Orgonite Q and A

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[Some of the questions often asked.]

Tactical/field orgonite: orgonite you use for taking out Death Towers, and the rest.
Distributing orgonite (towers, water, power lines)

Sourcing and making

Sourcing and making:

What is the best swarf?

Aluminium (ally) is best for gifting as it is cheap if you have to buy it (£1 kilo. Aug 2011), light if you have to post it, and doesn't rust.  It also always comes in usable size.

Ferrous rusts, is heavier and rarely comes in the perfect size.

Copper is better, but hard to source, keep for personal pieces or fancy house HHGs.

Best size of swarf?

Bigger the better, try and avoid small metal filings.  Medium to small ally you need to mix in bucket first.  Larger swarf you can place in mould and pour in the resin.

Where do I look for swarf?

Look under 'aluminium fabricators' in Yellow Pages (UK).  Otherwise any metal working shop may have some ally, but not much.  WHALE Orgone (UK) sells swarf at cost price plus postage (work's out at about £2 kilo inc post.)

How many TBs can I get out of 1kg swarf, and out of 1 gallon  of resin?

About 50 per kilo swarf and 1 gallon of resin.  1 litre of resin weighs c.1 kilo.  They usually sell it by the kilo.  Don't make the mistake of buying a 20 kg (4 galls) drum thinking it is 5 gallons (25 litres).

How much catalyst?

Catalyst comes with the resin.  5 ml/litre is enough in summer, 10 ml will speed it up (winter amount).  For CBs use 5 ml--if it cures too fast it will overheat and bubble, not a pretty sight.

10 ml/litre cures quick, less than 30 mins if in full summer sunlight, which isn't enough time to do 5 litres of  muffins btw, so keep in shade.  10 ml usually takes from 2-4 hours in mild summer (i.e. UK)

Mixing: About 120 turns with a stick is more than enough, it will turn a darker colour.

What is the best catalyst measuring tool?

You can buy a purpose made1 litre measuring bottle (called Dispensers) with a safe to use (Catalyst can blind you if you get it in your eye!) measure at the top if you are making much, or use a syringe (from Fibreglass supplier, chemist or vet).  A teaspoon is 5 ml.

Always use disposable gloves when handling, and glasses are a good idea too.

Squeeze up 20-30ml at a time, as squeezing too much at once will crease the plastic which will crack in time.

Cure temp?

In winter you will need a heat source, but not every day (UK).  Will look up temp for curing.

It has gone white, and takes ages to cure, why?

Doesn't happen often. The swarf has too much (water based) oil.  Dry the water out of it, this should solve the problem. 

Resin type?

Polyester.  The clear resin (used for personal/house pieces) is more expensive and harder to get out of muffin pans or glass moulds (use mould release). is one supplier (UK), they like to have you on shipping costs NB.

Guide price is £20 gallon (5 kilos) inc VAT, not inc transport.  A local fibreglass business may sell you small amounts at a time, and even order a 44 gallon drum for you.  You will save on transport if they do.

Wear the correct mask, especially if you are in an enclosed space. 

What type of muffin tray?

Plastic or metal.  Hard to get trays nowadays without non-stick coating which some prefer as cheap non-stick pans lose all the coating anyway after awhile, leaving bits on the TBs (not great if you are selling them). 

Some of the plastic muffin trays aren't quite 3 fl oz btw.

IKEA sell cheap non-stick muffin trays if they are in stock

HHG moulds for 12 fl oz tactical orgonite?

Plastic funnel. Cut off end and seal with plenty of electricians tape.

Glass moulds for non-tactical HHGs?

Cocktail glasses fit the bill. IKEA sell a cocktail glass (when in stock) that holds 10 fl oz when full, which is about the minimum for HHGs.

Is there a need to use mould release and what if the orgonite sticks?

Only need release agent for clear resin, (used for non-tactical orgonite, fancy HHGs, pendants etc) as it loves to stick, and also bits chips off easier.  Release agent also helps keep the glass clean, important for a good looking finish.

Normal resin comes out of glass easily, although it does stick in pans now and then.  Metal muffin trays you can hit with hammer, and then knock out the dents (saves a fortune on trays).  One advantage of plastic, no problem with sticking.

Use the spray can release agent, e.g. Acmos 82-2405 release spray.

If they still stick in glass put in freezer (in plastic bag).

What about smaller muffins?

You can get 3/4 fl oz muffin trays which you can use for small 18,114 and 108s, & 15 mm Peacemakers Laozu uses them to open up Vortices.  Charge the crystals preferably (Crystal charging).

Muffin crystals?

Without a crystal you will need a 6 fl oz TB (instead of 3) to get the same effect.

You can use tumbled quartz for muffins (although not for 114 muffins which need single terminated pointing up), or break up large bits (not fun), or even high quartz pebbles found on beaches.  Sometimes you can get cheap STs. (Crystal suppliers (UK). 

You can charge them if you have a CB.

Is it worth putting in numerous crystals and fancy coils (HHGs)?

Not for tactical orgonite apart from coil in tip of HHGs (which you can avoid if you charge the crystals). Read Don's comments about ingredients here

5 crystals in a HHG?Calf bucket

Waste of money for tactical HHGs.  Just use one ST. If you charge it (Crystal and water charging) you can leave out the copper coil.

Lemurians in CB? [Lemurian crystals (Lemus)]

Best crystals to use as they don't need recharging (Crystals in a CB and how to recharge them by Laozu)

ST's are fine and with DT's you may not know which end to point up.

Can you use metals other than copper for CB pipes?


"As far as we know, all metals work about the same for this.  Reich used steel pipes if I'm not mistaken."--Don Croft [2011 Aug] Steel Pipes for Orgonite Cloudbusters? 

Best buckets for CBs and mixing up orgonite?

You need a 2 gallon bucket for the standard Croft CB (How to Build A standard Cloudbuster by Don Croft).  Farm suppliers only seem to sell these as (blue) 'Calf buckets', farmers use them for feeding milk to calves.

Best bucket for mixing up orgonite is the cheap orange painters/decorators buckets (£2) from DIY outlet B and Q (UK).  You can use them again and again as the sides are smooth/non-stick.  Crack out the orgonite that has gone off, every 3 mixes or so.  They break easy so be careful.

Any 3 gallon bucket for the Laozu CB, the wider the bottom the better. (Torsion CB Tutorial).Painters 3 gallon bucket


How close do I need to get to towers?

300 metres is fine, more if needed (1/4 mile).  Most towers have access roads for tower servicing.  Avoid the CCTV camera seeing where you bury TBs/HHGs, if it has one.

How much Orgonite for towers?

One TB is meant to do the trick of 'busting' it (stopping it's nefarious purpose) but may not remove all DOR, 3 HHGs (triangulated) got rid of it all from a sensitive's observations of a large local tower.  This will vary, obviously.  Some towers have 6 cables/panels, some 24, depending on how many folk they have to poison.

    "One towerbuster is sufficient to disable most single transmitters.   I toss them in thick bushes, in creeks, ponds, rivers or even drainage ditches within a quarter mile but not closer than fifty yards to each tower.  If there are no suitable hiding places, I bury them or toss them onto flat roofs or awnings.   We consider an ordinary death force transmitter to have a dozen or less panels, dishes and/or rods on it and to be under a hundred feet high.  One TB will take out each radio station or TV station (HAARP) transmitter.
       For larger single towers, two is usually enough.  It generally takes a half hour for a TB to neutralize a transmitter but if you want visual confirmations you need to disable a dozen or more transmitters in a single foray.  Rather study the sky and smog levels to gauge your overall success instead of relying on instruments.
      If there are three or more towers close together, or if itís a HAARP array, I use a single HHg, hidden the same way as a TB.  When I toss an HHg in water, I wind up a plastic grocery bag in ball and tape it securely to the point of the HHg.  This ensures that it will land on the bottom, underwater, point-up, which is the most efficient way for an HHg to generate the right kind of energy field, according to what the energy sensitives in our network consistently observe." ---[2004] GIFTING  by Don Croft

Do you need to bury TBs and HHGs?

Bury HHGs to prevent anyone finding them and removing (found two in Witch Museum, see pics right, taken from stone circle).  Bury or hide TBs in town for same reason.

In the UK there is usually plenty of vegetation to hide them.

What else needs gifting?

All water, power lines, police stations, Masonic halls, town halls, obelisks, cemetaries...

[2004] GIFTING  by Don Croft
[2003] Gifting with Orgone By cbswork
[2003 Idaho Observer] Gifting with Orgone

Also trees, a Peacemaker is great for them.

Where do I find places in towns?

Most towns have plenty of flowerbeds, & Parks.  Other options are roofs, lifting manholes, water.  Sign pipes (remove tops with hammer and chisel/screwdriver if needed) are ideal for EARTH PIPES, so make plenty of toilet roll ones for pipes.


You can hire a battery drill and buy a long 32 mm wood drill (£5 from China) for 35mm EARTH PIPES.  You will need a 2.5-3 amp drill.  Useful if you are in town and don't have the time to dig.  Earthpipes bend easily if they hit stone, so you usually need to dig or drill a hole.

In concrete areas you can put them in sign pipes or under manholes.  A small 4-5ft ladder to get to top of taller sign pipes is essential at times.

What about CCTV?

You can usually avoid CCTV but some areas (eg Parliament) are wall to wall.  Just ignore them, all they can do is have you up for littering, it hasn't happened yet, they wouldn't want to draw attention to anyone gifting, it could make the news. 

You can use a Succour Punch  from to block out satellite surveillance.  Cesco was had up for gifting outside a prison.  He had a SP on him and they couldn't see him when they looked at the CCTV images :0)  They let him go.

Best time in towns?

You can gift quite well in daylight.  12 PM to 5AM if you are doing Earth pipes in busy areas. 

In country you can arrive just before dawn if going onto private land, but a full moon (poacher's moon) means you can gift in dark, although most nights are light enough, especially if cloudless. 

How many TBs/HHGs for a house?

One in each corner, buried outside preferably.  One by TV, computer and power inlet box.  Maybe HHG beside bed.

What is the recommendation for earth energy lines? [Healing Black lines ]

One TB either end of small line seems to do the trick, 6 TBs in a circle will sort out a ley line which can be 1-3 feet wide.

How do you find lines?

You will need a dowser, sensitive or psychic.  Anyone can usually feel if the energy isn't quite right in a house.

Should I put my CB in the ground?

Makes no difference.  If you are in a Hurricane area you may need to point it at the Hurricane.  In the ground it won't fall over.

Keep it within 100 ft of house as that is the range of positive energy at ground level.

"According to their (energy sensitives and psychics) consistent observations a cloudbuster's range in the upper troposphere is several hundred kilometers; range at lower cloud level is around 20 miles and the range close to the ground is a hundred feet or so."--Don Croft (June 2010)

Double terminated (DT) or single terminated (ST) for CBs?

You need to be a sensitive to find the positive end of a DT, as that end should be pointing up.  If you aren't use STs and save money.

Will a CB change the weather?

It will make a difference, you will get more blue holes and better ambience (& more rainbows), it tends to turn whiteouts into rain, but you need to gift all the towers (tetra, cell phone, and Weatherballs) and power lines in your area as well, as DOR is the main cause of bad weather along with HAARP and Weatherballs.