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Clifford G. Miller
Viera Scheibner
Hilary Butler

Daily Mail Publishes MMR Letter It tells us that the ancient Carthaginian policy of child sacrifice is alive and well and has full approval in the shadier corridors of  Whitehall. The promotion and protection of a deeply flawed vaccination programme has over-ruled common sense and common decency. To damage perfectly healthy children in a crude experiment is undoubtedly a criminal offence and must be treated as such. It is high time that our politicians realised that they, along with the citizens of the UK, have been misled about the safety of MMR.

[2010 June] Letter: Swine Flu reaction (a Nurse, Canada)

[2010 June] Letter: Swine Flu reaction (Charlie Cahill, Canada)

[2010 June] Letter: Swine Flu reaction (Kristie Tait, canada)

[2010 June] N1H1 and acute pollen allergies

[March 2010 NZ] Letter to Paul Hutchison from Hilary Butler

Rebecca Coombes - BMJ Propaganda For MMR Vaccine Dr Dick van Steenis, MBBS

[2009 June Letter] Support for MMR dissenters by Dr Dick van Steenis

[Letters concerning BCG vaccine and TB vaccination Feb 2005 BMJ]

[2006 letter] The Obfuscation of The Iatrogenic Autism Epidemic by Kenneth P Stoller

Vaccines & Autism letters

Michael Belkin letter to Nightline
Letter to Nightline

National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) (May 2002)

Measles vaccine:
[Media letter, Sept 1, 2002] Measles vacc & autism, bowel problems

[2010 Feb Letter] Did retracting the paper matter? by F. Edward Yazbak

[2010 March Letter] How Unfortunate! Dr. Yazbak to BMJ  What is happening to Professor Walker-Smith, Professor Simon Murch and Dr. Andrew Wakefield, three dedicated and wonderful physicians is unjust, unfair and unforgivable.

[2009 June Letter] Support for MMR dissenters by Dr Dick van Steenis
[Feb 2002] Open letter to the authors of the notorious "Danish MMR Study"
[Nov 2002] Letter to NEJM from
Dr Andrew J Wakefield MB.,BS FRCS FRCPath
[Media letter, MMR,  july, 2002] Start listening
[Media May 2002 MMR, autism & immune system] MMR. Re: Further studies needed
Media Feb 2002] Serial letter writer, Dr. Elphinstone exposed.
[Letter Bmj Feb 2002--MMR] There are so Many Parts to the Whole Picture to Consider---Carol A Teasdale
[BMJ Feb 2002] Letter to the editor...John Walker-Smith
[Media Feb 2002] 'Our children lapsed into unconsciousness'
[Media Feb 2002] MMR half truths (letter)
[Media UK, April 2001] Letter: A life ruined by a jab
[Media UK, Jan 2001] MMR & leukemia (letter)
[Denmark, March 1994 MMR-Autism] Letter
[Letter, Feb 2001, MMR--PDD/NOS]

Shaken Baby syndrome:
[Letter BMJ Aug 2002] Coagulopathy mistaken for Shaken Baby Syndrome

TB vaccine
[Letter 2001] False hope on TB (vaccine)

[Media June 2000 DPT] Letter to Daily Express June 2000

[2001] Medical Officer of Health Gives False Statistics

The West Australian Newspaper—Letters to the Editor (7/99)

Whooping Cough vaccine failure 1999 (letter to editor)

Homeopathy & vaccination:
[BMJ 2000] Is vaccination cause célèbre or bête noire?--Peter Morrel