes prior to an inspection by Russian media.


Trump Takes The Kosher Seal

Trump’s Deck Of Jewish Cards

[2015] Interesting points made about Vitamin K at birth by a brilliant pediatrician who remains anonymous:

[vid] Let Us Spray {Full version} Monday 23rd October 2006     Published on 3 Jan 2014. Ivan Watkins Dow, Paritutu, New plymouth, New Zealand.  For years Successive NZ Governments have denied there is a generational effect from exposure to 245t 24d and the by products of dioxins. 44 Million Litres of 245t/24d sprayed in Vietnam & 20 Million Litres sprayed in New Zealand, they next highest user.

Mao's Monstrous Record Has Been Suppressed (Dec. 7, 2015)


BUSTED! San Bernadino shooters were three white men dressed in military attire

Busted! BBC and CIA Caught Staging Phony Syrian Gas Attack in 2013, use "crisis actors"

San Bernardino Shooting Hoax - Anderson Cooper Inteviews Young Crisis Actor

Who Owns ISIS?

[2015 Aug] DO NOT SIGN the Refusal to Vaccinate form!

[2015 Dec] The Gorebridge Story by Andrew Hennessey

[2015 Dec] Coca-Cola’s spin doctor quits after emails leaked

[2015 Dec] HPV vaccine case study: 'Shannon is ruined and we're filled with guilt for giving consent' - mum


[2015 Jan] Judges demand answers after children die in controversial cancer vaccine trial in India 

Dead Muslims in San Bernadino Hoax are Dummies Not Humans

Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (Book)


[2015 Dec] The Zionist War on Terror Creates More Terror

[2015 Nov] The Paris Attacks - À quoi bon? by Christopher Bollyn

The Birth Certificate — The Evidence of the Crime Against Your Life

"You do the standard of care, give chemo and people die, it's OK.  If you don't do the standard of care and people live, that is not OK.  It is politically incorrect."  ~  Dr Rashid Buttar DO [2015 Oct vid] Episode 1: The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly

“The present system is one of conscious cruelty....It bears down on those least able to bear it. The bureaucratic inefficiency is vindictive and hunger is being used as a weapon. People are being forced to look for work that doesn’t exist.” ~ Ken Loach

[2015 Dec] The Secret of Hanukah: Jewish Supremacism   Today, Dec. 6 is the first day of Hanukkah. It is the reason society has abandoned Christmas celebration of Jesus and the Gospel of Love and instead celebrates the neutered "holidays". Hanukah is all about Jewish narcissism. Christians should regard it as a reminder of a veiled tyranny.

Elkordy, Sallie:  Here are some of the 300 interviews I have conducted with parents of vaccine injured and dead children which I use to persuade parents not to vaccinate their children.  Will you share this EVIDENCE to educate and awaken parents to VACCINE REALITIES so that their children will not suffer as so many of ours have?  Thank you, *Sallie (an asterisk indicates that a family member's vaccine injury resulted in premature death, either immediately or eventually).   Pictured is my sister Mary Bess whose cause of severe mental retardation was not uncovered until I was 50 years old (and my mother 86).  Now that's what I call, "A SECRET"!

[2015 Dec] Children harmed by jabs face cuts in compensation

Benn, Hilary

[2015 vid] Turkey, Syria and the Kurdish Question - The Eyeopener


[2015 vid] Why Did They Pass a Law That Makes Staged Hoaxes & Crisis-Acted Movies Legal?

Jewish Ritual Murder – Chicago, 1955

Jewish Ritual Murder by Arnold Leese

[2014] Current Levels of Aluminum in the Childhood Vaccines.


At 4 A.M. on the 29th of April 1945, Adolf Hitler made the following written statement..

"It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939.

It was wanted and provoked solely by international statesman either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests... Nor have I ever wished that, after the appalling First World War, there would ever be a second against either England or America."

The following are a list of statements made by others, thus PROVING that he was telling THE TRUTH.!

"Hitler will have no war (does not want war), but we will force it on him, not this year, but soon."

-Jewish Emil Ludwig Cohn in Les Annales, 1934

"The millions of Jews who live in America, England and France, North and South Africa, and, do not forget those in palestine, are determined to bring the war of annihilation against Germany to its final end."

-Central Blad Voor Israeliten in Nederland (September 13, 1939)

"Before the end of the year, an economic block of England, Russia, France and the U.S.A. will be formed to bring the German and italian economic systems to their knees."

-Paul Dreyfus, La Vie de Tanger (May 15, 1938)

"It is our task to organize the moral and cultural blockade of germany and disperse this nation.

It is up to us to start a merciless war."

-Bernard Lechache in The Right to Live (December 1938)

An experience in vaccine reaction cover ups.

[2015 pdf] 40 MPs on guest list for arms dealers dinner in London

The 66 Labour MPs who voted for bombing in Syria

Interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD, 11/22/15   QUOTE "Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD is a Biochemist and worked as a government scientist for many years developing viruses and vaccinations.

In 2011, when she made a horrifying discovery that was contaminating all vaccinations, she presented her data to government officials and was threatened and told to destroy all her data.

When she did not, she was jailed, her career systematically destroyed, and a gag order put in place for 4 years threatening that if she spoke out she would be thrown back in jail.

That gag order has just lifted, and she's dumped the Government right in it!

She speaks about how autism is associated with vaccines, also cancers, chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimers, auto immune diseases, allergies and more.

She discusses how the cocktail of vaccinations pumped into babies mutate to develop months and years down the track into new viruses, cancers and diseases, some they don't even know about yet.

She explains how the viruses injected through vaccines tear open our DNA and insert their own DNA to mutate our genetic makeup and be passed on generation after generation."


Judy Mikovits



[2014 vid cannabis] Message to the World from Brave Mykayla  Brave Mykayla Comstock was diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2012, when she was only 7. Chemotherapy didnt work like it was supposed to, instead we chose an alternate route for her- It worked...Will you help her change the world?

[2015 vid] Sharon Kelly: Cannabis Killed My Terminal Stage IV Lung Cancer(Original Video)

''I work as a nurse in the ER. Over the past few months I have personally cared for 4 febrile seizures in kids. All were 12-13 months old. All with no prior medical history. All were given vaccines within that week. The last one was a few days ago. I was talking to co-workers about the flawed science of vaccines and the alarming lack of proof that it prevents disease (Disney outbreak in California for example spread to vaccinated and non alike). As some looked at me horrified, as I don't vaccinte my kids and refuse to take the flu shot even at the risk of being fired, another febrile seizure came in. The parents had just vaccinated their previously healthy kid that day. The Dr and nurses of course told the parents they have no idea what caused the seizure. They asked me if it was the vaccines. I told them yes. I read literature from a neurologist who said that vaccines cause such a large immune response that even the Cetral Nervous System releases Cytokines that then essentially kill its own brain tissue. The kid unfortunately looked brain dead. Not sure of the outcome as I was off my shift before dispo. I told the nurses that of all the febrile seizure patients I've cared for and know of, they have all been vaccinated kids around the time of injection. Has any one had febrile seizure issues with non-vaccinated kids?''

"A common misconception is that the “anti vaccination” crowd does not understand science. Truth is, a large portion of the “anti vaccination” crowd are scientists, PhD’s, and professors. “Anti-vaccination” movements are backed by a tremendous amount of science, just as is the “pro-vaccination” movement. But at the end of the day, there is really no need for these types of segregatory labels. It’s best to examine the science from a place of complete neutrality. Often, our beliefs about vaccines prevent us from doing this. "

- Dr. Theresa Deisher, PhD Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Stanford University


Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.

- W. Clement Stone

[2014] FDA approved Gardasil 9: Malfeasance or Stupidity? By Norma Erickson

[2015 Nov] The Diary of Anne & Otto Frank!   Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: For decades those who questioned the authenticity of Anne Frank’s diary have been castigated as vile holocaust deniers and anti-Semitic bigots. Jewish organisations have taken pains to defy any attempt to interfere with the Anne Frank legacy. Surprise, it is now the holders of the copyright to Anne Frank’s diary who insist that Anne wasn’t the only author of her own diary. Apparently, as some history revisionists, including Robert Faurisson, have been claiming for years; “The Diary of Anne Frank” was not what it claimed to be.  What caused the sudden change in attitude to Anne’s masterpiece?  Shekels. The Diary Of Anne Frank’s copyright is due to expire in Jan, 70 years after the author’s death in Bergen-Belsen. Adding Otto Frank as a co-author would allow the copyright royalties to continue until 2050 (Otto Frank died in 1980). We are dealing here with a substantial amount of mammon. After all, the diary is the best selling Jewish book, it is way more popular than the Talmud, the Torah or even Herzl’s The Jewish State .  This shameless shift in narrative provides another opportunity to delve into the elastic nature of Jewish history and its minimal regard for truth or authenticity. Once enough money is involved, we change the past to fit with our emerging narrative.   

[2015] A Nurse's Story ~ "I have seen the cover up."   For all the cases I've seen, I have NEVER seen any medical provider report them to VAERS. I have filed VAERS reports. But I am the ONLY nurse I have EVER met that files VAERS reports. I also have NEVER met a doctor that filed a VAERS report.....The number one place parents bring their kids in the event of a vaccine reaction is the E.R., and as an E.R. staffer, I have NEVER met anyone who filed one, in spite of seeing hundreds of cases of obvious vaccine associated harm come through. What does that say about reported numbers? The CDC/HHS admits that VAERS is under-reported, and probably only representative of 1/10th the actual number of injuries. I contest that, and from personal experience, I would say the numbers in VAERS are more like 1/1000th the actual numbers, not 1/10th.

[2015 Oct] Expert witness on “shaken baby syndrome” faces misconduct charge

[2010 vid] WiFi in schools proven dangerous

[2015 Nov] Large Military Exercise Took Place On Same Day As Paris Attacks

[2015 Oct] Sanofi, Hanmi seal diabetes licence deal for up to $4.2 billion

[vid] The Uncanny Valley and Art Making as Forging Evidence In the New World Order

[2015 Nov] Doctors Earn $3.5 Billion in Kickbacks from Pharmaceutical Companies

[2015 Nov] Big Pharma’s Adderall Is Basically Crystal Meth, Says Dr. Carl Hart

[vid 2015] Meth & Adderall are the same drug & other drug facts

[vid] The Scandal of Schizophrenia  "Schizophrenia is a fake disease and psychiatry is fraudulent medicine." John Modrow

Richard Dawkins & Evil~Lucion (VIDEO): True Story of the Smashing of the Human / Dinosaur Footprints

[vid] Evil LuCion: An OCCULT Science Experiment. A Wicked Science Video.

Minutes from the following UK Committee meetings: ARVI, BPA, CSM, JCVI, PHLS

[2103] David Attenborough - Humans are plague on Earth

[2011 vid] Powerful Profile of a Flu Vaccine Victim

[2015] Excipients Included in U.S. Vaccines, by Vaccine  This table includes not only vaccine ingredients (e.g., adjuvants and preservatives), but also substances used during the manufacturing process, including vaccine-production media, that are removed from the final product and present only in trace quantities.  In addition to the substances listed, most vaccines contain Sodium Chloride (table salt).

[2015 Nov] Think India should be grateful for colonialism? Here are five reasons why you're unbelievably ignorant

[2015 Oct vid] Episode 1: The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly

[1998] Marijuana and Sex: A Classic Combination

An Interesting Implant Experience


[2006] Chasing Phantoms. Personal experiences, observations and theories into the abduction and mind control phenomena by Carissa Conti

[2015 Nov. Eire] Worried parents claim daughters have been seriously injured by cervical cancer vaccine

Banners, photos (Celebrity sanitising Psychopathy)

[2015 Nov] Indiana Baby Dies in His Sleep Days After Receiving 6 Vaccine Doses

[2015 Nov] Bodies of murdered Palestinians are being returned by israel with organs missing  The Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations (UN) says the Tel Aviv regime is harvesting the organs of Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli forces in the occupied territories.  Riyad Mansour said in a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday that the bodies of the Palestinians killed by Israeli forces are “returned with missing corneas and other organs, further confirming past reports about organ harvesting by the occupying power.”  “A medical examination conducted on bodies of Palestinians returned after they were killed by the occupying power found that they were missing organs,” Mansour wrote in the letter.

[2015 May] A family destroyed: Six-month-old dies after clinic injects baby with 13 vaccines at once without mother's informed consent

“Since the end of the war about 3,000,000 people, mostly women and children and overaged men, have been killed in eastern Germany and south-eastern Europe; about 15,000,000 people have been deported or had to flee from their homesteads and are on the road. About 25 per cent of these people, over 3,000,000 have died. About 4,000,000 men and women have been deported to eastern Europe and Russia as slaves. It seems that the elimination of the German population of eastern Europe – at least 15,000,000 people – was planned in accordance with decisions made at Yalta.” Senator Homer Capehart in a speech before U.S. Senate, Feb. 5, 1946.

[2014] A Mother’s Anguish

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

[2015] So . . . It Turns Out Cancer Can Be Killed After All


Hallucinogen Honey

[2015 Oct] DeStefano Rides Again: GSK Rotavirus Vaccine Study Loses 80% Of Cases And 18 Deaths by John Stone

[2015 Nov] Court told of ‘horrendous adverse effects’ of HPV vaccine Fiona Kirby claims her daughter needs permanent care after receiving Gardasil

[2015 Nov. Eire] Mother: Gardasil disabled my child  Fiona Kirby, Kilbeggan, Co Westmeath, is a member of a new parents’ support group Reaction and Effects of Gardasil Resulting in Extreme Trauma (Regret) for those who claim their teenage girls became ill after getting the vaccine. Ms Kirby, a nurse, is seeking a High Court order looking for the withdrawal of the license for the Gardasil HPV vaccine which is currently being offered to 11- to 16-year-old girls as a possible cervical cancer preventative.

[2015 Oct] HPV Vaccines: Freda Birrell Addresses Scottish Petitions Committee

[2015 April] HPV Vaccines: A Danish Documentary

[2015] Everything We Have Been Taught About Our Origins Is A Lie

[2015 Oct] MRI drugs leave toxic heavy metal residue in the brain

[2015 Oct] Too many antibiotics may be making kids fatter

[2015 Nov] Crippled by statins: Cholesterol-busting drugs left David in a wheelchair - but doctors insisted he keep taking them 

[2015 Nov] “HPV Vaccine Has Done This to My Child”  “I’ve just carried Briar out of the bath as her legs keep collapsing, this is the amount of pain she is in after pain killers, that her pain feels like a ‘big knife’ in her legs, just over a year ago she could do all this, have a bath, play sport, just basically have a life, then the HPV vaccine happened and she can’t do a thing, this is her life and this is the part nobody sees. I didn’t want to cause her more pain but I wanted to show what her life is now.”

UK nuclear weapons privatisation

[2015 Oct] Recovering from my Gardasil Nightmare


[2015 Oct] British MP: Israel Fabricated Knife Attack Stories, Conservative Party Influenced By ‘Jewish Money’  "There is now a big group of Conservative members of Parliament who are pro-Israel whatever government does and they are not interested in what Israel, in what the Israeli government does."

[2014] Baby deaths not caused by Shenzhen firm's hepatitis B vaccine, say officials  Mainland health authorities do not believe hepatitis B vaccinations played a role in the deaths of 17 infants.

[2015 May. Book] Medicine Beyond: Startling New Dimensions Of Health and Healing For The Future by Keith Scott-Mumby

[2015 Oct] ‘Cannabis Cafe’ To Open In Manchester Selling Medical Marijuana

[Pediatrics. February 2004] Age at First Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccination in Children With Autism and School-Matched Control Subjects: A Population-Based Study in Metropolitan Atlanta. Frank DeStefano, Tanya Karapurkar Bhasin, William W. Thompson, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, Coleen Boyle

[vid] Dr Robert Mendelsohn on How to Talk to Your Doctor

[vid] How to stay healthy spite of your doctor - Dr Robert Mendelsohn MD 2/2

[2004] Merrill W. Chase, 98, Scientist Who Advanced Immunology  Dr. Merrill W. Chase, an immunologist whose research on white blood cells helped undermine the longstanding belief that antibodies alone protected the body from disease and micro-organisms

"Dr Hooker published the real findings, a 340% increase in autism for boys receiving the MMR vaccine on time compared to those receiving it later. Thirteen years and tens of thousands of children later....Dr Stefano, Dr Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, Dr Coleen Boyle, they knew and they let it happen, and they could have stopped it." ~ Dr Wakefield

Why the Middle Class Can't Survive the Female-Headed Household

[2013 vid] AIDS Does Not Exist: African-AIDS a 30 year old Myth

[2015 Oct] Elderly Man with Terminal Cancer Walks Out of Hospice after Treatment with Cannabis Oil  “After nine months of taking two different forms of cannabis oil, one, a cannabis capsule infused with organic coconut oil around 10:30am and high THC oil about an hour before bed, dad was given the life changing report, ”No evidence of recurrent disease”.


[2014] U.S. Government and Top Mexican Drug Cartel Exposed as Partners

[2015 Oct] My daughter is suffering after HPV vaccination, says Grantham mum

[2015 May] Doctors Gave Him 48 Hours To Live

[2014] Did social workers take this middle class family's adored child to meet adoption targets? Four-year-old boy was torn from loving mother at hospital even though no one had hurt him

[vid oct 2015] Fiona Barnett Witnessed Child Abuse And Murder Involving 3 Former Australian Prime Ministers!

[vid] Disney Illuminati Satanism & Sex symbols Exposed

[2010] Jesus was NOT a Jew --Benjamin Freedman


“No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.”  ref

[2015 Oct] Shaken Baby Syndrome or Death by Vaccine? Doctor Speaks Out…by Christina England and Michael Innis, MD

[2003] The SARS Epidemic: Are Viruses Taking the Rap for Industrial Poisons? by Jim West

[2015 July] Official science: the grand illusion for all robots by Jon Rappoport  “Government science exists because it is a fine weapon to use, in order to force an agenda of control over the population. We aren’t talking about knowledge here. Knowledge is irrelevant. .... In this case, they make their roads and fences out of data, and they massage and invent the data out of thin air to suit their purposes. After all, they also invent money out of thin air.   Totalitarian science lets you know you’re living in a totalitarian society.  The government, the press, the mega-corporations, the prestigious foundations, the academic institutions, the “humanitarian” organizations say:  “This is the disease. This is its name. This is what causes it. This is the drug that treats it. This is the vaccine that prevents it.  “This is how accurate diagnosis is done. These are the tests. These are the possible results and what they mean.

Herd Immunity: The Foundational Lie of the Forced Vaccination Agenda, Part One By Michael Gaeta, DAc, MS, CDN

“We find that at present the human race is divided into one wise man, nine knaves, and ninety fools out of every hundred. That is, by an optimistic observer. The nine knaves assemble themselves under the banner of the most knavish among them, and become 'politicians'; the wise man stands out, because he knows himself to be hopelessly outnumbered, and devotes himself to poetry, mathematics, or philosophy; while the ninety fools plod off under the banners of the nine villains, according to fancy, into the labyrinths of chicanery, malice and warfare...."

[2015 April] Vaccines cause autism, says confidential document from corrupt drug company  Autism is listed in this chart as a nervous system and mental impairment disorder associated with receiving GSK's Infanrix hexa vaccine.

[2015 Oct] THE DARK SIDE OF PRENATAL ULTRASOUND Jeanice Barcelo, author of "Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine," interviewed on the Crazz files about her forthcoming book -- "The Truth About Ultrasound." Adam and Garth Crabb do an excellent job of asking questions and providing their own insights into this dangerous technology now being used as a weapon against Mankind to attack and alter incoming children while they are still in the womb.

[2015] Mother forced by judge to hand her baby to gay father wins the right to tell her story  A mother whose baby was removed on the orders of a judge and given to a gay couple has won the right to tell her story in a victory for free speech.  The woman was left devastated by the judge’s decision earlier this year – and was then banned from giving her side of the story by a draconian court order.  Justice Alison Russell ruled in April that the mother should not be allowed to keep her 15-month-old child after an alleged surrogacy deal she had struck with two gay men – one of whom is the biological father – broke down.  The judge declared that the mother was ‘homophobic’ and had tried to smear the gay father. She also accused the woman of breastfeeding her daughter in a way calculated to ‘frustrate’ contact between the child and her father. But yesterday another High Court judge overturned the decision to gag the mother after she mounted a legal challenge – and described the order as ‘unusually restrictive’.  During the hearing, Justice James Holman appeared shocked by the severity of the order issued by Ms Justice Russell.   As well as gagging the mother, she had also ruled that the Press could not identify the mother or her child or report anything other than her judgment.

[2013] Beware: PSA prostate cancer screening test is a dangerous hoax, warns discoverer of prostate specific antigen

[2015 Oct] Medical Doctor Sells Practice, Opens Up “Farmacy” Using Food as Medicine

[2015 Oct] Political Prisoner Dies In US Jail For Protesting Taxation

[2015 Sept] Statin scam exposed: Cholesterol drugs cause rapid aging, brain damage and diabetes

[2010] Vinegar and honey cured my crippling arthritis, says delighted organist

[2010] My excruciating arthritis was cured in two weeks... by cider vinegar


[2012] Medical terrorism in Michigan? Parents forced by the state to poison their child with cancer-causing chemicals

[2015 Oct] Lawsuit: Your Candy Bar Was Made By Child Slaves

"Pediatric oncologists are some of the most evil, unethical, and downright criminal minds you will find in the medical system today."  ~

[2013 vid] Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmoreCollege

[2014] Mayan People’s Movement Defeats Monsanto Law in Guatemala

[2015 Oct] U.S. airstrike on Afghan hospital was not a mistake, MSF head says

[2015 Oct] UK government admits swine flu vaccine causes brain damage, awards compensation to 60 families  One child injured by the vaccine is Josh Hadfield, an 8-year-old boy from Somerset. His parents say he is now on anti-narcolepsy drugs that cost £15,000 (more than $22,500) a year, just to help him remain awake during his school day."If you make him laugh, he collapses. His memory is shot. There is no cure. He says he wishes he hadn't been born. I feel incredibly guilty about letting him have the vaccine," his mother, Caroline Hadfield, 43, told IBT.

''Hell is empty and the devils are here."  ~  William Shakespeare

[2015 Oct] Is Your Unborn Baby Part of a Vaccine Experiment? by Christina England

[vid] Emergency birth proves the Earth is FLAT  "The flights remain an interesting aspect of the Flat Earth.  Here is a story of a woman unexpectedly delivering a baby while en route from Los Angeles to Bali. The pilot makes an emergency landing in..............Alaska.   On a ball Earth this is next to impossible, it would involved a detour of thousands of miles. On the Flat Earth (see below), it's en route.   Recently, a friend of mine told his brother about the Flat Earth. The brother is a pilot with Dutch carrier KLM. His first reaction was of course to reject the notion out of hand.  But then he said he was always wondering about his Amsterdam-San Francisco flights: he was coming in from more or less the North, while a ball Earth map suggests he should come in from the East. On the Flat Earth, entering San Francisco from the North is to be expected."

182 Parents Share Why They Will Never Vaccinate Again

[2015 Oct] Second Ebola nurse now crashing into critical condition after CDC-controlled media falsely proclaimed her 'cured' by toxic pharmaceuticals

[2015 March] Ebola nurse Nina Pham used as PR pawn, damaged by experimental medications

[2015 Oct] Second Ebola nurse now crashing into critical condition after CDC-controlled media falsely proclaimed her 'cured' by toxic pharmaceuticals

[2015 Oct] Father of dead DWU student says son was vaccinated

[2015 Oct] How thousands of dolphins die for your cheap tuna sarnie: 98% of canned fish sold by John West are caught by methods which indiscriminately kill other marine life  The hypocrisy is breathtaking — and the cruelty and suffering unimaginable. The Whale And Dolphin Conservation charity estimates that up to 300,000 dolphins die in nets each year.  As Susan Casey, author of a disturbing new book on the way we treat dolphins, says, there are many ‘piratical’ fishing operators, ‘none of whom give a damn about them’.

The largest brains are those of sperm whales, weighing about 8 kg (18 lb). An elephant's brain weighs just over 5 kg (11 lb), a bottlenose dolphin's 1.5 to 1.7 kg (3.3 to 3.7 lb), whereas a human brain is around 1.3 to 1.5 kg (2.9 to 3.3 lb).

SUPPORT suffocation experiment  Medical researchers in 23 U.S. hospitals, led by the University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital, not far from Tuskegee, deliberately restricted from 2005 to 2009 the oxygen breathing help for half of the 1316 premature babies enrolled in their SUPPORT suffocation experiment; they thereby predictably killed 23 “extra” babies in their low-oxygen group.

[2015] Bernie Sanders, who could get further than any Jewish candidate for president, has just opened up about his Jewishness

American History Myths Debunked: Columbus Discovered America

American History Myths Debunked: Columbus Might Have Been Jewish—And Other Unknown Facts

7 Myths and Atrocities of Christopher Columbus That Will Make You Cringe

[2015 Oct vid] Episode 1: The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly

[2015 Oct] Boy’s sight ruined by antibiotic drug

[2013] Bizarre moment CNN anchors unsuccessfully try to pretend they are not in the same parking lot


De. Sebi


[2015 Jan] We Need to Talk About Kevin Sabet  So I’ve lost some faith in the idea that Kevin is a money-driven opportunist who latched on to the anti-pot movement because he saw a gap in the market. Unfortunately the alternative is, if anything, even more disquieting.

[vid Ireland] Paschal Mooney - HPV vaccine - October 8 2015   ‘Girls Confined To Beds, In Psychiatric Units’ Due To HPV Vaccine

[2015 Sept Paxil] Researchers said a popular antidepressant was safe for teens. It was actually deadly.

[1995] Modern art was CIA 'weapon'   Revealed: how the spy agency used unwitting artists such as Pollock and de Kooning in a cultural Cold War

The Tate Murders were Faked.

HUGE Scandal – Chelsea isn’t Bill Clinton’s Daughter?

Bombshell Report Details EVERY Clinton Sex Assault Victim

Hawkins, Stephen

McDougall, John, M.D.



[vid 2015 Aug] Kid Heals Stage 4 Cancer with Raw Food   In this video, I speak with Jared, who healed from Stage 4 Cancer naturally. Jared was told that he only had 6 months to live, and that was over one year ago! Chemo almost killed him, so he stopped that, went on a juice fast to heal naturally and cleared the cancer.

Since he is a minor, it was difficult for him and his parents to go against the medical system’s prescription for chemo. However, since his mom had quit her job to be with her “dying” son, she no longer had medical insurance. Therefore, the hospital system finally let him go without question, because there was no money to be taken. However, they found another way to give this family grief… Check out his story here!

FAMILY GUY - Boston Marathon and Robin Williams Predictive Programming Pandemonium!!!

[2015 Sept] 'It was an amazing moment': Social worker gloats on Facebook over breaking up a family and revelling in the 'massive rollicking' the judge gave the parents 

[2010] Sir Liam’s Skeleton: the UK Department of Health Fabricates Flu Deaths to Boost Vaccination

[2015 April] Rx warning: Possible side effects from some antibiotics  In June, SONAR filed a citizen petition with the Food and Drug Administration regarding fluoroquinolones, a class of drug that includes the powerful antibiotics Levaquin and Cipro. Bennett wants “possible mitochondrial toxicity” and “serious psychiatric events” added to the drugs’ black box labels — the most prominent warning label required by the FDA.  SONAR has gathered testimony from thousands of patients all across the country, patients who experienced muscle weakness, chronic fatigue, cardiomyopathy, hearing loss, developmental disorders, severe depression or nerve damage after taking Levaquin and related drugs.

[vid 2011] 371 - Immunity, Infectious Disease, and Vaccination - Raymond Obomsawin  

[2015] Vaccine Hocus-Pocus Dramatically Blown Out Of The Water 

[FB] Gadolinium Toxicity Illnesses

[2013] Parents' social service hell after one anonymous letter : Judge attacks Baby P council for 'knee-jerk' abuse investigation

[2015 Sept] If a mainstream reporter told the truth the pillars of reality would crumble by Jon Rappoport  To receive the full force of this hoax, you need to understand that so-called epidemics are very big business. Vaccine business. Pharma business. Government business. When those governments announce an epidemic, the public believes. The belief is on the order of religious faith. It is also scientific faith. Once announced, there is no going back. These “epidemics” are, like major banks, too big to fail.  But Swine Flu did fail. Right out in the open. On the CBS News website. It was exposed as a grand hoax....The public is married to the whole idea of viruses. Viruses are embraced as basic seeds of medical reality. From those seeds bloom all sorts of unshakable facts about illness. Virus does this, virus causes that, prevent virus from taking hold with a shot—news about viruses is as commonplace and familiar as pots and pans are in kitchens. “Everybody knows about viruses.”  Of course, everybody doesn’t know about viruses, but they think they do.  And here is a case, Swine Flu, where what everybody knew as a fundamental fact of reality was wrong.  The virus wasn’t there.


Andrew Weil, M.D

[2015 Oct] Why Aren’t I Surprised that the Media Got it Wrong AGAIN?

[vid Oct 2015] NATIONAL HOAX AWARDS - Best Crisis Actor

National Institutes of Mental Health

[2015 Italy] 2-mth-old baby dies after vaccination

[2015 Feb] Feds award family $7.4 million over disabling vaccines  On June 22, 2011, Carolyn Schutte went to the Clay County Public Health Center in Liberty for a round of shots. She was preparing for a trip to Africa and received vaccinations for various diseases, including tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, and typhoid. Two days later, she was debilitated with permanent brain damage caused by encephalopathy. "The active lifestyle that we had before is over," said Jim Schutte, Carolyn Schutte's husband and now her guardian. "It's gone. We just have to make due with what's left."  The couple were once avid travelers.

[2015 Oct] $61 Million Dollar Settlement for a Child Injured by a Vaccine Negotiated by Attorneys at Maglio Christopher & Toale, PA  only hours after the baby received a routine diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccination, she started to have seizures, abnormal breathing, irregular heartbeats, and at 6:05am the next morning, her heart stopped completely. It took 6 minutes of CPR to revive her. She has spent that last 6 years of her life suffering from cognitive delays, cerebral palsy, encephalopathy, and seizure disorder. The family's attorneys say the $61 million dollar award will pay for the child's around the clock medical care for the rest of her life.

[2015 Oct] Bob Lobel: Medical marijuana saved me from addiction

[2009] Eli Lilly and Company Agrees to Pay $1.415 Billion to Resolve Allegations of Off-label Promotion of Zyprexa   $515 Million Criminal Fine Is Largest Individual Corporate Criminal Fine in History; Civil Settlement up to $800 Million

Nancy Babcock's album (231 vaccine deaths and injuries)


"Mankind has a natural predator, the psychopath, and this predator is invisible because there are no easily discernible markings that set him apart.....Early in the book, Łobaczewski describes his experiences in university where he first encountered the phenomenon. He went into the library to get some books on the question of psychopathy and found to his amazement that they had all been removed! This fact demonstrates a self-awareness of their difference amongst at least some of them, and in the case of Poland under communism, of those in a position of power highly enough placed to get books removed from the university library.....approximately 18% of any given population is active in the creation and imposition of a Pathocracy (or the attempt to create and impose same). The 6% group constitute the Pathocratic nobility and the 12% group forms the new bourgeoisie, whose economic situation is the most advantageous."--- Henry See, The Trick of the Psychopath's Trade: Make Us Believe that Evil Comes from Others




[vid] Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion

[vid] Simpsons/Trump

[2015 Sept] Who Towers Behind Trump?

[2015 Sept] Vaccine profiteer Paul Offit admits to fabricating lies about vaccine safety advocates   Offit reportedly made up a fictitious conversation he had with Seidel, painting her as a threatening and unreasonable person in an attempt to tarnish her reputation. This conversation never actually happened, of course, and Offit later settled a libel accusation, agreeing to issue an apology, correct the "error" in his book, and make a donation to an autism charity.

As well as finding that the negative results were not published, when Professor Kirsch combined the results from the published and unpublished trials, all brands of SSRIs showed up as little better than a placebo.  Even worse, Kirsch says that both the drugs companies and the U.S. regulators knew this, but chose to keep it from doctors and their patients.  He quotes an internal Federal Drug Administration memo saying it was 'of no practical value to patient or physician' to reveal that SSRIs are no better than placebos.  [2010] Lives destroyed by happy pills: As our use of antidepressants DOUBLES in a decade, experts say thousands are being given dangerous drugs they don't need

"My studies in this area lead me to a very uncomfortable conclusion: Our citizens would be far better off if we removed all the psychotropic drugs from the market, as doctors are unable to handle them. It is inescapable that their availability creates more harm than good."  - Peter Gøtzsche, MD;  Co-founder of the Cochrane Collaboration

[2013] Prozac and SSRIs: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary by Dr. David Healy

Autism Science Foundation

[vid] The Truth About the Dalai Lama

[2015 Jan] No Deaths from ANY Dietary Supplement, Zero Fatalities from Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Herbs, Homeopathic Remedies by Andrew W. Saul, Editor

[2013] Vitamin C and polio by Andrew W. Saul

[2015 Oct] INDIAN COURT TOLD RELEASING VACCINE DATA WOULD ALARM PUBLIC!  An Indian Rotavirus vaccine has been trialled in India. The results showed that the vaccine has a very high rate of intestinal telescoping (intussusception) which is much higher than the Rota vaccine that got banned internationally. What was more alarming was the trial data from a Medical College in Vellore, India, showing that the vaccine was causing 70 times more such adverse events than the currently licensed vaccine in India!

Dog vaccine reactions (Injection site cancers)

[2015 March] Heat pumps extract warmth from ice cold water

[2015 Sept] WHO ramps up HIV drug push with call for early treatment for all


BIG PHARMA'S KILL CHART (So you believe Big Brother doesn't exist?)

Droopy Eyelid


Vitamin Myth : "Your body doesn't absorb extra vitamin C. All you get from taking vitamin supplements is expensive urine."

Urine is what is left over after your kidneys purify your blood. If your urine contains extra vitamin C, that vitamin C was in your blood. If the vitamin was in your blood, you absorbed it just fine. Think about that.

You can swallow a marble (but please don't) and find it in the toilet bowl a couple of days later. That is because your food tube, or alimentary canal, is essentially just a hollow 25-foot hose connecting your mouth to your anus. That swallowed marble is "in" your body geographically, but it is not in your body the way your blood is. If you stick your finger through the hole of a donut, you might say your finger is "inside" the donut, but it is not in the donut the way the flour and sugar are, right? We can turn you upside down and shake you, and you'll probably barf up your most recent meal, maybe even that marble. Your blood won't come out of you, though. If something is in your blood, it is really in you, fully and utterly absorbed. And If it is in your urine, it had to have been in your blood first.

Standing at the base of the Hoover Dam looking up, you cannot tell how much water is behind it. However, by observing the overflow spillway, you can tell: if the spillway is dry and dusty, full of tumbleweeds, and foxes are making their dens, there has been a drought for some time, and the water level in the dam must be low. If enough water is pouring down the spillway for white-water rafting, the dam must be full. Wasting indicates fullness, just as a cup overflowing is truly a full cup. Urine spillage of vitamin C indicates that you have some to waste, then and there. It does not indicate bodily saturation; bowel tolerance (loose stool) indicates saturation. One takes just enough C to stay just below that level.

So take your C. Take enough and take it often.


In the film "Masks of Madness; Science of Healing," psychiatrist Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD says:

"Mental illness is usually biochemical illness. Mental illness is a disorder of brain dysfunction. Schizophrenia is vitamin B-3 (niacin) dependency. If schizophrenia strikes someone at age 25, he's finished. That is, if he's only given drugs. Patients are given drugs and released. The new mental hospital today is the streets."

"Niacin is probably not quite as safe as water, but pretty close to it. Patients ask me, 'How dangerous is niacin therapy?' I answer them, 'You are going to live a lot longer. Is that a problem for you?'

(Search Youtube for clips of the film)


''Vaccines are made by the drug industry.  You have to have fallen off the turnip truck just this morning to not know that the drug lords NEVER tell the truth about anything.  If you are at a meeting with anyone in the drug industry and they tell you that it is a bright sunny day outside and safe to go out, be prepared for the storm-of-the-century tearing the roofs off of buildings, a terrorist group in control of the street out front, the parking-lot-attendants have Ebola, and the free bottles of water they are handing out, as you leave, are full of psychotropic drugs designed to get you to sign a petition for mandatory vaccines on your way home.
    It gets worse - the very government agencies we set in place to protect us from the likes of Big Pharma are now their business partners.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is turning out to be, perhaps, the most corrupt (#CDCWhistleblower) federal agency in the history of the United States.  The Public Health Departments in every County, in every State, get the majority of their local job funding from CDC vaccine programs, which, in turn, are funded by Big Pharma.  Public Health agencies are about anything but public health - they are the sales force for the drug lords, and they don't have to stand on a street corner.

 Then there is the physical source - I am very surprised that no one in Autism Leadership has investigated exactly where vaccines are made, and under what conditions.  For me to say that "vaccines are scooped out of a free-flowing sewer in Bangladesh" is NOT far from the truth.  The reality is that 80% of all drugs sold in the US are made in China, and the other percentages are made in India and Bangladesh.  More - there are NO Quality Control measures set in place, either at the manufacturing source, nor once they enter the US.  I'd be willing to bet that, across the US, you couldn't find even one County or State, Health Official that knows, or even cares, what is actually inside that glass tube, or where it's made, that they want to inject into their neighbor's children.

 So, of course I am anti-vaccine.  I know better than to trust the word of the drug lords.  Public Health agencies that have sold their souls to Big Pharma are only just that - and worthy only of contempt.  I wouldn't even want to walk by an open sewer in Bangladesh, much less see the contents of that sewer injected into American children.''  ---   Of Course I'm Anti-Vaccine...I Have a Brain by Tim Bolen.

[vid] Joe Lisa on a conspiracy by the American Medical Association

[2015 Sept] Mums claim HPV vaccine left their daughters having seizures  Erin Morgan has suffered almost daily seizures for two years with Erin Egan suffering a seizure on the day she had the jab......She woke her family up during the night having a violent seizure and ‘foaming at the mouth’ with her eyes rolling back in her head, according to mum Michelle.

[2015 March] Heat pumps extract warmth from ice cold water

 [vid] Simulated Mars Environment on Devon Island - Curiosity Images are NASA fakes

[2015 May] Australia PM adviser says climate change is 'UN-led ruse to establish new world order'

[2015 Sept] STATINS RED ALERT: Widely prescribed drugs act as cellular poisons that accelerate aging... deactivate DNA repair... promote diabetes, muscle fatigue and memory loss 

[AIDS-HIV racket AZT  Covert Hostility (1.1)]  Schmidt was horrified by the mass administration of AZT (a failed cancer chemotherapy drug, designed to kill growing cells through the termination of DNA synthesis), and he forcefully spoke out against it on many occasions. One evening in New York City, as he and I were leaving a meeting of the ACT UP Treatment & Data Committee, he told me that he finally understood the psychology of these "AIDS activists". "They know that AZT is poison", he said, "they know that it's poison, and they want it because it's poison!"

Same shit different assholes

[2015 Sept] The bizarre Halloween rave in Amsterdam where clubbers will be showered in 'BLOOD'

[2015 Sept] British Court Throws Out Conviction of Autism/Vaccine MD: Andrew Wakefield’s Co-Author Completely Exonerated

''I can foresee, here and now, that people regularly using Viagra will be coming down with KS in two to three years because Viagra acts by blocking the neutralization of nitric oxide. When you take Viagra, nitric oxide accumulates, relaxing the smooth muscles, that blood is flowing in, the penis is being erected, and our muscles are relaxed. Poppers act by the same mode, because the nitrites are transformed into nitric oxide in the smallest vessels, and so the smallest vessels become relaxed. But whereas poppers directly produce nitric oxide, Viagra works by preventing the neutralization of nitric oxide which comes into existence normally in the process of blood pressure regulation. It constantly persists at a very low level, but if it accumulates, you are in a very big danger.

    So, if the blood has oxidized itself and the lining of the smallest vessels, the capillars (i.e. capillaries, F.C.] , is destroyed by nitric oxide, what's going to happen? Those cells will turn into cancer cells. There's a lack of oxygen, and the first cells to suffer this oxygen deficiency are the lining of the epithelium, the smallest vessels, where the nitrites are transformed into nitric oxide. And this is, as a matter of fact, the definition of Kaposi' Sarcoma: when the lining -- the interior of the smallest vessels -- develops into cancerous form, growing bigger and multiplying. This is hyperplasia, no a form of sarcoma, but a real form of cancer, and this is defined as KS. It can also come into existence even if you are not swallowing poppers, but when your cellular detoxification system is not working anymore.''  [1995] INTERVIEW STEFAN LANKA


''This now young woman was encouraged by social workers to lie about her mother, social workers then exaggerated everything, this caused the girls mother to take her own life. When the truth came out, feeling the guilt of what she had been party to the young woman I met became addicted to drugs when the fostering money had run out. She went from a straight A student to 'Garbage' (Her words).''

[2015 Sept] Vaccine Injury Table

[2015 Sept] Behind the Scenes / Cancer vaccine reactions stand out in Japan  The survey found that of the 1,739 patients who reported symptoms, the vast majority recovered within one week, but 186 patients had not yet recovered. The symptoms were wide-ranging, including headaches, body pain and convulsions, and over 60 percent of sufferers experienced multiple symptoms. Middle and high school-aged girls were the most affected, hindering their ability to attend classes and hugely impacting their school lives.

[2015 Sept] Is Big Pharma Murdering Our Cutting-Edge Doctors? Yes, Of Course They Are...Why?  They've Tried Everything Else to Control the Dialogue...

[vid] Vaccinations

Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD, on Colloidal Silver

"Try re-vaccination it never will hurt you, 
For re-vaccination has this one great virtue: 
Should it injure or kill you whenever you receive it,
We all stand prepared to refuse to believe it." 
—  From a circular signed "The Doctors," 1876

Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD, on Colloidal Silver

[vid] Urine therapy restore your eye sight

[2015 Sept] Did HPV cervical cancer vaccine cause life-changing illnesses in Kent teenagers?

[2015 Sept] Is HPV vaccine safe? Hainault mum says daughter’s chronic fatigue is linked to cancer drug  Figures from the government body that monitors vaccine safety, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), show 8,228 adverse drug reaction reports since the HPV jab was introduced, or one in 1,000 vaccinated girls. Seven relate to girls in Redbridge. Of the total reports, 2,587 are classified as “serious” by the nurse or doctor logging it........Prof Andrew Pollard, chairman of the government’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), said: “We have no evidence of a safety signal with the vaccine.

Virology banners


[vid] Vaccination: The Hidden Truth - Chapter 4 Antibodies do NOT mean immunity

[2015 Sept] 5 Year Old New Jersey Girl Died from the MMR Vaccine, Holly’s Law Created

David Gorski’s Financial Pharma Ties: What He Didn’t Tell You - AGE OF AUTISM

[2015 Sept] Drug Companies Donated Millions to California Lawmakers Before Vaccine Bill SB277 was Drafted


HOMEOPATHY AND LYME DISEASE   Please consider putting in a plug for the homeopathic remedy, Ledum. Ledum in the 1M potency is almost a specific for Lyme disease. I use it in my own practice and have several cures of Lyme disease with it. (I am a homeopath.)  “Regards, “R. F., M.D.”  Dr. R. F. (definitely not his real initials) is yet another natural-minded physician who is likely to lose his medical license if State “health” authorities find out that he’s successfully treating inflammation without antibiotic drugs. Do not be fooled: the well-entrenched politically powerful pharmaceutical cartel is STILL trying to squash alternative health care wherever it can. The way out is for you to search and see for yourself

"There are 25,000 of us in the United Kingdom, and we stick together more closely than any other profession. You may take the Law or the Church, and you will find in neither the same intense devotion to corporate interests. If one makes a mistake, the others are ready to hide it. Many coroners are medical men, and when a case occurs that is not favourable to the profession, it is more or less dexterously slurred over. By means of this trade unionism we have acquired immense power, which is yearly increasing. Law and Church will soon be accounted second and third. People cannot be born without us; they cannot die without us; and it will come to pass that they cannot be married or take a situation without us. All this tends to make the medical profession pretty unanimous on a question which is supposed to be one of its Articles of Faith.
..........And then the money we make out of it! .......Seeing how it pays, you certainly must not go to the parties paid for disinterested advice. If you want the truth on vaccination you must to those who are not making anything out of it. If doctors shot at the moon every time it was full as a preventive of measles and got a shilling for it, they would bring statistics to prove it was a most efficient practice, and that the population would be decimated if it were stopped. They are bred in the faith that vaccination is a preventive of small-pox, and go on to practise it and to live by it. Be fair, therefore, to the doctors, and ask yourselves whether you would not believe as they do, and act as they do, if your training and interest coincided with theirs. We believe our teachers. I never heard of anti-vaccinators except as fools and fanatics, whose existence was marvellous. The only knowledge of vaccination I had was from a medical lecture explaining the nature of the process and the usual effects that follow it."---Dr Allinson 1883

[vid] DDT is sprayed over Rockford, Illinois to combat polio epidemic. August 27, 1945

Bar magnets in place of crystals by Laozu

"The Waldorf schools has capitulated to the government forces regarding vaccination.  In fact and in essence, they misalign themselves with the natural progressive forces of evolution and instead align with Ahriman and Lucifer away from the Christ impulse-a total antithesis of what Dr. Steiner stood for."   ~  Eileen Dannemann

[2015 Sept] Letters to Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship® Ltd  regarding vaccination from John Scudamore, and Eileen Dannemann, Director, National Coalition of Organized Women

An example of the worldwide vaccine argument situation by Jim West

[2015 Sept] Why are so Many Healthy People Dying from the Flu After Receiving the Flu Shot?

[2015 Sept] Prescription pills are Britain’s third biggest killer: Side-effects of drugs taken for insomnia and anxiety kill thousands. Why do doctors hand them out like Smarties?


[2015 March] Mainstream press finally catches wind of Tylenol’s dangers by Dr. Micozzi  I repeat–never take acetaminophen (Tylenol) for any reason. Ever. Period.


Love bite

Degradation of the Waldorf Schools, internationally by Eileen Dannemann

UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID)

Russell Brand's Reptilian Shapeshifting Eyes

 "E.T." featuring Kanye West

Daylight Robbery by Politicians banners This website is a collection of over 5000+ news stories with the full media article available, mainly criminal in nature, that have appeared in the media (newspapers, TV, scientific journals)  or that were part of FDA testimony in either 1991, 2004 or 2006, in which antidepressants are mentioned or in some cases family, friends, law enforcement or coroners have verified the presence of an antidepressant in a perpetrator.

[2015 Sept] A response to Anderson Cooper's interview with Dan Burton. by Rochelle Brooks

TEN LIES Told by Those Who Say “Mercury in Vaccines is Safe”

[2015 Sept] ANTIDEPRESSANT??? Father, Nurse, Believed to Have Killed His Wife, Three Children & Self

[2015 Sept] Flu Shot Causes Polio-like Guillain-Barré Syndrome: Are Rates Higher Than the Government Admits?

"The reason that mercury is in the vaccines in the first place is that 70 or so years ago, they started using vaccinations, and they would have 10 doses in each vile... it's the most economical way. You can have one vile, and you can give 10 kids shots from that one vile. So you have to put a needle in there 10 times, so you have to have a rubber stopper... even though you do an alcohol swab on it, it doesn't kill all the germs. So they needed to have something toxic that would kill bacteria in there, a preservative. So they chose mercury, which was cheap. And there's not a lot in there, but there's no safe level of mercury, there's no safe level of lead, there's no safe level of heavy metals... any is toxic.

... Because [mercury] is a heavy metal, it precipitates to the bottom of a vile. So it says on the bottle... shake it well before using. Well, you know, how many times do we not shake well before using, or shake it and let it set for 10 minutes, and then draw the vaccine out. And so maybe that tenth baby would get a massive dose, or maybe if you didn't shake it well and then the needle went way to the bottom, that baby would get a massive dose of mercury... maybe that's the kid that gets the adverse effect, the very damaging effect from that vaccine."

— Gary Kohls, MD

Poliovirus Isolation:  No Evidence by Jim West

“The full extent of the Gardasil scandal needs to be assessed: everyone knew when this vaccine was released on the American market that it would prove to be worthless. Diane Harper, a major opinion leader in the United States, was one of the first to blow the whistle, pointing out the fraud and scam of it all.I predict that Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all time because at some point in time, the evidence will add up to prove that this vaccine, technical and scientific feat that it may be, has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer and that all the very many adverse effects which destroy lives and even kill, serve no other purpose than to generate profit for the manufacturers. Gardasil is useless and costs a fortune! In addition, decision-makers at all levels are aware of it! Cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome, paralysis of the lower limbs, vaccine-induced MS and vaccine-induced encephalitis can be found, whatever the vaccine.” (source) – Dr. Bernard Dalbergue

Idiotic juxtapositions from pro-vax loonies (memes)

You Can’t Find the Truth About Vaccines by Burying Your Head in Peer-Reviewed Studies

Package Inserts with Autism as an adverse reaction

Vaccine companies shielded from litigation

Before and after the "Holocaust"  according to the World Almanac the world population of Jews increased (!) between 1933 and 1948 from 15,315,000 to 15,753,000.

Injectable Vitamin C: Effective Treatment for Viral and Other Diseases

Letter to Sarah Vine

"I calculated that since becoming sexually active in 1973, I had racked up more than three thousand different sex partners in bathhouses, back rooms, meat racks, and tearooms. As a consequence, I also had the following sexually transmitted diseases, many more than once: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis non-A/non-B; herpes simplex types I and II: venereal warts amoebiasis and salmonella: syphilis: gonorrhea: nonspecific arthritis, chlamydeous; cytomegaloviurs and Epstein-Barr virus mononucleosis, and eventually cryptosporidosis"

Michael Callen ( died of AIDS)

Surviving AIDS


[2015 Sept Kenya] Panic as two children die, seven in critical condition after measles vaccination

[2015 June] Four Month Old Baby Dies After Being Jabbed With 7 Vaccines; Autopsy Report Censors Vaccine Info

Virginia Shooting

[pdf] Researchers Achieve Cancer-Killing Effect With Oral-Dose Vitamin C by Bill Sardi

[pdf] Safety of Vitamin C: Urban Legends by Harri Hemilä

Johnny Depp "Finds Evil" in Black Mass

[pdf 2015] Measles Mania: Time for Mandatory Vaccinations?


[2015 Sept] Schoolboy, 11, has been left unable to smile or laugh without suffering narcolepsy fits after he was given a nasal spray flu vaccine as part of a government scheme 


[vid] Reptilian Tony Blair, Loyal Servant of Sauron

[2015 Sept pdf] HPV VACCINES : Not only unproven to protect against cervical cancer but Dangerous & Unnecessary. Researched and compiled by: Sarah Kalell. In response to request by CANSA to substantiate the claim that HPV Vaccines cause death, disability and chronic health problems

Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins: Curing the Incurable by Thomas E. Levy, M.D., J.D

Poll Backfires on Murdoch’s Pro-Vaccine Agenda

Propaganda Fail! Another Murdoch Poll Backfires

Winston Churchill Discreetly Veiled, Part 1  2 when all is said and done, Winston Churchill was a Man of Blood and a politico without principle, whose apotheosis serves to corrupt every standard of honesty and morality in politics and history.

DeStefano Rides Again: GSK Rotavirus Vaccine Study Loses 80% Of Cases And 18 Deaths

[2015 Sept] Prostitution - The Shameful Jewish Legacy

Symbolic Pics of the Month 06/15

[2015 June] Amazon tribe creates 500-page traditional medicine encyclopedia

[2015 July] Nearly All Scientific Papers Controlled By Same Six Corporations

[2010] Big Pharma Admits that Vaccines Cause Autism (Autism symptoms are identical to encephalomyopathy, listed on vaccine package inserts)

Are Jews Propagating Anti-Jesuit Conspiracy Theories?


[2014]  Woman who wrote fake Holocaust memoir must pay back $22.5M to publisher

[pdf] A critique of the 16 page Australian pro vaccination booklet entitled “The Science of Immunisation: Questions and Answers” Published by the Australian Academy of Science Canberra November 2012 By Dr Viera Scheibner (PhD)


[2008] The Difference Between Ingested and Injected Aluminum

[2015 Aug] The Auschwitz Crema 1 Hole Hoax By Eric Hunt  the placement of the four holes points to a crude mistake on the part of the hoaxers, who centered the supposedly “re-opened” holes not over the morgue, but the morgue + washing room + second entrance air lock which didn’t exist at the time of the alleged mass gassings

Rand Paul

[2015] The FDA Is Basically Approving Everything. Here's The Data To Prove It


Peter Duesberg is no longer a hero.  He is a faulty, as a well publicized 'dissident' during the 1980-90s, an introduction to virus criticism and epidemiology.  Professor Duesberg (Berkeley Univ.) is far off track, admittedly playing the "game", promoting an overly complicated view of a harmless but real HIV.  His virtue is that he is against the HIV=AIDS model.  He is on the cover of Newsweek and promoted by Rethinking AIDS, possibly because he is the loyal opposition.  But with the better HIV criticism of Perth, Brink, Jensen, and others, mere dissident sentiment is not enough, especially when it is misinfo, and disinfo.  His various comments are valuable as ideas and stimulus, but cannot be taken at face value.  His sentiment, not necessarily his views, have been endorsed by Kary Mullis, Nobel Laureate, and many others.  Duesberg claims falsely, without references, that the poliovirus paradigm is valid, and claims isolation of poliovirus, though we all know, of course, there is no poliovirus (Ostrom/Urnovitz, 2001).  West implied that with his polio toxicology and overview of conflicting virus images, and clearly in his "New Definition" of polio (1998).

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

[vid]Vitamin C Basics" by Suzanne Humphries, MD. Internist and Nephrologist

[vid]Dr. Humphries on tetanus, immunity and epigenetics

Ben Carson

Vaccine ingredient banners

Big Pharma banners

Government banners

Vaccine disease banners

[vid] Vitamin C Antidote too all known toxins Thomas Levy, MD - even SNAKEBITE! VIRAL VIRUS BACTERIAL

[2011] Same-sex attraction: science and philosophy. Homosexuality is not innate, immutable or without significant risk to medical, psychological and relational health.

Fear banners

[vid] Mae Brussell - Charles Manson Was a Patsy - October 13,1971

[pdf] Preparation of Sodium Ascorbate for IV and IM Use

[2015] Former Satanist: “I Performed Satanic Rituals Inside Abortion Clinics”

[2015 Aug] Leading Israeli journalist says Israel is an Apartheid state

[2015 Aug] Polio Vaccines Laced with Sterilizing Hormone Discovered in Kenya – WHO is Controlling Population?

[2015 Feb] Why Are So Many Toddlers Taking Psychiatric Drugs?  An analysis of 2013 IMS Data, found that over 274,000 infants (0-1 year olds) and some 370,000 toddlers (1-3 years age) in the U.S. were on antianxiety (e.g. Xanax) and antidepressant (e.g. Prozac) drugs. This report also found over 1,400 infants were on ADHD drugs.

[2015 Aug] Young Girl Loses Half Her Brain After MMR Vaccine

[2015 Aug] Truth and Gardasil: Doctor Discusses Premature Menopause in 16 Year Old After Gardasil Vaccine -

[vid] Ken O'Keefe  ''Ken dissects a speech by David Cameron to show the agenda of the psychopaths leading the West today. They create and fund Islamic terrorism and then use it as an excuse to institute a police state at home and invade Muslim countries. Principled political resistance is branded "non violent extremism" and conflated with terrorism.'' -- Makow

Kay Grigg interview 1/4 transcript

Neil de Grasse Tyson

[2015] Vaccine billboards go viral as vaccination truth becomes wildly popular  "And I know that no one can prove that any vaccine ever saved one life or prevented one disease. That point needs to be emphasized. I understand what most people think when I say that, but it doesn't matter, because the vaccine emperor wears no clothes. It is a colossal fraud. And somebody needs to do this. So I decided that I am somebody."

[2015 Aug] Could a prostate test leave YOU fighting for life? Prostate biopsies are very low-risk, but what if you're unlucky?

Educate Before You Vaccinate: Vaccines Caused Son’s Tourette’s Syndrome


Dr Jeffrey Bradstreet said vaccines cause autism   Dr Jeffrey Bradstreet has now treated over 2,000 autistic children with GcMAF and the results are well established. In 15% GcMAF makes no difference. 85% improve, if only a little, and of them 15% have their autism eradicated. In all 3,000 children have been treated with GcMAF with similar results.

Refutations to Pro-Vax Memes

Trump, Donald

[vid] How Mercury Triggered The Age Of Autism

[2015 Aug] British SAS Special Forces “Dressed Up as ISIS Rebels” Fighting Assad in Syria

[vid] Disturbingly Creepy! Serena Williams(Athletes) on Mind Control Sports illuminati Exposed 2015

[2015 Aug] The Age of Autism Week In a Number: 1938  "Olmsted and Blaxill (again) show that Autism had a start date, and it was after Eli Lilly invented and began selling a water soluble form of mercury in fungicide and vaccine preservation."

Former Merck Employee Targeted for Harassment, Intimidation After Speaking out Against Forced Vaccinations

[2015 July] Bill Gates to roll out remote control microchip-based sterilization of women

Letter to Ms.Thompson and Mr.Goode from David Merlin  new movie based on Deborah Lipstadt's book  History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier.  The movie is "Denial " .

"First in 1935, I was in private practice in the coal-mining town of Bedlington, England when the triennial measles epidemic struck. Walking or cycling, I would visit the homes of sick children, and in one day would see 20-30 new measles cases. Those were the Depression years, and the children’s diets were decidedly subnormal. It was also the days before antibiotics, so that the treatment was mostly symptomatic and ineffectual. Yet out of more than 500 sick children under my care, not a single one died."  – Aidan Cockburn (1912–1981), 1971

“For over 100 years, there has been a strong association with vitamin A deficiency and adverse measles outcomes, especially in young children. Has the time come for the medical community to recognize that any child presenting with measles complications should be given vitamin A and evaluated for overall nutritional status? If not, what has history taught us?” – Adrianne Bendich, 1992

"It is not strange that health improves when the population gives up using diluted sewage as the principle beverage.” – Dr. Thurman Rice, 1932

Leptospirosis Vaccine and Kidney Failure In Dogs by Catherine O'Driscoll

The Purdue Vaccination Studies and Auto-antibodies by Catherine O'Driscoll

N.A.S.A. Numerous Anomalies and Scams Abound    This web page is dedicated to NASA Chief Charles F. Bolden, NASA Historian William Barry, and the few remaining Apollo astronauts, who make themselves a worldwide laughing stock with their ongoing claim of having walked upon the Moon's surface.


[2015 July] Dr. Suzanne Humphries Neonatal Immunity The First 3 Years Parts 1-6

[2015 July] REVEALED: Cancer industry profits 'locked in' by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines... spurs tumor growth... explains aggressive vaccine push  Nagalase is an enzyme/protein that's made by cancer cells and viruses causing immunodeficiency syndromes and has also been linked to autism as well as a "host of other problems," Dr. Broer explains....."What ends up happening is when the GC protein cannot be converted to McGAF, the entire immune system is compromised."  Some of the doctors who wound up dead or missing believed that the nagalase protein/enzyme was being introduced intentionally into the body either virally or directly through vaccines......Nagalase is being found in super high concentrations in autistic children.  Dr. Bradstreet and his colleagues also learned that the nagalase protein was not present in children at birth but was somehow introduced into autistic children, they felt, during the immunization process.  Before his death, Dr. Bradstreet treated 1,100 patients with GcMAF with an 85 percent response rate – something that was deemed impossible by the medical community. After reintroducing GcMAF (which had been blocked by nagalase), 15 percent of Bradstreet's autistic patients were no longer autistic, as all of their symptoms were completely eradicated.

GcMAF & Nagalase

"this is important because we know that in children who do have competent immune systems, vaccination is still a trauma of considerable intensity. this study was from 1967. and you're probably not going to see another one like this. but Dr. Del Campos studied 200 children over a 5 yr period. they were given all different kinds of vaccinations. he looked at them in many different ways. in 1967 the vaccination program was a fraction of what it is now, and children were vaccinated at older ages. but this is still what they found. he documented adrenal stress, high levels of acid production, massive inflammation, derangements in clotting and bleeding factors, lipids that went haywire, they went up and down and sometimes they didn't go down. and heart rhythms that went off track. so what happens if you do this in babies who are supposed to be in their anti inflammatory window of opportunity. after all we know that a baby's immune system does not want to respond this way. pediatricians however refer to this programmed non responsiveness over and over and so does the medical literature, as inadequate, sluggish, defective, weak and in need of correction. they want to make it respond like an adult. so what do they do to make it respond like an adult?" [2015 July] Dr. Suzanne Humphries Neonatal Immunity The First 3 Years Parts 1-6

"they give vaccines with something in them which throws a red alert switch and forces a normal baby to respond whether they want to or not. the process goes like this. injection of aluminum adjuvant vaccines, most of which are, into a muscle..... not eaten, not intravenous, but injected into muscle (very important), causes the release of uric acid, DNA, and cell components from those damaged cells that the needle went into. and what that does is it turns on an inflammatory cascade which is represented here. these inflammazomes get activated and T helper cells come in and macrophages just continuing to eat aluminum until they basically eat themselves to death sometimes, or they carry it off to other places in the body. aluminum's mechanism of action as an adjuvant is still not fully understood even though it has been used in vaccines for over 70 years. what is known about the mechanism and about the overall effects of aluminum is very disturbing and it's also well documented in toxicology literature and in independent medical research literature. basically aluminum sets the immune system on fire to accomplish what the antigens couldn't do on their own. if you inject a baby with pneumococcal vaccine that does not have aluminum the baby won't respond to it. because it's programmed to be anti inflammatory. so the aluminum is basically to override the baby's, and even adults, anti inflammatory predisposition. the problem with this is while vaccines promoters do their best to brainwash people to into thinking that aluminum is essential for healthy growth. I've even seen vaccine promoting doctors that are quite famous say that its necessary for normal gestation. they also say that it's easily excreted. well that's just a lie on wheels. which is whipped around the globe while no one appears to have a clue where to look in the science to find out if it's actually true. guess what it's not true"
        "scientists in 2013 say "although traditional aluminum based adjuvants have been used in humans since the 1930's, there is still not enough information about the manner of their actions. so if there is not enough information about how aluminum acts, how then is it possible to say that it is safe? the simplest way is to say nothing and rely on the fact that most parents don't ask questions and don't go looking for the answers themselves. they think well the mercury is gone, that's good. well guess what the aluminum is nowhere near gone and it's much higher levels than the mercury ever was. when parents do ask they discover not only is little known about the action of aluminum but worse there is plenty of evidence explaining in considerable details some of aluminum's many known dangers. one of these dangers is related to what we are talking about with epigenetics. the interference of epigenetics in the cell membrane. well the interface of aluminum damage is exactly at the same place. in that cell membrane. we know that cell membranes and myelin are affected by aluminum."
        "and this is just a schematic of a cell membrane and some of those proteins that are sitting in there. and aluminum goes in there. have a look at this membrane and consider that each cell has around 100 thousand switches, that open and close it to various substances and affect the inside and the nucleus. then consider the fact that after aluminum exposure the cell membranes and myelin become stiff and dysfunctional. (the references are on the slide). aluminum is a death signal to cells. it's not a nutrient. it has no place in the body. and it should never ever be injected into a muscle. another pediatric fallacy of the past is that a baby's blood brain barrier is impermeable. it's not and when it comes to aluminum neither is yours.
        "this is a schematic from an incredible article, by Kawahara from 2011. he shows, and not only him but many other authors have shown, in trojan horse fashion, aluminum does cross the blood brain barrier, in macrophages and with other carriers that shuttle it across. Kawahar's article is really important because it supports with 176 scientific references the fact that aluminum is a death factor for cells. aluminum binds to phosphorous in DNA. and it influences various genes. we talked about epigenetics. things can be turned off or shut off. it also binds to ATP. and impairs energy production. ATP is this substance that gives us energy in the mitochondria. it displaces calcium and magnesium on enzymes. enzymes won't work if they don't have the proper minerals and cofactors. and it basically makes the enzymes useless to do their enzymatic work. and worse than that it increases the halflife of aluminum in the body. because it's still hanging out there on these enzymes. it damages cell membranes by catalyzing this peroxidation reaction. and that's just the beginning of the havoc that aluminum causes. remember that cell membranes control how genes function, how the inside of the cell functions, how cells talk to eachother, whether we grow, whether we die, whether cells differentiate into organs, or whether they turn into cancer."
        "so the question we need to ask is 2 fold. why do we have so many vaccines containing aluminum? why are there no other safe or effective adjuvants being used? the medical model says that aluminum is safe in babies. this article says we need safer adjuvants. this is an article from 2013. while the body is able to excrete aluminum in its natural form. the element aluminum like mercury is toxic to all life forms when concentrated in their tissues. how would aluminum concentrate in tissues? it just wouldn't be excreted rapidly like we're told that it is."
        "the kidney function of a baby bears little resemblance to that of the 7 healthy adults that were used to justify the vaccinations of all babies with aluminum. kidney function is a very important detail left out of the discussion. as a nephrologist I know a little bit about that. as you can see on this chart, it can take as long as 2 years for babies to gain peak kidney clearance or kidney function. in the first 3 months, none of them has peak kidney function, and at birth look at how low it is. if >90 is normal... between 2 and 8 days the average is 39 and the range is from 17 to 60."
        "Just take a quick look at the 3 points here and you'll see why the minimal risk levels are fictitious. Because they used a miniscule single dose of aluminum. .7 micrograms. consider that your 2 month old baby will get 1200 micrograms of aluminum injected intramuscularly. they used .7 micrograms on a full grown man with normal kidney function. and later they did it to 6 more people to track the aluminum excretion. they used an intravenous dose, which does none of those inflammatory processes that I mentioned. it would go right to kidneys and be filtered. and it would not have behaved nearly as maliciously, as an intramuscular injection. they also used a form of aluminum called aluminum citrate which has never been a form of aluminum in vaccines. then they simply followed the blood and urine levels of radio labeled aluminum. they used the radio labeled aluminum for the intravenous. and they did separate studies where they fed rodents high levels of aluminum and determined this minimum risk level from rodents and these adults I'm talking to you about. they made this comment about monkeys. they said towards the end of the article. "An infant monkey study could provide these data, (meaning more accurate data), however given the present lack of evidence of harm due to the current aluminum levels, such studies may be a low priority." of course doing monkey studies would be a low priority, because if they did them and found that aluminum was causing trouble, they were coincidentally linking with other things, or calling it idiopathic, which is what I see happening most, the vaccine companies would not only have to reformulate vaccines, but they would have to go back to the start, and complete millions of dollars worth of phase testing for safety and efficacy. neither the vaccine manufacturers the FDA, the CDC would ever tolerate that."
        "Another group who recently banged the gong, is Khan 2013 group, who didn't seem too pleased. the study showed intramuscular injection of aluminum containing vaccine was associated with the appearance of aluminum deposits in distant organs, such as the brain and spleen, where they were still detected one year after injection. I have 2 folders filled with papers which describe in intricate detail the known and proven toxicities of aluminum throughout the body. Dismissing all of that literature vaccine proponents continue to reassure parents that aluminum is no big deal, and they base these reassurances on junk "science" or no science at all. The problem with aluminum is that its efficacy and its toxicity are one in the same. The same mechanisms that drive the immune stimulating effect also have the capacity to provoke a variety of autoimmune and or inflammatory adverse reactions. Repeated intramuscular injection of aluminum adds to the accumulation in cell membranes, lymph nodes, liver, spleen, brain, kidney, and bone. And when you go back and consider some of the windows of development that we talked about in immune maturations, the use of aluminum should take on a new importance."
   "Then there was this study done, the interpretation of which, will boggle the mind. This was actually a good study because what this doctor did was looked at 2 month old infants after they received the usual 1200 microgram aluminum dose, for the 3 intramuscular vaccines. the aluminum was given per the usual infant schedule. then she measured the blood levels and the urine levels of aluminum over the subsequent 12 hours, because we are told that the aluminum is rapidly excreted within 12 to 24 hours. This paper said that they were relieved to notice that no significant change in levels of urinary or serum aluminum were seen after vaccination. And I read that and I thought why are they relieved to see that? I wrote this doctor, and I queried her. I told her about the problem with low filtration rates of infants. Where is the aluminum going? what's happening? so they injected these babies with aluminum. they didn't see it rise in the blood, and they didn't see it come out in urine. so you can put that equation together right? Her reply to me was: We don't really know what happens to the aluminum at this point in time. As you said more research is needed in this area. I wrote her back again, and sent some more studies and some more questions and she hasn't written me back."
        "Here's proof. This was a study from Dr. Thomas Jefferson. I think from 2007. they did a meta analysis. they looked at studies that had already been done comparing people who had the diptheria, tetanus, pertussis vaccines to those who hadn't. Just that one vaccine. They determined that "despite a lack of good quality evidence we do not recommend that any further research on this topic is undertaken." this was the Cochrane collaborative database, an independent research conglomerate. why would they say this? They gave away why they said it later in the article and I'm just going to read to you what the article said. It's one paragraph. "Replacement of aluminum compounds in currently licensed vaccines would necessitate the introduction of a completely new compound that would have to be investigated before licensing. No obvious candidates to replace aluminum are available." (they tried Squalene in Gulf War, that didn't work very well. they also tried it over in Scandinavia and there was an epidemic of narcolepsy) "SO withdrawal for safety reasons would severely affect the immunogenicity and protective effect of some currently licensed vaccines and threaten immunization programs worldwide." (and we all know what else it would threaten). This type of commentary is made repeatedly. It flies in the face of reason. Well established, peer reviewed, independent publications are ignored time and again. I have many more examples of such blatant denial but not enough time to discuss it. I have a pile of papers down here with more of it." [2015 July] Dr. Suzanne Humphries Neonatal Immunity The First 3 Years Parts 1-6

[2015 July] Three scientists investigating melting Arctic ice may have been assassinated, professor claims

[vid] Satanic Ritualistic Abuse Exposed by Canadian Psychotherapist Sandra Fecht  Published on 20 Jul 2015.  This was an incredible first time interview with Sandra Fecht M.A who is a Psychotherapist in Ontario Canada. We are also joined by two of her clients who have both been victims of cult abuse since childhood. We discuss Sandra's many years of expereince counceling abuse victims, especially those who have been abused by satanic and masonic groups on various levels. We get into Personal Empowerment, Project Paperclip, MK Ultra, Mind control, Reptillians, Spirituality, Healing methods, Psychology, Pedophilia the Masons and more. her website:

[vid] AMAZING!! - Moonlight Experiment - Repeatable    Published on 2 Jul 2015.  Does the moon reflect sunlight like science says? Is it its own light like biblical writings state? If the sun is a yellow-white warm light, and you reflect that light, can you change the properties of that light? Can you reflect light which does not exist from the source - Absolutely not! It is hard to find information on-line regarding the properties of sunlight VS moonlight. Why? The scientific method includes being able to repeat an experiment and if the results are the same, a hypothesis is PROVEN. This experiment using an infra-red laser, can be repeated by you a home. Here is the recorded results of my video. The hypothesis was that of the moonlight was NOT reflected by the sun, different properties would show from moon light. We know the sun WARMS objects in its light. It is also a yellow-white color. The moon on the other hand is more of a "silver" type of light. Does it retain the "warming" qualities of sunlight? If it reflects the sun's light, it should also warm (but slightly) an object in its light VS the shade. Or, at worst, have no effect on the temperature of the object. If we see a different result, than the scientific statement that the moon is a reflector of sunlight is a then NOT a reflector - since there are no other know light sources to "reflect" light onto the moon, we must conclude that the moon is a light itself - creating its own unique light.


[2016] Victory over Autism by Mary Romaniec


JB: Some major Truth being expressed here...

"...Franklin Ryckaert explains:I believe that the Jews are a special group of souls already far advanced on the path of evil, which will

ultimately lead to full demonhood and irredeemability.I believe they already were that way on their own planet (or in their own “sphere”), before they started to incarnate among us (beginning with Abraham). I believe that incarnation on our planet is their “last chance” to be redeemed, but that most of them don’t take that chance and continue to be evil.Jesus took birth among them especially to save them, but he was rejected. His message was the opposite of Judaism : love instead of hate, forgiveness instead of revenge, sincerity instead of hypocrisy. The Jews hated him ever since.Consciously the Jews don’t know the fact of their different origin, but unconsciously they do. That’s why they feel fundamentally different from the rest of humanity, up to the point that they believe they themselves are only human while we are not.Besides being evil, the Jews have an “inverted” mentality, according to which harming others is “good”, while resisting that harm is “bad”. Jews therefore are always “innocent” because harming non-Jews is a virtue. Sexual perversions, coprophilia

and the cult of ugliness are also “virtues” among them.Jews see it as their sacred “mission” to lead the world to an horrible dystopia which they call tiqqun olam, literally “repairing the world”.Here is a video of a rabbi who openly states that Jews come from a different world, descended on earth to take control of humanity..."

[pdf] Bradstreet search warrant   Dr.Bradstreet Search Warrant: the promising drug GcMAF was their target!!


Published on 21 Jun 2015

AT the No Jab No Pay No Way rally in Brisbane Qld Australia former Sergeant of Police Chris Savage explains how police and doctors who are brainwashed blame parents for vaccine injury and death. Former Sergeant of Police Chris Savage was working in the Queensland Police Service from 1990 to 2012 and he was harmed in October 1989 by the Hep B vaccine. This woke him up to the danger of vaccines and then during the career he attended sudden deaths of babies after vaccines. He asked the parents what the baby's health was like in the 2 months with no vaccine and the light came on and they said their baby was healthy eating and sleeping and after the vaccine all hell broke loose with inconsolable crying, convulsions, seizures and then death. Brainwashed police are accusing the parents of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Parents who found there baby deceased and picked the child to gently shake were immediately accused of SBS. Then the police would rely on pro vaccine doctor's medical evidence to convict the parent or baby sitter and they would go to prison. On all the post mortems the SIDS, SUDI or SBS all had Cerebral Cortex inflammation and swelling which causes brain to push against the skull and artery compression would lead to bursting and the baby would be severely injured or die.


[pdf] 5 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Obtain a State Marriage License by Rev. Matthew Trewhella



Published on 19 Jul 2015 SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Spies, Lords & Predators It’s shaping up to be the biggest political scandal in Britain’s history. There is new evidence that some of the country’s most respected men were in fact depraved paedophiles. Leaders that were preying on children as young as eight and nine. Many of the kids were trafficked from state-run homes and other institutions to be abused by MPs, Lords, and spies. They were protected from on high by a secret code, and have never been held to account for their horrific crimes. 60 Minutes investigates the scandal and the cover up, speaks to the victims and the witnesses, and confronts a member of the notorious paedophile information exchange. Reporter Ross Coulthart also reveals how children were killed in order to protect this network of predators – and how the driver to the Australian High Commissioner could hold the key to blowing this case wide open.


[2015 July] Almost All Psych Drug Use Is Unnecessary: Study

[2014] The Industry-Suppressed Budwig Protocol or How To Cure Cancer With Cottage Cheese


[2015 July] AMAZING! Woman Proves Sound Can Cure ANYTHING!


“Care must be taken not to give a platform for deniers… or seek to disprove the deniers’ position through normal historical debate and rational argument.” — ‘Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust’ at the Stockholm International Forum, 2000


“One should not ask, how this mass murder was made possible. It was technically possible, because it happened. This has to be the obligatory starting-point for any historical research regarding this topic. We would just like to remind you: There is no debate regarding the existence of the gas chambers, and there can never be one.” — “34 reputable historians” published in the prominent French daily Le Monde on February 21, 1979


“When you impair the brain blood flow by vaccination you can impair the respiration control center which can result in death. We call it SIDS.” – Dr. Andrew Moulden MD, PhD


[2015 July] Shock Video Catches Planned Parenthood’s Top Doctor Selling Body Parts of Aborted Babies


[vid] Dr. Humphries on tetanus, immunity and epigenetics  Dr. Suzanne Humphries speaks on tetanus, about the disease, how to treat the disease and how to protect from tetanus. She goes through cases of vaccinated groups, that still developed tetanus, which shows that tetanus vaccine is not a guarantee to protect from the disease.  She also goes through the term herd immunity and how epigenetics function and could be affected by vaccination.

Planned Parenthood

[2015] Another Felony at Planned Parenthood Caught on Camera

[2014] Methodological Issues and Evidence of Malfeasance in Research Purporting to Show Thimerosal in Vaccines Is Safe.  Brian Hooker, Janet Kern, David Geier, Boyd Haley, Lisa Sykes, Paul King, and Mark Geier
The purpose of this review is to examine these six publications [21–26] which were “overseen” by the CDC and which claim that prenatal and early childhood vaccine-derived Thimerosal exposures are not related to the risk of a subsequent diagnosis of autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This review analyzes possible reasons why their published outcomes are so different from the results of investigations by multiple independent research groups over the past 75+ years. The review begins with an examination of the Madsen et al. [21] study.

Crisis actors

Another Angry Voice

''Why are GMOs bad? They aren’t. They just aren’t, not intrinsically, and certainly not for your health. We’ve been eating them for decades with no ill effects, which makes sense, because a genetically modified organism is simply an organism, like every other organism, produces hundreds of thousands of proteins, but one or two of them are proteins that were chosen specifically by humans.'' Dawkins

UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID)

[vid] Geopathic Stress Documentary   Over the past century we have developed technologies, such as mobile phones, that pose a direct threat to our future health, but there is an equally harmful radiation that comes from the earth and could be responsible for many of the health problems facing the modern world. It is called 'Geopathic Stress'. This documentary looks at the effect of geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation on our health. For the first time ever, a link is established between them. This ground-breaking documentary is a wake-up call for the modern medical and scientific establishments and also for anyone who has an interest in their own health.

[2015] Dr. Suzanne Humphries Neonatal Immunity The First 3 Years Parts 1-6  Dr. Suzanne Humphries mentions this early cord cutting as a major factor in infant immunity. "there are about 80,000 stem cells in 2mL of amniotic fluid. however at birth, the baby should receive a massive stem cell infusion from the cord blood. an immediately cord clamped baby is deprived of its own property, which is approximately 8 million stem cells. the problem today is that many obstetrics staff have lost their grasp of physiology so that even in 2014 hospital doctors and nurses often have never seen or done a delayed cord clamp......profound anemia also results from immediate cord clamping. up to 40% of that baby's blood can be left behind. and it's a contributor to much illness in infants today"

"Crib death was so infrequent in the pre-vaccination era that it was not even mentioned in the statistics, but it started to climb in the 1950s with the spread of mass vaccination." - Dr Harris L Coulter, PhD

[2009] Organ Failure  The arrests of rabbis who trafficked body parts uncover more complicated issues.

How US Rabbis & Israel Traffic In Human Organs & Money Laundering

[vid] Pope Francis' "Dirty War" Secrets: CIA 'Operation Condor'

[vid] Bitter Past: Pope Francis and Argentina's Dirty War

[2013] The Child-Rape Assembly Line  “This boy was speared on the man like an animal, like a pig, and the boy was saying nothing. But on his face—fear. The old man [looked at me] without any fear, as if this was common practice. He didn’t stop. I was so angry, I confronted him. He removed the boy from his penis, and I took the boy aside. I told this man, ‘It’s a sin before God, a mishkovzucher. What are you doing to this boy’s soul? You’re destroying this boy!’ He had a sponge on a stick to clean his back, and he hit me across the face with it. ‘How dare you interrupt me!’ he said. I had heard of these things for a long time, but now I had seen.”

Ebola haemorrhagic fever in Zaire, 1976  [''This medical research published on PubMed details the cases of Ebola outbreak in 1976 that caused 280 deaths---and how it was caused by malaria injections!]  "The index case in this outbreak had onset of symptoms on 1 September 1976, five days after receiving an injection of chloroquine for presumptive malaria at the outpatient clinic at Yambuku Mission Hospital (YMH). He had a clinical remission of his malaria symptoms. Within one week several other persons who had received injections at YMH also suffered from Ebola haemorrhagic fever, and almost all subsequent cases had either received injections at the hospital or had had close contact with another case."


[2015 July] New Film Exposes Shaken Baby Syndrome Myth – Opponents Want to Silence it at Film Festivals

The Link Between Sodomy and Usury

Dr. Peter Spill

[vid] First Amateur Rocket Into Space Proves Flat Earth Theory

[vid] Do CT Scans Cause Cancer?

Harrell Rhome, M.Div., Ph.D.
[2015 July] 2 More Doctors (D.O. & M.D) Go Missing, after 3 Found Dead in 2 Weeks

[2015 July vid] Dr Andrew Wakefield - America has been sold out

William Gibson on TIs. (human drones):  "Targeted Individuals are usually spiked (poisoned. Or what we used to call "given a Mickey) with macroscopic nano components purposely created to render theses TI's nervous systems (and minds) to be " inhabited " and interface -able virtual-reality-style. These sensors which often enter another's system via "a virus" that has been modified to "carry" these 'chips to"allow a Targeted Individual and their Operators to communicate with these victims who have been augmented in such a way that allow others to experience theses victim's temporal and cognitive reality without leaving their own bodies. While the Targeted Individual have these imbeds permanently lodged in their nervous system their "operators" use a headset or hairnet peppered with bio sensors that correspond with the "chips' ( 1/1000th the size of a human hair) in their Target's nervous system/brain .These "human drones" are usually taken by corporations who use these people not as people but as vehicles.. as Games...I have used the technology and can assure you Targeted Individuals are not "making it up nor are they crazy" --  Gibson ,William (2009) {interview removed Oct 2013} with Tsi -Yi-Lu on JAF/Stat Signal System p300 steady state Neural Transcript Bio-Sensor -3rd generation carbon based polymer nanotube applications for Immersive Reality Imbue,

[vid] Russel Brand EXPOSED 2... The FABIAN SOCIETY connection and TREWS logo...Freemason, Piedpiper?

[2014 vid] Dr. Leonard Coldwell - Vaccines are used to Sterilize and Cull the Population

Why Vax Continues


Alfred Lambremont Webre

Celebrity vaccine critic banners

[2012] Who Says There is No Money in Making Vaccines? At Least $5.7 Billion Given to Vaccine Manufacturers in 2011 by US Gov’t

Adversaries Walk Among Us: A Guide to the History, Nature, and Removal of Demons and Spirits by John G. Livingston

[2015 July] Autism Rates Explode In Asia After Introducing Western Vaccines  Saigon Tiep Thi newspaper Wednesday quoted a study from the National Hospital of Pediatrics as saying that the number of children diagnosed with autism at the Hanoi-based hospital’s Physiotherapy Department in 2007 was 50 times higher than in 2000

index of cannabis research

[vid]Untaught History: Inbred Psychopath Bloodlines · David (HSBC) and Samantha Cameron

[2014 book] Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel by Alison Weir

[2015 July] JVP, Alison Weir And the Hatred of the White by Gilad Atzmon

[2015 July] In Case You Still Have A Drop Of Sympathy Toward JVP Just read Rabbi Alissa Wise!  The following is a compendium of duplicitous and manipulative Judeo centric statements that illustrate precisely what many of us dread to admit - liberal Jews are not the solution; they are the core of the problem. These quotes are taken from a transcript of Rabbi Alissa Wise’s speech to a Christian Pro Palestinian organisation- Friends of Sabeel, North America Conference in Vancouver, BC, April 2015.  Rabbi Alissa Wise is not a Zionist zealot, she is much worse – a supremacist Jew dressed in dove’s clothing. Rabbi Alissa Wise is also JVP's Director of Campaigns....In order to prepare the Christian crowd at Friends of Sabeel for the brutal emotional sodomy ahead, Rabbi Wise realizes that she must lubricate the minds and souls of her Christian listeners with some Jewish victimhood. The primacy of Jewish suffering must be proclaimed and recognized by all. The Holocaust is the Rabbi’s natural point of departure.

Vaccine victim  My 14-year-old Son is mute apart from a single word once or twice per fortnight. He is in nappies and during his worst days has diarrhoea up to seven times per day.


[2014] Pope Francis comes out strongly against legalizing marijuana

[2015 June] The Tiniest Ones: Doctors Ignore Data on Premies BY KELLY BROGAN MD



[2015 July] 3rd “Alternative” Prominent Doctor From Florida Found Dead in 2 weeks. Authorities say MD was murdered.

Dr. Bruce Hedendal DC PhD 

[2014] High Court judge and the child sex ring: Adviser to Queen was founder of paedophile support group to keep offenders out of jail

[2015 April] UK Lord Justice wanted age of consent to 4 years old — news blackout in America by Dr. Judith Reisman

[2015 July] Proposal to temporarily sterilise all NZ teenage females should raise serious red flags

[2015 April]  Why They Didn’t Tell Us? A Beverage That Is 10,000 Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy!

[2015] It’s A Silent Rooftop Turbine Which Could Produce Half Of Your Home’s Energy Needs

Ultrasonic bone healing device for dental application   the invention is concerned with an apparatus for facilitating the use of ultrasonic energy to significantly accelerate repair, grafting and healing of bone of patients impacted by periodontitis and other dental diseases effecting the oral cavity. The invention is particularly effective to improve the success and speed of osseointegration of dental implants and reattachment of traumatically loosened teeth.

[2015 Feb] An interview with Eiji Tanaka (ultrasound to recover dental tissues )


[2015 June] Boy wins £120,000 damages for narcolepsy caused by swine flu vaccine  A 12-year-old boy has been awarded £120,000 by a court that agreed he had been left severely disabled by narcolepsy triggered by the swine flu vaccine, following a three-year battle in which the government had claimed that his illness was not serious enough to merit payment.  The ruling is expected to lead to as many as 100 other families of people affected by the sleeping disorder after receiving the vaccine bringing fresh compensation claims, in a dispute where the government’s initial hostility was described by the family’s legal team as offensive.  “They felt quite insulted to have their condition basically dismissed as something quite trivial. They are incredibly needy. Some have lost their jobs, dropped out of university or seen their marriages break down as a result [of narcolepsy],” said Peter Todd, the solicitor for the family of the 12-year-old, a partner with the London firm Hodge Jones & Allen.

Vaccines: Infertility, Sterilisation & Abortion quotes

[pdf] Vaccines for Fertility Regulation by PD Griffin

[2012] Rockefeller Anti-Fertility Vaccines Exposed

James Jeffrey Bradstreet, MD - How Close Are We To An Autism Cure? Part 2


[vid] A Real Reptilian Shapeshifter - Close Up  Katy Perry 2


[2015 June] Flat Earth Shill Wall of Shame

"The corporations don’t have to lobby government anymore; they are the government."  ~  Jim Hightower

I was prostituted to Prince Phillip and also Prince Charles. On one occasion, Prince Charles explained to me that royalty are given the right and reserve to have affairs outside of the royal family. He said it was in the interest of their country for the royals to remain balanced and happy, and that was done by whatever means needed in order to accomplish that. The requirement was that they were discreet and didn't get caught.  I was prostituted to both Phillip and Charles in Los Angeles on different occasions and was set up with them at other times in Washington, DC, London, and New York. Prince Phillip thought he was God's gift to the world, and was arrogant and egotistical. Charles was much different. He was quieter, more sombre, and more controlled. The Council told me it was important for me to form a sexual bond with him. Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's mind control slave by Brice Taylor

[2015] Gardasil victim (Hasvold Buer)

[vid] Hospitals are Temples of the Occult

[2012] Caffeine is Not Your Friend

[2015 June] Shocking Report from Medical Insiders Horton states bluntly that major pharmaceutical companies falsify or manipulate tests on the health, safety and effectiveness of their various drugs by taking samples too small to be statistically meaningful or hiring test labs or scientists where the lab or scientist has blatant conflicts of interest such as pleasing the drug company to get further grants. At least half of all such tests are worthless or worse he claims. As the drugs have a major effect on the health of millions of consumers, the manipulation amounts to criminal dereliction and malfeasance.

[2015 June] God save the Queen as she and her family lubricate Britain's wars

[2014] A list of past and present MPs who are Freemasons or Bilderberg attendees

[2015 June] Prince Charles: arms dealer by royal appointment to Middle East tyrants  There’s no difference between being an arms dealer and being a wanted war criminal. Although you don’t have to get your hands bloody the results are equally terrible.

Obama body count

Lauren, 31 years old Crippled by vaccines when she was 4 months old. Cerebral palsy, Epilepsy, Autism 

[2015 May] 2 Babies die, 37 others sickened by vaccines in southern Mexico  A total of 52 children received the BCG (tuberculosis), rotavirus and hepatitis B vaccines....A total of "14 children are in serious condition, 22 are stable and one is in critical condition," the Chiapas Health Secretariat said in a statement.  "Two children age 1 died," the secretariat said.

[2015 June] Police 'complicit in radicalisation' of missing sisters, claim family lawyers

Disney Nazis


John Ainsworth Davies


[2015 June] One more baby dies after given the notorious vaccine Quinvaxem

[2015 May] Prince Philip's former aide 'took lonely 11-year-old girl for rides around Buckingham Palace grounds and sexually assaulted her in his marital bed'

[2015 June] Britain Using PsyOps Domestically to Encourage “Conformity”

We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo 

[2004] How Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's rise to power

[2015 June 25] BUSTED! Charlie Hebdo suspect Bougrab “stripped bare” Charb’s apartment

[2015 June 14] Charlie Hebdo perps BUSTED! The key lie of Jeannette Bougrab

[2015 June] Response to Rubella Vaccine in Somali and Black Children Suggests MMR Vaccine and Autism Connection

[2015 June] Charleston: 15 Questions that Demand Answers

She Guardian, Marble Arch, London

Flat Earth Q & A by Eric Dubay


Stephen Fr

[2013 vid] Dr. Jeff Bradstreet speaks at Autism One

Open Letter From Dr. Richard Schulze on Healing and Responsibility

[vid] Satellite Hoax - Satellites Do Not Exist!  Satellites are purely science-fiction. All supposed images of satellites in orbit show fake CGI "satellites" orbiting a fake CGI "ball-Earth." First conceived by Freemason science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke in 1945, they claim satellites became science-fact soon after. This is impossible for many reasons outlined in the following video, however, including the fact the melting points of the metals used in satellites are far lower than the temperature in the "thermosphere" where satellites supposedly are. Satellites, space stations, the Hubble telescope and space travel in general are absolutely the biggest hoaxes of the century, and NASA the most successful propaganda organization in history.

[2015] Autism Might Be Added To The Medical Marijuana List

Vax autism quotes

Nazi-Zionist co-operation

Dr. Jeff Bradstreet: In Memoriam  Where are the unvaccinated homeschooled children with autism? Nowhere to be found, says a doctor who treats autistic children and is knowledgeable about the homeschooled world.  "It's largely nonexistent," Dr. Jeff Bradstreet told UPI's Age of Autism. "It's an extremely rare event.  Bradstreet treats autistic children at his medical practice in Palm Bay, Fla. He has a son whose autism he attributes to a vaccine reaction at 15 months. His daughter has been homeschooled, he describes himself as a "Christian family physician," and he knows many of the leaders in the homeschool movement.  "There was this whole subculture of folks who went into homeschooling so they would never have to vaccinate their kids," he said. "There's this whole cadre who were never vaccinated for religious reasons."  In that subset, he said, "unless they were massively exposed to mercury through lots of amalgams (mercury dental fillings in the mother) and/or big-time fish eating, I've not had a single case."

Shona Banda faces three decades in prison because her son innocently mentioned in school that his mother has cured her Crohn's disease with cannabis oil. And the state took away her child

[2015 Feb] Man escapes jail for selling apricot kernel 'cancer cure'.

[2015 June] Famous Autism researcher and Doctor, Jeff Bradstreet died of alleged “self inflicted gunshot wound” to chest and found in a river

[vid] "Direct Order" Documentary (Full) - Soldiers Ordered To Take Anthrax Vaccine & Got Brain Damaged Published on 8 Sep 2013. "Direct Order": An Award-Winning Documentary Tells the Story of Members of the Military who were Ordered Against their Will to Take the Controversial Anthrax Vaccine.

That zapper helped my son from the malaria attack and now he is well. Dancan Omollo

The Herero and Nama genocide (1904-1908)

[2014] Why the explosion in child-snatching is big business By Christopher Booker

When You Kill Ten Million Africans You Aren’t Called ‘Hitler’


[2015 June] NEW JAMA STUDY CONFIRMS NURSE WHISTLEBLOWING: ROUTINE HOSPITAL VACCINE DAMAGE HAPPENING TO INFANTS  “I think what a lot of people don’t realize in a closed space like NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) is that they’ve decided that we need to vaccinate these babies on-time. Two months after they’re born…bam, there it goes. This baby could be four months early and still supposed to be inside their mother, weighting three or four pounds and getting the same amount of vaccines as a 200 pound man.”....“I’ve sat in a room with our on-call staff of physicians and practitioners (when they say) “Oh wow, this is so embarrassing this 25 weeker never actually required a breathing tube and going on the vent after he was born, he was so strong. But we gave him his two month vaccinations and he got intubated last night ha ha, oops how embarrassing. The step-down units are calling the NICU’s and saying “hey we’re going to go ahead and give these four babies their two month shots today, make sure you have beds ready because we all know they’re going to have increased breathing difficulties, feeding and digestion difficulties, apnea, and bradycardia. This is what goes on”

Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccinations (NAMV, )

[2011] British royalty dined on human flesh (but don't worry it was 300 years ago)

[vid] Jesuit fraud Einstein debunked by Nikola Tesla (Part 1)

[2012] Jews DO control the media

[2014] A notable American Rabbi says all Muslims are criminals, and calls for a global genocide against them.

[vid] Psychologists Explain 9/11 Denial

MAE BRUSSELL: The Death of John Belushi

[vid] Mae Brussell - Henry Kissinger: NARCOTICS EMPEROR - (8-1-83)

[2015 June] John Hagee Calls For “Prosecuting Women Who Say God’s Name During Intercourse”

[2015 June] Irish "Potato Famine" Was Deliberate Genocide  According to historian Chris Fogarty, the "Irish Potato Famine" which killed over five million people was not a famine but a deliberate British policy of starvation similar to the Ukrainian famine  in the Ukraine in 1932-33.

[2012] The Cancer Treatment Protection Racket— How the Cancer Act 1939 maintains ineffective cancer treatments by John Smith  The Cancer Act 1939 and similar legislation around the world gives orthodox cancer treatment an undeserved monopoly, ensuring that ineffective but profitable treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy can never be challenged by more effective alternative treatments.

Hilary Clinton: Shapeshifting & Possession
Lady Gaga (Shapeshifting)
Beyonce: Shapeshifting & Possession

[vid] GMO Lie Exposed - No Benefit in Feeding Hungry

Are the crew members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger still alive?

"Parents who unquestioningly trust their government and their doctor to tell them when to have their child vaccinated (and what with) are reckless beyond forgiveness and unfit to care for a child.....And anyone who vaccinates a child should be locked up as a child abuser."  ~  Vernon Coleman M.B.

Irish documentary "Collusion" reveals Thatcher gov't directed terrorist groups in Northern Ireland


All psychotropics, including hallucinogenic mushrooms, rip big holes in one's etheric field and allow the sewer rats to have free access to his/her mind and spirit.  It takes a month or so of abstaining from drugs before those holes close up again, according to what our psychic associates have seen.  

[2015 June] New York to reconsider rules on ‘oral suction’ circumcision Since 2000, New York’s health department has linked oral suction circumcision to 17 cases of infant herpes, including two deaths.

[vid] Flat Earth Theory - Clone Stamping Fake Earth

[2015 June] The South Pole Does Not Exist!

[2015 May] Drugs as Weapons Against Us: The CIA's Murderous Targeting of SDS, Panthers, Hendrix, Lennon, Cobain, Tupac, and Other Leftists by John L. Potash

[2012] Herd Immunity: Flawed Science and Mass Vaccination Failures by Suzanne Humphries, MD

Laura Hayes’s Rally Speech Opposing SB 277 April 8th, 2015

[2015 June] US police do not hire intelligent people: Ex-CIA contractor

[2015 June] Peru Reopens Forced Sterilization Case Against Ex-President Fujimori

[2015 June] 1,300 babies were killed or maimed through NHS negligence last year costing the health service £1billion

[2013] Ditch the Toxic Sunscreen; Use Coconut Oil Instead  approximately 75% of commercial sunscreens contain toxic chemicals that are linked to cancer and disrupt hormone

[2015 June] UK newspaper reveals the injuries and deaths from specific vaccines

Alison Saunders

Putin Long Dead Says Ex-Wife (Video)

[2015 June] Cervical cancer jab cost our girl her life  A CERVICAL cancer jab given to every 12-year-old girl in Britain has been linked to four deaths......The fatalities were among more than 8,000 reports of possible side-effects of the Cervarix vaccine, which was introduced as part of the routine immunisation programme in 2008....One report related to an existing tumour, one to a concurrent bacterial infection, one was death of a premature baby and one has a fatal outcome due to leukaemia

Arizona Continues Record Pace of Taking Children out of Homes into State Custody – Now 1 of every 100 Children in Foster Care

[2015 june] After raising nearly half a billion dollars for emergency disaster relief after the 2010 Haitian earthquake - including $170 million earmarked for 'shelter relief' - the American Red Cross has built a grand total of six houses, according to a new report

Brooke Candy’s “A Study in Duality” is Actually a Study in Monarch Mind Control

[2012] Children stolen by the state needlessly, causing utter misery in one of Britain's most disturbing scandals  Fifty per cent of all this country’s prostitutes are girls who have been in care, and 80 per cent of all Big Issue sellers....Half of all those in young offenders’ institutions have been in care, and 26 per cent of adults in prison have the same background.  Meanwhile, half of all girls who leave care become single mothers within two years, not least because they want someone to love.

You’ll Never Guess What Killed $3,000,000 Worth Of Horses

“The only biochemical imbalances in the brains of those who see a psychiatrist … are those that are put in there by a psychiatrist  --  Peter R. Breggin, Psychiatrist & MD

[2014] UK enforces law which bans public from criticising the govt

The Agenda Behind Bruce Jenner’s Transformation

[2015 June vid] "Gavi And Unicef Force Africa To Pay For Mass Vaccination Then Use Vaccines Rejected by CDC"

[2015 May] Paedophile Mason ran lodge set up for GCHQ

[2015 June] We adore our son and we've never smoked in front of him... now we just want him back: Parents speak out after judge rules boy, 2, should be placed for adoption because of their habit

[2015 June] Human Studies Condemn Ultrasound

[2015 June] 5 Families Sue Big Pharma in France for Vaccine Damages to Children

[2015 June] MORE than 55,000 animals used in experiments at Glasgow universities in one year

[2015 June] Police search house, prepare charges against German Holocaust skeptic

[2015 May] Over 30K Doctors and Scientists Demand That Argentina Ban Monsanto

[vid] Rock Star Admits He’s Been to Snuff Parties Where People Are Murdered For Fun

[2015 June] EPA hid truth about glyphosate and cancer for decades to protect Monsanto's corporate profits

Anti-vaccine stickers (USA)

[2015 May] 7 Huge Benefits of An Undisturbed First Hour After Birth

[vid] Jesuit fraud Einstein debunked by Nikola Tesla (Part 1)

What Happened to Barbara Crouse Brown & Wiolawa Press? July 15, 2014

Social Services (UK)

[2015 May] Professor David Nutt: Why I think the terminally ill should take LSD

[2015 May] Tens of thousands of teenage girls believed to have fallen ill with debilitating illnesses after routine HPV cervical cancer jab   Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency had 8,228 adverse reaction reports in 10 years - only estimated 10 per cent of real tally.  Side effects including chest and abdominal pains, exhaustion, breathing difficulties, fibromyalgia and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.  Some have been left wheelchair-bound by apparent effects of vaccine.  Despite this MHRA said it had no concerns on numbers of HPV complaints

[2015] Former Salesman For Vaccine Maker Merck & Co. Wouldn't Vaccinate His Son

[1997] The Final Mountbatten Report - MOST SECRET - Christopher Robin goes to War (The Forerunner to Operation James Bond Book 1) Lord Chancellor, John Ainsworth-Davis, Ami de Creighton

[1997] Operation James Bond by Christopher Creighton

[2015 May] Thousands of teenage girls enduring debilitating illnesses after routine school cancer vaccination

Free West Papua Campaign

[2004] Proof World War Two Was a Charade.

Huge Victory for Vaccine Rights in Vermont

[2015 May] A totalitarian society has totalitarian science by Jon Rappoport

Big news: the huge EU-wide petition to stop the dangerous TTIP trade deal is nearly at 2 million signatures!

Have you signed the petition? Add your name here:   

[2015 May] Merck & Co. EVP Julie L. Gerberding Sells 38,368 Shares (MRK)

The Police State Road Map

Timothy Leary's Eight Circuits of Consciousness

The Truth About Marijuana

PROMETHEUS RISING by Robert Anton Wilson

“Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.” ― Edmund Burke

“I ate breakfast last week with the president of a network news division and he told me that during non-election years, 70% of the advertising revenues for his news division come from pharmaceutical ads.  And if you go on TV any night and watch the network news, you’ll see they become just a vehicle for selling pharmaceuticals. He also told me that he would fire a host who brought onto his station a guest who lost him a pharmaceutical account.”    --- Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - See more at:


[2015 May] Twenty suicides in Britain over two-year period 'linked to controversial acne drug Roaccutane'


[vid] Light and Shadows Prove the Flat Earth

Baby Milk ingredients

[2015 May] Moms In Charge Presents Dr. Andrew Wakefield on CDC Whistleblower  "Mainstream media has sold out.  It sold out. ...I sat once with Sharyl Attkisson, one of this country's greatest journalists, working for CBS.  And she said to me, 'Andy, when we finish this interview, . . . I will get a call from the top floor, from the money men, and they will say, that interview does not go out, because I've had a call from our pharmaceutical industry sponsors, and if it goes out, then they are going to pull their sponsorship.' And that is why she left [CBS]." ......"I was sitting with [NBC Today Show's] Matt Lauer in an interview and he said, 'Dr. Wakefield, isn't this just conspiracy theory?'  The press loves that!  They love that, don't they?  Conspiracy theory. Like that's it.  A panacea for your madness.  Conspiracy theory. I said, 'Well Matt,' because we were on really good term at that stage, I said, 'Matt, it's really interesting that you should say that because in the courts, in Australia, just this week, in the Vioxx trials against Merck, where they killed thousands of patients with Vioxx, knowingly.  There were a series of disclosures about internal emails at Merck about how they would deal with doctors who dissented from the safety of Vioxx.  And they said, we'll isolate them and we'll discredit them, and the final one, in court, said, 'We may have to seek them out and destroy them where they live.'   So I said, 'Matt, you know it's less a question of conspiracy theory and more a question of corporate policy, don't you think?'  And that did not make it off the cutting room floor, as you can imagine." 

'The plank of their argument is that they are safe and effective. You now know, as a matter of fact,  they're not safe and effective--and that's just for one vaccine, the MMR.' --  Dr. Andrew Wakefield

"Last summer, Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and someone working on the national immunization program came forward after 13 years and said, 'We have known for 13 years, MMR vaccine causes autism and we have concealed that fact.'  "He not only said it, he gave us all of the documents--all of the original emails, transcripts, data outputs, databases, draft papers, original analysis plans, exchanges with his colleagues where he had tried repeatedly to bring this to their attention. Right to the very top of the CDC.  Right to Julie Gerberding, who was director of the CDC before she left to join Merck as their director of immunizations.  "They all knew: Walter Orenstein, head of the National Immunization Program--they all knew.  He had told them all. They concealed it systematically, and eventually, he could no longer live with himself.  He came forward and has become a whistleblower........ "And that is what they concealed, and in doing so they put millions and millions of American children in harm's way, knowingly and willfully."  Dr. Andrew Wakefield

[vid] Russell Means Final Interview - The Sacred Feminine and Gender Roles

[2015 May] 4 Cancer Charities Are Accused of Fraud  “The defendants took in millions of dollars in donations meant to help cancer patients, but spent it on themselves and their fundraisers. I’m pleased that the FTC and our state partners are acting to end this appalling scheme” said Jessica Rich, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, in the press release.

[2015 May] 50 Human Studies, in Utero, Conducted in Modern China, Indicate Extreme Risk for Prenatal Ultrasound: A New Bibliography by Jim West  1) Supports Western critics who have long argued that ultrasound contributes to various neonatal and childhood diseases, and neurological epidemics such as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and eye diseases.  2) Supports and revives earlier Western animal studies that are critical of ultrasound, yet had been rejected or ignored.  3) Enables arguments for novel disease causation models, for example, chorioamnionitis, neonatal jaundice, bone and tissue malformation, immune dysfunction, and a wide variety of diseases related to broad-spectrum hormonal dysfunction.

[2015] American Cops Just Killed More People in March than the UK Did in the Entire 20th Century

The trouble with canola honey

"Almost never" is the study of anti Semitism seen as a "means by which Jews could become aware of their own sins."  -- Professor Albert Lindemann  Esau's Tears: Modern Anti Semitism and the Rise of the Jews (1997) p.15


[2015 May] Rabbi David Cohen Sentenced To One Year In Jail

[2015] THE ORGANIC EFFECT What happens when a family that usually doesn’t eat organic food suddenly starts?

'We, the Rockefeller Foundation, supported and funded the Women’s Liberation Movement. Why do you think we did it? There were two primary reasons for this: One was that before women’s right to work, we could only tax HALF of the population. The other was so that with women going out to work it would break up families. Women would have to spend all day at work away from the family. The children would begin to see the state and teachers as their family and this would make it easier to indoctrinate and control them.' ~ Nick Rockefeller to Aaron Russo

[2015 May] Psychiatric drugs kill 500k+ Western adults annually, few positive benefits – leading scientist  Psychiatric drugs lead to the deaths of over 500,000 people aged 65 and over annually in the West, a Danish scientist says. He warns the benefits of these drugs are “minimal,” and have been vastly overstated.....“Their benefits would need to be colossal to justify this, but they are minimal,” he writes.  “Given their lack of benefit, I estimate we could stop almost all psychotropic drugs without causing harm.”

[2015 May] David Cameron’s Bloodline Connections

[2015] Ewing announces fracking ban in Scotland


If Edison had a needle to find in a haystack, he would proceed at once with the diligence of the bee to examine straw after straw until he found the object of his search. I was a sorry witness of such doings, knowing that a little theory and calculation would have saved him ninety per cent of his labor.

    Nikola Tesla - New York Times (19 October 1931)


"Einstein's relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king... its exponents are brilliant men but they are metaphysicists rather than scientists."


-Tesla, New York Times (11 July 1935)

[2015 May] Australia knew about Indonesia's napalm plans in Timor Leste

[vid] Famous Jews who changed their names

[vid] An Israeli Soldier's Story - Eran Efrati

ANTIDEPRESSANTS??? Bruce Jenner: Transgender Rumors Continue

Database of articles documenting antidepressant-induced violence and bizarre behavior

When Mothers Kill - Anti-Depressants SSRI and theyre murderous Side Effects

[2011] CDC Director Arrested for Child Molestation and Bestiality

[vid] The Truth About The Sith And The Satanic Rothschild Nazi Treaty To Give Humanity To The Devil


[vid] Truth behind the Wailing Wall

Radiation Therapy: The Shocking Truth the Cancer Industry Doesn't Want You to Know

Did Craft International’s Chris Kyle Fake his Death?


The controversial Petralona skull and Greek government suppression of information

[2013] Hepatitis B vaccine caused chronic fatigue syndrome – US Court

Roman Catholics Created Islam

Stew Webb, The Constant Slanderer (May 3, 2015)

ZIONISM. Britain’s royal family is 100% Jewish

[vid] Théun Mares- An Introduction: (Part 2 of 11) Guide vs Teacher








[vid] Airplane Routes Exposed

[2014] VACCINATION by  Suzanne Humphries, M.D.

[2015 April] Dr Jacob Puliyel Blows Whistle On Indian Rotavirus Vaccine Trials by John Stone

Hard Proof Germanwings Crash is a Hoax – Orchestrated by Zionists

[vid] Field McConnell on Germanwings Flight 9525 · Sunday Wire 3-29-2015

Freiburg UFO crash of 1936
Roswell UFO

[vid] Flat Earth Clues Interview 8 Galactic Connection Radio via Skype Audio

The secret Jewish history of The Rolling Stones

Germanwings Flight GWI9525

[pdf] Proof that John Lennon Faked his Death by Miles Mathis

“I've noticed a fascinating phenomenon in my thirty years of teaching: schools and schooling are increasingly irrelevant to the great enterprises of the planet. No one believes anymore that scientists are trained in science classes or politicians in civics classes or poets in English classes. The truth is that schools don't really teach anything except how to obey orders. This is a great mystery to me because thousands of humane, caring people work in schools as teachers and aides and administrators, but the abstract logic of the institution overwhelms their individual contributions. Although teachers to care and do work very, very hard, the institution is psychopathic -- it has no conscience. It rings a bell and the young man in the middle of writing a poem must close his notebook and move to a different cell where he must memorize that humans and monkeys derive from a common ancestor.” ― John Taylor Gatto, Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

Earth Not a Globe!  An Experimental Inquiry into the True Figure of the Earth: Proving it a Plane, Without Axial or Orbital Motion; and the Only Material World in the Universe




In this BBC video, correspondent Jane Standley reports that Building 7 has collapsed; meanwhile (at the 1:17 mark), a fully intact Building 7 can actually be seen — still standing — behind her. Who fed this information to Standley? Apparently, someone who had inside information about, and/or control over, the event itself, released that information to the media prematurely.

In another news clip, while Building 7 is seen standing fully erect and showing no signs of impending trauma, CNN’s Aaron Brown gives the following report: “We are getting information now that one of the other buildings, Building 7, in the World Trade Center complex, is on fire and has either collapsed or is collapsing…”


“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

― Benito Mussolini

“The definition of fascism is The marriage of corporation and state ”

― Benito Mussolini

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

There is no completeness without sadness and longing, for

without them there is no sobriety, no kindness. Wisdom without

kindness and knowledge without sobriety are useless.

[2015] Ex Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Comes Clean, Reveals Horrors of Western Medicine

[2015 March] Was the Challenger disaster a hoax? By Darrell Foss

[2013] Government bee scientist behind controversial study joins pesticide firm

[1977] Ultrasound Exposure During Pregnancy Links to Learning Disabilities, ADD and Behavior Disorders

Dr. Alice Stewart, a UK epidemiologist, learned back in the early 1980s that there were increased leukemias among children who had been exposed to ultrasound in the womb. Researchers have more recently discovered evidence that boys who've been exposed to ultrasound in late pregnancy have a greater amount of left-handedness than those who had no ultrasound exposure, suggesting that ultrasound has a definite effect on the brain. BTW, Dr. Alice Stewart lived a remarkable and fascinating life, having done the infamous Hanford Workers Study wherein she and Dr. Thomas Mancuso showed that the government's previous study was faulty and purposely downplayed cancer in nuclear workers at Hanford. Her life is chronicled in a very interesting book: The Woman Who Knew Too Much.

Organ Removal for "Cancer Prevention"

[vid] Justin Bieber shapeshifter eyes in Miami courtroom Reptilian Possessed Both

Hawking, Stephen

[vid] The True Story of Madeleine McCann - Buried By Mainstream Media - Full Documentary

"We are more gullible and superstitious today than we were in the Middle Ages, and an example of modern credulity is the widespread belief that the Earth is round. The average man can advance not a single reason for thinking that the Earth is round. He merely swallows this theory because there is something about it that appeals to the twentieth century mentality."---- Lawrence Wright George Bernard Shaw

“Starry Eyes” : A Movie About the Occult Hollywood Elite – and How it Truly Works

[vid] Millions of years old vehicle/sledge tracks; Phrygia Valley, Forbidden Archeology Documentary   Published on 28 Dec 2014.  Vehicle tracks fossilised 5 to 23 millions of years ago? Research by Alexander Koltypin, Phrygia Valley, Turkey - Neogene period vehicle/car tracks, new Forbidden Archeology documentary 

[2015 vid] Christopher Bollyn 2015 “Solving 911 Ends the War”

Deep Racism: The Forgotten History Of Human Zoos

Antidepressants and The Tell-Tale Heart

[2015 March] 6 Ways Drumming Heals Body, Mind and Soul

[2015 March] How Sugar Kills The Secrets of Sugar is a Canadian documentary about the conspiracy by the sugar industry and processed food companies to conceal the damaging effects of sugar on human health. For decades, the medical establishment has led us to believe that our intake of animal fat is responsible for soaring rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. It turns out the real culprit all along is sugar (see The Big Fat Surprise).  Investigators have uncovered industry documents going back to the 1950s linking excess sugar intake with health problems. In 1972, researcher John Yudkin published the book Pure, White and Deadly about research linking sugar to heart disease. The response by the food industry was a vicious campaign to portray Yudkin as an incompetent quack. This, in turn, led to a thirty-year shutdown of institutional funding for research into sugar’s health effects. 

[2015 March] NASA's Huge Balls Exposed

[2015 March] New York Times: All the lies they can fit in print  Their Boston trial coverage demonstrates conclusively that even our nation's newspaper of record is corrupt to the core

Timothy Leary's Eight Circuits of Consciousness

[vid] Another Dead NASA Scientist "What Do They Know"?

[vid] Renowned Psychologist Condemns Child Circumcision  'This indeed is child abuse, of the worst kind.. there are no medical benefits...none is medical fraud'.   Published on 1 Sep 2014. Professor Gregory Boyle speaks frankly in condemning forced genital cutting of children, revealing his personal struggles with this issue and his observations about the psychological motivations behind childhood genital mutilation.

[vid] Eric Dollard The Sun is not what we wave been told.!!!

[vid] Pope Francis Declares Lucifer As God

Jack White's Apollo Studies – Index 1

Earth Photos from the Moon: Anomalies Part One: Apollo 11 by Phil Kouts PhD This inability to verify the authenticity of these images allegedly taken by the Apollo 11 crew from the surface of the Moon simply adds to further suspicion and doubt as to the true validity of the acclaimed Apollo 11 lunar landing in July 1969.

[2015] Open Letter to Professor Brian Cox OBE from David Orbell

[2015 March] Allen Frances, editor of DSM-IV, developed Risperdal guidelines ‘in disregard of… conflict of interest’

[vid 2014] Mars - How Long Can The Truth Be Hidden?


[vid] The Moon Is An Illusion & No One Goes Above Low Earth Orbit

[2015 March] Aluminum is Toxic to All Life Forms: So Why is it Used in Vaccines?

[2015 March] New Film Exposes Shaken Baby Syndrome Myth – Opponents Want to Silence it at Film Festivals  The Syndrome is an explosive documentary following the crusade of a group of doctors, scientists, and legal scholars who have uncovered that “Shaken Baby Syndrome,” a child abuse theory responsible for hundreds of prosecutions each year in the US, is not scientifically valid. In fact, they say, it does not even exist.
Filmmaker Meryl Goldsmith teams with Award-winning investigative reporter Susan Goldsmith to document the unimaginable nightmare for those accused and shine a light on the men and women dedicating their lives to defending the prosecuted and freeing the convicted.
The Syndrome uncovers the origins of the myth of “Shaken Baby Syndrome.” It unflinchingly identifies those who have built careers and profited from this theory along with revealing their shocking pasts. Shaken baby proponents are determined to silence their critics while an unthinkable number of lives are ruined.
Kirchner writes that those who support Shaken Baby Syndrome in the medical field are part of a powerful and influential group, including the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome. Before the film’s first screening, they tried to get the Kansas International Film Festival to block the film, calling it “dangerous” even though they had not viewed it.

[vid] Pyramids and the square flat earth

CRAIG BROWN: Who'd trust a man with a velvet collar?

[2014] Murdered Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando 'tried to get bosses to investigate alleged paeodphile ring inside the BBC but no one wanted to know'


Anna Breytenbach


[2015 March] GM soy kills baby rats in just three weeks, study reveals

[vid] UPDATED Moon Hologram - The Moon is Not What You Think

[vid] Arrest The Cabinet

[vid] Advanced Machining Technology In Peru Before The Inca

[vid] This is how the United States created ISIS  Swann explores the origin of ISIS that has already been long forgotten by American media. Swann takes on the central issue of whether or not ISIS was created by "inaction" by the United States government or by "direct" action.

[2015 March] UK Man Wins Court Case Against BBC for 9/11 Cover Up

Oldest Human Ancestor Fossil Found in Ethiopia—2.8 Million Years Old

[2015 March] Thought Parasites – Our Ancient Mirrors

[2013] Big Oil, Big Profits, Big Tax Breaks  Stripping the tax code of these special Big Oil tax breaks for these five companies that earned $72 billion so far in 2013 would provide $24 billion of revenue. This is revenue that might otherwise be cut from cancer research, Head Start, food stamps or other vital middle- and lower-income programs. Eliminating special tax breaks for the big five oil companies would protect vital investments for our health, safety and prosperity.

"The media's goal is to 'promote both sides of the issue until confusion reigns' and the individual throws up his hands in exasperation concluding that is impossible to know what is truth." ~  Dr. Day

'The primary requirement of a pedophile is that the protective biological father is  removed from the family.  This is Feminism's primary aim.  Feminism is a cover for pedophilia.' ~ Greg Hallett (Midday, 10 March 2015)

[2015 Feb] Gorski exposed


[vid] Windows On The World: Brien Foerster Interview / New species of elongated Skull found in Peru

Fifty Shades of Grey

[vid] The TRUTH about the Sun, The Sun Is Hollow Interdimensional - Eric Dollard

'If you want to study history, imagine the most fucked scenario and run with that.' ~ Greg Hallett

[vid The Lies of the Sun - An investigation into the Mysteries and Lies of the Sun

[vid] Aired once and never aired again No plane at the Pentagon.  Broadcast live - and never run again

[2014] ‘I am a passionate Zionist,’ declares Boris Johnson

[2015 Feb] Top adviser to Chancellor George Osborne filmed smoking crack cocaine in drugs den

[2014] Former advisor to David Cameron in court on child porn charges

[vid] Hollywood Casting Couch Satan's Playground

[vid] Project Monarch BETA Slaves Pt 3 Beyonce & Lady Gaga

[vid] Project Monarch BETA Slaves Pt 4 Kim Kardashian

[2015 Feb] An Unexpected Side Effect of My Daughter’s Measles Vaccine

“Finding Jesus’ Graves … challenges the Flat Lie Royals“ hallett report No8

[2015] Richard Moskowitz, M. D. – The Case Against Immunizations

22 years of fake “Islamic terror”  The crime wave of false-flag “Islamic terror” did not begin on 9/11/2001. The first major staged terror event blamed on Muslims was the February 26th, 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center – when six people were killed, and over 1,000 injured, by a 1,200 pound truck bomb assembled and detonated by the FBI.

Dr. Michael Elice M.D. – Media Promoting Medical Harm to Our Children  The media would have us believe that this is a result of the fringe population of anti-vaxers who refuse to have their children vaccinated according the guidelines of the current vaccine schedule.  Medical reporting has brought to light the glaring ineffectiveness of the measles vaccines in fulfilling their widely claimed promise of preventing outbreaks in highly vaccine compliant populations.  In fact, measles outbreaks have occurred in populations that have been vaccinated on the average of 77%- 99%, not the so-called anti-vaxers.....Last year 1 in every 500,000 Americans came down with the measles. Nearly all recovered in a few days without serious consequences.  At the same time 1 in 68 American children were diagnosed with autism or for every case of measles there were 7000 cases of autism.  I ask myself which is the real epidemic here?....Stop hyping the safety of MMR vaccines which may actually be more dangerous than live measles and may be ineffective in preventing the illness which they are so anxious to report as a dangerous epidemic itself.   Let’s stop believing that the mainstream media is telling us the truth when all they are doing is shutting down any intelligent and open discussion about vaccine safety and how to improve it.

Suppressed Scientific Evidence Proves Free Energy Source Dating Back 25,000 Years


[2015 Jan] The FDA Admits That Prior to 2011 Over 70% of U.S. Chickens Contained Cancer-Causing Arsenic  Prior to 2011, the cancer-causing toxic chemical Roxarsone, which in high doses could kill you, was being added to chicken feed on purpose, giving store-bought chicken the illusion of healthy coloring and plump appearance. Shockingly, this was the case with more than 70 percent of all U.S. chickens!


[2011 pdf] Natural Electro Magnetic Influences on Plant Growth. New Applications for Fertilization, Pest and Weed Control.

Israeli Press Claims Jordanian Pilot Execution Faked

[2009] Study: Psychopaths Have "Potholed" Brains

[2012] Study finds psychopaths have distinct brain structure The results showed that the psychopaths' brains had significantly less grey matter in the anterior rostral prefrontal cortex and temporal poles than the brains of the non-psychopathic offenders and non-offenders. 

[2004] Brain Scans Show Abnormalities In Psychopaths   

[2009] Brains of psychopaths are different, British researchers find

[2011] Inside the Brains of Psychopaths

[2009] Psychopaths' brains are differently wired  The team found that a white-matter tract called the uncinate fasciculus (UF), which connects parts of the brain called the amygdala and the orbitofrontal cortex (OFC), differed significantly between the psychopaths and the control group.

[vid] Controlled Opposition Agents Alex Jones and David Icke  

[vid] Parents Right to VACCINE INFORMED CONSENT | Dr. Paul's Senate Testimony

[2015 Feb] MMR vaccines actually spread measles and cause permanent immune damage, doctor warns

[vid] Cointelpro CIA Controlled Opposition Forum AboveTopSecret, the biggest conspiracy forum on the internet is a confirmed CIA Cointelpro information gathering and disinformation spreading operation moderated by Masons. The host and administrator IPs have been traced to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. They have long banned me and hundreds of other legitimate truth-seekers who hit too close to the mark on certain issues discussed in this video.

[vid] landing safely on the moon is SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE

Thomas Sheridan  

"A decent man will behave decently even if he thinks that he has been treated unjustly or wrongly. But many people in such circumstances show a side of their nature which otherwise they would never show. And at times it is a necessary means for exposing a man's nature. So long as you are good to a man he is good to you. But what will he be like if you scratch him a little?" - G.I. Gurdjieff

[vid] Cellphone Has Incredible Effect on Magnetic Ore  One Russian father discovered a unique property of the magnetic material he was using to educate his son. When placed beside a cellphone, the metallic ore began to twist and mutate, almost as if alive.

[2015 Feb] Saudi Arabia fully cooperating with Israel over Iran: Report

[2015 Feb] Doctor invited to Oregon Senate says he prevents autism by not vaccinating his patients

'The germ is presented as the Devil. It is the source of fear, accorded its due by the priest, the doctor, who administers the injection.' ~  Jon Rappoport

[2015 Feb] The worship of vaccination in the Holy Temple by Jon Rappoport  The germ is presented as the Devil. It is the source of fear, accorded its due by the priest, the doctor, who administers the injection.

Underground Nuclear Waste Disposal (SNIP)

[2015 feb] Popular Drugs Linked To Dementia Even At Low Dosage by Michael T. Murray The most commonly used drug linked to dementia was diphenhydramine, which is used in many popular products such as Benadryl, Nytol Sominex, Theraflu, Triaminic Allergy, plus many others. Also implicated where drugs containing chlorpheniramine (Aller-Chlor); oxybutynin (Ditropan) and tolterodine (Detrol) for overactive bladder; and the tricyclic antidepressants, such as doxepin or amitriptyline.

[vid] Guide to the FLAT EARTH

International Space Station hoax

[2015 Feb] Clever teenagers most at risk of 'skunk' psychosis as cannabis expert reveals super-strong strain is linked to permanent schizophrenia 

[vid] FLAT EARTH Clues Part 7 - Long Haul

[2013] Babies born at 37 and 38 weeks at higher risk for adverse health outcomes
[2015] Inducing babies at 37 weeks 'cuts risks of child dying or developing a serious health condition such as cerebral palsy' 

10 Fascinating Sealed and Secret Documents

Vaccine shedding lie

Sudan's President claims CIA and Mossad 'stand behind' Isis and Boko Haram


"First of all DISTILLED WATER IS A HIGH ENERGY WET WATER. In order for it to end up high energy wet water it is going to have to become cationic. Remember, cations can have anywhere from 500 to 999 milhouse units of energy. The closer the distilled water is to 999 the higher energy and wetter it is going to be. Therefore, being highly cationic means it is also going to have a pH on the cationic side of the physiologic "neutral" point of 6.40. In other words, all distilled water is going to test cationic (acid).

This is not a problem, first because water is not to be a source of mineral nutrition — it is to be water and high energy water alone. Second, it has to be converted to the body's frequency just like food energy. The "electron press" (anions against cations) that causes the resistance for this process to happen is not effected by the pH of the distilled water because there is no mineral base to react."

--- Dr. Alexander F. Beddoe, DDS, Advanced Ideals Institute

[2015 Feb] Rape as a Weapon of War, Made in the USA? By Felicity Arbuthnot “that the amount of Viagra bought by the Pentagon last year could have supplied 80,770 hours, 33 minutes, and 36 seconds of sexual enhancement, assuming that erections don’t last longer than the 4 hour maximum advised by doctors.” Surely coincidentally, on 14th February, St Valentine’s Day, Joachim Hagopian released an article: “Sexual Assault in the US Military – More Rapists Attend the Air Force Academy Than Any Other College in America.”

“Projection is a defense mechanism which involves taking our own unacceptable qualities or feelings and ascribing them to other people.”.... “Projection tends to come to the fore in normal people at times of crisis, personal or political, but is more commonly found in the neurotic or psychotic – in personalities functioning at a primitive level as in narcissistic personality disorder or borderline personality disorder”,


[vid] Bez's Bed In with spoken word artist Martin Powell - Tuesday 10th Feb 2015

[vid] NASA's Fake CGI Ball Planets  For thousands of years the "planets" were known as "wandering stars" as they differ from the fixed stars in their relative motions only. Through a telescope both the fixed stars and wandering "planets" appear as nothing more than tiny round dots of light, luminaries, circling the night sky. They do NOT appear in any way to be spherical Earth-like terra firma capable of landing on as the Freemasons at NASA would have us believe with their fake CGI pictures and videos. The following video exposes the entire deception proving that Earth is in fact a plane and "planets" do not exist! They just added a "T" and you fell for it: "


[vid 2015 Feb] Sean Lennon And BEZ talk fracking

[vid] Child "Whistleblowers" taken from their mother after she & children make paedophile/satanism claims

Published on 19 Feb 2015. Sabine McNeill: 'Child "Whistleblowers" taken from their mother after she and children make paedophile/satanism claims'


Friends, you need to learn about GMOs and the damaging effects of consuming them. It could cost your life to ignore these life saving facts.

Watch this amazing documentary about GMOs, Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives 

Purchase the movie here (And be sure to pick up a copy for a friend!):


[vid 2015 Feb] Joe Corre nails fracking and Lord Brown

Mark Zuckerberg Is Grandson Of David Rockefeller. Real name. Jacob Greenberg.

[vid] Court recording of CeeCee Lyles on Flight 93 HEAR THE WHISPERS IN THE BACKGROUND

Listen to this 9/11 cell phone call carefully at the very end. After the 9/11 stewardess makes her strange, stilted recording on her home answering machine, you can clearly hear a second female voice say: "You were great." If you need to boost the levels, you can get the original COURT-AUTHORIZED audio file as evidence straight from the US government here:  - See more at:

Caught: BBC Fail in Ukraine, Yes There is a God (updated)

[2014] Proof – Governments Have Known for Over a Century that Vaccinations Cause Allergies and Anaphylaxis!!  “Vaccines are the main cause of food allergies. The first allergy in children is casein (milk) allergy due to the casein and aluminum adjuvant in the DTaP – Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) shot which is often given at 2-3 months of age. Since all babies are fed milk in some form immediately, this is the first allergy to be recognized. 
    The next allergy to usually show up at about 3 months of age is soy allergy due to the soy peptone broth and aluminum adjuvant in the Pneumococcal Conjugate vaccine given at approximately 2 months of age. Since soy formula is frequently fed to infants, this allergy also shows up early.
    Peanut and nut allergies have shown up as early as 6 months of age in children. Peanut oil is a common trade secret ingredient in vaccine adjuvants. Some manufacturers rely more predominantly on other oils in the vaccines – sesame oil in the vaccines used in Israel and parts of Europe or fish oil which is used in the Scandinavian countries.
    At 6 months of age, children can have had as many as 16 vaccinations several of which can contain mixed oils in the vaccine adjuvant. Many different food oils can be used in the vaccine adjuvant and even more foods used in the culture medium. These ingredients do not have to appear on the package insert because they are considered “inactive” and are a protected trade secret.
    Most physicians do not know that all of the ingredients do not appear on the package insert. Vaccines are not identical from batch to batch or even from dose to dose. The food protein remaining from the oils in the adjuvant or the culture medium varies which is why all the children getting vaccinated from a particular batch of vaccine may not all get the same food allergies.”

[2015 Feb] Our Unprecedented WWII Atrocities  Prior to the atomic attack on Japan, the US waged a firebombing war, not on the Japanese military, or its industries, but on innocent Japanese men, women, and children, beginning with the dropping of 700,000 incendiary bombs on Tokyo. Two nights later, a force of more than five hundred B-29s again struck the heart of the Japanese Empire with 4,000 tons of incendiaries.   Those Tokyo firebombs brought more horror than our minds can comprehend, but the resulting winds wrought even more terror. The heat from the flaming cauldrons below was so intense that the B-29s flying above were often buffeted upwards by as much as 4,000 feet.  US reconnaissance photographs showed that 51.3 square miles of what was once Tokyo, teeming with seven million human beings, had been reduced to ashes, with the lingering stench of burnt human flesh. It was then that US General Curtis LeMay, who had been so successful in firebombing millions of innocent German citizens, smothered Yokohama with 3,200 tons of firebombs.

Drug Corporations Control Government, Lock Stock and Barrel

[vid] The Nuclear Scare Scam | Galen Winsor

[2015 Feb] Nuclear Weapons Do Not Exist!

Food Corporations in charge of government nutritional policy

4 US journalists dead past 24 hours — in the US!

CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou speaks out  I was surprised by the terrible quality of the medical care, of the food. American prisoners aren’t even fed human-grade food. I remember passing boxes, cases of food in the cafeteria marked “not for human consumption, feed use only” or “for sale only in China.” And the medical care was even worse. There were almost a half a dozen deaths of prisoners when I was there in prison, and almost every one of those deaths was preventable.    The goal really of the Justice Department is to ruin the whistleblower personally, professionally, and financially. I hadn’t thought that through, and that’s exactly what happened to me. But again, it’s opened up a whole new world for me in the realm of human right and civil liberties.

[vid] Is Elie Wiesel A Fraud?

Caught: The Backstory on the Paris Anti-Semitism Hoax

[2015 feb] Dr. Suzanne Humphries, M.D. – Vaccine Strain of Measles Virus Found in Measles Outbreaks

[2015 Feb] Paul Offit and Rotavirus Vaccine: Deaths on VAERS By John Stone  In the developed world rotavirus infection does not seem to be associated with mortality: this is not quite so with rotavirus vaccines, including Merck's RotaTeq vaccine in which Professor Offit had a share.....Reports on VAERS (9 February 2015) for the Offit/Merck Rotateq vaccine introduced in 2006 list 1,068 cases of intussusception with 10 accompanying deaths  (1 in 107) while Rotarix (introduced in 2008?) has 553 cases of intussusception  and 11 deaths  (a very disturbing rate of 1 in 50).

[2015 Feb] Power, Pedophilia and the US Government

Children Describe Satanic Ritual Abuse and Sacrifice (video)

The UK Child Sex Abuse People’s Tribunal (UKCSAPT)

[2015 feb] The Fraudulent Rise in UK Antisemitism

[2015 Feb] The Measurable Non-Curvature of the Flat Earth

[2015 Feb] In These Very Moments, The Protocols Are Being Rewritten By Gilad Atzmon  "American Jewry makes any debate on whether the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ are an authentic document or a forgery irrelevant. American Jews do control the world."...Today, Yossi Sarid, the Israeli light Zionist veteran politician agreed with my position. This is what he wrote in Haaretz:  “In these very moments, the protocols are being rewritten. Rich Jews are writing them in their own handwriting. They, in their wealth, are confirming with their own signatures what anti-Semites used to slander them with in days gone by: We, the elders of Zion, pull the strings of Congress, and the congressmen are nothing but marionettes who do our will. If they don’t understand our words, they’ll understand our threats. And if in the past, we ran the show from behind the scenes, now we’re doing it openly, from center stage. And if you forget our donations, the wellspring will run dry.”

[2015 Jan] Vaccine McCarthyism: Did 2014 Mark the Collapse of the Vaccine Establishment by Gary Null, PhD and Richard Gale  What if vaccines have never been soundly confirmed to be safe and effective? What if the CDC, vaccine manufacturers and advocates knew of these discrepancies and contradictions, yet intentionally ignored them against the public interests?...The vaccine establishment is desperate. The ghosts of their fraudulent science, manipulated research, misleading propaganda across mainstream media and in the blogosphere are returning to haunt them. The pro-vaccine pundits are rapidly losing credibility as increasing numbers of parents and young adults educate themselves about vaccine efficacy and their health risks.  If it were left for an open scientific debate between pro-vaccinators and those opposing vaccines, the former would be would have science on their side.  It is time for a national debate to end vaccine madness. As further research emerges, as the vaccine paradigm is further stripped away, future generations will be looking back upon vaccination as a barbaric, primitive practice.

[vid Alcoa, Africa] How the Rich Keep us Poor  "What’s Going On” With a GDP ranking of 182 out of 195 international countries and 55.2% of the population living below the poverty line, Guinea is one of the poorest countries in the world.  This is shocking considering Guinea is the world’s largest producer of bauxite with half of the world’s reserves in its land.
Over the past 50 years, one lone mining conglomerate in Guinea, CBG, has produced and exported approximately $400 billion USD worth of bauxite.  Shockingly, Guinea’s share of that wealth has been limited to a mere $5 billion USD.
    Through its joint-venture mining deal with the country, CBG established itself as the largest bauxite mine in West Africa, and is now 49% owned by the Guinean state and 51% by a consortium composed of ALCOA (American), RIO TINTO (Anglo-Australian) and DADCO (SWISS).
    One of the provisions put in place in order to benefit economically from the venture, gave the Guinean government the right to choose its own company to transport 50% of all bauxite cargos mined by CBG.
    On August 12, 2011, the government of Guinea authorized NANKO Shipping (owned and operated by a Guinean national who has over 30 years of experience shipping cargo for public and private sector companies all over the world) to execute the government’s shipping rights.  To date, NANKO has yet to ship a single cargo load because CBG has refused to honor the terms of the agreement.  Their resistance is surprising given that this would cost them less than 0.05% of the value of the aluminum produced from its bauxite mines.
    Resource rich countries continue to be deprived of a share in the wealth that they create, which takes away from the country’s ability to assign resources to its people.  This is why the life expectancy in Guinea is 54.1 years old, the literacy rate is 41% and only 1 out of 5 households have access to electricity.  This is also part of the reason why Guinea lacks the resources to handle the current Ebola crisis, which originated in its forest regions and has spreads across West Africa.
    The overall issue is not unique to Guinea alone, but a common theme across the African continent as a whole.  Over the last 30 years, the continent has lost out on more than $1 trillion as a result of similar situations.
    Today, NANKO Shipping is suing Alcoa, which manages the day-to-day operations of the CBG, for refusing to honor its terms of the mining deal.  According to Reuters, if NANKO’s lawsuit were successful, it would mark the beginning of African nations taking control of their natural resources from international companies.

Charlie Hebdo False Flag x 2

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde dead, probably murdered

The Color of David Cameron’s Underwear (updated)  David Cameron, only 25 at the time, was involved with a scam arms deal for 3 nuclear weapons.  These weapons were later allowed to be stolen and sold for huge profits!  One of them ended up being exploded by North Korea! 

"The objectives of Communism are being steadily advanced...The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous, he cannot believe it exists." -J Edgar Hoover (1956)

NASA Insider Exposes the Flat Earth!  Matthew Boylan, former NASA operational graphics manager, worked for years creating photo-realistic computer graphics for NASA. Now a vocal Flat-Earther, Boylan claims that NASA’s sole reason for existence is to propagandize the public and promote this false ball-Earth heliocentric worldview. Originally recruited because of his skills and reputation as a hyper-realist multi-media artist, he started doing projects like photoshopping various lighting and atmospheric effects onto images of Earth, the Moon, Jupiter, Europa, etc. Having proved himself, and wanting to promote him to do more classified work, a room of NASA higher-ups during a party, as a type of initiatory-rite, explained to him and a few others in detail the reality of the Geocentric Flat-Earth model and how they have fooled the entire world! Refusing to be a part of their deception, Boylan cut his ties to NASA, began researching the Flat-Earth for himself, and has recently become a powerful voice on the lecture circuit and the internet exposing NASA and their heliocentric hoax. In his comedic lectures he speaks candidly and eloquently about how simple it is using nothing more than Adobe Photoshop and a video editor to create any and every type of image NASA purports to be “receiving from the Hubble telescope.” He points out how in most ball-Earth videos lazy NASA graphics workers don’t even bother changing cloud structures in ordinary or time-lapse footage; the same shape, color and condition cloud cover often stays completely unchanged for 24 hour periods and longer! Boylan states unequivocally that every picture and video of the ball-Earth, all the Moon/Mars landings, the existence of orbiting satellites, space stations, and all Hubble images are hoaxed. He even quips anecdotes about how NASA officials and astro-nots privy to the Flat-Earth truth would laugh hysterically at the brain-washed zombie public who unquestioningly believe their televisions...

Feminism is Communist both in origin and spirit. It pretends to champion women but in fact neuters both sexes and destroys the basic social unit, the family. The promotion of homosexuality as a "lifestyle choice" for heterosexuals is also part of this brazen elitist fraud designed to "create new types of human beings who would conform.

21st Century Wire Hollywood Files

Salicylates and Pandemic Influenza Mortality, 1918–1919 Pharmacology, Pathology, and Historic Evidence  The hypothesis presented herein is that aspirin contributed to the incidence and severity of viral pathology, bacterial infection, and death, because physicians of the day were unaware that the regimens (8.0–31.2 g per day) produce levels associated with hyperventilation and pulmonary edema in 33% and 3% of recipients, respectively. Recently, pulmonary edema was found at autopsy in 46% of 26 salicylate-intoxicated adults. Experimentally, salicylates increase lung fluid and protein levels and impair mucociliary clearance. In 1918, the US Surgeon General, the US Navy, and the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended use of aspirin just before the October death spike. If these recommendations were followed, and if pulmonary edema occurred in 3% of persons, a significant proportion of the deaths may be attributable to aspirin.

[2015 Jan] Merck vaccine scientist threatened with jail time for trying to expose massive vaccine data manipulation and fraud

'CIRCUMCISION.  Allah, we are told, created man in his own image. He therefore must be responsible for the creation of the foreskin. A Muslim woman claimed that there are two reasons why Islam demands circumcision : 1 ) Health; the foreskin is dirty and 2 ) the koran says that circumcision is mandatory. If the foreskin is “dirty”, it means that its creator made a mistake. But Allah cannot make mistakes, so the foreskin cannot be dirty, so there can be no possible need to remove it. Circumcision is a blatant insult to God, implying that he is a bungling designer and that he is imperfect, hence NOT God. It is a Satanic suggestion. Historically, the Koran was entangled in a “Satanic Verses” scandal. By insulting the work of God, it proves that it is indeed the work of the Devil. Circumcision is how the Devil gets HIS brand on his Devil-worshipping followers. It’s the sign that they reject and scorn God’s work, his grand and perfect design of the human body. It’s an obscene mockery of Allah. Circumcision is the ultimate Satanic ritual, and stands as a symbolic representation of the horrific, evil episode when the Devil ordered Abraham to perform human sacrifice on his son, and Abraham agreed. Islam is PURE SATANISM, as of course is Judaism, which also demands circumcision.'  ~ Mike Hockney. (Hyperreason)

[2015 Feb] Anderson Cooper: How To Be A Vaccine-Expert

Comparative Toxicity of Ethyl and Methyl Mercury (Power-Point Presentation from the Institute of Medicine/IOM)

'Lord McAlpine and the paedophile ring'


'The glitterati of the Conservative Party gathered in Dolphin Square for debauchery with young boys'


‘The Beast of the Valleys’ [Lord McAlpine]


‘Author James Rusbridger was on the point of disclosing paedophile material from within the royal family'


‘Shame and scandal in the family’ [Peter Lilley MP]


See also: 'Peter Lilley's wife says he is not gay'

[2013] Boots owners accused of using a legal loophole to avoid paying £1.1BILLION in tax

[vid] Chemtrails are COAL ASH


Cod Liver Oil

[vid] Laurel Canyon and the Covert Military Connection to 60's Rock - Zeph Daniel, Dave McGowan

Allied War Crimes

[vid] NASA hoax ISS Actornaut Chris Cassidy accidentaly admits they are filming in the USA BUSTED

[vid] Space Station Hoax Busted 100% undebunkable

[vid] ISS international fake CGI station


[Book] There are No Incurable Diseases

"When one person suffers from a delusion it is called 'insanity'. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called 'religion.'" -- Robert Pirsig

[1889 Book] History and Pathology of Vaccination by Edgar Crookshank MB

Sylvester Stallone by Brice Taylor

Thanks for the Memories: The Memoirs of Bob Hope's and Henry Kissinger's mind control slave by Brice Taylor



[vid] Stanley Kubrick and the Flat Earth (starts at revealing bit of Astronauts being confronted)

[2015 Jan] Huge library containing historic texts and 14 million books goes up in flames Moscow

[2015 Jan] Boston Bombing Photos Prompt Additional Questions of False Flag or Hoax

[vid] Behind The Beheadings: Propaganda Exposed

[vid] Charlie Sheen is a Zionist Agent, Satanist, and 33rd degree Freemason

Hundreds of Drone Operators Quit Air Force

[2012] Top doctor's chilling claim: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year

Death pathway (Liverpool Care Pathway)

Murder From Within: U.S. Secret Service Limo Driver, Bill Greer, Shot Both JFK & Connally on Nov. 22, 1963 (Feb. 5, 2013)

[2015 Jan] JFK Video Strips US Leaders of Legitimacy

History & Pathology of Vaccination, Volume 1 (buy)
History & Pathology of Vaccination, Volume 2 (buy)



[2015 Jan] Charlie Hebdo bombshell! Suicided officer’s family denied access to autopsy


The Darkness of Twilight

Rabbi quote banners

Anti cannabis groups

[2015 Jan] Court rules on case of teen refusing cancer treatment


[vid] Hollywood "Insider" EXPOSES ALL (Cults/Clones/MindControl & MORE) Published on 21 Jan 2015. WOW! This one is a Doozy!! I stumbled upon a fascinating blog from 5 years ago from a woman that had worked in many areas of the Entertainment Industry (from Broadway to Hollywood). What followed were some fascinating observations on MANY celebs that have never been mentioned in these "conspiratorial circles" before, along with many that have, but with new information. She covers everything from mind controlled models, Michael Jackson clones, where the d-list actresses have gone, "serpents" in the Industry, to secrets behind Beauty Pageants and more.


Sandy Hook: The boys who were evacuated TWICE

Britain’s GCHQ Domestic Spying Apparatus to be granted Greater Surveillance Powers after Paris Attacks

[vid Jan 2015] UK Prime Minister Says #9/11 - #7/7 Truthers Are Extremists UK Prime Minister David Cameron told the U.N. that “non-violent extremism” is just as dangerous as terrorism and must be eradicated using all means at the government’s disposal. He references 9/11 and 7/7 Truthers as examples of the type of extremism that must be dealt in a similar fashion to ISIS.

[2006] Continuous cardiotocography (CTG) as a form of electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) for fetal assessment during labour.   Continuous cardiotocography during labour is associated with a reduction in neonatal seizures, but no significant differences in cerebral palsy, infant mortality or other standard measures of neonatal well-being. However, continuous cardiotocography was associated with an increase in caesarean sections and instrumental vaginal births. The real challenge is how best to convey this uncertainty to women to enable them to make an informed choice without compromising the normality of labour.

[2014] UPDATED: Did the Kenyan Bishops Just Expose WHO & UNICEF?

Baby designed by God by Dr. Amanda Hess & Dr. Jeremy Hess

[2015 Jan] Why are Medical Professionals who Deliver Babies in Hospitals Choosing to have their Own Babies at Home?  Pregnant women who want to avoid surgical birth know they have to avoid the hospital.....“Women are having their bodies completely hijacked,” says Dr. Jennifer Lang, M.D., a 38-year-old board certified ob-gyn based in southern California who specializes in complex gynecologic surgery and has attended over 1,000 births. Although Dr. Lang gave birth to her first child at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, she chose to have her subsequent children at home.....“After a lot of research and time working in the hospital I realized that I felt safer delivering at home without the time constraints and medical equipment restrictions like continuous fetal monitoring,” Dodge explains in an email.   Continuous fetal monitoring, though the norm in most American hospitals, has been repeatedly shown to increase the likelihood of C-section and instrumental birth without improving fetal outcomes. Hospitals in Scandinavia, where the infant and maternal mortality rates are much lower than in the United States, have discontinued its use......“In residency I witnessed complications that we doctors cause. There were so many,” Dr. Fish explains as her pudgy 7-month-old daughter Kailani gums her shoulder."....“But if doctors could step back they would see that the vast majority of these complications happen because of things that are done to the mothers in the process of giving birth in the hospital. When you take away medicinal pain relief, epidurals, restriction of food and water, staff coming in and out of the room, and routine vaginal exams while women are in active labor, you can significantly reduce the complications that are caused by the interventions themselves. Moms do better without unnecessary interventions than they do when they’re overly managed.”


[2015 Jan] Breastfed, Homebirthed Babies Taken Away From Parents For Not Using Hospital

Hollywood: Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” and Atrocity Porn

Political Prisoner in America: A Drone Activist's Future in Prison

'Disease is nothing else but an attempt on the part of the body to rid itself of morbific matter.' — Thomas Sydenham (1624-1689)

[2015 Jan] What if HPV does NOT cause cervical cancer? By Norma Erickson and Peter H. Duesberg, PhD  If HPV vaccines are useless, it is certainly not worth submitting yourself (or your loved ones) to the 2.3 to 2.5% risk of serious adverse reactions AND the 2.4 to 3.3% risk of developing a new medical condition potentially indicative of autoimmune disorders experienced by Merck’s Gardasil 9 clinical trial participantsALL RISK AND NO BENEFIT IS NOT A WISE MEDICAL CHOICE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

[vid] NASA's Fake Ball Earth vs The True Flat Earth  Watch the following compilation of NASA's fake CGI spinning ball-Earth compared with actual amateur balloon footage from space, showing the Earth to be completely flat and motionless, and NASA to be the most successful liars in history

[vid] Ancient Flat Earth Beliefs

[vid] The Flat Earth Conspiracy Documentary  In this 90 minute documentary I have compiled and condensed all the most compelling video evidence that we are living on a motionless, flat Earth. Please take the time to do yourself and humanity a favor by watching this most important, mind-blowing and entertaining film! Please also like, share and spread this video around to help raise awareness of this highly taboo, suppressed, and ridiculed truth. To learn even more about the ball-Earth deception and fully discover the depths of this five-century running indoctrination, be sure to read my new 252-page book, "The Flat Earth Conspiracy," the first flat-Earth book published in over 40 years, available in paperback, eBook, and ePub


Bedford Level Experiment The Bedford Level Experiment was a series of observations carried out along a six-mile length of the Old Bedford River on the Bedford Level, Norfolk, England.  The experiment was often performed during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Most results have served to prove Flat Earth Theory, and although a few have claimed otherwise they have been soundly disproved by Flat Earthers. The Bedford Level Experiment remains one of the most widely-accepted examples of Flat Earth proof.

Faking Moon Landings: Parallax Experiments

Fiasco Paris II: The Wrong Car Gambit  Remember the car supposedly used in the Paris “events,” as calling phony theatre a terror attack is a misnomer?  This is what the friggin’ French did:  They planted the ID beforehand in what was supposed to be an identical car.  Problem is, the second car was a different model, different year.
[vid] Proof/Paris False Flag/Brothers Framed and Murdered

[vid] The Jesuits Fake Nukes on Hiroshima ( Japan )

[vid] Photographic proof that Hiroshima was not destroyed with an atomic bomb

Is “Gray State” a Psy-Op?  Condensed, the movie addresses what it would be like if FEMA began round-ups and executions of US citizens. The trailer, 2:40 long, seems to have one goal in mind; to instill fear in the viewer. It is devoted to violent graphic scenes of round-ups; direct head shot executions and intimidating footage of faceless FEMA soldiers goose stepping toward defiant, rioting citizens. The trailer is laced with heavy machine gun sounds, buzzing helicopters, people screaming, and death; lots of death.

[2015] If you don’t understand how people fall into poverty, you’re probably a sociopath



[2015 Jan] The Always Horizontal Horizon Proves Earth Flat

[2015 Jan] Saudi King Abdullah was a champion of women's rights says Tony Blair

[vid] Satellite Hoax - Satellites Do Not Exist!

SkyNews reporter has a slip of the tongue and admits the Charlie Hebdo's shooting was fake

[vid] Paris Shooting Hoax: "Suicided" Helric Fredou was Interviewing Jeannette Bougrab Family!

Fredou, the dead police officer, was investigating Bougrab, Hebdo's editor's girlfriend  Fredou was working on a person close to Charb, the Charlie Hebdo editor, killed in the attacks.  Who was that person?   Panamza, a French journal,  has discovered that Fredou was working on a person and her family living near Chateauroux, a town about an hour and 30 minutes north of Limoges. Simple deduction on part of Panamza determines that it was the family of Jeanette Bougrab, militant member of the UMP, a far right organization, and girlfriend of the murdered director of Charlie Hebdo, Stephane Charbonnier "Charb".  


Straight Inc
[2011] Torturing of Children in Straight Inc Owed by Melvin Sembler

Gray State The Rise Rough Cut Directed by David Crowley 2015

[pdf] CONSIDER the LILIES Effective Medical Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB


[2013] Boston Bomber Believed He Was a Victim of Mind Control


[2015 Jan] Conflagration Kills Pentagon Cybersecurity expert and grandchildren

[2015 Jan] American Sniper Mythology and Other Tales of Horror By Gordon Duff


Mind Control of Medical Doctors

[2015 Jan] Charlie Hebdo Redux in Argentina

[2015 Jan] Psychiatry and Mind Control 101

[2013] Former French Foreign Minister: The War against Syria was Planned Two years before “The Arab Spring”

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

Jeanice Barcelo


The Emotional Life of Nations by Lloyd deMause. Chapter 8----The Evolution of Childrearing

[vid] Soapbar (bad hash)

[2014] Killing Your Sex Drive One Bite at a Time: 5 Surprising Ways Sugar Lowers Libido


[2014] ISRAEL AND THE DARK SIDE OF REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES - REVIEW OF THE FILM "FROZEN ANGELS" by Jeanice Barcelo  what does it do to the psyche of a child when it is conceived through the merging of a sperm taken from a man who had only pornographic thoughts at the moment of release -- and merging that sperm with an egg taken from a woman who willfully chose to "donate" her genetics and her body in exchange for about $15,000? Surely, it must be detrimental to the child to be "conceived" in an environment devoid of human love, yes? And what of the fact that most of these children are gestated in wombs where their "mother" has no interest to bond with them. Wouldn't that further compound their trauma by reinforcing an already loveless beginning?

[2015 Jan] Wife, daughter and writer of controversial FEMA camp movie ‘Gray State’ dead in ‘murder-suicide’

[2015] Most Terror is State-Sponsored: Gladio

Why Americans Ought To Reevaluate What They Were (Falsely) Taught about Child Birth


[2007] New Evidence Shows Pentagon Executed Pat Tillman by PAUL JOSEPH WATSON

Bush's Iraq War Holocaust: Worse Than Vietnam by US DEPT OF VETERAN AFFAIRS  73,846 U.S. TROOPS DEAD; 1,620,906 PERMANENTLY DISABLED

None Dare Call It (Iraq) Genocide (American-Style) by LLEWELLYN H. ROCKWELL, JR.  Here is the grisly bottom line: more than one million people have been murdered in Iraq since the US invasion, according to the ORB. Yes, other estimates are lower, but you have to be impressed by what they have found. It seems very credible.  In Baghdad, where the US presence is most pronounced, nearly half of households report having lost a family member to a killing of some sort. Half the deaths are from gunshot wounds, one-fifth from car bombs, and one-tenth from aerial bombs. The total number of dead exceeds the hugely well-publicized Rwandan genocide in 1994. 

[vid] The Rothschilds Own Charlie Hebdo? Editors Girlfriend Works For The Rothschilds

[vid] BUSTED!!! Paris Shooting Cops Shooting Blanks

Dreyfus Affair

[DVD] Traffic

Madame Rothschild — “I Know who was behind the Paris Attacks!”


[2010 book] The Rape of Innocence: female genital mutilation and circumcision in the USA by Patricia Robinett

StarGate Remote Viewing, UFOlogy & Earth’s Future by Kerth R. Barker [whale]

Overcoming Monarch Mind Control, Feedback from Therapists & Survivors by Kerth R. Barker  [whale]

Angelic Defenders & Demonic Abusers: Memoirs of a Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor by K. Barker

Cannibalism, Blood Drinking & High-Adept Satanism by Kerth R. Barker

[2015 Jan] Glyphosate detected in feeding tubes given to babies and children with cancer

[2014] Child abuse: Bathed in disinfectant, whipped with kettle flexes, beaten and forced to eat vomit... victims' harrowing testimonies

[2015 Jan] Former children's home boss, 77, accused of historic sex abuse of boys as young as nine is found dead at home weeks before he was due to stand trial 

‘If it’s the only way to get one of your five a day, then drink a small glass of fruit juice — around 125ml — but no more than that,’ says Jackie Lynch. ‘Otherwise, simply eat a healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables. There’s no need to embrace this fad.’

[2014] Bad news for dads: Babies 'should share mother's bed until age three' because it's good for their hearts

Jeanice Barcelo on July 27th, 2012

[2014] Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out On The Real Dangers of Genetically Engineered Food

Stage 4 Cancer Gone With Baking Soda Treatment

"If your parents' faces never lit up when they looked at you, it's hard to know what it feels like to be loved and cherished," Bessel van der Kolk

[2009] Breasts in Mourning: How Bottle-Feeding Mimics Child Loss in Mothers’ Brains By Jesse Bering  According to a new theory being proposed by University of Albany evolutionary psychologist Gordon Gallup and his colleagues, the decision to bottle-feed is tantamount, in the mother’s psyche, to mourning the loss of the child. At least, that’s how a woman’s body seems to respond to the absence of a suckling infant at its breasts in the wake of a successful childbirth. In a soon-to-be-published article in Medical Hypotheses, the authors argue that bottle-feeding simulates the unsettling ancestral condition of an infant’s death:
    Opting not to breastfeed precludes and/or brings all of the processes involved in lactation to a halt. For most of human evolution the absence or early cessation of breastfeeding would have been occasioned by miscarriage, loss, or death of a child. We contend, therefore, that at the level of her basic biology a mother’s decision to bottle feed unknowingly simulates child loss.

[2005] Epidurals: risks and concerns for mother and baby by Dr Sarah J. Buckley

[2005] Conflicts of Interest: Understanding the Safety Issues Around Prenatal 3D Ultrasound By Ted Nace

[2015] Guess What Percentage Of American Children Live In A Home With A Traditional Family Structure?…   in America today only 46 percent of children live in a home that has both a mother and a father that are in their first marriage.  An additional 15 percent live in a home that has two parents where at least one of them has been remarried.  But that means that an all-time record high 39 percent of all U.S. kids are living in a home with either just a single parent or no parents at all.

[2013] Ultrasound: Prematurity and Potential Risks by Beverley Lawrence Beech

[2011] Weighing the Risks: What You Should Know about Ultrasound By Sarah Buckley 

False Flag Charlie Hebdo: Sky News “You can see the blood on the ground, which has been put there”    "You can see the blood on the ground, which has been put there to..." The reporter then catches himself and clarifies, "because of the blood that was shed on this spot yesterday."

Vaccines Proven To Cause Sudden Death in Children – 67 Deaths Only Explicable As Caused By Vaccines – Drug Safety Regulators Had The Information for Over 2 Years And Let Children Die

Birth trauma

[2013] OXYTOCIN, HUMAN LOVE, AND HUMAN BONDING by Jeanice Barcelo  Every single hospital birth protocol undermines the capacity for mother, father, and child to bond. Damaging technological interventions disrupt the production of natural oxytocin, and these include (but are not limited to) induction, amniotomy, fetal heart monitors (especially the internal ones that are literally SCREWED into the baby’s skull), the use of cytotec, pitocin, demerol (or any drugs whatsoever) during labor or immediately after birth, c-section, the unnecessary, sadistic, and violent clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord, the theft of infant cord blood, oral suctioning, putting ointment in the baby’s eyes so that his/her eyes burn and he/she cannot make eye contact with his/her parents, infant swaddling (which prevents skin-to-skin contact, restricts all movement, and causes baby to go into parasympathetic shock), highly toxic vaccinations immediately after birth, so-called vitamin k shots, separating mother and child for any length of time during the first hour after birth, neonatal intensive care unit (which are brutal), circumcision, and the list goes on.

[vid] Birth Trauma and Humanity s Takeover

George Bush Pedophile Sex Ring and Blackmail of Congress  George HW Bush is a known evil pedophile, who ran a Congressional Blackmail Child Sex Ring during the 1980s known as “Operation Brownstone and Operation Brownstar”, and later to become known as “The Finders or The Franklin Coverup”. U.S. Vice President George HW Bush would sneak children over to Senator Barney Frank’s condo, known as a “Brownstone” to their famous cocktail parties, where U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senators — some willing and some unwilling participants — got a taste of the “Voodoo Drug” in their drink.



In the majority of children the whole episode has been well and truly over in a week, from the prodromal phase to the disappearance of the rash, and many mothers have remarked “how much good the attack has done their children,”as they seem so much better after the measles. . . In this practice measles is considered as a relatively mild and inevitable childhood ailment that is best encountered any time from 3 to 7 years of age. Over the past 10 years there have been few serious complications at any age, and all children have made complete recoveries. As a result of this reasoning no special attempts have been made at prevention even in young infants in whom the disease has not been found to be especially serious. (Vital Statistics, British Medical Journal, February 7 1959, p. 381)

Occasional “spontaneous” tumor regressions of Hodgkin’s disease and Burkitt’s lymphoma have been documented after measles infections. Perhaps the most compelling was the case history of an 8 year old African boy who presented to a clinic in Uganda with a four month history of painless right orbital swelling. A biopsy specimen of the right retroorbital tumor was histologically diagnostic of Burkitt’s lymphoma but at the time of planned initiation of therapy, he was noted to have a generalized measles rash. On the same day, the right orbital tumor was noted to be regressing and because of the presumed measles infection, he was given no chemotherapy for the Burkitt’s lymphoma. During the course of the next two weeks, his rash disappeared and he seroconverted to measles. At the same time, the tumor regressed completely and remained in complete remission for at least four months after the measles infection in the absence of antineoplastic therapy. The mechanism underlying the rapid tumor regression that was observed in this remarkable case history was never elucidated but Burkitt’s lymphomas are known to express high levels of SLAM and are therefore susceptible to infection by wild-type measles viruses. The timing of the regression, coinciding with the period during which measles virus burden and measles-induced immunosuppression are at their peak, supports the contention that the tumor cells were directly destroyed by the virus. (citation:

Spontaneous regression of primary progressive Hodgkin’s lymphoma in a pediatric patient: A case report and review of literature 
SR of Hodgkin’s lymphoma is extremely uncommon and only 16 cases have been reported in the literature. Among the 16 reported cases of SR, most were of the mixed cellularity subtype, while five cases occurred in children following measles infection

[2015 Book] Birth Trauma, and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine:  Exposing the Systematic Violence During Hospital Birth and the Attempt to Hijack Our Souls by Jeanice Barcelo 

Since all culture is a kind of con game, the most dangerous candy you can hand out is one which causes people to start questioning the rules of the game.” -Terence McKenna

25 Years of Pharmaceutical Devastation Reversed by Cannabis

The Economist 2015 Cover is Filled With Cryptic Symbols and Dire Predictions

Police Commissioner Involved in Charlie Hebdo Investigation “Commits Suicide”. Total News Blackout

[vid] Paris Shooting Hoax Policeman Taking Selfies After 12 Murdered WTF

Charlie Hebdo: Another Mossad Production To Be Sure, But Did Anyone Actually Die? (Jan. 9, 2015

Paris Shooting (Jan 2015)

[vid] Science proves that NASA faked the moon landings - Moon landing Hoax

Moon landing Hoax assassinations

[2015 Jan] Let’s Talk About Whooping Cough

Leonard Cohen- Illuminati Jewish Secret Agent?

The Beatles Were Titaniced in 1966!!

The Marijuana Diet by Art Glass

Eight Major Identical Twin Studies Prove Homosexuality Is Not Genetic  Eight major studies of identical twins in Australia, the U.S., and Scandinavia during the last two decades all arrive at the same conclusion: gays were not born that way.  “At best genetics is a minor factor,” says Dr. Neil Whitehead, PhD. Whitehead worked for the New Zealand government as a scientific researcher for 24 years, then spent four years working for the United Nations and International Atomic Energy Agency. Most recently, he serves as a consultant to Japanese universities about the effects of radiation exposure. His PhD is in biochemistry and statistics.

Climate Scientist Blows Whistle on Jet Aerosol Dumps – Chemtrails  This video excerpt from Dr. Kirkby’s 2009 CERN presentation makes it clear that IPCC climate scientists, Geoengineers and government agencies are fully aware that jet aircraft are dumping aerosols into the atmosphere with the effect of deliberate and covert climate manipulation. But even Dr. Kirkby may not be aware that these aerosols contain much more than chemicals for climate manipulation.  Bio-engineered pathogens have been systematically sprayed on entire populations to infect the environment with a “New Biology” of cross-domain organisms that manifest as “Morgellons Syndrome” in man.  [Chemtrails and Synthetic Alien Biology]  Jasper Kirkby is a particle physicist currently engaged with cloud physics research at CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

[2011] Royal Family granted new right of secrecy

[2014 Aug] Absolute Proof of the Use of Crisis Actors in Ebola Hoax

[2014 June] Nurse who refused flu shot wins lawsuit against Hackettstown Regional Medical Center

Promote body shame

[2014 Dec] Sugar - Not Salt - Bigger Threat To Blood Pressure

Autism by Any Other Name

[2014 Dec] Autism by Any Other Name and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program  "It is bewildering that Dr. Paul Offit can declare “shared symptoms do not make 2 different conditions identical” when autism is defined by its symptoms in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of Psychiatry.....When it comes to vaccine injury and autism, government and public health officials are like eels swimming in a murky pool of convoluted phraseology. The child with vaccine induced brain damage didn’t have autism just “autism-like behaviors.”  The child compensated for vaccine injury didn’t have autism just “features of autism.” The vaccine didn’t cause the child’s autism it just “resulted in autism.” And besides all that, the child didn’t have “classic autism”, whatever that is, as Offit claims."

Bosnian pyramids

Tylenol Once a Month Raises a Child’s Asthma Risk 540 Percent  children who had even a single dose of Tylenol before their first birthday had a 60% risk of developing asthma.

[2010] CIA Targeted Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer

9/11 Update: More proof no Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon  “High-speed flight in relatively close proximity to the ground [as for Flight 77] is virtually impossible in any fixed-wing aircraft,” says an Aeronautical Engineer.

Westerfeld, Scott

[2004] Statin-fortified drinking water?

[2009] 'Moon rock' given to Holland by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin is fake

Illness Is Caused By Unrepentant Sin? How Evangelical Christians See Mental Health

[2014 Dec] VIP child abuse whistleblowers were 'murdered': MP says men were poised to lift lid on scandal

[2014 Dec] Were NATO Dogs Used to Rape Afghan Prisoners at Bagram Air Base?

[2014 Dec] McRae was killed because he was closing in on paedophiles says friend

[2014 Dec] EXCLUSIVE: ‘I was warned off’ says detective involved in historic paedophile probe

Shirley Maclaine Calls Meryl Streep "Other-Wordly"

 Goldie Hawn- Meryl Streep is a martian/freak!

 Carrie Fisher: " Meryl crushes bugs, Don't Mess With Meryl Streep"

 Kevin Kline: Meryl can really hurt me.

[2014 Sept] Prominent Michigan Cancer Doctor Pleads Guilty: ‘I Knew That It Was Medically Unnecessary’

[vid] REAL subliminal message 'KILL' caught accidentally (DISTURBING)

[pdf 1951] The Iron Curtain Over America By John Beaty

[vid] Carlos Arredondo - Boston Hero or NWO FRAUD?

Grow new teeth

[2013 Dec] Watch Iain Duncan Smith SNEAK OUT of food banks debate as Tories LAUGH at stories of starving families

[2014] Oncology nurse quits after 17 years to promote nutrition and natural therapies for healing cancer

[2014 Dec] 14 Arrested In Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Linked To Framingham Pharmacy  Tainted steroids manufactured by the pharmacy were blamed for a 2012 outbreak that killed 64 people. About 750 people in 20 states developed meningitis or other infections after receiving the contaminated steroids. Michigan, Tennessee and Indiana were the hardest-hit states.

[2014 Dec] Monsanto’s Roundup Responsible for Skyrocketing Rates of Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance and Other Wheat-Related Illnesses?

[2014 Dec] Breast Cancer Is Caused By Pleomorphic Bacteria By Alan Cantwell, MD

Why Michael J Fox Will Never Find a Cure

[2014 Dec] China and the Jews

[vid] Professor McCoy Exposes the History of CIA Interrogation  Now, one of the things that Donald Rumsfeld did, right at the start of the war of terror, in late 2002, he appointed General Geoffrey Miller to be chief at Guantanamo, alright, because the previous commanders at Guantanamo were too soft on the detainees, and General Miller turned Guantanamo into a de facto behavioral research laboratory, a kind of torture research laboratory. And under General Miller at Guantanamo, they perfected the C.I.A. torture paradigm. They added two key techniques. They went beyond the universal sensory receptors of the original research. They added to it an attack on cultural sensitivity, particularly Arab male sensitivity to issues of gender and sexual identity.
    And then they went further still. Under General Miller, they created these things called "Biscuit" teams, behavioral science consultation teams, and they actually had qualified military psychologists participating in the ongoing interrogation, and these psychologists would identify individual phobias, like fear of dark or attachment to mother, and by the time we’re done, by 2003, under General Miller, Guantanamo had perfected the C.I.A. paradigm, and it had a three-fold total assault on the human psyche: sensory receptors, self-inflicted pain, cultural sensitivity, and individual fears and phobia.

Sir Bob Geldof on curbing population growth Sir Bob Geldof showing what a bought and paid for eugenics promoting, humanity hating person he really is.......I am sure the likes of the Fabian , George Bernard Shaw would love him.

VIP paedophile networks 'shut down police investigations which got too close', retired officers claim

[2014 dec] The Satanic Statue Being Made for Oklahoma's Statehouse Is Coming Along Nicely

“[The Federal Reserve banks] are 12 private credit monopolies that were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this nation by bankers who came from Europe and who repaid our hospitality by undermining our American institutions. . . . Great Britain moved to consolidate her gains. After the treacherous signing away of America’s rights at the 7 power conference at London in July 1931 which put the Federal Reserve system under the control of the Bank of International Settlements, Great Britain began to tighten the hangman’s noose around the neck of the United States.” (1933)  McFadden, Louis

“The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of the systems was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland; a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank… sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.”--CARROLL QUIGLEY

Rape of Iraqi Women by US Forces as Weapon of War: Photos and Data Emerge


Susan Rice: a cheater, irresponsible and corrupt woman: US and UN have supported and protecting the Rwandan dictator and war criminal Paul Kagame who has ordered and supported the death of almost 8 million people both in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ms. Susan Rice has been at the forefront of trying to shield the Rwandan government, and Mr. Kagame in particular, from international censure, even as several United Nations reports have laid the blame for civilians massacred and genocide of Hutu community in DR Congo. Susan Rice advised Bill Clinton not to intervene in Rwanda to prevent the massacres of civilians by Kagame’s war and to prevent genocide in Rwanda and DR Congo. UK, Uganda and US opted to provide more arms, intelligence, media and diplomatic support to Kagame’s guerrilla war, which contributed to massacres of civilians and genocide of hutu and tutsi in Rwanda and DR Congo.

“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy.”(Tragedy & Hope)--- CARROLL QUIGLEY

The Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

“Return to Oz” : A Creepy Disney Movie That is Clearly About Mind Control

New Information About Dead Playboy Playmate Reveal Life as a Beta Kitten Slave

[2014 Dec] 'Stop Feeding your Cancer' - Dublin doctor shows patients how to beat cancer

[vid 2012] Gordon Duff & Stew Webb: The Most Powerful Drug Dons of the World Today

September, 2014: Hepatitis B  A recent report from France claimed that the Hepatitis B vaccine may be linked to the development of multiple sclerosis. The NVIC points out that this is not news: France stopped requiring the Hepatitis B vaccine for schoolchildren in 1998 because of multiple sclerosis-like symptoms.

[2014]  How They Murdered Princess Diana: The Shocking Truth by John Morgan

“It’s been known for quite some time that the Bush family are Generational Satanists” – Anthony Lavey

Flashback: Two British SAS Officers Dressed Up as Arabs, Drove Around Basra, Iraq in a Car Fitted with Bombs And Shot Iraqi Police in an Effort to Create a Terrorist Event to Prolong The War…


Distilled water [doc] in book form: (Articles, Interview, Testimonials)

[2014 Dec] GMO Contamination Denial: Controlling Science  Blatant suppression of GMO research has occurred most recently with Gilles-Eric Séralini, who found that feeding Monsanto's GM corn to rats increased their development of tumors. The study appeared in Food and Chemical Toxicology, the same journal that routinely carries studies by Monsanto employees showing that GM corn is safe. The Séralini study was actually superior to those conducted by Monsanto's research teams. First, Monsanto studies examined the effect of glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) while Séralini examined rats fed Roundup itself. This is a critical distinction, since glyphosate could have synergistic effects when combined with other chemicals in Roundup.
    Second, Monsanto rats were only studied for 90 days while Séralini examined rats for two years. There were several other differences between the lines of research, but none of them threatened the validity of Séralini's findings. Nevertheless, corporate researchers demeaned and hurled insults at Séralini, demanding that the journal withdraw his study....
......What is taken as the gospel truth regarding deaths resulting from the April 1986 Chernobyl meltdown is the Chernobyl Forum Report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2006. It estimated 4,000 deaths. In 2009, a much more thorough analysis by Yablokov and others estimated the number of Chernobyl-caused deaths at 985,000......    The WHO figure of 4,000 deaths is based on 11 studies, only two of which are peer reviewed. The Yablokov analysis cites 112 studies, 46 of which are peer-reviewed. Those disparaging the Yablokov study dismiss reports from groups such as Greenpeace as scientifically worthless while accepting reports from the nuclear industry at face value.

“The first step in the physical regeneration of the race is a crusade against ordinary or “raw” drinking water. When distilled water is universally used humanity will take a long step forward. It is the duty of the state to see that only perfect drinking water is used; we look after cess-pools, drains, noxious odors, plumbing, adulterated food, etc., and the water supply is more important than all these. If distilled water was in every home, the board of health would have to go out of business.” — ELMER ELLSWORTH CAREY, from his article, “Distilled Water and Longevity” Written for Suggestion Magazine, 1910

[vid oct 2014] Satanic books handed to US kids after religious freedom ruling   Teaching Satanism in schools sounds like the stuff of horror movies. But a US court  ruling on religious freedoms, has enabled devil worshippers in Florida to hand out educational material about their beliefs - to kids at state schools. Marina Portnaya reports. RT LIVE

[vid 2014 Dec] We need to talk about Sandy Hook  THIS VIDEO IS also AVAILABLE HERE   and on liveleak

[vid] The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth   Published on 6 Dec 2014.  THE MAJDANEK GAS CHAMBER MYTH debunks the “Gas Chambers disguised as Shower Rooms" myth.  Majdanek was the first major concentration camp liberated by the victorious Allies. Upon capture by the Soviet Union, original propaganda claimed that 2 million were murdered in a "factory of death" which included seven homicidal gas chambers.  However, Majdanek was captured largely intact and a large amount of documentation and physical evidence helps to acquit the Germans of the "Gas Chambers disguised as shower rooms" blood libel.  The original, outrageously inflated propaganda death toll has precipitously dropped, and 5 of the 7 originally alleged "homicidal gas chambers" have been admitted to never have served as homicidal gas chambers.  "The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth" demolishes the Holocaust exterminationist "Gas Chambers Disguised as Shower Rooms" propaganda hoax and shows how Majdanek is a microcosm of the larger Holocaust Hoax.  Watch THE MAJDANEK GAS CHAMBER MYTH, a new documentary from the filmmaker of THE LAST DAYS OF THE BIG LIE and THE TREBLINKA ARCHAEOLOGY HOAX

Dr. Stephanie Seneff: Senior MIT Research Scientist, on Vaccine Safety.

"History is a MYTH that men agree to BELIEVE."  --- Napoleon

'Gluten Brain': Wheat Cuts Off Blood Flow To Frontal Cortex

Judgment by Colombian High Court against Gardasil I learned that in Colombia, doctors are required to vaccinate. If they suggest otherwise, the doctor can be charged with child abuse and child endangerment, and they are threatened with going to jail. There are apparently ways around this indictment, but the threat is very real.

Apple cider vinegar by Suzanne Humphries, MD  and  Roman Bystrianyk

[vid] Expert Witness to the Kennedy assassination - Killed (Roger Craig)

Psychedelic Mushrooms Could Be The Next Breakthrough Treatment For Depression

Is it the Guardian Of Judea Or Just The Observer Of Zion?

Sync Edu: Globalist Harmony: East-West “Conflict” is a Charade – Why’s That Then? Well… (Article + Video)

[2014 Nov]  Flu vaccine, Fluvirin, causes Guillain-Barré Syndrome

Caplan, Art

[2014 Nov] Athens 1944: Britain’s dirty secret  When 28 civilians were killed in Athens, it wasn’t the Nazis who were to blame, it was the British. Ed Vulliamy and Helena Smith reveal how Churchill’s shameful decision to turn on the partisans who had fought on our side in the war sowed the seeds for the rise of the far right in Greece today

[2014 Nov] Vaccines Will be Made from Human Cancer Tumors

[2014 Nov] Flu vaccine kills 13 people in Italy as death toll rises

[2014 Nov] Rapid Ebola Infection Cure  Drs. Rowen and Robins are extremely pleased that the inexpensive DIV ozone, together with the other aspects of the treatment protocol (oral vitamin C, glutathione support) has resulted in the world’s first, fast, complete recovery from Ebola symptoms.

[2014 Nov] Epileptic Child Seizure Free Thanks to Cannabis Oil

The True Origins of the Jewish Tefillin and Greek Phylactery    The ancient Greeks had worn in the phylactery a special alchemical stone said to contain one’s soul and used in order to achieve immortality. To the Greeks and Israelites, the phylactery was simply a sacred stone that was worn for its supernatural and healing powers, which would go in line with their ancient religion of gnosis and alchemy. The same can be said about the North American Indians, who like the Apache had actual medicine in the boxes consisting of pine to make the medicines known today as oil of turpentine, and sea shells to make holy limewater.

Hence, today’s Jews wear boxes with bible verses strictly for religious purposes, and the Greeks, Israelites and Indians had worn stones, pine and sea shells for their healing properties and powers to protect the wearer against what some call evil spirits, or what we can simply call today, the devil worm.


In The Cyclopaedia of Practical Medicine by John Forbes, he details the science behind the oil of turpentine; “The oil of turpentine, in large doses, has for some years past in this country almost displaced all other remedies in the treatment of taenia; a sufficient evidence of its efficacy. Dr. Fenwick of Durham generally gets the credit of having first made its value known to the public by a paper published in the Medico-Chirurgical Transactions in the year 1811.

He had been made acquainted with the utility and safety of the practice by a nonprofessional person, who had employed it in several cases with success; and the latter, in his turn, had been instructed in its use by a seafaring man, who, having frequently freed himself from large portions of tape-worm by means of gin, was led by analogy to expect similar but still more marked effects from the spirits of turpentine; and on trial his expectations were not disappointed. The use of turpentine as an anthelmintic is noticed in Rudolphi’s work published in 1808 ; and Underwood informs us that Dr. James Sims had given it, in two-drachm doses, in cases of worms, with success.


From a comment of Celia Horne about using coconut oil for her aunt's dementia:
She started decompensating, so her doctor put her on meds for dementia. She would have terrible nightmares from the meds. her doctor said that was a good sign that the meds were stimulating her brain.  She said, "I'm 88, I don't need that kind of stimulation."
    I had read that coconut oil helps memory, so I started her on 1 teaspoon a day in her oatmeal. When Superstorm Sandy hit, we only had three days of meds left. Her appt.was for that day. I doubled her coconut oil and that was the end of the meds. 
    This past April, she broke her hip.  The nurses kept asking me what I gave her. I kept telling them that she didn't take anything, except coconut oil. Most of the nurses are from the Philippines, and they were raised on it. They were shocked at her health and mental clarity. When she was in the rehab, one of the nurses said the doctor had to approve it. I told her that we were keeping her on it because I had already been on the crazy train with her; and I wasn't going back so big pharma could make a few dollars. That shut her up.
    I'm reading The Coconut Oil Miracle book by Bruce Fife. Years ago, the tropical oils were used in everything. Then along came the soybean lobbyists and their lies about coconut and other tropical oils. The food industry switched to soybean and corn oil; and we know who hijacked the soybean and corn market. It's all GMO's.
    The Pacific Islanders have a very low rate of dementia, heart disease, etc because they were raised on coconut oil. Coconut oil actually protects the body from plaque in the arteries, and the production of free radicals. Free radicals are renegade cells that attack other cells, and greatly contribute to organ damage/failure, aging, disease and death. The bottom line is coconut oil is one of the best things that one can ingest. Canola oil...UGH! Yet we were led to believe that it was good for us. Olive oil can be harmful. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed; and that is heart healthy. Coconut oil is the best. I haven't even read the recipes yet. You can buy it at health food stores but I get it online @ 54 oz for $22 You can cook with it (medium heat), or mix it in food, cereals, shakes, etc.  I tell everyone that it will help with dementia/alzheimers. I have never seen anyone with meds get better, or any proof that the meds slowed down the disease. But I have witnessed it reverse my aunt's. She knits baby sweaters and blankets, reads 2-3 books per week, and does puzzles.

Why First Nations People Regard Thanksgiving Day as a National Day of Mourning

[2014 Nov] Tony Blair, "Infanticide Endorser" is Rewarded by "Save The Children"

Evil with a Nice Face – The Janus Principle   The Roman God Janus which symbolizes the ancient Babylonian knowledge of using two faces to keep the public fooled or confused. This involves projecting a benevolent but false “public servant” face which is completely disconnected from an evil demonic monster self within which deploys grotesque evil in secret to serve the establishment’s Secret Evil Agenda of a NWO takeover. Masters of the Janus Principle know that any disclosure of their Secret Evil Practices which can include rampant and extreme secret perversities, S&M, pedophilia and even child sacrifice, if understood and believed by the masses, would mean a fairly quick dethronement and total loss of power with massive shame projected against them. Those at the very top of the establishment Hierarchy know that they must initiate any “Rising Star” in their Hierarchy by dirtying them up in grotesque ways involving Luciferian Evil and criminally insane practices. This provides a strong secret hold on all Establishment Hierarchy Members and is the Hierarchy Leaders main Control Mechanism, which must be very heavy-handed in order to be effective in controlling these criminal psychopaths that the Establishment consists of. And the Establishment Top Policy-makers have worked hard and paid a lot of money to gain complete control over the Major Mass Media which dispenses their Psyops and false narratives in lockstep and gladly displays their outside phony, happy public servant face to the public. The Janus Principle is the biggest Evil Secret of all that empowers and runs all the dirty political games inside the beltway. It is also used by those that run the Israeli Espionage Fronts inside America like AIPAC and the like, who are known to run Congress from behind the Curtain.

Evil with a Nice Face – The Janus Principle There have been two different secret LE investigations of pedophilia among Members of Congress. One was by an undercover FBI Asset, and another was for the NYCPD and the New York State Crime Commission. The first found that approximately 39% were active practicing pedophiles. the second found that about 42% were active practicing pedophiles. These figures were from reliable investigations about 20 years ago, but current LE experts say that not much has changed except for perhaps more S&M and secret homosexuality. At least one Southern Senator who lives a secret “closeted” life lives in fear that his lifestyle will be revealed by the “AIPAC Boys” who pull his strings, if he fails to satisfy their middle east war mongering demands.




Papers of closest friend show Hillary Clinton to be ruthless & vengeful

Hillary Clinton treated Secret Service like servants

Hillary Clinton was fired for lying when she was 27 years old

The filthy mouth of Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton’s Foundation gave $2M grant to his mistress’ company

The many accomplishments of Hillary Clinton

Wall Street owns Clintons; Goldman Sachs biggest donor

This is what Hillary Clinton means by being ‘dead broke’


[vid] IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Alex Jones IS Bill Hicks

According to author Greg Hallett, in a mutual interview with Dr Jim Fetzer Ph.D. in London on 6 July 2010, Bill Clinton is the son of Winston Churchill.  The mother is Winston Churchill's daughter-in-law Pamela Harriman, whom Bill Clinton made US Ambassador to France (Paris).  Pamela and Winston lived together at 10 Downing Street from 1942-45.  William Clinton Churchill was born in August 1946. . . . and Winston Churchill is the Illegitimate son of King Edward VII.  This makes Bill Clinton the Illegitimate Grandson of King Edward VII. . . . and by the Illegitimate siring of Princess Elizabeth,  Queen Elizabeth II and Bill Clinton are half-brother and half-sister. . . which is why Bill Clinton got off his impeachment. Windows on the World James H Fetzer and Greg Hallett part 1 of 2

Crossfire-Witness in the Clinton Investigation.

Bombshell: Long-time Clinton associate says he killed people for Bill & Hillary.”

Papers of closest friend show Hillary Clinton to be ruthless & vengeful


[2013] Ex-CIA agent says Obama had Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy assassinated

[2014 Nov] Father claims Scotland Yard covered up son's murder by Westminster paedophiles

[2014 Nov] Secretive Vaccine Court Exposed: Designed to Shield Manufacturers from Liability

[2014 Nov] Origins of Ebola linked to Malaria vaccine formula by Joel Lord.


[2014 Sept] Snowden Documents Proving “US-Alien-Hitler” Link Stuns Russia Edward Snowden states that this information is providing "incontrovertible proof” that an “alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda” is driving US domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945......Of the many explosive revelations in this FSB report, the one most concerning to Russian authorities are the Snowden’s documents “confirming” that the “Tall Whites” (further revealed by Defense Minister Hellyer as noted above) are the same extraterrestrial alien race behind the stunning rise of Nazi Germany during the 1930’s.....In just one example of the many outlined in this FSB report, it shows that with this “alien assistance,” at the end of the 1930’s, when Nazi Germany possessed just 57 submarines, over the four years of World War II it built 1,163 modern technologically advanced submarines at its dockyards and even put them into operation.   Snowden’s documents further confirm, this report says, the “Tall Whites” (Nordic) meetings in 1954 with US President Dwight D. Eisenhower where the “secret regime” currently ruling over America was established.   Most disturbingly, this FSB report warns, is that the “Tall White” agenda being implemented by the “secret regime” ruling the United States calls for the creation of a global electronic surveillance system meant to hide all true information about their presence here on earth as they enter into what one of Snowden’s documents calls the “final phase” of their end plan for total assimilation and world rule.

[2014 Jan] Aliens already walk among us and are refusing to share their technology until we change our warring and polluting ways, claims former Canadian defense minister  Former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer, 90, declared on Russian TV on Saturday that there are 80 different species of aliens.  He said aliens have 'been visiting our planet for thousands of years' and are rather unimpressed with how we live.  Hellyer described several types of aliens including 'Tall Whites' who are working with the U.S. air force in Nevada.

Dix, Sean

The Princess Diana Conspiracy by Alan Power

[2014 Nov] A Citigroup Banker Found Dead In His Bathtub With Throat Cut

[vid] Kick Ass Congressman Tells The Truth About America!!!!

[vid 2014] Should Wheat Be Reclassified As A Narcotic?  Sayer Ji, interviewed by Sean Croxton for the upcoming free event The Digestion Sessions, discusses the profoundly addictive hold that wheat has on human physiology, comparing it’s narcotic properties to morphine, and explaining how this is emblematic of how the grain-based diet co-opted the human historical trajectory, focusing on the Roman Empire — known by historians as the Wheat Empire — and how it used wheat to force a sort of biological imperialism on the ancient world.


CDC Admits Flu Vaccine Does Not Work – Influenza Outbreak on Fully Vaccinated Navy Ship

Pasteurized Milk Speeds Death, Heart Disease, Cancer, Bone Fractures; Yogurt and Cheese Have Opposite Effects

[2014 Oct] The Ghost of “Dark Alliance”

Clive Davis: Satan's Son (Part-1)
Clive Davis: Satan's Son (Part-2)
Clive Davis: Satan's Son (Part-3)
 Clive Davis: Satan's Son (Part-4)
Clive Davis: Satan's Son (Part-5)
Clive Davis: Satan's Son (Part-6)
Clive Davis: Satan's Son (The Finale)

Mix - The Real Reason You're Circumcised - Adam Ruins Everything

[2014 Nov] Hellstorm: The Devil’s Cauldron   The Mass Rape of German Women by the Red Army and its Allies  by JA Sexton and Lasha Darkmoon.
Two million German women were savagely raped and tortured at the tail end of WWII. No one has yet apologized for these horrific war crimes. Why not?  Of the 2 million German women who were raped, an estimated 240,000 died in the process after sustaining multiple wounds and being gang-raped several times—sometimes as many as 100 times in a single day. A large number of these women are said to have committed suicide.

[2014 Jan] Gulf War Illness Tied to Cipro Antibiotics

[Book 1999] The Holy Kingdom: Quest for the Real King Arthur by Adrian Geoffrey Gilbert (Author), etc. (Author), Alan Wilson (Author), Baram Blackett (Author)  Backed by 40 years of research, this work provides a perspective on a crucial period in British history and the historical King Arthur. It argues that there were in fact two kings, both named Arthur, whose careers were rolled into one to become the single Arthur of myth and legend.

[vid] Windows on the World: The Real King Arthur with Adrian Gilbert

[2014 Nov] James Forrestal- Early Zionist Hit-Job?

[2014 Nov] Bill Cosby’s reputation in tatters as rape allegations return to haunt ‘America’s Dad’

WTC demolition participant murdered?

The Vaccine Court Wayne Rohde -—The Dark Truth of America’s Vaccine Injury Compensation Program


[pdf] Ketamine Psychedelic Therapy (KPT): Review of the Results of a 10-Year Study  We have been working with KPT since 1985 and have already treated with KPT more than 1000 alcoholic patients without any complications like protracted psychoses, flashbacks, agitation, or ketamine abuse. So, KPT seems to be safe and effective method of treatment of alcohol dependence. It seems to be especially powerful tool in Russia, where there was no psychedelic revolution in 60s, where almost nobody knows what does it mean "psychedelics", where almost nobody can even imagine that this drugs can be used for recreation, for fun, and therefore in Russia KPT looks particularly unusual and powerful.

[2010] Sorry Bob, Band Aid millions DID pay for guns: Charity's man in Ethiopia tells his disturbing story

[2014 Nov] Now fight the methadone industry that keeps addicts hooked, says Iain Duncan Smith

[2007] NEUROEXCITATORY ACTIONS OF TAMIFLU AND ITS CARBOXYLATE METABOLITE  70 deaths and more than 100 cases of abnormal behaviors have been reported associated with Tamiflu use in Japan, with special attention to cases involving children and adolescents. Serious effects include sudden deaths in toddlers and altered behaviors, including suicide, in teenagers.

[2014 nov] Teen Who Ran Away from Home 20 Years Ago to Avoid Chemo is Still Cancer Free

[vid] Grounded

[2014] Meet the Teen Who Beat Terminal Brain Cancer with Cannabis   In 2014, Alysa is cancer-free, and her family believes cannabis oil saved her life. At the time, the Erwins’ outlook appeared grim. Doctors call her condition Grade III anaplastic astrocytoma, an inoperable cancer with a near-zero survival rate. Alysa's disease, caused by uncontrolled neuron growth, had spider-webbed throughout her brain. There were no individual tumors to target. A wiry network of cancerous cells penetrated so far into her skull that surgery was impossible. That meant Alysa would have to undergo aggressive chemo—and radiation therapies, a choice which leaves many terminal patients incapacitated during their final days. In Alysa's case, even with traditional medical treatment, doctors expected she'd survive for only another one or two years. The situation became desperate, and the Erwins sought out another choice.

Jon Entine

Smart Approaches to Marijuana

Sabet, Kevin

Canada’s False Flag Terror: Fingerprints of U.S. Involvement

Tibetan Buddhism - A Racket Posing as Religion

Will Planned Antichrist be a Lama?

 Bin Laden Bull, Save Us From Blowhards



“I don’t want to be

the other half of your soul.

I want to be the one

who reminds you

that you’re already whole.”


In5d Esoteric Metaphysical and Spiritual Database with Janardan Kulkarni and Tamal Kanti Roy

Cancer was practically unknown until the cowpox vaccination began to be introduced... I have seen 200 cases of cancer, and never saw a case in an unvaccinated person.

- W.B. Clark, New York Times 1909

In5d Esoteric Metaphysical and Spiritual Database


“A knife wound heals, but a tongue wound festers.”

― Ella Leya, The Orphan Sky


“Love … is the honoring of others in a way that grants them the grace of their own autonomy and allows mutual discovery.” —Anne Truitt

What Can a Comedian Teach Us About Propaganda?

A Shiite Muslim has his child gashed with a knife during a Muharram procession

Cox, Brian

Could this be the next medicinal marijuana?

[Book. September 1, 2014]  I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE: Winning Our War Against Autism by Marcia Hinds

[2014 Oct] Pure Poison: Aluminum Adjuvant Linked to Breast Cancer, Autoimmune Disorders, and More

[vid] Rosemary's Baby: Mia Farrow's Bizzare Behaviour on Set   Due to the increasing frequency of stories being exposed regarding children taken away from their families for simply disagreeing with their doctors, we felt it was time to put up a completely separate website to document these tragic stories

[2014 Nov] Fla. mom: Daughter paralyzed because of flu shot

[2014 Nov] Medical Mystery: Girl Paralysed After Flu Shot

Bayer and Death: 1918 and Aspirin

[2014 Nov] Bombshell: scientist finds no reliable evidence Ebola virus ever isolated from a human being

[2014 Nov] British Saved Hitler from German Army Coup in 1938

George Vithoulkas

[2012] Israel celebrates successful 9/11 operation on Purim holiday

“Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.”
--Terence McKenna

A brother is like gold and a friend is like diamond. If gold cracks you can melt it and make it just like it was before. If a diamond cracks, it can never be like it was before.

The Pagan Roots Of Halloween

"Plant the seed of Love: In this earth In this soil In this pure field Let us not plant any seeds Other than seeds of compassion and love."~Rūmī

8 Reasons Men Fall In Love With Good Girls

The Shamanic View of Mental Illness

“Matter is spirit moving slowly enough to be seen.” ― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


W.H.O. Ensures Third World Child Vaccine Deaths Will Not Be Recorded – New Weakened W.H.O. Criteria For Third World Child Deaths From Vaccines  Child deaths from vaccines in developing countries will be falsely recorded as not caused by the vaccine under a new W.H.O. watered down scheme for assessing “Adverse Events Following Immunisation” [AEFIs]. A child death from a vaccine will be recorded as ‘Not an AEFI’:

[2014 Oct] My Child’s Been Diagnosed with Autism — Now What?

[vid] Mark Thomas On Coca Cola

Have you seen the movie Tron? You must, because Tron is us. In it, the computer grabs the character played by Jeff Bridges and takes him inside, making him a program In the computer. The Master Control Program revolts, takes over the computer, and defies the users. So the users send in Tron, which is a program to destroy the Master Control Program that is preaching disbelief in the users.
    Tron shows you things that are very, very spiritual. You can think of yourself as a biocomputer or an intelligent terminal, run by a cosmic computer in the Earth Coincidence Control Office. The biocomputer contains certain wired-in survival programs dealing with eating, reproduction, and so on, which lower animals also possess. But when the biocomputer reaches a certain threshold of complexity, there are higher-level programs in the association cortex that permit such things as making models, learning to learn, choice, and so forth. We have short-term choices, but God help you if you go against the Master Control Program. A terminal cannot understand itself, because it lacks sufficient space, but a replica of itself is in the cosmic computer, which can understand it. At the highest level, your true self (the "user" in Tron) is a cosmic game player, with access to an infinite computer -- the ECCO computer. That is metaprogramming, self-metaprogramming.   [1983] Interview with John Lilly

[vid] Mothers Advocating for Medical Marijuana for Autism

Strange New “2014” Addition to the Georgia Guidestones (Updated)

Kesha Sues Producer/Handler Dr. Luke for Abuse Almost Leading to Death  After several attempts of freeing herself from Dr. Luke, Kesha finally dropped a major lawsuit against the producer, accusing him of sexual, physical and mental abuse. The lawsuit also describes how Dr. Luke controlled her life since she was 18.

Chickenpox - Ignorance is not bliss.

Sandy Hook Redux: Obama Officials Confirm That it Was a Drill and no Children Died

Lenin, Stalin, and Mao’s Willing Executioners

This Machine Kills Ebola Virus in Two Minutes. Why Doesn’t Every Hospital Have One of These?

9 Surprising Facts About The Cord Around A Baby’s Neck

[2014 Oct] When poverty meant more than just not having the latest PlayStation or trendy trainers: Shocking photos capture the real squalor of Britain's slums that existed just 40 years ago

Amanda Bynes Tweets About Father’s Abuse And Microchip In Her Brain; Now Under Involuntary Psychiatric Hold


[vid] Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS! 

9/11 perp Mike Harari reported dead at 87

Gardasil Vaccine: One More Girl Dead

“Noah”: A Biblical Tale Rewritten to Push an Agenda  Since its release in early 2014, the big-budget movie “Noah” has caused controversy for not being biblically accurate. While that is certainly the case, the movie does more than take liberties with the Bible: “Noah” pushes messages that have nothing to do with the Bible. These messages are actually political and come directly from the world elite. The primary message? Humanity needs to be cleansed … again.

How the NFL Went Communist

"The original most important discovery on what is based my work, was made by Dr Jean Gautier, Endocrinologist,  of Bordeaux, France, who died unknown after being shunned all his life by the Medical Community. Indeed he made the unacceptable feat of systematically curing one of the most misunderstood and incurable diseases in children i.e.  Down & Myoedemateux Syndromes. The children were recovering easily in a few years, and reaching adult age as normal. Such unacceptable behaviour, questioning the pre-eminence of the Nervous system,  was never forgiven to Dr Gautier by the Officials Quacks. How hormones can be manipulated through circumcision and meat eating

FINAL NAILS IN THE EBOLA SCAM COFFIN: The 2014 Ebola Outbreak is a PROVEN FRAUD, Here is the Evidence. I Am Sick and Tired of Repeating this FACT Over and Over Again!


None of the ancient cultures which practised circumcision have traditionally claimed that the ritual was introduced as a hygiene measure: African tribes, Arabs, Jews, Moslems and Australian Aboriginals explain it different ways, but divine command, tribal identification, social role, family obligation, respect for ancestors and promotion of chastity figure prominently (10, 11). It was only in the late nineteenth century, when mass circumcision was being introduced for “health” reasons, that doctors sought legitimacy for the new procedure by claiming continuity with the distant past and attempting to explain the origins of circumcision in terms of their own hygienic agenda


[2014 Sept] Cancer doc admits scam, gave patients unneeded chemo

Baking Soda – True Enemy of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Sodium Bicarbonate – Second Edition E-Book:  Rich Man's Poor Man's Cancer Treatment Written by Mark Sircus, AC., OMD

[2014 Sept] AUTISM: A case of vaccine damage There was a clear regression at both 8 & 22 months after he received his childhood vaccines. He went white, floppy and cold after his MMR vaccine at 8 months.

"Unhinged" - Circumcision Key to Jewish Psyche?


Dual Citizenship -- Loyal to Whom? (Sept. 19, 2014)

How hormones can be manipulated through circumcision and meat eating

During the first eight days only three lower Chakras are developed. All the higher Chakras remain undeveloped in the body of a circumcised Jew. 
In other words - a circumcised Jew is only half a person - with mutilated soul and brain.
Jewish circumcision ritual produces real bio-robots that cannot tell the difference between good and evil, and who cannot be reprogrammed.
We have all seen that religious Jews wear a skull cap. The meaning of it is very profound - that skull cap covers the highest, seventh human chakra - Sahasrara, which is located at the top of the head.
The Jews close it, thus cutting themselves off the Cosmos. How hormones can be manipulated through circumcision and meat eating

[2014 Aug EW Forum] UFOs and Orgone Energy   After 2004 I started hearing from a lot of people who observed that the world no longer seems like it's heading to chaos and destruction.  That's about when many of us, here, started to feel confident about the future for the first time in our lives. We worked every week in the chatroom for another five years to 'discourage' the oligarchy from attempting to start world war three and we became aware of other informal groups, usually including psychics, who had also spontaneously been mounting similar campaigns against the parasitic oligarchy......Now, the Chicken Little websites direct people's attention to the chemtrail-seeded clouds (which hang in the sky and drift horizontally until they dissipate, as clouds naturally do) but are careful not to suggest that the terrorized subscribers do more than glance at them. Back when chemtrails were still harming people, between 98 and 2003, one had to notice chemtrails quickly when they were first spewed out because they quickly spread out and whited the sky on the way down and also destroyed the lower cumulus clouds.

Terror: The Real Reason for Hiroshima & Nagasaki   Stalin said you cannot rule without terror. Dropping nuclear bombs on Japan set the stage for the Cold War which froze the world in fear for four decades, cost Americans alone five trillion dollars, and distracted them from the real enemy, the Illuminati central bankers. As soon as the Cold War ended, we had 9-11 & the "War on Terror."

[2014 Sept] Satanic Protocols of Zion Camouflaged by Dupes The Protocols are exactly what they say they are:  an outline of Jewish tribal plans for world domination, overflowing with racist contempt for non-Jews.

[2014 Sept] Authenticity of Protocols of Zion Affirmed  A little-known 1938 booklet rejected the 1935 decision of a Berne Court (overturned on appeal) that the Protocols of Zion were a forgery. It foresaw that World War Two was an Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish trap.

The Truth About English: Phonics, Phonetics, Etymology

[2014 Sept] I sometimes question if God exists: Archbishop of Canterbury admits he sometimes has moments of doubt  

Child Sacrifice-Murder by Queen Beatrix & Soros by KEVIN ANNETT

[vid] Lady Gaga Admits to Pact with Satan

[vid] Rihanna admits she's an Illuminati Princess and proof Jay-Z is a Satanist


[vid] Bob Hope 'Shape-Shifting' At Awards Show

[vid] Best Reptilian Shapeshifter Alien Caught on TV

[vid] Taylor Momsen Promotes Crystal Meth and Suicide to Her Fans!

[vid] Noah (the Movie) Illuminati Gnostic Secrets Revealed


Threats and Bribes used to suppress information about Sandy Hook as gun control moves forward




"i love H2YO!!!!! i can remember hearing Madonna talk on The David Letterman Show about the healing effects of urinating on her athlete's foot in the shower. i use to suffer from nasty athlete's foot in high school and since i have not had a single problem. this was in the 90's. it wasn't until earlier this year that i was told by a friend about oil pulling. i figured- maybe pee would work in my mouth like it's worked on my feet. i decided to try it. the results were very refreshing. this caused me to make a facebook post- "save money. gargle with urine. # practical revolution" with this i received a comment for a link to an interview between Santos Bonacci and Andrew Norton Webber from a friend. at first i thought the link was too long and was in the dark concerning the material at hand. but then i considered that it was a link sent by one of my sister's life-long friends and someone i really like. i listened to it. missing link level information that immediately and joyfully resonated with me. that day i trashed my 900 dollar alkaline machine and bought a gallon of distilled water. the same evening i drank a glass of my urine and immediately i physically recalled the effects of raw foods. 6 weeks in at a gallon a day between water and urine i passed kidney stones painlessly. 3 months in at a gallon a day all of my genital warts disappeared. i feel like i have been given my life bavk just from the hpv clearing up alone. thank you Friend and thank you Andrew Norton Webber. 4.5 months in and i am on day 2 of a 40 day pure waters fast and am very excited to go deeper and wider into this river of life. H2YO!!!!!!"

ORGONE energy charges DSLR camera BATTERY in 30 sec !!!

[2014 Sept] Dozens of children feared dead after being injected with 'tainted’ measles vaccine in Syria  As many as 36 children were reported to have died excruciating deaths last night after receiving tainted measles vaccines under a UN-sponsored programme in the rebel-held north of Syria.

MIT SCIENTIST EXPOSES CONSEQUENCE OF MONSANTO’S GLYPHOSATE & ALUMINUM COCKTAIL  Aluminum and glyphosate specifically interrupt the workings of the pineal gland (melatonin sulfate), leading to high rates of autism. She outlines this fact in pinpointing detail in her research, which can be found here.  Furthermore, glyphosate chelates manganese. Dr. Seneff believes that just the absence of appropriate amounts of manganese can help to cause autism. Glyphosate also promotes aluminum uptake into our tissues, and interrupts an important path for amino acid uptake called the shikimate pathway, into our guts.

[2014 Aug] Jewish Terrorism & the French Police: the Despicable Case of Forty Years of Brutal Harassment of Revisionist Robert Faurisson By Robert Faurisson

Filthy Britain’s Wall of Shame

'Let’s face it. The word “scandal” doesn’t begin to describe what’s been happening at the CDC all these years. RICO crime is a bit more apt. The CDC is a mafia, whose objective is to protect the pharmaceutical industry, while it stands by and watches, with depraved indifference, as untold numbers of children suffer brain damage from the injection of vaccines.'---Jon Rappoport

[2014 Aug] 20 big profitable U.S. companies paid no taxes


Sotloff was Israeli agent, his execution staged: Analyst


[2014 Sept] One Third of Nurses Are Leaving Their Jobs and Losing Faith in Vaccines

Gay Obama and Transgender Michelle


N. Ireland parent attempting to protect his children from Wi-Fi forcibly given psychotic drugs

Zionist Propagandist Author Admits ISIS is Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

[vid] MH 370 and the Secret Services - Wolfgang Eggert (ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

 BMJ & Lancet Wedded to Merck CME Partnership

 Our Story So Far: Both MMR & Mercury-Laced Vaccines Cause Autism - AGE OF AUTISM

“Thimerosal from vaccines causes tics.  You start a campaign and make that your manta.”----Dr. William Thompson

‘Islamic State’ head-choppers: The best enemy money can buy

[2011] Alzheimer's Disease: What If There Was a Cure? by Mary T. Newport

[2014 July] CIA Bonded With Nazis To Sex Traffic, Kill Naked Children At Human Hunting Parties?

Grim Obama TIME Cover a Warning?

COVER-UP: Is Hamas Leader Al-Arouri A ‘Double Agent’ for Israel?

James Foley

[2007] Cameron declares himself a Zionist

[2014 Aug]NSA - Political Blackmail Includes Everyone

[vid] REVEALED: SEAL Team 6 Murder Weapon Supplied By Obama!

The IOM   The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is yet another collusional governmental arm infested by unethical people with revolving-door financial “connections” to Big Pharma. The little-known-publicly IOM is well known in the industry for patching together “committees” of supposed “experts” with said financial ties to Big Pharma to “investigate” drug issues and report “findings” which the med/pharma industrial complex reports to congress and implements as policy, however blatantly biased and just plain wrong it all may be…

 Alzheimer’s Association Warns Against Coconut Oil – Member Replies “Coconut Oil Gave us our Father Back!”

[2014 Aug] CDC Frauds: Connections Between the DeStefano Paper and the Thorsen Affair By John Stone

[2014 Aug] 7/7: Made in Israel

Former Mossad Agent Accidentally Admits They Did The 7/7 London Bombings

[2014 JAN] All in the Family: David Cameron’s Jewish Roots and the Coreligionists Who Brought Him to Power

ISIS Rise Foretold by Exiled Iranian Freemason

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC): A Case Study in Deception for Controlled Oppostion

Example of Zionist use of 'Neo-Nazi': Trisha Spinelli

Atzmon, Gilad 

[vid] Vaccine Developers, Heroes or Villains? presented by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

J Transl Med. 2014; 12: 32.

Published online Jan 31, 2014. doi:  10.1186/1479-5876-12-32

PMCID: PMC3937164

Phase I safety trial of intravenous ascorbic acid in patients with severe sepsis
Intravenous ascorbic acid infusion was safe and well tolerated in this study and may positively impact the extent of multiple organ failure and biomarkers of inflammation and endothelial injury.

[vid] Germar Rudolf on the Ethnic Cleansing of Germans Post WWII and his own persecution  15 million Germans were ethnically cleansed at the end of WW2.  2 million were murdered by the Russians.  Millions more by the Americans.  History does not record or take note.  The victors decide what gets into history books. At Auschwitz more Catholics died than Jews.  Mostly Polish Catholics.  Around 30,000 Jews died at Auschwitz.

[vid] Moon Base Proven by Chinese Orbiter Video!

[2014 May] Vivian Cunningham soldier detained under mental health act for discussing common law arrest of The Queen for genocide.

Atos and G4S pay no corporation tax despite profiting from billions pounds worth of public sector contracts, as auditors warn of ‘crisis of confidence’ over private contractors

The Militarization of U.S. Police: Finally Dragged Into the Light by the Horrors of Ferguson

[pdf] Fredrick Töben Reviews Republican Party Animal by David Cole

Dutch government official claims Islamic State militant group is ‘Zionist plan’ “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s part of a plan by Zionists who are deliberately trying to blacken Islam’s name.”

[vid] CA, AZ & CO Schools on Human Sacrificial Ley Lines

[vid] VACCINATION 101 - Dr. Lanctot alias "GHIS" - 1/4   Guylain Lanctot, MD

[2014 July] Jill Dando raised alarm about ‘paedophile ring at BBC’

India Declares Dolphins To Be “Non-Human Persons”, Dolphin Shows Banned

Slade, Ed

Al Jazeera English under Jewish infiltration

Jews Control Hip-Hop Jewish Heeb Magazine reveals    

Articles on the Secret Relationship between Rappers and Jews


Wi-Fi – A Thalidomide in the Making. Who Cares?

WiFi — An invisible but ubiquitous threat to the species

DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline   Today, DNA science reveals that almost all the Jews in the world come from Khazaria. They are not of the blood lineage of Abraham and the prophets, but of King Bulan and the pagan peoples of the Caucasus. The ancestors of today's Jews are not Israelites but are Khazarians.

IDF Hamas Human Shield Manual a Sloppy Forgery - The Evidence

US war with Russia benefits Zionist interests: Ex-US Senate candidate


Everything You Thought You Knew About Milk is Wrong


[vid] The "Holohoax" exposed in 30 minutes

Epileptic Okanagan girl fed illegal cannabis oil makes dramatic recovery

David Cole is back

Windows, Mark

[2014 July] Badger Cull - TB not Infectious

Approaching the Vaccine Hesitant Parent using C‐A‐S‐E.  “OK People here is a document that has to be read and shared because it reveals the game plan to brainwash doctors and get them to do the dirty work of vaccine sales. It is the manual from Robert Jacobsen on how doctors will persuade hesitant parents. Try not to get too angry reading it. It actually says on slide 48 NOT to give parents the information directly that the doctors read...They seem afraid that parents just might read it! I think this document will inflame some doctors and hopefully make it obvious that pharma is using them as high paid technicians." ----Suzanne Humphries, MD

"The more laws and order are made prominent, the more thieves and robbers there will be." - Lao Tzu

Barrie Trower-the truth about RMFs, mobile phone industry, the grid and microwave weapon-13 part series   Interviews Transcribed

[2014 July] Cannabis reverses late-stage Alzheimer's

[FB] Sacramento Sheriff Confronted Over Stingray Surveillance.

[2014 July] Brain Eating Nanobots Being Put in Vaccines Says Whistleblower!

WiFi; The Invisible Killing Fields   “As stated by University Researchers, Government Scientists and International Scientific Advisors; a minimum of 57.7% of schoolgirls exposed to low-level microwave radiation (Wi-fi) are at risk of suffering stillbirth, foetal abnormalities or genetically damaged children, when they give birth. Any genetic damage may pass to successive generations.” 

[2014 June] China bans more US imports to stop GMO contamination

[vid] Shocking Confession of Sister Charlotte, Former Roman Catholic Nun   Sister Charlotte, a former Roman Catholic nun, spent over 22 years in a cloistered convent, hidden away from public scrutiny. She delivers a shocking and gripping testimony of abuse, torture, pedophilia, and even murder, which she says was a daily part of convent life.  She disappeared about 2 years after giving this interview. 

Is Myra Hindley really dead?

The mysterious death of BBC DJ Mike Smith

Evidence Is Now Conclusive: Two Ukrainian Government Fighter-Jets Shot Down Malaysian Airlines...

[August 6, 2014] Gardasil Vaccine: Spain Joins Growing List of Countries to File Criminal Complaints

Treehouse Gallery

French Report ISIL Leader Mossad Agent

Hillary told one agent to 'f*** off' and another that his suit looked 'cheap.' Secret Service  staff say guarding the former First Lady was 'the worst form of punishment,' author reveals in explosive new book

[2014 July] SaskPower ordered to remove all smart meters in the province

Watch how your mind judges. Judgment comes, in part, out of your own fear. You judge other people because you’re not comfortable in your own being. By judging, you find out where you stand in relation to other people. The judging mind is very divisive. It separates. Separation closes your heart. If you close your heart to someone, you are perpetuating your suffering and theirs. Shifting out of judgment means learning to appreciate your predicament and their predicament with an open heart instead of judging. Then you can allow yourself and others to just be, without separation.--Ram Dass

Do You Believe in Offit?

[2014 Aug] Gardasil: Criminal complaint filed in Spain

100 000 Congo Rapes Every Month For Smartphone Coltan - Keith Harmon Snow

Monsanto Must Pay $93 Million for Poisoning Town

Big Pharma Meds Almost Sent Me to an Early Grave, While Pot Helped Ease My Disease  Crohn’s disease

[vid] False Flag "3 Jewish Kids" to justify IsraHells military rampage at Gaza (CrossTalk, "Target: Gaza")

A Marijuana Lubricant That Gives You a 15-Minute Climax

Marijuana and Sex: A Classic Combination

Israel Created Hamas to Avoid Peace

Washington Post: Report on Irish Baby Homes Documents use of Infants for Med School Cadavers, Vaccine Testing

[2014 July] Bolivia declares Israel ‘terrorist state’, scraps visa exemption agreement

[podcast] Iboga in Silence and Stillness with Steve and Sean

Ebola? Or Psychological Warfare by by Jon Rappoport

GMO pushers horrified at idea of being held responsible for their role in farmer suicides, crop failures and environmental devastation

A Marijuana Lubricant That Gives You a 15-Minute Climax

How Ayahuasca can Revolutionise Modern Medicine

[vid] A discussion about oil pulling as part of oral health care therapy

Apple built secret back door to the iPhone.  Deliberate corporate policy, not a hack

Kildall, Gary

[2014  July] Best of AofA: Steven Salzberg: the questions about vaccines he couldn't answer in 2012

Audio file set to blow lid off paedophile scandal at Westminster | ExaroNews

[1988] Iran Air Flight 655

The Great British Parliament Paedophile Purge

Survivor of Mind Control By Alyssa Couture

The Myth Of The Italian Mob - The Mafia is Jewish

CASTANEDA, DON JUAN: Datura or Peyote?


 Flying Ointments

Israel's incremental genocide in the Gaza ghetto

CDC Caught Hiding Data Showing Mercury in Vaccines Linked to Autism

Dr. Michael Murray: When all is said and done, the over-reliance on these statin drugs to reduce our risk of heart attacks and strokes will go down as the greatest medical hoax in the history of the world. It’s just appalling and just amazing how we’ve all been misled by the drug company’s propaganda with these statin drugs. And that’s what it is, it masquerades as research that- if you look at the research, these drugs offer very little protection for most people. Eighty percent of the people who are taking these statin drugs are taking them for no good reason. There’s no scientific evidence of any benefit, no reason for them to be taken, these drugs. In 1987, when these drugs were first approved, there were thirteen million Americans with high cholesterol. Now, in 2009, we have over a hundred million Americans with high cholesterol. What happened? The drug companies utilized their influence to lower the level that was considered normal to increase the web that they could cast and haul in more patients.

[vid] She Cured Her Breast Cancer-Here's How!

' I always told my patients to please go to an oncologist. I knew a great number of them. And I would ask them to ask a couple of basic questions. Can you give me studies that show that what therapy you're recommending will improve my quality of life?  They can't do it. Will you show me studies that if I take this, chemotherapy, radiation, whatever they're offering, can you show me a study that I will live longer than if I do nothing? They're aren't any. They can't provide it. If they can't provide documentation that your quality of life is going to get better or that you're going to live longer than doing nothing, why are you going to stay?  Many of the cancer patients I saw were bankrupt. Their insurance would pay 80percent, and they go I'm covered, not realizing that the first chemotherapy treatment was going to be $30,000. And their 20 percent added up pretty quick,  because there were 10 more chemotherapy on the horizon'. Dr. Michael D. Farley

'I've met one oncologist in my life who wouldn't be classed as a sociopath....they are willing to give chemicals to a person, knowing they wont help the person... knowing that it causes harm, collecting the money for it, and moving on to the next patient, and that by definition would make them sociopathic.  No conscience, no remorse, yet giving them drugs they themselves would never take....I know there are exceptions but I've only ever met one, in 30 years...she was the only one with a conscience.'  ---  Dr. Michael Farley

Israel Targeting Civilian with Banned Weapons | Brainwash Update

[2014 July] Vatican, European Royals said to schedule child sacrifices in London, Scotland, Montreal   PENTA is the cautionary tale for Canadian vaccine consumers.   Vaccine consumers in Canada who experience injury are not acknowledged.  There is no legal recourse in Canada despite the fact that injuries and deaths following vaccination occur regularly.  The PENTA Project is an information gathering initiative about the long term effects of PENTA an unlicensed combination vaccine administered to Canadian children (excluding Manitoba) born between 1993 and 1997.   There were more than 11,000 adverse events over three years following immunization with PENTA (AEFI reports).  These reports from doctors included 15 deaths.

[2014 June] US Navy Sank 2 Subs Over 9/11 and USS Liberty!
There are 350 W54 nuclear warheads that were illegally sold out the back door when they were supposed to be destroyed at US facilities.  Gordon explains how those weapons have been traced and were used to take down the towers during 9/11.
Proof of the stolen W54 warheads through pictures of a UN recovery operation of some of the nuclear pits in South Africa
The nano thermite theory was a government psyop from the beginning to hide the nuclear event at the towers.
It can now be reported that the US Navy sank 2 submarines in the May 2013 time frame that were attempting to start the war with Syria.   Listen to the interview for all details on this.
Victor Booth as portrayed by Nicholas Cage in the movie “Lord of War” sold these stolen nuclear pits of the US W54 nuclear weapons.
The nuclear bombs used on 9/11 were Neutron Bombs withs 3% fission initiator that vaporized much of the buildings. Dimitri Khalezov was basically right all along and that’s why his videos were taken down relentlessly when they first came out!
Russian and French Intelligence are now dumping a huge amount of Intelligence files to stop the US insanity of trying to start wars in Ukraine, China, Syria, and help with prosecutions.
US News is now being completely fabricated by the mainstream news sources. The US has no elections and is the most corrupt country on Earth at this time. Our judges are corrupt, our law enforcement is corrupt and our government doesn’t answer to the people in any way.

[vid 2014 June] St. Mary's Home: 800 Irish Children Slaughtered by KEVIN ANNETT

[2013] 20 Medical Studies That Prove Cannabis Can Cure Cancer

[2014 July] Study proves African Green Monkey viruses still contaminating vaccines after 60 years  Baboon endogenous virus strain M7. Thats the name of the new monkey virus being injected into our children at well visits. Anyone researching vaccines is familiar with Simian Virus 40, an african green monkey polyomavirus found to contaminate millions of the Sabin polio vaccines in the 1960s.

Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-natural, at Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body

WWII ‘photoshop’ by USSR for proganda against Germany

[2010] Cayenne Pepper - Stop a heart attack fast

Americans Have Spent Enough Money On A Broken Plane To Buy Every Homeless Person A Mansion

[2014 July] Hollywood Routinely Casts Satan as Hero

[vid] Joan Rivers Calls President Obama Gay, Says First Lady Is 'Tranny'

[2014 July] TETANUS SHOT: HOW DO WE KNOW THAT IT WORKS? By Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD

[2014 July] Miley Cyrus’ “Trippy” Video that Was Filmed While She Was ‘Hospitalized’ Is Actually About MKULTRA

Lana Del Rey Says She Wants to Join the 27 Club

Professor Brian Martin discusses a new ‘skeptic’ tactic

Stepping Into The Fire (full ayahuasca documentary)

Guillermo Arevalo Kestenbetsa - Cura del Sentimiento

Cobblers Grove Yurt glam camping (Wye Valley and Welsh Borders)

Shining More Light On Jesse Ventura’s Disinformation Campaign With Geoengineer Ken Caldeira

Malcolm Rifkind, Leon Brittan, Theresa May, Tony Blair, Chilcot, Fake Inquiries, Airport Checks, 7/7, Mossad Dirty Tricks and the VIP paedophile connection

Did Jimmy Savile kill Suzy Lamplugh?

[2014 June] CDC's Vaccine Safety Research is Exposed as Flawed and Falsified in Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal

Dr. David Lewis on EPA-Sanctioned Toxic Bio-Sludge in Your Backyard

[vid] IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Serena Williams IS A MAN

[vid] Tears of Gaza - full documentary

[2014 july] WiFi to Kill Millions Whistleblower Says


[2014 May] Was Bulic Forsythe killed to protect paedophile ring 'linked to future minister in Tony Blair’s government?'

Tony Blair's minister accused of helping convicted paedophile to foster young boys

THE SECRETS OF THE WINDSOR’S BLOWN OPEN.  ‘Don’t do it Bill, don’t you dare do it. Don’t you dare say anything about Charles being a paedophile and don’t you dare Bill, don’t you dare mention anything about Princess Diana being killed because she was going to spill the beans. Don’t you dare Bill.’

 Retired Bishop friend of Prince Charles to be charged with child sex abuse.

[2013] Psychiatrists under fire in mental health battle

[2014] How to Cause a Peanut Allergy Epidemic in 4 Easy Steps

Study Reveals Children are Being Vaccinated With Toxic Levels of Aluminium Causing Neurological Damage & Autism

Vaccine-Induced Tissue Scurvy Globally Misdiagnosed as Child Abuse

Eat This Fruit, Never Diet Again. Lose 2 stone five in 4 weeks

Meet the man Leon Brittan handed the lost VIP paedophile dossier to

Daily Mail journalist busted posing as Muslim extremist to stir up hatred

[vid] Satanic Hollywood: The Ritual Sacrifice

[2014 July] Simon Danczuk: I was warned not to challenge Leon Brittan over paedophile dossier

[2014 June] Analysis of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Chip Prevalence in 3 Discrete United States Populations  approximately 1 in 3 individuals in the United States is carrying an RFID microchip

[2014 June] Fasting for three days can regenerate entire immune system, study finds

Secret Space War XVII: Who Runs the New NSA Facility At Bluffdale ?   For those that don’t know, you can tell a hybrid, by the shape of their pupils when they turn their eyes 3/4s of the way towards their nose or outer cheek. The pupil sags sideways and looks triangular. Also, hybrid pupils DO NOT CONTRACT into small circles like human eyes do when hit with a strong light.

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Farmers tackle pests with colas

Wikileaks Cables: Ukraine Elected “Our Ukraine Insider” | PopularResistance.Org

Parliamentary Paedophiles: A (fairly) comprehensive guide to government nonces.*Updated 1/11/12

Golden Milk: This Drink Could Change Your Life

[vid] You will never look at vaccinated children the same!- Shedding Viruses

NJ Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Nurse who Refused Flu Vaccine | Health Impact News


[vid] A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

[2014 June] Cannabis Oil Cures 8 Month Old Infant of Cancer, Dissolving Large Inoperable Tumor In 8 Months

[2011] My critics ignored evidence of torture in Mau Mau detention camps

Monsters Inc: The Satanic British Royal Family


Leon Brittan, Nick Clegg, Malcolm Rifkind, William Hague, Dolphin Square, Missing Dossiers and the VIP Child-Abuse connection

Exclusive: Apple admits, ‘iPhone 5s Fingerprint Database To Be Shared With NSA’

[2014 July] Smoking gun proof of “Israeli teen kidnapping” false flag

This is "What a McDonalds commercial SHOULD look like".

Blackwater manager threatened to kill US investigator

ISIL spearheading agenda of US Armageddon: Gordon Duff

Can “We the People” Save America from Destruction by World Zionists?

Life In Indonesian Villages

[2014 June] Could This Popular Pain-Killer Be Causing Celiac Disease?

Irrefutable proof we are all being sprayed with poison: 571 tons of toxic lead 'chemtrailed' into America's skies every year

Raw Footage: Michael Tellinger

Glenda Jackson's speech about Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP

Secret Underground Base Beneath Denver International Airport Now Revealed by Whistle-Blower

Saudiphile CIA director behind ISIL rise: Analyst

The Woolwich Hoax

Princess Diana, Jill Dando, Pervs at the Palace and the Jimmy Savile connection  A more likely theory is that Diana had knowledge of the powerful VIP paedophile ring linked to the UK Government, the BBC and the Royal Family that has been operating in the UK for over 50 years.

ISIL part of US plan to reshape Middle East: Analyst

Filthy Britain’s Wall of Shame

Boy Recovers from Autism after Going Gluten Free

[2010] HHS Hides Information on how Vaccines Cause Autism.

[2013] Hughes Syndrome Is Caused by Vaccines

Package Inserts and Manufacturers for some US Licensed Vaccines and Immunoglobulins


[2014  June] US-Sponsored Terrorism in Iraq and “Constructive Chaos” in the Middle East The ‘New Middle East’ project was introduced publicly by Washington and Tel Aviv with the expectation that Lebanon would be the pressure point for realigning the whole Middle East and thereby unleashing the forces of “constructive chaos.” This “constructive chaos” –which generates conditions of violence and warfare throughout the region– would in turn be used so that the United States, Britain, and Israel could redraw the map of the Middle East in accordance with their geo-strategic needs and objectives

 [2014 June] Special Report, FBI Killed Franklin Scandal Investigator from Wayne Madsen Report

Jewish Hatred Against Jesus Christ

[vid] Raise your hand if you believe a vaccine caused your child's autism!

Jewish Loyalty to Israel and “Holocaust Denial” in the Minds of Non-Jews: A Short Critique of the ADL’s Global Survey on “Anti-S


Ed Miliband - A Shameless Zionist In Our Midst

‘Inventing terrorists’: New study reveals FBI set up terrorism-related prosecutions

[vid] How the anti cancer properties of turkey tail fungi saved Paul Stammets mother from terminal cancer

[2014 June] Should Premature Babies Be Included In The One-Size-Fits-All Vaccination Policy? by Christina England

here is an atheist who has never even had a trip! That way he can protect his ignorance, and the Matrix crap he promotes
Graham Hancock questions Richard Dawkins on psychedelics and challenging his world view

[2014 may] Backlash over Britain's first secret terror trial: MPs call for urgent debate over plans to set 'dangerous precedent' by holding case behind closed doors

Vaccination Roulette: Experiences, Risks and Alternatives

America's Allies Are Funding ISIS

Royal cover up: Police censor Jimmy Savile interview transcrip

  1. Is ISIL really Sunni?

 BREAKING: Egypt Charges Obama and Hillary with Conspiring with Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood

Earth's Moon is a Hollow Space Station: the Evidence | Humans Are Free

Ancient Power Removes Cancer in 3 Minutes!

[2014 March] Victims of swine flu jab to get £60m payout

New Published Study Verifies Andrew Wakefield’s Research on Autism – Again

Deaths from vaccine: Health minister suspends 17 officials for negligence

Teaching Hasbara a Lesson

[2014 June] Archbishop: 'I didn’t know sex with kids was a crime'

Sandy Hook Redux: Obama officials confirm that it was a drill and no children died

Catholic Mass Graves of 350,800 Missing Children Found in Ireland, Spain, Canada

The Effect of Fatherlessness on Women

Why the hell haven’t these BBC insiders been arrested yet?

Decapitated, Dismembered Children in Catholic Mass Grave: Ritually Murdered?


Filming police

Surgery banners


From time to time, in the clinical setting, patients can present a shadow or split Assemblage Point. These are most often associated with patients suffering from schizophrenia or manic depression. In numerous cases of schizophrenia, two locations of the Assemblage Point have been observed on each patient: one shadow location high up, near the patient's right collar bone and a second brighter location lower down on the same side. Diagnosed manic depressive patients often have two locations: one strong and active, and the second a shadow location. The locations are generally lower and not so far to the right side as in diagnosed schizophrenic patients. In such cases, patients display two distinct sets of symptoms (e.g. mania and depression in manic depressive disorder, also known in psychiatry as bipolar affective disorder). These patients, by one means or another, unconsciously shift their Assemblage Point locations. This, in turn, changes their behaviour and the way they feel. In this way, the patient oscillates between two locations. Split locations can be reunited and shifted across to a more central and stable location for the patient. From a central position, the patient's mental and physical health will stabilise. The Catalyst Of Power by Jon Whale

[2014 June] How the FDA responds to Gardasil Injuries

[2012] 72 Page Document Shows Merck Paid Doctors at Least $18,810,495.52

[2014 April] GlaxoSmithKline settles charges it unlawfully promoted Advair and other popular drugs  “GlaxoSmithKline put its business interests ahead of what was best for vulnerable patients,”


"There is no doubt that authorities in the CDC have initiated and participated in a cover-up of vaccine-induced damage from thimerosal to our children----and this I consider criminal." ~ Dr. Boyd Haley

What Does it Mean to be a Friend of Israel?

[2014] Flu vaccine leads to $11.6 million government settlement for paralyzed former nurse


10 Reasons Why “Fast and Furious” Star Paul Walker Was Assassinated

Living longer myth

When Irv Rubin Met David Cole

[2014 June] Doctors Ignored MMR Vaccine Link to Febrile Seizures in Toddlers


Actress and spokesperson for the Pampers-UNICEF ‘One Pack = One Vaccine’ campaign Salma Hayek holds a copy of a global review that says tetanus in mothers and their newborns can be eliminated by 2012.

[2014 June] Parents of Saba Button who was victim of flu vaccine debacle receive payout from WA Government

[2011] Dr Andrew Wakefield Defends His Research


EPA Faked the Entire Science of Sewage Sludge Safety: A Whistleblower's Story   Dr. Lewis details an unprecedented case of scientific misconduct. Approved at high levels, it spanned EPA, local and city municipalities, USDA, Synagro Technologies (a waste management company), leading universities, and the National Academies of Science. This pan-institutional misconduct falsely presented sewage sludge as safe, hid the evidence that it was not, falsified the reported contents of municipal sludge, and smeared Dr Lewis with a scientific misconduct charge after he blew the whistle. As a consequence, sewage sludge can be legally used as fertilizers when in fact they are highly polluted industrial wastes.

“Elie Wiesel Was Not in Buchenwald” Made Simple

[vid] The Polio Vaccination Agenda in Africa Blown Wide Open by Kihura Nkuba

VT Radio (6-4-14) Stew Webb, Gordon Duff, Jim Fetzer "Gordon Unloads"     It can now be reported that the US Navy sank 2 Israeli submarines in the May 2013 time frame that were attempting to start the war with Syria. One of these submarines was sank in partial retaliation over the deliberate Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. It was reported that Israel contracted with Germany to replace the two lost submarines and paid for them with nuclear weapons.

[vid] Vaccines Are Not Safe.  Boyd Hayley lays out Dr Offit

[vid] Nightmares at Elm Guest House. Bill Maloney interviews Chris Fay


Iboga – Sacred Healing Root of Africa

Orgasm: The Cure for Hunger in the Western Woman


TREE HUGGING NOW SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATED  In a recently published book called Blinded by Science, the author Matthew Silverstone, proves scientifically that trees do in fact improve many health issues such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), concentration levels, reaction times, depression and other forms of mental illness. He even points to research indicating a tree's ability to alleviate headaches in humans seeking relief by communing with trees.
    The author points to a number of studies that have shown that children show significant psychological and physiological improvement in terms of their health and well being when they interact with plants and trees. Specifically, the research indicates that children function better cognitively and emotionally in green environments and have more creative play in green areas. Also, he quotes a major public health report that investigated the association between green spaces and mental health concluded that "access to nature can significantly contribute to our mental capital and wellbeing."
    So what is it about nature that can have these significant effects? Up until now it has been thought to be the open green spaces that cause this effect. However, Matthew Silverstone, shows that it is nothing to do with this by proving scientifically that it is the vibrational properties of trees and plants that give us the health benefits and not the open green spaces.
    For the full article (we found a better link)

[2014 March] HPV Vaccine Maker’s Study Proves Natural HPV Infection Beneficial, Not Deadly By Dr. Kelly Brogan, M.D.  and Sayer Ji

Beagle Freedom Project

Reclaiming the Spiritual Symbols that Have Been Hijacked and Used Against Us

Margaret Hodge, filthy social workers and the VIP child-abuse connection

[vid 2014 May] Confessions of A Jewish Holocaust Revisionist: From David Cole to David Stein to David Cole

Peadophiles, IRA, Priests, MI5 & Satanism

MI5 & the IRA  This report examines the role played by British intelligence and the British Army in collusion with the IRA and other paramilitary terrorist organizations in supplying weapons and explosives, allowing bombings to go forward, and even committing murder in the name of “fighting terror.”

The Mysterious abdication of King Juan Carlos

[2014 June] EXCLUSIVE: Natural News tests flu vaccine for heavy metals, finds 25,000 times higher mercury level than EPA limit for water

[vid] Vitamin D is better than ANY vaccine and increases the immune system by 3-5 times   Germans found that Vitamin D increases the immune system by 3-5 times and is BETTER than any vaccine at helping the immune system beat the h5n1 (bird flu) virus. See 2:20

[2014] The Vaccine Court: The Dark Truth of America's Vaccine Injury Compensation Program by Wayne Rohde

Two Fathers and Their Books – Dangerous Voices Inside the Epidemic - Louis Conte and Wayne Rohde"Since 1986 15,100 petitions have been filed with the NVICP. Out of 15,100, 13,274 have been adjudicated. 3,540 or 27% of all petitions have been compensated" ~ Wayne Rohde

Research from PubMed: In 1981, R. Edgar Hope-Simpson proposed that a 'seasonal stimulus' intimately associated with solar radiation explained the remarkable seasonality of epidemic influenza. Solar radiation triggers robust seasonal vitamin D production in the skin; vitamin D deficiency is common in the winter, and activated vitamin D, 1,25(OH)2D, a steroid hormone, has profound effects on human immunity. 1,25(OH)2D acts as an immune system modulator, preventing excessive expression of inflammatory cytokines and increasing the 'oxidative burst' potential of macrophages. Perhaps most importantly, it dramatically stimulates the expression of potent anti-microbial peptides, which exist in neutrophils, monocytes, natural killer cells, and in epithelial cells lining the respiratory tract where they play a major role in protecting the lung from infection. Volunteers inoculated with live attenuated influenza virus are more likely to develop fever and serological evidence of an immune response in the winter. Vitamin D deficiency predisposes children to respiratory infections. Ultraviolet radiation (either from artificial sources or from sunlight) reduces the incidence of viral respiratory infections, as does cod liver oil (which contains vitamin D). An interventional study showed that vitamin D reduces the incidence of respiratory infections in children. We conclude that vitamin D, or lack of it, may be Hope-Simpson's 'seasonal stimulus'-

[1988] The Salk Vaccine – The Untold Story” by Dr. Herbert Ratner   “The Salk Vaccine – The Untold Story” was originally published in Child and Family as an on-going series in 1988. It was the aim of C&F editor Dr. Herbert Ratner (1907-1997) not only to document one of the most distressing years in the history of 20th century medicine, but also to increase the sophistication of the public in regard to nationally instituted health programs, and to awaken physicians working in national health agencies to the dangers of becoming mere dutiful instruments of high echelon establishment thinking. He also wanted to help physicians protect their patients, to whom they have a primary obligation, from the blandishments of national voluntary and governmental health agencies and drug companies and from the bandwagon enthusiasm of the mass media.  

[2014 May] Two Fathers and Their Books – Dangerous Voices Inside the Epidemic - Louis Conte and Wayne Rohde

"Since 1986 15,100 petitions have been filed with the NVICP. Out of 15,100, 13,274 have been adjudicated. 3,540 or 27% of all petitions have been compensated" ~ Wayne Rohde


"Andrew after about 2 months on urine and drinking about a gallon of distilled water after first hearing you on Vinnie Eastwoods interview. I have lost 45 pounds, clear thinking for the first time in 10 years and energy increase that is incredible. When people ask me what I have been doing I just say " I drink my own piss" then I just wait.... and every single person has said tell me more... this is only because it is so f ing obvious how my appearance has improved.

From the bottom of my families and my HEART, thank you.

Lots of love from canada"

Follow up...

"Actually it is about almost 3 months now, I want to be accurate.

I have not changed my basic diet but I only eat fruit in the morning to about 2pm and then after that no rules. My blood pressure used to be always 140 to 150 over 90+. Within literaly 5 days after staring the changes back in october 2013 I went into walmart with my wife took my blood pressure and it was 119 over 78!!! AFTER 5 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and has hovered in that vicinity ever since! My wife was couldn't believe her earballs!

It is changes like this that gave me confidence to continue. It is actually far cheaper to be healthy. I buy my distilled water from a supermarket and it is interesting that the spring water shelf is always literally full and distilled water shelf is always almost empty. So it aint sittin on the shelf for long... I'm not sure if people are drinking it or using it for something else but your message or someone else's message is making its mark.


Anyone doubting this use my example of blood pressure if you have high blood pressure and JUST TRY IT. "Test all things"

Cannabis Oil Testimonials

Goldacre’s Munich Agreement - Publishing Data on the Pharma's Terms

Keiser Report: Bond Bubble Burst (E609)

[2014 May] Alarming situation : Four children reportedly die from measles vaccine

 Tomljenovic, Lucija

Aidan Quinn talks about how his daughter became Autistic after a vaccination

"You are allowed to put into vaccines what you are not allowed to put into that carpet, or furniture as preservatives. You can put formaldehyde, heavy metals, all to increase the profits of drug companies"

Meet Christopher

Death by Flu Shot. 7 Year-Old Receives Flu Vaccine; Dies 4 Days Later

Kaylynne Matten: Cause of Death “Undetermined.” Parents Believe Flu Vaccine Killed Their 7 Year-Old Daughter.

PhD Scientist and Biochemist Reveals Hidden CDC Documents Showing Thimerosal In Vaccines Increase Neurologic Disorders

Children 'become' the negative names they are called: Research

Top Biochemist Calls to Abolish Smart Meters, WiFi in Schools, and Baby Monitors

Woman Rejects Chemo, Cures Lymphoma with Juicing



[2014 May] The Great Divide: spanning the chasm between truth and egregious lies by Shawn Siegel

Lindsey Stirling’s “Shatter Me” : A Video About Monarch Programming

Congratulations Dr Ben Goldacre On Undermining Drug Safety Worldwide

Dr Ben Goldacre Forced By CHS to Answer Criticism Over Drug Safety – But Not Before Goldacre’s Usual Response – Bullying, Abuse & Harassment

[2014 May] Vaccines Exposed: Herd Immunity Is Just Another Word For Cash Cow! According to the current Illinois General State Aid fiscal schedule, Illinois schools receive $6,119 per student from the state. Ten percent of this amount equates to roughly $612. So if a school has 2,000 students, for instance, and it maintains at least a 90 percent vaccination rate, it will receive $12,238,000 from the state per year. But if the vaccination rate falls below 90 percent at the same school, a whopping $1,223,800 will be shaved off this amount

[2013 Aug] 68 Studies supporting vaccine/autism causation

RCTs tell us almost nothing about cause and effect. They discover nothing. They likely block the discovery of many treatments. But for the fact that Barry Marshall in 1980 took a laboratory rather than a clinical trials approach to showing ulcers were caused by h pylori and could be cured by antibiotics, Glaxo would have used RCTs to bury the evidence that antibiotics cure ulcers to defend the very first blockbuster drug, their H2 antagonist for ulcers, Zantac. - See more at:

Leaving Homeless Person On The Streets: $31,065. Giving Them Housing: $10,051.   The current VA scandal is merely the tip of the iceberg of the abuse of millions of wonderful American Soldiers who have been served up as cannon fodder to be purposefully sacrificed in WZ/Israeli perpetual wars, all as part of a well developed Agenda to maim and murder American Soldiers and deny them any decent medical care. And is now known that the VA has had a secret Agenda to take away the financial rights of many vets and also their rights to own guns for self-defense.  This is a complete abuse of process and blatantly illegal and is a covert way of reducing many vets to institutionalized mental wards of the National Security State with no trial and no personal Constitutional Rights respected. Once most vets and Americans in general find out how deep this criminal abuse and neglect goes at the VA, there will be hell to pay for those involved.  many should be tried for criminal negligence and murder, and numerous felony offenses as well as RICO.

9/11 & Israeli Apartheid, The Kiss of Death for World Zionism

[2013] Kern, J.K.; Haley, B.E.; Geier, D.A.; Sykes, L.K.; King, P.G.; Geier, M.R. Thimerosal Exposure and the Role of Sulfation Chemistry and Thiol Availability in Autism. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2013, 10, 3771-3800.   The evidence suggests that the abnormal sulfation chemistry, limited thiol availability, and decreased GSH reserve capacity could explain why the adverse effects of TM are greater in a subpopulation of children with this susceptibility and why the subsequent brain insult is more pronounced in them, as has been shown repeatedly in the animal model. Furthermore, it has recently been demonstrated that polymorphisms in glutathione-related genes modify Hg concentrations and antioxidant status in human subjects environmentally exposed to Hg [165].
    With the rate of children diagnosed with an ASD in the US now exceeding 1 in 50 children [166] and the rate of children with neurodevelopmental/behavioral disorders in the US now exceeding 1 in 6 children [167], and the preceding evidence showing that there is vulnerability to TM that would not be known without extensive testing, the preponderance of the evidence indicates that TM should be removed from all vaccines. 


[2014 May India] Negligence?: Measles vaccine claims yet another life in K-P

[2014 May] The Media Pigpile on Families of Vaccine Injured Children

[2014May] Savagery: On the steps of a Pakistani High Court a woman is stoned to death by her own family as police stand by. Her sin? Marrying a man she loved

[2014] ‘What is our crime?’ Saudi princesses denied food for over 60 days

A list of British Freemason High Court Judges, District Judges, Circuit Judges and Barristers

Guest Host today on the Sallie Elkordy Public Advocate radio show is Freda Birrell, Secretary of SaneVax Inc. Freda's two guests are Caron Ryalls from Yorkshire in the North of England, UK whose daughter Emily was seriously injured by the HPV vaccine Cervarix and Trine Villemann, whose husband Malcolm had a devastating experience following vacc   with the Yellow Fever Vaccine. Please listen and share.

There Is No Boko Haram! 'US, Israel Abducted Chibok Girls So They Can Invade Nigeria

UFO Attacks & Kills 9 Hikers In Russia For Real Pictures

Marinaleda : A Terra de Todos - The Land of Utopia - english subtitles

Scientists Studied What Psychedelics Do to the Brain, And It’s Not What You’ve Been Told

[2014 May] Fracking 'as bad for climate as coal' - UK's dodgy dossier exposed

HP0505, LD 754, item 1, An Act To Encourage Transparency in the Disclosing of the Ingredients

Over Half of Americans Don’t Trust Government & Doctors On Vaccination

Satanic Mass…says the Pope?

[2012] Victim reveals horror of vaccine trials' secret legacy

[2014] How to Lie to a Generation of Families - Malfeasance in the CDCs Vaccine Safety Program - Dr. Brian Hooker


Blueblood Reptiles in Scotland at Rosslyn  

[2014 May] Catholic Jesuit Superior resigns after charged with Black Mass child sacrifices

the Powers of the Ancients - the proof

[vid] The Legacy of Vaccine Injury - Dr. Andrew Wakefield  They (CDC) have lied and lied again and that will become very apparent in the forthcoming months...the pharma industry spend 30 billion a year promoting vaccines  39 min--how Merck fiddled a vaccine test to get it on the market

Hepatitis B Vaccine  "The idea of giving this vaccine to a one-day old baby, a newborn, is preposterous. There is no scientific evidence for this. In fact, I called up the [hepatitis B vaccine] manufacturer and I had [a representative] come to St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital, where I am Chairman of the Department of Medicine, and I asked him: ‘Show me your evidence on one-day old infants as to side effects [from the hepatitis B vaccine]’ His answer – “We have none. Our studies were done on 5 and 10 year olds..” As a father, grandfather, a physician, as a lawyer, I want the option of not giving it to my children unless I believe the scientific evidence is there.” ---—1997 Mayer Eisenstein, M.D., M.P.H. before Illinois Board of Health

Vaccine damage studies

[2014] A Neuroscientist Explains How Meditation Changes Your Brain

[2012] Cancer Industry Exposed as Fraud “The Science is False”

[2013] German Inventor solves permanent magnet motor puzzle - wants to 'give away' the discovery...

Man struck by lightning twice(Original and Amazing)

 [2013] The medical textbook definition of a vaccine adverse reaction: Brain Infection (Merck Manual)

GiMP 666 arrested for allegedly impersonating Police Officer in Manchester

[2014 May] Video: Head of False Libyan Revolution Admits Ghadafi Did Not Kill Protesters


Closed market (drugs)

U.S. Court of Federal Claims Opinions

[2014 May] GlaxoSmithKline to be investigated by UK fraud body

(Druidic Traditions and Influence Explored)

If Ambassador Stevens Had Lived, the Benghazi Child Trafficking Practices Would’ve Been Revealed

3 Months Later, Here's What Denver Looks Like Since Legalizing Marijuana

Marijuana Legalization Is a Multi-Billion Dollar Revolution That's Sweeping Across the USA

[vid] Retired Police Captain demolishes the War on Drugs

[2014 Feb] Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Peers by Christina England  I find it amazing that despite mainstream media and leading government agencies stressing repeatedly that studies comparing vaccinated children to unvaccinated children cannot take place for ethical reasons, groups around the world are taking it upon themselves to do these studies anyway.  While surveys of this kind are often dismissed as being purely epidemiological and passed off as little more than stamp collecting, I believe that studies of this nature should not be dismissed out of hand. After all, many stamp collections contain just one stamp that is worth far more than its weight in gold.  These studies show without doubt that unvaccinated children are healthier than their vaccinated peers and, for this reason, these studies should be given careful consideration by all parents and professionals studying vaccination safety.

[2014 May] Photographic Proof That Cavities Heal

[2014 Jan] World Bank's Lending Arm Linked To Deadly Honduras Conflict

Volkswagen’s New 300 MPG Car Not Allowed In America Because It Is Too Efficient

Reiss, Dorit Rubinstein

[2014] FEDERAL AGENTS RAID NATURAL CANCER CURE CENTER  'An alternative cancer care clinic called Camelot Cancer Care Inc., located in Tulsa, Oklahoma has revolutionized the way patients face and fight their disease. The center’s medical director Doctor James Webb received clinical education in treating cancer conventionally but switched course when he realized that those treatments caused more harm than good.   The Camelot Cancer Care center uses several natural remedies including Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO),a naturally occurring substance found in wood pulp and a vitamin called Laetrile, also known as vitamin B17. Laetrile is a naturally-occurring substance found in the kernels of apricots, peaches and almonds. Although neither substance has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a medical treatment, doctors have been legally using the natural substances to treat arthritis, bladder infections and now cancer.'

“Just treated my Dad who was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The tumors were dead after 5 weeks of treatment. Thank you Rick Simpson for your knowledge, inspiration, determination and your love for the people.” Christine

“Because of Rick, I have literally seen the results of RSO. I worked for a clinic for a short time. When I started there a man came in with stage four throat carcinoma. He was put on RSO. 90 days later he was completely cured.” Carl

“My mom cured her stage 3 small cell lung cancer with the oil!! Did I mention she was cancer free only four months after diagnosis? Well, that’s what happened. ” Dawn

-- Anything else you need to know about the oil? The Rick Simpson Protocol e-book is a great place to start.  JB

"The newest book from Rick Simpson and Jindrich Bayer specifically details how to use cannabis extract medicine to cure cancer, going into extensive detail on the official Rick Simpson protocol."

"I want to pause here and talk about this notion of consensus, and the rise of what has been called consensus science. I regard consensus science as an extremely pernicious development that ought to be stopped cold in its tracks. Historically, the claim of consensus has been the first refuge of scoundrels; it is a way to avoid debate by claiming that the matter is already settled. Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had."----Michael Crichton, himself an M.D.,  [2011 Jan] 2004 and the Birth of the Hungry Lie, “Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism" By J.B. Handley

[vid] Drs Suzanne Humphries and Tetyana Obukhanych Interview, 4-20-14 Immunology Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych and nephrologist Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD, discuss peer-reviewed after peer-reviewed article, all of which deal a serious blow to both the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, as portrayed by the industry.

[vid] Dr. Suzanne Humphries - Scientific proof that vaccines are harming hospital patient and more...   Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, Attorney Alan Phillips, and special guest Dr. Suzanne Humphries, co-author of "Dissolving Illusions, Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History," as they discussed Dr. Humphries' experiences in her former medical practice with vaccine-induced kidney damage, the increased use of vaccines generally in seriously ill patients, hospital administrators' inability to accept scientific proof that vaccines are harming hospital patients, why Dr. Humphries left a lucrative medical practice, why other medical professionals may have difficulty leaving the mainstream healthcare system even when they disagree with the system, why we have never needed vaccines, what the real keys to longevity and health are, what historical records tell us about vaccines, how forced vaccination of healthcare workers may change the healthcare system, the importance of vitamin C in attaining and maintaining good health, and more!

[2013] David Cameron's debt reduction lie He lied about the national debt in a carefully scripted statement in a party political broadcast, for which there is absolutely no justification because there are only two possible conclusions to draw:  Cameron is too stupid to even realise that the script that he was reading contains outright lies about the economy ...... Or, he knew perfectly well that it was a lie, is  comfortable with telling lies to the public and holds the public in such low regard that he thinks that they are so stupid and ill informed that they won't even realise that he's lying to them.

There isn't a single study contemplated by the IOM, or cited by any medical authority whether CDC, AAP, WHO, IOM, or ECBT, that compares anything EXCEPT vaccinated children. How can that be? How can the IOM's document that tells the world that vaccines do not cause autism be resting on a foundation of studies that only ever looked at vaccinated children? We need some analogies here:  That would be like looking at people who smoke one pack a day versus two packs a day and seeing no difference in lung cancer rates and saying cigarettes don't cause lung cancer.[2011 Jan] 2004 and the Birth of the Hungry Lie, “Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism" By J.B. Handley

[vid] The Notorious Banned FOX 9-11-2001 News Footage Israeli/Mossad Published on 28 Feb 2013 This was aired then immediately banned and removed from the Fox archives right after 9-11, a lot have people still have never seen it and is a must for the first step in the process.



Nick Shabbos Goy Clegg (must watch)  Nick Clegg, the laughable Lib Dem leader, probably the most pathetic character in the history of British politics, has done it again. In a desperate attempt to appease some Jewish donators, he produced a shameless endorsement of Jewish politics.  I guess that someone within the dysfunctional Lib Dem orbit better advise Clegg that Zionists do not like their subordinates to manifestly bend over. They somehow prefer their Shabbos Goyim to operate delicately and in a clandestine manner.  

[vid] 8 year old kid builds crystal grids to clear negative energy and explains how it works

'The Jewish State is not an apartheid apparatus! it is actually far worse. Israel doesn’t attempt to exploit the Palestinians, it wants them gone. Israel puts into action Nazi-like (Lebensraum) ethnic cleaning tactics because Jewish nationalism is an expansionist ideology driven by judeo-centric racist supremacy.  The truth is simple and devastating. However,  the Diaspora Jewish Left attempt to conceal it all is actually embarrassing, yet, symptomatic.'----Gilad Atzmon

ORWELL AND THE JEWS..(VIDEO)  In This ERTV interview Romain Red and Myseldf spoke about  George Orwell and the Jews, We also elaborated on the devastating impact of Frankfurt School, Wilhelm Rich and Cultural Marxism. We discussed the Spanish Civil War and the impact of Jews within the International Brigade. We ended with Dieudonné and the quenelle.

[2014] How a live vaccine can cause cancer  he was circumcised when was 8 days old and also on the same day he received 2 live vaccines, one was BCG another was OPV

“If medical statistics were compiled by statisticians who had no interest in the outcome, the drug industry would topple into the dust.” – Robert Catalano

[2014 March] How Statistics are Misused to Make Vaccines “Safe” by Dr. Lawrence B. Palevsky

“The state is a gang of thieves writ large — the most immoral, grasping and unscrupulous individuals in any society.” - Murray Rothbard

[2012] Breast milk Stem Cells: It’s not just food By Hilary Butler The medical profession however, has this strange idea that the very thin blood which babies naturally have in the first 7 days, must be "abnormal" because it's not like adult blood, so they give vitamin K at birth. The problem is that this vitamin K raises the vitamin K levels much higher than in adults.   Since 1985, the medical profession has known that oral vitamin K raises blood levels 300 - 4,000 times higher.  The injectable vitamin K, results in vitamin K levels 9,000 times thicker than adults blood. Why?  Because the medical profession says that baby blood is deficient of vitamin K which makes the blood not clot properly and can cause haemorrhages.  God didn't know what he was doing.  So vitamin K is given, to "thicken" up a baby's blood.
    By the same token, the medical system says that older people's blood is too thick, so they prescribe warfarin, to thin the blood.  How does it do that?  By completely screwing with the vitamin K cycle, so that older people's blood becomes thinner than baby's blood because there is no vitamin K in it. The medical system doesn't give a thought to the fact that that also means that older people without vitamin K2 will also have bone problems as a result!    
    Baby's blood thickened with vitamin K, causes a situation where stem cells have to move through sludge, not nicely greased blood vessels full of blood which can allow stem cells easy acess to anywhere. Maybe one day it will dawn on the medical profession that not only are cord blood stem cells important and useful to the newborn baby, but that stem cells need thin blood for a reason. 


"I started my health-focused journey about 4 years ago and I have been very passionate about it ever since, I am on a low fat raw vegan diet and I am doing the best as I can to live as healthy as possible (physically and emotionally), but I have not been aware of importance of deskilled water by now. Of course I was consuming lots of it by eating mostly fruit and veggies, but it was still far away from a gallon per day. Aditionally I used to drink filtered spring water which I believed was beneficial for my body. I was wrong but I just did not know it. When I learned about destilled water I started drinking only destilled water from different sources, mostly urine and fruit & veggies and I am feeling GREAT! I also apply it on my face twice a day and I've noticed a HUGE difference in my skin texture, I has improved so much in the past 3 weeks and that's what I wished the most, because I have had skin issues since my adolescence and I am 31 now."

---Earthling from Slovenia, Europe

[2014 Feb] PhD Scientist and Biochemist Reveals Hidden CDC Documents Showing Thimerosal In Vaccines Increase Neurologic Disorders


Darren Austin Hall is an amazing sound healer. Pleasure your senses...

[1881] A Century of Dishonor by Helen Hunt Jackson

How To Get Rid Of Moles With Apple Cider Vinegar:

[vid 2014] The Porn Pandemic: The Devastating Effects on Children, Family and Society

[2012] CDC Cherry Picks Data to Make Case Against Raw Milk

'Correlation doesn’t equal causation'

[2013] Revelations by Shawn Siegel

Fly repeller?

[2013] Measles: Misdiagnosis and Malpractice by Hilary Butler  What we are told, is that this man died because he wasn’t given the MMR vaccine:  FALSE.  This man died because the hospital system committed several preventable medical errors, and they know it.  And the hospital staff are too gutless to admit that.   What is astonishing is that in trying to blame the man’s parents for not vaccinating him, they fail to see that their own information has exposed their own systemic stupidity, which raises this question.  ”How many other ‘measles deaths’ result from hospital misdiagnoses?”

[2014] Pro-family activist: 'Everybody does it' is Verizon's excuse for porn videos

In 1993, The Chronicle of Philanthropy published a statement that the ACS was “more interested in accumulating wealth than in saving lives.” Fund-raising appeals routinely stated that the ACS needed more funds to support its cancer programs, all the while holding more than $750 million in cash and real estate assets.” ---- Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.  Chronicles Of Philanthropy, 1992

[2014] A Pox On Their Arrogance and Their Dark Motivations by Shawn Siegel  It is not the liberty of Dr. Offit, or any manufacturer researcher or government public health official, or any MD, to decide for you what is an acceptable level of risk for your child. Indeed – vis-a-vis vaccines, the industry shows nothing but disdain, for the truth and for the health of our kids, and cannot be trusted. Our focus must be on warning others of the palpable threat of vaccination, as the ground force to ultimately break the cartel’s hold – politically, economically and socially – completely.  Research. Educate. We’re on our own.

Puerperal Fever (excerpt from Dissolving Illusions) ~ by Suzanne Humphries MD

[2014] Timeline to a Tragedy: Did incompetence, lies and a government cover-up lead to deaths?

"In the early 1900s, other treatments were being successfully used to treat measles. In 1919 Dr. Drummond commented that cinnamon oil was an effective prophylactic against measles or that it made measles milder.  'It has been my practice, when I meet with a case of measles in a family, to prescribe a course of cinnamon for all unprotected members of the family". 'In the majority of cases the person so treated [with cinnamon] escaped the disease [measles] altogether, or else had it in very mild form'. ---- “Cinnamon as a Preventive of Measles,” American Druggist Pharmaceutical Record, New York, November 1919, p. 47.  [2013] Vaccines: a peek beneath the hood By Roman Bystrianyk and Suzanne Humphries, MD

Paul Offit talks in his recent book Deadly Choices—Deadly Choices:  Deadly Choices: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Us All about how the whooping cough vaccine has reduced deaths from that disease from 7,000 to only 30.  Whooping cough (pertussis) is a devastating infection. Before a vaccine was first used in the United States in the 1940s, about three hundred thousand cases of whooping cough caused seven thousand deaths every year, almost all in young children. Now, because of the pertussis vaccine, fewer than thirty children die every year from the disease. But times are changing.
The problem with these statements is that they are not supported by the evidence. When we look at the actual data, we see that although many people did die from whooping cough in the early part of the 1900s, by the time the vaccine had been introduced the death rate in the United States had declined by more than 90 percent. Using the source that was referenced to make the statement in the Pediatrics paper, we see that the decline in deaths from the peak was approximately 92 percent before the introduction of the DTP vaccine. [2013] Vaccines: a peek beneath the hood By Roman Bystrianyk and Suzanne Humphries, MD

Most Hollywood movie houses owned by Zionists: Art Olivier

[2013] Your Body. Your Baby. Their Flu. by Kelly Brogan, MD

Dear CDC: Raw Milk Outbreaks Are Not On The Rise.


The dangers of using aborted fetal cell lines for vaccine manufacture

[2013] Vaccines: a peek beneath the hood By Roman Bystrianyk and Suzanne Humphries, MD

[2013] A Shot Never Worth Taking: The Flu Vaccine by Kelly Brogan, MD

[2014 March] Russia Puts GMO Genie Back In The Bottle

Vaccine autism proven

[2014 May] GILAD ATZMON ON DIEUDONNÉ, THE QUENELLE AND CHRIST KILLING "What we see with Dieudonne is the repetition of the murder of Christ...the Crucifying of this beautiful man, and we see the French, Judaified, press shouting...but we see millions of people  saying this is not right, it stinks..... Every time they try to punish me they actually expose their matrix of power in which they operate in."


[2014 May] Man With Cancer Told To Give Up Treatment and Join Work Programme To Keep Benefits

"For the record, I am not an opponent of the idea of immunization, and I'm not against single-dose vaccines formulated without toxic adjuvants, heavy metals and stealth cancer viruses." ---Mike Adams

"These false prophets are not merely wicked at heart and opposed to the truth, but they wish to injure you, and that for their own gain (cf Galatians 6:13)."

Getting Pregnant Without In Vitro Fertilization

More Pseudo Science "Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism" Study...

[2014 May] Taylor, L., Swerdfeger, A., Eslick, G. (2014). Vaccines are not associated with autism: An evidence-based meta-analysis of case-control and cohort studies.

The story of Nikola Tesla


Belgium to lower age of consent to 13

“The global banking industry is nothing more than the largest, legalised, organised, crime syndicate.” ------ Michael Tellinger

[vid] Peggy Kane & David Icke: Reptilian Agenda Theory

131 ways for an infant to die. By Neil Z Miller

[vid] Simon Parkes 2 Reptilian and Mantis Aliens

'...even one capsule of chloromycetin could cause…leukaemia…I remember a child dying of aplastic anaemia after a general practitioner had prescribed chloromycetin for a cold…For a cold - a virus infection!… The parents were crying, the kid was bleeding. I was warned by several physicians that grave consequences would befall me if I told the parents that their beautiful child was dying because of a doctor's mindless prescription.'   Lasko - The Great Billion Dollar Medical Swindle

One thing is VERY clear, the people ultimately behind "vaccination" do not want you on their planet. Why would we TRUST their systems to put ANYTHING into our bodies?

"No doubt the biggest Trojan horse in all of this (with global ramifications) was National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, because when the US market was sewn up they could do almost what they liked anywhere, and the system was designed for abuse with global rubber stamp committees endorsing the latest products - discounting all the adverse evidence and insisting always on their philanthropic motives."--- John Stone

[2012 Dec]The British Dimension - the WHO Mercury Cover-Up and the CDC By John Stone

 Here are the abstracts of 90 peer review studies compiled by Sandy Gottstein of confirming the dangers of thimerosal:  1  2

Lusitania: The Pearl Harbor of WWI

[2014 pdf] Review of Vaccine Induced Immune Overload and the Resulting Epidemics of Type 1 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, Emphasis on Explaining the Recent Accelerations in the Risk of Prediabetes and other Immune Mediated Diseases J Barthelow Classen MD*


VRM: The Confidenti​al Case-files of GlaxoSmith​Kline – Cover-up, Deferral & Denial of Vaccine-re​lated Premature Deaths  The following confidential case-files pertaining to the GlaxoSmithKline vaccine, Infanrix hexa™, were recently uncovered; a glaring exposé into Vaccine Industry malfeasance, which reveal the systemic cover-up, deferral & denial of responsibility for vaccine-related premature deaths (among infants) by vaccine manufacturing giant GlaxoSmithKline. Bare in mind, this startling evidence only represents the tip of the iceberg, given the fact that a mere 5-10% of vaccine related adverse reports are ever submitted by families – what is termed ‘underreporting’.  GlaxoSmith​Kline (GSK) Confidential to regulatory agencies file:

[2013] Homosexual Activist Admits True Purpose of Battle is to Destroy Marriage


Tell Washington USA Should Not Export Mercury to Global Children

Export of mercury and withdrawn vaccines

[2014 May] Coke and pepsi are used as pesticides in part of India because they are cheaper and just as effective, if not better. If you don't believe it, here's more info:

SafeMinds - Autism Mercury Thimerosal - News - VACCINE AUTISM CASES COMPENSATED

[2014 May] Measles vaccine as a cancer treatment? Absolutely not

[2014 May] Health Officials, Press & Police – Caught Covering Up Vaccine Death of Child Aged 2 – Officials Continued Vaccinations Harming Many More Children With Dangerous Known Useless Flu Vaccine

83 Cases of Autism Associated with Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensated in Federal Vaccine Court  Government program has been quietly paying awards to vaccine-injured children with autism for two decades but continues to deny vaccine-autism link. SafeMinds calls for immediate Congressional investigations.

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (Official)

[2009] IS ABORTED FETAL DNA LINKED TO AUTISM? By Theresa A. Deisher, Ph.D.

[2014 May] EPA Microbiologist Dr. David Lewis Wrote the Book on Research Misconduct - Then Throws the Book at Brian Deer

[2014 Feb] A Timeline of Vitamin Medicine by Andrew W. Saul, Editor Orthomolecular Medicine News Service

The Cancer Business by Patrick Rattigan ND

Hiatus and the Jimmy Savile Affair

Black Death

“Yesterday was a beautiful day for making life saving medicine for Janice (Granny). She has been taking RSO for about 6 months now. Her Tumor is gone, swelling behind her eyes is gone, she has lost 106 lbs., kidney stones are gone, blood pressure normal. But the turn around in her overall health has been nothing short of a miracle. When she got to my house 6 months ago she could barely climb the stairs, now she is running up and down the stairs and circles around me! If you would like to learn more about how to treat Pseudo Tumor Cerebri with Cannabis Oil, Janice or myself would be more than happy to talk to you about it! One Love. peaceloveCURE. I love you Granny!!” Debra Cooper

 -- That's nice. Great job, Debra. Congratulations and thank you.  JB

 "The newest book from Rick Simpson and Jindrich Bayer specifically details how to use cannabis extract medicine to cure cancer, going into extensive detail on the official Rick Simpson protocol."


 [2014 May] Hollywood pedophile parties: Symptom of a rampant disease feeding on innocent children

Dr H Albonico, M.D. - MMR Vaccine Campaign in Switzerland, March 1990: "In 1967, Ghana was declared measles free by the WHO after 96% of its population was vaccinated. In 1972, Ghana experienced one of its worst measles outbreaks with its highest ever mortality rate."

[vid 2014] Ian Jacklin gets great news! Another cancer patient cured! Hemp oil kills skin cancer!


The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax By Eric Hunt
Were 900,000 Jews "gassed" at Treblinka? Were 3.9 Million "Steamed to Death" in "steam chambers" there too, as according to Nuremberg trial "evidence"?
    The official "Holocaust" story is that Treblinka 2 is the largest mass burial site in the entire world, where the Germans gassed 900,000 Jews in 13 "gas chambers disguised as shower rooms."
    "Holocaust Deniers" or "Holocaust Revisionists" claim there's no evidence for that, and tales of "gas chambers disguised as shower rooms" stories are wartime atrocity fiction, similar to previously debunked claims about Jews being made into soap and lampshades. The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax debunks Zionist British Archaeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls' fraudulent "investigation" of Treblinka, which included digging near clearly marked Christian graves claiming to find new "hidden mass graves", falsely assigning homicidal intent to a normal life-saving shower room at Majdanek, and misidentifying a terra-cotta tile excavated at Treblinka as belonging to the floor of a homicidal "gas chamber."


Dear Water Based Creatures

Urine will not only make your plants grow like crazy, it will supercharge YOU right out of the stratosphere. There's a book called, "Liquid Gold" which has all the info regarding usage on plants. Basic thing, for plants, is to cut it, 90% w...ater and 10% urine. Every plant goes wild on it. Greener than ever, bigger than ever. Pour it at the roots and/or mist the foliage.

As for you and your body/mind, it is the cleaner you always wished for. A liquid drano for human pipes. A chemtrail destroyer ( I don't care how small the nanobots think they've made themselves ). A 3rd eye de-calcifier (very nice). A constant water source when there is no water. Its how one would spend 40 days and 40 nights in the desert.

Look up "Urine Therapy" its all right there, waiting to be discovered. The bad taste is only from eating bad cooked food. People who eat just raw fruit have coconut water flavored urine as clear as rain water and it is a pleasure to drink. Believe it or not. On average, somebody with a terrible diet can achieve rainwater clear urine within 5-7 days of water fasting or fruit juice fasting, which is much easier AND a lot of fun!

Everywhere the Bible mentions, "The Water of Life" or "Rivers of Living Water," they are talking about none other than urine.

You know the amniotic fluid you all floated in for 9 months? It's urine. For the first 3 months its mainly your Moms urine, and then for the last 6 months its mainly yours. Why do you think they say, "the water broke?" Where do you think all of your pee is going while you are in there? There's no umbilical cord attached to your genitals is there? No, that cord is connected to your intestines which is where ALL waste goes. Remember how you breath like a fish while in the womb? Guess what you are breathing?? Yes, urine. Your lungs would not have formed without it, your entire body would not have formed without it.


This explains why you see cherubs and babies peeing into water fountains all over the planet. This is nothing less than a pictogram for the "fountain of youth."

They want you to think it's "lost" so you'll believe it can only be found out buried deep in the woods somewhere. When all along it's your own fountain, your genitals. There's not just one fountain of youth on the planet, there's 7 BILLION and counting! Everybody comes with their very own built-in water distiller! Do your really think the almighty creator would put you here without the complete ability to take care of yourselves?? No, of course not.

I'll tell you why it's called the "fountain of youth" as well. When people fast for 30 days on just urine, not only do they vaporize WHATEVER illness they had, but also by the time they are done with the fast they lose 20-30 years in appearance!!! In the more than 20 books available on the subject, there are over 1000 case histories of what happens to people when they do this, and over and over again, without fail, this is EXACTLY what happens to people who dip their cup into the... "fountain of youth."

Speaking of dipping your cup! Nobody needs to look any further for "THE HOLY GRAIL." There is no such thing as "THE" holy grail. Let me explain... Do you remember why anybody would like to find the holy grail? Well, it is said that long life and full health will come to anyone who drinks from the holy grail. Those are the EXACT benefits of drinking urine!!! The hidden joke is that it's not the cup that's magical, it's whats in the cup! You can never find "THE" holy grail because ANY cup or vessel or grail can become "A" holy grail if you start dipping it into the "FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!!!!!" So there is no such singular item as "THE" holy grail.

So you see, my precious human creatures,

Urine is the ULTIMATE human growth medium. Whatever you touch it to, it restores it to its original genetic DNA instructions. If you put it in your eyes, it becomes your eyes. If you put it on a cut on your skin, it becomes your skin. It's living, liquid tissue!

Also, for those interested in ascension, the constant looping of YOUR water creates a circle of spinning energy which triggers your MERKABA to fire up. That's a nice bonus too, huh?

I hope you research this. This is delivered with pure sincerity.

Boko Haram: US AFRICOM'S Latest False Flag Franchise

The Holocaust story serves as the Zionist Miracle Weapon that morally justifies the dispossession of the Palestinian people of their homes and land, is an endless source for billions of dollars in reparations for Jews, and is a weapon that in the United States is used to prohibit adult behavior by American congressmen, American academics, and American journalists (they all agree: you cannot "discuss" the Holocaust). I founded Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust to try to defuse this Miracle Weapon.

'You'll Die in a Car Accident': FBI's Threat to Man Who Did Not Want to Be An 'Informant'

Gardasil Contaminant Confirmed By Independent Lab  In September 2011, SaneVax Inc. informed the FDA that despite all Merck's statements claiming Gardasil contained 'no viral DNA,' Dr. Sin Hang Lee had discovered there were indeed fragments of HPV-11, HPV-16 and HPV-18 L1 DNA firmly attached to Merck's proprietary aluminum adjuvant in 100% of the samples his laboratory tested. ...By 2012, Dr. Lee had discovered that these HPV DNA fragments were not only bound to Merck's proprietary aluminum adjuvant, but they had also adopted a non-B conformation, thereby creating a novel (new) chemical compound of unknown toxicity.   Non-B DNA conformations are known to be associated with genetic mutations connected to over 70 serious diseases in human beings including polycystic kidney disease, adrenoleukodystrophy, follicular lymphomas, and spermatogenic failure, just to name a few.

Roundup Weedkiller Found In 75% of Air and Rain Samples, Gov. Study Finds

World’s #1 Herbicide Discovered in U.S. Mothers’ Breast Milk  The levels found in the breast milk testing of 76 ug/l to 166 ug/l are 760 to 1600 times higher than the European Drinking Water Directive allows for individual pesticides. They are however less than the 700 ug/l maximum contaminant level (MCL) for glyphosate in the U.S., which was decided upon by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) based on the now seemingly false premise that glyphosate was not bio-accumulative.

"You thought you had all the answers, thought you could solve all the problems of the world.  You didn't need us, so you set us up on reservations where we could be kept quiet.  And now, suddenly, you realize that maybe we had a few good ideas, that maybe we were on to something in the way we thought about nature.  And you come searching us out, asking, "What was it you said about the Earth?  What exactly are your religious beliefs?"  And we say, "We don't know.  We're all Baptists now."   --- Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan of the Onondage Nation of the Iroquois.   quoted in "Settlements of Hope", Ann Ambrecht-Forbes

The life expectancy myth, and why many ancient humans lived long healthy lives

A common misinterpretation of the Adam and Eve story is that the "original sin" had something to do with sex or nudity. This confusion comes from that part of the story in which Adam and Eve eat from the "tree of knowledge of good and evil" and immediately become ashamed of their nakedness. It was not nudity, however, that shamed them.
    Adam and Eve were mortified by what their nakedness re presented. Ancient Mesopotamian records depict human beings stark naked when performing tasks for their Custodial masters. Custodians, on the other hand, were depicted as being fully clothed. The implication is that Adam and Eve felt degraded by their nakedness because it was a sign of their enslavement—not because being naked in itself is bad..
.......The ancient version is that an extraterrestrial society had come to possess Earth and sought to exploit the planet's resources. To make the exploitation easier, a work race was created: Homo sapiens. Humans were treated as livestock and were frequently butchered when they became too numerous or troublesome. To preserve Homo sapiens as a slave race and to prevent future rebellion, spiritual knowledge was repressed, human beings were scattered geographically into different linguistic groups, and conditions were created to make physical survival on Earth an all-consuming chore from birth until death. This arrangement was to be maintained indefinitely for as long as the Custodial society possessed Earth. In contrast, the modern view is that human beings had evolved accidentally from "star stuff" into slime, into fishes, into monkeys, and finally into people. The modern view actually seems more fanciful than the ancient one.
    In the story of Adam and Eve we noted the appearance of a snake. The serpent was said to be "God's" enemy, Satan, who had literally transformed himself into a reptile. The Bible suggests that snakes are feared and disliked today because of Satan's alleged transformation back in the Garden of Eden. However, it should be remembered that the Biblical Adam and Eve story is entirely symbolic. The snake, too, was a symbol, not an actual reptile. To determine what the Biblical snake represented, we must go back once again to older pre-Biblical sources.
    When we do so, we discover that the snake symbol had two very important meanings in the ancient world: it was associated with the Custodial "god" Ea, reputed creator and benefactor of mankind, and it also represented an influential organization with which Ea was associated. [1989] Gods of Eden by William Bramley

According to the Epic, a Babylonian named Utnapishtim was approached by Prince Ea, who opposed the decision to destroy his creation, Homo sapiens. Ea told Utnapishtim that the other "gods" planned to cause a deluge to wipe out the human race. Ea, who is described in other writings as a master shipbuilder and sailor, gave Utnapishtim instructions on how to build a boat which could survive the flood.
    Utnapishtim followed Ea's directions and, with the help of friends, completed the vessel before the flooding began. Utnapishtim then loaded the boat with his gold, family, and livestock, along with craftsmen and wild animals, and hoisted off to sea. Babylonian and Assyrian tablets relate that just prior to flooding the land, the Custodians scorched it with flame.
    Then they flooded the region by causing a long rainstorm and by breaking the intricate system of dams and dikes that had been built in Mesopotamia to control the erratic flooding of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.
    The Gilgamesh Epic relates that Utnapishtim and his crew survived the ordeal. When it was over, they sought out dry land by releasing a series of three birds; if a bird did not return to the boat, Utnapishtim would know that it had found dry land nearby on which to alight. Once back on solid ground, Utnapishtim was joined by several Custodians returning from out of the sky. Instead of destroying the survivors, a degree of leniency prevailed and the Custodians transported the surviving humans to another region to live.
    The tale of Utnapishtim should ring a bell with anyone who is familiar with the Biblical story of Noah and the Ark. That is because the tale of Noah, like many other stories in the Old Testament, is taken from older Mesopotamian writings. Biblical authors simply altered names and changed the many "gods" of the original writings into the one "God" or "Lord" of the Hebrew religion. The latter change was an unfortunate one because it caused a Supreme Being to be blamed for the brutal acts that earner writers had attributed to the very un-God-like Custodians.
     Early Mesopotamian writings gave us another famous Old Testament story: the tale of Adam and Eve. The Adam and Eve narrative is also derived from earlier Mesopotamian sources which described life under the Custodial "gods." The "God" or "Lord God" of the Bible's Adam and Eve story can therefore be translated to mean the Custodial rulers of Earth. The story of Adam and Eve is unique in that it is entirely symbolic, and through its symbols it provides an intriguing account of early human history. According to the Bible, Adam, who symbolizes first man, was created by "God" from the "dust of the ground." This idea reflects the older Mesopotamian belief that Homo sapiens was created partially from "clay." Adam's wife, Eve, was also created artificially. They both lived in an abundant paradise known as the Garden of Eden. Modern versions of the Bible place the Garden of Eden in the Tigris-Euphrates region of Mesopotamia. The Old Testament tells us that Adam (first man) was designed to be a servant. His function was to till the soil and to care for the lush gardens and crops owned by his "God." As long as Adam and Eve accepted their servient status and obeyed their ever-present masters, all of their physical needs would be met and they would be permitted to remain in their "paradise" indefinitely. There was, however, one unpardonable sin that they must never commit. They must never attempt to seek certain types of knowledge. Those forbidden forms of knowledge are symbolized in the story as two trees: the "tree of knowledge of good and evil" and the "tree of life." The first "tree" symbolizes an understanding of ethics and justice. The second "tree" symbolizes the knowledge of how to regain and retain one's spiritual identity and immortality [1989] Gods of Eden by William Bramley

In Biblical days, human beings were also heavily propagandized as very sinful to justify the barbaric treatment humans suffered at the hands of their Custodial "God" and "angels." By extending this concept of sinfulness to the human method of procreation, every person conceived through human sexual intercourse was to be considered born in sin and therefore spiritually condemned. What a frightful dilemma this created! Every time a man and woman conceived and gave birth to a child, they had condemned a spiritual being; yet the human drives which produce children are strong. The religious teaching of automatic spiritual condemnation because of human procreation generated a powerful conflict between the drive for spiritual freedom and the physical drive to reproduce. The result was intense anxiety on the subject of sex and an increase in nonprocreative sexual activity such as homosexuality, autoeroticism, nonprocreative forms of intercourse, pornography, voyeurism, and abortion. The irony in this is clear. Those religions which have most strongly condemned the "inherent sin" in all human beings have also been those which have most vocally opposed nonprocreative sex. These teachings had another important effect. They helped reduce human resistance to engaging in war. It is easier for a religious person to kill someone if he believes that the victim is inherently sinful. [1989] Gods of Eden by William Bramley

* Dialectical materialism is the philosophy which states that conflicts between social classes are inevitable and that such conflicts are the first stage of a process that will ultimately bring about a classless Utopia on Earth

[vid interview] Tesla free energy car


kabir and I just found the line "when the Guest is being searched for, it is the intensity of the longing that does all the work" .

[2014 May] Author of fake Holocaust memoir ordered to repay publisher £13.3 million 

[vid] Michael Tellinger's presentation of the annunaki and more! MUST WATCH!   Michael Tellinger

(Beyond Pesticides, March 5, 2014)  BREAKING NEWS: The City of Eugene, Oregon, became the first community in the nation to specifically ban from city property the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, scientifically linked to the decline of honey bee colonies.

19 year old Develops Ocean Cleanup Array That Could Remove 7,250,000 Tons Of Plastic From Oceans

The curious case of Matthew Parris, Danny Finkelstein, Pervs in Parliament, Waheed Alli, BBC paedos and the VIP child-abuse connection

[2014] PORNOGRAPHY AS A SECRET WEAPON, by Lasha Darkmoon

[2014 May] A New Reason Why Wheat and GMOs Can Destroy Your Health

Watch: Moment woman has wisdom tooth extracted using nothing but HYPNOSIS to deal with the pain

In 1958, the CDC formally adopted the “Best available paralytic poliomyelitis case count” or BAPPCC:

“Cases must be clinically and epidemiologically compatible with poliomyelitis, must have resulted in paralysis, and must have a residual neurological deficit 60 days after onset of initial symptoms. .. the BAPPCC does not include cases of nonparalytic poliomyelitis, of those in which paralysis is more transient. The original purpose of developing these criteria was to omit cases possibly due to enteroviruses other than polioviruses.” People who showed polio like symptoms that previously would have been diagnosed as Polio were now being diagnosed as: Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP), Transverse Myelitis, Viral or Aseptic Meningitis, Guillaine Barre Syndrome (GBS), Chinese Paralytic Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epidemic Cholera, Cholera Morbus, Spinal Meningitis, Spinal Apolexy, Inhibitory Palsy, Intermittent Fever, Famine Fever, Worm Fever, Bilious Remittent Fever, Ergotis, ME, Post-Polio Syndrome aka GBS. Coxsackie virus and echo viruses can cause paralytic syndromes that are clinically indistinguishable from paralytic poliomyelitis.

[2014 May] Miley Cyrus & the Abduction of Western Schoolgirls

[1938] OUTWITTING THE DEVIL by Napoleon Hill
[1989] Gods of Eden by William Bramley

The Vaccination Game : An 18 Step Conspiracy by Jagannath Chatterjee

Lawrence Solomon

“I would challenge any colleague, clinician or research scientist to claim that we have a basic understanding of the human newborn immune system. It is well established in studies in animal models that the newborn immune system is very distinct from the adolescent or adult. In fact, the immune system of newborns in animal models can easily be perturbed to ensure that it cannot respond properly later in life.”


This testimony was given verbally to the United States Senate on May 12, 1999 by 1999 by Dr Bonnie Dunbar, Professor of Immunobiology with specialise work in vaccine development and autoimmunity for over 25 years, the past 17 at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.


We can safely conclude.....that "Jehovah" was not a Supreme Being. He appears to have been a succession of Custodial management teams operating over a time span of many human generations. To  enforce human obedience, those teams used their aircraft to perpetrate the lie that they were "God."
    The Custodial teams known as "Jehovah" helped the Brotherhood of the Snake embark on a program of conquest to spread the new "one God" religion. Moses, the man chosen to command the Hebrew tribes on their exodus out of Egypt to the Promised Land, was a high-ranking member of the Brotherhood.....During the trek from Egypt to the Promised Land, Jehovah demanded unflagging obedience from the Hebrews. Many humans rebelled and Jehovah reacted with extreme cruelty. Jehovah reportedly killed up to 14,000 Hebrews at a time for disobedience. He used a variety of killing methods, such as spreading diseases, just as other Custodial "gods" had done earlier in Sumeria.
    When the Hebrew armies reached Canaan, Jehovah displayed a genuinely psychopathic bent. To establish the Hebrews in their new homeland, Jehovah ordered the Hebrew armies to embark on a campaign of genocide to depopulate all of the region's existing cities and towns. Under the new leadership of a man named Joshua, the first city to fall in Jehovah's seven-year holocaust was Jericho. According to the Bible, the Hebrew army, numbering in the tens of thousands, slaughtered every one in Jericho except, ironically, a prostitute because she had earlier betrayed her own people by helping two Hebrew spies.......The next target was Ai, a city with a population of 12,000 inhabitants. All of the citizens of Ai were butchered and the city was burned to the ground. This savagery was perpetrated city after city.
.........The genocide was justified by saying that the victims were all wicked. This could not have been the true reason because children and animals were also slaughtered. It is hardly fair to massacre an entire city for the crimes of a few; neither is it right to murder a child for the crimes of its parents. The real crime, according to the Bible, was that the natives of the region had become disobedient. The more obedient Hebrews were therefore elected by Jehovah to wipe out the natives and replace them.
.........People who are familiar with Jewish moral teachings may be surprised at the brutal behavior ascribed to Jehovah and the Hebrews. The most famous of the Jewish moral teachings are, of course, the Ten Commandments, which were reportedly given to Moses by Jehovah during the Hebrews' trek to the Promised Land. After Moses' death, Jehovah and the armies of Israel clearly violated the Commandments in a big way. Thou shalt not kill was transgressed when the Hebrews massacred the inhabitants of Canaan. The Hebrews ignored the commandment Thou shalt not steal when they robbed the dying cities of their precious metals. Gods of Eden by William Bramley


The Deeper Meaning of “True Detective” – Season One

[2014] Mercury in Hepatitis B Vaccine by: Paul G. King, PhD

Jerry Tennant

"We have not studied vaccinated vs. unvaccinated."--- Coleen A. Boyle, Ph.D., Director, National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention responds to Congressman Bill Posey during a November 2012 Congressional hearing.

[2014 May] Gardasil Scandal Brewing in Colombia?

Why has Chris Patten really resigned from the BBC?

[2014 May] Right to farm being stripped from Americans: Michigan to criminalize small family farms with chickens, goats, honey bees and more

[2014 May] Fluoride combined with even trace amounts of aluminum in water can cause major brain damage

Television Mind Control Revealed III

Television Mind Control Revealed II

Television Mind Control IS Digital Solomon’s Key part I

[2014 May] Bombshell: 1 in 13 U.S. children take psychiatric drugs

When I read Carlos Castenda’s, The Art of Dreaming, The Eagles Gift and The Fire Within, I saw descriptions of shamanic dreaming and entering into the “second attention” which was similar to a type of other reality abduction.  Or more accurately, a shifting into another reality by changing ones “assemblage point”. In some of these descriptions the Nagual sorcerer could change his apprentice’s assemblage point, after which the “reality/dimension” was changed and they both were in “another reality” instantaneously, body included. In other words, it was not just a mental experience or astral “abduction” but in fact a real shift into other realities. When I consider these practices in sorcery, I am beginning to think that the aliens or even humans in secret projects–are doing something like this, except with the aid of advanced technology. In these cases, it would actually  be a true physical abduction but it is not always remembered clearly. The Nagual sorcerer who is adept at changing his own assemblage point repeatedly can recall the entire experience however. It would behoove us to enhance our own awareness and lucidity in order to understand abductions and heightened degrees of perception. Shamanic and lucid dreaming is a good place to start.Interview of Eve Lorgen by Corvo in English

The aliens agenda  is much like what Dr. Corrado Malanga hypothesizes. To live through us, souled humans in order to live indefinitely through parasiting our “bodies/containers”. These types of aliens would be the ones Malanga describes as corporeal and incorporeal entities who lack a soul component to their being. They may have a mind component or a mind and spirit or maybe just a spirit component, but need to link into our soul essence energy field in our bodies to live through us as parasites. Understood in this way we could see that these forms of entities who lack a soul component are temporal beings. I also believe the aliens are aiming to manipulate our genetics which would enhance the parasitism vulnerability while maintaining enough human DNA to capture the soul essence, yet keep it imprisoned within a fully alien parasitized consciousness. This is what I believe transhumanism is really all about.Interview of Eve Lorgen by Corvo in English

[2014 April] Whistleblower Randy Cramer Tells About Secret Military Operations on Mars By Eve Lorgen  So many milabs and abductees seemed to remember experiences or “milab operations” in another body much younger than their normal one, which revealed they were being transferred into cloned or copied bodies. Which is what some abductees like Ted Rice and other milabs have remembered but were never believed. (For example in the Masquerade of Angels book by Dr. Karla Turner and recapitulated in the Love Bite). Or, they were taken out of their human body and inserted into an alien body and then carried out jobs in their alien identity such as the Simon Parkes case in the UK.


Twin Flames

Dr. Corrado Malanga

Alien Hierarchies and the Research of Dr. Corrado Malanga: An Interview with Dr. Malanga through Dorica Manu


[2014 Jan] Twin Flames, Liberation and Enlightenment from a Vedic Perspective: Interview with Indian Pranic Healer and “Love Bite Experiencer” Kailasnath    (EL–this reaction is common with some of Dr. Corrado Malangas clients whose souls rejected the alien parasite aspects, and had powerful emotions in regards to the awareness of these parasitic invasions in their being/lives.)

Kevin Annett – Evidence Ratzinger is acting Pope; “Pope” Francis is PR front; Pope & Cardinals are a Satanic Coven

[2014 May] Future Libyan President is Bronfman Son-in-Law

[2014 May] Aurora, Colorado Shooter Linked to MK-Ultra Expert

6 Body Parts Doctors Think Are Useless: How Little Do They Know

[2014] Global Epidemic Exposed - Television Sigil Magik

[2014 April] Kevin Annett: Eye witnesses to Pope Bergoglio rape teens, kill & eat babies in Satanic Ninth Circle ritual


[2014 April] Whistleblower Randy Cramer Tells About Secret Military Operations on Mars By Eve Lorgen  My recollection from the EBE manual is a color coded system with four categories which all known species fall under. Green is for friendly species, White is for neutral/observer/non-interactive species. Yellow is for “potentially hazardous/unpredictable/may result in death” species, and Red for “Hostile”. The bulk of the manual is classified as White (neutral), with a handful in Green and dozen or more in the Yellow and 6 or 7 in the Red. The Red categories that I can recall are 1.Draconian reptoid, 2. Zeta I A’s and zeta I B’s (often referred to as Grey’s by civilians, as Whites by insiders) 3. Betelgeuse III’s (Harians) , and 2 others listed as “Non-Corporeal, Amorphous, Shadow Type A and Type B.  Several in the Green category that I can remember would include, but not be limited to (and may have changed) Centauri, Vegans, Tau Cetians, Procynions, and some secretive warrior race called the AK-KA, no idea where they are from, no idea what they look like.  But they were in the list, and it stood out because it was weird.



[2011] ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Can Improve Psychological Health Long Term

Turmeric Ointment Heals Oral Lichen Planus in Clinical Study

[2014 May] Gulf jabs triumph for sick squaddie - Big step forward for Alex Izzet in vaccine battle Former Royal Engineer Alex Izzet, 40, has secured legal aid and will now try to gain access to secret Government documents....Alex blames the vaccines, particularly anthrax and whooping cough, for his stomach pains, osteoporosis, nerve problems, depression and fatigue.

[2013] Is Your Vitamin C the Real Deal or a GMO Wannabe?


[2014 May] Treating Gardasil Injuries By Dr. Mark Flannery

Mild is the opposite of aggressive.  A mild person has cultivated his or her heart to the extent where he or she sees the fault in him or herself rather than the fault in others.  Seeing the fault in oneself has benefit, because you can do something about it.  Seeing the fault in others is useless.  Usually one just starts disliking the other.  Disliking, becoming unfriendly, arguing, or trying to convince are all useless.----Ayya Khema. Being Nobody, Going Nowhere.

Italian Senator Calls for Declassification of Chemtrail Documents

New study: Magic Mushrooms Can Repair Brain Damage From Extreme Trauma

Max Clifford and the VIP child-abuse connection

Lawrence Solomon: Vaccines can’t prevent measles outbreaks  Measles in highly immunized societies occurs primarily among those previously immunized

[2014 April] “How I Healed Myself From Cancer – Naturally”  Every morning starts out with a glass of Kombucha. (Fermented tea with natural probiotics for digestive health because all disease starts in the gut). An hour later, I juiced copious amounts of organic vegetables and fruits. I typically drink anywhere from 20-48 ounces throughout the day. What kinds of fruit and vegetables do I juice? Lots of green, leafy vegetables like Kale and spinach. I also juice beets, carrots, celery, cucumber, parsley and Swiss Chard. I like to mix it up every day. I also drink alkaline water throughout the day. Raising your internal PH is vital because cancers thrive in an acidic environment so by increasing your internal PH, it makes it really hard for cancer to live in your body. Consuming organic vegetable and fruit juice also help to raise your PH level a great deal. Next, I take supplements. Tumeric and Garlic has been proven to be effective cancer fighters. I also take Moringa, which is also fantastic and loaded with key vitamins and minerals. 

[2012] Study: Radiation Therapy Can Make Cancers 30x More Malignant

Is there more to Stephen Fry than meets the eye?

In a newly released FOIA document obtained by a scientist, you can read correspondence between Dr. Julie Gerberding, Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC) and Damian Braga, President of Aventis Pasteur. An orderly "phase down" of thimerosal (mercury preservative) still in pediatric flu shots was supposed to begin in 2004, but based on the correspondence, Dr. Julie Gerbeding indicates no interest in providing U.S. children with pediatric thimerosal-free flu shots. Almost ten years later, the U.S. is still allowing thimerosal-containing flu shots to be used in infants, pregnant women, children and the elderly.

Previously FOIAed documents reveal this same pattern of behavior  in 1999 when former CDC Director Dr. Jeffrey Koplan, did not accept an offer from  Merck and SmithKline Beecham(DTaP), both willing to supply thimerosal-free vaccines for pediatric use.  See Dr. Jeffrey Koplan's reply to SmithKline Beecham here

According to the Congressional Report, Mercury in Medicine and Congressional testimony, the only human safety testing on thimerosal occurred in 1929 on 22 meningitis patients. They all died. View the congressional testimony here.

Many argue that the type of mercury found in vaccines, ethyl mercury via thimerosal, is not as toxic as methyl mercury.  Dr. George Lucier, Toxicologist and Former Director of the Environmental Toxicology Program at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), clearly shows that thimerosal, ethyl mercury, is a developmental neurotoxicant and exposure to it holds the same dangers as methyl mercury.  Dr. George Lucier has coordinated toxicology research and testing for many Federal agencies including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), the Food and Drug Administration, (FDA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administrations, (OSHA), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC).

Miley Cyrus Releases a New Video While Under “Doctor’s Care” … And it’s About Mind Control

Peaches Geldof Found Dead at Age 25: “Sudden and Unexplained”, a Year After Announcing Initiation to the O.T.O

Vaccines Caused My Son’s Autism

OK, let me be clear: I think Paul Offit is a blowhard liar, a vaccine profiteer and apologist, and every time he opens his mouth he disrespects my son. When the final chapter is finally written on this man-made autism epidemic, I will do everything within my power to ensure that Offit is remembered by history as one of the most sinister, dishonest, well-funded talking heads pharma ever produced, and that his efforts served to afflict so many children with autism who may otherwise have avoided it.  In one of the most absurd snowjobs ever put on the media, Offit, a doctor who has never seen a patient with autism, never treated autism, and never published a study about autism, is somehow considered to be an expert on autism. Given his status as a multi-millionaire vaccine patent holder who has had much of his career supported by Merck, this isn’t just absurd, it’s highway robbery, and yet the media persists, and rarely even mentions Offit’s Mount Everest-sized pile of conflicts. Best of Age of Autism: Paul Offit and the Original Sin

"The chronicle of mans progress is the history of authority refuted" ~ Dr. Bernard Rimland, Autism Research Institute.

Podmore, William

[2015 April] Dallas Ends Five Decades of Water Fluoridation, Saves $1 Million a Year

Offit Cashes In: Closing the Books on the Vaccine Profits of a Merck-Made Millionaire

The Offit Index: Tracking a Patent Owner’s Ongoing Financial Interest in One Vaccine’s Sales

Voting Himself Rich: CDC Vaccine Adviser Made $29 Million Or More After Using Role to Create Market

Counting Offit’s Millions: More on How Merck’s Rotateq Vaccine Made Paul Offit Wealthy


Is Eating Wheat at the Root of Your Depression?

Anti-Jenny McCarthy petition authored by pharmaceutical industry cronies

"One of the main factors to consider in terms of how a society can be taken over by a group of pathological deviants is that the psychopaths' only limitation is the participation of susceptible individuals within that given society. Lobaczewski gives an average figure for the most active deviants of approximately 6% of a given population. (1% essential psychopaths and up to 5% other psychopathies and characteropathies.) The essential psychopath is at the center of the web. The others form the first tier of the psychopath's control system.
      The next tier of such a system is composed of individuals who were born normal, but are either already warped by long-term exposure to psychopathic material via familial or social influences, or who, through psychic weakness have chosen to meet the demands of psychopathy for their own selfish ends. Numerically, according to Lobaczewski, this group is about 12% of a given population under normal conditions.
    So approximately 18% of any given population is active in the creation and imposition of a Pathocracy. The 6% group constitutes the Pathocratic nobility and the 12% group forms the new bourgeoisie, whose economic situation is the most advantageous.

Stacy Mintzer Herlihy

Andrew Wakefield Responds to Emily Willingham and Forbes

'Also hidden from the general public is the fact that neither Churchill, nor Eden, nor Roosevelt, nor Truman, nor Eisenhower, nor de Gaulle, nor Stalin ever cared to mention the "gas chambers" or the "gas vans'.---Robert Faurisson

'In their respective writings on that war, Eisenhower, Churchill, and de Gaulle apparently deemed those chemical slaughterhouses to be even less than a detail, since they did not breathe a word of them. ---Robert Faurisson

[vid] Reviving the Cold War. The Ukraine, Russia and the US   The US has targeted Russia ever since the Communists threw out the Czar. With the UK's prompting, it even sent in an army after World Word I to try to destabilize the country. After World War II came the long, protracted and very expensive Cold War. When the Soviet Union, that was supposed to be the end of it. (Remember the 'peace dividend?') For a time, fake terrorists in caves kept the dollars flowing to the Pentagon, but now that everyone over the mental age of five years old has figured that out, a new and improved enemy is needed. - See more at:

Germany Must Perish! by by Theodore N. Kaufman

Your Baby's Best Shot: Why Vaccines Are Safe and Save Lives by Stacy Mintzer Herlihy , E. Allison Hagood, Paul A., M.D. Offit

Simpson, Michael

African written history


[vid 2013] Demons Aliens Psychopaths and Reptilians, Same Thing? James Bartlet

[viv] Douglas Dietrich, Military controls USA & Pedophile Rings with Vinny 

[vid] How To Identify And Protect Yourself From Psychopaths, Thomas Sheridan 

Did Peaches Geldof really die of a heroin overdose?


Offit cited 20 studies showing disproving a link to autism. Colbert never asked about the pharma ties that exist for every one of those studies.  Offit can't figure out why 29 percent of Americans still believe in a link. The answer to that is simple. We know every one of his lies.---Anne Dachel

[2014 March] Dangers Associated With Vaccinations Have Been Withheld From Public For 30 Years. Here Are The Documents


Jews and Terminology

[2002] AWAKENING the HEALER WITHIN by Natalia Perera

[2011 pdf] The vaccination policy and the Code of Practice of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI): are they at odds? by Lucija Tomljenovic, PhD   Deliberately concealing information from the parents for the sole purpose of getting them to comply with an “official” vaccination schedule could thus be considered as a form of ethical violation or misconduct. Official documents obtained from the UK Department of Health (DH) and  the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) reveal that the British health authorities have been engaging in such practice for the last 30 years, apparently for the sole purpose of protecting the national vaccination program.

[1911] Amazon indigenous people murder, enslaved, tortured, raped and starved by the Peruvian Amazon Company

[2014] Homeopathy and the threat of endarkenment


"Fluoride in water at 1 part per million INCREASED tooth cavities in four large reliable studies (7%, 22%, 45% and 10%, averaging 21%)."---Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D

Frank Engley, PhD Interview

BUSTED! Pilot Forgets To Turn Off CHEMTRAILS Before Landing

Drugs and Money: The Costs of Addiction

[2013 India] Expired vaccines enter city mkt, FDA clueless  The original label on the vial shows the expiry date as March 2013, while in the new label, it has been changed to 2014

[2013] African Nodding Disease is Actually Vaccine-Induced Absence Seizures

[2014 April] Sarah Palin says 'waterboarding is how we’d baptize terrorists' if she were President

[2014 April] Tony Blair and the paedophile connection


[vid] Hollywood Producer Claims Boston Bombing was a "False Flag Attack"

Shut Them Down! Rotenberg Center Burns Student with "Shock" Treatment.

Book Debut on 20 Year Anniversary of the DPT Injury that Took Lorrin Kain's Life

Raping German Women and Children as a Form of Revenge After WWII (Part I)

Stalinist-style show-trial: Former top shrink for FBI to be involuntarily committed

A New Autoimmunity Syndrome Linked to Aluminum In Vaccines  Autoimmune Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants (ASIA)

The Skin Healing Properties of Black Seed Oil

[2014 April] U.N. Report: Vatican Policies Allowed Priests To Rape Children

[vid] John Judge on the Bush family 1988 But the real story is is the visit Ned Bush paid on Bob Marley just days after Marley was shot. Bush impersonated a Rolling Stone reporter to get access to him. Three days after an extended visit Bob Marley was dead. 

Time Running Out on Nevada Crime Boss – Sheldon Adelson Looking at Options

"Parents who allow their children to be vaccinated should be charged with child abuse and sent to prison for a very long time."---Dr Vernon Coleman MB (Coleman's Laws.)

[2014 April] Missing plane mystery solved?

[2012] Cannabis oil cured my cancer by Jeff Ditchfield

[2014] Eyewitnesses Testify: Pope Francis Raped and Killed Children; Sealed Vatican Documents Expose Their Satanic Rituals -

"I gained nothing at all from Supreme Enlightenment, and for that very reason it is called Supreme Enlightenment."--Buddha

[2014] Who are the Queen’s Lord Lieutenants?

 "There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance."

 Dr. Mengele’s “Medical Experiments” on Twins in the Birkenau Gypsy Camp

Top scientist resigns from post – admits Global Warming is a scam  It is of course, the global warming scam, with the (literally) trillions of dollars driving it, that has corrupted so many scientists, and has carried APS before it like a rogue wave. It is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life as a physicist. Anyone who has the faintest doubt that this is so should force himself to read the ClimateGate documents, which lay it bare. (Montford’s book organizes the facts very well.) I don’t believe that any real physicist, nay scientist, can read that stuff without revulsion. I would almost make that revulsion a definition of the word scientist.


Cliff Richard’s Biggest Secret Unfortunately though, Reverend Cliff forgot to mention some other altogether more disturbing rumours, that his faithful fans might not be aware of. They include the following:
- that Cliff and Melvyn Bragg share a repulsive hobby that the average person would find sickening.
- that Cliff is linked to notorious boy-brothel Elm Guest House,where boys were trafficked from local care homes to be abused by VIP filth, and used the pseudonym, Kitty.
- that Cliff knew about the BBC paedophile ring, linked to Government and Royalty
- that Cliff was questioned several times by police officers following the brutal murder of his ‘close’ chum Jill Dando, who was about to blow the lid on the ring.
 - that Cliff recently renounced his British citizenship and is now a fully fledged Barbadian
- that Cliff has been helped by his pals in Mi5 to evade justice when abuse allegations have been made against him.
- that Cliff is really nothing like his wholesome, religious, celibate persona at all and has actually hoodwinked us, Jimmy Savile style, for decades.
So you see, being exposed as gay is the very least of Cliff Richard’s worries.

We are most nearly ourselves when we achieve the seriousness of the child at play. -Heraclitus

[2014 April] Witnesses testify, eyewitnesses confirm that Pope Francis raped, killed children  “Documents from Vatican secret archives presented to court clearly indicate that for centuries the Jesuits had a premeditated plan to ritually murder kidnapped newborn babies and then consume their blood," the Chief Prosecutor told the five international judges and 27 jury members. "The plan was born of a twisted notion to derive spiritual power from the lifeblood of the innocent, thereby assuring political stability of the Papacy in Rome. These acts are not only genocidal but systemic and institutionalized in nature. Since at least 1773, they appear to have been performed by the Roman Catholic Church, Jesuits and every Pope.”

Secret Space War XVI: The Draco’s Secret War Against American Goyim

Since the time of Elizabeth I, British secret services have worked according to the principle of ‘the end justifies the means’. Money, bribery, blackmail – these are their recruitment methods…– Nikolai Patrushev, head of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), October 2007



Moringa Oleifera

Anupam Mishra: The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting

[2014 April] HPV Vaccines: Unnecessary and Lethal By: Gary Null, PhD

[2014 April] A Drop at a Time: How Cannabis Oil is Changing Lives of Cancer Patients in the UK

Bud Buddies UK  Bud Buddies, a UK based organisation that supplied cannabis for medicinal use from 2002-2007. Now researching the preparation and application of cannabis oil.


[vid] Watch This Video & You’ll Never Eat McDonald’s French Fries Again

  Michael Pollan is an author, activist, journalist and professor of journalism at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. He mainly focuses on the industrial food chain with regards to his research. He emphasizes how cooking is one of the simplest and most important steps people can take to improve their family’s health, build communities, help fix our broken food system and perhaps most importantly, break our growing dependence on corporations. Michael Pollan is a food activist and you can find out more about him and his work by clicking here.

In the video below he illustrates how McDonald’s insists on using Russet Burbank Potatoes, a potato in America that is unusually long and difficult to grow. They further insist that their potatoes have no blemishes at all, which is hard because these potatoes commonly suffer from what is referred to as Net Necrosis, which causes unwanted spots and lines on the potatoes. If they have this, McDonald’s won’t buy them and the only way to eliminate this is through the use of a pesticide called methamidophos (Monitor) “that is so toxic that the farmers who grow these potatoes in Idaho won’t venture outside and into their fields for five days after they spray.”

When McDonald’s is ready to harvest their potatoes, they have to put them in giant atmospheric controlled sheds the size of football stadiums because they are not edible for six weeks. “They have to off gas all the chemicals in them.”

[vid] Mia Marie Pope Outs Obama

THE CANNABIS CURE: Information regarding the medical use of cannabis and oil extracts  The Sativex spray con. Sativex is developed by GW pharmaceuticals in the UK. where they have heavily guarded cannabis farms and grow over 20 tones of cannabis annually. This is then processed and THC and CBD extracted and made into an alcohol based tincture. They charge patients around $190.00 (approx.) per 10ml vial, which is only enough to last the average MS patient 10 days. There are estimated to be 80,000 MS sufferers in the UK alone - you do the math. If patients were allowed to grow their own cannabis it would cost zero - nothing. Regardless of the enormous profits being made at the expense of sick people, cannabis buds and oil are far superior to Sativex (and synthetic copies) as you benefit from the full and complex profile of cannabinoids, not just THC and CBD.

[2014] McDonald’s Uses Worm Meat Fillers But Can Legally Call It 100% Beef

[2014 April] Action Alert: Dr. Offit, Please Stop Making Stuff Up About Regressive Autism

[2014 April] To Regressive Autism Denialist Paul Offit: "Not Born With It"

'One can turn a million-dollar death transmitter into a healing device with a dollar's worth of simple ogonite, casually tossed in the bushes from a moving car.  That's like killing a fire-breathing dragon with a peashooter.- - Don Croft See more at:

Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/14

‘X-Men’ Director Bryan Singer Accused of Abusing Teenage Boy, Part of “Sordid Hollywood Sex Ring”

[2014] 9/11 conspiracy theorist and investigative journalist 'commits suicide'

[2014] Mazel Tov Danny Finkelstein!  Despite Danny stating the following in a recent article:  ” Cyril Smith may have been a monster. But until we have reliable evidence we must not rush to judgment . Can I ask you a question? How do you know, really know, that Jimmy Savile is guilty of child abuse? The truth, let’s face it, is that you don’t.  You are like me.”

The curious case of Danny Finkelstein, George Osbourne, William Hague, Simon Hughes, Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile, Greville Janner and the VIP child-abuse connection

Cancer podcast

[vid] The Truth About the BLM - Bundy Ranch Dispute Explained

"people who contracted a typical case of red measles as children are 35 per cent less likely to develop Parkinson’s, a nervous system disorder marked by slowness of movement, shaking, stiffness, and in the later stages, loss of balance."  (from a press release from the University of California - Berkeley issued on Friday, 20 July 2012)*

A reduced risk of Parkinson's disease was associated with most childhood viral infections. The negative association was statistically significant for a history of measles prior to college entrance Am J Epidemiol 1985. Measles infection and Parkinson's disease.

Human zoos

[2012] Microwave test – an eye opener

[2014 April] Weekly Wrap: Yes, Vaccines Drive the Autism Epidemic By Dan Olmsted

[2014] American Desert Reversal by Don Croft

[2014 April]

The new faces of marijuana
Two years ago, Charlotte Figi was losing a lifelong battle to epilepsy. Her parents were using a hospice program at home because she wasn’t eating, had chronic pneumonia, and couldn’t swallow water. At the age of five, Charlotte was suffering up to 50 seizures a day.  Fast forward to today: Charlotte, now seven, is like any other child. She rides horses, goes to school, and plays with her twin sister and older brother. Her parents say she is “99% seizure-free,” suffering usually one seizure a month which is under control after a few minutes.  “She can hike a couple of miles a day,” Paige Figi, Charlotte’s mother, told MSNBC. “She can walk, talk, feed herself, has a normal sleep cycle and she has not taken prescription medication in two years.”  Charlotte’s miracle? Medicinal marijuana oil.

[2014 April] Former Merck doctor predicts that Gardasil will be the biggest scandal in medical history.  Dr. Bernard Dalbergue mentions another example of how the pharmaceutical industry has deceived the public; Mercks anti-inflammatory product, Vioxx, proved to have serious side effects, including cardiac arrest, and Merck used a lot of effort to conceal the more than 30,000 deaths due to side effects. Immediately thereafter, they started to develop a similar new product, called Arcoxia, where they just changed a few molecules, and while people still died from Vioxx, which at the time had been revoked, doctors began to prescribe the new and equally dangerous product. “Arcoxia is now being prescribed and approved, but it is extremely dangerous. It’s the same with Gardasil; it is useless and costs a fortune. In addition, decision makers at all levels are aware of it.”

 "Gardasil; it is useless and costs a fortune. In addition, decision makers at all levels are aware of it."   [2014 April] Former Merck doctor predicts that Gardasil will be the biggest scandal in medical history.

[2014 April] Gardasil: Are you paying for your own bullet?  'I predict that Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all times because at some point in time, the evidence will add up to prove that this vaccine has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer and that all the very many adverse effects which destroy lives and even kill, serve no other purpose than to generate profit for the manufacturers.'...The full extent of the Gardasil scandal needs to be assessed: decision makers and many others knew when this vaccine was released on the American market that it would prove to be useless – and it costs a fortune!   Diane Harper, a major opinion leader in the United States, was one of the first to question several aspects regarding this vaccine.....There is far too much financial interest for these medicines to be withdrawn.
    Cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome, paralysis of the lower limbs, vaccine-induced MS and vaccine-induced encephalitis may be induced, whatever the vaccine…
    In China, dissidents are executed with a single shot of a bullet to the neck and executions are broadcast on television.  Worse still, the victim’s families are made to pay for the bullet used.  In my opinion, 18,000 to 30,000 deaths in France caused by medicines are the same: the patients are made to pay for the bullet which kills them

Stevo and I have been getting attacked almost constantly since the beginning of the year, along with Carol, Don and Hawthorne, and we have been getting in the chat together to help each other. The other night we were chatting and found once again that we were all attacked in the same way on the same day. It seems that TPTW (The Powers That Were) are getting really desperate, and are also having a hard time launching a hard attack on our little group without either a large concerted effort and/or close proximity. They seem to be conserving energy by unimaginatively attacking us all together.
    Lately, it's been ships over the house. A few days before last week's mid-week chat, Stevo and I noticed two strange clouds over us. They were kind of lenticular-shaped, like the Lemurian cloudships, but not fully formed lenticulars. They also had edges that looked just like the rippled clouds produced by HAARP waves. Also, it was very windy that day, and these clouds didn't move or change shape for more than an hour. We boosted the clouds for a while and then continued on with our gardening. A few days later we did the chat and I mentioned the clouds to the group. We looked at the situation, realized we were all getting attacked the same way, and took a closer look at the cloudships. The funny thing was that the clouds didn't really feel "bad" when we saw them in the sky and we first thought they were real Lemurian clouds. In the chat, everyone got the feeling that the cloudships were Chinese Triad-based, which would make them the first Triad spaceships we've ever seen.
    Okay, yeah, science fiction – welcome to my life! Stevo saw that these ships actually have orgonite in their construction to help mask them from our etheric vision. I don't know how they can stand to be in the orgonite environment but the Triad folks are being very sneaky. They also have the help of some immortal beings who can sneak up on us and put energy cords in our chakras. So once we were able to see the ships, the cords and the beings we boosted them out of our space. When we get attacked like this, it's usually much easier to fend off the attacks when we get together in a group. We benefit from each other's energy.
    Two days after this revelatory chat, Stevo and I were out walking the dogs and saw three huge cloudships over us. We sat on a bench in our front pasture and boosted. One by one, we broke up the clouds and the dark ships that were in the center. It was interesting because one second the dark center was there, the next it was gone, like the ship shifted out of this dimension, and the white part of the cloud would just break up and disappear. The last one was the biggest, and as we boosted, the dark part of the cloud suddenly became very angular looking, not at all like a cloud and much more like a ship. It was really weird. I've been seeing this kind of stuff for years now and it still amazes me. The funny thing is, the whole time we were boosting these clouds, an authentic Lemurian lenticular was hanging around off to the side. We could really see the difference between the fake Lemurian clouds and the real one.
Anyway, if you see some lenticulars, check the edges for HAARP waves. If you see ripples, boost those clouds until they are gone. Dooney - See more at:

He who asks fortune tellers the future unwittingly forfeits an inner intimation of coming events that is a thousand more times more exact than anything they may say--Walter Benjamin 1892-1940

"When people think about drinking urine they imagine a glass of dark yellow smelly urine. It must be horrible! Unpleasant! Disgusting! They don't realize that when you go raw and clean your body out your urine becomes like coconut water. This is important to know.  I would say ideally we just drink our urine all day long. You need to buy a distiller and it costs electricity to run every day......PEE IS FREE. You can be anywhere in the world...lost in the desert, stuck in the jungle, on a remote'll never go thirsty. How good is that to know!!!????"


Let me start by saying that when I wrote this review, I was forced to rate it from 1 to 5 stars. There was no choice for 0, or I would've rated it with 0 stars.
My grandson developed autism after receiving a series of rabies vaccines almost three years ago. He was a perfectly normal, almost four-year-old, little boy before the shots. A few weeks after the vaccines, he stopped talking, feeding himself, holding his sippy cup, and pottying. He played with one or two toys for hours, lining up his cars and becoming hysterical if my daughter or I tried to move one. He flapped his hands, walked on his toes, and had meltdowns over everything. At times, he could barely walk. HE HAD AUTISM.
NOBODY has ever said that what happened to Jake was a coincidence. I SAW what happened to him. I watched him disappear before my eyes. Interestingly, the rabies shot that he got didn't contain mercury. But it DID contain some of the same ingredients that are in childhood vaccines.

 Nigella Sativa Kills 89% of Lung Cancer Cells in Vitro: Researchers have just shown that nigella sativa (also known as black seed or black cumin) seed oil kills up to 89% of human lung cancer cells (A-549) after just 24 hours, while a non-oil extract from the seeds killed up to 77% of the cancer cells. The extracts were prepared from seeds obtained at a local market. Nigella sativa is a powerful medicinal herb which has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, Unani and Arabic medicine. It is best known for its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and has been used to suppress coughs, treat kidney stones, diarrhea and stomach pain. But modern science has now also uncovered nigella’s powerful anti-diabetes and anti-cancer effects. This super herb has already shown potent activity against cancer of the breast, prostate, kidney, pancreas, liver, colon and cervix in previous lab studies, and this new study has shown new activity against lung cancer. Good health and cancer prevention should always start with a well-balanced diet focused on organic vegetables, fruit and whole foods (consuming at least half in the raw state). But nigella sativa may offer sizeable benefits for those wanting an extra measure of protection.
#NigellaSativa #BlackCumin #BlackSeed

[2014 April] Monstrous cover-up: How the Liberal party, police and MI5 concealed MP Cyril Smith's industrial-scale child abuse

Ed Miliband The Latest Western Politician ‘Taken in’ By Sderot

"Secrets of Aboriginal Healing: A Physicist's Journey with a Remote Australian Tribe" by Gary Holz Dc. Gary was told by allopathic doctors his MS was incurable and he was going to die. He was a quadriplegic by the time Spirit moved him to leave the u.s. and go into the Outback where he met up with a tribe of Original People. They healed him and told him to go back and write a book about his experiences.

Aboriginal Massacres  The history of Aboriginal Massacres in Australia.

[2014 April] The People vs. BLM: Liberty defeats govt. tyranny as feds release all cattle at Bundy Ranch

[2014 April] Bob Carr's texts to Gillard reveal 'extraordinary' influence pro-Israel lobby had on former PM  Former foreign minister Bob Carr has published private text messages between himself and Julia Gillard to reveal the "extraordinary" level of influence the pro-Israel lobby had on the former prime minister's office......Reproducing private text messages, Mr Carr suggests Ms Gillard's support of Israel was so immovable that she would not even allow him to change Australia's vote on what he considered to be a minor UN motion.

[2014 April] The many health benefits of milk thistle even herbalists may not know

Sandy Lunoe

[2014 April] US corn exports to China drop 85 percent after ban on GMO strains – industry report

HOLLYWOOD TRICKS, TRAPS AND TACTICS  Big Pharma got a classic Hollywood boost when Law and Order SVU aired an episode in 2009 called “Selfish,” in which a young mom is prosecuted for murder because she didn’t have her child vaccinated for measles (that’s what was “selfish”), resulting in the measles death of another child. For maximum effect, the mother of the dead victim was played by teen idol Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire).....Darwinism – an Illuminati-financed attempt to discredit God and the Bible – got a big push from Inherit the Wind, a Hollywood rendering of the 1925 Scopes “Monkey” Trial. In the film, enlightened evolutionists battle imbecile Christians. The film set records for inaccuracy, from depicting John Scopes as a jailed martyr (violating Tennesee’s Butler Act was not an imprisonable offense) to showing William Jennings Bryan denouncing science during the trial (whereas he actually praised it).........For 1993, one of the last times I bothered watching, the “battle” for best picture came down to Zionism (Schindler’s List) versus sodomy (Philadelphia). For those uninitiated to the Illuminati agenda, Zionism’s goal is enthronement of the Antichrist in Jerusalem; and the Illuminati support the gay movement, not because they sympathize with gays, but so they can exploit reclassification of homosexuality as a “civil right” to try to suppress Bible-based churches on the pretext of “civil rights violations.”

 [2014] Ministers blew £650MILLION on useless anti-flu drugs: Cash spent on stockpiling treatments that 'worked no better than paracetamol'

[2013] Can WiFi Signals Stunt Plant Growth?

Craft Silent About Alleged Role in Boston Bombing

The mysterious death of Peaches Geldof and the VIP child-abuse connection

[vid] Turmeric Golden Milk Recipe

[2014] Scientists discover why honey is still the best antibiotic

The Spice That Prevents Fluoride From Destroying Your Brain

UPDATED: The Fake Tantrum of America’s First Shemale

The USHMM is at the heart of the heart of darkness. It is the bedrock institution in America building and protecting the academically accepted black romance of the Holocaust story. It is not the ADL – Foxman and friends merely promote what the USHMM is dedicated to establishing as fact, no matter how weak its evidence, as demonstrated by its video interviews with Jewish sonderkommandos and their inverted moral messaging. Among many other things.

[2014] Saudi Arabia: Officials Sew the Mouth and Eye Shut of a Young Girl Who Professed ‘..Jesus as Her Saviour..’

[vid] Wikileaks Releases Kissinger Files, US Death Squads, Secret Bombing Wars, Assassinations

Bez and The Reality Party

United States Court Admits Hepatitis B Vaccine Caused Fatal Autoimmune Disease In Infant

Cancer Boy Who Ran Away 20 Years Ago Returned - Is Alive And Well Due To These Alternative Solutions


"Well, I may as well jump on the band wagon...I haven't had a need to moisturize for the past two months (I would ALWAYS be moisturizing throughout the day), my skin feels amazing, my feet aren't dry, my eyes aren't bloodshot, I have more energy, I'm sleeping less (no need to sleep as much), I'm barely eating (not hungry and feel GREAT), I use my urine to shave with (before I always thought I had sensitive skin, so I always purchased "sensitive skin" shaving cream), my muscles are somehow getting noticeably bigger on their own, I don't produce excessive ear wax and the little that is produced doesn't stink at all like it used to, my sore tooth feels fine now, my back isn't sore, my joins don't pop and crack, and my hand tremors are gone...drinking distilled water and urine...who knew…"



“Flight 370 Was Remote-Hijacked”

 "Distilled Water" (singular) is just plain distilled water. "Distilled Waters" (plural) is DW, and/or urine, and/or fresh raw juices.

    "My 13 year old sister is fasting on distilled water regularly, not because anything is wrong with her, but because it is divinely ordained that we all should at any age. Her hair color changed and she grew two inches in about five days.
    She says she can feel what people think and feel around her, and has successfully astral projected out of body for more than ten minutes, though it scared the shit out of her the first few times.
    You would never even suspect my sister to be the same person if you saw her before, she was healthy, but all of her friends think she has gotten plastic surgery, and other features of her body and bone structure had changed. Her neck has gotten longer, her voice extremely light and high pitched, and has become somehow flexible."

[2014 March] Media 'staged' Syria chem attack (E36)

J. Krishnamurti, Theosophy, and the fabrication of the “new age” movement

[2009-2014 Forum]  Orgonite Experiments: RESULTS!

Turkey and NATO caught planning false flag attack to blame Syria

Thimerosal and Autism Timeline

When I thought I was resisting God, I was actually resisting religion. God is irresistible!--- Susie Pellum

[video]The truth about the holocaust PT1 by Fredrick Töben  Töben, Fredrick

[2013 Sept] Bono exposed as a complete fraud

[2013] The Gates Foundation's Hypocritical Investments

 "We need to stop calling it Autism and call it what it is! ---Vaccine Induced Brain Injury" -----Dr. Brian Hooker Ph.D. PE - A Shot of Truth

New York Measles Outbreak 90% Vaccinated

You Can't Handle The Truth! Boeing's Secret Patent

[2014 March] Former World Bank Senior Council Says A “Second Species” On Earth Controls Money & Religion She said that a second species on Earth controls money and religion.  “These countries are not monolithic, there are forces fighting the corruption and there are forces that have totally been co-opted, and the way they act is treasonous to the people in those countries. The group that’s behind the network of control are the Jesuits, and there are also some groups behind them. One of these groups are hominids, they’re not human beings. They are very smart, they are not creative, they are mathematical. They had a much stronger force in the earlier ice-age. They have elongated skulls, they may produce offspring in mating with female humans, but that offspring is not fertile. We live in a world of secret societies, and secrets, and the information that ought to be public is not public.”

"Yet the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords all ruled that under the law as it stood, the GPs who failed Robbie, and then lied about it, had the full protection of civil law. An appeal was made to the European Court of Human Rights, but this confirmed that British doctors 'do not have to tell the truth or even refrain from deliberately falsifying medical records'" How Robbie's tragic death could stop doctors telling lies to cover up their mistakes

[2010] GILAD ATZMON: THE LOWEST OF THE LOW  David Miliband was, until recently, listd on an Israeli Propaganda site as an ‘Israeli Hasbara (Propaganda) Author’ (what ever that means).

THE CHOICE IS CLEAR by Dr. Allen E. Banik In all my years of experience as a practicing optometrist-all my glaucoma patients drank water with extreme hardness......Bantu African tribesmen are known to have the cleanest arteries, as well as the most elastic ones. They dig no wells, but catch rain water.....Mr. Brinkman became interested in distilled water especially since he was concerned about his diabetic condition. Imagine his surprise when he checked out sugar free. It likewise surprised his doctor......Dr. Landone cured his heart condition. Captain Diamond cured his arthritis and lived to the splendid age of 120 years.

Secret Space War XV: Epic Fail, NeoCons Go For Broke

Urine therapy testimonials (India)

Urine Therapy by Coen Van Der Kroon

DOCTORS AND EXPERTS WITH THE COURAGE TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT DISTILLED WATER   “Only distilled water, the emptiest water is allowed. Distilled water is so empty, it is like a vacuum, it is the universal solvent especially for unwanted mineral deposits. Just by DRINKING DISTILLED WATER ON A REGULAR BASIS you dissolve stones, and prevent new ones from forming…” — Dr. Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.  from his “Kidney Stone Dissolving Routine”

 The Importance Of Distilled Water On Aging By Chester Handley


[2011] Andrew Norton Webber interview (Urine therapy, distilled water) by  Chrissy McMahon

Urine therapy Q and A

[2014] Dr. Salisbury reply to Meningitis B vaccine question from Sandy Lunoe

Focus Autism Foundation

[2014 feb] Vaccine Industry Watchdog Obtains CDC Documents That Show Statistically Significant Risks of Autism Associated with Vaccine Preservative Thimerosal

[vid] Vaccines Cause More Autism Than The CDC Will Admit  Children that are exposed to thimerosol in utero are 8 times more likely to regress into autism.  Autism incidence now 1 in 29

Hooker, Brian

AVN's Charity Licence - The REAL story

Ohio State has the mumps, all but one infected were vaccinated  a city health department spokesman, Jose Rodriguez, said that mumps cases at Ohio State University have grown to 28 cases. Rodriguez said all but one of those infected had received at least one dose of the mumps vaccine.

Jews against Jesus Christ and Christianity

[2014 March] Parents Blackmailed By Doctor: Consent To Vaccine Or We Take Your Newborn

"To teach the Rockefeller drug ideology, it is necessary to teach that Nature didn't know what she was doing when she made the human body.-------Hans Ruesch

Malaysian airliner

[2014 March] A Tiny Microchip Was The Likely Motive For Pentagon Hijack Of MH370

America’s Creepy, Surveillance-Endorsing Love of NCIS

[2014 March] Tetanus Vaccines Sterilizing Women In Kenya? Catholic Church There Raises Suspicions

[vid] Sofia Smallstorm Unravelling Sandy Hook

[2014] Murder by plane crash Twenty passengers on the ill-fated Malaysian jetliner worked for the Austin, Texas-based Freescale Semiconductor, an electronic warfare and military radar firm.

911 Media Hoax

[2014 March]

How I Healed My Mother’s Skin Cancer At Home

"after only a couple of months looping and urine in my eyes daily, I threw away my glasses. I could not read/see anything up close. Was wearing 250s at one point. Now I don't need glasses for anything. My left eye has been slower at healing than my right. I can finally read with my left eye if I concentrate. Soooo cool."

Obvious Street Actors Used In New York City On 9/11/01

Pope, Jesuits and Anglicans refuse to deny criminal charges made against them – Trial to proceed as shocking new evidence suggests Joseph Ratzinger still wields power at the Vatican – Ratzinger and others are named as members of a child abuse cult  Meanwhile, a former member of a child abuse cult known as The Ninth Circle has stated in a deposition that Joseph Ratzinger has been a member of the Circle since at least 1962, and as such has routinely participated in the ritual rape, torture and killing of children.

911 Memorial Scams

[vid] Super Witness Steve Silva - Shill Witness to 911 and Boston Psy-Ops

[vid] Mnemonic mind control in mainstream TV

Simon Shack

[vid] IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Michelle Obama IS A MAN 24/7

Vaccine mosquito

Breaking News: Brave Bill Maloney confronts Nick Clegg and the BBC about VIP child-abuse rings Bill Maloney


Michael Hastings

[vid] Suzanne Humphries on Vaccines  Suzanne Humphries, MD

[2010] The Great Cholesterol Deception By Dr. PETER DINGLE

[2013] The Great Cholesterol Myth By DR. MALCOLM KENDRICK


Green screen

Against Our Better Judgment: The hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel By Alison Weir

Tine van der Maas

[2007] Jailed ex-SNL star says wife, child replaced

The Fix is In - The Showbiz Manipulation of the NHL, MLB, NBA, NFL and NASCAR.

[2014 March] In his own words: Bez explains his anti-fracking crusade

[2014 March] Bez answers pressing political questions

[vid] The Overpopulation Myth

Banned TED Talk: Rupert Sheldrake – The Science Delusion

[2014 March] Bez from Happy Mondays: 'I am going to fight the revolution from within'


Celebrity surrogate mothers

[2013] The curious case of Nick Ross, VIP child-abuse, filthy comments, Operation Yewtree, Crimestoppers and the death of Jill Dando

Dando, Jill

Kate's Fake Pregnancy - Part 1
Kate's Fake Pregnancy - Part 2
[2013 July] Royal Baby Scam : Jill Dando’s Murder link and Fiance : In charge of the Scam : All you need to know : Kate was and has not been pregnant : Why did they kill the nurse : What a Right Royal Scam:

Paul Knapman

Is Myra Hindley really dead?: The mysterious case of Jimmy Savile, VIP pimps, Harriet Harman, Samantha Cameron and Britain’s dirty secrets

Is Prince William really the son of King Juan Carlos of Spain?

The Curious Case of Harriet Harman, P.I.E, Lord Longford, Jimmy Savile, Myra Hindley, Cliff Richard, David Cameron and the VIP child-abuse scandal

Multiple Sandy Hook victims seen alive

The New Medicine by Dr Patrick Kingsley teaches how to overcoming any disease without drugs or surgery like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, weight loss, high blood pressure and more.

Vote ForBez (VoteForBez) on Twitter

Parents and Carers against Injustice

Chemotherapy myth shattered: toxic drugs cause more cancer than they prevent

The Banality Of The Guardian Of Judea

[2012] Root of "Shaken Baby" Scam Revealed

Urine therapy for the healing of teeth and gum problems

[2014 March] Israeli doctor treating Syrians says snipers deliberately shoot children in the spine

Cashews vs antidepressants


Breaking: Sri Lanka First Country to Ban Monsanto’s Glyphosate Due to Study on Chronic Kidney Disease

Spacey, Kevin

Sandy Hook: Whole City Got FREE Houses!


[2012] 666: the satanic hand signal among dark siders  They are signalling to those in the audience, readership, or media that they are one of the faithful to the dark side - and also as a way of instilling in all the credo they love to quote so much among themselves, "we are everywhere, everyone, and control everything." That may be...for now.  But we see you. We know what you are. You are Billy's bitches and to us, it only means you have no will of your own and are just another order taking grunt in the army of darkness. Big deal. Really. So what.

[2014 March] Almost 70 Years Late -- FBI Quietly Opens Secret Files That Attest HITLER WENT TO ARGENTINA Rather Than Commit Suicide...

[2014 March]

RIP, psychiatry: the “chemical-imbalance” theory is dead by Jon Rappoport

[2014] Smart Meter Removal has begun in California!

[2014 March] Good Evans! BBC bans Jesus from Radio 2: Pop star Eliza Doolittle and DJ baffled over order to change 'innocent' lyric

Caught: US Planning Terror Attacks in Ukraine


[2014] The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax By Eric Hunt

[2014] Russia under attack by Christopher Bollyn

Pharmaceutical Industry Funding of Anti-homeopathy Skeptic Groups Uncovered   we have found that our original claim about Sense About Science’s funding was too conservative. In fact Sense About Science appears to have received an average of 42.3% of its total income between 2004 and 2010 from pharmaceutical companies or organisations clearly linked to the pharmaceutical industry. In 2006, the year [the anti-homeopathy] ‘Sense About Homeopathy’ was published, there was a huge leap in such funding, from £37,300 (36.9% of total income) to £102,165 (51.2% of total income). Full details are included in Appendix 1.....
    The Canadian skeptic organization called Centre for Inquiry, which is another anti-homeopathy skeptic group, is almost entirely funded by a director of a pharmaceutical company. They have initiated a law suit against a homeopathic manufacturer and retail pharmacy selling homeopathic remedies.  Both groups are attempting to stop consumers’ choice of alternative health modalities and stop the sale of homeopathic remedies.

[2014 March] High-dose Vitamin C Injections Shown To Annihilate Cancer

[Video] How Much Mercury Escapes From Broken CFL Light Bulbs?

Want to know about HAARP, VLF, VHF, RADAR, and Weather Modification ?

[2014 March] A lethally sweet relationship: An excoriating attack by a cardiologist on the cosy links between politicians and the food giants, whose refusal to cut sugar levels is causing countless deaths

Psychopath video

Houses and riches are an inheritance from fathers, But a prudent wife is from the LORD. (Prov. 19:14)

What is the Best Dosage of Vitamin D for Children? by Randall Neustaedter OMD
Tensor Ring

MI5 & MI6 Start Writing 'Allo Allo' Scripts To Keep The Savile Story Buried

Joy Camp


Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse”: One Big, Children-Friendly Tribute to the Illuminati

Satanic Temple Looking to Build Statue of Baphomet at Oklahoma State Capitol

[2012] A Life Sentence by Keith Harmon Snow
There is a "New Holocaust" happening in family courts. Everyone is turning a blind eye to this atrocity. Family court for the last 30 years have been behaving like an "Aleister Crowley cult" sacrificing the purity and innocence children for kicks and kickbacks Child lawyers and GALs will throw the child under a train for the financial gain they will receive personally and professionally.
Billions of taxpayers dollars have been used protecting this atrocity of sex crimes against children instead of protecting best interest of the child. My child was stolen and given to my abuser. The Domestic violence judge assisted with the aiding, abetting, and protection of my abuser. I received a letter from the governor of New York that she is currently under investigation so I hope I can share light to the lives of others as a mother of a child of "Court Licensed Abuse" and "A Judge Ordered Kidnapping" --
Harriet Holland

"Salt Eating Dangerous" By Prof. Hilton Hotema

[2013] How popping aspirin can give you asthma for life - and why life-threatening allergies to antibiotics and general anaesthetics are on the rise

'After 9/11 Blair made a speech in New York and said that during the Blitz there was only one country that stood by us - and that country was America. That is an appalling piece of history,' she exclaims, waving her arms in emphasis.   'Many other countries in Europe and the forces fighting from India, Australia and New Zealand were on our side, too. In fact, the only country that wasn't on our side at the time of the Blitz was America -which was very profitably enjoying staying out of the war at the point. So it's a piece of sophistry and it was being used for a purpose.'--Suzanna Lipscome (Mail on Sunday June 2, 2013

Mr Cameron, she says, is equally guilty of rewriting the past for his own ends. 'In one of his speeches about why we're so great he said that England had fought off every invader for over 1,000 years, essentially since 1066.  'That's simply not true. Up until 1485, there are countless examples of England being invaded and to say otherwise, it's just hyperbole and just not true.--Suzanna Lipscome (Mail on Sunday June 2, 2013

Flawed Convictions: "Shaken Baby Syndrome" and the Inertia of Injustice - an important new book on SBS

Understanding the Crisis in Ukraine

Ukraine Crisis a New Western Cold War Provocation

Ukraine Falls Under Fascist Bankster Thumb

Leaked EU's Ashton Phone Tape: Kiev Snipers Were Hired by US Supported Opposition Leaders



The Legacy of Barbara Bartholic by James Bartley

[2013 May] An Interview with Angelia Cardwell, a Milab by James Bartley

[2013 April] Michael Jackson's family alleges use of double to publicise star's last tour

When a child dies of measles the story hits the headlines. But when children die after the MMR jab, their stories are hard to find.
This is the sad story of Harriet Moore told by her Mum.

[2013 April] Dance on Thatcher's grave, but remember there has been a coup in Britain by John Pilger

[2011] BBC breaches its Parliamentary Service Licence

Meet Emily Bills --Autism recovery

Global awakening to false-flag terrorism, Copernican revolution   A friend called up our local radio station yesterday to complain: One of the radio hosts was supporting the official story of the Boston bombings, and blaming “radical Muslims from Chechnya.” The receptionist was shocked. “Did our host really say that? That’s so crazy. Everyone knows it was a false-flag attack.”

B'nai Brith-ADL Does Not Represent Jews
B'nai Brith-ADL Does Not Represent Jews
B'nai Brith-ADL Does Not Represent Jews
B'nai Brith-ADL Does Not Represent Jews

The Vaccine Issue – My Son’s Story

Boston Bombing – DHS Contracted Security out to Israelis

Drug induced alcohol Cravings

Boston Marathon (2013 April)


[2013 April] Boston bombing: citizen video-analysts create major problems for controlled media by Jon Rappoport

[2013 April]

Study Links Autism With Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy

The sinister spread of justice behind closed doors Today’s revelations in the Mail about Wanda Maddocks, the woman imprisoned by a judge for trying to remove her 80-year-old father from a care home where he was being held against his family’s wishes, are truly shocking. Most disturbing of all is that it is only thanks to persistent inquiries by the Mail that we know of her fate at all — for the court heard the case in secret and chose not to publish the ruling containing details of her sentence

[2013 April] Could your medicine give you a drink problem? The disturbing side-effects even the manufacturers don't know about

Secular System very keen on hiding pedophiles in our midst

[2013 TV] Do You Hear the Silence

Simulated battlefield uses amputee actors

[2013 April] Kristen Meghan, former Air Force bio-engineer, turns chemtrail whistleblower

After looking at 34 published studies in 16 countries, researchers at Yale University found that countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis including the United States, Sweden, and Finland are those in which people consume the most meat, milk, and other animal foods.
    Despite the dairy industry funding study after study to try to prove its claims that consuming dairy products will make your bones stronger, the truth is exactly the opposite.
    The primary cause of osteoporosis is the high-protein diet most people consume today. Eating a high-protein diet is like pouring acid rain on your bones. (The protein increases production of acid in the blood which is then neutralized by calcium taken from our bones) Remarkably enough, if dairy has any effect, both clinical and population evidence strongly implicate dairy in causing, rather than preventing, osteoporosis. ~ Dr John McDougall

Indisputable Photo Evidence That the Boston Bombing Was Staged: Are You a Believer Or Do you Think? (April 21, 2013)

“Contractors” at Boston Marathon Stood Near Bomb, Left Before Detonation

"An amygdala hijack is normally perceived as an instant response to a situation that dies down pretty quickly when the thinking brain or neo-cortex kicks in and brings a calmer consideration and perception of the circumstances. It is the neo-cortex that says 'Oh my goodness what was I thinking?' Er, you weren't, that was the problem.
    Mark Twain said that a lie can be half way around the world before the truth gets its boots on and that can be the relationship between the thinking mind and the emotions in the midst of an amygdala hijack. One reason for this is that the amygdala is like the sprinter kneeling in the blocks while the neo-cortex is sitting with its feet up reading a book - focussed on thinking and not reacting.

    Once an emotional starting pistol goes bang the amygdala is off down the track while the neo-cortex says 'what was that noise?' And what keeps people in that emotionally 'set' position is a constant barrage of perceived potential dangers - 'physical', financial, personal, whatever.

    Instead of having a gun in your holster in case of a threat it is permanently in your hand with the trigger cocked and so when a Problem-Reaction-Solution scenario is played out most of the population is already primed because of what I will call a state of 'amygdala standby'.

    You can liken this to being in a dark house that is said to be haunted and you jump or freeze when you hear a noise that normally wouldn't bother you. The amygdala standby, using the sprinter analogy, is permanently in a state of 'on your marks', even 'set', because of all the fear stimuli that it has to scan and assess in a world where the most abundant emotions - by design - are anxiety and fear."--David Icke

Austerity programme proved to be ‘nonsense’ based on a spreadsheet mistake

Israel control of USA government

Measles Scare, 2013 UK

[2013 April] Vaccine Injury Anecdotes Are No Joke by Sandy Gottstein

[2013 April] Wild dogs take Chewbilee Line

The Murder of Beverly Eckert, Flight #3407 – Part 1

Navy SEALs Spotted at Boston Marathon Wearing Suspicious Backpacks?

Hard Proof that Sandy Hook is a Zionist Plot

[vid] The Atlanta Olympic bombing. How the FBI handled that one

[vid] Government informant warned of attack. ABC news spiked the story  Oklahoma

[2013 April] Dr Andrew Wakefield, The Lancet Study and My Two Boys - Isabella Thomas

World Trade Center bombing(1993)

GM foods and sterility

[2013 April] Could a computer hacker take control of an airliner in flight using a smartphone app? Internet security consultant raises terrifying prospect

[2012 Nov] Sleeping pill clue to Douglas Hurd daughter-in-law's fatal fall: Mother-of-five may have plunged 60ft from New York flat because of sedatives

 [2013 Feb] 50 Signs That The U.S. Health Care System Is A Gigantic Money Making Scam

[2013 March] BBC documentary reveals American colonel who trained Iraqi torturers

[2011 Nov] Australian journalist wins prestigious award for exposing flu vaccine scandal  an in-depth article series on the CSL Afluria flu vaccine, a shot that caused convulsions in one percent of Australian infants who received it...Incredibly, the defective CSL flu vaccine Afluria is still on the market in the US

[2003] Macmillan backed Syria assassination plot

[2013 March] Mormons Testify Of Human Sacrifice!

Auschwitz. Why The Gas Chambers Are A Myth

[2013 April] Vaccines’ Alum Adjuvant Path to Brain Found: Study by Heidi Stevenson  Newly published research by Keele Conference scientists shows that aluminum adjuvant in vaccines transfers to the brain. They have documented the path from injection site to the brain, and that once in the brain, it persists. Newborns, the elderly, and people with a certain genetic variation are particularly at risk.


[2013 April] UK man wins court case against BBC for 9/11 cover up  Tony Rooke refused to pay a TV license fee because the BBC intentionally misrepresented facts about the 9/11 attacks, he alleged. It is widely known that the BBC reported the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 over 20 minutes before it occurred. WTC 7 was a 47-story skyscraper that was not hit by a plane on 9/11 but collapsed at free-fall speed later that day. So Rooke said the BBC had to have had prior knowledge to a terror attack making them complicit in the attack. He presented the BBC footage to the judge along with a slew of other evidence, and the judge agreed that Rooke had a reasonable case to protest. Rooke was found not guilty and he was not fined for failure to pay the licensing fee.

[2013 April] MMR and the Crumbling Façade of the British State By John Stone

[2013 April] Churchill’s Last Secretary Dies By T Stokes

[2011] Austrian Court Affirms: School Vaccinations Not Obligatory, Lack of Informed Consent is Malpractice

[2013 April] How Gardasil Changed My Life

Support unpasteurised milk sales in the UK

[2012 March] Bedrock of vaccination theory crumbles as science reveals antibodies not necessary to fight viruses   As explained by Dr. Russell Blaylock in a recent interview with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, vaccines not only do not work as advertised, but they actually damage the body's innate immunity. Rather than teach the body how to respond to infections, vaccines actually inhibit the immune system's ability to produce TH2-type cytokines, and suppress cellular immunity, which is how the body protects itself against deadly viruses and bacteria.

[2013 April] Ilsedora Laker statement re GNM cancer therapy

Symbolic Pics of the Month (03/13)

Katt Williams: “We Are Against the Illuminati at Our Own Detriment”

[2013 April] Criminologist refutes cannabis-related crime increase claims

[2013 April] What Really Lies At The Heart of Biotech and Medical Technology? by MARCO TORRES

Why Jews Push Gay Marriage

[2013 April] UK doctors net £40m in one year from drug companies

[2013 Feb] Is the Komen Foundation running to find a cure or to find more money for itself?

[2013 March] James Bond film used to 'bribe' lords into backing secret courts: Whips played Skyfall to entice peers to stay for crucial vote

[2013 April] Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq


[2013 April] A Shot for Shots - Type-1 Diabetes caused by Vaccines

[2013 April] British peer reveals MI6 role in Lumumba killing

Pornography in the French Revolution and Abu Ghraib

[2013 March] The 10 worst toxins hidden in vitamins, supplements and health foods

Daily Life in Auschwitz from British Intelligence decrypts, 1942

[2013 March] Ex-Chief Rabbi: Jewish People Their Own God

[2013 March] Obama 'ethics panel' gives thumbs up to testing anthrax vaccines on American babies

[2013 March] US panel backs trial for anthrax vaccine on children

[2012] Killing children with X-ray images - Death by procedure

[2012] Fluoride toothpaste fatal to children health

[2012 Aug] Why Infants Need Natural Immunity: How Vaccines Actually Promote Cancer Growth by  DAVE MIHALOVIC

[2012 Dec] The Consequences of Dr Wakefield’s Trials by Martin Walker

Paul Rudd

[2013 March] Baby Girl Dies Hours After Getting 5 Vaccinations  By Christina England

[2013 Jan] 'Tsunami bomb' tested off New Zealand coast

Newton, Wayne


[2013 March] Sir David Attenborough should check his facts on polar bears

[2012] My happy son killed himself after taking the 'wonder cure' for acne: Warning from father of talented musician who was prescribed Roaccutane before committing suicide

[2013 March] Have we found a cure for HIV? Child born with virus is now free of infection after 'miraculous' treatment

"A very special friend just had to show me the other day that she can actually run again after 1 day on the oil. ~MIRACLE~ She was bed ridden for 3 days and hasn't ran in 12 years. She has Lesions on her brain, unbearable pain, she couldn't walk etc etc she has had zero pain for the last ten days and feels like a new person. Testimonial in the works with documents and her story." Steve Plaček

Hoffer, Abram MD

[2013 March] Alert the Media: Yes, Autistic kids have a Novel Bowel Disease

Using Cannabis Oil (THC) to treat cancer (Mast Cell Tumor) in a 7 year old Boxer. The tumor is nearly completely gone after 30 days of topical application. Owners report that as of the last few days they have started to see positive changes in his demeanor and alertness. He's started eating normal amounts of food again over the past couple days and has not vomited since Dec 3rd. Oral doses started on Nov 28th, topical application began on Nov 10th."

"I wish I could send the medical proofs! A relative has COPD and couldn't even walk from the kitchen to the bathroom until she used this oil. She says it is amazing! After only two days on the oil, she can actually walk to her mailbox and back without sitting down! She loves it and told us it has given her great hope!" Bonny Durbin

"I used Cannabis Oil to cure myself of Anal Canal Cancer. (this is the cancer that took Farrah Fawcett's life). I did not have any other treatment whatsoever. Since healing myself, I have talked to MANY others who have had success with virtually every type of cancer and every stage of cancer. Even people with end stage cancers, have been successful in turning their cancer around. This is a link to my story and an interview with me, as well as medical records to confirm that what I am saying is true.

Dear Rick, Thank you for all you have done to spread the word on how to truly beat cancer.
    My husband was originally diagnosed with prostate cancer almost 6 years ago. We trusted the medical community and went down the traditional road of treatment only to be told we were a "catastrophic failure" at 4.5 years in when the cancer returned. I researched consistently for close to 2 months all the alternative therapies, including your hemp oil, and within 3 months my husbands cancer count dropped in half. Ten months later and his PSA is down to .11 - non detectable.
    It is very unfortunate to hear that our government refuses to acknowledge any alternative medicine, including hemp oil, in the treatment of disease, however like you we have had nothing but ridicule from the "professionals" and even some family members. All the "societies" out there are big pharma control groups but I "get it" regarding dismantling a system of millions of people employed in an industry so corrupt racking in $20B a year that there will never be a cure. Intentionally!!
    This entire process has exposed me to how deep the rabbit hole really goes and I am currently in the process of writing a book about my findings appropriately titled "connect the dots". It's a historical perspective of GMO's, industrial farming, and big pharma and its' impact on the health of every individual.
    I will continue to follow you on this web site and wish you all the best and good health. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do. Sincerely, K

Justin Welby

[1974 Klenner, F.] ( Significance of high daily intake of ascorbic acid in preventive medicine. Journal of the International Academy of Preventive Medicine l(l):45-69.

[2013 Jan] How a routine jab sent me so mad I sobbed (and saluted) through the Royal Wedding - then became convinced I was the Messiah...

[2012] New (Reptilian) World Order By Uri Dowbenko

[2012 Oct] Soon Censored? Korean Scientists Successfully Kill Cancer with Magnets

[2013 March] The Unlawful Killing of Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed

[2013 March] Swine Flu Vaccine Caused Narcolepsy in Thousands: BMJ Claim by Heidi Stevenson

CIA MKULTRA Collection

Blaylock, Russell M.D.

Whale large banners

Hitler was a Zionist Stooge, by J. Speer Williams

Buchwald banners

Seal Team 6

Doctors are just the same as lawyers; the only difference is that lawyers merely rob you, whereas doctors rob you and kill you too.---Anton Chekhov

[2013 Feb] Half of Pakistan’s polio cases were vaccinated: Health officials complain to WHO about OPV efficacy



Great Smallpox Lie



Vitamin C articles

Dr Bob Melamede

Satan Prince of This World By William Guy Carr, R.D. Commander R.C.N. (R)
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World
Satan, Prince of this World

Dr Archie Kalokerinos banner quotes

BCG vaccination

Perkins, Charles Eliot. The Truth About Water Fluoridation,

Smallpox vaccination banners

Jeffrey Smith - How GMO research is rigged using fraudulent science

Monopoly Media Manipulation by Dr. Michael Parenti

[2013 Feb] HMS Brian Deer holed beneath the waterline?

Stage 4 prostate cancer -- 100% remission after only using the oil for 3 weeks. Nice. JB

[2013 Feb] Banned Wakefield Films From British TV Emerge on Youtube After Nearly a Decade

40 Outrageous Facts Most People Don't Know

[vid Feb 2013] Lil Wayne - Love Me (Explicit) ft. Drake, Future Video

[2013 Feb] Sharon Feared Exposure of Israeli Genocide

School shootings and psychiatric drugs

[vid] Satanism In The Music Industry: Lucifer Shows up at Super Bowl 47- Beyonce EXPOSED

[2013 Feb] Over-the-Counter NSAID Kills, But Docs & Regulators Ignore Evidence by Heidi Stevenson

[2013 Feb] Breaking Info From Columbine Whistleblower on Sandy Hook

[2013 Feb] As the Chief Medical Officer says the NHS shouldn't waste money on it, a fellow sceptic says... Cheers! Why you're far better off with a stiff G&T than homeopathy

[2012] Decoding the D.C. Sniper by Michael A. Hoffman II

[2013 Feb] Extra-caffeinated soda and chemical sweeteners for breakfast? PepsiCo introduces 'Kickstart' soda for people who absolutely hate themselves

[2013 Feb] 'I've only discovered the true joy of sex now I'm 60': Older women look better and feel more confident than ever - and it's doing wonders for their libidos

Cops conducting target practice on images of children and pregnant women

Oscar Wilde said, “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.”

From Martin Walker:
In all he recent controversy about the BBC, and the controversies which came before, and before that, it is never mentioned that the the Corporation has for decades pursued policies of strict censorship in line with corporate and governmental ideology. In my work, in relation to alternative medicine, I personally have become aware of this practice in relation to the subject of cancer treatments and more recently with respect to the controversy over the MMR vaccination and the case of Dr Andrew Wakefield.
    The most blatant censorship engineered by the BBC was in two episodes — One Angry Man and Heart of Darkness — of the BBC drama series Judge John Deed which were banned internationally by the BBC after one showing. Exactly how the corporate pharmaceutical pressure was exerted within the BBC, is difficult to discern. The two episodes which were banned were about MMR vaccination.
    However, the two episodes are now available on You Tube at:
    The series was devised, written and produced by one of Britain's most notable dramatists Gordon Newman who came under immense pressure to take any mention of MMR or even vaccination out of his scripts. I was one of the two script advisors for the series. Many of the British parents wanted themselves to see the episodes a second time and pass on the reference to other parents and were shocked and angry when the episodes were banned and taken out of the box set on retail sale. Now everyone, internationally, has the opportunity to see them.

Mark Taylor: Columbine and Big Pharma Whistleblower, now drugged and jailed

Dolphins Help Save Dog from Drowning!

[vid] A Rapper Comes Close to "Selling His Soul to the Devil"!!

[2013 Feb] Thousands hope hysterectomies will end their monthly pain - but it can often make it WORSE

[2013 Feb] The patients prescribed up to 25 different drugs a day with devastating results

"I treated my dog's tumor on his ear with was HUGE and now its GONE!!!!

-- I really like how brief your message was, Andrea Blaze D.
Yet, it explains the whole situation very well. You treat a tumor with the oil and then it's gone. Thank you, JB

"My dog ate a part of a plant yesterday because he knew it would help his stomach after he had gotten in leftover chicken dinner fat and ate a bunch of it she paced a lot and later through up and then rested comfortably.
Guess what was in her puke -- pot leaves.
Smart dog."

-- Absolutely, Donna Hackett. Dogs know how to detoxify using natural means, which is exactly why she ate the leaves. JB

"I'm in near perfect health, no more asthma, lost excess weight with no exercise and I feel great everyday. Name a pill that can do that?" Edward Poole

[2013 Feb] Teen dies from flu after receiving flu shot

[2013 Feb] CNN's Anderson Cooper caught faking interview in front of blue screen background

Chris Dorner

[2013 Feb] Farmers push to lift supermarkets' ban on GM-fed hens as they argue conventional feeds are too expensive

DEATH BY GOVERNMENT 20th Century Democide By R.J. Rummel

[2013 Feb] Arch-Zionist gets top BBC strategy job

[2013 Jan] Indian farmers trapped and desperate The number of farmer suicides – the largest in human history – is estimated to have reached more than 300,000 and rising as we speak. Add to this the 400 a day who attempt suicide and fail, the 2,200 that daily quit farming and the one and a half million family members affected by suicides, plus the millions facing the very issues that are driving the tragedy, and the scale of the inferno begins to be clear.

[2013 Feb] Baby formula milk should have cigarette-style health warnings telling mothers breast is best, says top charity

[2012] Bhutan Bets Organic Agriculture Is The Road To Happiness

[2013 Feb] How high does the Luciferian satanic cult go? and how widespread.

[2013 Jan] Man With 4th Amendment Written on Chest Wins Trial Over Airport Arrest

[2013 Jan] Federal Court Admits Hepatitis B Vaccine Caused Fatal Auto-Immune Disorder  died as a result of an auto-immune disease called systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

[2011] War on drugs revealed as total hoax - US military admits to guarding, assisting lucrative opium trade in Afghanistan:

[2013 feb] New Study: Antidepressants as Vaccine Adjuvants?

[2013 Feb] Historic Court Case Against the BBC’s Cover Up of 9/11 Evidence

[2013 Feb] Six children fall ill after taking measles vaccines

[2013 Feb] Homeopathy charity run by Charles 'cowed civil servants' into supporting the therapy

All-Natural Deodorant:

[2012] Two films to understand the CRIIGEN study, how harmful NK603 maize and Roundup are for human health, and how GMOs are evaluated.  French researchers secretly studied, for two years, 200 rats fed with transgenic maize. Tumors, serious disorders... full-fledged slaughter. And a bomb for the GMO industry. More information

[2013 Feb] Conspiracy of silence on value of marriage: Politicians frightened to admit fathers are vital, says top family lawyer

[vid] Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence

Sandy Hook


Suzanne Humphries, MD, Internist and Nephrologist speaking on Polio at the Association of Natural Health Conference, November 2012.

Woman Follows Doctors Orders, 12 Years Later and Still No Early Death, but Vows to Keep Trying
"12 years ago at the age of 77, my mom was told by a chelation doctor to drink nothing but distilled water, due to various heavy metals in her hair analysis. She bought a Sear's distiller, and has drunk nothing but distilled water ever since. She's 89 now, lives alone, pretty much self sufficient, and none of the bad stuff has kicked in yet."
--- distilled waters internet chat room, Earth 2008

Symbolic Pics of the Month (02/13)

CONSIDER the LILIES Effective Medical Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB   Maxwell, PhD, LLB Mary W

[2013 Jan] Measles Vaccines Part I; Ineffectiveness of Vaccination and Unintended Consequences by Dr Viera Scheibner (PhD)

[2013 Jan] Measles Vaccines Part II; Benefits of Contracting Measles by Dr Viera Scheibner (PhD)

[2013 Feb] Youth, the best time of your life? What rot. Being old is far more fun!

Bohlen, Dieter

[2013 Feb] Study shows the average child is now chronically ill - here's what you can do about it

[2013 Feb] Greening the North American Desert by Don  Croft

[2013 Feb] Naperville anti-smart meter activists fight back at council meeting, accuse city of breaking its own laws

[2013 Feb] Strange brain illness strikes US women; vaccination as a possible trigger (Video)

[2013 Feb] Shaken Baby Syndrome often just a cover story for children who are brain damaged by vaccines

Vatican Changing of the Guard

Was Pope Benedict fired by the Knights of Malta?

[2013] Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam by Nick Turse

Smart metres

[2013 Feb] The War in Mali and AFRICOM’s Agenda: Target China By F. William Engdahl

[2013 Feb] Former airline pilot and conspiracy theorist 'shot dead his two teenage children and his dog before turning the gun on himself'

Sandy Hook foreknowledge

“My religion is nature. That’s what arouses the feelings of wonder and mysticism and gratitude in me.”
― Oliver Sacks

   After children were paralyzed by a meningitis vaccine, the vaccine manufacturer changed information about how the vaccine is supposed to be handled on their website.....Today, the latest news from Gouro is that 40 children remain paralyzed in hospitals in both Chad and Tunisia, and a further 56 remain ill in the village of Gouro. However, news from Ecoterra International on February 9, 2013, said that the new heath minister wants to send them back home to their ill-equipped village.
    Until our intervention, there had been no publicity about the serious vaccine injuries in Chad. However, since our articles were published, there has been a flurry of worldwide media attention, including an extremely biased report in the Guardian UK telling the world that MenAfriVac is a wonderful vaccine. Mind you, to be fair, as you will see from the article, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, a well-known supporter of vaccination initiatives, funded this section of the Guardian.
    The whole debacle is one coverup after another. The Chadian government has not asked any independent experts to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the MenAfriVac campaign, stirring up anger among the citizens of Chad. They have been left to cope with extremely sick children, many of whom are still reported to be paralyzed and suffering from severe convulsions. The children need appropriate medical care and their parents deserve answers.

[2013 Feb] Reduce your cancer risk - especially colorectal - by eating more ginger

[2013 Feb] HPV, tetanus vaccines causes deadly new autoimmune disease known as antiphospholipid syndrome

[2013 feb] Horror at mass sterilisation camp in lndia as women are dumped unconscious in a FIELD after painful operation

[pdf] CONSIDER the LILIES Effective Medical Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB   Maxwell, PhD, LLB Mary W

[vid] What the war costs What the news media ignores

[2010] Three Interesting Numbers By Nick Kollerstrom

[2013 Feb] Secularism Is State-Sponsored Satanism

[2012] Cancer Industry Exposed as Fraud “The Science is False”

[2013 feb] Sandy Hook Tragedy: Corporate Media’s “Lone Gunman” Storyline Losing Ground

Beyonce’s Half Time Ritual EXPOSED! (The Real Occult Translation)

The Heart Truth

JFK's Driver Shot Both Kennedy and Connally in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963 (Feb. 5, 2013)

[2013 Feb] WANTED – A psychiatric diagnosis of Nazi holocaust denial by Alan Hart

[2013 Feb] Aid for vaccines is subsidising Big Pharma, doctors claim  "It looks to us like a big subsidy for pharma – there is no other way of saying it really," said Dr Manica Balasegaram

If you take Seroquel, your eyes are one of the risks. Is it worth it? by Nancy Rubenstein Del Giudice

[2011] Skin Cancer Patient Says Medical Marijuana Oil Saved Him From Surgery

[2013 Jan] If you take Seroquel, your eyes are one of the risks. Is it worth it?

[2013 Feb] Study Shows Chicken Pox Vaccine Responsible for Triggering Nationwide Shingles Epidemic

[2013 Feb] Confirmed: The More Mammograms You Get The More Harm They Do

[1949 pdf] THE VATICAN IN WORLD POLITICS by Avro Manhattan

[2013 Feb] Genocide in Guatemala

[2013 Feb] Kidney Stones GONE!

Super Bowl 2013 Recap: The Illuminati Agenda Continues

[2013 Feb] Hollywood Covers for Elite Perverts

Leaked Video of Cruise Missile Hitting Pentagon on 911

[2013 Jan]

  Society conducting 'vast social experiment' without knowing its end.

[2012] Antibiotics Make You Fat

[2013 jan] New study sheds light on the origin of the European Jewish population

[2013 Feb] Hillary Clinton: Profile of Imperial Arrogance and Lawlessness by Stephen Lendman   She represents the worst of America’s dark side. She’s a war criminal multiple times over. She’s arguably America’s most shameless ever secretary of state.  She’s clearly the most brazen. Her language and attitude exceed the worst Cold War rhetoric.  Her take-no-prisoners thinking, character, and demagoguery tell all. She’s addicted to self-aggrandizement and diktat authority.  She relishes death, destruction, and war spoils.  She’s indifferent to human suffering. She’s a monument to wrong over right. She’s a disgrace and embarrassment to her country, position and humanity.

[2013 Feb] AP Investigation: U.S. Spends $20 Billion Over 10 Years on Increasingly Bloody Drug “War” in Latin America; Rejects Drug Policy Reform

[2013 Feb] Israel bulldozes West Bank homes: video

[2013 Feb] UK arms chief caught in secret deal with Saudis

[2013 feb] Milan court convicts former CIA chief of kidnapping

[2013 Feb] Chilling legal memo from Obama DOJ justifies assassination of US citizens  The most extremist power any political leader can assert is the power to target his own citizens for execution without any charges or due process, far from any battlefield. The Obama administration has not only asserted exactly that power in theory, but has exercised it in practice. In September 2011, it killed US citizen Anwar Awlaki in a drone strike in Yemen, along with US citizen Samir Khan, and then, in circumstances that are still unexplained, two weeks later killed Awlaki's 16-year-old American son Abdulrahman with a separate drone strike in Yemen.

[2013 Feb] Justice Department White Paper Details Rationale for Targeted Killing of Americans

[2013 Feb] A quarter of countries supported CIA in torturing, detaining individuals: report

[2012] Why I Call Myself a Holocaust Denier by Paul Eisen   I deny the Holocaust because, as constituted, exploited and enforced, the Holocaust narrative is a false and abusive god, and I wish to put as much moral distance between it and myself as I can.

[1993] All That Remains: The Palestinian Villages Occupied and Depopulated by Israel in 1948 by Walid Khalidi

[2013 Feb] Hollywood myths harming the whole world: Ken O’Keefe

[2013 feb] Police now accompanying Smart Meter installations: Two homeowners arrested for saying NO!

[2013 Feb] Cabala - How Sex Became our Religion by Henry Makow  Ph.D. 

[2013 Feb] Murdered Navy SEAL Was Obama Gun Control Foe  Murdered Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, gunned down at point-blank range in Texas this past weekend, was emerging as a prominent gun control critic – working to place armed guards in schools in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre.

[2013 Jan] Italian Prosecutor Implicates Bilderberg Group and CIA for Massacres in Italy During the Seventies and Eighties

Major Hollywood Talent Agency Throws a Lewd Mind Control-Themed Party at Sundance Festival

[2013 Feb] Cancer cure that can leave you a prisoner in your home  In those who’ve had pelvic radiation, 90 per cent of patients report a permanent change in bowel habits afterwards, and 30 per cent have problems with the bladder, often causing urine to leak. ....Symptoms can appear many years after treatment, because in some people the radiotherapy continues to damage tissue long after it has finished.... ‘After a few months, I told the hospital I was having problems with diarrhoea, and was told it would improve. It did, slightly, but I was still going to the loo about 12 times a day.  ...He says one in ten patients will develop chronic pain, with one in five suffering faecal incontinence. ‘Some will have to go to the loo up to 30 times a day, and it carries on getting worse, affecting their quality of life, their sex life, everything.’  Up to one-third of patients will have long-term problems with urination.....‘The chemotherapy people said it was the radiotherapy to blame, and the radiotherapy people told me it was the chemotherapy.

[2013 Jan] The invasion of Africa has almost nothing to do with “Islamism”, and almost everything to do with the acquisition of resources By John Pilger

[2013 Feb] Jesse Jackson pushes new 'Occupy' plan: Have Homeland Security occupy Chicago with armed TSA agents

Hollywood Latinos & Latinas of Satan. (Satan, Sex, Blood & Gang Bangs in Hollywood)

The phallus of Osiris in Hollywood? by Philip Coppens

Dr Oz

[2004] Chemotherapy causes widespread DNA damage in leukemia patients; multiplies future risk

[2013 Feb] 'US a police state, Obama consciously allows torture' – CIA veteran John Kiriakou

DOR Intentionally Wired Into My Home?

[2013 Feb] Cruel betrayal of my Milly: Carol Sarler's granddaughter was damaged by a toxic medicine... here she reveals brutal indifference of officials who won't help  Milly was irreversibly brain damaged by 'the new thalidomide'. Her mother was prescribed with sodium valproate to control epilepsy. As many as 45,000 babies in the UK have been affected

Obama Pushing Aspartame on Grade Schoolers

[2013 Feb] Fluoride Reduces Intelligence: Is UK Planning to Dumb Down Citizens? by Heidi Stevenson

[2013 Jan] Piers Morgan receives flu vaccine injection from Dr. Oz, then gets sick

[2013 Jan] Jewish groups slam U.K.’s Sunday Times for publishing ‘Jewish blood libel’ cartoon on Holocaust day

[2013 Jan] The Fraud that Begets all Others

[2013 Jan] Boy, 7, develops narcolepsy after being given swine flu jab leading him to sleep for 19 HOURS every day

[2013 Jan] Tetanus Vaccine Causes New Disease: New Vaccines Worse? by by Heidi Stevenson

“Prometheus”: A Movie About Alien Nephilim and Esoteric Enlightenment

[2013 Jan] Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent


Bill Gates – Buying Immortality In History – By Beating An Already Beaten Disease & Killing Kids

Andrew Norton Webber speaks at Lewes, England Sunday, November 25, 2012

"Warming fears are the worst scientific scandal in history…When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists.” -
UN IPCC Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itoh, an award-winning PhD environmental physical chemist

"Celgene reported last week that the drug helped patients with advanced pancreatic cancer live a median 1.8 months longer than a standard treatment, a benefit for people battling one of the deadliest cancers." -- So his patients on average live 1.8 months longer? What is the fuss all about?
    RSO cures pancreatic cancer, too, and it certainly does not cost so much and it will certainly not poison the patients like the deadly cocktails this "expert" is giving his patients.
        Let me just remind you that Rick Simpson announced his method of cancer treatment with cannabis extracts in 2003, months before the U.S. government patented it. And he did it for free, so that everyone would have access to this medicine. And that, my friends, is the difference. JB

Lord Maurice Saatchi is calling for the law relating to cancer treatment to be changed in England. He describes the current law as a "barrier to progress in curing cancer" and says doctors are deterred from trying new forms of treatment in case they are sued.
    He said on public television, "The current treatments for women are medieval, degrading and ineffective. Women think of the worst part of treatment as hair loss but this is the good news. The less good news is the effect of the drugs—nausea, vomiting, fatigue—but this is still the good news. The really bad news is that the effects of the drugs on the immune system of women allow fatal infections to enter the body. Women are then as likely to die from the infection as from the cancer."


The Golden Ratio

Kidney cleanse juice

[2013 Jan]
Oncologists Conceal Toxicity Issues and Bias

[2013 Jan] BBC Admits Dark Side to Bill Gates’s Polio Project Ahead of Dimbelby Lecture By John Stone

Piers Morgan Embarrasses Himself in Front of Jesse Ventura over WTC 7 Collapse

[2004 doc] Into the Labyrinth: Discovering the Truth about Vaccination. Oral Presentation by Jock Doubleday

[2004 pdf] Into the Labyrinth: Discovering the Truth about Vaccination. Oral Presentation by Jock Doubleday

20TH CENTURY DEMOCIDE  New World total  = 262,000,000. 

[2013 Jan] Vaccine deaths yet to show ‘causal links’ - Glutathione: A Master Detoxifier of Heavy Metals and Mercury

Richard Desmond, owner of both Channel 5 and the Daily Star, enlivened a business meeting in 2004 by declaring that all modern-day Germans were "fucking Nazis" and goose-stepping around the room flipping Hitler salutes and singing "Deutschland iiber Alles". His response to objections that it was "thoroughly offensive" was to call the complainant a "miserable little piece of shit" and offer to go outside and fight him.

Dark History of the Evil Monsanto Corporation

Sandy Hook Shooting is Work of Dark Knight & Hollywood. (CNN Spins Fake Stories & Lies On All Events)

“Zero Dark Thirty”: The deeper, darker truths By Dr. James H. Fetzer

[2012 Dec] Death by Flu Shot. 7 Year-Old Receives Flu Vaccine; Dies 4 Days Later

[2013 Jan] The Resistance Begins: New York Gun Owners Refuse to Register; “Largest Act of Civil Disobedience in State History”

[2013 Jan] Infant son confiscated for 13 weeks and force vaccinated

Kirlian Photography Demonstrates Organic Uncooked Food Have Stronger Energy Fields

[2013 Jan] The High Street misery machines: Betting shops make £1billion a year from picking the pockets of the poor

[2013 Jan] This Detergent In Almost Every Flu Vaccine Affects The Blood Brain Barrier And Can Cause Seizures

[2012 Feb] Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Denzel Washington & Hollywood’s Black Illuminati Satanist.  Lucifer was the most beautiful angel and he was also the angel of music, so there is no way of being a famous musician and not getting your power from Lucifer.  You wanna make it in the music industry?  Ok, well I just told you who will give you the power.

[2013 Jan]  Watergate-era Judiciary chief of staff: Hillary Clinton fired for lies, unethical behavior by Dan Calabrese  “Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview last week. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

U.S. Government Owns The Patent On Cannabis Cures

Sandy Hook: The Gun Range Myth and other media-created fantasies

[2013 Jan] Distilled water and urine therapy testimonial

[2013 Jan] Casino Britain: The deprived town where a staggering £340 for EVERY man, woman and child is pumped into gambling slot machines in a year Labour loophole from 2001 generates huge profits for bookmakers, who deny targeting the poor

[pdf 2011] Colony Collapse Disorder and GM Crops By Peter Olson. 

[2013 Jan] Mortality Rate 50% Higher with More Vaccine Doses by Heidi Stevenson  The deaths of children from multiple vaccine doses can only be called carnage. This study demonstrates that giving 5-8 doses instead of 1-4 doses at a time has resulted in an extra 51,750 to 103,500 child deaths in the last 20 years.

Did Howard Hughes View a Captured UFO and Its Occupants? by Bill Knell

ADL Owns   A forensic search of, and dozens of other objectionable websites has shown that the Anti-Defamation League headed by Abe Foxman, is funding them and that ADL workers along with volunteers are managing these “NAZI” websites. These and other websites are used by the ADL in a pattern of massive piracy and copyright violation, a pattern of criminal activity that violates their tax exempt status with the IRS. “They got some spainin’ to do”

Daily Mail Publishes MMR Letter It tells us that the ancient Carthaginian policy of child sacrifice is alive and well and has full approval in the shadier corridors of  Whitehall. The promotion and protection of a deeply flawed vaccination programme has over-ruled common sense and common decency. To damage perfectly healthy children in a crude experiment is undoubtedly a criminal offence and must be treated as such. It is high time that our politicians realised that they, along with the citizens of the UK, have been misled about the safety of MMR.

[2013] How did the Gates of Hell open in Vietnam? By Jonathan Schell

[2013 Jan] “Conspiracy Theory”: Foundations of a Weaponized Term By Prof. James F. Tracy

[2013 Jan] The BBC froze me out because I don't believe in global warming: Outspoken as ever, David Bellamy reveals why you don't see him on TV any more

[2013 Jan] Global warming stopped 16 years ago, Met Office report reveals: MoS got it right about warming... so who are the 'deniers' now?

[2013 Jan] Regulators Discover a Hidden Viral Gene in Commercial GMO Crops

[2013 Jan] On the Elimination of Natural Leaders: JFK Jr.  

[2013 Jan] Why can't we know the truth about a strike that happened 40 years ago?  saw 24 working men convicted for crimes they did not commit, are nothing short of a state-sanctioned conspiracy.....Des Warren, another organiser and close friend of mine who received three years in prison – the harshest sentence of all – was regularly made to drink the "liquid cosh", a cocktail of tranquillisers that numbed inmates and gave you the hundred-mile stare. Dezzie died in 2004, of what his wife describes as "drug-induced Parkinson's" – and we're still fighting to see his prison records to prove the link between his death and his treatment in prison.The imprisonment and sustained intimidation destroyed families and communities.

[2013 Jan] Families need fathers, claims study

[pdf] The Babylonian Woe by David Astle  A Study of the Origin of Certain Banking Practices, and of their effect on the events of Ancient History, written in the light of the Present Day.

[2013 Jan] Mercury Treaty Finalized: Mercury Stays in Vaccines

[2013 Jan] Confessions of a Luciferian Jew  I'm not interested in the distinctions between Luciferian and Satanist. Until the age of roughly 50, I was another mass-produced Luciferian Jew --Zionist, liberal, socialist and feminist.

[2013 Jan] Risk of Fetal Death after Pandemic Influenza Virus Infection or Vaccination.

[2012 June] US media blacks out Italian court ruling that MMR vaccine caused child’s autism

[2013 Jan] Infanrix Kills and Maims, but GSK Hid It from Doctors & Parents  GSK wanted to keep the public from knowing about the adverse effects of their Infanrix vaccine. The secret report slipped out, and it’s revealing. It validates the recent study showing that multiple vaccine doses increase the death rate by 50%—but there’s no real change to the safety advice.





[2013] PRINCESS MARGARET, AN MI6 DIRECTOR FORCED TO RESIGN AND A SECRET THAT COULD HAVE BROUGHT DOWN THE ROYAL FAMILY BY GIOVANNI DI STEFANO  On 15 January 1973, Rennie's son was arrested for an alleged involvement in the importation of large quantities of heroin from Hong Kong. The Director General resigned immediately. The letters and photographs remained highly secret and scandal kept quiet.

[2013 Jan] Pentavalent vaccine unsafe, say experts

[2013 Jan] "Just two drops" takes two lives in Odisha, India.
The nationwide pulse polio programme on 20th January claimed two innocent lives in Balasore district of Odisha. Angry villagers have kept captive the doctors team who went to investigate. While one death has been ascribed to a "pre-existing condition", for the other no explanation was given. Unconfirmed sources have however conceded that the Oral Polio Vaccine is the culprit. One victim is a one year old child and the other one and a half month old. No compensation has been declared. The Postmortem reports are awaited.   Chatterjee, Jagannath

Informed Choice: More than just ‘yes’ or ‘no’

Vaccine Deaths

[2012 Oct] When common becomes lethal by Hilary Butler

[2013 Jan] The problems with “hippies”, whose kid gets tetanus by Hilary Butler

[EW Jan 2013] Morgellons 'Disease' --profiling the targets  the Truther Girl, who is a popular international internet and radio talk show host also got nailed with Morgellons after she interviewed us. two years ago.  Then she cured it with one of our zappers and interviewed us again, a year later.   We sold a lot of zappers to Morgellons sufferers after that Wink and haven't gotten any negative feedback in that regard over the years.  I suggested to her that a very big neodimium magnet might 'cure' Morgellons even faster than a zapper but I don't have any experimental or observational data to know for sure.  If Morgellons is nanoweaponry (as Carol and I assume they are) then the little creatures are too small to be shielded from a strong magnetic field, as the tiny implants that we all have also are.

Emily Parker's Facebook account was set up five hours after the shootings.

[2012 April] Legal Drug-Pushing: How Disease Mongers Keep Us All Doped Up  the numbers used to diagnose diabetes and high cholesterol have been lowered over time. "The very numbers we use have been reduced to the point of absurdity," she said. "120/80 was considered normal blood pressure; now it's considered 'pre-hypertension.'"  Entirely new diseases can be, and have been, invented to extend a manufacturer's patent on a highly profitable drug. Fugh-Berman said Eli Lilly stood to lose a lot of profits once the patent expired on its hugely popular antidepressant Prozac. "So they positioned this new condition, PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder), and then went to physicians and the FDA with their highly paid experts who said PMDD is a tragic disease, and they got approved for Sarafem, the same drug. It's an on-label use for a repackaged drug; they created the disease and then got a drug re-approved that was going off patent."

Russia and the Jews by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

[2012 Jan] Gluten confirmed to cause serious weight gain, or 'wheat belly' - scientific research

[2012 July] Big Pharma criminality no longer a conspiracy theory: Bribery, fraud, price fixing now a matter of public record

Pardon My Father, Christopher Bollyn

[2013 Jan] If WiFi and cell phone radiation are safe, why has Belgium's telecomm boss banned them from his offices?



"My Mom had her vocals removed due to cancer about 7 years ago and now has 2 sores on her back that looks very much like skin cancer. I took my RSO (that I made per Rick's instructions) mixed it with virgin coconut oil, beeswax, rosehips oil and peppermint oil for fragrance and in less than a week the sores are diminishing rapidly! THANK YOU AGAIN RICK!" Dolly Durbin



"Under the new NY law passed today, a psychiatrist can't be prosecuted for failing to report a patient who later commits murder, as long as the psychiatrist "acted in good faith." The meaning of that phrase is broad enough to automatically cast blanket exoneration on most shrinks, which closes off the chance a psychiatrist will be pilloried for prescribing a drug he knows can induce violence in the patient."--Peter Breggin MD

[2012] Shaken Baby Syndrome: An Abusive Diagnosis by Archie Kalokerinos M.D 

The Chosenites-Stop Everything and Watch This Horrid Expose   The following video is a hard-hitting attempt to expose the link between Israeli barbarism and Jewish cultural and religious teaching.  As we all know our Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists (JVP, IJAN, Mondoweiss etc’) insist that Zionism should be regarded as an anomaly within the wide context of Jewish culture and religion. They are clearly spinning - Israel is the Jewish State, it kills and slaughter in the name of the Jews, its airplanes and tanks are decorated with Jewish symbols, its crimes are, unfortunately,  consistent with some bloodthirsty Old Testament  and Talmudic verses. As I mention before, some Orthodox Jews interpret those vile verses differently. However,  Israel clearly transforms Deuteronomy into a murderous practical reality.
    This film points at the deeply non-ethical core that is embedded within cultural, secular and nationalist Jewish discourse. This is a very disturbing film but I believe that it is essential to watch and discuss these matters in an open manner. More than anyone else, Jews should watch these images and self-reflect. Zionism is clearly a problem, but it isn’t ‘the problem’.  
    As I pointed out in my latest book, The Wandering Who,  time is ripe for us to address issues to do with Jewish culture and its influence within the West.  Time is ripe to speak about Jewishness and Jewish secularism.  Time is ripe to expose the matrix of Jewish power and lobbying within politics and media. When you watch this sickening images bear in mind that 80% of the British Tory MPs are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel. Try to ask yourself what is it that they love so much about the Jewish State?

[2013 Jan] Melanie’s Marvelous Measles: Is the provaccine backlash rational or hysterical? by Suzanne Humphries, MD  'One of the most disconcerting discoveries in clinical medicine was the finding that children with congenital agammaglobulinaemia, who could make no antibody and had only insignificant traces of immunoglobulin in circulation, contracted measles in normal fashion, showed the usual sequence of symptoms and signs, and were subsequently immune. No measles anti-body was detectable in their serum (the water part of blood minus clotting factors and cells).[3]'

[2012 Oct] Defective Novartis flu vaccine pulled from global markets, except the US


[2013 Jan] Vaccine Court Awards Millions to Two Children With Autism

[2013 Jan] Federal Court Admits Hepatitis B Vaccine Caused Fatal Auto-Immune Disorder   The United States Court of Federal Claims sided with the estate of Tambra Harris, who died as a result of an auto-immune disease called systemic lupose erythematosus (SLE). The court awarded $475,000 following her death after finding the hepatitis vaccine caused her injury in the form of SLE.

[vid] The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - Dr. Tent - It's Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses

[2012 Dec] Ryan suffered a "Table injury under the Vaccine Act – namely, an encephalitis within five to fifteen days following receipt of the December 19, 2003 MMR vaccine"

[2012 Dec] WHAT WAS MI6 TEAM DOING IN PARIS THE NIGHT PRINCESS DIANA DIED?   RUSSIAN intelligence agents in France had become suspicious of the sudden arrival of three senior MI6 officers in Paris before Princess Diana’s death

[2011] Vaccine-nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time by Andreas Moritz


[2013 Jan] Obama’s ‘kill list’ critic found dead in New York City Brooklyn’s chief medical examiner ruled the death a suicide by hanging, but no further detail is available about the mysterious death.

Who Killed Aaron Swartz?  The bankers, generals, and spooks who comprise our invisible government had plenty of reasons to kill Aaron Swartz, especially because the internet—along with a well-armed citizenry—are the last remaining obstacles on the road to their totalitarian horizon.  He was creative, idealistic, and unbendable.  He was young and admired by many.  If not checked, he might have slowed down the Syndicate’s attacks on the biosphere, freedom, peace, justice, free flow of information, and common decencies.  So the invisible government probably did kill him.  They did so either indirectly through constant harassment, as his loved ones publicly state, or, most likely, directly by hanging him and alleging that he hung himself.

[2013 Jan] Video Footage Shows Prime Minister Visits Paralyzed Children, Powerful Groups Involved in Vaccine Campaign By Christina England

Sandy Hook At the 8:35 mark of the same video (above) is a picture of slain Sandy Hook first grade teacher Victoria Soto in the right foreground. In the background on the left is a white-haired man making a devil’s horn sign with his hand. Remarkable resemblance of Sandy Hook victims and professional crisis actors

[vid] The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - Dr. Tent - It's Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses

[2013 Jan] Hitler's British Handler

[2013 jan] Russians Learned "Gun Control" Lesson

Zero Dark Thirty Review-Analysis; Eleven Instances of Disinformation

[1990] The WHO Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation. Its formation, objectives and research activities

 out of five hundred children who received the new meningitis vaccine MenAfriVac, at least 40 of them between the ages of 7 and 18 have become paralyzed. Those children also suffered hallucinations and convulsions.

[2012 Dec] The British Dimension - the WHO Mercury Cover-Up and the CDC By John Stone

[2013 Jan] Prominent rifle manufacturer killed in mysterious car crash days after posting psych drug link to school shooters

[2012 Dec] Prevenar 13 Pneumococcal Vaccine Damned in Belgian Media Reports

[2012 Jan] Parents Paid Hush Money After 40 Children Paralyzed by Vaccine

[2012 Dec] Vaccine Bombshell: Leaked Confidential Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After This Vaccine By Christina England  within a two-year period, a total of 36 infants died after receiving the 6-in-1 vaccine, Infanrix Hexa.

Aspartame Linked to Leukemia & Lymphoma in Groundbreaking Study

[2012 Oct] Former Minister says Thatcher aide was paedophile who preyed on boys' home - and Hague should have known

[2012 Nov] Savile’s Travels: How Sir Jimmy Was Fingered as Peter Sutcliffe’s Accomplice  Sutcliffe victim Irene Richardson was killed in 1977 – only yards from where Jimmy Savile demanded oral sex from his paperboy, and another murder victim was knifed by the Ripper in front of Savile’s other Leeds home at the time....But we have an even bigger theme now in play with the Savile-Sutcliffe link. If Savile is eventually linked to Sutcliffe or any other Savile murders turn up, then anyone who covered for Jimmy – including the BBC, would, in theory, be guilty, in theory, of aiding and abetting a mass murderer.

[2012 Nov] Award-winning journalist who helped expose the North Wales child abuse scandal calls for a proper police investigation   On Friday night a victim of the North Wales children's homes abuse scandal told BBC Newsnight he was prostituted in care by a senior Tory politician. Steven Messham, now 51, had first publicly named this man 15 years ago at Sir Ronald Waterhouse's 1997 judicial inquiry into the care scandal. But the Press was barred from reporting his shocking allegation....Only seven staff were ever prosecuted and allegations against the powerful outsiders who allegedly picked up children outside the homes were never investigated by police or the inquiry, whose terms of reference were limited....At least 16 lads from these homes died in tragic or unexplained circumstances, several after revealing abuse. I vividly remember ringing the tribunal and asking if it would be investigating these deaths.  A very self-satisfied functionary told me it would not be and, when I angrily asked why not, he replied with an almost visible smirk: 'Well, if they're dead they can't give evidence, can they?'....
He claims police failed to put most of what he said about the politician and other man into his witness statement......Like other residents, Steven described being abused by a senior police officer who often visited Bryn Estyn. He sometimes gave him money afterwards...... "In the home it was the standard abuse which was violent and sexual. Outside it was like you were sold, we were taken to the Crest Hotel in Wrexham, mainly on Sunday nights, where they would rent rooms.  "One particular night I always recall is when I was basically raped, tied down, and abused by nine different men."
....Victims say that a key figure in North Wales police was an abuser too and led a cover-up, while social services ignored complaints, victimised concerned staff, and aggressively suppressed 12 increasingly critical inquiry reports.  The outstandingly brave chairman of the council's social services committee, Labour councillor Malcolm King, was threatened by police, the council and their insurers with prison, bankruptcy, libel suits and forfeiting his home if he leaked the final devastating report by John Jillings to the Press.

"He explained that all the dog could now eat was little tiny pieces of dog treats. I told him to put the oil right on the dog treat and feed it to his pet. About a week later, I received a call from him, telling me the dog was now eating
properly again and seemed to be back to normal. A few weeks afterwards, he brought the dog to my home and, by all appearances, his much loved companion was now in good health again. He had taken the dog back to the vet, but now they could find no cancer present.
    He was very happy to have his pet back, but you could tell he was quite disturbed about what he had just learned. He exclaimed in disbelief, “Rick, they have been lying to us, haven’t they?” I stated, “That’s right, and the proof is standing next to you, wagging his tail.”----Simpson, Rick

Gregg Levendoski Today my father who suffers from Macular degeneration and has been almost completely blind in both eyes went to the Doctor again after taking my Phoenix tears for the last 6 months. Today the doctors where surprised because his vision that has done nothing but get worse has begun to improve. the nerve endings have begun to reconnect and he tested today with 20/20 in his RIGHT EYE.
CANNABIS CURES. I have given Phoenix Tears that I learned how to make from Rick Simpson. This is a very good day. it proves the power of Cannabis Simpson, Rick

[2010 Book] Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network by Dean Henderson

[2012 Nov] Romney’s Cuban “Bond Girl”  Since 1999, a team of FBI and intelligence agents from Mexico have traced Mitt Romney and his mistress, Maria, Perez Andropov, a Cuban/Russian intelligence agent, traveling in and out of Cuba on diplomatic passports.

[2012 Nov] Most UK Medics Refusing Flu Vaccines – UK’s New Chief Medical Officer Resorts To Bullying


[2012 Nov] Autism "Danish Study" Author is "On the Run..."

[2012 Oct] Boy nearly killed by a dose of ibuprofen: Allergy left him covered in blisters on life support

Mykayla. Eating Cannabis Oil saved her life when she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

New Jersey Contracted RFID Evacuee Tracking Tech Just Days Before Sandy Formed

[2012 Nov] Jimmy Savile and British Establishments Paedophile ring

[2012 Oct] MP raises claim of past paedophile ring linked to No 10

[2012 Oct] Ex- Marxist Says He Knew Obama As Marxist- Leninist In College,

[2012 Oct] Mammograms Linked To An Epidemic of Misdiagnosed Cancers

[2012 Nov] Obama’s October Surprise – Creating and Steering Hurricane Sandy

Symbolic Pics of the Month (11/12)

[2012 Nov] Health care workers are refusing flu vaccinations and hesitant to offer them  Some health workers in Switzerland are refusing to get vaccinated against current influenza strains and are hesitant to offer the vaccine to patients. A study led by Geneva's teaching hospitals last year showed that many health care personnel thought of seasonal flu as "a benign disease not really requiring any special [prevention] effort." A Swiss-German gynecologist explained to that he refuses to vaccinate pregnant women against the flu, as ordered by the Federal Office of Public Health, “because we cannot rule out the risk of resulting fetal abnormalities”.

[2012 Nov. Vaccination-Liberation] One nurse's success in beating flu vax requirement


[2012 Oct] Hack the vote: Russian election chief rips US elections, voting machines

[2012 Oct] Oil Executive and Renewable Fuel Researcher Assassinated

[2012 Oct] Jimmy Savile: Steptoe and Son actor Wilfrid Brambell 'abused boys in Jersey' claims whistleblower

[2012 Oct] Jimmy Savile: 'He was the tip of the iceberg’  Lenny Harper agrees: “Savile chose his victims with great care; vulnerable and often troubled youngsters many in care homes. If they complained they were labelled troublemakers, or brutally put down. We know from court cases and statements made to my team [during the 2008 inquiry] that children in Jersey care homes were 'loaned out’ to members of the yachting fraternity and other prominent citizens on the pretence of recreational trips but during which they were savagely abused and often raped.
    “When these children complained they were beaten and locked in cellars [at Haut de la Garenne], which the Jersey authorities denied existed in 2008, but which can still be seen on YouTube footage. What chance did they have? This would have been the perfect hunting ground for Savile. The great and good of Jersey fawn over anyone with even loose connections to British royalty. Saville would have been a VIP to them and children would not have stood a dog’s chance of complaining about him. It would have been so easy for him.”

[2012 pdf] Vaccine Ingredients — A Comprehensive Guide

[2012 July] 36 Natural Alternatives for Infection


[2012 Nov] UBC researchers advocate HPV vaccine scrutiny A human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine may trigger fatal autoimmune or neurological events in some cases, two UBC researchers say. Their findings come as public-health authorities, who maintain that the shots are safe, are urging young women to get vaccinated to prevent cervical cancer.

[2012 Book] VACCeptable Injuries: Increasing Childhood Diseases & Developmental Disorders by Markus Heinze


The Covert War Against Rock by Alex Constantine

[1994] Acid Dreams: The Complete Social History of LSD: The CIA, the Sixties, and Beyond by Martin A. Lee, & Bruce Shlain

[2012 Aug] 30 years of secret, official transcripts prove vaccine schedules in US and UK are based on government lies  “[T]he JCVI made continuous efforts to withhold critical data on severe, adverse reactions and contraindications to vaccinations to both parents and health practitioners in order to reach overall vaccination rates which they deemed were necessary for ‘herd immunity,’ a concept which with regards to vaccination, and contrary to prevalent beliefs, does not rest on solid scientific evidence,”  “Official documents obtained from the U.K. Department of Health (DH) and the JCVI reveal that the British health authorities have been engaging in such practice for the last 30 years, apparently for the sole purpose of protecting the national vaccination program.”...The transcripts of the JCVI meetings also show that some of the Committee members had extensive ties to pharmaceutical companies and that the JCVI frequently co-operated with vaccine manufacturers on strategies aimed at boosting vaccine uptake. Some of the meetings at which such controversial items were discussed were not intended to be publicly available, as the transcripts were only released later, through the Freedom of Information Act (FOI).


Make It EASY:  My 5-Day Detox Programs

Echinacea PREVENTS Colds & Influenza

[2012 Oct] Aspartame is linked to leukemia and lymphoma in new landmark study on humans

[2012 Oct] Ginger Treats Cancer, Brain Inflammation, Radiation, Staph & Much More!

[2012 Oct] GM Wheat May Damage Human Genetics Permanently

[2011] Many Invasive Breast Cancers Heal Naturally: Lancet Study

[2011 Nov] Junk Science Claim That Modern Medicine Greatly Extends Life After Cancer Based on Cheap Trick

[2012 Oct] Whooping Cough Epidemic Caused by Virulent New Pertussis Strain—And It’s the Result of Vaccine

[pdf 2012] GLOBAL DEPOPULATION STRATEGY INTERVIEW  Vaccines are the same thing. I interviewed a Black South African woman who told me that she and the women in her family had many children—not her, but the women in her family had no problem having children. She said that when she and her friends went into the hospital in South Africa to have their first babies—these are Black women, they were not allowed to leave the hospital until they had a shot. She said they wouldn’t tell us what was in the shot, but we couldn’t leave until we had it. She said none of us ever had a live birth again. They were given a vaccination, or chemical agent, medical agent that made them allergic to their own fertilized egg. So, none of them ever had another baby. She also said Black babies born in these South African hospitals neither parent had AIDS, but the newborn baby went home with AIDS. This Green Beret Special Ops soldier was on a special mission to South Africa. The U. S. military was transporting United Nations and World Health Organization doctors to South Africa to deal with an outbreak of an epidemic of something like Anthrax. He told me when they got down there the area was quarantined; it was also the center of the greatest resistance to Apartheid. He looked around and he said there was no disease outbreak; it was very obvious. He began challenging the doctors and asking them why they were really down there. Finally a doctor from Finland said no, there is no outbreak here. But we are going to vaccinate all these people, and in 12 years they will be dead. That was the introduction of AIDS.

Makow's "Ten Superb Movies that Bombed"

[2012 May] The prescription drugs George Zimmerman was taking when he killed Trayvon Martin  Temazepam, Adderall

[2012 Oct] Hidden History of Halloween  Halloween was designed to be a framework for self initiation into the Luciferian way of thinking. Once a minor toe hold of the occult in modern life, why has Halloween imagery and obsession with lust and death become the mainstay of the entertainment industry?  Notice that as Halloween mushroomed since 1966, so has obsession and 'revolution' of perverted sex, the occult, and admiration of serial killers and psychotics. If Jewish religious schools caution parents that observance of Halloween is pagan and therefore destructive to the Jewish educational process, that also applies to Christian and Muslim parents.   Halloween is religious indoctrination and formation into Druid paganism, witchcraft, and Satanism.

[2012 Oct] 'Key witness' in Polish presidential plane crash dies, suicide suspected

[2011] Pot 'cured' brain cancer: Toddler Cash Hyde's father gave him cannabis oil to treat tumour

[2012 Oct] CDC brazenly tries to poison all pregnant women with whooping cough vaccines that we know don't even work



The CIA’s Muslim “Outfit,” – The Muslim Brotherhood


SAVILE, GEORGE THOMAS, LEO ABSE, POLICE "Jimmy Savile cultivated the friendship of a group of senior police officers through weekly meetings at his penthouse apartment, while being investigated over a string of abuse cases, a friend of the star has told The Times. "The broadcaster’s 'Friday Morning Club' included up to nine serving and retired police officers. The meetings were held regularly for almost 20 years until shortly before his death."

[2012 Oct] Why Immediate cord clamping must cease by Hilary Butler

[2012 Book] Why Germs Don't Make You Ill and Drugs Can't Cure You

How To Be Naturally Healthy Why Germs Don't Make You Ill & Drugs Can't Cure You

Hurricane Sandy

[2011] Mohawk Children Murdered by Canadian Army

[2012 Oct] CNBC Exec’s Children Murdered, 1 Day After CNBC Reports $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit

Did Israel Just Blow up an Iranian Weapons Factory in Sudan?

Voter Fraud: North Carolina Residents Select Romney But Vote Comes Up for Obama

Voter Fraud Inevitable from Digital Elections

[2012 Oct] Engineered Storm? HAARP Monitoring Project Records Strongest Readings Ever Directed In Path of...

Al-Qaeda operates on behalf of Israel, West (Press TV)

Mini-Neutron Bombs: A Major Piece of the 9/11 Puzzle

Mississippi town sued for 'school-to-prison pipeline' targeting minorities and disabled

Pentagon prisons revealed: WikiLeaks publishes terror detainee manuals

[2012]  Native Americans ‘slaughtered, sacrificed, fenced in reservations’ in US   According to the US data, when Europeans came here, there were around 12 million Indians across 48 states. By the early 20th century, only 250,000 Native Americans survived. About 70% of Indians are refugees in their own country; they have been displaced from their own land. The US carried out an unparalleled genocide: they killed 99.6% Indians.
.....The United States is a fake country that has no culture. It’s easy to manipulate such a country, and to channel its people. The U.S. has a façade shown to the rest of the world, but few know of its reverse side as thoroughly as Indians do. The picture people see is not the reality of today’s United States. Even the President who’s in office today wasn’t really elected, like back in the year 2000. Young people certainly strive to get here to achieve their dreams. But really anyone coming only has one reason: they want to become rich and successful, and they want to get their opportunities [to succeed]. Once you talk to them you realize they don’t even dream of anything beyond money-making. This was the reason Europeans came here. This is the principle of the American life. The world is sick and tired of American prosperity. The world is waking up.
...The life span is getting lower by the year. Men hardly live longer than 44 years, and few women are older than 47. This is worse than in the poorest African countries. The unemployment rate is about 73%. .....Every fourth baby dies. Pharmaceutical companies take the healthiest kids away from their families, send them to orphanages and test drugs on them, including psychotic ones. To make matters worse, people kidnap children from reservations and sell them for organ removal or psychiatric experiments. A few cases have been started against these kidnappers. Beating and corporal punishment is rampant in schools. For kids from the reservations school embodies violence.
    Scores of reservation dwellers are infected with tuberculosis, polio, and other diseases which have been defeated in the US. There are many more instances of hypertension and diabetes in reservations than in the areas populated by white Americans.
    The reason for that is this particular free fodder that generations of our people have been fed. This free food contains nothing but carbs, while two thirds of our people cannot afford buying proper food. No other place in the United States has such death and disease rates as we do. Our water is intoxicated by uranium mines located in the Reservation. People living near uranium deposits suffer from cancer and all the associated diseases; women suffer miscarriages, and deliver unhealthy babies. Poor living conditions, uranium-intoxicated water and bad nutrition are the three reasons that have been killing off my people. We tried going all kinds of other ways such as rebellions, protests, marches, addresses, and strikes, but nothing got changed. The Republic of Lakotah was declared in the name of rescuing our people that the U.S. government didn’t care about. We began to die out, but we don’t want to anymore.
    Most of tribal unions aren’t doing anything but cooperate with the colonial regime. They are like the Vichy Government under Hitler – merely making an impression of self-governance in the reservations. But they are even worse than the occupants. They are now spreading rumors that we hadn’t consulted with our people and chiefs. This isn’t true. We did consult with those who are respected by people rather than the authorities. We reached an agreement with a hundred out of over 500 tribes, and with 480 families of several hundred people each. There are those in our tribes who we call miniature oligarchs, the caricature millionaires who made money on troubles of their people by selling alcohol and TVs. They also want to keep the current state of things otherwise they would lose their platform for developing their business. This mockery of life had ended on 17th December 2007. We are free. The Indian ‘Vichy’ wanted to keep their power over the Indian souls; but the Republic of Lakotah put an end to it.   “I spent 34 years as a law enforcement officer working in good faith to enforce marijuana prohibition, and I saw that these criminalization laws are worse than merely ineffective. They resulted in fellow cops needlessly losing their lives, millions of people getting criminal records that make it harder for them to lead successful lives and billions of dollars going into the pockets of gangs and cartels. That's why I count myself among the Marijuana Majority. Every day more people are speaking out about the need for change, and more savvy politicians are starting to see which way the wind is blowing.”

[2012 Oct] New Research Shows How Gardasil and Cervarix Vaccines Can Silently Kill Your Daughters And Sons

[2012 Oct] ‘I had turned into this old, frail man overnight’

[2011] De Beers Diamond Mine on Rez: Indians in Squalor

1966 Timothy Leary interview on LSD

Nation Tunes In To See Which Sociopath More Likable

Election fraud storm-clouds loom over Presidential race

Suppressed Internet: 9/11 Article from 2010 Surfaces

Mountaintop Weatherball Marker

[2012 Oct] 7 Awesome Natural Sources of Vitamin D.

[2012 Oct] Study Indicates Marijuana is Effective in Multiple Sclerosis Relief

Stop Poisoning Our Children with Fluoride

[2009] Harriet Harman - Paedophile Supporter

[2012 July] CIA “Manages” Drug Trade, Mexican Official Says

Free Elwood Many innocent parents are being falsely accused of child abuse when their child unexpectedly become ill. This site is to promote better understanding of SBS and MSBP and to highlight the fact that sometimes the doctors, courts and the CPS get things wrong.

[2012 Oct] Ben Fellows: ‘Murdoch Newspaper Does a ‘BBC’ to Protect Pedophiles and Child Abusers’

[2012 Oct] Former Child Actor is Let Down After Opening Up to Media: ‘I named names, but they’ve buried my story’

[2012 Oct] 'I RAN THE GAUNTLET OF PEDOPHILES IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY’, SAYS FORMER CHILD ACTOR  As for the disgusting excuse for a public servant –  Harriet Harman MP, who in the past has advocated for less stricter legislation on pedophile photographs, films and videos and wants the age of consent lowered to 14 years old – I say, only a pedophile would want to call for less legislation and therefore make being a pedophile much, much easier and more legal.

Jimmy Savile and how the liberal left encouraged the sexualisation of our children Back in 1978, an organisation called the Paedophile Information Exchange affiliated itself to the National Council for Civil Liberties — known today as Liberty. PIE — whose members were reportedly attracted to boys and girls — set out to make paedophilia respectable.
    It campaigned to reduce the age of consent and resist controls on child pornography. Until it excluded PIE in 1983, the NCCL thus backed this disgusting agenda of child abuse.
    Indeed, even before PIE was affiliated to it, the NCCL was campaigning to liberalise paedophilia and reduce the age of sexual consent to 14. In 1976, the NCCL argued ‘childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in with an adult, result in no identifiable damage’. And in 1977 it said: ‘NCCL has no policy on [PIE’s] aims, other than the evidence that children are harmed if, after a mutual relationship with an adult, they are exposed to the attentions of the police, Press and court.’  The assumption that paedophilia did not harm a child, and that the only harm was done instead by reporting it to the police, was, of course, grotesque.  Yet during this time, when PIE members were being prosecuted on indecency and pornography charges, the General Secretary of the NCCL was Patricia Hewitt — later to become a Labour Cabinet minister.
    A second future Labour minister, Harriet Harman, served as the NCCL’s legal officer for four years from 1978. Harman has called the Savile revelations ‘a stain’ on the BBC. Yet while she was at the NCCL she seemed untroubled by its PIE affiliate. Moreover, she campaigned for a liberalisation of child porn laws. In the NCCL’s response to a Bill that aimed to ban indecent images of under-16s, she stated absurdly that pornographic photographs or films of children should not be considered indecent unless it could be shown the subject had suffered, claiming that the new law could lead to ‘damaging and absurd prosecutions’ and ‘increase censorship’. Embarrassed by this reminder, Harman now insists she never condoned pornography and had merely wanted to ensure the new law delivered child protection rather than censorship.
    How disingenuous. For in such liberal circles, freedom unconstrained by any rules at all had become the shibboleth. Not just freedom of expression but — fatefully — freedom to have sex without any constraints.  Any form of sexual activity was seen as a ‘right’ — regardless of with whom you did it. That’s why the NCCL also campaigned to decriminalise incest.  Objectors were damned as prigs, prudes and bigots. Their silence was enforced by the vicious, politically correct demonisation of anyone who tried to blow the whistle on licentious behaviour, which was blessed by liberals and thus deemed to be untouchable. The result was that in case after case over the years, the authorities turned a blind eye to the systematic sexual abuse of children in care homes, principally through the terror of being labelled ‘homophobic’.

Jimmy Savile: A Prime Example of an Entertainment Industry Abuser Protected by the Elite

Britney Spear’s Former Nanny To Testify in Trial About How the Singer was Manipulated by Handler

[dvd] Got the facts on Milk? (

Turkey Leads US-Sponsored Military Encirclement Of Syria

Settlers Destroy More Than 7,500 Olive Trees

UFO Disclosure: Gordon Duff on Coast to Coast with George Noory

22 Year Old with Food Allergy Gets Arrested for Cannabis Possession and Dies After One Night in Jail

The fabric behind the elite's control on power is paedophilia.

Amnesty International Denounces Torture in California Prisons

[2012 Oct] Gardasil Destroys Girl’s Ovaries: It Should Have Been Predicted

[2012 Oct] Turmeric Compound Reduces Post-Bypass Heart Attack Risk 56%

Ex-director general’s office implicated in BBC ‘sex abuse cover up’


Spielberg's Hoax

[2008] 'I have known about Jersey paedophiles for 15 years,' says award-winning journalist

[2012 Oct] The prostitute who ended Tony Blair's chances for the EU Presidency

[2012 Oct] Secret Papers Reveal Funding Refused to Researchers Looking Into Link Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Vaccinations By Christina England  Secret papers hidden in archives for years clearly show that when medical researchers applied for funding to study the link between vaccinations and the debilitating condition known as ME/CFS in more detail, their applicat