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[2017 June] A Botched Vaccine Campaign For Measles Killed 15 Children in South Sudan

[2016 Dec India] 4-month-old dies day after vaccination, parents protest

[2016 Nov] 237 deaths by Pentavalent vaccine and still counting

[2016 Nov] Dozens of children feared dead after being injected with ‘tainted’ measles vaccine in Syria

[2016 July ANIMAL] Dog owners' concerns over dog deaths  According to reports made to the Government's Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) by pet owners, more than 120 dogs are feared to have died after receiving a dosage in the three years the product has been on the market.  In the last two years, regulators have received 2,000 reports of dogs having suspected adverse or fatal reactions.  

[2016 May] Teenage girl dies five days after receiving HPV vaccine jab

[2016 March. Burma] At least 3 newborns dead after vaccination in Bago 

[2015 Jan] Judges demand answers after children die in controversial cancer vaccine trial in India 

[2015 Italy] 2-mth-old baby dies after vaccination

[2015 Sept Kenya] Panic as two children die, seven in critical condition after measles vaccination

[2015 June] Four Month Old Baby Dies After Being Jabbed With 7 Vaccines; Autopsy Report Censors Vaccine Info

[2015 May] 2 Babies die, 37 others sickened by vaccines in southern Mexico  A total of 52 children received the BCG (tuberculosis), rotavirus and hepatitis B vaccines....A total of "14 children are in serious condition, 22 are stable and one is in critical condition," the Chiapas Health Secretariat said in a statement.  "Two children age 1 died," the secretariat said.

[2014] Baby deaths not caused by Shenzhen firm's hepatitis B vaccine, say officials  Mainland health authorities do not believe hepatitis B vaccinations played a role in the deaths of 17 infants.

[2014 Sept] Dozens of children feared dead after being injected with 'tainted’ measles vaccine in Syria  As many as 36 children were reported to have died excruciating deaths last night after receiving tainted measles vaccines under a UN-sponsored programme in the rebel-held north of Syria.

[2014 May] Alarming situation : Four children reportedly die from measles vaccine

[2014 May India] Negligence?: Measles vaccine claims yet another life in K-P

[2013 Feb] Teen dies from flu after receiving flu shot

[2013 Jan] Vaccine deaths yet to show ‘causal links’ 

[2013 Jan] Pentavalent vaccine unsafe, say experts

[2012 Sept] 10-year-old dies after school vaccination drive

[2012 Sept] Other illness, not the vaccines, causes boy's death

[2012 Aug India] Immunization side-effects claimed 133 children’s lives in 2011

[2012 Aug] 4 children die, 12 taken ill after receiving vaccination  Four infants died today in Doti district of western Nepal after receiving anti-measles vaccines

[2012 June. India] Two kids die after being given measles vaccine

[2012 March] Infarmed suspended vaccines RotaTeq and Prevnar 13 for suspected adverse reaction   The National Authority of Medicines and Health Products (Infarmed) determined, as a precautionary measure, the immediate suspension of the use of vaccines RotaTeq and Prevnar 13 for suspected serious adverse reactions in children.......According to today's edition of the Journal News, Infarmed this decision is related to the death, on Monday, a baby of six months in a nursery in Camarate, Loures, which had been recently vaccinated.

[2012 March] Four children die in Kerala after administration of pentavalent vaccine

[2102 Feb] Three deaths may have link to flu jab  The deaths occurred in a baby whose mother was given the vaccine, and in two elderly people.

[2012 Jan] Flu Shot or Not? State Health Officials Warn Against "Alarmist" Reaction to Young Girl's Death   She got a flu shot. The next day, she developed a bad headache and fever. On December 6, the normally happy and healthy girl, who had no previous history of chronic health problems or adverse reactions to vaccines, turned blue, stopped breathing and died in her mother’s arms.

[2012 Jan] GSK lab fined over vaccine tests that killed 14 babies   GlaxoSmithKline Argentina Laboratories company was fined 400,000 pesos..... for the killing of 14 babies during illegal lab vaccine trials conducted between 2007 and 2008.......“These doctors took advantage of many illiterate parents whom take their children for treatment by pressuring and forcing them into signing these 28-page consent forms and getting them involved in the trials.”    “Laboratories can't experiment in Europe or the United States, so they come to do it in third-world countries."

[2011 Nov] Vaccine-nation: ‘Globally-supported company is funding fatal polio shots’  A government inquiry has found that polio vaccines for infants funded by the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunisation are causing deaths and disabilities in regional countries including Pakistan......The report stated that five deaths have been reported in Japan this year soon after the vaccination was administered while 25 serious adverse reactions, including five deaths, were reported in Sri Lanka in 2008

[2011 Aug] Indians sitting ducks as drug trials turn fatal  For the first time since 2010 when six tribal girls from Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh involved in the clinical trials of anti-cervical cancer HPV vaccine died, the government has admitted that 1,725 persons have lost their lives to drug trials in the last four years.

[2011 Aug] Two kids die in Nagaur after measles vaccination

[2011 July] Child dies after being administered measles vaccine

[2011 June. India] Parents blame infant`s death on polio drops

[2011 June] 4,000 goats die in China after vaccination

[2011 June SA] Babies die after vaccinations

[2011 May] More Youngsters Dying Soon After Vaccination in India. Government Unable to Say Why.  CHENNAI: More children in India are dying every year soon after being vaccinated, and the government has no clue why. Union health ministry statistics obtained under the Right to Information Act show that 128 children died in 2010 due to adverse effects after immunization (AEFI). That count has risen in the past three years, with 111 such deaths in 2008 and 116 in 2009.

[2011 March. Japan] Four infant deaths trigger vaccines halt  The two types are the Hib vaccine, which prevents bacterial meningitis, and a vaccine against streptococcus pneumonia.

[2010 Oct] 40 deaths linked to child vaccines over seven years

[2010 Sept] Flu vaccine not ruled out in 2yo's death

[2010 Aug] Measles (vaccine) deaths in Lucknow: Health Ministry orders an inquiry  four infants, all below nine months, died near Lucknow on Sunday after they were vaccinated for measles

[2010 Aug] U.S. bans CSL influenza vaccine  Following febrile fits and deaths in children

[2010 May] Swine flu vaccine caused deaths   Ten people in Norway have died as a result of last year’s mass vaccination programme

[2010 May] 2 kids dead after vaccination, locals protest Villagers of Shaikhpara at Gajol in Malda district stage protests today following the death of two infants who received DPT and BCG vaccines at the Sheikpara Sub-Health Centre  two days ago.

[2010 May] Trial and Error: Ethical Violations of HPV Vaccination Trials in India  The state government has claimed that the deaths of the four girls post-vaccination were unrelated to the ‘project’. However, parents of Kudumula Sarita, who died in January 2010, believe that their daughter died due to the vaccination, and not by consuming pesticide, as has been officially declared by the authorities.

[2010 April] Toddler Ashley Jade Epapara, 2, dies after flu vaccination

[2010 April] Cancer vaccine programme suspended after 4 girls die

[2010 March. India] Babies dead after anti-measles shots

[2009 Dec] Child dies, family blames triple dose of vaccines  A two-month-old baby girl died a day after she was administered oral pulse polio drops along with Hepatitis B vaccine and DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus) vaccine

[2009] Cancer jab girl, 18, has brain damage  Natalie Morton, 14, from Coventry, died hours after having the jab.

[2009 Dec] 8 year old Dutch boy died 3 days after receiving a MMR/DTP vaccine

[2009 Nov] PHAC confirms 24 cases of anaphylaxis across Canada after H1N1 flu shots  There have been 24 confirmed cases of a type of severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis in Canadians who have received an H1N1 flu shot, including one person who died after getting vaccinated, the head of the Public Health Agency of Canada said Wednesday.

[2009 Nov] My boy's agonising death after virus vaccination

2009 Nov] Chinese health officials reported on Friday the first deaths in people who received the H1N1 vaccine.

[2009 Nov] Death may scare public off H1N1 shot

[2009 Oct] New treatment in flu vaccine controversy  A 64-year-old woman died last week just two days after receiving an inoculation against the new A(H1N1) influenza virus dubbed swine flu......Hungary's new flu vaccine not suitable for children, pregnant women, says health advisor

[2009 Nov] Vaccine use halted after baby deaths  The Dutch health institute RIVM has stopped the distribution of a batch of Pfizer's Prevnar childhood vaccine following the death of three babies shortly after being vaccinated.

[2009 oct] Fifth "swine flu" vaccine death in Sweden - vaccinations still go ahead as planned!  Today, Svenska Dagbladet reports that over 350 cases of side effects from the Pandemrix "swine flu" shot, has been recorded so far. It has also become clear that this shot contains the most deadly mix of substances of all the known vaccines manufactured against the so called "swine flu" H1N1 influenza. The official number of deaths from the "swine flu" vaccine is now five. And that is only those who have strong immediate reactons, the long term effects are usually never even investigated. If you would die from the shot two weeks after you took it, your death would not be considered to have anything to do with the vaccination. Severe health problems years after will of course be very hard to link to the poisonous injection. Even if these five official cases died within days, the official story is of course as expected: "none of these deaths has been confirmed to be linked to the vaccine".


[2009 oct] Deaths in Korea from Flu Vaccination Five people have died after being vaccinated against seasonal influenza since the nation’s health authority began providing free shots on the first day of this month.

[2009 Oct] 2 ALS Cases May Be Linked to Gardasil Vaccine Jenny was a 15-year-old girl who lost her battle to a rapidly degenerative neurological disease on March 15, 2009. To save other Jennies, please sign the VAERS petition at

[2009 Oct Natalie Morton] A message to the gullible by Hilary Butler EVEN THOUGH it’s underlying conditions which are said to be the main problem, you can bet your next sunshiny day, that when the swine flu vaccine come out, we will all be told to have them.  You won't be told, "The vaccine is unnecessary because it’s ONLY the underlying health issues that are the problem." We will probably be told that everyone needs to have the vaccine, in order to protect all those with underlying conditions!!
....Consider the 17 deaths from swine flu in this country, who have died, supposedly because of underlying conditions
.....All these people ONLY died from Swine flu, because the swine flu virus produces a serious health condition AS A RESULT of an underlying condition
.......don’t you think it’s amazing that while over a million American kids land up in hospital with drug reactions and adverse side effects from drugs every year, everything that happens after vaccines, is always blamed on the parent, or the person, BUT..... never the vaccine?

[2009 Sept] NHS Trust suspends cervical cancer vaccinations after girl, 14, dies within hours of jab

[2009 June] Autopsy: Child was smothered. Mom wants answers after baby dies  A two-month-old baby girl died in her mother's arms yesterday morning, hours after having her first vaccination...Her parents insisted yesterday that the child's death was caused by the vaccine, although the autopsy stated that she was smothered.

Vaccine shots kill four babies. As many as four babies lost their lives soon after they were given measles vaccine shots in Tamil Nadu. The state government has ordered a probe. The vaccine was supplied by the Central government-owned institute in Hyderabad.

[2009 may] The case of Sam Goldstein and the swine flu vaccine Within a month Sam Goldstein was dead. He was hospitalized shortly after the first tingling, then paralysis spread throughout his body. He died of pneumonia, a complication of Guillain-Barre, on Jan. 15, 1977. Between 24 and 32 people died of illnesses related to the vaccine, and an estimated 500 people developed Guillain-Barre syndrome. The feared pandemic of swine flu never materialized.

[2009 March Sri Lanka. Rubella vax] Peshala Hashani

[2009 March Vietnam] Vaccines not responsible for 11 child deaths: ministry [Beat this: The Ministry of Health has announced that vaccines and vaccination processes were not to blame for the death of 11 Vietnamese children since last April. ....The deaths were accidental, said Hien, and were caused by unforeseen individual reactions to the vaccinations.]

[2009 March Rubella vax] Sri Lankan student dies after vaccination A 12-year-old female student of a leading school in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka died on Friday morning after some 27 students were hospitalized following vaccination against Rubella on Thursday.

[Age of Autism] Jenny Tetlock passed away on Sunday. Her neurologists cited an unusual form of childhood ALS. Others point to Gardasil. Our sincere condolences to her family whose blog is HERE.
[July 2008] Is HPV Vaccine to Blame for a Teen's Paralysis? About a month after being vaccinated against the cervical cancer-causing HPV virus, 13-year-old Jenny Tetlock missed the lowest hurdle in gym class, the first hint of the degenerative muscle disease that, 15 months later, has left the previously healthy teenager nearly completely paralyzed.

[2008] MMR death (George Fisher)

[2008] Did your child suffer a severe side effect from a vaccine? Garry and Rachel Williams will receive $250,000 from the government for the death of their daughter. The Williams claimed the Mumps, Measles, Rubella Vaccine or MMR killed their daughter.

[2008 Dec BCG, DPT] Two children die after vaccination in Bihar

[2008 Dec] Baby died ten days after being given MMR jab 'because of failure to warn of possible complications'

[2008 Nov] Prevnar  vaccine] India Halts Wyeth Vaccine Trial Over Infant Death

[2008 Oct] Settlement in death of 1-year old Springfield girl from MMR vaccine

[2008 Oct India] 10-month-old baby dies after (measles) vaccine shot

[2008 Sept India] Measles deaths: Govt suspends five employees of Health Dept  vaccination death of 17-year old Anton Tyshchenko. Tyshchenko died in hospital on May 12 after being vaccinated for measles with a serum developed in India.

[2008 Sept Ukraine] Rada commission reports on vaccination death

[2008 Sept] Measles vaccination kills 4 infants in Maharashtra

[2008 India] 5-month-old boy dies hours after vaccination

[2008] Baby didn't die of vaccination Dr Al Jalahma said it was tragic coincidence that Syed Ali died few hours after he received the Penta vaccine (Combined Diphtheria-Tetanus-Acellular Pertussis (DTPa), Hepatitis B and Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine), one for the pneumococcal disease and the oral polio vaccine.

[Aug 14, 2008] Argentina investigates deaths of vaccinated kids a possible link between the deaths of 14 children and an experimental vaccine they were taking in a clinical trial run by GlaxoSmithKline.
[2008] 12 Babies die during vaccine trials in Argentina


[July 2008] Homeless people die after bird flu vaccine trial in Poland


[July 2008] Childhood vaccinations suspended at Genesis pediatric clinics

[May 2008 Russia] Over 90 hospitalized after measles vaccination in east Ukraine

[May 2008 BCG vax India] Another kid dies after vaccination

[April 2008 India] Killer measles vaccine on hold The measles vaccination programme may be suspended across the country. Tamil Nadu has already taken this drastic step after the death of four babies in Thiruvallur on Wednesday.

[Dec 2007] Shot in the dark Heartbroken woman wonders if vaccines killed her infant son Federal health officials are reviewing whether routine immunizations contributed to the deaths of as many as three North Idaho babies this fall.

[Feb 15, 2008] Pneumonia deaths seen with Glaxo vaccine: FDA

[Dec 2007] Heartbroken woman wonders if vaccines killed her infant son
Federal health officials are reviewing whether routine immunizations contributed to the deaths of as many as three North Idaho babies this fall.

[Jan 2008 India] Two children die after being given polio drops

[Oct 2007] Anthrax Vaccine Side Effects Disable Many Military Veterans, Yet Very Little Help Is Available   To date, the FDA has received more than 5,000 adverse event reports for the Anthrax vaccine on its Vaccine Adverse Reporting System. At least 670 reports were classified as "serious", and 44 resulted in deaths.

[Jan 2008 Vietnam] Baby dies after injection of Hepatitis B vaccine


[May 2007] Judicial Watch Uncovers Three Deaths Relating to HPV Vaccine

[12 Oct 2007] Yellow fever vaccine-associated deaths - Peru

[June 2007 DPT] Ruling: Vaccination Caused Boy's Death

[June 2007] Southern Vietnam suspends TB vaccine after infant death This year, in Vietnam, six babies have died and six others developed serious complications after getting shots of vaccines against rabies, hepatitis B

[May 2007] Vietnam suspends use of lg hepatitis B vaccine three newborn babies suddenly died after being administered with the vaccine

[Feb 2007 MMR] Mother accused of killing baby son goes free

[Media Dec 2006 Ireland] £2m payout over children disabled by vaccinations Christopher dead in bed ten days after receiving the measles and rubella (MR) vaccine at school in 1994.

[June 22, 2006] Myocarditis death in soldier may have been caused by vaccines--DOD press release

[Israel Oct 2006] Four people die after receiving flu vaccinations in 2 separate clinics
[Media June 2006] We won't allow MMR cover-up say parents of tragic toddlers
[Media May 2006 MMR vaccine] GSK says Priorix involvement in Vietnam death unconfirmed
[Media 19 April 2006] Flu jab death: inquest call
[Media Feb 2006] Secret report reveals 18 child deaths following vaccinations

[Media Oct 2005 hepatitis B and polio vaccines] Infant dies after being stricken at DYFS office
[Media China 6/2005] Hepatitis vaccine turns out a killer
[Media March 2005] £85,000 for parents of MMR victim (Buxton)
[Media India, November 23 2004] Infants die; reaction to polio drops feared
[Media India, Nov 2004] Polio dropped from list of suspects

[Media Aug 2004] Baby dies after Pulse Polio injection  
[Daily Mail (UK) 18/5/04 ]MMR Killed My Daughter
[Media Feb 2004] SCANDAL OF THE ANTHRAX BABIES Five soldiers lose their babies... They all had the anthrax jab
[Media Jan 2004] The Calgary Sun: Flu shot suspect in death

[Media Nov 2003 Anthrax/military vaccines] U.S. Soldier's Death Is Tied To Vaccines
[Media 6/2002 Hep B vaccine] MUM FOUND BABY DEAD IN HER BED

[Media Sept 2003 Pakistan] 3 babies die after 'measles vaccine'

[Media US, anthrax vaccine]
Ready to deploy, reservist dies

[Media Japan, March 2003, MMR death]
Govt, group ordered to pay in vaccine suit

[Media Japan, March 2003, MMR death & serious brain damage]
Families win lawsuit over MMR vaccine

[Media Japan, Feb 2003 Flu vaccine]
Side effects of influenza vaccines kill seven in two years

[Media May 2002] Smallpox vaccine 'could kill hundreds'

MMR (Private Eye 18-31 Oct 2002 MMR)
[Media May 2002]
MMR deaths awarded by VDPU but denied by UK government (Buxton, Dwyer)

[Media Oct 2002, DPt/Hepb/polio]
Vaccines get recall after death of girl

[Media may 2002] Cuba children die after measles vaccine

[Media Jan 2002] Boy, 2, who contracted polio from vaccine, dies (Zachary Strain)

[Media jan 2002 polio vaccine deaths] Poor response to pulse polio campaign in Assam

[Media 1/2002 MMR deaths] Were all of these children killed by the triple MMR jab?

[Media dec 2001 Measles vaccine] Riots in Algeria as vaccine kills seven babies
[Media USA, July 2001 DPT--brain damage, death] Family Blames Vaccine For Son's Death (Devan Womack)

[Media July 2001] Concerns Emerge Over Safety of Yellow Fever Vaccine



[Media USA, Hep b--death] Ounce of Prevention, Pound of Misery? (Brandon Jack)

[Media USA, Feb 2001, Prevnar vaccine--seizures, death] News 8 Investigates: Prevnar Part 1 (Hayley Graves)

[Media UK, Feb 2001, Flu vaccine--fits] Girl, three, dies after being given wrong gas (Najiyah Hussain)

[2001] Concerns Emerge Over Safety of Yellow Fever Vaccine

[2001] Yellow fever vaccine fears In the first case, a five-year-old girl suffered fever, headache and vomiting three days after being given the vaccine. She died after a five day illness.  The second patient - a 22-year-old woman - developed a sore throat and fever, accompanied by headache, muscle pain, nausea, and vomiting four days after vaccination. She then developed symptoms including jaundice and renal failure, and died after six days of illness

[Media June 2000, MMR--meningitis & death] Mother’s regret over son who still suffers (Matthew Parsons, Joanne OGDEN, Jade SCRIMGER)
[Media UK, Aug 2000 Meningitis C--deaths ] Eleven die after new vaccine jab
[Media UK, Aug 2000 Meningitis C---depression, death, meningitis] Hell of families hit by 'cover-up' (Christopher Robb 16 ,Keith MacGregor 14)
[Media UK, Sept 2000, Meningitis C--death] Call for probe on meningitis death (Keith MacGregor)
[Media UK, May 2000, DPT--severe brain damage, fits, death] Secret trials that crippled 55 babies (Jackie SKATES)
[Media UK, Nov 2000. Flu vaccine---Guillain Barre Syndrome, death] FLU JAB KILLS RITA, 66 (GILLOOLY)

[Media UK, Dec 99 DPT--death] Tragedy of vaccine girl (Chelsea Stephenson)
[Media UK, March 1999] Our beautiful, healthy little girl had an MMR injection. Within hours, she was dying (Emma Gentle)

[Media USA 1998] Jury: Father didn't shake his son- DPT to blame.
[Media USA, 1998, Measles vaccine--brain damage, DPT--death] Brent MCFARLAND, SWEET
[Media UK, Jan 1998, MMR--death] Baby (Harriet Moore) dies after measles jab


[Media USA, 1996, DPT--death, Polio vaccine--polio] Money Magazine article (Nathan Silvermintz,  Lenita Schafer )

[1995, Vaccines--death] The Case of Zachary  Another Tragic Incident of Childhood Vaccination (Zachary Helms)

[Media UK, 1985] Vaccines ‘did not kill twins’

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