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Quotes Don & Carol Croft

I once saw a UFO tumble and it also spewed out a dark cloud of apparent deadly orgone radiation, which disappeared really fast.  I was driving alone past the Phoenix airport at the time (2003) and watched this thing for several seconds.  This one was obviously a piloted craft. Carol's impression, when I next saw her, was that it was a B-Sirian one.  The first time Carol and I did any gifting around Las Vegas we watched a silver disc craft spew out the same sort of cloud and that time, the cloud seemed to shoot down in the direction of some orgonite we'd just dropped near the underground air force base.   Al Bielek told us that B-Sirians are humanoid, cannibals, and buy a lot of 'meat' from the US Gov't, who took over the trade from the Nazis after the war.  He also told us that the Galactic Federation is just a trade organization, sort of like the local Chamber of Commerce, and that the more benevolent planets have nothing to do with it.  
    In our experience, the stinky UFOs are generally dull-colored; the nice ones tend to be brighter and one feels good when looking at them.  The silver discs that suddenly proliferated in 1947 (the year that the beasty twins were born Wink) are pretty obviously manufactured here.  We've seen quite a few of those--a couple of times they were very close to us.  Al Bielek said in one of his last lectures that these are mainly made by a contingent of non-aggressive Germans in Antarctica and underground in Tibet and that they're also sold to offworlders. Azti is preparing to post that lecture here. He's had to digitally remaster a lot of it from an audio tape I gave him.  Liz in Colorado had sent me that tape, years ago, and I finally got around to listening to it last summer. It hit me so hard that I listened to it all repeatedly.  With stuff like this one is very unlikely to absorb all the new data in one sitting.  This is also true of the late Phil Schneider's material.  Notice that disinformation, no matter how fantastic, is swallowed and digested whole without any struggle--what do you suppose that can tell us?   I think this is one of the features of synthetic ideologies that become instantly popular; 'They explain everything without answering anything.'

[2014 Aug EW Forum] UFOs and Orgone Energy   aiming our orgonite devices and Succor Punches at spaceships will either neutralize their power sources and terrify the occupants or will make the occupants feel really good and not affect the ships in a negative way.  I think that nuclear fission or fusion power sources, which perhaps need DOR to operate, are the most vulnerable and that the free energy power sources are probably assisted by our thrown orgone energy………….. About half of the ships we saw were good ones, several were 'indifferent' and a few were hostile. Most of the hostile ones were from the air force, evidently.  The sewer rat air force (evil twin of the CIA) mostly has little flying saucers, like the Germans developed a long time ago, and bigger, more menacing-looking triangle craft……. The good guys' ships are marvelous and I want everyone to see them.  Carol and I get the same feeling, watching them, as we do when we see Sylphs overhead.  Most of the people who talk about UFOs, especially online, are scaremongers and disinformants, unfortunately.  Al Bielek has stated that the Galactic Federation, by the way, is just a trade organization and that the 'nicer' alien species don't bother with it but that the draconians, various reptile offworlders and the humanoid B-Sirians, who are probably best represented as consultants, new underground populations and facility managers for the corporate world order, do belong to it…………. Carol feels sure that the Andromedans are the ones who provided the idea of orgonite to humanity as an instrument to regain our freedom from the ancient rule of parasites.  I love the way orgonite's energy typically overpowers two-legged parasites. These corporate parasites thrive on stealing energy and with orgonite we simply drown them with it.
........The only time we aimed an orgonite cloudbuster at a good ship and had an unpleasant experience was in Utah, the afternoon of the day when I hid towerbusters all around the main Mormon Temple in the wee hours. That was in May, 2001.  In  an otherwise cloudless sky a little, low cumulus was traveling parallel with us, south along the highway for several hours so I stopped the Zapporium (our camper/home), got out and aimed the CB at it. The cloud quickly disappeaered, then reappeared nearby.  By then, Carol, who was following in the car, stopped, got out and excitedly told me to stop. She said I was really making them mad.  I had briefly seen a shiny, cigar-shaped spaceship rise up nearby in the middle of Salt Lake City, right before I got to the temple to do the deed and this was apparently the one that was following us.
...........When Carol and I were in Namibia in 2001 we observed that aiming a Succor Punch at a nasty UFO had the same effect and in the same amount of time as aiming an orgonite cloudbuster at it. I think anyone can see UFOs in the sky on most nights.  Remember that satellites can't reflect light when the sun's on the opposite side of the world, so don't explain the moving 'stars' away as satellites, okay?  We don't need to play devil's advocate. The devil (parasitic order) has plenty of their own advocates and in fact they're just about chocking the internet right now. 

[2014 Aug EW Forum] UFOs and Orgone Energy  When Carol and I built the first orgonite cloudbuster in early 2001 we anxiously traveled up the US east coast to put orgonite in the major vortices because she felt quite anxious that they were being used to energize portals for the entry of a very large alien (she felt they were mainly draconians) military force.  We found some similar places in Southern California a few months later and did them. Carol found the worst one by looking for the energy of the sickened vortex from a distance. Some hikers had disappeared in that 'state park, recently. That was one of the few times she clearly saw a lot of aliens in a portal.  They sure didn't want to give that one up.  The confirmation, that time, was a  swarm of secret police around us with very anxious and frustrated looks on their faces.

"Carol and I bought a sea boat when we got to Florida in the fall of 2005 and what mainly got rid of the HAARPicane infrastructure was most likely the distribution (by dolphins) of hundreds of the TBs we [Carol, Jeff McKinley and I]  tossed in the water for several hundred miles around Florida's coast and the Keys. We tossed thousands of them, also did a trip into the Bahamas to ruin a very large,  storm-generating underground facility east of Palm Beach in the shallows of Little Bahama Bank. It was on our way home that the Coast Guard arrested us in international waters.  I posted detailed reports for the entire year we were there and they're no doubt archived on the web even though the NSA destroyed them on EW.  ***************  abruptly stopped posting my reports on his site after I announced our intention to move to Florida to stop the hurricane agenda.
    We also disabled all the HAARP transmitters, weatherballs and all of the countryside death towers in the southern half of the state.  The death towers in Miami and Ft Lauderdale (the metro area) remain unflipped, mostly.
         They threw a hurricane right at us a few weeks after we arrived.  The manufactured storm came in a straight line across the entire state ot reach us.  It wasn't a hurricane when it reached shore but was built up into a minimal hurricane by the time it reached us.  The cloudbusters in the area prevented it from doing any significant damage, even though we were ground zero but Miami and Ft Lauderdale, where the death towers were still operating, got a lot of damage from that storm, even though they're 50 and 70 miles to the south. Also, 'ground zero' was announced in the newspaper a day or two before the storm arrived and the straight path was shown on a graph.
    Carol and some of the other psychics can track where orgonite is taken by dolphins and whales in the ocean and that often provides us with intel.   The US Navy, probably also the Brit one, has a global agenda to destroy all the dolphins and whales, mostly with sonar weaponry and a lot of that is on the seabed in vortices.  We found death towers on the seabed with our sonar and the fancy sideview sonar on commercial boats can actually see them in 3D.
      The psychics  see orgonite in the sea  as pinpoints of light when they go out of body over the planet. They do it to track where the whales and dolphins have taken it.    A whole lot of our Florida orgonite was evidently taken as far as the sea that's just west of equatorial Africa, which is where Atlantic hurricanes originate.  I hope to drop a bunch in the sea west of Southern Mexico next spring since that's where Pacific hurricanes originate.  Cloudbusters work on the upper atmosphere, mainly, and for stopping violent weather they're only useful in a rather small radius--5-10  miles sometimes.  To stop weather warfare an 'infantry' approach is needed."
~Don (June 2012)

Dirk in  the Netherlands kindly sent me a copy of Dr Reich's, Contact With Space, which I mentioned in another post (Thanks, Dirk!).  I read it last weekend while Carol spent two days digging for crystals with her bro and sister-in-law in Lolo Pass, Montana.  Dirk sent me the book a month before but I wanted to read it in one sitting and without distractions.  I don't think I'd have understood the book if I'd read it before accumulating a few years of orgonite and cloudbuster experience but the entire thing (except the math Cool ) resonated deeply with me.  I also got an even deeper appreciation for Dr Reich and the book steeled my resolve to keep this forum work-oriented, as Reich certainly would have done.
    I could be mistaken but I think the book was published shortly before he was railroaded into the American Gulag Archipelago, which was vast even the 1950s.  He mentioned the public burning of his books in the last chapter.
    Considering that Dr Reich had no way to transmute the poisonous energy into life force also renewed my appreciation of what he'd done.   The book is mainly about the successful desert-reversal work in Arizona and California in 1954 and 1955, though predators in antigravity craft were what initially caused him to build the first cloudbuster, as you hopefully know.   Carol and I were also bothered an awful lot by these space buggers and nazis, too, until I think they finally figured out that it was counterproductive and was a source of fun for us, especially in the telling.
    It would have been fun for Reich, too, if he had a way to transmute the poisonous energy they were constantly throwing at him and his associates since the late 1940s, nearly killing them at one point until he figured out that something could be done about it.   The original 'Space Gun' got remaned, 'Cloudbuster' after he accidentally discovered that he could restore health to the atmosphere with it.  
    When Carol and I first started flipping the new death towers that had proliferated in the millions around the world in late 2001 and early  2002  it became apparent to us that  all of the corporate order's subtle-energy weaponry only works when a sufficient DOR matrix has been established. Reich felt certain that this was even required in order for an atom bomb to detonate successfully.
    Orgonite in the environment destroys that matrix and prevents it from reforming so even their trick, mobile energy weaponry, even at close range, won't do more than give even a psychic a slight headache.  The rest of us probably wouldn't notice anything except maybe the look of consternation on the would-be assailants' faces if we are paying attention to those sometimes-omnipresent unmarked vans (I've always called them, 'fedmobiles').
    Another astonishing thing is that someone high up in the US Air Force had evidently (secretly) committed several high-altitude jet aircraft of various sorts to help Dr Reich  delineate the DOR fields in Arizona as they were being created by the enemy spacecraft.  I'm pretty sure some of those, at least the silver discs, were also US Air Force craft, a la the German SS scientists who moved into black ops immediately after WWiI, including SS Major Werner von Braun.  In case you don't know, in order to be accepted into the SS one had to murder an innocent person.
    All of that information about the German SS becoming part of the American government (CIA and Homeland Security are obviously direct outgrowths) is extremely well documented (it's best to get it from books written by reputable authors) and it's a sad comment on our general curiosity that it remained secret until fairly recently.  Disinformants will never lead you to certainty because it's their mandate to keep you titillated and lazy.  We each have to determine to be happy, to have certitude and a sense of purpose.  Everyone has a potential destiny but only a few will ever take the steps to reach that realization. I think it's always been enough people, though.

"According to what I've picked up by hanging around Indians is that their cultures revere the planet and everything on and in it, which isn't the same as the sort of Babylonian cult that Lovelock sponsors.  The latter seems to be based on human sacrifice, which is the basis of what passes for religion with the Illuminati hives.  Most Indians, like most anyone else,  find human sacrifice to be repugnant and anti-spiritual.  They also didn't focus much on the spherical 'earth' entity but rather seemed more concerned about the world around them.  
    The infantile 'Gaia Hypothesis' treats the globe itself as a willful, petulant and vengeful entity that needs to be placated by sacrificing the 'ingrates' on it. I credit Theosophists with the skill needed to put a lovely face on this horror story with appropriate pseudomystical  doublespeak.  If you want to see some less saccharine Theosophical preaching, read some of the anti-population literature published by their Lucifer (they changed that telling name to 'Lucis' but I'm calling a spade a spade) Trust for the United Nations.
    I've long had the impression that these few very old families (I refer to them as 'hives,' rather), who owned the corporate world order until the Chinese bought them out, descend directly from Babylonian families, hence the continuity of their beliefs and practices.
    Their practices don't seem at all like the Roman ones, which only used part of the Babylonian paradigm--mixed in with Greek, Persian, Egyptian and other practices.  The inclusion of the Babylonian Dagon (fish god--origin of 'the pope') worship with Mithraism (consider the Mithraic-ritual  snuff film, PASSION OF THE CHRIST) and Helenism as the basis for modern Christian dogma is a clear example of Roman religion and the  less adulterated Moloch (Babylonian owl god) human sacrifice rituals at Bohemian Grove are a case in point for how the Illuminati apply Babylonian infantilism as a distinct belief system, I think.  The Gaia model lines up pretty clearly with the latter, in my view."--Don Croft

'Left wing' and 'right wing' are elements of one organism, which is the vulture that we could call 'the world order.'  That's why Rush Limbaugh and Dennis Miller, whom listeners are programmed to assume are in opposition,  both advocate the same thing: increasing the power of centralized national government.  See how it works? ---Don Croft

The only thing that parasites fear is exposure to the host.--- Don Croft

Human parasites are similar to parasites in the body in many ways, including this one: they get sustenance from deadly orgone radiation. ---- [Book] The Life Etheric With Carol Croft

Heheh, this is why we call them, 'Death Towers.'  Thanks a lot, Dan.  I don't know who remembers that it was in  Spain that the death tower providers were first taken to court and in that case the judge prevailed on them to remove one of their death transmitters. Maybe this is another reason the corporate world order's $#!+bird agencies, even the Vryal,  have been trying so hard to discourage the Spanish from gifting Cool but I think Je has mostly broken down that barrier with his large scale gifting expeditions and forum effort.
    The PJ folks will finally figure out that the towers have nothing to do with phones and that will be another big chop to the root of this cancerous world order.  After all, like the chemtrails, here is physical evidence of the intentions of the corporate world order.  Before, they could always hide their agenda from the Pajama People.
    A local acquaintance told me that satellite phones are available in Canada (not far from us) for only $34 per month, unlimited coverage and no long distance charges.  This new product will be another avenue for exposing the towers for what they are.  In this case, they're apparently being used to block cell reception in very specific ways.
Remember when the Iridium Corp. was advertising a plan to sell satellite phones, a few years before teh US Government demolished teh World Trade Center?  The company had shot thousands of satellites into orbit by then and werre ready to market the phones when this enormous companyy suddenly 'went bankrupt,' and went away.  I think those satellites, which were perhaps expropriated by corporate/military megalomaniacs, somehow came to be used by whomever is now selling cheap satellite phones, perhaps the way the internet, a military project,  was cleverly taken over by resourceful tecchies associated with Jobst in the mid-90s.  
Before, it cost about a hundred dollars per minute to use a satellite phone and I think Iridium Corp had a plan to reduce the rate to make their investment pay off.
    When Carol was in rural Costa Rica, 5 years ago, the villagers were using cheap satellite phones and there were very few death towers in the area--the only ones she found (and busted, of course) were on an unihnabited island, some distance offshore Cool
Doc von Peters, who teaches in medical schools in Russia, has a cloudbuster and busted all the death towers in his part of Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he lives and works so he knows something about the towers.  He's the one who developed ChemBuster, which is the only specific remedy for the new chronic sicknesses.  The Doc told me that he's never seen a 'cell tower' in any of the Russian cities he's taught in, including Moscow, St Petersburg and Ekaterinburg, but everyone has cellphones in Russia--apparently satellite phones.  When he was getting acupuncture training in China during two summers, recently, he saw the death towers everywhere he went, including Peking and Harbin, the city where he trained.  He gifted the death towers in Harbin and said the concentration of death towers in Peking is incredibly dense.

''He had arrived at the boulder overlook in darkness and in time to witness Lawrence Rockefeller gutting a terrified young girl in the middle of a circle of black-robed, torch-bearing celebrants, who had brought along a dozen or so other children to be killed during the ritual. DB was so infuriated that he vented his anger directly at the old murderous Illuminist, whose heart stopped. When the rat suddenly keeled over, dead, the others looked angrily around and he could hear them yelling, ‘Who did that!?’  The next morning, of course, the news of the old parasite’s death was announced in the news. DB told me that he had seen Rocky assume his genuine draconian form right before he slaughtered that little girl and his description was pretty graphic.''   [2004 March 26] The Adventures of Don & Carol Croft – Parts 81 – 90

''According to LaRouches’ intel network, by the way, Lawrence’s brother, Nelson, had a heart attack in his penthouse while having sex with a goat. I presume it was a female goat. The workers in that building who fed direct intel to LaR in those days mentioned that the freight elevator goes all the way to the penthouse and they’d seen a variety of farm animals traveling in that lift, including a cow. They also reported that a delegation from the Soviet consulate in New York visited Nelson daily, apparently to get their marching orders. I don’t know if they used the freight elevator.''  Wanna know what we do in those group blasting sessions?

Reich's orgone energy occasionally mentioned at the end of part 3. First couple of video's about how radar and other electro magnetic frequency transmitters were/are used to influence thoughts, which most people still believe only come from within ourselves (..).Good work, as usual, Louis, and thanks!
    Alejandro told me about someone he knows in Santiago who got some productive results with a little orgonite under high tension wires but I'd like him to repeat it, here, if he's reading this.  Firsthand reports are better but  what he learned will build on what you reported, Louis, because the fellow, a retired electrical engineer I think,  measured the before/after effects with a TriMeter--hard science is golden. I think that post was lost, the last time Etheric Warriors was destroyed by CIA hackers in June, 2007, but some things are worth repeating again and again and that's one of them.
    A retired University of Washington professor whom I once worked with in the field (he wanted me to make an orgone accumulator that he could wear on his torso to improve his dowsing, which it did)  told me that the power companies employ helicopters to hunt for passive wires under the high tension lines.   Anyone who will string even a thin wire close to the ground under those lines will get free electricity and it pays for the power companies to prevent that revenue loss, of course. The wire can't be on the ground or the current will go to ground.   The way it works is that the pulsed electromagnetic field for a hundred yards or so around the axis of the high tension lines is powerful enough that a parallel wire, within that energy field,  will turn it back into usable electricity if it's run to a household Cool
This is the basic principle behind transformers, of course, including the Tesla coil.
When we first started gifting entire cities, Carol suggested dropping a single towerbuster every mile or so under the high tension wires that went through the cities and she watched the DOR from the powerlines turn into radiant blue orgone in each case, within a few minutes. I think DB was fond of doing that on his city-gifting sorties, too. It doesn't take much at all to get this done, though I think it's always very nice to deploy an 18, of course, when the inspiration strikes.


 "Eleven years ago I discovered that inexpensive zappers routinely cure cancer and AIDS.  What’s taking so long for this news to spread?  The answer, of course, is subversion, ritual magic, DOR-based radionics and other high-tech magic and, not least, the studious avoidance in the What To Think Network of any mention of this phenomenally liberating, accessible technology."--Don Croft (July 2007)

The easy way to tell the difference between a chemtrail and a contrail is to compare the observed relative sizes of the planes:  chemtrails are spewed from 12,000 to 20,000 ft altitude, so you can see the planes easily with the naked eye; contrails are generally much higher and the planes are much harder to see--pretty simple, convincing distinction but good luck getting the frenetic Chicken Litttle chumps to settle down and think rationally about this stuff Cool [EW July 2008] Tactical Orgonite Sales UK 

we, too, are not prejudiced against reptiles Wink Speaking of which, Andy was with Carol and I at a Denny's near his place in LA--I think it was five years ago--and the only other diner was an old guy, wearing a belt and suspenders, who faced us throughout our meal and stared at us without changing his expression. His eyes were all black, just like in the horror movies Wink .. All of us saw that. It was kind of like the meal at an IHOP outside of Atlanta that Carol and I shared with Al Bielek during which three hours (mostly talking, not eating) an androgenous couple with very weird facial features and apparent wigs sat and stared at us the entire time, without even ordering any food. It seems like the waitresses avoided the room for the whole time
    When DB and I were trying out the then-new Powerwand at his place in Pasadena he took me on a tour of the neighborhood to point out the wetworkers from the variouis agencies who had murdered the previous residents (heart attacks) and moved into their homes in order to be ready to murder DB and his wife and kids on a moment's notice.
    As we passed near the NSA 'safe house' across the street, a gal drove a big car out of the driveway, right past us, and she had green skin, no hair, no ears and a little stubby nose. I say 'gal' because she was wearing female clothing. Later that day, I went on an errand and took his boys along with me. When I got back, he reported that two ambulances had shown up at the NSA house, not long after I'd left my Powerwand pointed at it on the fence. Two bodies were taken away, in different directions, and one of the bodies was covered by a sheet--I always wondered if that one was Green Gal.
    That was the weirdest year of my life, including box surveillance, an attempted drug sting operation by the local cops on DB and ourselves, each, lots of spaceship encounters, overt reptilian and draconian encounters, etc. I wonder if anyone can show me fiction or $#!+bird disinformation that is more bizarre or interesting. I doubt it.
    I think these little film clips are going to excite the old cadre of CIA/MI6 $#!+slingers to a frenzy and that, too, will be fun to watch and experience. Fortunately for me, 'trouble' is just another word for 'fun.' ~Don

Apparently the chemtrails that seed clouds, like the first one you photographed, are innocuous material but the chemtrails that disappear instantly, like the second chemtrail along that flight path, are apparently the really poisonous, DOR-laden stuff. Cloudbusters disappear the latter quite fast but since the former are not DOR-laden, a cloudbuster doesn't actually interact with it, much. It seems obvious, at least to me, that the incessant spewing of harmless chemtrails is part of a psiops campaign, which might be why most of the chemtrails are like those and only a few are actually poisonous, any more.  It's possible that they keep trying the deadly chemtrails to constantly test whether orgonite will lose its effectiveness.   'Hope springs eternal,' even for fascist geoparasites, after all.
    Even the innocuous, seeded clouds disappear faster when all of the HaARP weaponry and death towers in a region have been turned into life force generators with orgonite but if you've seen Sylphs in your sky it means that the balance of the atmosphere is decisively positive, so no worries. Since Sylphs have even been photographed in the sky over London (thanks largely to you and Rich, no doubt) I'm pretty sure that they visit your skies even more often.
    The disinfo sites incessantly and noisily direct people's attention to the harmless seeded clouds, of course, and it's been a struggle for me to convince any of these frantic disinfo subscribers who email me that, before the middle of 2002, when chemtrails were still sickening and killing people internationally, chemtrails looked and behaved much differently.
    In those dark days, chemtrails destroyed all of the rain-bearing clouds within a few minutes, for instance, and they spread out  to meet each otther and white out the sky on their way down to the level of hte rain clouds.
    I try to convince people to notice that teh seeded clouds, rather, remain pretty coherent, instead of spreading out as before, and they even gradually disappear, as any other clouds will do.
    I think that the HaARPies created their present characteristic whiteouts after the middle of 2002 in order to scam the newly awakening PJ folks into assuming that chemtrails caused the whiteout but the difference with a HaARP whiteout (a very thick layer of cloud at around 20,000 ft altitude) is that rain clouds below that altitude remain unaffected.  The reason I said '20,000 ft' is because in 2003, when I flew across the country, I could see a whiteout layer being formed some distance below the jet I was riding in and we were about 25,000ft high at the time and climbing, according to what the pilot announced.  On that trip, I also saw a chemtrail jet, far below us, and the spew was sort of  brown when seen from above, not white Wink [EW July 2008] Tactical Orgonite Sales UK 

On my inaugural gifting campaign, seven years ago, which was an experimental effort to verify the three ounce towerbuster's viability (one per average tower definitely transmutes the death tower or weather weapon into a life force generator), I often made my orgonite on park benches from town to city across South Idaho's Snake River Valley during that month.  Each time I did that, a fed parked right next to me and pretended hard not to notice.
      Gifters rarely encounter overt $#itbird-agency surveillance any more, maybe because this unorganized movement is too big to keep tabs on by now, but in the first few years we all had to contend with some pretty annoying CIA and MI5/6 freaks.   There were so many of them dogging our heels that we felt like we were leading parades through the countryside but we stayed far enough ahead of them that they rarely, if ever, saw 'the toss.'  One time, not far from here, I was gifting a bunch of odd watertowers in Spokane Valley, a semi-rural area, and at a four way stop intersection the feds were lined up on all four roads.  It was a weird dance, getting thru that country intersection and none of them would make eye contact with me.
       Downtown grid-gifting has to be done on a Sunday morning in predominantly Christian countries because during those hours the only other people on the street were likely to be pavement artists.  That's the trade term for surveillance people. In some areas there will definitely still be active surveillance, such as around military and underground bases, corporate headquarters, Mormon and Masonic temples, etc.
       Another time, when Carol and I were gifting N Washington, far west of Spokane, a little 'City Parcel' car, typical CIA surveillance vehicle in the region,  was parked kitty-corner across an intersection from us in a little farm town. It was around 8PM and he obviously wasn't delivering anything.  There was no traffic, so I drove over, crossed the street so that my driver side window was liined up with his driver side window.  I  rolled the window down and stared at him for about ten seconds.  He looked straight ahead with that CIA-stoney countenance, so I shouted, 'HEY!' at him. He slowly turned to look at me and I'll never forget his expression: it was a curious blend of terror and fury.  I bet he thought I was going to punch him in the face Wink .  Carol and I giggled and we drove away. [EW Aug 2008] 'You [Don] Gotta Grow Up, Buddy'

When Carol and I started gifting Death Valley in 2001 that region was completely and literally dead, except for right around the spring in the southern part where a small band of the Shoshone people have traditionally lived.  The CIA tried their best to discourage us on our first two gifting sorties, there, and it was some of the best fun I've had, to date Cool even though we came close to being taken out by a couple of speedingg van-fulls of CIA  wetworkers.  We'd paid close heed to our instinctive promptings, so were able to stay a jump ahead of their surveillance.  When those vans finally overtook us we were back out of the valley and on the federal highway. It was some time after midnight.  If you get a chance to gift along that road (US395) take along some earthpipes becuase the biggest concentration of gargantuan underground bases is along that route: the valley east of the Sierra Nevada range from Nevada down to LA.  Carol and I have seen some pretty bizarre stuff along that road Wink
     On our last visit we nearly got arrested by park cops halfway thorugh laying our earthpipes along the 100 mile length of  Death Valley but the boss cop softened up after we pointed out to her that our collective previous efforts in the region resulted in the then-current explosion of flowers and grass in Death Valley (March, 2004).
    Many or most (?) of the world's deserts are quite young, apparently generated by the world odor in the past five hundred years.  I think the only one that's actually old is in Saudi Arabia, though the Gobi, under which the psychics say the malevolent beating heart of the world order lies, might also be ancient.
     When Carol and I were doing some gifting around the base of Mt Rainier (an active volcano near Seattle) in November, 2002, we found a 'weatherball' at the bottom of a ravine. She looked at the energy signature and told me that the energy was being aimed underground in an attempt to cause Mt Rainier to erupt.  In those days, there was still a lot of freaky seismic activity on that mountain.  We disabled that facility with a few towerbusters. The 'weatherballs' are particularly easy to disable for some reason. [EW Aug 2008] 'You [Don] Gotta Grow Up, Buddy'

Carol and I apparently caused a major commercial nuke plant in Washington State to shut down just by spud-gunning a dozen TBs into the Columbia River where that plant was getting its cooling water.  The river wasn't easy to access around the nuke but it was within range of the spudgun, fortunately.  A couple of years before that, this was the nuke where we got definitive proof that orgonite puts out more healthy orgone in the presence of ambient poisonous energy.  Carol was nearly blinded by the 'bright blue blobs' of orgone that were suddenly flowing out of my orgonite-loaded truck as she followed behind me in the car, driving on the interstate past that nuke Cool
       A few months later, near a Florida nuke, we were at a beach, 20 miles north of the nuke, and the Terminator I was wearing on my belly was putting out a large fountain of bright orgone, which aroused Carol's curiosity. She then tracked the DOR source as coming from the south and we found that nuke plant on our little hunt after that.
        A single HHg in the bushes not far from the entrance of the plant halted the dark DOR field at that point, which marked, for Carol, a visual sphhere of DOR, surrounded by bright orgone.  They probably found the HHg, eventually, and did something to power up that plant becuase when we moved back there, years later, it took several water-gifting sorties, mostly with our boat, to halt the spread of DOR and to clean up the ocean in that vicinity. It was pretty bizarre and we're  still not aware of how they did all that.
         That nuke plant on Florida's coast got over a hundred TBs in all the surrounding water in our more recent sorties but it has kept working. At least it's not poisoning the surrounding environment, any more.  
         It's been pretty consistent for us, though, to 'turn off' the unregistered little underground nuke reactors by just tossing a TB or two in each of the rectangular, gravel-lined cooling ponds on site. I think those are the plants that provide power for the death towers adn HAARP arrays, though sometimes they apparently use ordinary ponds and rivers for this if the water isn't too mucky. [EW July 2008] From an Exemplary Gifter in New Hampshire

We started out just combining metal particles and fibreglass resin, including a small crystal,  in small plastic boxes, then by the end of the year, 2000, we had discovered that the field effect of orgonite could be enhanced by casting it in the shape of a cone.  We then experimented with putting these cone devices in areas of very disturbed, chaotic, enervating energy and those areas were quickly healed and revitalized.
    Soon after that (March, 2001) we built our first orgonite cloudbuster, which is a combination of Dr Reich's original device and orgonite, which changes ambient 'bad' energy into good, vital energy.  With a combination of the cone devices and the new cloudbuster we travelled up the entire US East Coast to deploy the cone devices in key areas and to see what the cloudbuster could do.  We were so impressed with the observable results that we began propagating the information on the internet for others to experiment with. ---Don Croft

Cell phones are only harmful if they're held next to the head.  Bluetooth and other attachments keep the user safe.   Cathode ray monitors throw harmful energy at the computer user but flat, LCD screens don't.  Some orgonite in the vicinity of a cathode-ray monitor apparently negates the bad effects and especially if one will wear a small orgonite device on the sternum the body's energy field will be shielded quite well.  We believe that this is because the hart region is where energy from outside enters one's personal energy field and orgonite instantly transmutes ambient 'bad' energy at this point. --Don Croft

Fortunately for us all, if one can't see the death transmitters, the transmitters aren't doing their dirty work because it's all apparently 'line of sight' transmission.  One reason they put the death towers so closely together in densely populate areas, too, is because it's apparently pretty easy to shield from the transmissions.  I learned this four years ago, during the brief window in time when a zapchecker was effective for determining whether a death tower is still operational.  In that case, I got a strong signal from an unbusted tower when the zapchecker was held out in the open but almost no signal when the zapchecker was held behind the metal car door. .
    Within a couple of months of posting about using the zapchecker for this, the scheissvogels contrived a way to apparently use long wave transmissions to queer the zapchecker. This is also when it because difficult to use a zapchecker to find implants on the body, by the way.   To confirm that, at least for my own  use, I found that I could use a zapchecker in Uganda to find implants in our co-workers as easily as I was able to do it in the US before the pajaros de mierdes initiated that  blocking program, a year earlier.---- ~Don

Back to the brain drug issue: there's a hard core minority of depressed and schizoid people whom zappers won't do much for, in terms of enabling them to be happy, and I figure that these are among the untold millions of Monarch Program and TAvistock rolling stock and rejects who simply never recovered stability after being savagely and systematically abused as toddlers by the sewer rat agencies in order to make them dissociative tools for the hidden army of CIA and MI5/6 sewer rats. No discussion of mental illness endemics is complete without discussing them, of course.
    For those, it's apparent that having orgonite in the environment gradually weakens the self-destructive and sociopathic programming, which is a good argument for gifting neighborhoods.  The curious ability of orgonite to  gently reverse destructive programming by inhibiting its expression has been seen abundantly by anyone who takes the time to gift more than just the death transmitters, though that, alone, no doubt has a beneficial effect on these poor souls who are literally everywhere in some countries and make up most of the world odor's institutional personnel: professors, teachers, administrators, doctors, bureaucrats, clergy, shrinks, marriage counselors, corporation officers, police, soldiers, nternet board hosts, internet board stinkpots, authors, scientists, sewer rats, all manner of experts, gang leaders, prison wardens, ad nauseum.
    When Georg and Trevor distributed a hundred towerbusters in Soweto, as I've mentioned perhaps too often, the city was revolutionized in a short time.  As they were gifting from the car they were literally in danger of being dragged from the vehicle and murdered so they didn't even  stop at intersections. When Georg took a Ugandan  visitor there a month later, the place had already changed.  We can assume that the destructive murderous behavior that has characterized that city is a result of programming because it's not typical of South African townships among the same tribe. Don Croft (Nov 2006) 

Brain parasites can probably account for most of the mental imbalances that Westerners are experiencing and it's pretty clear, by now, that brain parasites are enabled by the use of antibiotics, which make the colon wall permeable so that parasites that are normally content to live in the digestive tract are then free to migrate to greener pastures, such as the brain, liver, pancreas, heart, lungs, sinuses, joints, muscles, etc., where they generate an ion-deficient energy field that further enhances their position and numbers. YOu can bet that the shrinks don't want that news to get out.--Don Croft (Nov 2006)

[Dowsing aid] "Put the point of a Succor Punch in the palm of your non-dominant hand and use a pendulum with your dominant hand. If you're already familiar with pendulum dowsing, you'll get proficient fast; if you're not, get a little book on dowsing from a new-age bookstore and a pendulum and familiarize yourself. It's not difficult or weird. You can make a Succor Punch from the tutorial on   or buy one from one of the vendors listed there.
     I asked Carol to watch the energy dynamics, while I was using this method, and compare that with my unassisted dowsing. When I used the Succor Punch, she saw clean energy/ information moving from the Succor Punch crystal, into my palm, over my shoulders to the hand holding the pendulum.
When I wasn't using the SP, she saw clean energy/information coming down, into the top of my head, but it got altered and a little polluted, by the time it came out my neck and over to my hand. She says that this is because whenever we try to express something that we receive, our brain usually encodes it in a 'comfortable' way for us, and that the brain is always prejudiced. We temporarily overcome that filter, when we're particularly lucid or detached, (or in dire need), but dowsing should never be considered infallible, any more than a single psychic's observation is. It's an aid."---- [Book] The Life Etheric With Carol Croft

People who know me personally can see that I'm a happy-go-lucky guy. It's something that doesn't show up in posts like this but I can tell you that one reason I'm so happy is that I know that I'm a viable threat to the World Order and that helps me have a sense of purpose.  Lots of us are that way after we've distributed a few thousand towerbusters and helped a few people begin to escape the clutches of the Tavistock Institute's and CIA's dissociative programming. In my view, one has to go through the recognition of how bad things actually are and that we can do something about it before he/she can start to be genuinely happy. Until then, one's happiness is kind of conditional and based largely in denial.  Right now, things aren't like they used to be in the world, in terms of our ability to remain ignorant of pervasive tyranny but the next step is a doozy:  relative global peace, freedom  and prosperity; an end to excessive, centralized power in our world.----Don

We're exercising a Big Secret:  the real stuff happens in the etheric realm, first, then the physical.  The etheric realm is the one that lasts, too, and the World Odor is parasitic, so they never established hegemony in the etheric realm and are quite  vulnerable from there.  It's a lot of fun to go at them from a place where they can't harm us.[EW June 26, 2006] Mongolian Dark Master in Haiti, Mossad bombers in Berlin, etc. ---Don Croft

I can make the arthritis claim because I've got plenty of confirmations--it's as routine as curing cancer, in fact.  We're prudent not to advance any claim which we can't personally substantiate but it's always okay to say that 'some claim zappers cure arthritis,' and leave it up to the hearer to decide whether to pursue it farther.  [EW April 2006] Don Croft on zapper curing arthritis

"By the way, orgonite apparently prevents and even cures radiation poisoning. The reason I say that is that when Carol, Reno Richard and I were gifting the underground bases in and around Fallon, Nevada, three summers ago, the dust where we camped in the desert one night was obviously radioactive. Carol's nose bled from breathing it all night but none of us had the telltale metallic taste in our mouths, perhaps because we were wearing our Harmonic Protectors. Eight years ago I started putting orgonite in my zappers and a customer in Romania reported that a patient of his who was dying from the effects of radiation poisoning (also lung cancer) completely recovered in a few weeks, just from using the zapper. The patient had survived as one of the cleanup crew at Chernyobyl, but got sick after that and was on his deathbed when he started zapping. I think radioactive plutonium was injected in my left arm the night six of us across the US (including DB in Pasadena and StanMan in South Carolina) were marked on our chest with poison needles and otherwise molested. I was in Idaho."--Don Croft  

People wake up from deep programming in stages: when we begin to suspect that CNN/CIA isn't being forthcoming we look for answers on Rense/CIA, for example, sort of like how when one stops having absolute faith in the whitecoated serial killers (MDs) one gravitates to the slightly less harmful and slightly less incompetent white coated Naturopaths. In the latter case, the more discerning will just cut to the chase and consult a genuine, reputable natural physician like Dr von Peters.--Don Croft

If you’re a sparkle-box addict I doubt that it’s possible for you to share my optimism and confidence because you’re still basing your worldview on the regurgitations of lying, expensive media whores. I think TV addiction is more serious and harder to overcome than crank, smack, pot, cocaine, or alcohol addiction is. I’ll stick my neck out a little to let you know that when Cbswork was a frequent guest on a well known daytime national TV talkshow in the early nineties he was shocked to witness the hostess going into a catatonic trance during commercial breaks and being induced by her CIA handler, who came and stood behind her during the breaks, to sort of re-animate on cue and do her act on camera otherwise. His initial response was disappointment because he wanted to chat with her during the breaks. [Nov 09, 2004]Two Warrior Exemplars, and Cliff Notes (long article)--Don Croft

HAARP is worth a mention, of course. When we started out with the cloudbusters there had been long-term, HAARP-induced droughts throughout the world which institutionalized academics were required to blame on ‘global warming.’ With the defeat of the chemtrail program also came the end of most of the droughts in North America and as more and more gifters pay attention and take out the HAARP arrays along with the more obvious death towers, we’re seeing more and more normal rainfall throughout the continent now. I can tell you that our drive across the Desert Southwest in June, 2001 was heartbreaking; entire desert regions were literally dead from lack of rain. Now, they’ve all come back at least to normal desert life conditions and, as Galaero is reporting, it’s been raining a LOT in the Southern Arizona region, finally, largely through his own persistent and intelligent efforts but also in conjunction with a lot of cloudbusters and a lot of other gifting in Arizona, California’s desert region and Western Mexico.
    In January, Georg and Trevor prevented a predicted famine in Southern Africa by busting the Indian Ocean coastal HAARP arrays along South Africa’s East Coast and into Mozambique and thus generating rainfall, with the help of scores of desert cloudbusters, throughout the Kalahari and Namib Deserts and also throughout the less arid agricultural areas of that part of the continent. Georg has and just returned from a coordinated gifting effort in Namibia with some of the orgonauts in that country and a fellow warrior from Australia. This all has shown a lot of promise for orgonite’s potential to reverse deserts.
[Nov 09, 2004]Two Warrior Exemplars, and Cliff Notes (long article)--Don Croft

On the way to that spot, I was bitten by a rattlesnake and the wound was bleeding. I had a sense that I was going to be fine, so I continued on around the giant sandstone outcrop to find Ryan (and the two other fellows) and when I got back to the Jeep I was going to put my zapper on the snakebite to take care of the poison, which is what happened. [Aug 10, 2004] Juicing at the Devil's Punchbowl, Part 2 by Don Croft

When she and Carol walked out onto the pier at Ocean Beach to drop in three more of DB's Water Oblations. Carol was able to show Alicia what to look for that indicates the presence of Undines, which are big water elementals. Alicia saw it clearly. Carol says that DB's assertion that Undines often take the oblations out to sea is probably accurate because she didn't sense that the devices hit the bottom when they tossed them into the ocean there. Normally, when orgonite devices hit the bottom in a body of water she can feel some reverberations. She said that as we were leaving the downtown waterfront a couple of Undines, around a thousand feet tall, were standing in the harbor, gesturing their appreciation. When we got back to DBs place, he told us what times we had done the harbor and the pier ;-) [Aug 10, 2004] Juicing at the Devil's Punchbowl, Part 2 by Don Croft

London is clever with their constant misdirects. They use Israel to do their espionage/sabotage/assassination and drug trade in the Mideast, Africa and beyond (Mossad closely cooperates with the CIA in the South American dope trade); they use the US military to enforce their economic protocols throughout the world..........Blaming Jews is another of London's successful misdirects, of course. The Ashkenazi who run Israel may or may not be Jewish, technically, but they sure do exhibit all of the political and terror strategies of Hitler's order. Pointing that out to a more paranoid Israeli Jew might get you shot or bludgeoned ;-).....So, to get unwitting, pseudo-awake 'masses' to direct their contempt at your or my country is a coup by London; the successful result of their disinformation campaigns. Letter From Israel A Call to Gifting & A Historical Review By Don Croft

Orgonite disables humanity's enemy, the occult/corporate world order, in ways that have to be witnessed to be believed, which is why we stress doing the work rather than relying on argument or persuasion to get people's support. Letter From Israel A Call to Gifting & A Historical Review By Don Croft

Theosophy is the direct outgrowth of the espionage agenda used to subvert India in the 1700s. The history of the British East India Company, one of the world's first genocidal corporations, is well documented by several research journalists, most of whom publish under LaRouche's banner. I don't personally support LaRouche's political aspirations and several authors whom he publishes are blatantly off track, in my opinion, but several others of them are outstanding, including Anton Chaitkin and Margery White, who write and document extensively about the history of the later stages of the history of the occult/corporate world order. Benjamin Franklin Press sells those books. 'I am not sure I agree with you about Theosophy' by Don Croft

If one wants to examine Hiduism's or Buddhism's genuine teachings, why get it filtered through a flaky channeler and a satanist? Alice Bailey was closely connected to Aleister Crowley and the rest of that nasty crowd and she personally initiated the heinous, Luciferic ideology that was immediately adopted by the UN. Her publishing company, The Lucifer Trust, was the UN's sole publicist until the UN were embarrassed into asking her to change the name to The Lucis Trust right after WWII. I think you'd agree that anyone who names her own company after Lucifer is a satanist. I don't even believe in devils but Luciferians do. The masons call Lucifer, 'The Architect of the Universe,' by the way, and depict him in an inverted pentagram as 'Baphomet, the Hermaphroditic She-goat,' in MORALS AND DOGMA, which is their Bible. It would be laughable if they didn't take this stuff so seriously and commit so much mayhem under its banner. Pedophilia and massive-scale kidnapping are hallmarks of satanism, for instance, as is human sacrifice at the highest levels. 'I am not sure I agree with you about Theosophy' by Don Croft

Drunvalo openly and casually admitted in front of many witnesses, a few years ago, that his particular Merkaba meditation protocols are specifically designed to get the more talented adepts directly under his control. Thanks to the internet, this comment was broadcast and he apparently lost most of his credibility. He also openly promotes the Great White Brotherhood, which is a high-end Illuminati organization which also directs masonry, Rosicrucianism and Thoesophy as well as the newage gurus of whom he's only one. 'I am not sure I agree with you about Theosophy' by Don Croft

All the actors are too compromised to do any good in the world,  I think. One of the people we've helped still conducts high level satanic rituals for the world order. They erase her memories, after each ritual but there are residual impressions, of course, because memory isn't just in the brain. Men can't conduct the rituals, which is another nice irony about this patriarchic, parasitic world order. She's occasionally greeted with smiles and secret hand signals when she's on the street in New York by people including Robin Williams and George Clooney, who participate in the rituals and apparently don't know that her memory gets wiped Wink  Don Croft

Even so, I recommend that people read his material and even try the Merkaba exercises if they're inclined to do so. Carol and I both feel that the basic exercises have merit and that when a more talented meditator reaches the higher stages he/she can simply modify them to a more universal mode and just keep going without fear of being spiritually compromised. After all, it's not the exercises themselves which are 'bad,' but only the addictive nature of the individual meditator that can allow him/her to be ultimately scammed into being a psychic slave for the GWB. Get rid of the addiction and see whether these higher end Merkaba exercises have the same appeal as before, for instance. No balanced person wants 'personal power,' after all, or an advantage over anyone else. 'I am not sure I agree with you about Theosophy' by Don Croft

Count St Germain is a common feature to all of these organizations. When our friend, who 'grew up' in that Illuminati guru stable, along with Drunvalo, Maitreya, Braden, Twyman, Houston, and the rest, was inducted into Scottish Rite's 33d degree (he told Carol and I) in the middle 90s, Ct St Germain materialized in the sealed temple during the ritual, nodded his approval, then dematerialized. All of the high level SR masons, such as presidents, kings, top clergy, top generals, etc., are 33d degree and wear that ruby masonic ring. I've seen our friend's ring, which he no longer wears, of course. My grandfather, a very successful corporation president in Kansas City, was a mover and shaker in Harry Truman's lodge after WWII and he only had the onyx ring of SR's 32d degree. Truman was 33d. The 33d guys draw their power from the rituals conducted by the 32d degree guys, who are far more numerous. 'I am not sure I agree with you about Theosophy' by Don Croft

This really happened somewhere in NOrth America last weekend but I promised not to divulge the details. It didn't happen in Kalifornia Uber Alles, unfortunately. A good friend of mine was introduced to a governor at a formal dinner and the governor nearly fell over from the effects of the orgonite on the person of the friend right in the presence of the two black-suited/earphoned thugs in attendance and the rest of the neo-scaly entourage. ---Don Croft

I sort of campaign to help genuinely inquisitive people get past the falsely promoted idea that the towers are for cellphones, by the way. They're simply not; they're for destroying the atmosphere and for making everyone sick. They're also used to target individuals in the population in conjunction with GPS.  Having said that, the tech used on the towers is so secret that anyone who claims to know the inner workings more or less discredits himself, I believe. Those secrecy oaths are pretty binding because the folks who work on secret predatory tech must have gotten a graphic demonstration of what happens when any of them spills his gust to the public Wink Don Croft

Remember when DB reported that the feds had put a lump of radioactive material in his water meter? In those days we were still working together and when we visited him a couple months later he was still under the gun in that very bizarre neighborhood in LA. Right before we got there he was nearly killed by some sort of beam weapon from above and he showed us the circle of yellow, dead grass around where he was standing at the moment. I didn't doubt his story and he was obviously still very sick but when they hit Carol with a similar beam, a couple of months later in Idaho, we saw the same grass effect the next day in that spot. Carol wasn't affected, probably because she was wearing her Orgonite pendant near her heart. DB didn't have any orgonite on him but maybe the orgonite in the yard, nearby, prevented his murder. --[EW 2009 Oct]  Another Murder Attempt on Carol

Quotes re Don:
    I recently had the pleasure of meeting Don Croft (along with Alejandro) for the first time, after following his posts for 8 years. I found him to be polite, unassuming and full of good humor. He is a 'regular guy' who immediately puts you at ease. If you've studied his writing, you'll know that the most significant assertion he's ever made is: don't take MY word for it, try it yourself and see.  So, to those of you who've had the gumption or openmindedness to try gifting a little orgonite and realize that it works, a heartfelt THANKS for making the world a better place.    
     An example of confirmation I experienced a few weeks ago:  A friend of mine who has mouth cancer (won't use the zapper -geesh!) asked me to take him to the radiation clinic for treatment. We arrived and, before he headed upstairs, said it would only take about half an hour.
     I sat down to read and, after about five minutes, noticed the words began to blur. My eyesight is good and I was wearing my HP, but just in case, I went out to the car to get my SP and came back in. I switched it on and did a little blasting of the general area. Moments later, my friend came back down the stairs. "Sorry, Chaz, it's going to be another hour or so. Three out of four of the radiation machines just went on the blink."  Oops. 'Don Croft is a Complete Bozo and Fraud!'