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[2014 Aug EW Forum] UFOs and Orgone Energy   After 2004 I started hearing from a lot of people who observed that the world no longer seems like it's heading to chaos and destruction.  That's about when many of us, here, started to feel confident about the future for the first time in our lives. We worked every week in the chatroom for another five years to 'discourage' the oligarchy from attempting to start world war three and we became aware of other informal groups, usually including psychics, who had also spontaneously been mounting similar campaigns against the parasitic oligarchy......Now, the Chicken Little websites direct people's attention to the chemtrail-seeded clouds (which hang in the sky and drift horizontally until they dissipate, as clouds naturally do) but are careful not to suggest that the terrorized subscribers do more than glance at them. Back when chemtrails were still harming people, between 98 and 2003, one had to notice chemtrails quickly when they were first spewed out because they quickly spread out and whited the sky on the way down and also destroyed the lower cumulus clouds.

[2014] American Desert Reversal by Don Croft

[2012 June EW] How We Stopped the American Hurricane Agenda in 2005/6 by Don Croft

[2012 June EW] Progress in Britain 

[2012 March EW] Yet Another Murder Attempt  a white van in the other lane whipped around a big truck, as though to pass it, and the driver evidently saw Jenny and should have immediately put his brakes on and got back behind the truck.  He speeded up, though, and kept moving forward.  Jenny barely had time to get onto the shoulder to avoid a collision with that tool and she feels that if she hadn't gotten the premonition she probably would have panicked and wrecked, as there was a high bank just beyond the shoulder.  Carol reckons the big truck's driver was also part of this op and that several spotters were in place, beforehand, perhaps including an aircraft.

[EW Sept 2011] Seeing Death Orgone


[2010 Nov EW] Faroe Islands Gifted!

[2010 Oct] Meet Carol Two Eagle

[2010 Oct EW] Imminent Pogrom Against Zapper Makers? 

[2010 Oct] LOTS of rain in Central Ausralia!

[2010 Oct] Black Helicopter Comes To Check The CB

[2010 Oct EW] Steven J. Smith Murdered?

[2010 Sept EW] First Orgonite for Ethiopia

[2010 Sept EW] Wingmakers 

[2010 Aug EW] Huddersfield UK - 2nd Year Gifting Report / Orgonite Stall 

[2010 Aug EW] Rain In The North Of Chile. 

[2010 July EW] Web Rings, Sabotage And Setup Tactics 

[2010 July EW] My New Green Poison War Wound! ;-) 

[2010 July EW] Insta-copter

[2010 July EW] Just Repelled A Radionics Attack 

[2010 June EW] False Flag Attack: Hoover Dam?

[2010 June EW] Carol's Magdalene Trip

[2010 April] Orgonite Gets Dumped Into Giant Marsh

[2010 March EW] Transforming a Crime-Ridden London Neighborhood 

[2010 March EW] Vanishing Tsunami

[2010 March EW] A Flood of Emails Allegedly from our African Associates

[2010 Feb EW] Powerwand MagicCarol and I invented the powerwand over seven years ago because the Succor Punch had become insufficient to protect us......Not long after that, one of the psychics in the weekly chats figured out that we could get better results by just sending energy from our hearts to our assailants' hearts.  It worked better than all the tools we'd developed.

[2010 Feb EW] Baghdad Gifting

[2010 Feb EW] Busting Signal Jamming With Orgonite

[2010 Jan EW] The Parasites Are Showing Us Juicy Targets in Oz!

[2010 Jan EW] Holy Earthpipes, St. Ignatz!

[EW 2010 Jan] Confrontation at Underground Base Gate N. of Mt Rainier   there haven't been any hurricanes near Florida or the Western Bahamas since Jeff, Carol and I finished that big gifting project, 3.5 years ago, and it wasn't for lack of the HAARPies trying Cool .  The Weather Channel talking heads had been predicting worse and Worse and WORSE hurricanes for Florida & longer storm seasons, before that sweet victory.

[2009 Jan]  'Evil Empire' Hacking Tactics

[2009 Jan] Federal Eejits Sabotaging our T-Rx in the Mail

[EW 2009 Nov] Olivier's Strange Confirmation  The airplane with the 'distended butt' (reminds you of a real; sewer rat?) was probably feeling around his new orgone dome for the limit.  When one makes the first orgonite in a sea of corporate-created decay energy it makes a distinct bubble of life force. The sewer rats can't seem to identify the good energy; they just get alarmed when a hole shows up in their death matrix, evidently Cool .  Carol and I used to see such craft a lot when we first started doing this work, ten years ago.












[2009 Nov] An Engineer Meets the Sylphs

[EW 2009 Oct]  Another Murder Attempt on Carol

[EW 2009 Oct] Tri-field Meter Doesn't Work In Measuring Tower Output

[2009 Oct EW] People Die In Sacrilegious "Sweat Lodge"

[EW 2009 oct] Observations After Milwaukee Area Gifting

[2009 Oct EW] Beekeeper's New Interest in Orgonite

[2009 Sept] Quick Photo Collection Of Local Sept Results

[EW 2009 Aug] The Greening of the Sahara

[2009 Aug EW] Orgonite V EMF

[2009 Aug] Did My 108 Get Them Mad?

[2009 Aug] Mid Season Early Results Of Carrot Harvest

[EW 2009 July] Unusual Radionics Considerations

[EW 2009 July] How Does A Succor Punch Work?

[EW 2009 July] 108

[EW 2009 July] One Year Since Gifting In Japan

[EW 2009 July] A Year in Gifting – Huddersfield - UK

[EW 2009 July. Implants] Help For A Brazilian Fellow

[2009 July EW] Montauk - Millstone Complex At Long Island Sound

[2009 June] Creepy 'Asperatus' Clouds  The first time Carol and I saw the effect of a simple orgonite cloudbusters on a line of thunderheads in Tornado Alley (Oklahoma) during tornado season it was kind of amazing. We drove right into the middle of those thunderheads and ploughed a deep, blue furrow through them as the wind died all around us.  A few days later we did the same in Illinois.

[2009 may] Zambezi Expedition

[EW 2009] Standard Response to Chemtrail Disinfo

[EW April 2009] Australian Wildfires Are Mass Murder

[EW 2009 April] More on Mylow

[EW 2009 March] Time Tunnels, Montauk & The Tavistock Rat Hole

[EW March 2009] Human As Frugivore

[EW 2009 March] Denmark's First Prolific Gifter?

[Ew 2009 Feb] Worms, misdiagnosed as cancer

Tactical Orgonite Sales UK 

[EW 2008] Ice Plugs From The Pipes Of A CB

[EW Feb 2009] Tower Identification.

[EW 2009 Feb] Sonic Weapons Aimed at Whale Activists

[EW Jan 2009] Expanding The Blue In Africa

[2009 Jan] Pulling the Plug on the Jan 20/21 Suitcase Nuke Attacks

[EW Jan 2009] Discovery House

[EW 2009 Jan] Singapore Gifting.

[2009 Jan EW] Gifting The Vigeland Monolith

[EW 2008 Dec] D.U.M.B. In Gaithersburg MD
[EW 2008 Dec] A View Toward January Massive False Flag Attack...

[EW 2008 Dec] Don And Carol's First DVD Is Days Away From Being Done. Yay

[EW 2008 Nov] Vittorio in Italy Hits NATO in the Balls!

[EW 2008 Nov] Sylphs as Angels
[EW 2008 Nov] Gerd Huber--Quiet But Very Prolific International Gifter

[EW Sept 2008] Previously Silent Dublin Gifter Speaks Up

[EW Sept 2008] Some Fine HAARPicane Observations from South Texas!

[EW Sept 2008] Sabotage?

[EW Sept 2008] US Navy Poisoned Scottish Estuary with Radioactive Waste

[EW Sept 2008] Understanding Those Chemtrail Whiteouts Before Rainstorms---Don Croft

[EW Aug 2008] Severe Drought in American Southeast is Apparently Genuine  all the tweaking in the world won't make a CB bring rain if the appropriate weather weapons are not gifted.  I think that Georg Ritschl most clearly demonstrated that in early 2004 when he busted all the HAARP facilities along the Indian Ocean Coast, finally causing abundant rain throughout the Kalahari to the west, where he and a friend had strategically placed around 20 orgonite cloudbusters the year before.

[EW July 2008] Sylph In Action

[Ew July 2008] Good Indicator of Where to Put Earthpipes ;-)

[EW July 2008] Dog Days in Beijing--False Flag Terrorism Event?

[EW July 2008] Glamorous, Blood-sipping Vryal

[EW July 2008] Let's Examine This New Orgone Device from Italy

[EW July 2008] Operation "Flowering Dessert" and Santiago Gifting

[EW July 2008] Tales From Texas

[Ew July 2008] Sychronicity as a Survival Tool

[Ew July 2008] Sylphs and 18s

[EW July 2008] From an Exemplary Gifter in New Hampshire

[EW July 2008] The Previously-Muddy Mississippi

[EW 2008] The Recent Return of the 'Ground Sylphs'

[EW July 2008] Who is Barbara Bush, Really?

[EW June 2008] A Recent CIA-directed Bizarrity--Good Sample for Skeptics

[EW May 2008] First Aerially Gifted Mt. Top Death Ray Array ;-)

[EW May 2008] 'They're Afraid!' (crowd cheers in background)

[EW April 2008] Kaleakakua Bay, Etc, April 2008--Don Croft

[EW April 2008] Bridgend Gifting

[EW March 2008] Gifting Moscow

[EW 2008] I wish there were a forum for discussions like this:

[EW 2008] How To Place Your Gift In The Ground In Public Places

[EW 2008] Mexico City Gifter!

[EW March 2008 Japan] The latest from Tetsuzi Moriwake

[EW March 2008 Africa] Turkana Gifting

[EW March 2008] What Does This Mean?

[EW March 2008] The Public Slander Attacks Are Increasing

[EW march 2008] Montana Weatherballs Gifted!

[EW Feb 2008] European Weather Balls

[EW Feb 2008] Urgent Request from Carlos in Serbia

[Feb 2008] Vortex Gifting And Towerbusting In Atacama & Patagonia

[EW 2007/08] DUMB Brecon Beacons

[EW 2008 South Africa gifting] We Haven’t Been Idle

[EW Jan 2008] Invisible CBs And Their Inversions.--Laozu

[EW 2007/08] Plenty of rain in Australia! Time to gift the reef?

[EW Nov 2007] A Curious New Development---related to the new info? --Don Croft

[EW Nov 2007] Cloudbuster Modification 

[EW Nov 2007] Trip to Reunion Island

[EW Nov 2007] Next Level of Parasites ('fallen angels') 

[EW Nov 2007] Gifting Yellowsone Lake,

[EW Oct 2007] Dr. Reich Legacy 

[EW Oct 2007] An Interesting Implant Experience

[EW Nov 2007] Fightin' Lemurians/Cetaceans & Dungbeetles from Space 

[EW Sept 2007] New Strength, New Techniques, Thanks Attackers! ---judylubulwa

[EW 7 Oct, 2007] Psychics' update and maybe some unrelated commentary---- Don Croft 

[EW Aug 2007] Possible World Class Discoveries During Yesterday's Chat Session

[Dooney  2007] Story about grounding

[EW July 2007] Ed and Elaine Brown

[EW July 2007] Spooks, Death Attempts and stuff..---Andy Schwarm

[EW July 2007] Exploiting the Vestigal Fear of Witches---Don Croft

[EW July 2007 Slovenia] Meta Kumer's Cloudbuster Article

Don Croft Profile

[Ew June 2007] Finland giftings for the record

[EW June 25, 2007] Heaven and Earth ------The Balkans and Italy ---Laozu    Manfred, who writes in the German forum, wrote me about the beginning of May concerning a discovery he made. He made some TBs, placing them above a CB for the resin to cure. He found that these TBs had a special effect: positive qi swirls up above them similar to the way it comes up from a CB. He said he would send me some photographs  when he could. A week or so later I received the photographs, and from them it seemed that indeed he was correct. I repeated his experiment in my shop and found and obtained similar results. I made 12 TBs in a muffin tin and cured them by resting the muffin tin on top of the pipes of a CB (my first one, made 4 years ago). The five which were above the space encircled by the pipes were all special: the others were not.
     It then occurred to me that perhaps these special TBs could be used to charge water.  I placed one of them several inches under a wooden plate, poured two glasses of water, placing one to the side, and one on top of the wooden plate. After some hours I found that the water in the class over the TB was charged, as if it had been charged over a CB. The other on the side was not charged.

[EW June 2007] Orgonite becoming mainstream in Switzerland - 07 June, 19:05

[EW 2006/7] Lake Geneva
To summarizes it says that the reason why the lake's water is so clear is a mystery. It has never been so clear in 40 years. Normally at this time of the year, the water is a little troubled, especially with the warm weather (this spring is exceptionnally warm here).  The lake is lacking oxygen (phenomen called eutrophisation) since the 60s, and despite the efforts that were made, it did not help much, so the waters quality is even more unexplainable. This is a great confirmation for the rest of us that the gifting that took place at the end of December 2006 was successful!

[EW 2006/7] Bali Gifting

[EW April 2007] Light Pillar over Moscow Ridge, Idaho ---McGinty

[EW 1 April 2007] Our efforts to prevent a nuke attack on Persia --Don Croft

[EW April 2007] Two Miraculous Remote Healings --Don Croft

[EW march 2007] "Reclamation not War"--Carol Croft

[DBD Feb 2007] Vortex Jackpot

[EW Feb 2007] World Class Realization on Sunday via Dooney --Don Croft

[EW Feb 2007] This might be another good reason for us to go after Mossad would-be mass murderers in the US:

[EW 2007] Harmonic Pendant--We don't generally toot our own horn, but this is instructive

[EW 2007] Charged Water and TBs---laozu

[EW January 2, 2007] London - Please Help Out ---Rich

[EW jan 15, 2007] Comet McNaught--Don Croft

[EW jan 2007] Bali Gifting

[EW Jan 2007 Weatherball] 'How's THAT for a Tittie-Twister!?'

[EW jan 2007] Two murder attempts by the feds on us, yesterday--Don Croft

[EW Dec 2006] A Gift From Orgonite4U - Don Croft

[EW Nov 2006] Mapping Cell Tower Locations - Don 7 Carpediem

[EW Nov 2006] Orgonite Innovation - Laozu

[EW Sept 2006] Please report overt intimidation, like the following case in Canada... Don Croft

[EW Nov 2006 Gifting UK] Dorchester, Weymouth & Weird Portland--Rich & Cesco

EW Nov2, 2006] The Coming Military Gifting Assault on a New CIA/MI6 Killing Field in East Africa ---Don Croft

[EW Nov2, 2006] How About a Return Engagement with the Dolphins of Mombassa? - Don Croft

[EW Oct 5, 2006]A Trillion 'Lost' Pentagon Dollars Equals a few Million Death Towers? - Don Croft

[EW Oct 2006] Zappers being used to cure AIDS in a hospital in Uganda - Don Croft

[EW October 5, 2006] Thwarted nuclear 'ascension' on October 17? - Don Croft   11:42

[EW  October 4] Timely Gifting & Earthquakes, oh my - Carpdiem

[EW Sept 2006] Gifting to date (UK) - Rich

[EW Sept 2006] cb dramas - September 11, 2006 -----judylubulwa

[EW Sept 2, 2006] Clipped Wings - The Prisoners of Orgone-----George

EW Aug 2006] Whales Attracted to Dolphin Ball

[EW Aug 2006] the noaa-cane ernesto - August 28, 2006--jackson

[EW Sept 2, 2006] Clipped Wings - The Prisoners of Orgone-----George

[EW Aug 2006] the noaa-cane ernesto - August 28, 2006--jackson

[EW Aug 17, 2006] Alien Spider Infestation--How weird to you think life can be? - Don Croft

[EW Aug 15, 2006] A New Bermuda Triangle Oddity

[EW Aug 2006] Exposing the Network w/photos - August 13, 2006-----Louis Onder

[EW August 11, 2006] One-Man Gifting Battalion to Assault Ethiopia and Egpyt! -Don Croft

[EW Aug 2006] The Qi of Rainbows - Laozu

[Book] The Life Etheric With Carol Croft

[EW] Underground Bases in Africa Aug 2006

[WM July 2006] Chemtrails...The Smoking Gun

[EW July 2006] Scammonden dam underground base (UK)

[EW July 2006] The Symbol of the Enemy

[EW June 26, 2006] Doc Kayiwa's in Burundi now - ---Don Croft

[EW July 4, 2006.  Dr Von Peters] Clearing the Air of Some Slanderous Flatulence.... - Don Croft

[EW July 3, 2006] War in Space--Helping The Operators--Don Croft

[EW June 10, 2006] 1st Manmade HAARPICANE of the season -Eric Carlsen

[EW June 26, 2006] Mongolian Dark Master in Haiti, Mossad bombers in Berlin, etc. ---Don Croft

[EW June 6, 2006] Finland giftings - for the record ----Pekka

[EW June 2006] Abdullah Jim's First Report--Kasese, Uganda

[EW June 2006] Gifting in judylubulwa

[EW June 28, 2006] We Call it 'Orgonite Cloudbuster,' Because... ---Don Croft

[EW June 25, 2006] HAARP / Bermuda Triangle Connection - Don Croft

[EW June 2006] May 2005 Trip to Hawaii - Carol Croft

[EW Sundries/Africa - June 4, 2006] Don Croft

[EW may 2006] Salva Kirr's Village Gifting Report--Southern Sudan

[EW] Typical report from someone trying to get out of a newage cult...--Don Croft

[EW May 2006] Gunderson Update--Don Croft

[EW May 12, 2006] Death Towers: 'The Emperor has no Clothes!'--Don Croft

[EW May 10, 2006] Carol Bests Fu Manchu's Boy--in the Air ;-) by Don Croft

[EW July 11, 2006] Heaven and Earth. The Last Two Petals of the Flower. - Laozu

[EW May 2006] Heaven and Earth by Laozu

[April 2006] Laozu Torsion CB Tutorial By Rich & John

[EW Jan 2006] Frozen charged water 2 by Cesco

[EW June 28, 2006] We Call it 'Orgonite Cloudbuster,' Because... ---Don Croft

[EW 2005] The 'World Savior' has no clothes ...  DB told me that he knew "Maitreya" when they were both in the GWB guru stable together, along with Braden, Twyman, Houston, Drunvalo, MacLaine, etc.

Godhead by Don Croft

[WM Aug 2005] Cloudbusters and healing black energy/ley lines

[WM Dec 2005] Torsion Cloudbuster by Laozu
[WM Sept 2005] Gifting the Heavens by Laozu

Deva and Elemental Photos by Ryan McGinty

[WM March 2005] Cesco's little secret device  ----Gare

[Dec 2005] Overcoming Chemical/Biological/Radiological Weapons Assaults For the Duration by Don Croft

[EW 2004-5] little secret device

[EW Sep 2004]     Cesco's vortex-generating coils by Don Croft

[EW Oct 2004] little secrets and the s.m.coil--Cesco