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Orgonite ingredients and devices

Succor Punch ("SP")
The Powerwand

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Bar magnets in place of crystals by Laozu

How Orgonite Works.

[EW Sept 2011] Seeing Death Orgone

[2011 July] The Orgonite Effect By Karen Sawyer and Pat Reynolds

Spiritual exercises
Orgone generator tutorial articles
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Wilhelm Reich articles
Healing Black lines

[2003] What is Orgone? By Georg Ritschl

Orgonite ingredients and devices
Is there an honorable place in the work for blind imitation? by on Croft
[2002] Orgone and orgonite Generator F.A.Q. By Don Croft

Gifting  [See:   Gifting  Gifting and zapper stories from Africa  UK gifting log]
2004] GIFTING  by Don Croft
[2003] Gifting with Orgone By cbswork
[2003 Idaho Observer] Gifting with Orgone

Cloudbuster  [See: Cloudbuster]
Cbswork's Observation of a Working ChemBuster
Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies!  The Do-It-Yourself Kit for Sky Repair By Ken Adachi
I Wish I Knew How This Works By Don Croft

[Tutorial April 2006] Torsion CB Tutorial By Rich & John
[Tutorial] How to Build A standard Cloudbuster to disperse Chemtrails and Improve the Weather

HHG  [See: Orgone generator tutorials]
[Tutorial] Holy handgrenade (HHG)

Towerbuster  [See: Orgone generator tutorials]
[Tutorial] Towerbuster 3 fl oz (TB)
[2003 Idaho Observer] The Tower Buster: Using Reich's orgone energy to neutralize cell tower effects by Don Croft
[2002] The Tower Buster--3 oz of orgonite with a single quartz xtal By Don Croft

Succor Punch ("SP") [See: Weaponry]
Succor Punch and dowsing
[Warrior Matrix, 2005] Intentions & Succour punch
[2005] Succor Punch & surveillance
[2005] Mere Succor Punch Blocks Most Surveillance  -----Don Croft
The Succor Punch By Ken Adachi
Succor Punch Explained By Don Croft
What's A Succor Punch? By Don Croft

The Powerwand [See: Weaponry]
The Powerwand by Don Croft
2003] Non-instructions for the Powerwand By Don Croft,  
[2003] Powerwand, Shiva and the Death of Arch-Predators by Don Croft
[2003] The PowerWand Everyman's Weapon Against Tyranny By Don Croft

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How to Make New Orgone Devices by Ryan McGinty