Whale history (About & Disclaimer)

by John Scudamore  (FB on Holohoax Vax MMR DPT Smallpox Flat Earth)

25 Jan 2013.

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 'Whale' came from a friend who was using the name for his health business, we were both into John Lilly at the time, the Cetacean researcher and spiritual pioneer (we met him in West Berlin, c.1984).  'To' is Tonga domain.  The name Whale was already taken in all the main domains at the time, and Tonga had just become available.  Of course, a big aim of mine is to end Whale and Dolphin killing (something Greenpeace will never achieve, only the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is on the right path), and for wider acceptance of the fact they are intelligent beings as John Lilly discovered.  I am sure it is no coincidence this website came to be called Whale.  There are no Coincidences.  I could be an agent of the Whales and Whale may be a Whale harpoon for the entity behind Whaling, as it does feel sometimes like I have created a weapon.

My main interest is Spirituality (the Spiritual game) which I found in Watkins bookshop (London), specifically 'Neuropolitics' by Tim Leary and then 'The Dyadic Cyclone' by John Lilly that between them 'blew my mind'.  Through an ad in Watkins I tried a Floatation tank, which led me to make my own from the design in Lilly's book 'The Deep Self'.  I then had made and sold a glass fibre tank for a number of years, designed by a UK inventor.  In 1978 I went on a very fine course on spiritual Psychology---the EST course, devised by Werner Erhard, the first one in the UK, where I learnt such things as the importance of right Attitude (also called Positive Thinking), and the Law of Attraction, which cured my then mild depression in one weekend.

I also was very 'fortuitous' to come across a mystic-shaman.  He mainly (and John Lilly, mostly through his writing and pioneer work), introducing me to the Deep Self, cleared out my limiting beliefs, showed me E.C.C.O. directly, gave me the ability to see through the Religion Racket and gurus, and to see properly Nature and Beauty, i.e. to see this is Paradise/Garden of Eden, making me an aesthetic, helped by the fact I live in the most beautiful part of England.  I also developed an ability to see the ECCO (the meta) programme, miracles, and to see how blessed or lucky I am.  'Truth' is notable in my Vedic chart, and Truth is another name for God, so any investigation into Truth is uncovering God's work, and naturally points you in the right direction. 

I also discovered we don't Die, only our bodies, what Lilly called our 'vehicle'.  And the essential bit of knowledge, as Dannion Brinkley put brilliantly: ''We are not human beings here for a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings here for a human experience.' And not just this planet, but this whole reality is just a tiny drop in the ocean of just the known Universe, along with the fact ECCO, or what Don Juan called Power, could turn this planet into a pumpkin in a nanosecond if it so desired, such is it's power, as opposed to the insignificant power of the horned god and it's allies.  I also saw from +3 that it is all 'mind stuff', just 'energy' and is created constantly, and we were rather like a hologram, you can see this also with the The Assemblage point knowledge.  This is why Don Juan could jump over trees on Datura, as I read in Michael Harner's book The Way of the Shaman, and the secret government can move objects about, like in the Philadelphia experiment, and train Supermen to walk through walls. 

After a few years culminating with a visit to John Lilly in 1986, at his home in Malibu, I realised, as Don Juan said, the biggest spiritual secret: 'all Paths lead nowhere...so pick a Path with Heart'.  I also had developed considerable Faith

This spiritual knowledge helped move my passion into studying the Medical Industry which is the greatest abuser of children through vaccination (unbeknown to most vaccinators it has to be said) and psychiatry, and the Great Law I gleaned from the Deer Tribe Medicine Society is 'NOTHING MUST OR SHOULD BE DONE WHICH WILL HURT THE CHILDREN', so it was a good place to start, another good 'coincidence'.  And then the rest of the rackets, which also gave me a good insight into Evil and Evil's work.  In many ways taking the red pill is opening your eyes to Evil, so Whale eventually also became a study of Evil and 'know your enemy'.

[Disclaimer] I collect what I think is true (obviously), if I have commented at the top of the first page then that is my conclusion (nothing worse than a study without a conclusion), what I think is the truth, but don't take my word for it, I put that there to save you the time I spent reading the material combined with what I know of the medical industry. I expect you to read the material too, and draw your own conclusions.  In the case of vaccination you may not have any time to read up on the material (and be in fear), so that will save you time, but do your own research and thinking when you have the time, and become your own expert (the opposite of a pseudo-Expert), and Authority.  My conclusions (Summary) on vaccination are firm convictions in my mind, as are the other medical rackets as there is so much data available, but some of the conclusions on other subjects are not so firm, it depends on the amount of material available, and my beliefs may change at a later date if more data becomes available, but I put some up anyway.

I have saved people many hours looking for stuff, if nothing else, as Whale is also a library of information.  If you don't like my opinions then just use the information to make your own opinions, and to find your own way to the truth.  At the end of the day I am just a messenger finding his way to the truth, and with plenty of faults, just ask my family :o)

This website is for Thinkers, obviously, it's not the place for followers, of Authority (it will be too frightening for them).  I like to Think, so I collect stuff to help thinkers think (2% of the population according to GB Shaw).   It helps to have good judgement, in finding truth, everyone has this, it is your spiritual connection, something you can also contact with good Dowsing.  Thinkers feel for truth, and feeling is a better judge than thinking.  True thinking could be based in feelings, hence the long standing effort to Suppress sexuality, so I believe anyway.

My interest in Cancer therapies started 20 years ago (1993), when I was given a copy of Nexus magazine  (a good source of information, although still to see an article on Orgonite) which contained an article on Essiac curing cancer.  I found it unbelievable but looked into it anyway and spent a few years collecting Alternative cancer therapies and looking into the Politics of Cancer, the conclusion being: Cancer Genocide (I used to think it was purely about money and power, the genocide belief came recently after studying all the deliberate/engineered Genocides and Human Abuse).   My father died of cancer, about 10-20 years before his time due to the suppression of cancer cures, helped along (with considerable suffering) with the Allopathic therapies, radiation and surgery (bladder removal) in his case.  That sowed the seeds for fear of cancer, which turned into a very personal vendetta against the Cancer Industry.  The Cancer Industry was a good place to start, coincidently I realise now, as it revealed quickly to me the true nature of the Medical Industry, a very useful insight.

I started selling books on medicine (therapies and politics), partly as it allowed me to buy many books without feeling guilty, as I used to feel after buying 5 to 10 books at a time.  My collection now numbers over a 1,000 books, about 60% medical, 40% spiritual, non-medical conspiracy, and a few on aliens and UFOs (plus the On line books on Whale).  I can't claim to have read them all cover to cover but knowing they exist is the main thing in my mind.  When I had had enough of reading books (and found greater knowledge on the internet), and could see the internet was a better way to get the knowledge out, I gave up selling them and started Whale.  I also must have read many thousands of articles, the best of which I collect here, plus the ones on various subject pages.

It is fairly easy to see from studying the Cancer Industry (a good place to start) that we have a medical monopoly, and you can't have a medical monopoly without control of government, this is Fascism, as Benito Mussolini so helpfully pointed out.  Many years later I looked into Psychopathy (Fascism is really a Pathocracy), and could see what was driving Fascism, and the Medical Industry.  One of, or the only root, of the Medical Industry.  That was a big realisation, and I could then see it was a complete waste of time hoping the industry would change its nature.  Only a good neck shot (I was going to say heart but it doesn't have one), will end it's reign, although that is way too quick an end for such a tyrant (this Planet could be called Tyrant planet).  Although anger can be a useful driver, and has been in my case, my main default state of mind towards Evil is complete Indifference.  I am just very grateful I'm not in their shoes, never feeling love and not having that capacity, must do your head in.  Emotions (and lust) are a very poor substitute, as Leary pointed out.

Then, when my last son was born 18 years ago (1995) I was forced to look into Vaccination.  I thought at the time they worked, and I'd definitely rather not look at the dangers, typical 'head in the sand'.  Luckily I was then looking into Natural Hygiene and went to see the main UK man Keki Sidhwa N.D, (I also went to some of his conferences), and he sold me  'Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth' by Walene James, which was the best book written on vaccination at the time (still is one of the best), mostly because it incorporated Disease Theory, not that common in most anti-vaccine books (e.g. the most prolific writer Neil Miller).  As a result my last son and daughter (18, 15) are completely unvaccinated, I'd rather shoot myself in the foot than vaccinate my children now.  I had given up Vaccine Roulette.  My Unvaccinated children are also healthier than my vaccinated children.

That book, or one of the 50+ other ones, is all anyone needs to see through vaccination, but I then spent 10-15 years collecting anti-vaccine material, information on the vaccine diseases, and refining my beliefs by arguing with vaccinators, usually of the strange HealthFraud variety but also the odd Allopath (they tend to avoid debate for obvious reasons). I now have the Internet's best resource on Smallpox vaccination, probably more than the British Library, certainly way more accessible (most came from Manchester Library through John Wantling's mammoth photocopying effort, and he even gave me a hard copy of LEICESTER: SANITATION versus VACCINATION BY J.T. BIGGS J.P., the best book ever written on smallpox vaccination), which in itself is completely damning to vaccination, and to the reputation of Allopathy (so will take a good jemmy to lift the lid off that Pandora's box).  It was certainly too upsetting for the Allopaths who control Wikipedia, they had to dream up a spurious reason to ban all links to these documents (they called them spam), but then Jenner was a dab hand at that with his Spurious cowpox.  A notable over educated vaccine zealot, Orac, had to invent a new logical fallacy called 'Scopie's Law' to put people off Whale.  Such is their lack of argument and hence fear of Whale.  I was also very fortunate to have one of the main long standing anti-vaccine activists Sheri Nakken, R.N., MA come and live close by for over 5 years.  Another great 'coincidence'.  She turned any beliefs I had left into convictions.

I used to be a believer but became a true sceptic, unlike the huge army of pseudo-sceptics, and I take some convincing, hence the overwhelming evidence I tend to gather, starting on cancer and vaccination, which is more about convincing me than anyone else.  It does take a lot of reading to get rid of the vaccine and other Allopath propaganda, completely.  The Church of Allopathy is a very powerful Church, mostly because we are completely unaware we are it's followers.  John Lilly would call this belief 'God as Allopathy' 1.

Once you see the Vaccine and Cancer Industries in all their glory it is easy to see through AIDS Inc, and all the other shenanigans of the Medical Industry.  And if you study all the other Mafia rackets (Conspiracies), genocides, poisonings, etc, along with MKUltra mind control like Project Monarch, you would expect the medical industry to be just another head of the Beast.  I then could see more of the wood from the trees.

I should point out here that there are many truly great Medical Doctors (Doctors) and scientists who have always led the way in anti-vaccination and Alternative (non-Allopathic) medicine, many of whom have suffered greatly and given their lives (Persecuted doctors), and continue to do so (e.g. Bradstreet, 2015), in the struggle against Allopathy Inc.  My beliefs, and most of the medical documents here, come mostly from their work, not forgetting the great number of vaccine activists over the centuries whose footsteps I follow.  Allopathy Inc likes to make out they don't exist, and it would rather you didn't find their work on Whale.  Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H. is notable for virtually singlehandedly proving the tremendous power of Herbs (killing stone dead the lie they need to be made into drugs), and combined with Cleansing work way better than Allopathy (which can only cure bacterial infections), curing all diseases, another pointer to the fact we have a medical monopoly.  The Vitamin C Conspiracy (short expose: Vitamin C banners) is the other main clue, apart from all the Alternative cancer therapies, and other Alternative therapies.

I was into Medical Mind Control so that sowed the seeds for looking into mind control, and I started with: Trance Formation of America, Thanks for the Memories, The Illuminati Formula (also later Secret, Don't Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism and Programmed to Kill.)  I discovered mind control is the main control tool of the Medical Industry, especially Fear, and I was into uncovering the roots of the medical industry, not just the branches.  That was a bit of a red pill moment, especially the first one.  I then felt confident in adding the section on Mind Control

Around 2003 I saw the word 'Orgonite', Googled it, which then lead to research into the Crofts and Orgonite, selling Orgonite for 9 years (about 60,000 TBs are now around the UK from what I sold in Orgonite and swarf), and meeting some remarkable people such as Carol Croft, Cesco and Laozu (his visit with Cesco in the early days helped get me behind Orgonite). Revisionist historian Greg Hallett also turned up in 2010 with Carol on her first visit (they felt Mary Magdalene had visited nearby).  The Croft-Orgonite combination sure is a great balm to all the horrors contained on Whale, a horror story with a happy ending, we Hope anyway.  Such was my fear at the time I hid my first Cloudbuster in a wood. If anything this is an anti-vaccine and Orgonite website, the other stuff is just incidental, but interesting if you are curious as to what is really going on and want to see the root of the 'problem'.  You could make a decent argument that Vaccination is the most vital cog in the Matrix, and Orgonite is the main destroyer of the Matrix.  At the end of the day Whale is primarily a political website, if everyone knew what I knew the big Drug houses would crash and burn overnight along with Allopathy Inc, and then the Fascist system would crash and burn on the way to getting a true Democracy.  No more murdering third world humans for their oil and minerals, no more Dope Inc and the murderous Military Industrial Complex.

A few years ago I was led, 'coincidently', to look at a then YouTube video (since removed) of a Jewish guy with a Yarmulke, David Cole, going around Auschwitz (if he hadn't have been Jewish I may never have looked), and pointing out the 'gas chamber' door of Auschwitz I opened inwards!  That was my highlight and my first draw dropping moment.  This led to my section on the Auschwitz Hoax, a very well guarded door on that one, now I can be labelled a Neo-Nazi & Anti-Semite to go with the rest of them, the full set of thought crimes. A big red pill moment, comparable to the mind control books.   It certainly convinced me that the entity known as Zionism is top dog (their 911 operation was another clue) in that they can keep this knowledge out of the media and get governments to imprison Revisionists, showing remarkable power.  Now I can add fear of imprisonment to fear of Assassination, not that I have one, although I could develop one if they managed to kill Don or Carol Croft, something they have tried numerous times, my favourite being the time they tried to kill Carol with a beam weapon which left a circle of dead grass in her garden.  She was saved due to her Orgonite pendant, which is why my motto is now 'trust in god but always wear your Harmonic Protector'.  Don Bradley also survived a similar beam weapon attack.  Two others I know of weren't so lucky with beam weapons, one an anti-vaccine activist and conspiracy researcher, Don HarkinsI have had chakra cording removed, and some sort of black magic, by a psychic.  So you do have to be slightly mad to do this line of work, but with me it's more of a calling or mission than a conscious choice. 

There was a particularly scary rock called Satanism that I had noticed (such as 4 US Presidents doing the Satanic horn) but was too busy looking into medicine and other stuff to pay much attention too, and I wasn't that keen to go further down the rabbit hole, but my fear had subsided considerably due to Orgonite and the fact they hadn't managed to kill any gifter, especially the Crofts, so my curiosity and desire to get at the truth got the better of me.  I was seeing all these so called Satanic hand signs such as the Satanic horn, so collected all of them which is what the section on Symbology is all about and the Music Mafia and Film Mafia where it is more visible.  Along with all the gods and other symbols from such groups as Masonry. 

The Satanism section is also connected to Psychopathy as the psychopaths doing the Genocide are also doing Human sacrifice which is the whole driving force of Satanism.  The Nazis were Satanic, funded by Illuminati bankers, so the Banksters are satanic.  So not every psychopath may be satanic but the top tier are Satanic and Psychopathic.  Then add in Sodomic mind control which gives you the Sparta male bonding.  These people worship Lucifer, but the big question is: what soul or entity is in the body? 

The same could be said of the Reptilian section.  I read David Icke's books, or what I could digest, so was curious to see if what he said was true, so collected all the information I could find to prove what he said was true, or not, as the case may be.  Hence that section and the one on Shapeshifting.  I never had a great feel about Icke, especially after he was given a Cloudbuster, yet a few months later wrote an article about 'electromagnetic smog', but never mentioned Orgonite (Orgonite is a good litmus test, it caught out Rense & Jones).  However, I can't prove he is wrong about Reptilians, and I haven't proven yet he is wrong about some 'humans' being shapeshifters (although some are undoubtedly Possessed), and Don Bradley gets to meet and see them.  I believe Lucifer exists and he is probably the same being as 'Satan', and he could be a Reptilian, while Demons could be unembodied Reptilians.  At this point in time I consider the Dark Side to be a Reptilian operation, with Lucifer & Demons.  The Dark Siders certainly worship Lucifer as a god, yet want us to have no god, to be Atheists.

I read Dope Inc awhile back when I was selling books, and eventually put up the Dope Inc section along with State Terrorism, Human Abuse, and State Genocide.  I had been collecting Health Hazards for some time, which sort of morphed into Human Abuse when it became very obvious to me it was all engineered. It was obvious to me Kennedy was a State hit, and there were numerous Assassinations I had noticed down the years, culminating very obviously in Diana and Kelly, so I got around to logging them on that page.  I called them 'State' hits as I like to call a spade a spade.  This is the Covert or Shadow State/Government.  The State Terrorism section came about the same time as I was looking into 911, which blew their cover completely, as the evidence was so overwhelming, and it sure revealed their true nature, yet again.

I already knew from uncovering the Medical Monopoly that we weren't in a Democracy, so that sort of led to the Political Mafia section and The Cult of Authority Psychopathy came recently, and tied up a few loose ends, now I knew where it was coming from, and could see psychology of Fascism and all it's Monopolies.

I collect as much evidence as I can, as you can see in my medical section, and I like to get to the point where anyone doubting what I say I know they are either ignorant or part of the problem.  Only that way can I keep my internal sceptic quiet, and I like to bury him good and proper so I never even hear a peep out of him.  It is a full time job, but I'm getting there, I hope so as I am sick and tired of reading, being on the computer and internet, trawling through Luciferian horrors, and having my family think I am an insane Conspiracy theorist.

You can't prove a negative, so as far as Satanism, Reptoids and Reptilians go, you have to collect the evidence with An open mind.  If you don't believe something, that belief will limit you.  You must make up your own mind but it sure would answer the big question in my mind--the question as to why the Elite want to kill us all and why the conspiracy goes so very deep (apart from the obvious--MILAB etc, the amount of people involved with 911 and covering it up or ignoring it worldwide is staggering e.g. Noam Chomsky.  They really blew their cover with 911 and Iraq), Psychopathy doesn't completely answer that question in my mind.  This is certainly 'left field' stuff that has led me to be called 'sectionable' by my wife, and advised by an anti-vaccine stalwart friend that it would put people off my vaccine pages, but I figured I wanted to kill vaccination, not just put people off it, and I just can't help looking under rocks and going further down the rabbit hole, being 5 Enneagram may have something to do with it--- addicted to gathering knowledge, and whose chief feature is Detachment, so more immune to horrors than the rest of the types, and I have seen more than my fair share of horrors, starting with Vaccine Damage.

I started out with the usual Education, a white Anglo-Saxon Christian believing in what most people believe in now, including vaccination (my first two kids, and my two stepchildren, were vaccinated) but now my political and medical beliefs are just about the opposite of what I believed not that long ago.  While I am no longer what you would call 'religious' I know the Christ being exists (must be an aspect of the Great Spirit. 'White man goes into his churches to talk about Jesus, the Indian into his Tepee to talk to Jesus.'--Quanah Parker) and it's agents Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, hence I am a true Christian (This Being may be what Don Juan calls the 'Mould of Man', and what Rumi calls the 'Heart'), and it would be a good idea to Intend the Christ energy to come down and see off the dark Side energy, which Orgonite is slowly achieving, so I believe anyway.    This will be like the moment the ring (Lord of the Rings) gets thrown into Mount Doom.  That is the future we need to Intend, as our intent creates our future, hence all the doom and gloom films and media stories, helped along by all the Weather weapon disasters, and State Terrorism, that causes us to Intend a negative future.  And if, or when, we regain control of the planet we can return it to a human Paradise through such science as Free Energy, stop the mass murders and fear, and increase our wealth considerably through regaining control of government and stopping the daylight robberies from such things as the Wars, and the Medical Industry, that not only robs us blind but creates most of the disease through it's Disease Protection Racket.

I am also into the Buddhist Vipassana Meditation (coincidently just up the road from me), Kundalini Yoga, and Tai Chi, while my introduction to Spirit, in the 80s, was through Psychedelics.  I have also done Gestalt therapy, Rebirthing, TIR, Counselling, & Transactional Analysis. 

Whale is 6.5 GB including many off-line books, and has 112,000 files.  There is a bug in my Frontpage which is why you will see the wrong text now and then.  One day, this century I hope, they will fix that, but I have to thank Gates for producing such a brilliant programme, and one of the seeds in his own downfall, rather like the internet itself.

Front page layout
The front page is 'designed' to have as much information on one page as possible and to have every page or article 1-3 clicks away.  Hence the smaller case.  This makes it easy and quick to post a page url on, mostly vaccine, forums like Facebook, which has been my main activity over the years.

It is free from graphics and drop down boxes etc as I had no idea how to do them but it cuts loading speed making it fast so I'll never do that.  I also keep the page the same over the years, so once you know it you wont have to learn it again.  Subjects in bold are large pages and red are usually the rackets.  The Reign of Evil page has most of the whale information logged, and Mafia rackets (Conspiracies) could be the main page for dark side activity, and Medical Industrial Complex (Allopathy Inc) the main page for the medical racketeers.

John Scudamore (A 5 Enneagram, 23/5 in Numerology, Sagittarian, teacher healer in ray analysis, born 1953).

Article 19 of the UN Human Rights Charter explicitly states: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."


If whale.to goes down use Archive.org  

"Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it." --Andre Gide (1869 - 1951)

“Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.”

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." ----Buddha


This is the Christ energy seeing off the Dark Side, so set your intent on this happening.

Carlin, George



Whale editor with Manchester Yogi