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Kelly, Dr

Filthy Britain’s Wall of Shame
CIA assassination Manuals

[1967]  Jim Garrison Interview

[1968] Mort Sahl Interview

[2017 Jan] Former Newspaper Editor Who Exposed CIA Found Dead

[Review] Pres. Obama's Secret CIA Hit Squad Detailed in "The Way of the Knife"

THE OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING: ONE BY ONE... PEOPLE WHO SAW TOO MUCH, PEOPLE WHO KNEW TOO MUCH...WERE MURDERED  Jack Colvert, Jackie Majors and Buddy Youngblood had also been at the Murrah Building that morning. Each saw Mike Loudenslager alive and well after the bombing.  They're all dead.  So are Dr. H. Don Chumley and Officer Terry Yeakey.  As are, it is now said, about thirty people who either knew too much, or asked too many questions.

Autopsy : Eerie Similarities Between Bobbi Kristina and Whitney Houston’s Deaths

‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Max Spiers Found Dead Days After Texting His Mother

[2016 Aug] Secrets of the Holohoax and Zionist Fantasies  Regarding Himmler’s death by cyanide, that story is also concocted. He did not “bite on a capsule hidden in his teeth” – after his capture right after the war.  He was beaten to death by his captors. Decades ago already, prior to photoshop magic, the Germans were treated to several photos showing a murdered Himmler lying in a pool of blood.  Here, too, during the Great Holocaust Trial in 1988, Ernst was told an alternate version by one of his sterling defense witnesses, an award-winning Canadian columnist who volunteered to tell of his experience in post-war Germany. I knew him as Doug Collins.
    Right after the defeat of Germany, this native British soldier – who had been a German POW in various prison camps during the war and had to his credit six daring escapes – had been recruited as a British Intelligence Field Officer near Oldenburg in Germany. Doug told Ernst about Himmler being interrogated by the Allies at one of the barracks he, Doug, had access to – he said that the British victors beat Himmler to a pulp, picked up his corpse, put it on a bed, opened his belt and pulled down his trousers to pull his penis out – and that is the sight that was allowed the many gawkers in British uniform parading by so they could get their jollies.

[2016 June] UN OFFICIAL FOUND DEAD WAS SET TO TESTIFY AGAINST HILLARY CLINTON SAME DAY. “BARBELL FELL ON HIS NECK” “During the trial, the prosecutors would have linked Ashe to the Clinton bagman Ng. It would have been very embarrassing. His death was conveniently timed.”

[2016 April] Two People Involved In Flint Water Investigation Found Dead

[2015 Sept] Is Big Pharma Murdering Our Cutting-Edge Doctors? Yes, Of Course They Are...Why?  They've Tried Everything Else to Control the Dialogue...

[2015 July] 3rd “Alternative” Prominent Doctor From Florida Found Dead in 2 weeks. Authorities say MD was murdered.

[2015 July] Three scientists investigating melting Arctic ice may have been assassinated, professor claims

[2015 June] Famous Autism researcher and Doctor, Jeff Bradstreet died of alleged “self inflicted gunshot wound” to chest and found in a river

[2015 March] UN Assembles Panel to Investigate Possibility that Dag Hammarskjöld was Assassinated by Western Agents

Malcolm X: Evidence of State Execution

4 US journalists dead past 24 hours — in the US!

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde dead, probably murdered

[2015 Jan] Conflagration Kills Pentagon Cybersecurity expert and grandchildren

[2015 Jan] Wife, daughter and writer of controversial FEMA camp movie ‘Gray State’ dead in ‘murder-suicide’

[2015 Jan] Former children's home boss, 77, accused of historic sex abuse of boys as young as nine is found dead at home weeks before he was due to stand trial 

[2014 Nov] James Forrestal- Early Zionist Hit-Job?

[2014 June] Special Report, FBI Killed Franklin Scandal Investigator from Wayne Madsen Report

[2014]  14 African Countries Forced by France to Pay Colonial Tax For the Benefits of Slavery and Colonization  On January 13, 1963, three days after he started printing his country own currency, a squad of illiterate soldiers backed by France killed the first elected president of newly independent Africa. Olympio was killed by an ex French Foreign Legionnaire army sergeant called Etienne Gnassingbe who supposedly received a bounty of $612 from the local French embassy for the hit man job.

[vid] John Judge on the Bush family 1988 But the real story is is the visit Ned Bush paid on Bob Marley just days after Marley was shot. Bush impersonated a Rolling Stone reporter to get access to him. Three days after an extended visit Bob Marley was dead. 

[2013] Ex-CIA agent says Obama had Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy assassinated


The Murder of Beverly Eckert, Flight #3407 – Part 1

[2013 April] British peer reveals MI6 role in Lumumba killing

[2013 feb] “100% certain”: 9/11 author was killed in black ops hit by Dr. Kevin Barrett
[2013 Feb] Former airline pilot and conspiracy theorist 'shot dead his two teenage children and his dog before turning the gun on himself'

[2012 Feb] Who Killed Whitney Houston? Death Was On Her & Illuminati Contract Expired  How does the Illuminati kill you?  Well they make sure that you have all of the drugs that you can have and they get you addicted to drugs (legal or illegal). 

[2013 Jan] Obama’s ‘kill list’ critic found dead in New York City Brooklyn’s chief medical examiner ruled the death a suicide by hanging, but no further detail is available about the mysterious death.



Who Killed Aaron Swartz?  The bankers, generals, and spooks who comprise our invisible government had plenty of reasons to kill Aaron Swartz, especially because the internet—along with a well-armed citizenry—are the last remaining obstacles on the road to their totalitarian horizon.  He was creative, idealistic, and unbendable.  He was young and admired by many.  If not checked, he might have slowed down the Syndicate’s attacks on the biosphere, freedom, peace, justice, free flow of information, and common decencies.  So the invisible government probably did kill him.  They did so either indirectly through constant harassment, as his loved ones publicly state, or, most likely, directly by hanging him and alleging that he hung himself.

Did Warner Bros Studio Kill Actor Heath Ledger? The Illuminati Call Girls of Death.  Heath Ledger said that Alan Horne, the then head of Warner Bros (at that time) and the head of the newly but now dissolved Warner Independent were pressuring him into Lucifer Rituals that included orgies, male on male or males on a single female sex, drinking of blood, human sacrifice and doing incantations to Satan......He (Ledger) was resistant and refusing to do these things and that’s really when his downward spiral started in Hollywood aided by his ex-wife Michelle Williams, who is Illuminati.  Any one with common sense can see that one just doesn’t go from being a rising star with critical acclaim to ending up dead. Usually there are public events where one can point to the actor kinda going on a decline or acting neurotic before ending up dead.  ....The Hollywood Illuminati sent this girl all the way from L.A., to seduce Heath Ledger and give him pills that contained a toxic poison

[2012 Dec] Pharma drugs and school shootings by John Noveske

[2013 Jan] Prominent rifle manufacturer killed in mysterious car crash days after posting psych drug link to school shooters

[2012 Nov] Remembering Abu Jihad and why, really, the Israelis killed him

[2012 Oct] Oil Executive and Renewable Fuel Researcher Assassinated

[2012 Oct] CNBC Exec’s Children Murdered, 1 Day After CNBC Reports $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit

Paul Wellstone: Tenth Anniversary of His Assassination

[2012 Sept] No One in Arizona Could Write this Story and Live  A week ago, Cochise County Sheriff Larry Deaver died in a “one car accident” while on an empty road.  He was heading out on a hunting trip, planning to meet with his son.  His 2008 4 wheel drive Dodge pickup truck ran off an empty dirt road and he was killed.  We know different.  This was an assassination using a commonly known tactic called “Boston brakes.”  Look it up on your computer, it makes for very good reading.

THATCHER'S PEOPLE Scallywag Magazine alleged that MI5 used to take foreign diplomats to Bryn Estyn and other children's homes in the North Wales, give them boys to 'play' with, and secretly film them as they buggered, abused and tortured boys, and then keep the tapes as evidence.  Over a dozen victims who complained of abuse by the paedophile ring 'have met suspicious deaths'."  ...Reportedly, "The magazine alleged that the peer referred to in the article is Lord M..... at the time of the offences ....... of the governing Conservative Party. "Another regular participant in the activities at Bryn Clwyd was alleged by Scallywag to be ....... for years a leading mover and shaker in successive Conservative administrations. "Scallywag alleged that ..... was a sadist with an abnormally large penis, who was particularly violent and without mercy in his treatment of the boys. The magazine alleged that on regular occasions his victims would end up in casualty wards. He was a leading political fixer and adviser to Margaret Thatcher...."The former children connected with this empire of evil who died in mysterious circumstances may have been murdered by the British security services, the price of their silence their lives."


Was Katharine Graham Killed for 9/11?

[vid] Bush Era Navy Complicit in Terror and Assassination

[2012 Sept] Frank Olson: Murdered by the Deep State

[2012 June] Disable the purveyors: Is US secretly liquidating dissidents?

Obama's secret kill list by Judge Andrew Napolitano (June 2, 2012)

Murder, Inc: Official Obama Policy

Slaughter in Arizona, Suicide Now Cartel Murder, Military, FBI, ICE, Homeland Security (Updated hourly)

[2012 March EW] Yet Another Murder Attempt  a white van in the other lane whipped around a big truck, as though to pass it, and the driver evidently saw Jenny and should have immediately put his brakes on and got back behind the truck.  He speeded up, though, and kept moving forward.  Jenny barely had time to get onto the shoulder to avoid a collision with that tool and she feels that if she hadn't gotten the premonition she probably would have panicked and wrecked, as there was a high bank just beyond the shoulder.  Carol reckons the big truck's driver was also part of this op and that several spotters were in place, beforehand, perhaps including an aircraft.


[2012 March] Was Andrew Breitbart murdered by the Obama Regime?

[vid] Expert Witness to the Kennedy assassination - Killed (Roger Craig)

 [2012 Jan] An introduction to my experience with the Jewish Community

[2012 Feb] Nikola Tesla was Murdered by Otto Skorzeny  Bermen heard from Skorzeny that he had personally suffocated Nikola Tesla on January 6, 1943, assisted by fellow-Nazi Reinhard Gehlen. Tesla was then 86 years old.  According to Skorzeny, he and Gehlen had tricked Tesla the previous day into revealing the full details of his most important discoveries. After the murder, they stole the contents of Tesla’s safe, which were delivered to Hitler. (Note, of course, that the US military would have fully repatriated this treasure trove of innovation through Project Paperclip at the end of the war.)

[2012 Jan] Nuclear Assassinations: The Unholy Marriage of Spy Agencies By Dr. Ismail Salami

[2012 Jan] DOCTORED PHOTO IN MARINE MURDER PROBE (PART1)  Fraudulent  autopsy photo supports murder of Marine Corps Colonel and cover-up by DOD.     
[2012 Jan] DOCTORED PHOTO IN MARINE MURDER PROBE (PART 2)   The DOD crime scene reconstruction by Bryan Burnett supports the hypothesis that Colonel  Sabow was killed by a government assassination team...... The assassination team were flown by Marine helicopter from Camp Pendleton to MCAS El Toro during the early morning hours of January 22, 1991, landing in a vacant field several hundred yards from Colonel Sabow’s backyard.  The helicopter normally landed next to the control tower at El Toro, but on January 22nd the chopper landed across the airfield at a point that was nearest to Colonel Sabow’s quarters.  Four men got out, headed for the Sabow residence on Fifth Street.  The helicopter then immediately took off, went right across the airfield, and landed where it usually does, at the tower. The pilot got out, said he was having some trouble, but was checking it  out and that’s why he had landed across the field.  He then went on to say that he  wasn’t sure and he may do the same thing again, and he did, according to Dr. David Sabow.  And shortly after 0900, the pilot landed there again.  Dr. Sabow said he was told the pilot picked them up from the records. However, he  feels the records are false and the pilot picked up only one man, “accounting for the three that remained behind at the scene of the crime.”
[2012 Jan] DOCTORED PHOTO IN MARINE MURDER PROBE (PART 3)   Motive for the murder was to prevent Colonel Sabow from talking about unmarked civilian aircraft to flying drugs into MCAS El Toro.

[2012 Jan] Edith Starr Miller - Murdered for Exposing Conspiracy

[2012 Jan] Nuclear Assassinations: The Unholy Marriage of Spy Agencies By Dr. Ismail Salami

[2011 Dec] Hugo Chávez hints at US cancer plot

[2011 Dec] Ten Lies about the Smolensk Crash

[2011 Dec] The Assassination of Cpl. Pat Tillman by JIM FETZER

[2011 Nov] Did Mossad Murder Hilda Murrall? By T. Stokes

[2011 Sept] Sen. Paul Wellstone: More Proof of Assassination by JIM FETZER  Proof of assassination is not proof of conspiracy. But the existence of a cover up is a powerful indication of complicity in a crime. If the motive and the opportunity are evident, it may be worth observing that Raytheon not only owns Beechcraft, which manufactures the A-100, but also makes high-tech weapons of the kind that could have been used to take it down. Which means that this knowledge was accessible to the administration. Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld may not have executed this hit personally, but they were in the position to make it happen.

Dead Men Tell No Tales: The CIA, 9/11 and the Awlaki Assassination by Tom Burghardt - 2011-10-09

Obama’s Very Real Death Panel: The CIA's Assassination Program  by Anthony Gregory - 2011-10

[vid] President Kills U.S. Citizen. Target Killing Americans  The due-process-free assassination of U.S. citizens is now reality. By now, most of us are pretty well convinced that Anwar Al-Awlaki was a bad guy. Even I'll buy that he was a bad dude.  The idea that due-process is now OPTIONAL is a very frightening prospect. Scratch that, it's a very frightening new reality. Perhaps they're not inclined to due-process because it would show that Al-Awlaki, the CIA lackey, worked for them all along. After all, this is the guy that rubbed elbows with the brass at the Pentagon dinner. Now he's dead, and a new precedent is set.

It's prudent to post about the occasional murder attempt --Don Croft

[2011 May] Caught Red Handed; British Assassins in the Horn of Africa by Thomas C. Mountain  All of those arrested have since been confirmed as employees of a British “security” firm akin to the notorious US company Blackwater/Xe. At least two of the four are former British Special Forces. As in the case of Raymond Davis, the CIA killer caught in the act in Pakistan, the British Foreign Office has been claiming Geneva Convention protections for these gun thugs all but confirming their being on an official mission for the British Government.

[2011 Oct] Assassination Rights By Edward S. Herman

[2011 March] Libya's Blood for Oil: The "Vampire" War by Susan Lindauer On the day it was blown out of the sky, Pan Am 103 was carrying that team of CIA and FBI investigators, the CIA's Deputy Chief assigned to Beirut, and three Defense Intelligence officers, including McKee and Gannon, on their way to Washington to deliver a report on the CIA's role in heroin trafficking, and the impact on terrorist financing and the hostage crisis. In short, everyone with direct knowledge of CIA kickbacks from heroin trafficking died on Pan Am 103. A suitcase packed with $500,000 worth of heroin was found in the wreckage. It belonged to investigators, as proof of the corruption.

[vid] Apologies Of An Economic Hitman | Full Documentary by JOHN PERKINS  (9-1`5-11)Working for an NSA sub-contractor (cut-out), John Perkins was a member of the secret team of "economic hit men", agents of multinational coporations as well as the IMF and World Bank, who used fraudulent financial reports, rigged elections, payoffs, extortion, sex, military coups and murder to create the global American empire after World War II. After a long internal struggle between his guilt and the fear of telling the truth, Perkins meets the daughter of an assassinated president and speaks out in front of an angry audience in Ecuador, one of the scenes of Perkins' crimes.

[vid] (1/4) Death of 911 Key Witness Barry Jennings: New Info Points To Foul Play

Covert Operations of the U.S. National Security Agency John St Clair Akwei  NSA DOMINT has the ability to assassinate US citizens covertly or run covert psychological control operations to cause subjects to be diagnosed with ill mental health.

[2011 Aug] European Unrest: Entirely Staged Political Theatre By Gordon Duff  As background, Britain and America didn’t invade Iraq looking for chemical weapons.  The real reason is because three Hiroshima sized nuclear weapons had been stolen, weapons built by Armscorp in South Africa, the Pelandaba plant, designed by Israel.  There had been 10.  One was tested in September 1979 off Prince Edward Island, south of Capetown.  The US discovered it, we have all the data on the explosion, all the signatures.  South Africa ended its WMD partnership which included huge operations in conjunction with both Israel and Colonel Gaddafi of Liyba, someone else with nuclear weapons.  The last 9 weapons were to be decommissioned.  Dr. David Kelly, the murdered scientist and a young assistant, now current British Prime Minister David Cameron ran the operation.
Dr. David Kelly, once considered a suicide, now known to be a murder victim, oversaw the project.  The bombs were stolen, Kelly knew and kept his mouth shut, for awhile at least, and then threatened to go public, not just about the bombs but about a 17,8 million pound “kickback” (backhander) paid by the bomb thieves to certain prominent British politicians.

[2011 Aug] The Rothschild They Murdered by Henry Makow Ph.D.  Rupert Murdoch Ordered Editors World Wide To "Spike" The Story....French  Prime Minister Jacques Chirac has ordered police to close their investigation. ...Media  outlets worldwide have ignored these mysterious developments.  Some have reported the death  was a suicide, other outlets disregarded the death altogether. As  if  obeying  an invisible choir-master, the world's competing news organizations  silenced  their strident sensationalism this month to cover up the mysterious death....."Murdoch sent a  hotline  fax  to  his  600-odd  editors and news managers around the world,  ordering  them  to  report  Amschel's death  as  a  heart  attack,  if  at all," said British broadcast reporter Ian Gooding.  "No  one  around  here  has ever seen such pressure to kill  a  front-page  story.   But  in  the  end,  the cover-up was complete."

[vid] The Assassination of John Lennon. 1 mind control patsy + 1 Mob hitman    As a class, lone nut assassins seem to always have lots of spare cash...Which is strange because usually to make money you need to interact with people in a somewhat normal way (have a job, run a real business). They're putting the Norway killer on ice to keep him from "communicating with co-conspirators". Really? Or are they doing it to help them get away? It's an old trick: Focus on the nut while the infrastructure than put him in place melts away. Another famous lone nut case that didn't add up.

[2011] Rev. Kevin Annett - Genocide of Canadian aboriginals at 25 million; 50,000 children now missing; Key witness William Coombes assassinated by Crown and Vatican agents  Rev. Kevin Annett sets out the prima facie evidence for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's personal involvement in the disappearance of 10 aboriginal children abducted by them from a residential school in Kamloops, BC in the period Oct. 5 - 13, 1964 and never seen again in their lives. 

[2011 June] Swiss Banker Unmasks Bilderberg Criminals   It was a payment instruction on order of a foreign secret service written by hand giving the order to pay a certain amount to a person who killed the top leader of a foreign country. And it was not the only case. We received several such hand written letters coming from foreign secret services giving the order to payout cash from secret accounts to fund revolutions or for the killing of people....Several secret services from abroad, mostly English speaking, gave orders to fund illegal acts, even the killing of people thru Swiss banks. We had to pay on the instructions of foreign powers for the killing of persons who did not follow the orders of Bilderberg or the IMF or the World Bank for example.


[2011 March] Homeopathic Imprinter Maker (& Son) Poisoned at San Diego Health Expo; Later Died

Cops Cover Up John Wheeler Murder Conspiracy

The Connor O'Ryan Story by Elaine Douglass

[2010] CIA Targeted Assassinations by Induced Heart Attack and Cancer

[2010] Assassinations By Induced Heart Attack And Cancer   After nearly 80 years of research and development there is now a way to simulate a real heart attack and to give a healthy person cancer. Both have been used as a means of assassination. Only a very skilled pathologist, who knew exactly what to look for at an autopsy, could distinguish an assassination induced heart attack or cancer from the real thing.
    Is death by heart attack, burst aneurysm, of cerebral hemorrhage a “natural cause”? Not if government agencies have found a way to influence your heart rate, blood pressure, or vascular dilatation. Neurological research has found that the brain has specific frequencies for each voluntary movement called preparatory sets. By firing at your chest with a microwave beam containing the ELF signals given off by the heart, this organ can be put into a chaotic state, the so-called heart attack. In this way, high profile leaders of political parties who are prone to heart attacks can be killed off before they cause any trouble.

[2010 Oct] Ledger was 'whacked' by criminals: Quaid

  He was told that Silverstein "'wanted him in the office no later than 11th September''

[2010] Assassination of Mike Connell by Unknown Agents

[2010] New Orleans Mardi Gras Mystick Krewe of Comus Secrets Revealed By Mimi L. Eustis

[2010 Oct] Illuminati Extorting Hollywood Stars?   "How many people have you known personally who have died suddenly and mysteriously in the last five years?" Randy Quaid asked. "I have personally known eight actors..."  Quaid stopped for a moment, clearly fighting back tears.  "All of whom I have worked with and was close to - Heath Ledger, Chris Penn, David Carradine among them.  I believe these actors were whacked and I believe many others, such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson, are being played to get at their money."..

[2010 Sept] Hollywood Hitmen

[2010 June] How Satanist Professional Killer Squads Work by BENJAMIN FULFORD

[2010 July EW] My New Green Poison War Wound! ;-) 

[2010 July EW] Just Repelled A Radionics Attack 

[2009] Attempted Murder: The Suzanne Somers Story by HOWARD S. KATZ

[2009] British nuclear expert's 17th floor UN death plunge 'was not suicide'

[2009] Greg Hallett Begins 8/12: Interview with Dr. James Fetzer, PhD: Who Murdered King?

[2009 Letter] The U.S. and Assassinations: A Story From the ’60s

[2009] Princess Diana’s Death and Memorial: The Occult Meaning What is the purpose of elevating Diana to the level of goddess through mystic symbolism? Numerous theories state that one of Diana’s sons will eventually become the much prophesied Antichrist. Are we making Diana the Virgin Mary of the Antichrist? Is the assassination of Diana, the “Moon Goddess” the response to JFK, the “Sun God” ‘s death? Was she part of a blood ritual due to the royal status of her family’s genealogy? Is the Queen of England actually a reptilian creature that can shape-shift into a 6 foot tall lizard? You can google any of these theories and you’ll find more essays than you can read. I have no proof about any of them so I won’t give a definite answer. One thing is for sure, symbols do not lie. Diana has been surrounded with the world’s most powerful people, and these people have deep knowledge of the occult. Initiates are fully aware of the fact that symbolism is the only true language of humanity and it can only be understood by those who are worthy. Diana’s memorials are PACKED with blatant symbolism, all referring to the same concept of female divinity. The symbols presented in this report weren’t destined to the average population, who still think that Diana died in a car accident. These esoteric codes serve the purpose of the elite, who carry out its rituals according to the secret knowledge it possesses.

[EW 2009 Oct]  Another Murder Attempt on Carol

[2008] Queen of the Supremes before Diana Ross, she died at 32. So was Florence Ballard murdered?

[2008] FBI Agent: 'Sonny Bono Was Clubbed To Death'

[EW 2008 Dec] Don And Carol's First DVD Is Days Away From Being Done. Yay

[EW June 2008] A Recent CIA-directed Bizarrity--Good Sample for Skeptics

Who Killed River Phoenix?


[2009 Nov] Philip Jones Believed He Was Poisoned

[2009 Nov] The Jimi Hendrix Political Harassment, Kidnap and Murder Experience by Alex Constantine

[2009 july] Report: ‘No geographical limitations’ on CIA assassination program

[2008 Dec] Key Witness in Rove Probes Killed by MICHAEL CARMICHAEL (GLOBAL RESEARCH)

[2008] General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book

[2008] Illuminati Murdered at least Two More Presidents

[2006] Whistleblower dies in suspicious circumstances on stage at UFO conference

[2001] Why Did President Ford Ban Assassinations?

A Brief List of the Conveniently Deceased by Thomas Kues

The Case of the Feckless Forger: The Forgery of a Forgery

[2002 June] Thatcher 'gave go-ahead for IRA assassinations'

[2002 Nov 1] The Death of a Senator and 9-11: The Uncanny Connections by Christopher Bollyn 


Key Witness in Rove Probes Killed by MICHAEL CARMICHAEL (GLOBAL RESEARCH)

[1999] Apollo Astronaut Was Murdered, Son Charges 

[1998] Paul Wilshire Report: Postscript

[1997] The Death of William McRae by Seán Mac Mathúna   Thus, it is my provisional conclusion that McRae was unlawfully murdered by a person or persons unknown, acting on behalf of the the nuclear industry, and ultimately, the British state. Members of the new Scottish parliament should call for an Enquiry to be set up, not only into the covert activities of the nuclear industry in Scotland, but also to reinvestigate how William McRae died.

[1996] The JFK Assassination: Defending the Gangster State by Dr. Michael Parenti

[1995] C.I.A. DEATH SQUADS by Allan Nairn

[1988]  A few excerpts of Jim Garrison's book On The Trail Of The Assassins

Illuminati Murdered at least Two More Presidents

Attending Physician: Jimi Hendrix was WATERBOARDED to Death w/Red Wine


Convenient Nazi deaths

OPERATION CHAOS The CIA's War Against the Sixties Counter-Culture by Mae Brussell, November 1976

Microbiologists' Deaths And Murders Echo Bizarre Marconi Deaths By Ian Gurney

This Was Not An Accident--Fred Gunn

Who Killed John Lennon?


Confessions of an Economic Hit Man How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions

Get Up, Stand Up ... for the CIA: Dr. Lowell Taubman's Counterfeit Analysis of the Origins of Bob Marley's Cancer  By Alex Constantine

An International Guide to CIA Death Squads by RALPH MCGEHEE

'Suiciding' Reporters: Hunter Thompson et al by HENRY MAKOW

Did the CIA Poison Paul Robeson?

The Resnick Interview with Peter Kawaja and Ex-NSA Agent Joe Jordan

[1972] How Nixon Actually Got Into Power by Mae Brussell  The rise of Adolph Hitler and fascism in Germany was carefully planned. It began with the illegal rearmament of a covert army following defeat in World War I, which was an intentional, secretive breaking of the Versailles Treaty disarmament agreements. American munition manufacturers and industrialists aided the clandestine military leaders of Germany in their rearmament. Over FOUR HUNDRED POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS of legitimate government officials from various agencies in Germany took place during that period. These murders were necessary for the desired power and position the hidden German government needed....Hundreds of political assassinations related to minority races, labor leaders, spokesman against Fascism have taken place in the U.S. since World War II. In 1963 the political assassination of President John Kennedy in Dallas became necessary for our own hidden, clandestine government to maintain control. The candidate for President in 1968, Robert Kennedy, was murdered by the same people on the night of his victory in election primaries.
    United States law courts, plus the Supreme Court, have supported this clandestine government and military regime by lending their name to the concealment of the conspiracies to murder our leaders. They refuse to examine documents that exist, allow truth to remain locked in the National Archives on the basis of the lie, "national security."

Israel's Assassination Policy
CIA and Operation Phoenix in Vietnam — Information about the CIA's assassination program in Vietnam.
CIA Support of Death Squads William E. Colby on July 19, 1971, before Senate Subcommittee testified that CIA's Operation Phoenix had killed 21,587 Vietnamese citizens between January 1968 and May 1971.
murder in progress
The Very First CIA Assassination
Duncan & Blake "Suicides" Solved: The Omaha/Des Moines Allegations, MediaBistro.Com Data Mining & the CIA
Mossad Assassinates Sweden's Future Prime Minister
Is someone killing our UFO investigators?
In Court Documents, Federal Attorney Admits CIA Targeted Innocent Texas Citizen Who Is Also Being Targeted With Deadly Electronic Weapons
Many Whistle Blowers And Investigators Have Found Searching For Truth About 'October Surprise' And Illuminati 'Global Slush Fund' Leads To Early Grave
Disappearing Witnesses by Penn Jones, Jr.

[2005] Liquidation of the UFO Investigators By Prof. G. Cope Schellhorn

Assassination as a Tool of Fascism, John Judge Talk

The Umbrella System: Prelude to an Assassination, by Richard E. Sprague and Robert Cutler, 6/78

An Introduction to the Assassination Business, by L. Fletcher Prouty, 9/75

Top Secret: How To Kill -- The CIA's Secret Weapons Systems, by Andrew Stark, 6/78

Wife and Friends of Slain 72-year-old Puerto Rican Independence Leader Claim FBI Agents Pulled-Off Another Waco or Ruby Ridge

James W. Black, Free Energy Researcher & Whistle Blower, Murdered on August 1, 2003 (Aug. 11, 2005)

Oslo Accords, Israel's Motive for Vince Foster's Murder (?)